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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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going get how homeland security is addressing terrorism. there's a conference in northwest d.c. at 8:00 this morning and afterward he'll meet with muslim leaders in northern virginia. a man is in serious condition this morning after crashing into a wall at the air force memorial wall sunday evening. he collided with the wall on columbia pike. the driver is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police are investigating what caused the accident there. in the area around the fourth district police station on georgia avenue is back open this morning. this is what it looked like yesterday after someone found a grenade in their home and brought it to the station. now, police say the grenade was inert and there was never any danger. if you ever find a grenade in your home, call the police. do not bring it to the station. it looks like we're in for
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another mild day. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell and we're going check on "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> yes, indeedy. a lot of clouds for some of us and patchy fog. but on the whole, off to a pretty quiet start this week. we always like it when monday is on the quiet for sure. a few drops possible in southern maryland before we go back tomorrow. wait till you see the weekend forecast coming up because it looks mild indeed. right now, 5 miles visibility in fredericksburg. temperatures, 28 in manassas but 40 in arlington, 40 in washington. so as you're heading out, a bit chilly. keep up the pace. 20s and 30s be l rise up into the 50s and there's a risk of a couple of sprinkles. again, let's take a look at some of our computer models. the best rain chance is coming up in a few more minutes. traffic time, here's kim mccormick. >> thanks, chuck.
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we have a crash between 23rd and south lang street. now, the accident investigation is from an overnight crash. the detour is still going on. now, if you want to use 395 you certainly can do so but it's going to affect more of the neighborhood residents rather than actual commuter traffic on the main lines this morning. we do have some construction in frederick to watch out for. it's the right lane getting by. they should be lifting that shortly because we're coming up on the start of the morning rush hour. it should be gone by 5:00 for you. no problems if you're moving in frederick down toward 270 and on toward the beltway. things are moving along quite well for you so far this morning. >> kim, thanks. baltimore police officer may take the stand in his own defense. he faces manslaughter charges in the death of freddie gray. investigators say he died of a spinal injury he received in
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april. porter is the first of six police officers to go on trial. you may remember his death sparked violent protests. just in, two college students abducted have been found. the university of rochester seniors are in the hospital recovering. one of them was shot in the leg during his disappearance but both of them are going to be just fine. the two men were reported missing. saturday night police took this very seriously. called out s.w.a.t. details are scare, but we know the two were rescued last night. police have four people in custody at this hour. they do say this was a targeted abduction and there's no threat to the university community there in rochester, new york. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. montgomery county fire crews say they're going to check mulch fires to make sure the one they saw there has been contained. it's been smouldering at the
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aspen landscaping company. the fire crew say they're letting the fire burn out. they say there's no threat to any people there. now to a house fire in northwestern d.c. they tell us squatters have been using the form. they tried to alert the city of problems there. >> nobody would even acknowledge my calling. we saw people coming and using the back area to do drugs in. investigators still don't know how that fire started yesterday morning. no one was hurt. jesse thamatthew faces char. we'll let you know if anything big happens. meanwhile the wilson high stool student accused of bricking a gun to school face as judge today. they're trying to find out how a student got the gun past metal
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detextures and security. he may face suspension or possibly skpuls from that school. the incident prompted all d.c. public schools to review its security procedures. law enforcement will grow amendments. they face a christmas day deadline to vote on the bill or restart the process of imlementes merrill's state law from scratch. the kennedy center celebrating people who celebrate some of our movies, performances, as well as music. five masters of entertainment received honors from the kennedy center last night. singer carole king, actors rita moreno and sicily tie tell and conductor say jay roy zawia were all there. so was "star wars" creator george lucas. president obama addressed them all. >> george lucas recently shared one of his regrets. he told a reporter i never got the experience that everyone got
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to have. i never got to see "star wars." well, george, let me tell you. you missed out. it was really good. >> that speech was made out at the white house before the event. the rock band the eagles were chone as honorees. they could not make the gala affair because of senior glen's health. attorney mark heron will provide veterans with pro bono legal services. they're teaming up to provide that service. the announcement is expected at 10:00 this morning. today is the day franklin roosevelt called a date which will live in em fahinfahmy.
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two will attend the wreath laying in richmond. there's a commemorative wreath laying in hey. there's new developments in the case of the newborn baby found buried a live in california. who police say is behind bars. a prince george's county school is under fire. who's accusing a teacher of corporal punishment. wake up. take a live look outside across the district this morning. oh, wow. it's a pretty clear night right now. >> so sleepy. >> i know, right? but the kids could see some fog as they make their
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welcome back. a story in california to let you know about. a woman buried her baby alive near a bike path. the baby was just one day old. that child is in stable condition. details about the mother will be released later today. accusations of violence at a national blue rib bobs school in prince william county. a teacher spanked their 5-year-old son. the post reports three other families made similar accusations. now, the incident was reported a year ago but parents charge too little has been done. the teacher involved now works
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in montgomery county. we are officially in heater weather. you've got to have that going now. >> that's right. the kids are going to wand to bunltdle up early if they're heading to the bus stop, right, chuck? >> absolutely right. it is december. some areas have thickening phuoc. the dense fog factor has been canceled. 30 winchester, 37 in culpeper. it's going to be a chilly day. "storm team 4" radar shows nothing out the door just yet. a few sprinkles in southernmost maryland. few raindrops especially south of washington by later on this afternoon into early this evening. school day weather at the bus stops, bundle up this morning. not a bad looking day. recess gets a "b." looking into the weekend with that seven-day forecast is just ten minutes from now. for now it's traffic time with kim mccormick. >> thanks a lot, chuck.
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accident investigation continuing. it's closed with a detour for this investigation. now, it's really going to affect most of the community that lives there but some you south arlington as a cut-through. there is a crash in prince george's county on the outer loop ramp. it's off on the left-hand side. right now that ramp is blocked. be careful there. if you're on eastbound 66, things are moving along quite nicely for you. there are no problems approaching the beltway and even continuing inside the beltway, they're look good. don't forget to tune in to get all of your traffic updates on the 8s. >> thank you. kim. this woman is grabbing headlines. what's expecting to happen in the headlines today. former president jim
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more powerful than fear and we have also met challenges. whether war or depression, natural disaster or terrorist attacks, by coming together. president obama said terrorism is evolving and promises america will overcome it. we want to bring in nbc's tracie potts for reaction to the president's speech. tracie, i watched the speech last night, and the president, he seemed pretty forceful with his red rick and challenges to
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congress. any likelihood it's going make much of an impact before the end of the year? >> some of it. but let's talk about it. this no-fly list and people obtaining weapons, that's something they couldn't get passed last week right after the shooting, so that's unlikely. banning weapons, nobody needs those. they've tried and failed. the visa waiver program, let's take a look at that. ryan call thad disappointing and that's something that the house will vote on. it allows people from 38 countries to come into the united states without a visa and both sides of the state want to take another look at that and crack down on that. finally the use of military force probably not going to happen before the end of the year. it hasn't happened for months and we've been doing thousands of air strikes in syria and
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iraq. the president has been asked for this and it hasn't happened yet. besides the visa waver program, very little is going to make much of a move through congress certainly before the end of the year. >> tracie potts for us breaking it down. thanks so much. the president of liberty university is defelkding his comments on terrorism. jerry fall well jr. said more students should carry weapons. >> of course i was referring to what happened in san bernardino, not muslims in general. i'm just saying the last part of my comments were drowned out by cheers and applause.
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>> falwell said he felt encouraged after listening to president obama last night. right now prince george's county police need your help in finding this man. take a look. they say this man killed his friend along oxon hill road saturday night. police believe they got into an argument before the shooting. >> a 53-year-old woman faces charging after running into a police officer over the weekend. police officers say she was under the influence on saturday night. he was directing traffic in that area. the officer went to the hospital and is now home and recovering. one of the woman in this video caught groping and dancing on a man in a d.c. gas station will receive sentencing today. she faces up to six months in jail for sexual abuse charges. knight and another woman were caught on camera at a shell station assaulting the man back
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in october. the other woman in the video has never been arrested. clinton will be at a fund-raiser at wayne rodgers home. he's the form e head of the democratic party. he also has tied to annapolis. she's lead being in the democratic polls. an encouraging update this morning from former president jimmy carter. he said he is cancer-free 36789 1/2 months ago he revealed he was getting treatment for cancer that spread to his brain. yesterday he made his announcementer recent mri results. >> when i went to the doctor this week,dy didn't find any kabser at all. >> doctors stress it's hard to find someone completely k
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cancer-free. coming off what has been a very tough week for the nation this some uplifting news. >> a great news to hear that. let's turn our attention to the weather because it's bait chilly out there. >> a little bit. >> a skosh. >> it hasn't felt like december. >> relative to what it's been. >> exactly. if you like mild weather, saving on the heating bills is going to be back on trend later this week. out the door early this morning what to expect, well, do expect at least a chance for fog in spots early this morning. on the hole, today will be dry for most of the us. best rain chances will be south of the me throw. biggest thing going on around town today, "monday night football." dallas at washington, fedex field. if you're headed off to the game
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arc lot of clouds around. there's a risk for dampness late in the game. the next big change in our weather arrives thursday into friday with the return of a south wind by friday afternoon. temperatures will once again be back up in the 60s and that heads into the weekend. so what about your monday? dry right now. there are a few sprinkles over the loyer parts of the chesapeake bay. not a lot of organized heavy rain but a very weak little impulse is going to be drifting down to our south so clouds will actually gradually be on the increase. dry here through the morning hours. as we get into the afternoon, clouds begin to thicken up a good bit. here's 1:00 and there's a chance for light rain, calvert and st. mary's after about 1:00 today and that's for the most part where rain chances will linger for much of the day. 3:00. rain on the lower eastern shore. right around downtown it never
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brings the rain in. dry across northern maryland. maybe a sprinkle or two in around the beltway and light rain across southern maryland. so if you're traveling today, you might want to have the umbrella. today, 55. dry for the remainder of the week. there's that next big change thursday into friday. coming up in ten minutes, we e'll take another check of our computer model check and bring you the latest on our fog as well. that's all in ten minutes. here's kim mccormick. >> we have that crash. it's an overnight investigation from a crash much, much earlier this morning. detours are in place. most of these detours are going to affect the community that levers in the area. a lot of people use it as a cut-through. this morning stick with the mainlines. now, we have a crash in prince george's county. it's an overturned tractor trailer off to the side.
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the ramp is currently blocked. be careful. south of montrose at gaines breaux road there's a crash report and units are responding. be careful out there. pretty quiet for you so far this morninging. >> thanks, kim. we're following a developing story out of chicago and a police shooting death of a teenager. what attorney general loretta limp. is expected to announce. good news. gas prices continue to drop. where people are paying the least in our area. and if you already have or are planning to buy a gift online this holiday season. you want to hear this.
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we continue to follow breaking news as a one-car accident threw one person from a vehicle. molette green just arriving on the scene right now and getting latest information. an update coming up in just minutes. also this morning a lot of you are waking up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. break out the gloves. but are you going to need that hat and scarf later today? chuck is fine-tuning the next 24 hours. >> we're following a story out of chicago. nbc news has learned the department of justice will open an investigation into the chicago police department. attorney general loretta lynch
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expected to make the announcement later this week. dash cam video of the shooting contradicts several officers' reporting about what led up to the shooting and reverend jesse jackson said there needs to be a systemic challenge at the police department. >> the police chief cannot be the fall guy. we want the police culture cleaned up. >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel has forced mccarthy to resign. there are all calls for emanuel to step down. health officials say they're seeing hiv level off for gay black men. that accounts for 10,000 of the 40,000 new hiv cases diagnosed last year. they said while stabilizing 10,000 is nothing to celebrate achlt it shows it is working.
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today d.c. health link will encourage members from the lgbtq community. it starts and also have free hiv, cholesterol, and blood pressure health screenings. well we've got a consumer alert as many of us look for items. the fake products rain from designer clothes to electronics. if you're shopping online it's safer to buy from a familiar retailer. it's that time of year again, the time of year that the packages are at higher risk of disappearing from your porch. sales on cyber monday shot up again. thieves use a simple strategy.
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>> unfortunately many theevs are following delivery trucks around and waiting and watching for packages to see if they're received by the opener. >> here's how you can get your stuff safe. get the packages to work. schedule deliveries for a time you know you'll be home. >> how low will they go. gas price are down. in maryland we checked, you're going pea an average of $2.06 for gallon. a little more expense nieve d.c., $2.26 and virginia comes in cheap. $1.88. expect to pay 2 preside$2.02 in virginia. >> down below in falls church. >> stay with us. "news4 today" continuing right
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now at 5:00 a.m. fwlak news in arlington. shut down in both directions. >> there was a very serious crash there. a passenger was ejected from a car. "news4's" molette green is just arriving to the scene. we're going to hear from her in just a few minutes. >> right now kim mccormick is looking at delays. >> they have reopened run road. the investigate is apparently open. that's good news for everybody, but it is going the affect the community a little well longer, you can see on 120 glebe road that's getting heavy. there's a crash in prince george's county on the outer loop ramp john hanson highway. it's off on the left-hand side of the road. so the ramp is currently blocked. that's causing problems. if you're


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