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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a fiery proclamation. the response we're seeing to those remarks. new developments in the last 30 minutes involving that air france flight that was forced to divert to canada after a threat. i'm kristin wright with what the airline just said about the latest scare. >> first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here your weather headlines for the day ahead. good morning. >> good morning, adam. good morning, everybody. clear sky out there, not much of a breeze to worry about. 39 downtown, 30 in manassas. 37 in shchantilly. mid-30s this morning. back to the mid-40s by 7:00 tonight. cloudy skies and chilly tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s. cloudy tomorrow. that's when the next big change in the weather starts to come in. late wednesday night into thursday.
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a sprinkle or two. that's the warm front coming through which promises a huge warmup for the weekend. more about that in a few more minutes. for now, traffic time. new crash northbound route 5 branch avenue in maryland, north of brandy wine road. left lane blocked there. delays on 66 eastbound because of an earlier crash and vehicle fire. all on the right shoulder, causing delays from haymarket making your way through manassas. everything is on the right shoulder. on 95, southbound, there is activity on the left and right shoulder. northbound 123, a crash to watch out for. we're taking a live look at the top side of the beltway, traffic on the outer loop headed toward the mormon temple. a developing story at catholic university this morning. tense moments on campus after students are ordered to shelter in place. police got a report of an armed man on campus. an officer searched but found nothing. molette green is live with more on the scary moments.
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>> good morning. quite an unsettling night on this campus. and in the last hour, the university tweeted there will be more information coming about the shelter in place order in their e-mail. but the lockdown lasting several hours and is now over. d.c. police and the campus security gave that all clear hours ago after telling the school community to shelter in place through social media, hosting several tweets. there was concern about a potential armed suspect. campus police say that came after a custodial worker reported reported. police evacuated two buildings. the school of engineering and school of law brought in the explosives unit to search, nothing found on campus. some students studying at the time got escorted out by police.
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but, again, no word from police about this suspected gunman. but the all clear has been given. they have been told to resume normal activities here on campus in northeast d.c. that's the latest live from catholic university. back to you. >> thanks for that. sheriffs asking for your help. this teen is missing. she has not been seen for three days. detectives say that 19-year-old katelin akens' luggage was found in a drainage ditch outside fredericksburg yesterday. her parents say they dropped her off at the francona springfield metro station on saturday to catch a flight. she never made it to her destination. a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> donald j. trump is in a new controversy, dividing members of both parties.
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this time he's saying muslims living in the united states hate america. he has gotten backlash. trump's refusing to back down and urging supporters to forgo racial profiling in favor of national security. >> it is going to get worse and worse. you'll have more world trade centers. it is going to get worse and worse folks. we could be politically correct and be stupid, but it is going to get worse and worse. >> the council on american islamic relation calls trump's plan un-american, reckless and fearmongering. it reminds to be seen how this will impact his campaign. 20% of republicans support trump and the gop doesn't want to risk him running as an independent. funerals will begin for those killed in san bernardino's mass shooting. county workers held a vigil for their slain co-workers.
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services for four victims will happen over the weekend. 14 people died in last week's shooting. a judge ordered the daughter be placed in foster care before being adopted by extended family. we're learning the county employees underwent active shooting training inside the same conference room where last wednesday's rampage took place. the fbi says the couple that is accused -- or behind the shooting was seen at multiple shooting ranges practicing with rifles. one witness says he saw syed farook just a couple of days before the shooting at a gun range. the defense changes strategy for the first officer charged in the freddie gray death. attorneys for officer william porter are trying to prove gray was injured before he arrived. the lawyers are shifting the blame to officer caesar goodson who faces the most serious charge. you can weigh in tonight on
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tolls. that would mean tolls in peak directs. some could pay as much as 300 bucks a month to use the lanes. there is a public meeting at george mason high school. the commonwealth transportation board is expected to make a final decision soon. if you're a redskins fan and didn't stay up to watch the game, little warning, not going to want to watch the dvr today. >> and good! >> oh, my goodness. unbelievable. the decisive play, a field goal that put the cowboys ahead with less than ten seconds to go. it was the cowboys first win this season where tony romo hasn't played quarterback. the skins lost at home for the second time this year. they're still in first place, though, but tied with the eagles and giants now. players looking ahead to sunday when they take on the bears.
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but, man, a tough loss last night. >> 54-yard field goal. >> he's got ice water in his veins to stick that thing through at the end there. >> wow. a traffic stop left him fighting for his life. now the mentor of a montgomery county police officer is talking about his passion for the job as he recovers from that accident. a cold start to the day as you look live at national harbor and capital wheel. this will be a day you'll be talking about for good reason. the conditions you can expect on your way to work and from work with your weather and traffic coming up on the 1s. new developments into the newsroom involving that air france flight that was forced to divert to montreal after a threat. what the airline is saying right now and when that flight could be paback in the air.
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. we have got new information
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now on that diverted air france flight we told you about. the threat turned out to be a hoax. the flight was headed from san francisco to paris. someone made the threat and the plane was diverted to montreal. authorities checked out all 231 passengers. and the plane didn't find anything. right now, they're trying to find out who made this threat. the passengers are on their way to france right now. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. you may encounter new security checkpoints this morning. metro officers are conducting random bag checks at station entrances. they're looking for possible explosives. also more than 20 canine teams doing security sweeps around rail stations. metro stepped up the security after the attacks in paris. 6:11 on this tuesday morning. chilly start. looking up. >> whether you're headed to the metro or maybe outside to get to the car, chuck is saying it will be seasonably cold.
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please explain. >> please explain. record cold would be single digits. that would be cold for sure. but seasonably cold, in the 20s and 30s this morning. that's about average for this time of year. clear skies, over capitol hill, early this morning. temperatures 36 rockville, 39 in washington. 35 in ft. belvoir. road impacts for today, little talk of the fog around early this morning. only real knock on the commute might be sunshine delays on the way home. temperatures mid-30s for the ride in. mid-50s on the way home. a close look at your weekend, that's 6:21. see you in a few. problem on the baltimore-washington parkway. that crash on brandy wine still there. branch avenue, brandy wine road, left lane blocked causing some delays. 270 to the beltway, things are moving along nicely for you. little heavy on the beltway itself between 95 and 270.
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when you leave the house, don't forget to tune into wtop 103.5 fm for updates on the 8s. a little luck, that could change his life. why people in colorado say the state's newest lottery winnings couldn't go to a better person. breaking news in south africa this morning involving former olympian oscar pistorius. the decision made overnight that will keep him out of prison for now. i'
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breaking news at the live desk. two big developments in the oscar pistorius saga. the olympian was just released on bail, set at under $700. so now pistorius can leave home between 7:00 a.m. and noon every take. this is him in court today. he's only allowed to go 12 miles from home and has to hand over his passport. the other breaking pistorius news into the live desk now, el appeal the murder conviction handed down last week. he's supposed to be sentenced in april. the blade runner killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013 as you may know. back to you.
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want to make a difference and also had a deep compassion to treat people with dignity and respect as he did his job. that's the mentor of montgomery county police officer noah leotta. officer john womack said he and his mentee shared a passion for going after drunk drivers. leotta was serving on the holiday alcohol task force when he was hit by an alleged drunk driver. officer womack said he volunteered for the job because he liked keeping people safe. they say luis reluzco ran into the officer. he refuse ed to take a breathalyzer. his result s are still pending. the officer is in the hospital with a traumatic injury. >> you don't want it to be any officer. but somebody you train, you rode with for a year, you care about deeply this was preventable by somebody not getting behind the wheel. >> if you would like to send well wishes, we posted that information in the nbc
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washington app, just search officer leotta. it is 6:17. this morning, detectives are trying to solve a murder mystery in spotsylvania county. the sheriff's office says that heather ciccone was found dead inside of a car on piney branch road. they say she was in the driver's seat and had severe trauma to her upper body. the investigation was originally a suspicious death. it was then changed to a homicide. ciccone was 21 years old. a secret service officer charged with trying to have sex with a 14-year-old girl faces a judge for a hearing today. lee robert moore was caught in an online sting by undercover agents. prosecutors argue moore is a safety risk and should stay in custody before a trial. moore is also accused of having online sex chats while on duty at the white house. it is 6:18. a muslim cab driver berate and attacked by a passenger in alexandria has been given $350,000 in damages. a federal jury found dalberg assaulted salim two years ago.
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he was caught on video saying anti-muslim racial slurs when he asked the driver to denounce the 9/11 attackers. after the video ended, he says dalberg punched him several times. it dalberg admitted he was drunk during the incident. legislators asking terry mccauliff to keep a german diplomat's son behind bars. soring was convicted of killing his girlfriend's parents in 1985. he confessed to the murders, but later claimed he only did so because he thought he would be protected by his father's diplomatic immunity. the home of maryland football may have a different name. wallace low is asking the board of regions to change the name of byrd stadium. opponents say the former university president had racist and segregationist views. low is recommending the name be changed to maryland stadium. the board will take up that
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proposal this friday. if approved, byrd's legacy would be recognized in one of the main libraries there at the school. a developing story. some families in oregon are being forced out of their homes as heavy rain causes more flooding in that state. record rainfall slammed milwaukee just south of portland. a flood watch is in effect for most of northwest oregon and southwest washington through midweek. heavy rain has caused road closures, landslides and sinkhole. more rain is expected to hit the region today. a police officer in the district getting a lot of attention this morning for her 12 days of giving project. very cool. officer juanita graham started with the d.c. police as a cadet in high school. and she said she was inspired to help others by another officer she saw hand out care packages to the homeless. since last month, graham starts each shift by giving care packages to homeless people she comes across. her partner on the beat says her acts are inspiring him to do
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more. >> making me feel good. >> makes you want to come up with other ideas for yourself. >> graham has been with the d.c. police department for 25 years. at the vatican, the symbolic start of a new year. less than an hour ago, pope francis opened the bronze holy door at st. peter's basilica. opening what is being called the year of mercy. passing through the doors after they were open. it is 6:21. families in northern virginia will celebrate hanukkah on ice today. the peon celebrating the holiday with music and food. the event starts at 6:00 p.m. if you want to go. the third night of hanukkah starts at sundown. the holiday lasts for eight days. what great weather we have been having to get out there and celebrate. >> is this really december? >> doesn't feel like winter. it doesn't. it looks like this nice stretch will last through the weekend. >> yeah. in fact, by the time we get to
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the weekend, this will feel cold by comparison. temperatures by the weekend might be 20 degrees warmer than average. get ready, everybody. december going on vacation. outside this morning, clear skies over capitol hill. temperatures in the 20s and 30s now. a delightful low impact weather day. sunshine and mild with temperatures this afternoon climbing up to the 50s. 52 today for a high in gaithersburg. 56 in washington. 57 manassas. average high now is 49. we'll be in the 50s today and tomorrow. warm front comes through wednesday night into thursday. might bring out a rain drop or sprinkle. behind that, temperatures by the weekend, saturday and sunday, both far into the 60s. maybe even central virginia close to 70. the warm front comes through late wednesday night into early thursday. that's the next change in the weather and may wring out a sprinkle or two wednesday night to the predawn hours of thursday
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morning. shouldn't impact wednesday and won't impact your thursday either as thursday's temperatures climb back to the 60s. that's the only tiny option or opportunity for a drop to fall out of the sky as we'll be dry after that. right now, visibility dramatically reduced and southern parts of the shenandoah valley. we'll go back to mostly sunny skies for this afternoon. chilly overnight with clouds increasing a bit. and tomorrow, though it will still be mild, a partly to mostly cloudy day tomorrow. dry. but little chance for sprinkles and showers as we head towards late wednesday night into early thursday morning. if you're already thinking about your weekend, saturday is probably the better day. mild and dry. mid to upper 60s. risk for a shower probably only in the shenandoah valley on sunday. check out those highs. that's plus 20. both days this weekend, make your plans now to get outside and enjoy. full seven day forecast at 6:51.
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live at vdot north of beltway, making your way toward edsal. inside the beltway, into d.c., no significant issues roogt now. across the 14th street bridge, roosevelt bridge, nice and quiet. new york avenue and d.c. and i-295. moving into virginia on 95, still reports of a crash northbound 95 near 123 on the shoulder. it is causing delays trying to move up from fredericksburg. and be careful on northbound branch avenue. left lane is blocked with a crash. today, there may be some big changes in how the safety of your car is actually measured. transportation secretary anthony fox will announce enhancements to its five star safety ratings system that could include new technology for voiding crashes like emergency braking and collision warnings. right now the rating system is based only on how safe the car is once it is actually in a
6:25 am
crash. the plan to build the purple line in maryland is moving forward. four companies financial proposals due today. they're submitting plans for the design, operation and maintenance of that light rail line, which would go from new carrollton to bethesda. the project is run by the maryland transit administration which then has to review the plans. state officials say they want a final decision on a partner company within the next two months. 6:25. chipotle shares are taking a hit after 30 students got sick after one of the chain's above tresta. three dozen boston college students became sick over the weekend. the massachusetts department of public health is working to see if this could be link to the outbreak of e. coli at chipotle restaurants. most students spent less than 5% of the school day actually moving. teenagers in the study were
6:26 am
given activity trackers. the same problem discovered after school. on average, students in the study were active 39 minutes a day. 60 minutes is recommended by the doctors. if you're feeling nauseous, the smell of rubbing alcohol may help relieve that nausea. researchers in texas asked emergency room patients who felt nauseous to smell pads smoked in alcohol or saline solution. within ten minutes. the group of patients who sniffed the rubbing alcohol felt nothing at all. a homeless man beats enormous odds and wins half a million dollars on the lottery's scratch ticket. he's from aspen, colorado. this is him. he's been homeless for six years. he lost his business, he went through a divorce. last friday he spent $10 on the lottery ticket and won $500,000. one worker at the homeless shelter says this could not have
6:27 am
happened to a better type of person. and what to you think he'll do with it? >> i don't know. >> he said he wants to buy some skis. this is in colorado. >> like everybody. you're born with skis in colorado. >> he wants to find a way to reconnect with his daughter who he hasn't talked to for 20 years. >> good for him. put ing it to good use. another reason to be on your toes while driving in d.c. we'll show you the traffic fines some city leaders are locking to raise. and remembering those who died in that plane crash in montgomery county. what ken is saying about the accident that killed his wife and two of his children. taking a look at the temperatures. chuck is calling these conditions seasonably cold. whatever you call it, though, grab your jacket. it will change over the day, including a chance for rain. that's coming up on your four things to know forecast.
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genetically altered by scientists. news reporters: it's a fish, but it's been changed. critics call the process creepy, and label it frankenfish. narrator: genetically engineered salmon was just approved by the fda - no labels required. disturbing, right? get this. if your state wants to label gmos, congress is trying a year-end sneak attack to block your right to label. call congress. demand clear labels, not high tech gimmicks. don't let them overturn state gmo labeling. protect our right to know. welcome back. it is 6:30. a quiet community torn apart a year ago today.
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a mother and two kids were among those two died. what the husband is saying about the crash and his family this morning. first, don't let the cold condition outside discourage you. it is shaping up to be a terrific tuesday. we're looking for your tweets to the #terrifictuesday. chuck bell is tracking the chance you'll see rain in the neighborhood, four things to know. >> good morning. welcome to your tuesday morning, everybody. beautiful day coming, seasonably cold this morning. most neighborhoods in the 30s. need your seat heater on. sunshine for all coming your way for tuesday afternoon. risk of a couple of sprichk spr tomorrow night. december on vacation late this week into next weekend. 35 in rockville now. 39 downtown as you plan out your day. in the chilly 30s for the next little bit. high temperatures today, about low to mid-50s with plenty of sunshine. ten minutes, we'll talk about how many layers you're going to
6:32 am
need. it is traffic time. delays on 66 it appears. >> looking live at 66 right around prince william parkway. all the issues we had have been cleared. the delays ensue. now back to a standard morning. if you're traveling to the district on new york avenue, you're running into slow traffic and southbound 295. today marks one year since a tragic plane crash that killed six people in gaithersburg. the ntsb released a preliminary report on that crash last year. but the cause of the crash is still under investigation. derrick ward is live in gaithersburg this morning with more on this story. >> as we it see here, this house is starting to be rebuilt. they're almost complete. this was the scene of that plane crash one year ago today. that plane came down on the
6:33 am
cul-de-sac at 10:43 in the morning. when it did, six people died, three people on the ground, they included 36-year-old marie gamal and cole and devin. police say they guys from smoke inhalation from the resulting fire from that plane crash. since that happened, folks in this community fought for changes at the air park, about a mile from here. those changes have not come. pilots and folks who use the are apark reached out to the community to try to better relations there. this airport has been here for some 50 years and it is part of a national network of air parks and airports. and as such, change has been -- hard pressed to come to this. this community remembering a sad anniversary here when three people died in this house, resulting from a fire, from a plane crash, one year ago today. live in gaithersburg.
6:34 am
derrick ward, news 4. the band that played during the paris attacks came back and made a surprise return to the stage. eagles of death metal were playing when gunmen broke in. 89 people died there that night. bono and u2 welcomed the band on stage last night. >> will you welcome the eagles of death metal? >> they spent the last few days making up two converts in france that were postponed following at tacks. homeland security is about to unveil a new national alert system. the agency uses a two tier system with the top tier meaning an immediate and imminent threat. now secretary jeh johnson says the new system will have a middle ground. more details are expected in the next few days. happening today, the trial begins against a couple police say stole credit cards from shoppers in rockville. police say one suspect distracted the victim while the
6:35 am
other took the card. they would then use the stolen credit cards. most victims didn't know they were actually being robbed. today in the district, two men will receive sentencing for murdering a man. carlos parson and troy robinson admitted to shooting and killing dwayne thompson in southeast d.c. both men accepted a plea deal which would have them in prison for at least a decade. violence on one street in southeast d.c. has gotten so bad, neighbors are comparing it to a war zone. just yesterday an innocent bystander tried to get away from a carjacking and ended up getting shot in the leg. keith young was able to get in his house and call for help. no word on a suspect. neighbors and businesses have put up signs to try and tdeter the crime. all schools in the county are being reset offed for radon gas today. this comes after tests showed the schools had high levels of the cancer causing gas.
6:36 am
some parents are not happy that they were not told. t they won't stop testing until all schools are in compliance with the epa standards. some are starting to see signs of a second phase of the silver line. crews are building tracks out to dulles airport and beyond including two stops in loudoun county. looking at video from construction on phase one, up and running now. phase two is just over a quarter of the way complete. crews are work on the future reston town center, herndon and innovation center in dulles airport station. amazing to see it happening there. paying more if you're caught breaking the rules. traffic fines that could be going up in the district. we're watching a developing story in virginia where the search is on to find this missing teenager. where she was last seen and the circumstances that have her family worried. no wind as you step outside. don't forget your jacket. chuck is helping your kids prepare for the bus stop with the what to wear forecast at 6:41.
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school bus driver who rolled over this bus is facing serious charges. the bus driver is accused of driving under the influence of drugs. it happened in colorado yesterday afternoon. eight students were on this bus when it veered off the road. as the driver tried to get the bus back on the road, that's when it rolled over. five students and the driver taken to the hospital. two students are seriously hurt. lawmakers in the district will consider ramping up penalties for traffic offenses. the d.c. council will hear testimony today on a bill that would increase fines for distracted driving. the bill would also suspend someone's license if they had three sigh sagss citations in a. citations are down as drivers
6:41 am
have become more vigilant. coming up on 6:41. chilly start, but weather is unbelievable as the days progress. >> we have to get through the morning and if you're getting the kids ready for the bus stop, they'll layer up early. >> shedable layers are on tap again today. 35 in rockville and bethesda, chevy chase. 39 in falls church. 40 degrees in edgewater. what to put on the kids, they'll need their coat for temperatures in the 30s. no more than a sweater and sunglasses for later on today. good day. a plus for recess today. outdoor recess for all. complete check of the seven day forecast, mild weather, that's in ten minutes. traffic time, here is kim mccormick. >> problems on northbound branch avenue, left lane blocked. heavy on 210. if you're on 270, heavy pockets, normal moving from frederick to the beltway. and look at your travel time on 6 and 95, running slow, especially on 95 from quantico. make sure you tune into wtop
6:42 am
103.5 fm in your car on your way to work. we're watching a pair of developing stories. first in northeast d.c., an overnight scare forced the students out of their dorm rooms. >> watching reaction this morning after donald trump's controversial comments about muslims. what people are saying. that's ahead on "news 4 today." you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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right now, working to get you up to the minute, the minute you're up. a developing situation we're following in overnight scare, a catholic university. the potential threat that forced a number of students out of their dorm rooms overnight. first, your weather and traffic. a nice little chill outside early this morning. temperatures in the 30s. back in the sunshine again today. but a big change arrives on thursday that will impact your weekend plans. seven-day forecast is five minutes from now. and we had a crash on northbound 95 near 123. the damage has been done. you've got delays moving across the bridge up to the scene and up to springfield interchange. more traffic updates in a few moments. let's get to the developing story at catholic university this morning. tense moments on campus after students are ordered to shelter in place. police got a report of an armed man on campus, officers searched but found nothing. molette green is live in northeast d.c. with more on the
6:46 am
scary moments. >> good morning. that lockdown lasted several hours. it is over now. d.c. police, campus police gave a thorough search and gave the all clear about four hours ago after telling the community here to shelter in place. campus police say a custodial worker reported a suspected gunman who approached him wearing a black sport coat. around the same time, police came here to search for a possible suspicious package. they evacuated two of the buildings here. the school of engineering, school of law. they brought in an explosives unit to search, found no explosives on campus. and some students at the time were studying for finals in a library reportedly. they got escorted out and taken to their residences. no word about the search for a suspected gunman. there are no scheduled classes
6:47 am
today for a religious observance at the university today. so the campus community, very quiet this morning. the all clear given and they are resuming normal activity. that's the latest live from northeast d.c. back to you. >> thanks so much. in spotsylvania county, a 19-year-old is missing. katelin akens disappeared three days ago. detectives say her family dropped her off on saturday. yesterday, someone found had her luggage in a drainage ditch outside of frederickburg, 40 miles away. if you have any information, call the sheriff's office. the defense changes strategy for the first officer charged in freddie gray's death. attorneys for officer william porter are trying to prove gray was hurt before he arrived. porter's lawyers are shifting the blame to officer caesar goodson who faces the most serious charge. scheduled to go on trial next month. you can weigh in on a plan
6:48 am
to add tolls to i-66 inside the beltway. that plan would mean tolls for drivers on week days, peak periods and in peak directions. some could pay as much as 300 bucks a month to use the lanes. a public meeting at 6:00 tonight at george mason high school. the commonwealth transportation board is expected to make a final decision on that soon. 6:48. funerals will begin for those killed in the san bernardino mass shooting. last night, county workers held a vigil for their slain co-workers. a county health inspector will be laid to rest on friday. services for four other victims will happen over the weekend. 14 people died in last week's shooting. a judge ordered the suspect's 6-month-old daughter be placed in foster care before being adopted by extended family. we're learning the county employees underwent active shooter training inside the very same conference room where last wednesday's rampage took place. the fbi says that the couple behind the attack was seen at
6:49 am
multiple shooting ranges practicing with rifles. one witness says he saw syed farook just a couple of days before the shooting at a gun range. developing now, 231 passengers are back in the air, headed to france after a threat diverted their plane. they were grounded in montreal. several hours after leaving san francisco. you see here police on the c tarmac at the airport. the threat was a hoax. they did a full security search of the aircraft, passengers and baggage and didn't find anything there. the tsa in the hot seat on capitol hill for a homeland security hearing. heads of the agency will tell the subcommittee how they plan to protect the u.s. from aviation related terrorism. today's hearing comes three months after an inspector general report cited the agency for several technological and procedural failures. after that hearing, all security screeners and management with the tsa had to be retrained. going to get worse and worse. you're going to have more world
6:50 am
trade centers. it is going to get worse and worse, folks. we could be dlpolitically corre and stupid, but it is going to get worse and worse. >> a new controversy from donald trump as he proposes closing the u.s. border to all muslims. he's getting a firestorm from both sides as some call his plan un-american and fearmongering. tracie potts joins us live. what does this mean for trump's campaign? this is a pretty harsh statement. >> it is a very strong statement and he is still pulling the numbers as of now. we'll wait for the next polls to see if this latest development by trump, he made comments before about muslim, but if this has an impact on the polls. strong reaction from the muslim american xhaun community, calle reckless, describe him as a lynch mob leader. martin o'malley call him a fascist demagogue, strong words
6:51 am
here. but it is a backlash from republicans nearly all condemned him publicly that reallily stands ow up here. carly fiorina says this is a dangerous overreaction to what president obama said earlier this week about the muslim community. cruz says this is not my policy. dick cheney said this is against everything we stand for, everything we believe in. donald trump seemingly out there on his own with this idea of not only preventing muslims from coming into the country, but brought up racial profiling at an event last night. saying throw that out the window to report what you see, no matter what the background, he says that racial profiling is something that he will defend against and asking people to report because muslim americans he believes should not be allowed into the united states. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning, thank you very much. >> you get some sunshine. i get some sunshine.
6:52 am
you get some sunshine. >> i get it? nice. >> oprah right there. everybody gets sunshine. >> sunshine for everybody. >> all of our heads are going to pop off. >> what? outside this morning, it is a clear sky. see tyson's corner in the distance. that's viewed from our tower here in northwest washington. at least ten miles of clear skies between here and there. good looking way to get outside and enjoy the day. sunshine, start to finish today, sun not up. below freezing. panhandle of west virginia, and pockets of subfreezing across parts of prince william, fauquier and culpepper counties. cold 32 in fredericksburg. next big change arrives late wednesday night into early thursday. the clouds come back in on us tomorrow. and a risk for a couple of sprinkles late wednesday night into the predawn hours of thursday morning. thursday will start out cloudy, but end up mild. the change will be in the 50s
6:53 am
today and tomorrow. in the 60s beginning on -- on thursday. and then way into the 60s as we head into the weekend. not much of a rain threat either. little sprinkle chance. stay ahead of the weather by following me on twitter. tweet me out anything you need to know and i'll be happy to respond back to you. dry weather until you get up to our friends and neighbors in boston. rain showers up there if you're traveling in that direction today. for us, our high resolution computer model carries a few passing fair weather clouds through our sky today. that's about it. temperatures will be well above average. 30s now. up to the mid-50s by later on today. this is just the beginning of what will turn into an incredibly mild stretch of weather. last december, two days in the 60s. five in a row including flirting with 70 saturday and sunday. there is a risk for a shower or two in the shenandoah valley sunday afternoon. traffic time now, here is kim mccormick. >> a disabled vehicle south bound d.c. near pennsylvania
6:54 am
avenue. the right shoulder blocked. it is causing delays back towards new york avenue interchange. if you are eastbound 7, the left lane is blocked at the crash. that's creating delays for you to the dulles toll road and the beltway. if you are traveling on southbound 95, out of baltimore, through columbia, down to the beltway, a little bit of heavy traffic just south of the icc. new hampshire avenue to 270, a live look at southbound 270 and montgomery village avenue, heavy traffic, lights headed toward you. that's typical volume for this time of the morning. right now, there is a snapchat outage. the picture sharing app tweeting out that some snapchaters are having problems this morning, that they're working to fix the problem right now. we have seen some tweets to snapchat from its users saying people are having trouble posting videos.
6:55 am
no snapping. >> angie is in full crisis mode right now. >> i think i'm responsible for that. >> glad i'm here. take it easy. flips it over, time expired. got to be magic now. across the field, caught. >> back and forth kind of game. the redskins are in a three way tie for first place in the division. the cowboys are just one game behind. last night's loss was the redskins second loss at home this year. they're on the ready this coming sunday in illinois against the chicago bears. that was tough. >> that stung. >> that was tough. despite the results of the game, a member of our news 4 morning team has a really special memory from the game. take a look. look at that little guy there. that's traffic reporter melissa mollet's son. he is so cute. he did the coin flip on the field before the game. she got to go out on the field
6:56 am
as well. something they will never forget. it does not get better than that. >> go brennan. so proud of him and being able to get out there. look at the cameras around for him. >> that was me, i would flip and go home. game over. >> like a pro. >> a winner. >> just got it done. good for him. 6:56 on tuesday morning. here are the four things you need to know before you head out the door. there could be big changes today in how the safety of your car is measured. transportation secretary anthony fox and the national highway traffic safety administration will announce enhancements to the five star safety ratings system today. today mark one year since a deadly plane crash in gaithersburg. three people on board the plane were killed with a mother and two sons who were inside their gaithersburg home when the plane crashed. donald trump proposing closing the u.s. border to all muslims. trump claims muslims in the u.s. hate america and are a threat to national security. the all clear given to catholic university. the campus was placed on
6:57 am
lockdown last night after reports of an armed suspect. seven day forecast, cold 50s today and tomorrow before the mild 60s into the weekend. >> my goodness. up close to 70 on saturday and sunday. >> flirting with it. >> we'll soak it all in. thank you so much, everyone, for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> "today" up next. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody. >> that's for you, aaron.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. applause. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our countries' representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. [ applause ] >>he republican front-runner gets a standing ovation at a rally in south carolina after unveiling his controversial new plan. >> they have no respect for human life, so we have to do something. >> this morning, republicans of every stripe quick to condemn him, using words like ridiculous and unhinged, but what effect, if any, at all will it have on the race? radicalized, we're learning more a t


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