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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 13, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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metro station is shut down for an emergency drill. dozens of police and first responders are training for two kinds of situations there. >> it will be closed off to the public for the next few hours. "news4's" derrick ward is there live to show us what kind of scenarios they're practicing. moments ago you were inside the tunnel and now you're out. >> reporter: it's going to be closed until 2:00. there's a lot going on. take a look at what's happening behind me. this is a scenario where they have at least one explosive device, maybe even more on a metrobus. again, i want to stress this is only a drill. there are technicians on the bus. there's another on the bus and another that's out of our view here. so this gives you an idea of what goes on. this isn't in response to anything specific. this is ntsb mandated. meanwhile underground, another scenario very life-like. a train stuck in the tunnel. passengers on that train.
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some self-evacuated. some had to be evacuated. again, all about drilling, getting these scenarios down, planning for the worst-case scenarios, and hopefully never having to use them. again, all under the watchful eye of metro managers and the incoming general manager. >> i just put that out next week. >> reporter: what he just put out last week is they're looking for a safety officer. this would be a person who's bailiwick would be simply to ensure safety, make sure that these drills happen, make sure they're up on the latest technology and state of the art as safety equipment goes and safety procedures go and threats go. that is all part of what this is now. they've got that covered but they want to get it coved even more because of the importance of this system to our area, to our nation's capital. when you think about it p, who's
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here. you can't overstate the importance of this thing. again, it will be closed until about 2:00. they're running shuttle buses from here. so, folks f you do walk to this station which is very convenient to a lot of homes, you'll be shuttled to another station while they take this drill under way. we're live at the station. derrick ward, "news4." >> thanks. new this morning multiple people were stabbed overnight. this happened on georgia avenue in georgia spring. it is so early in this investigation police are not releasing information about how many victims or suspects were involved, but we will keep you post and bring you updates once they come in. >> we want to take you outside to a live look where temperatures are starting off mild again. >> yes. unbelievable. the sun is up. and, man, we're going to get -- 63 right now. we're going to get into the 70s. tom's got a look at the forecast from the "storm team 4" weather center. hey, tom. >> already getting up into the
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lower 60s achlt lot of sun breaking out after the cloud cover cam on over. the clouds will be coming and going. as you enjoy this afternoon, you can check out the latest with the nbc washington app and the "storm team 4" app. it kind of looks like an impressionist painting. a good day to get into washington and cruise around the weekend. it's going to be a foggy monday morning and rain arrives on monday afternoon. between now and then, we'll stay dry. temperatures already near 60 in shenandoah valley. southern and eastern suburbs and right near the bay continuing climb into the afternoon. then some rain will begin to arrive. may have some showers moving through for the skins bears game this afternoon. light rain moving in. eventually this is coming in. look at this hour-by-hour times on it and a big change for the end of the week. that's coming up this half hour. >> thank you very much. well, in a few hours maryland governor larry hogan is heading
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to the annapolis yacht club to survey damage from a major fire there yesterday. now, two firefighters and another person were taken to the hospital. "news4's" darcy spencer is showing us how a community is devastated while investigators come closer to answers. the annapolis yacht club was virtually destroyed in a three-alarm fire. this couple has fond memories of attending functions at the club. >> there's a lot of history that was lost, e i'm sure. a lot of historical documents and a lot of it. as long as no one got hurt, they'll replace the building. >> the flames broke out about 2:15 in the afternoon. heavy smoke could be seen billowing from the waterfront building. it took several hours for them to fully put out the fire. they were preparing for a parade of lights party. the parade which features both
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decorating with holiday lights that cruised the harbor was canceled because of the fire. >> parade of lights is a significant part of annapolis. a lot of the boat owners that could put out so much effort to the parade, it was shut down. it's tragic timing. >> while firefighter investigates are searching for the calls, they are searching where it may have started around a christmas tree. club workers like natalya tindall are concerned not only because of the devastation bus the fact that they're not going to have a job a couple of week before christmas. >> they're very nice and it's a good environment to be in. now that i'm not going be working for a while, it's going to be sad. >> darcy spencer, "news4." >> we're learning the billing didn't have an automatic sprinkler system. 2,500 bucks have been raised. if you wham to help, we have a
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link on our nbc washington app. >> we're following a developing story this morning. in the last 30 minutes we were able to confirm that third person in that pennsylvania plane crash died. the allegheny county coroner's office says that erik karlsson passed away yesterday at a pittsburgh hospital. two others terry carlson and jason williams also died from that crash. a statement was released saying all of the victims worked for the company. their plane crashed friday afternoon shortly after taking off from a private aurpt in pennsylvania. the investigation into a house fire in southern maryland is now being treated as a murder investigation. police say they discovered that she was stabbed to death. police say the murder was not random. >> we're going get an update on a bicyclist seriously hurt in rockville last night. he was hit on east gude drive
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and south lawn lane. the driver stayed on the scene and talked with police. the police didn't say if charges will be issued. kaitlyn aken has not been seen for more than a week. the 19-year-old went missing after her stepfather dropped her off. she never made it. tomorrow marks three years. they're walking from freedom plaza to the white house this afternoon. 20 children and six adults were killed in new town. they have called for increase in background checks and supporting laws to keep guns away from criminals. >> let's take a look what's
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coming up in the week ahead. the montgomery county police department getting ready to bury one of its own. officer liotta's funeral will be held tomorrow. now. the system is not officially recognizing the holiday. it will be used as a propegsal day for teachers. >> and on thursday the man suspected in the murders of the d.c. family and their house keep ler be in court. deron went killed the savopoulos family. although others were believed to be involved, went is the only person charged. it's 10:08. trail of terror. the trail in the san bernardino shooting and why police stropped. one's ties to extremism is
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overlooked. why one teach
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now to the latest in the san bernardino shooting. a search for a hard drive in connection with the husband and wife shooting team is over. >> investigators say the couple may have tried to destroy electronic evidence. nbc's gadi schwartz has more on how intelligence officials may have overlooked these suspects. >> she wasn't shy about her support for jihadees. nbc news has learned that fbi investigators now believe they were independently radicalized as early as 2010.
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malik's public social media posts may have been overlooked when her visa was processed. they ran her name against several databases but don't routinely check social media as part of the review. investigators also keeping a close eye on farook's friend enrique marquez who is not a suspect. they discussed a possible plot for another planned attack scuttled in 2012. less than 200 miles away, another search. >> they believe it was targeted at us. >> reporter: a region on edge around san bernardino, the stars are still very real. the memorial wall. they were mourning the 14 killed here at home. >> we're going to stand together and show the world we're one.
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>> and in restaurants and businesses, the county replacing health inspection certificates that once bore the sirte of syed farook, trying to erase the disdain of his name. >> what one woman did to with ataerks. it's all caught
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welcome back. we'll have the presidential race. donald trup p is now causing a divide within his own party. >> joining us now to talk all about it along with the new polling numbers, moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. we u want to talk about this new poll, a pretty big one. my question is trump's going to be the first to point out he's still leading in a bunch of other polls. how true is this when we talk about the momentum that cruz is gaining? >> it's real in iowa. he's been cultivating leaders in the christian conservative movement and the iowa republican party is very influential. he's got the support of every major leader in the evangelical movement and now i think you're seeing the fruits of that labor starting to pay off. so this doesn't surprise me at all. i think, you know, if you've
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been following this, we've said watch cruz in iowa, watch cruze in iowa. this race is sort of dividing into three distinct lanes. trup p has this pop lust wing of the party that had never participated in republican parties before. he's excited about this. you have the third of the electora electorate. then you're going have marco rubio appearing as sort of the more traditional business wing of the party, more traditional republicans. think of the old eisenhower republican, bush republican. and if we're looking at three, a third, a third, a third, depending on the state, that's pretty much where we're headed, boy, this could make for a fascinating next six months and could mean we're actually covering a news story in cleveland for the convention. >> i go back to howard dean. everybody thought he was the
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front-runner. >> you know, at this point in time in 2004, john kerry was mired in single digits and john edwards was surging. there were a lot of people movend and all of a sudden -- look. it's an unsettled electorate. i think we know who the big candidates are, trump, cruz, rubio. i think barring the debate on tuesday night, you're starting to see this thing. i don't know if jeb bush can deal his way back in, john kasich, carly fiorina. they sort of had their moments. i don't know if they can get another. >> when you talk about trump and how it's growing. >> we'll talk about the big climate deal. let's not forget him. >> there is some policy. yes, there's some fun politics
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for people, we've got updates on what they're doing. >> a little bit of everything. >> alert the affiliates. we're going 0. >> watch out. >> you can catch "meet the press" every sunday right here on nbc 4 with chuck right after "news4 today." >> thank you, chuck. thanks so much for stopping by. a georgia principal is apologizing after a teacher asked a middle student if she had a bomb in her backpack. the father of the 13-year-old girl said she was extremely frustrated. they forgive the teacher although they would like to see more sensitivity training. >> 10:19. take a look at would-be thieves trying to pry away a woman's purse. in it you see that suspect grabbing the bag, but the victim held on tight. after the struggle two suspects
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ran off. by the way this happened tuesday afternooned a third and i-street in northwest d.c. >> grinches. >> grinches. >> that's a popular airy. >> people are out and about walking around. >> you kind of let your guard down, right? >> more traffic on the potoe pa than the beltway. bike riders enjoying this unseasonable weather. a great day for a bike ride on the toe path or just getting out to play golf or tennis or shoot some hoops. we'll be in the low 70s by 2:00 or 3:00 with high clouds coming or going. post your pictures like kathleen burke did of this beautiful sun riechlz she post thad on my twitter page. you can post yours on facebook and instagram.
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then overnight tonight,ite going be foggy. it may be lingering in the morning. temperature up around 60 degrees. then monday afternoon, rain begins to move in. here's hour-by-hour timing. showers coming in out of the mountain. this is going to be around 3:00 p.m. a little bit of light rain. that's going to be shenandoah valley. dry until perhaps until 4:00 or 5:00. that's when we'll begin to see some showers moving in. then any rain that might affect the commute may be late. 6:00, 7:00, that's when we'll have the showers moving on through. by 9:00 most will be exiting the bay and heading off toward the eastern shore. after we get into the evening hours on monday, late monday night, we'll dry out. afternoon highs tomorrow before the rain arrives auts to make it into the mid and upper 50s.
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we dry out. sun back in the afternoon. highs reaching the mid-60s. so this mild trend continues and then on wednesday a bit cooler. some sunshine back with right around 60 degrees. thursday we might get some rain. highs in the 50s. then finally december acting like december. on friday, low 50s. next week, sprinkles, maybe flurries. new england sunday, sunshine and much cooler with highs only in the low to mid-40s. that's a week from today, guys. >> well, a "star wars" tribute. how a droid dress
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>> reporter: ten years ago in a galaxy not so far away, a dying "star wars" fan had a dream. >> when katy was receiving treatment, there were times she couldn't get out of bed. she said out loud it would be kind of cool to have a droid watching over me as i slept. >> reporter: katy johnson was just 7 years old with an inoperable brain tumor, so her dad who founded one of the largest "star wars" costume clubs reached out to see if anyone could build it. within weeks katy had a fully functioning pink droid named
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r2-kt. >> her face lit up. >> reporter: when katy lost her battle, she knew there were others to watch over. >> my first thought was we wanted to give back to other people. >> reporter: over the past ten years r2-kt has visited hospitals, weddings, action figures and cameos with all proceeds going to charity. but nothing prepared the johnsons for the call that director j.j. brams wanted r2-kt to appear in "the force awaken." >> imagine your fable football player saying, hey, do you want to come over for dinner?
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>> this year millions will see r2-kt in the background. >> it makes me feel so good. that mice sister's legacy living on. >> she would love it and take full credit for it and she would say that's me. >> reporter: the little girl with a dying wish living on in ways she could have never dreamed. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> i love r2-kt. it shows you how moving "star wars" can truly be. >> a great day. >> a great day to go skiing, water-skiing. >> break out the shorts.
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this sunday morning, donald trump's call to temporarily ban muslims from entering the country may have thrilled his supporters but it's disgust it had establishment. >> you really have no choice. it's so out of control. it's so terrible. >> why republicans fear a ticket headed by trump is a ticket heded for disaster. plus, could we be looking at a contested convention? our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll on the republican race shows a serious three-way contest developing with new signs that ted cruz and marco rubio are on the move. rubio joins me exclusively. also, a global deal on climate change. i'll talk to secretary of state john kerry about the agreement


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