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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the senate voted against expanding background checks for guns bought online and at gun shows. >> take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible but harder for individuals to get access to weapons. >> republican senators also led votes against the ban against increased funding for mental health. members of congress are visiting a northern virginia many of tock pray for tolerance today. d.c. congresswoman eleanor norris is visiting it. a man left a fake explosive device at a mosque in falls church. >> we have much more to compton san bernardino shooting this morning including how to talk to your kids about the tragedy, the
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gun show coming to our area on the heels of the massacre. we want to first check in on the weather with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, eun. a great way to get your day started. eventually i'll be able to spit it out correctly. a december chill but full winter sunshine coming your way today. i have a great amounts of optimism for your weekend plans. rain chances even in the next week appear to be drying up a touch. out the door it's a cold start for december. 25rks culpeper, 40 at annapolis airport. hour-by-hour planner for today, 30s to near 40. how about 54 degrees for a high temperature. that will be nice. it will be chilly but dry for your friday night plans. the weekend looks good. good for tree shopping, good for a night on the up to and good for football coming up on sunday. let's talk about the impact it
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will have on your school day plan. first here's kim. >> the weather is nice and dry. if you're coming toward the dulles toll road, there was construction by westmoreland street that. has been picked up and cleared. you should not find any issues on the beltway. coming up on from kwamtcooering is looking good. if you're coming from southern maryland, no reports of problems right now. they should be picking up those barrels close to the beltway and we're taking a live look at the top side o the beltway. the outer loop is moving toward you with the headlights. things are nice and quiet by the more man temple. it's a good rid for your friday morning. >> 4:32 is your time. one of the sites of the terrorists is reopening today. five people died at the bone bee
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area bar. some of the other places are closed right now. the shooting at the planned parenthood happened one week ago. family and friends will say good-bye to a police officer killed in the attack. in fact, thousands are expecting at garrett swasey's vehicle. he could face the death penalty if convicted. officer swasey was 43 years old. there's a big gun debate. the mass shooting in san bernardino, california, sparked new outcry over gun violence including a rule that allow use to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check. we talked to people on both sides. >> when you talk about gun show loophole, what you really mean is these big gaping holes where only people who will purchasing weapons from federally licensed firearms dealers have to go through a background check. >> the first reaction is gun control.
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which is counterproductive. it should be toward mental health. if it's terror attack, it should be at better home laend security. >> the shooters bought their guns legally. the gun show begins tomorrow. testimony picks up for your a second day today in the freddie gray death trial. prosecutors showed two videos of freddie gray screaming as he was arrested and shackled. whes hurt in the back of the police van. the van was towed to the courthouse so jurors could see it. officers say william porter violated policy by not buckling gray into the back of the van. porter's attorney says gray was intention ally banging his head against the wall of that van. just learning about some breaking news. a deadly explosion at a nightclub in egypt. we've learn 12 people died and five others hurt in a fire bomb attack in cairo. egypt state-run news agency
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reports that three men on motorcycles threw molotov cocktails into this club that caused thick smoke and blackening. back to you. >> thank you, molette. police say they found cocaine, crack, and heroin inside loren lorenzo saunders' apartment. current mayor muriel bowser said he will be held to a higher standard as a district staffer. also playing out in court the defamation of a dean against "rolling stone" magazine. that's according to our news partner wtop. she said it cast her as the chief villain. she's suing for $7.5 million. according to wtop during today's
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motion hearings, they'll try to compel the accuser in the article to testify. 4:36. and these christmas lights can do more than stand out. they could land you a pretty hefty fine if used incorrectly. they call star showers and they can cause the same problem if pointed at an airport. the most popular version is home versions of a rock concert laser light show. the lacer is what can become an issue. >> i've been hit with a red laser in manassas. red is better than green and it was a nuisance, it was distracting, but it was good weather conditions and i put my back to it and it was over with. >> now the manufacturer's instruction manual notes if your intended surface is within ten
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nautical miles of an airport, lower the angle so nothing points toward the sky. it could cost you $11,000 in a fine. the national press club is raising atermination to the "washington post" reporters detained in iran. starting at 7:00 this morning the club plans to read his ard kls for 24 hours straight. they'll stream the readings on this marks 500 days of rezaian's detention. he was convicted of espionage in a closed door trial. the length of his sentence is not being released. and this is video that showed just how far some migrants are willing to go to get a better life and it's just coming into the newsroom this morning. the dramatic rescue of a newborn. that's straight ahead. the kids might want to spend recess inside. that's not because of rain though. chuck is putting together your
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school forecast for 4:41. and startling news overnight from the music world. the death of a popular band
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and it's tipping over. >> rescuers with doctors without borders saved a newborn from a capsized boat off of the coast of the greek island of lesbos.
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migrants have been making trip. they ran aground and was capsizing. the rescue team arrived in time to take three people including the new born baby aboard the rescue boat. >> down and left and right but we saved the child. >> everyone on the boat was able to safely reach land. "weather & traffic on the 1s" at 4:41. we're getting you ready for the final day of the workweek, school week. >> very nice. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell, what are we going to be faced with weather--wise. >> >> it's going to be an easy day. a little bit of a typical december chill in the air. low to mid-30s around fairfax county. mid-30s in momts gonery.
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what to wear today? you'll certainly need your coats on early this morning but with plenty of december sunshine coming our way, i think we're going have a very pleasant afternoon. out the door, mostly in the 30s. but how about low to mid-50s later today. that's a couple of degrees milder. we'll talk "monday night football." the forecast for that is coming up. it's the boys. we'll see you in ten minutes. for now, traffic check with kim mccormick. >> we have a crash at university boulevard. the crash is in the middle of the intersection. you want to be careful. the police are on their way. if you see them coming up in your mirrors, be sure to give them plenty of room. two left lanes get by and if you're making trip on 270 from frederick all the way to the behmway, a fairly nice ride, fairly quiet for you. when you leave the house, don't forget in the car turn on your radio to wtop 103.5.
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following up on breaking news that's surely a shock. rock singer scott weiland was just 48 years old. his manager confirms this to the "associated press." his wife also confirmed the to the "los angeles times." statement on his facebook page said he passed away in his sleep while on a tour stop. too early to know an exact cause of death but many know that weeland has struggled over the years with substance abuse problems. that is the latest. back to you. the details continue to come in. a closer look of the investigation and a live report from the scene. remember the pit bull who stood
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4:46. flags will stay at half-mast per president obama following the death of an officer. nbc's jay gray is following developments for us live from san bernardino this morning. jay, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, aaron. those investigators continuing to work through evidence trying to find a motive in the attacks here. we know that they've identified two cell phones and one hard
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drive they hope to glean some from but they were damaged following the attack. that, a lot of meese and analysts say, could be evidence that this was planned and something that had been premeditated. they're working through the couple's home and talking with survivors and family members of the suspects in this case, also going through interviews and said to be cooperating with authorities here. it seems the couple lived a double life. all of the co-workers they've spoken with, all of those who lived in the community said they were quiet, didn't say a lot, but were not the kind that they thought could carry out something look this. obvious let's happened at this point and so they're being forced to review that and really look for any type of clools or evidence that can help them piece together how and why this happened.
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again, investigators pointing out this is going go a long and dif task that. is the latest here live in san bernardino, back to you. plan failed in congress last night. senator rand paul tried adding an amendment that would allow a concealed care of handguns but that did not pass. just this week there have been six mass shootings. they that's according to a website called they investigating the findings to see what they found. 4:48 now. a maryland man is behind bars suspected of beating a baby. deputies in st. mary's county arrested calvin martin. they say he's related to a 6-week-old brought in to the hospital for seizures. doctors say the baby had brain bleed on the back of his head. martin faces first-degree child abuse charges. a suspected rapist is behind
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bars. police arrested a man. investigators say he assaulted a 63-year-old victim in her home. police say he entered through an unlocked window which is where investigators lifted fingerprints. they came back to bowersox. he's being held in jail without bond. 4:49. gop candidate mike huckabee is stumping across. he's pulling around 10th. front-runner donald trump made his way to prince william county on wednesday. also happening today d.c. mayor muriel bowser is set to announce a $63 million renovation for housing units. the project will take two years and will also create new jobs and educational services for residents. the "news4" i-team has learn
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some new information about the white house fence. it could be several years before permanent changes are made to better is e cure it. the i-team broke the news earlier this year that the spike would be installed to resolve breaches. the secret service is still testing options to make sure the spikes are more effective. now to an update on the story about a protective dog and her owner. there was a concern that precious would be separated from the family because of a ban on pit bulls in prince george's county but she has a new home. wednesday morning our crew rolled up to see her standing guard over her owner. because of that ban authorities had to take her away and she and her puppy were taken. yesterday her sister took them home to her house in montgomery county where pit bulls are
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allowed. >> she just wanted to protect her mommy and her house. i'm so thankful she protected my sister. >> an elderly man who is blind was in the house with their daughter. both are fine. it's 4:51. i want to turn to chuck bell to see what the weather will be like as we head into the weekend. >> sunshine all around. and no dalgsal charge to you, you'll be happy to know. >> absolutely right. clear skies throughout. what to expect this morning. well, it's a chilly start for sure, but that's already. it's december after all. after a nice cold morning this morning, hip hip hooray for your the sunshine. this will make two days in a row for sunshine. a lot more where that came from. tree and holiday shopping coming up for tomorrow. saturday night, dry for going out on the town or getting around for your holiday parties. sunday, a nice easy travel day.
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quiet weather and down the eastern seaboard and, of course, monday night. the boys are in town. the home team's got a five-game home win streak going. temperature will be in the 40s. let's hope the home team keeps on winning. as far as anything in the way of unsettled weather, biggest impacts along the east coast if you're traveling down the east coast, a lot of rain down there. nary a drop. anywhere from 300 to 400 miles. here's future weather frmt cool december sunshine out there. just like yesterday, plenty of sunshine. unlike yesterday, not anywhere near as much wind to cope with today. another clear and seasonably cold night tonight. saturday gets off to a beauty of a start. and as i mentioned, saturday night and sunday looking good as well. here's how your day is going to get started. holding in the 30s to about 7:00. into the 40s by 9:00 and pushing 50 degrees by noontime and high temperatures today, about 50 in
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gaithersbu gaithersburg, 54 in washington and your weekend starts out a great as well. 30s and rising into the mid-50s on a saturday afternoon. here's your first check of your saturday forecast. as we get into monday and tuesday, a little more cloud cover. we'll get into the change coming up monday night into tuesday. we'll see you in ten minutes. for now, traffic time. here's kim mccormick. >> the crash on prince williams parkway, university boulevard. stay to the left. there's already some delays through the intersection. emergency crews are on their way to the scene. everything else is fine on the beltway. coming in from 50 onto buoy, they're looking good. no reports of any issues right now. if you're traveling through the district right now, right around naylor road, we still have construction out there. the left lane is getting you
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through. it's causing a brief delay as you make your way into the district but nothing to worry about right now. if that is your destination, you're moving along quite nicely. the outer loop is moving veryyy well along. >> thank you, kim. helping your children understand the mass shootings. how to talk to them about the tragedies. a heads-up. the traffic route that could interrupt your plans. let the shipping you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. if you're joining us, bundle up. chuck bell says it's going to stay cool. what you can expect coming up at 5:01. and we're learning more about the investigation under way in san bernardino, california, after this week's mass shooting as well as more about the victims. more on that in just a minute. >> we seem to be talking about these mass shootings a lot and it's making it more sensitive to discuss them with kids. "news4's" reporter sat down to talk about it. >> it's a balancing act. don't generalize it but to be
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overly cautious. >> saab ders says you have to talk to your kids in an age appropriate manner and be aware of your feelings as well. assure them they're rare and have a consistent message to minimize any anxiety. 4:58. one of the best economic indicators coming out. economic experts are expecting to hear employers added another 200,000 jobs last month. that could drop the unemployment rate to just under 5%. then we'll see if the report impacts interest rates which are determined by the federal reserve. nearly 300 prisoners released last month in landmark overcrowds was obtained by the area. 164 were from virginia. 92 are from maryland and 14 are from the district. the feds released thousands of inmates over the holiday weekend to release the load on prisons as well as to reduce the penalty
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for some drug offenders. there are some major service investments in place. they' the work continues tonight at 10:00 and lasts through sunday. yellow and green line trains will operate at green line schedules. orange and blue line will operate every 20 minutes. >> starbucks delivered? it could be a real thing. they started testing their deliv delivery. it costs $5.95. >> that's more than the cup of coffee. >> it's too steep for one person but maybe if you get your co-workers to chip in. >> as crazy as it seems people are going to do it and want it.
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the convenience. all right. let's get ready to rumble. the holiday shipping wars have started that and you stand to benefit from it too. online tailors trying to get things to you as big as possible. >> amazon raised the bar with prime now. they're offering free two-hour delivery in 24 markets in the u.s., even a one-hour delivery option for eight hours. >> they just want to get it to you as fast as possible, so they're going to use any means at their disposal. that's why drones could be one leg of that. >> pretty amazing. experts recommend getting deliveries shipped to your workplace or getting a neighbor to keep an eye out for your packages. molette green at the live desk following some bragging news out of aberdeen, maryland. police tell us that an officer has been shot early this morning in some sort of incident that


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