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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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down a busy stretch of i-5. why things could get worse before they get any better. first breaking news out of prince george's county. a crash turned into a car fire on landover road. you see some of the video here. we know one driver is dead. we know the driver was going west on 202 and barlow. imslamm it slammed into a pole and caught fire. landover road, we have a section shut down this morning. it will likely be like this for the next couple of hours. right now between barlow and kenmore still shut down. senl montreal avenue probably okay in the other direction. looks like we have two lanes getting through here.
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270 southbound at 80. let's check the morning forecast. chuck? >> 37 in college park, 42 at reagan national. there you can see the little fog early this morning. it's a lot thick never the rural areas. dense fog advisory was expanded to include all of the d.c. metro area. d.c. visibility down to zero in places like gaithersburg. a mild evening, cool and dry. mid-50s tonight and milder tomorrow. that's the beginning of the warmup. more about that at 6:21. aaron? >> thank you. it's coming up on 6:02. new searches are expected to begin for relisha rudd.
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"news4's" megan mcgrath where d.c. police will make an announce mnlts in just a couple of hours. good morning. >> repoer: good morning. where relisha rudd. there's going be a press conference here at the fifth district headquarters at 8:30 this morning and we're going learn the location of this. she was last seen march 3'd 20r 3rd, 2014. her family had allow heard to spend time with tatum. police searched kenilworth park several times look for her in that park. he hung out there a lot and
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bought a shovel and lime during that time. police have never been able to figure out where relisha's's body is. so this has been an open investigation. apparently investigators have new information that's prompting them to conduct this new round of searches, and we will be, of course, at this 8:30 press conference and we'll bring you the latest as soon as it happens. >> thank you. also this morning montgomery county police investigating a stabbing turned into a homicide. one man was stabbed to death. a second man assaulted and taken to the hospital. montgomery county police are looking for a person or people who did this. 6:03. today in the trial of baltimore police officer porter.
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gray's death according to the witness for the defense said it was an accident. it con interest dikts the testimony of maryland's medical examiner. porter spent most of yesterday testifying in his own defense. he's the first of six. he could go to prison financer 25 years if convicted. today funerals will begin for the 24 who died. her ceremony will mark the start of a grim week in southern california. more than a dozen other services for the victim has been planned. this comes one day after fbi director james comey revealed new details about the suspect's plans for martyr dum. he said they had plans to attack other targets including a school. we're learning the two shooters
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may have been radicalized for years. also new the fbi said a relative bought the assault rifles used in the attack. it's being put on by the council of american islamic relations. that gets around way at 8:00 a.m. new this morning a car fire shut down traffic in montgomery county overnight. this happened at the inters of greenbriar and new hampshire avenue. they were able to put out the fire before the flames spread number one was hurt. today we'll learn about the future. dr. kevin maxwell will outline successes and goals. at the beginning of this school
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year maxwell said funding limitations had forced school leaders to get, quote, relate. in a letter the board of supervisors expressed optimism and concerns. among the concerns is whether adding the lanes will result in more congestion and if it will make it more difficult. the board does assure that an outcome is possible. the alexandria city council will be discussing tonight and they'll discuss the living shore plan designed this year. you'll be able to see that. shearing her grief. a maryland mother talk about the accident that killed her 9-year-old daughter as police search for answers.
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a section shut down. first we'll following new developments where heavy rain and flooding are causing more problems to major road closure that has the region cut off at this hour.
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developing in chicago, more calls from mayor rahm emanuel to resign. you take a look. protesters showed up at a police board meeting last night. they also shut down a major shopping area yesterday. the chicago police didn't is under investigation by the didn't of justice right now. over the past several weeks they've released multiple videos, the police department did, showing black men being killed or beat by white police officers. landslides and flooding in
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the pacific northwest. you're look at video from washington state which is under a state of emergency. in portland, oregon, two people died. a woman in a car was swept away and drowned in the floods. another woman was killed in her bedroom when a huge tree uprooted and fell on her house. around here, some unusual weather we've been dealing with continues. 6:11. time for your "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> that's right. mild, chuck. >> it is. cloudy and foggy. that's what you can expect on your way out the door. thick fog. let the warming begin, everybody. visibility is reduced now. zero visibility in gaithersburg. only a half mile in culpeper. watch out. visibility under a mile in a lot of spots early today. shouldn't have any problem with the fog by later on this afternoon for your commute. temperatures near 40 this afternoon. we should be in the upper 50s later on today. i'm optimistic about most of it.
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saturday looked amazing. that forecast in minutes. here's melissa. >> breaking news. we're shutting down a section of landover road because of a fatal crash, again, all lanes clothes probably for the next couple of hours. new problem at the 14 street bridge. right lane blocked because of a crash off to the right side of the roadway. brand-new accident. travel times, german town to the spur. doesn't look bad right now. 66 fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car for the latest on 102. a girl's name causing her some trouble at school. why recent terrorist attacks have made her a target by classmates. >> recent news in anne arundel county where an early morning
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fire has killed one person. i'm kristin wright. what we're learning
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. there's a really bad house
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fire in anne arundel county. we do know one person was killed. firefighters are out on camp meade road in the 1200 block. they have the fire under control, but, again, one person is dead. it is too soon to say who that victim is or how the fire started. we're working to find that out right now. back to you. it took everything inside of me out. i felt empty. >> a mother says her faith is what's keeping her together weeks after the loss of her 9-year-old daughter. dachelle was in the passenger seat when a driver crashed into their car last month. rachelle said she was trying to turn left on canberra road. >> when i held her hands and looked into her eyes, i knew she wasn't there and it hurt so bad. >> the driver of the other car
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broke both legs and injured her back. brown says she forgives the other driver. they're still investigating this crash. in the day ahead, new rules meant to keep you safe on the road. accidents like the one that hurt comedian yacht tracy morgan have drawn to issue the issue of driver fatigue. they plan to start requiring millions of commercial truck and bus drivers to record their hours behind the wheel. the agency says the electronic system will help it report fatigue-related crashes. attorneys are questioning whether the planned partihood shooter is competent to stand trial. in court yesterday robert dear referred to himself as a, quote, warrior for babies. he faces 179 counts including activity-degree murder for killing two citizens and a police officer at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. dear shouted out several times
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in court, at one point saying i academy guilty but won't go to trial. now to decision 2016. donald trump is not "time" magazine's person of the year and he's not happy about that. german chancellor angela merkel took the title. he said, quote, i told you "time" magazine would never pick me as person of the year despiting with the big favor. they picked the woman who is ruining germany. america sl the first woman to receive the title since the title was challenged from man of the year back 1999. he is one of the most famous muslims and now he's speaking out against donald trump. 73-year-old ali converted to islam in 1964. he says there is nothing islamic about killing innocent people. he took aim at trump without mentioning him by name. in a statement ali wrote we as muslims have to stand up to those who use islam to advance their own personal agenda. they have alienated many from
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the islam. true muslims should know it goes against treeing to force islam on anybody. a girl's name is isis. she's now being bullied at her new mexico school. it's gone too far. threatening graffiti with her name on it. her mom doesn't think the school is doing enough to stop the bullying. >> they told me that it was in reguards to the terrorist act and i should think of it and not because of it's her name. according to the family the school hasn't determined who did the tagging. right now metro transit police are looking for a group that beat up and robbed metro riders. this is one of two teen girls that police say assaulted a 14-year-old on a green line train. a couple tried to intervene and
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call for help, even more teens started beating on them. the group stole their phones, tablet, and cash. they could face a stiffer penalty if it's determined they targets the couple because they're guy. things are back to normal in northwest d.c. a sex-block area borderered by military and 14 was shut down as they negotiating with 22-year-old warren stevenson. vincent gray says he looks forward to the next chapter of his life. they're ending the investigation with no more indictments. they were trying to prove gray knew about an illegal slush fund that helped him get elected in 2010. seven people connected to the former mayor pleaded guilty in the case, but gray maintained his innocence. yesterday gray's lawyer
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criticized the timing of the indictments just before the 2014 election. >> you must be very cautious before you publicly allege that somebody violated the law especially in this case, an, nine, ten days before the election which everyone pretty much agrees caused his defeat. >> a lot of people agree he'll run for d.c. council. two weeks ago he told nbc's mark segraves he hasn't made any decisions yet. the new "star wars" movie comes out one week from today. some are not content to wait. this is a tent city that's popped up outside the chinese theater in hollywood. fans are waiting there right now. many are in costume. they say it's pretty cold, but it's worth it. >> how many days? that is incredible.
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>> incredible. let's go with that. that's a much nicer word. chuck bell with "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> they kbeevt their lightsabers to keep them warm as they're waiting on the sidewalk wchl very a lot of clouds and fog to deal with first thing this morning. this is a view of the tower. the visibility of the ground might be down zero. this is from to top of our tower about 400 feet above the ground. there's the fog layer. there's tyson's corner ten miles away in the distance when you can barely see a block or two down at the ground. the average high, 48. we'll be soaring to 20 degrees above average. right now, 37 in gaithersburg, 41 in washington, 31 in culpeper. the dense fog advisory goes until 10:00 this morning.
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watch out for that. planning out your day. 39 for now. 40 at 7:00. fog burning off between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. tomorrow looks good. 40s and fog but sunshine earlier in the day tomorrow sets the stage for a gorgeous friday. 66 tomorrow. saturday's looking simply amazing. sunny and warm up near 69 degrees. a little bit more cloud cover and a risk for a few showers late in the day on sunday. that's getting into the weekend. we'll focus back on the next 24 hours. here's melissa mollet with traffic. breaking news on the road. we still have this problem. 202 landover road is still shut down in a section because of a fatal crash. this is a live picture from the
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scene right now. closed between barlow road and kenmore, your ultimate central avenue or 50 heading outbound. i wouldn't head inbound for obvious reasons. you can see the crash is cleared out of the way. 270 south at 80 still have that problem. looking a little better than it did. rockville with this accident. overall, everything looking pretty good especially for this time of day. more on this problem in landover coming up. i want to show you a picture of an angry taxi driver who held onto a car he thought was an uber car. it was fueled by a citywide protest. they say uber is not oh bag city
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laws and cutting into their bottom line. a new list of the healthiest states in the nation. hawaii took the top sport in the health foundation's 2015 report. maryland slipped two places to 18th. the report sighted a growth in violent crime and health funding. virginia held its spot in 21st place with smoking being one of the biggest challenges. it lists low graduation. do you a cheerleader in your family. cheerleading is among the safest high school sports. the sport ranks 18 out of 22 sports for overall injuries. however, of those hurt during cheerleading can suffer some very serious injuries. researchers want all states to classify cheer as a sport because it would then demand
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qualified coachers and safer standards. a decade of data has shown that a decade of death rate is the same among unhappy as happy. being grouchy is not enough to make you ill or to shorten your life. so if you have some people who were kind of grumpy -- >> that just means us happy people have to, you know, spend the rest of our lives with the unhappy people. >> or vice versa. >> 6:26. right now we're watching conditions for you where a thick fog is leaving you with low visibility on the road. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell is tracking the neighborhood with the worst conditions as part of your four things to know at 6:31. the president at liberty university making headlines again. what part of the campus is rt rd to be open to guns.
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breaking news in prince george's county we still have this closure going on. 202 shut down. closed between barlow and kenmore drive. 66 here at lee highway. you can see a little bit hard to see but we have a little bit of fog hanging around there. a big look at the beltway. everything look pretty typical. you can see the top of the belt way starting to get a little slow. we still have that problem. a little slow as well that seems to now be out of the way. we're going have some travel times for you in ten minutes. chuck? >> thank you, melissa. if you're just getting up, here are four things you need to know. off to a very foggy start with sweating ground. that's all gone now. you can leave the umbrella at
6:31 am
home. we'll get more as the december heat wave starts to kick in. right now it's 6:31. a chilly 39 in reston. a lot of low clouds and fog early. visibility a quarter mile winchester and gaithersburg. an even milder start tomorrow. that leads into the warm weekend. that part of the forecast back in a few. back to you. a huge mess in birmingham, alabama. and the pictures we got in this morning. just unbelievable. a tractor trailer blew up. the 18-wheeler was carrying hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid.
6:32 am
it's shut down in one direction. people in neighborhoods nearby were evacuated and just now allowed back home. the truck driver got out in time. he smelled something, pulled over and called 911. good thing he did. back to you. sentencing for a man in the murder-for-hire plot. he pled guilty to attempted first-degree murder. he offered an undercover officer $5,000 to kill his ex-wife. he also had ties to the kkk. during the investigation, new information came out that he suggested to fellow kkk members that they bomb a mosque. brukback faces 50 years in prison. i want you to look at these pictures of heather ciccone's car. these were released by police. she was found shot to death in
6:33 am
the driver's seat sunday night. the car was parked in the drive way o a home on piney branch. if anybody saw the a car between 10:00 and 11:00 sunday night, please need your help. please call authorities. last night family and friends gathered for a vigil for heather. the sheriff's office said they're investigating multiple leads into her death. a push for gun control later today. this comes from relatives of the victims of the sandy hook massacre. it's been nearly three years since the lone gunman opened fire. 26 people died there. 20 of them were children. this morning relatives of the victims will ask for congressional action to expand background checks for gun buyers. some college students may soon be able to bring guns into their dorm rooms.
6:34 am
last friday the zool's president jerry falwell jr. encouraged members and others on the campus to get permits to carry concealed weapons. he said guns were needed in case of an assault on campus. a d.c. judge is getting students to stop harassing students. that's off florida avenue. protesters are already dem straight there. they're prohibited from being within a certain district of the school. the planned parenthood opens may 2016. today president obama will sign the "every student succeeds" act. a live look at the capitol where later today the bill called the fix for "no child left behind" will become a new law.
6:35 am
under the law each state regains the power to decide how to use test scores to help students and schools. four new people will be joining the council. their four-year terms begin on january 1st. fellow drivers will be allowed on i-66 inside the beltway during rush hour, but not everyone is convinced it will ease congestion. they voted in favor of the plan yesterday. single drivers will have to pay a toll, about $6 each way. the tolls will take effect in 2016. opponents have gone to virginia lawmakers to try to block this plan. >> they're going to make the road more congested. right now that stretch of
6:36 am
road is restricted during rush hour to car pools of two or more. it sets aside money that could be used to widen eastbound 66 if a future study determines that's necessary. mounting trouble for chipotle. the impact a second health care is having on the fast casual change. right now breaking news in prince george's county. a section of 202 shut down because of a fatal crash. details coming up. first we're developing a story out of north korea where their leader is making new claims about the military news reporters: it's a fish, but it's been changed.
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right knew a big effort is under way to determine if north korea has a hydrogen bomb. south korea has not seen any indication that this is true. an expert says he doesn't believe it and that north korea has not conducted any nuclear tests. >> here in the united states people will be able to see a missile launch test. officials at the launch site say people will be able to see the missile for hundreds of miles. they also say they're getting ready for a flood of phone calls. breaking news on the roads right now. take a look. landover road. we're still shut down for a section here because of a fatal crash. shutdown between barlow road and kenmore drive. if you're headed outbound. inbound, probably not. brand branld new problem has some lanes closed in that area because of an accident that
6:41 am
popped up in the district. 270 south germantown to the spur going to take you 18 minutes. getting pretty slow. and then in virginia 66 looks good headed in and so does 95. chuck. >> thank you, melissa. city cam view. you can still see the monument. a lot of fog in some of the rural areas bchl on the lookout. visibility below a mile across parts of montgomery, fairfax, and prince williams county. by later on today, afternoon clearing, getting warmer. about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures near 40 now. mid-50s by midday. so just a jacket and your sweater and your jeans. that's all you'll need today. seven-day forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you, chuck. making it easier for you to pay on the go. the latest retailer rolling ott a pay service for customers.
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first developing story. we're learning the search for rely shah
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right now we're working on developing stories to get you up the minute you get up. right now relisha rudd.
6:45 am
first breaking news on the roads we go to melissa mollet first. >> breaking news in prince george's county. take a look, we still have a major police presence and a big closure on 202 at landover road it's going to be some time before they clear this out of the way. a burned out car. this is a fatal crash. right now we're shut down on 202 between barlow and there. you can tay central avenue in and out of town or 50 out of town. intown, i wouldn't recommend 50 because of all of the normal volume. chuck? >> low clouds and fog will impact your early morning commute. once again from our tower, near visibility. near zero in spots achlt look at the all-improving weekend. that's in five minutes. >> we'll see you then, chuck. thank you. 6 clrch 45. a developing story. new earths to find relisha rudd. she's been missing for almost two years. d.c. police announce that
6:46 am
they're going to add more searches. "news4's" megan mcgrath live with those details. megan. >> reporter: aaron, that's right. this case is nearly two years old but in that time investigators have continued to follow up on leads and dig for new information and now we're learning it's prompting a new round of searches for relive shah rudd's body. we're expecting to learn more about the location and what is prettying police to go and search there. now, rely shah rudd was 8 years old when she was last seen. she spent time at a shelter with her family and they lead her stay with a janitor who worked
6:47 am
there. tatum hung out at a park and bought a shovel and lime around the time rudd disappeared. he committed suicide and could have taken something to his grave. the police still have not found the body of relisha rudd. i'll be at the press conference and we'll be tweeting out. >> all right, megan. we'll be keeping track. somebody stabbed a man to death in a parking lot of a sunoco on georgia avenue in aspen hill. a second victim is in serious condition. montgomery county police say the suspect or suspects assaults the men in the, bag lot and took off. today the continuing coverage of a baltimore police officer william porter. he's the first of six to go on
6:48 am
trial. in just a few hours we expect to hear from a prisoner who shares a van ride with gray. according to an expert witness who was called by the defense, gray's death was an accident. dr. demayo's testimony contradicts the testimony. he could go prison for 25 years if convicted. one of the victims in the san bernardino shooting will laid to rest. y vet vel lasco will be buried today. james comey said the shooter were radicalized and wanted to be martyrs. said the couple had plan for other targets and possibly a
6:49 am
school. at least 120 college students are sick after eating at chipotle. it's not good news for chipotle's bottom line. the big question, ron, can the company bounce back from this? >> reporter: that's a good question. first e. coli outbreak and now norovirus. the company says it's taking some aggressive steps to try to get past all of this including some new food handling measures. they're going to take some of the riskier items like tomatoes and do them offside. the stock is plunging and the company just late last week announced to investors that they're expecting perhaps a
6:50 am
double-digit drop in fourth quarter same-store profits. they're intending to get past it but right now students are skittish about coming back in. back to you. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. stick around to hear from chipotle's ceo. today matt lauer has an exclusive interview with ceo steve ellis. you can watch that here on "today." new video from a fire in anne arundel county. firefighters still out there on camp meade road in sere vern. you can see this is. server. again, one person is dead at this fire. it's too soon to say who that victim is or what exactly started the fire. we're working to find out that information. >> thank you, kristin.
6:51 am
today we're going to hear about t prince george's schools. dr. kevin maxwell will outline successes and goals. at the beginning thof school year he said funding limitations forced school leaders to get, quote, creative. breaking news on the road. landover road is still shut down here this morning. take a look at the live picture from the fatal crash 2678902 closed between barlow and kenmore. you can try central or 50 if you're headed out of town this morning. right now report of an overturned vehicle there in rockville as far as a crash there. right now some traffic getting by in that area. 270 at montrose road, you can see taillights. northbound doesn't have any problems there. 66 inbound going about 26 miles an hour. 95 north at 234 had a report of
6:52 am
a crash. they're not seeing any real slowdown. overall looking pretty normal. of course, slow there top of the beltway. it's slow for this time of the morning. right now prince george's county, typically slow here inbound to ten. ten miles per hour. up tom here you can see them looking good as well. just a little slow here before 32. chuck? >> thank you, melissa. what to expect on your way out the door. a lot of clouds and fog around first thing this morning. more sun today than yesterday. that means that the warmup officially starts today and carried into the weekend. 59 today with the fog giving way to more and more sunshine. but look at the improvement. 66 degrees. saturday, sunshine and 69. make your plans now to get outside on saturday. clouds come back into the picture on sunday and by late in the day sunday there is a chance. that's the next big change in the weather. our next big chance for rainfall arrives on monday but the rain could reach shenandoah valley by
6:53 am
6:00 on sunday. that's the big change. sunday night into monday morning. in the meantime clouds and fog awaits you on your thursday. it's a chilly start. temperatures in your upper 30s and low 40s now. wear a rae flekteflector. very nice today. up to near 60. there's the fog here early this morning but watch how quickly it burns away. by 9:00 still dealing with the fog. by lunchtime all the fog just about gone except along the potomac and other the bay. clear skies through the early part of the evening but by 10:00. fog thickened up once again. by tomorrow afternoon, sunshine comes back our way and a big improvement. highs today, upper 50s to near 60 trees.
6:54 am
best chance for rain but no cold air in sight. v.w. is going to start road testing for all vehicle emissions with an outside company, a third party. this all coming out of a news conference in germany just a little while ago. volkswagen in big trouble for using some kind of secret software to cheat on emissions testing promising that huge recall. the other thing we got out of the news conference this morning is that v.w.'s o'said the investigation will not spare top managers and all those involved will be held accountable. back to you guys. 6:54. some brand-new information this morning. the annual vehicle safety picks are out and you may want to choose your next car with these results. the insurance institute for highway safety awarded 16 vehic-- 61 vehicles putting them in the safety pick cass goir. the chrysler 200 to only b the only domestic mod toll get that
6:55 am
top award. the f150 super crew also getting it as well. in a letter the board expressed optimism and concerns. among the concerns is whether adding the lanes will result in more congestion. the board is also looking for more assurances in the mass transition there are not cut. they say arlington is made up of walkable neighborhoods dependent on the bus and metro. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. walmart is launching its own pay system called walmart pay. a nationwide rollout is expected next year. anyone with a walmart account can transfer their information to walmart pay and it can be used with ios and android device.
6:56 am
customers scan at the register and they receive an electron uk recrete. the golden globes will air on nbc. you can watch the nominations coming up on the "today" show. "rehn vant" and "carol" are expected to be the top movie this year. funerals are starting for the victims of the san bernardino shootings. 14 people died in the terrorist attack this month. d.c. police are expected to announce new and multiple searchers for relisha rudd. she's been missing for two years and is feared dead. landover road at barlow road in prince george's county is
6:57 am
closed right now. >> again, taking a live picture of this right now, that section going to be shut down very likely for the next couple of hours. all lanes closed. perhaps route 50 if you're headed out of town. >> thank you, melissa. >> the todd show starts in just a moment, your local news, weather, and traffic returns at 11:25. >> make it a great thursday, everyone.
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good morning. a bigger plan? police sources telling nbc news the san bernardino shooters left evidence they may have been considering other targets, including a high school. and there's troubling new information from that close friend of the shooter who police say, years earlier, bought the assault rifles used in the attack. csis at chipotle. more than 120 people now sick with norovirus, linked to one of the chain restaurants in boston. this alfter a separate outbreak out west. with falling stock prices and weak sail and weak sail s weak sailales, can the company bounce back? we'll pose the question to the ceo when he joins us exclusively. taken for a ride. a cabbie confronts an


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