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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> all right. megan, thank you. also new this morning police are searching for a killer in montgomery county. a man stabbed man and killed another man at a gas station. police are looking for the suspect. we've got new details on the san bernardino shooter. we have learned the man who bought the assault rifles is related to one of them by marriage. 14 people died and 21 others were hurt when faroorook and hi wife opened fire. one day after fbi director james comey revealed startling new details about the suspects' plans for martyrdom. in about ten minutes tracie potts will tell us what we're learning about other planned
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attacks. that's at 4:45. also, it's been nearly three years since the sandy hook massacre where a lone gunman opened fire at an elementary school in connecticut. 26 of them died. 20 of them were children. this morning the relative os testify victims will ask for expansion of background checks on gun buyers. there will be a vigil tonight at st. mark's episcopal church on capitol hill. foggy start to your morning but it's actually not as cold as yesterday. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with the details. >> you're right, erika. it's anything but cold out there. we've got a fog filled sky and a sweaty ground so the leaves and the roads might be a little slippery in addition to the bad visibility. but we'll be seeing more breaks of sunshine than we saw yesterday, which wouldn't take much. our little december heat wave starts up tomorrow.
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and the weekend, i'm optimistic for most of it, but there may be a chance for a shower late. but we'll have more details in a little while. thick fog between i-95 and the blue ridge here this morning. watch out for extremely low visibilities in that area. temperatures will respond nicely after our relatively mild start this morning. we'll be in the upper 50s to near 60 and that will feel cold by the weekend. more about your weekend coming up. here's melissa mollet now with breaking news on traffic. >> breaking news in hyattsville. we're talking about landover road, 202 between barlow and kenmore drive, we have all lanes shut down because of the accident. taking a look at some of the fog around town, it is nasty in some spots. you see lee highway kind of thick there. montrose road looking a little
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better. top of the beltway, don't have any problems. the main routes into town and out of town rolling along just fine. back in ten minutes with more on the problems in hyattsville. and now breaking news out of north korea. according to leader kim jong-un, north korea has a hydrogen bomb. there is no official confirmation at this point. nbc news is trying to confirm it. we talked to an expert in china who says he doesn't believe it. they haven't conducted any tests. south korea hasn't seen any new evidence but they're closely monitoring north korea. king jong-un made a speech in a factory in pyongyang. erika, back to you. >> nobody expects to bury your child. it's usually the other way around. you expect your child to bury
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you. >> a mother is keeping her faith after losing her 9-year-old daughter. she was trying to turn onto canberra drive and the other car flipped on impact. she recalls the moments she realized her daughter was gone. >> when i held her hand and looked into her eyes, i knew she budget there, and it hurt so bad. >> n, the driver of the other car broke both legs and injured his back. brown says she forgives the other driver. prince george's county police are still investigating the crash. a sterling man tied to the kkk is being sentenced in a murder-for-hire plot. he offered somebody $5,000 to kill his ex-wife following their divorce and bitter custody battle. new information came out he suggested to fellow kkk members that they bomb a mosque. brumback faces more than 50
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years in prison. we've got new development this morning in the murder of a 20-year-old woman in spotsylvania county. we want you to take a look at a picture released by the police. heather saccones karr. she was found in the car. if anybody's seen that car, call authorities. we expect to hear from a prisoner who shared a van ride with freddie gray. freddie gray's death was an accident. that was according to an expert witness called by the defense. dr. vincent demayo yesterday contradicts the examination of the maryland medical examiner. he spent the day testifying in his own defense. he's the first of six officers to go to trial in gray's death.
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he could go to jail for six years if convicted. it's being put on by the council of islamic relations, cair. they're being attacked across. also happening today, the american anti-arab discrimination committee will speak out on recent comments made by presidential candidates targeting arabs and muslims. they eels also discuss rekrejts discoveries in congress. the adc is the largest arab-american grassroots organization in the country. donald trump is not "time" magazine's person of the year. german chancellor angela merkel took the title. trump not happy about it. he tweettweeted, i told you "ti
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magazine would never pick me as person of the year. they chose the woman who is ruining germany. well, he may be one of the most famous muslims in the world and now muhammad ali is speakings out against donald trump. trump wants to ban all muslims from the united states. ali converted to muslim in 1974. in statement ali wrote we as muslims have to stand up against those who use islam for their own agenda. true islams know or should know it goes against our religion the try to force islam on anybody. we're following a developing story in blame this morning after a tanker trunk explodes. what we're learning about the blast and why hazmat crews are
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still on the scene. some areas are under a dense fog advisory right now. it looks pretty clear in d.c. at this hour. this hour. chuck bell is back at you can't predict the market. this hour. chuck bell is back at but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. developing at 4:40, neighborhoods evacuated a major highway and shut down alabama because of this. look at this. a tractor trailer just explode.
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you can see the explosion there in the distance. it happened on a highway outside birmingham. a hazmat team is cleaning up chemicals spilled on the highway. the driver pulled over and call called 911 when he smelled something. there's a ceremony tonight for school board members whose terms begin next year. four of the members of the board are new, including chairman at large, the others are returning for a four-year term. 4:41. time for your "weather & traffic on the 1s." 44 degrees outside. >> that's right. as the kids are getting ready, you might want to check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell on what they might see. what are you seeing, chuck? >> they'll see nothing between the road and the front door because of the dramatic fog. temperatures are in upper 30s and low 40s.
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so it's chilly but anything but cold by december standards. what to expect. a lot of fog this morning. a little more sunshine this afternoon. let the warming begin. your bus stop warning, foggy. there's a lot of kids by the side of the road. we'll give recess a "b." it will be dry but still a little cloudy. we'll get more sunshine by later on today. the kids will need a jacket. sweater and jeans for later on this afternoon. take a look at the weekend. that's in ten minutes. trouble in high vatsyattsville way. >> we have a crash on landover rohn between kendall and bartlett road. a warning if you take landover to work. 95 and scaggsville moving along just fine. southbound, all lanes are open. the roadwork that took ten days
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to get things out of the way is finally over. 66 at compton, you can see the light haze. more on the crash in prince george's county coming up. some breaking news in australia now. we're just learning about a foiled terror attack there. the details just coming in to the live desk next. and if you take the green line on metro, police want to hear from you. they want to know
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people in australia facing life in prison. they're charged with plotting an act in terrorism. police in sydney arrested four
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men and a teenager, 15-year-old, all charged with planning to bomb a government police building. they say the suspects were radicalized. >> the fact that we're charging a 15-year-old with a very serious offense, this is an offense that has life in imprisn't. this is not only concerning to us but should be concerning to everybody. >> police saying they started the raid a year ago in response to the terror plot long before the attacks in paris. aaron, back to you. >> kristin, thank you. it's 4:46. now to new information on the shootings in san bernardino. we want to go to capitol hill with tracie potts on more of what we can skpechlkt good morning. >> good morning. they'll hear on the latest on this investigation. afterward lawmakers will likely come out obviously not revealing classified information but giving us some characterization of what they're learning or
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whether or not they're satisfied with what they're learning. what we're learning publicly is actually quite surprising, the fact that these two shooters may have been radicalized for years, at least two years before this happened, before they were married, before they were engaged, before they met online. that's from fbi director james comey publicly at a hearing here on capitol hill. as i said, the fbi is going to be back here today. we're also learning before tashfeen malik was approved to travel on a fiancee visa, they believe she was radicalized even then. we're also learning there may have been other targets other than this holiday party in san bernardino. they may have been looking at a building, possibly a high school in california or even a public gathering or public event, and that's what the fbi is learning from talking a look at their smashed phones and hard-line equipment in their apartment.
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d.c. police are investigating a man who was shot and killed inside his apartment. it's the 153rd murder in the district this year. so far there are no suspects in this case. and the scene of a nearly 10-hour standoff in northwest d.c. is all clear this morning. police were negotiating with 22-year-old warren stevenson. he was suspected of a carjacking last month. he barricaded himself in a home but eventually did surrender. right now transit police are looking for a group of teens who beat up and robbed metro riders. this is who they're looking for. police say they beat up a teen. a gay couple tried to intervene and call for help and the teens started beating on him. one man has a disability and was left with a footprint on his face. they stole their phones and cash. this comes after two shelter-in-place orders within 24 hours on tuesday.
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d.c. police are teaming up with fbi over claims that an armed man threatened a custodian. they determined he belonged on campus. d.c. police say they found a gun or the gun found on a student earlier this month at wilson high school was loaded. the "washington post" obtained a police department claims the gun had seven bullets in it. the school has stepped up security since the incident. a 17-year-old was arrested after being caught with that gun. they're trying to figure out how the teen got past metal detectors. this morning vincent gray says he's looking forward to the next portion of his life. they were trying to prove gray knew about an illegal flush fund that helped him get elected in 2010. seven people connected to the former mayor pled guilty but
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gray maintained his innocence. >> you have to be very cautious before you publicly allege that somebody violated the law, especially in this case, 8, 9, 10 days before the election which everyone pretty much agrees caused his defeat. >> a number of people are speculating that gray will run for d.c. council. a few weeks ago he told "news4's" mark segraves. united will start serving snacks in coach again this coming february. if you fly after 9:45 in the morning you'll get snacks like rice crackers, soy nuts, and pretzel sticks. you can keep that. rice crackers. >> you're not a fan? >> if you fly before that time,
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you'll get a stroop waffle. >> have you ever had a stroop waffle? >> two thin waffles stuffed together with caramel. stroop -- >> we're going to look into that one. >> it's dutch. >> it's caramel. it's dutch. >> they ought to put chocolate in the middle of it. anyway, cloudy skies yesterday. you know, i really thought we'd get at least a little sunshine yesterday afternoon. that did not end up being the case. i did look up at the sky right around 4:30 or so when i was taking the dogs out yesterday afternoon and just as the sun was going out, the skies were clearing out. i thought, so much for that high temperature forecast. thought it would make it into the 50s. we were stranded in tupper 40s all day long. today, try it again, everybody. fog this morning. i'm optimistic we'll see a little more sunshine later this afternoon than we saw yesterday. our high resolution forecasting
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the fog. dramatically reducing visibility. basically between i-95 and the blue ridge through 7:30 this morning. visibility below a mile. close to zero in places from frederick to gaithersburg to washington to arlington. by about 9:00 or 10:00, see how much more quickly that burns off. yesterday it held the clouds in until 1:00 or 2:00. it has the fog out by 1 0:00, 11:00 this morning. by late tonight, 10:00 tonight fog starting to reform and we may be off to a bit of a foggy start before the sunshine really starts to come out. temperatures in the morning mostly upper 30s to low 40s. had a few sprinkles after midnight. a lot of roads are wet. though no rain out now. foggy conditions will give way to sunshine by later on this afternoon. again, a bit of a foggy start before sunshine and milder weather really start to move in. all right.
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here's your seven-day forecast. 59 today. i was going to go 60. because of the clouds, i'll go 59. 66 tomorrow. 69 on saturday. 67 on sunday. when i see you at 6:01, there may be a chance some of us may be dealing with raindrops by sunday afternoon. i'll let you know who that's going to be at 6:01. o'-wise winter stays on vacation. here's melissa mollet. >> breaking news on the road. we still have this problem in prince george's county. it's probably going stick around for the morning commute. we're shun down between barlow and kenmore. all roads closed. it's bad crash. the crew is on the way. rock creek parkway, we have a crash reported there this morning. 270 at old hundred, you're seeing some of the fog you're seeing throughout the area. just be careful on 66 especially here this morning. it's pretty nasty. don't have any problems there.
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and right now overall bottom portion of prince george's county looking quite good. i'll see you back here at 5:01. >> all right, melissa, thank you. first he encouraged heads to carry guns. now he's encouraging them to carry their guns somewhere else. first the latest from university president. >> from no child left behind to every student succeeds. what president obama is expected to do today when it comes to your kids' education. and it's the story you want
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if you're just waking up, we'll have news on relisha rudd. we're also keeping a close eye on the changing forecast. take a look at current temperatures this morning. some college students may soon be able to bring guns into their dorm room. liberty university is ending the ban. jerry falwell urged them to get permits to carry concealed weapons. said guns were needed in case of an armed assault on campus and since last week, he said 2 x 40 students have requested gun safety lessons. there was already rejection
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of plan to ease the commute on interstate 66. virginia transportation officials voted in favor of allowing single drivers to drive inside the beltway during rush hour. those drivers will have to pay a toll, about $6 either way. the tolls will take effect either way. there is a group that wants to stop these plans. >> you want to end up making road more congests for those who have been using it for years. >> it's going to move twice as many people at a minimum of 45 miles an hour and much more reliable on their trip. >> car poolers will not have to pay the toll. the approved plan also sets aside money that could be used to widen eastbound 66 if a future study determines that's necessary. new this morning, results that may help you pick your next car. the top safety picks for 2016 are out. the instruments institute for highway safety awarded 61 vehicles with the title. of those 48 get even higher scores, putting them in the safety pick-plus category.
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the chrysler 200 is the only domestic mod toll get the plus award and the ford 150 super crew earned a top safety pick as well. starting today there's a new way to pay at walmart. this allows you to pay with your smartphone. it's called walmart pay. if you've got the app, you can check yourself out using your phone and using any major debit, credit, or prepaid walmart gift card. they hope to make this an option at all of its locations by mid-2016. today president obama plans to sign a new act. each state regains the power on test scars and will end the federal economic standards like common core. it's payback time for nearly 2,000 people who lost their
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homes during the financial crisis. suntrust is paying out a settlement. virginia attorney general mark heron says the checks are being sent to 1,589 virginians who lost their homes. the payout is about $1,300. that breaking news is on the road this morning. landover road 202 is shut down right now. all lanes are blocked for an accident investigation. this could be for several hours. you're going to want to avoid 202. alternates to think about, central or 50, perhaps f you're headed southbound. not the best idea if you're headed inbound coming that way. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. we're whacking up to fog in different parts of our area. >> "storm team 4's" meteorologist chuck bell letting us know


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