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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 6, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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news 4 today begins with breaking news. that breaking news this morning, a fire that spread to several row houses sheer nearly out in northwest d.c. >> abandoned row house caught fire in northwest. firefighters are working to figure out why it all started right now. news 4's derek ward is following the breaking news, he's live on the street with the latest, hey garrett. >> reporter: good morning, well this fire seems to be under control now. i'm going to move out of the way a little bit and let you look, there's still stuff here in the 400 block. you might also experience traffic issues around 14th and newton because of this response. this fire happened just around 8:00 this morning. we're told it started in an abandoned house in the 1400 block her rid yan street, then spread to some of the adjacent houses as well. and the good thing is that no
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one was injured. there are a lot of people home obviously, including one person who was sleeping on someone's couch and sounded the alarm. >> nobody would do anything about it. >> he was talking about the problem with the house. its been vacant for at least a year. and we are told that they believe the fire started there somewhere around ground floor then spread to those other adjacent properties. and this is kind what the city talk abouts a lot with nuisance properties. not only are they eyesores, but again, they can be the source of trouble as we see here this morning. now this fire went to two alarms. fortunately no one was injured. they're still working on a definitive cause, but again, you might to want avoid 14th and newton, that general area.
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a lot of fire praapparatus to m sure they clear the houses. we're live in northwest, derek ward, news 4. >> you can see it's a chilly start. its take an while because of the low sun angle we have this time of year, even though we have bright sunshine, its taken a while to warm things up and dissipate the fog from earlier this morning. live view from the storm team 4 city camera overlooking washington now. you can see there along the potomac rivers. light fog hangs in the air. cold morning continues, but we'll have a cool afternoon with lots of sunshine and a dry pattern will be persisting here for much of the week ahead. temperatures right knew, generally in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees in washington. low 40s around the bay. it's well above fleez free z now, the rest of the mountains.
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>> thank you, tom. this morning, prince george's county police are searching for a homicide suspect. aurss were on the scene just before 11:00 last night. they found a man shot to death. still, there's no information about what led up to the shooting. we do know a reward is available for information that leads to an arrest in the case. the shooting happened on southwest d.c. look at the investigation here in the water front neighborhood on first street. they're looking for a suspect right now. president obama will address the nation. he's going to provide an update on the san bernardino attack that killed 14 people. also going to speak about his administration's plans to defeat isis. jay gray reports from california on the latest surrounding the investigation into the shooting
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suspect. >> reporter: as the memorial grows outside the inland regional center. so does the terror investigation in san bernardino. early saturday, federal agents raided this home where a friend of syed farook lives. he apparently purchased the two assault rifles used in the attack. he's not a suspect, but they want to know when and why the weapons were transferred to farook and his wife tashfeen malik. >> it's a tactical weapon that the individuals used in a capacity for terroristic acts. >> reporter: saturday isis called them supporters and hailed them as martyrs but stopped short of claiming responsibility. >> isil and other groups are encouraging people around the world and in our country to commit terrible act was violence. oftentimes as lone wolf actors. >> reporter: president obama continues to get daily briefings and sunday for the only third time in his presidency, he'll address the nation from the oval office. the white house says he'll discuss the situation in
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california in a broader threat of terrorism, how it's evolved, and how the u.s. will defeat it. jay gray, nbc news, san bernardino. >> now the friend that gave syed farook the assault rifles used in the deadly attack hasn't spoke to the fbi. sources say the man checked himself into a mental hospital after the attack. he is not a suspect in the shooting. as the investigation into the deadly attack continues, we are hearing some incredible stories of bravery from inside the conference room. one survivor says she is alive because a man shielded her from the bullets. denise says when the shooting began, shannon johnson used his body to protect her. she says johnson kept repeats, i got you, i got as the
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the little boy was taken to john's hopkins and treated for leg and facial injuries. we checked and police say that he is expected to be okay. we have an update now on the officer shot in aberdeen, maryland. officer jason easten has been released from the hospital. easten was shot in the face late thursday night. doctors say he'll continue to receive treatment for his eye injury. yesterday, we told you a second suspect was arrested and the gun believed to have been used in that incident was found. today is the first day of hanukkah, and if you're jewish,
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happy hanukkah to you. the holiday begins at sundown, and at that hour, there's a special lighting of the national hanukkah menorah tonight. the ceremony starts at 4:00. it is free but you need a ticket to attend. you're looking at the video from last year's event which included vice president joe biden, and a dancing dreidel. this year white house chief of staff will be there. 10:07 on this sunday. how students are reacting to a call to arm themselves. police in connecticut found stolen skeletal remainings inside of a home. how the suspect they arrested is using his religion
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he said his students should carry guns. >> now students in our area told us what they thought about that news. here's darcy spencer. >> reporter: we went to george mason university in fairfax continue get student reaction to jerry fallwell jr.'s comments that students should arm themselves to protect against a potential attack. like the one in san bernardino. >> i like the idea that everyone should be able to protect themselves. i, i just don't think in reality it would work out as well as people would like it to. >> i don't think it's a good idea. i think part of the reason why shootings like these happen subpoena because we don't know who these guns go in the hands of. >> reporter: fallwell is president of the conservative liberty university in lynchburg, virginia, speaking friday, he made controversial comments about muslims.crh criticized president obama for wanting more gun control, and calling for students to get permits to carry guns on the private university campus. >> i just wanted to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get your permit.
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we offer a free course. and, let's, let's -- let's teach them a lesson if they ever show up here. >> reporter: some mason students who support the idea of carrying guns on campus say there should also be strict rules and screening for those who want them. >> i also think it's a great idea. to allow the students to have their own ways of protecting themselves and not have to rely on, you know, the time it takes for anyone to come and help. because when a situation breaks out, it's kind of difficult to just sit around and wait it out. >> reporter: others say, introducing more guns and not really knowing who is carrying them won't make them feel safer. >> it's just not safe. you don't know who's carrying a gun and like what they're thinking. >> and that was darcy spencer reporting. the virginia governor called the remarks rash and repugnant. he stood behind his comments as well as comments he made online. well coming up, a council
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woman quits her job and the reason she says, christmas. stick arou
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you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. president obama getting ready to address the nation tonight and the focus, squarely on isis. >> this is all following the deadly shooting in san bernardino, california earlier this week. joining us now to talk about it is moderator of "meet the press"
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chuck todd. it's meant to calm the nerves of the american people. but the white house statement came out and said that the president plans to discuss the broader threat of terrorism, how it's evolved, and also how to defeat it. is that a hint towards a shift in strategy? >> i don't know if we're going to hear a shift in strategy. i think what the country's looking for, there's the strategy to deal with isis militarily in iraq and syria, then of course, there's the fight against the ideology. and i think what san bernardino has brought to the forefront is the fight against the ideology. these folks who are not isis-directed, they have not found evidence of that. she clearly started to get radicalized before he did. we're learning more on that front. but this is, this is the larger, the larger problem. and this is where almost so for instance my in my interview with the attorney general, when we hear you guys say there are no credible threats, right after paris, and voila, i say, we always have to live under a credible threat. and that's not the way we want
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to live. inthat's part of the -- i think that's part of the question that the president has to figure out how to try to answer for the public tonight. i don't know if he's going to do in a that in 15 minutes. >> i think no doubt you're talking about basically copy cats. and that's what we're facing. not only here, but around the world. you get into that with loretta lynch. >> we do, and how do you defeat an ideology? i fit that in with the presidential candidates too. defeat al qaeda, put them on the run, then al qaeda turned into isis, there'll be another version of it, there is a strain, this is another thing. we have two muslims that come on to argue that make this argument, who's problem is this? is this a problem within the religion that they need to take their religion back or is this outside extremist, very small, and you'll see, it's a passionate debate. won't provide as much clarity as some would like to have -- >> they can't square away what's happening with the religion and
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everything else. >> it's very diffict. >> you read about that she got radicalized and the more religious she got, i threw this question out at one of the scholars. when people read that the more religious she became, then she became a terrorist. that translated what are americans going to think expect more devout somebody becomes, does that make them a threat? and that's what isis has done to poison this religion and what is going to be done by muslims to take the religion back? >> coming up, you're going address how this has trickled into the campaign trail, terrorism is top of mind, what else do you have coming up? >> we do, two presidential candidates responding to loretta lynch and rand paul. we have the two muslim scholars who take two sides, muslims don't have to apologize and others who said, we have to take our religion back. and really points the finger at saudi arabia more than anybody else. and then finally, we'll talk trump and how all of this makes trump stronger. >> that's been the short term -- >> new polls out -- >> everything since paris has made him stronger, not weaker.
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why? and then we'll try to answer that question. >> a lot going on. thanks for stopping by. reminder, you can see "meet the press" every sunday here on nbc 4. coming up in 12 minutes. one of the people that do, do stuff like that, kind of crazy. kind of creepy. >> creepy bha an understatement. get this, neighbors had some strong reactions after hearing a man had five human skeletons in his apartment. this happened in hartford, connecticut, now police say the skeletons came from a cemetery in another state. more than an hour away. officers arrested this man, he said, he's a priest of a religion which uses skeletal remains for medicinal purposes. he's going to be in court this week. a baltimore man is facing attempted murder charges after setting two co-workers on fire. 28-year-old christopher harrison jr. is being held without bail. police say a work dispute led harrison to douse his coworkers
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in gasoline. they are in the hospital in critical condition. well, unique holiday story out of new jersey. a town council member said she was resigning after the council voted to call the town's tree-lighting a christmas ceremony. for the last 20 years, they called it a holiday tree-lighting, but they're changing it. council member said the lighting shouldn't be religious. yesterday she said she will stay on the council afterall. >> all right. why don't we all be merry and enjoy the december days we have. is this december? it doesn't feel like it. that's for sure. average high is upper 40s. we are going to be below that for another couple of hours, then we'll jump above it. and we'll stay that way in the afternoon for the coming weeks. mild trend does dmom as we go over the rivers and through the woods. good weather events today. we'll have some sunshine it'll be chilly though.
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warm weather at least to stay comfortable this afternoon as we reach the lower to mid-50s. live view from our tower camera where we had some, quite a bit of haze and fog in the air, just in the last hour, but right now, it's really beginning to dissipate way off on the western. see wispy high clouds coming in. that's in advance of a disturbance that'll be passing through during date tomorrow. right now above freezing, upper 40s now in prince georges. much of fairfax county's around 40 dwraez in washington as well and low 40s around the bay. shenandoah valley and the mountains, it's above freezing there in the midup toer 30s, great day to get some exercise, maybe do a run, bike ride on the toll path or just maybe out shooting some hoops. it's going to be a great afternoon for that. near 50 by noon. then low to mid-50s, middle of
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the afternoon, so still rather cool. much of the region, right after sunset will drop right back down into the 40s. sunset at 4:46. nothing showing up on storm team 4 radar here or up and down the atlantic sea board. out in the west though, may be travel delays, northern california, oregon, washington state. otherwise, just a settled pattern, we have a disturbance in iowa, northern missouri. that's going to be tracking over us during the day tomorrow as it does move on through, just a small chance of an isolated sprinkle from that tomorrow afternoon as we get into the mid-50s on monday. otherwise, just some clouds coming through. then by dawn on tuesday, near 40 degrees, afternoon highs tomorrow, the mid-50s rather on tuesday, then again on wednesday. sunshine near 40 in the morning. afternoon highs into the mid-50s. then a bit milder as we get toward the end of the week, thursday and friday, both days, up around 60 degrees, and then as we get into the weekend, the mild pattern on saturday, making it to the low and mid-60s.
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next chance of any significant rain, that may come a week from today, next sunday, chance of showers, temperatures in the 50s by the end of next weekend. that's the way it looks. >> all right, thank you, tom. we're looking at 10:22 right now. and here are four things to know on this sunday morning. in d.c., no one was hurt when a row house caught fire today and it spread. witnesses say the house was abandoned. firefighters told us it was the third fire they responded to today. prince george's county police are searching for a homicide suspect. found a man shot dead just before 11:00 last night. yemen nese governor was killed in a bombing today. yemen security officials say the governor of the southern province and several body guards died. isis affiliate claims responsibility. volunteers are assembling 100,000 meal's for the stop hunger now program. happening at the thomas jefferson community center at the gym in arlington. down there at 11:00 if you're interested in helping. man finds best friend after
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you're watching news 4 today. check it out. holiday miracle for a man whose dog was stolen from him in miami over two years ago. the washington humane society found the doog doing this week, neglected, locked up in a crate next to a dumpster in d.c.
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microchip is what led the humane society to his own earn. jason brandon says he didn't think he'd ever see polo again. drove all the way down from new york city where he lives now for this very special reunion and got to take him home. >> so happy. >> awesome lesson in microchips. >> we talk about this. this is great, but who steals a dog. >> the grinch. that's who steals the dog. >> $35 to get the chip. walk in and get it. >> little polo there. >> worth it. appreciate your pup and people taking out far walk. >> yeah, or run down the toll path, great day for that. temperatures will be hitting the mid-50s by midafternoon. and we're going to get 50s on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. just a small chance of a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon, and that really is the only chance for the rest of the week for any rain. and look at the warming trend by the end of the week. up near 60 degrees on thursday
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and friday, saturday may make it into the mid-60s on saturday afternoon. we'll take that in mid-december. big chance of any rain, we might get a few showers coming through. overall, a dry pattern and milder than ever. >> that is unbelievable. give you like close to 70, maybe, i mean -- >> now you're pushing it. >> now i'm pushing it. >> low to mid-50s. >> now you're getting greedy. >> yeah. that'll do it for news 4 today. "meet the press" is next. >> wake us up with tomorrow
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this sunday morning, the terror attacks in san bernardino. did the killers get help? why did no one see this coming? and can we prevent these kinds of attacks from happening here in the united states? we'll get the latest on the investigation from the very top attorn attorney general loretta lynch joins us. plus, the role of islam, are we dealing with a perversion of the religion or a strain of it? also, the error attacks and the campaign. do these help donald trump pull away from the pack. >> every time there's a tragedy my numbers go way up. joining me are rich lowry of the "national review," amy walter of


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