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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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fwlak news in arlington. shut down in both directions. >> there was a very serious crash there. a passenger was ejected from a car. "news4's" molette green is just arriving to the scene. we're going to hear from her in just a few minutes. >> right now kim mccormick is looking at delays. >> they have reopened run road. the investigate is apparently open. that's good news for everybody, but it is going the affect the community a little well longer, you can see on 120 glebe road that's getting heavy. there's a crash in prince george's county on the outer loop ramp john hanson highway. it's off on the left-hand side of the road. so the ramp is currently blocked. that's causing problems. if you're traveling in bethesda,
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there's a cash reported at gainesborough road. it could cause you a little bit of a delay. let's check on what's going on with the weather. >> thanks, chuck. outside this morning, clies have cleared wchl very seen follow developing in spots. visibility a little bit reduced through the shenandoah valley. parts of northern maryland and along the bay. be on the lookout for fog earlier this morning. it's a chilly start. 26 in charles town, west virginia, and a sub freeze 30g degrees down in fredericksburg and stafford. fog around this morning. temperatures in the 30s. skies mostly cloudy. could be some sprinkles in southern maryland and into tomorrow starting off dry once again. when i see you in ten minutes we'll take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. we'll see you then. >> thanks. thousands of employees head back to work in san bernardino. the county shut down much of its
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services is at the inland regional center. university officials say the focus is on whether tashfeen malik radicalized her husband syed farook. >> it's our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim-americans should somehow be treated differently because when we travel down that road, we lose. >> president obama lays down how america plans to find terrorism at home and abroad by overcomeling fear. the president didn't offer new policies. instead he defended the current trategy to defend isis as part of an international coalition. he cautioned against a ground war in iraq and syria. he called on congress to authorize military force and to tighten gun laws. >> i know there are some who reject any gun safety measures but the fact is our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, no matter how effective they are,
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can identify every would-be shooter. >> he uramed miss limbs to fight extremism. coming up in 15 minutes, tracie potts is going to break down how effective his speech was. >> in a few hours we're going to get details. secretary jeh johnson will defend it in northwest d.c. that's at 8:00. afterward he's meeting muslim leadi lead leaders. baltimore police officer porter may take the stand in his own defense. now, investigators say gray died of spinal injury that he received in april in the back of a police van. porter is the first of six police officers to go on trial in the 25-year-old's death. you may remember his death sparked violent protests. the high school student who is accused of bringing a gun to
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school will face a triechl he's being charged as a juvenile. he may also face suspension or possibly expulsion. all d.c. schools are now looking at security procedures. they'll check a mulch fire. it's been smoldering since saturday night. firefighters say they're leading the fire burn out. now to a house fire in northwest d.c. police say squaerts may have been using this home. they tried to tell the city about problems about that house. >> nobody was coming. we saw people using the backyard. >> no one was hurt.
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we expect an update on marijuana laws. the capital gazette reports some lawmakers will propose an amendment to how it's frown and processed. they face a deadline or restart the process of implementing the state law from scratch. all montgomery county public schools will be retested for elevated radon levels. last week we told you 28 schools tested for radon levels above the epa's recommended limit. all schools will be retested. the district plans to cale yat a new radon monitoring program. let's take another live look youtd side. you might need your low beams. there's a little bit of fog. chuck bell has your commuter forecast at 5:11. a man walks into a police station and ends up shutting
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down part of it. a bizarre where two college students are recovering after being abducted. what we're learning about their
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a developing story. police officers say they were an ducked at their school and one was shot. they're students at the university. they stormed the home and rescued them. they have four people in custody in connection to this. the seniors are safe and expected to be okay. scary there. d.c. police want to remind you never to handle suspicious items that you may find in your home. someone found a grenade at their home, brought it into the station. the device was inert. police say you should always call them first and allow them
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to handle the removal of any suspicious device. >> we're still working out on finding out why they had the grenade in the first place. >> we're looking at 5:10 on the dot. if you're driving in to work, you may want to put the heat on. >> hey, adam and angie, good monday morning to both of you. hope you enjoyed your weekend achlt little yellow light of caution early this morning for some areas of locally thick fog. things will be easier through midday. there's a risk of maybe a couple of sprichgles coming our way as welt. temperature-wise we're in the 20s and 30s. most of us will be dry much of the day. it's about 11 hours addai. no heavy rain expected but any time we have a little chance for
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a few showers, we need to keep you posted. rain chances, pretty dry. higher rain chances down to the south especially in parts of southern maryland. we'll detail the arrival and rain chances. here's traffic time with kim mick core mick. >> we have a problem in prince george's county. your outer loop ramp off the left-hand side but it's currently blocked with emergency equipment. if you're traveling in through the district. watch out. there's a car bumper in the left lane. now f you're making your way up to the beltway, you're moving along quite nicely. no reports of any problem in either direction and on 270 all the way down to bethesda moving along quite well for you so far this morning. when you leave the house, don't forget when you get in the car, turn on wtop 103.5.
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a road just reopened after an early morning crash and we've learn at least one person is recovered after being thrown from a vehicle. molette green just arrives on scene and we'll bring you an update next. >> it's probably one of the things that you
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not high tech gimmicks. don't let them overturn state gmo labeling. protect our right to know. breaking news in arlington, an accident overnight on south arlington rich road. "news4's" molette green has more. mollet. >> good morning, angie. the road is back open, but as you can see, no traffic lights here at this intersection of south arlington, rich road, and 23rd street because of this very serious accident here. two cars involved an three people injured. when we got here a tow truck
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loaded up the two cars, one of them a minivan. the police tell me the minivan got pushed into a telephone pole and ejected the passenger. it was a 55-mile-an-hour crash here. they're still waiting for the lights at the intersection to be fixed. there is a cree headed this way, but in the meantime they set up a stop sign to allow safe travel. that is the latest live this morning from ar longton. >> a man is in serious consider after crashing into a wall. ar lengthton county says the driver collided with the wall. police are investigating what caused that accident.
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>> in news for your health, a new pill to keep hands out of addicts is making a difference in florida. they destroy subscription drugs safely. you put the pills inside of the bag and add water. is neutralized and then you throw it away. it stops medication abuse where it usually starts, inside the home. >> if you leave stuff in your medicine cabinet and leave stuff around, people go through your meds. >> well, this pilot program is the first of its kind in the nation. doctors say it's also environmentally safe when it comes to destroying your medications. >> today virginia is making it legal. this morning attorney general mark herring will s announcing a
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new plan. there's a ceremony at the world war ii memorial to remember pearl harbor. the date which will live in inphani happened in 1941. it pushed the united states into world war ii. the event on the mall is happened before 2:00. there are also memorials in richmond. well, there's going to be a lot of attention on the redskins tonight. they're taking on the dallas cloy cowboys right here at fedex field. temperatures are only about $70. now, if the redskins within win, they're still in first place. ite going to be a game-time call whether wide receiver desean jackson place tonight. dez bryant is expected to play. redskins doing all right.
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>> the eagles won yesterday. the giants lost. if the redskins beat them tonight, theory pretty. >> that was surprising. that was crazy. the redskins, no time to relax. >> what's the weather going to be like at get ex-field. >>? >> i'm sure the temperature gets a drop. right, chuck? >> yes. still mostly clear sky. there are areas of thicker fog. and there will be some clouds to contend with by later on this afternoon. but rain chances remain pretty low except across parts of southern maryland. temperatures are on the mild side for today and tomorrow and for all the week. by the way into the weekend and weekend, a serious warming trend really coming our way. temperatures might be 15 degree warmer thannage as we head toward the weekend. your monday off to a cloudy and
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cold start. so what to expect today. patchy fog this morning. dry for most of us today. best chance for any light rain will be south down into southern maryland. four miles of visibility in gaithersburg and seven miles in culpeper, so no super thick fog. just know in some of the rural areas you can run into that. upper 20s and low 30s in the shenandoah valley. keep the pace up. you u'll be fine. it will be cold for next couple of hours. 9:00, 40s. 50s by noontime. if you're going out, the boys are in town tonight. it's "monday night football." a lot of clouds around. i think it will be mostly rain-free but i couldn't rule out a rain or drizzle drop.
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rain chances are low. best chances are down across far southern maryland today. never really brings the rain here into the weekend. any rain today will be light. i already mentioned the weekend. how about mild and dry. 46 on saturday and 66 on sunday. although there is a risk of a shower or two. see you in ten minutes. 'll take a look at our forecast hour by hour. >> we still have that problem. the outer loop ramp off on the left side but the ramp is currently blocked chl unfortunately the cameras are not working properly this morning. if you are on westbound 66 before 245, we have construction. the right lane gets by until 6:00 this morning. now, 270 moving along quite well. a little heavy out of frederick.
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everything else is fairly quiet. no problems reported. moving from fredericksburg up to springfield. in the day ahead, we expect an update in the trial of jesse matthew jr. al hearing is set for noon today in charlotteville. look for a push alert if anything significant develops. two people were hurt in saturday's attack. one of them was badly injured. police tased and arrested a machlt witnesses said, quote, this is for syria. the suspect's name is not being released. police in southern california are looking for a man who robbed a jewelry store. some iowa confused the breaking
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of glass with gunfire. it was put on lockdown until officers cleared the scene. known was hurt there. we with finally show this to you. a rocket taking off with supplies. they've had multiple launch failures in the last year. happy hanukkah. today is the first full day of hanukkah. the holiday started at sundown last night. take a look. this is how our town celebrated by lighting the candle on the ellipse. dennis o'donnell was there. where's the dreidel?
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>> i know. a volunteer staff pack up nonperishable items like rice and grain for those who need it most. >> when people are hungry, desperate things take place. we figure if we can take care of hunger and maybe less desperate stuff will happen. well t kennedy center is celebrating people who bring us our favorite movies, performances and songs. five masters or entertainment received rm awarding. they were all there. as was "star wars" creator george lucas. >> i had a great run. i'm proud of the wourj idiot did. this is grantsing. the rock band the eagles
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were also chosen as, but they couldn't attend because of singer glen fry's look. what's it going to be like this week? chuck is back with that and the four things you need to know about the forecast. she's one of the main women accused of grabbing a man. accused of grabbing a man. >> and jimmy carter gives
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good monday morning. hope you're enjoying your day. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goss. >> "storm team 4's" chuck bell will tell you whau what you can expect. >> aaron and angie -- aaron. adam. four things you need to know. we're keeping an eye on that. there's rafing of a few raindrops primarily south some of town into southern maryland into this evening.
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there's rain chances. clouds will increase later this afternoon and there's a risk for a few sprinkles this evening. 32 now. 35 at 7:00. what fog we have around should be gone by 9:00, 10:00 this morning. the afternoon looks quite nice. again, clouds increasing by later this evening. keeping the rain chances out of the metro if you're going out to fedex field for "monday night football." aisle she you who has the best chances for rain in ten minutes. iffer now here's kim mccormick. >> thanks very much, chuck. just be careful and expect a bit of a detour. if you're traveling on the outer loop beltway. all lanes have been reopened. they're going to do the crash cleanup after 9:00 this morning so you shouldn't have to worry about any delays as a result. if you're traveling southbound all the way down to the beltway
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interchange, there are no reports of any problems for you right now and we are getting report os after brand-new crash on braddock road. be careful because it sounds as if the road may be closed. >> let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear and we have always met challenges, whether war or depression. natural disasters or terrorist attacks by coming together. >> president obama promises america it's equipped to beat terrorism. nbc's tracie potts joins us now. >> we're hearing from presidential candidates and lawmaker senator lynn city graham saying there was nothing new here. we also heard from rand paul who talked about the gun laws that the president is pushing saying they have all those in place and it did not prevent the shooting.
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the other big piece of this, the president talked about how we deal with muslims in this country and talked about not isolating them based on their religion. they said they welcome that attitude as they try to be a partner in inciting terror. >> i do want to ask. these candidates criticizing the president, have we heard from any of them. did they seize this moment? use it as an opportunity to perhaps outlied a new strategy when it comes to how they would fight this war and perhaps on the issue of gun control? >> sure. we're going to hear from him later this morning on msnbc. we expect to hear from rand paul as well and reaction. all of them essentially saying what the president outlined here was nothing new. that's true. he didn't change the strategy. their point is they don't think the strategy he has is working
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or frankly much of a strategy at all. >> all right. tracie potts for us on the hill. thank you. his statement said in part, quote, this week the house will vote on a bipartisan bill to update our visa waver program to reduce the risk of extremists entering the country from abroad, end quote. he said only the commander in chief can provide a comprehensive plan. the msnbc tell money dough harris poll said 36% are worried about a terror atask. 31% about a growing gun. 60% are most concerning about terrorism versus 22% of democrats while 42% of democrats
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are concerned about gun violence versus 22% of republicans. the president of liberty university is defending his comments on terrorism. jerry falwell jr. said more students should have conceal carry permits. he passed a rule. he said, end those muslims and his comments were taken out of context. >> of course, i was referring to what happened in san bernardino to those muslims, not muslims in general. and i'm not backing off anything. i'm just saying the last part of my sentence was drowned out by cheers and applause. falwell's comments on gun control and terrorism set off a heated debate in community and online. he felt encouraged after listening to president obama last night. 5:33. and right now prince george's county police need your help finding this man. take a look. they say that this guy killed a friend along oxon hill road in
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ft. washington saturday night. the suspect's name is christopher crawford. they believe the victim and crawford got into an argument before the shooting happened. a 53-year-old woman faces charging after running into a police officer over the weekend. officers say sara marshes with under the influence saturday night. she hit a middle burg police officer. he was directing traffic in that area. the officer went to the hospital and is now home and is recovering. one of the woman in this video caught groping and dancing on man in a d.c. gas station will receive sentencing today. she faces up to six months in jail for sexual abuse charges. knight and another woman were caught on a surveillance camera northeast assaulting a man. it happened back in october. hillary clinton is in maryland raising money for her campaign. clinton will be at a campaign at
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the home of wayne rodgers. his business also has tied. encouraging news from former president jimmy carter. he said he's cancer-free. 3 1/2 months ago he revealed he was getting treat for cancer that has spread to his brain. yesterday he made an announcement about recent mri results. >> when i went this week, they didn't find any cancer at all. that's good news. doctors stress it's always difficult to label someone completely cancer-free. they say a dru known as kay true da helped: him significantly. it was approved last year for those with advanced melanoma who have skpaufrted their therapies. new developments in the case of a new born baby found buried alive in southern california. who they say is now behind bars. who is accusing a teach over
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corporal pun,ment. >> let's take a live look outside across the district. it's pretty clear but the kids could see some fog. chuck's got
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welcome back. we have an update on a recent story. baby was one day old when found wrapped up in a blanket buried loosely in dirt. the mother will face charges later today. parents tell the "washington post" a former teacher at the dora kennedy french immersion school spanked their 5-year-old son. the post report said three other families have made similar accusations. the parents charge too little has been done. the teacher involved now works in montgomery county. chilly start to the day today but by december standards, december 7. >> we're loving it. >> the kids will need a little extra layer of warmth to keep their chill away from them early this morning. patchy fog outside. 2 1/2 miles visibility.
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that about it. there are chances of rain. there's a risk of a few sprin e sprinkles into southern maryland by mid to late afternoon. temperatures into the low to mid 50s. keep that in mind. a complete traffic check. a check with kim mccormick. >> thanks wchl very a serious crash. the crash blocks both directions. police are on the scene. that's out by the hue vai hover rah museum.
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be careful around the verizon center. the roads are closed. we do have problems on the metro rail. there's a train malfunction. blue line is single track and if you're traveling on 66 of 95 in virginia, things are looking a great as you approach the beltway. don't forget to tune in to wtop 103.5 in your car. angie, adam? >> thanks, kim. a shocking crime out of baltimore where two men are fighting for their lives after another man intentionally doused them in gas and set them on fire. what police think led up to that. the police shooting death of a teenager, what attorney general loretta lynch is ex
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break news. a suspicious package in downtown d.c. police will there now taking a careful look at the package. the following intersections are closed. 6th and g, 5th and f streets, 6th and e. all closed because of a suspicious package in downtown d.c. our molette green is headed there now and has the latest for us very soon. back to you. good morning, everybody. you're waking up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s with areas of fog to be dealt with as well. 'll let you know when the sunshine comes back and we'll talk about the big warming trend with your seven-day forecast in just five minutes. >> and the closures around the verizon center will affect your morning commute. we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm derrick ward
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outside jones lain elementary school in montgomery county. it's one of 26 montgomery county schools that are going to be retested for radon. and the fact that it has to be retested has some parents very upset. radon is a naturally occurring gas. you can't see it or smell it, but it comes from the decay of rocks and soil and can be found in concentrations in building materials as well. usually in the ground and basement floors. they've been test since the '80s. recent testing found slightly elevated level but nothing was done about it and that has some people upset. now, montgomery officials say that was because of some mistakes on the part of the testing teams. they're going to retest 26 schools starting tomorrow. its going to be 28 schools. they're going to put a letter out. they've sent a letter out to parents letting them know they have these slightly elevated levels and've even the levels
5:47 am
are in. we're live in montgomery county. derrick ward, "news4," back to you. >> thanks, eric. time right now, 5:47. baltimore police officer william porter may take the stand in his own defense. faces manslaughter charges in the death of fred dwr gray. they say gray died of a spinal injury he received in april in the back of a police van. poerter is the first of six police officers to go on tried in the 25-year-old's death. you may remember his death sparked violent protested. >> two men are in critical condition after a man doused them in gas and set them on fire. police arrested 28-year-old christopher harrison. investigators say he worked with the victims. co-workers say this led up from an ongoing fight. >> they kept pushing him and
5:48 am
pushing him they wanted to fight him. >> they had agreed to settle it. nothing else was said. even leading up to the alt altercati altercation, they both took their shirts off and appeared like they were going to fight. >> he faces mumt. chargeses including attempting murder. vice president joe bide season in ukraine. he landed late last night ahead of a meeting with the president and a meeting with parliament. he'll reassure ukraine their concerns are not been overshadowed. the president will reiterate washington's strategies until russia meets its kmnltd mitts. secretary of state john kerry is in paris today. both kerry and president obama were in france last week for similar talks am draft agreement was adopted this past weekend and it left many key issues unresolved so kerry returned
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last night to resolve that. >> we expect an update on marijuana laws. they say lawmakers will propose amendments. lawmakers face a christmas day deadline to vote on the bill or restart the process of implementing maryland state law from scratch. investigators are working to to find out what started a fire in northwest dm c. neighbors tell us squatters may have been using the home on 14 street to keep warm. residents say they're frustrated. they tried to tell the city about problems at that house. >> nobody would even like acknowledge my calling. we saw people like people were coming and using the back area to do drugs in. >> no one was hurt in yesterday morning's fear there. right now record rainfall has roads looking like rivers. take a look for yourself. these are homes and businesses in new england england. were hit especially hard. can see dozens had to be rescues as water levels continue to
5:50 am
rise. unofficial figures show that more than 13 images of rain fell in that airy in just a 24 hour period. prime minister david cam rob said he'll visit the area. ten minutes to the 6:00 hour and help is coming to some virginians affected by hurricane sandy. these loans help pay for repairs insurance companies did not cover. homeowners can apply for loans up to $200,000. officials say that more than 240 homes were damaged in that eastern shore county during hurricane sandy. time now for a check of traffic and weather on the 1s. if you're in the kitchen making breakfast, take a look at the tv. >> you know what i call this? a hot cup of coffee kind of morning. how is that picture you had a moment ago? >> that's right.
5:51 am
you don't give coffee to your third and fourth graders. something that sticks to their ribs and keeps them warm against the chill at the bus stops this morning. we're in store for a nice little warming trend. our forecast is looking better and better. the real knock a chance of sprinkles down to our south. then as we go through the rest of the week, our average high is 48 degrees. we're well above average. a return of south winds means temperatures going back into the 60s. look at those weekend temperatures. mid 60s. that will be nice oop. you can stay ahead of the weather by finding me on twitter and instagram. what to expect for today. a little fog outside early this morning. cry for most of us today. there are risks of a few showers
5:52 am
mainly south of washington for game-time tonight. the redskins hosting the cowboys. game time temperature, mid to upper 40s. a risk to a little sprinkle or two. it is bringing us at least the threat for later this evening but not much out there. the air mass that's over the palace is fairly dry and our rain chances remain pretty low around here. here's our high resolution model. as we get into the afternoon clouds and a risk of showers. charles, prince george's county, anne arundel downdy, down into st. may's county. that rain out across west virginia. our high resolution model breaking that up. dry across northern maryland. best chance of any light rain will be down across southern maryland. hour by hour, 30s and 20s. rising to the low to mid-50s. coming up in ten mijtss we'll focus back in on that next big
5:53 am
change in the weather. that's at 6:01. traffic time, here's kim mccormick. >> no reason to focus on that. where we're going focus or attention is just inside the beltway. there are reports of krarchlt be careful. top side of the beltway from 95 over to 270 not a problem for you at all so far this morning but there is just building volume. we do have delays on metro. the orange and silver line are single tracking because of a disabled train outside of the foggy bottom lanes. the there are delays. just be careful when yu get on the metro this morning. you will find some delays. >> thank you, kim. we're following a developing story out of chicago. nbc news has learned the justice didn't is going to open an investigation into the chicago police department.
5:54 am
former police officer jason van dyke currently charged with the 17-year-old murder. now, the reverend jesse jackson said there needs to be systeming change in the department. >> the police chief cannot be the fall guy. we want the police culture cleaned snup since the release of the video, chicago mayor rahm emanuel forced superintendent jerry mccarthy to resign. there have also been called for rahm emanuel to step down. in "news4 your health," hiv levels are following. they they sa group represented 10,000. while stabilizing 10,000 cases is something to celebrate it shows communities are working.
5:55 am
>> today d.c. health link will encourage members of the lgbtq community will homeland it. there you can learn about the affordable care act. and they'll have hiv, cholesterol, and blood health screenings. wagtd watchers is revamping its online tools today. they're aimed at commerce set new goals and reduce stress. it it's in response to waekt watcher users who want a healthier eating style. we have that consumer alert as many of us look for bargains this holiday season. a new sur vai from mark monitor finds almost a quarter of online
5:56 am
shoppers have bought something online that turned out to be counterfeit. it ainchs from designer clothes to shopping online. online holiday shopping spiked again this year and with it comes with something a lot more naughty than nice. insurance is expecting there to be a speak in package thefts. the theevgs target your porch with a simple strategy. >> unfortunately many thieves are following dlirchry trucked around and waiting. >> here's how you can be same. have it shipped to your work or a nad when you won't be home. good news. gas prices are now going down. the national average is $2.03. in maryland, you're going to pay
5:57 am
2.06 dollars. a l . virginia, $1.88 for regular and expect to pay 2$2.02 in west virginia. what we're learning about the crash that lest at least one person with serious
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on "news4 today," an overnight accident, what we're learning about the crash that left at least one person with serious injuries. >> i'm "storm team 4" met chuck bell. clear skies have allowed temperatures back into the 20s and 30s this morning. i'll let you know how mild it will be later this afternoon coming right up. >> taking on isis. what president obama wants you to know as he lays out his strategy for fighting terrorist attacks abroad and here at home. >> let's get back to "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell who's talking about a little chance of rain. chances are pretty low today. some places have had visibility reduced a bit.
6:00 am
current temperature, 30 in guy thurktburg, 32 winchester. 29 dries in fred rex burg this morning. heading out early this morning. keep up the pace and you'll be all right. but 20s and 30s out the door. layer up. into the 40s by 9:00. high temperatures today generally into the mid-50s. so a very pleasant day coming. there's a big change coming later in the week between thursday and friday. a big warmup coming. temperatures in the 60s as we head into the weekend we'll detail that coming up in a bit. the first thing is, good news, we have all the lanes o n opens. the police activity has been cleared. there is crash out there and that is causing some delays for you. 66 moving through manassas in toward the beltway, no reports of any problems right


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