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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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tom kierein is tracking conditions you'll see in your neighborhood this morning. >> still balmy, blustery wind now, and the cloud cover breaking up during the afternoon county by county. washington and falls church and arlington and alexandria, county by county across northern virginia as well there in the low and mid-60s for highs this afternoon with partly cloudy sky. blustery wind. southern maryland, all the counties reaching low to mid-60s. winds gust to around 25, 30 miles an hour. cooler, highs near 50s at the pennsylvania border. in the mountains, around 60 degrees for afternoon highs. 50s out of the mountains. weather and traffic on the 1s. drive time forecast, big problems. >> breaking news here, top of the beltway, look at this. this just happened choppers just over the problem now, a two mile backup on the outer loop as you approach georgia. crash isn't that bad at georgia avenue. the backups are building again
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two miles already here this morning. outer loop before joran georg g lane is blocked. 32 westbound before bw parkway, right lynn blocked here this morning and remember all of the closures because of the officer funeral. muncaster mill shut down from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. developing news now, two murder investigations. a video from the scene in glendale. and on your right, officers investigating a death in hyat hyattsville. police say a man died after a shooting at each scene. molette green will have more for us from good luck road in glendale. now to the other murder last night. this one in hyattsville, prince george's county.
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police are offering a reward for information in the man's death. they say he died on the scene. no suspects at this point. happening right now, three crew members are getting ready to launch to the international space station. we want to take a live look at the rocket. you're looking at this feed live from kazakhstan. looks like we're one minute and counting. now, later this afternoon, the astronauts will eventually be greeted by commander scott kelly of nasa. they will spend six months in space. major tim peek is the first british astronaut to go into space. and we just checked and on social media he's trending worldwide on many platforms. this soyuz launch, okay, looks like separated from the booster there, the launch hundreds of
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experiments including one that could help crew members breathe a little easier. less than ten seconds away. let's listen. >> on sequence. >> second umbilical tower now separating. booster igniting. engines firing. ramping up the flight speed. and liftoff. liftoff of tim coper and timothy peek on their way to the international space station. >> and we are off. >> soyuz delivering 930,000 pounds of thrust, single core engine. >> in addition to delivering all of that, there are going to be hundreds of experiments that these astronauts bring up to
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outer space. one of them, an experiment that could help astronauts in space breathe a little easier. radiation to microbiome, they're going to continue to conduct science of the earth for earth and beyond, they say. 46 crew members now working on the international space station. and, of course, you can follow all of the pictures from outer space on smooth takeoff this morning. >> always a spectacular sight. thank you. a baltimore jury gets back to work in a few hours. they'll decide if officer william porter is guilty of manslaughter in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say that porter did not take enough action to save gray who asked for help in the back of a police van. the defense says that porter alerted his supervisors. the defense also claims the prosecution is trying to use the city's fear of riots to get a guilty verdict. porter is one of six baltimore
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police officers facing charges. the police commissioner in that city wants to keep the peace regardless of the verdict. ken davis sent out a letter yesterday, saying the days ahead give baltimore a unique opportunity to show the world why it is a special city. commissioner davis said the verdict will not change his or his officer's commitment to serve and protect. we plan to have crews in the courtroom today. download the nbc washington app and be among the first to know what happens in baltimore. it is now 6:05. now to decision 2016, a live look at the las vegas strip this morning. later today, nine candidates will appear in the main final republican presidential primary debate of 2015 at the venetian hotel. donald trump expects to be in the firing line of his opponents as he continues to be a front-runner. wolf blitzer will moderate the debate in las vegas. four other candidates will peer in an earlier debate. tracie potts will have the latest and which candidates are
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gaining ground in ten minutes. presidential candidate donald trump is getting help from a virginia politician known for his tough stance on immigration. trump campaign announced yesterday that cory stewart will become the virginia campaign chairman. stewart helped push through an ordinance in prince william county that requires law enforcement officers to verify the immigration background of everyone they arrest. he recently won election to a third term as chairman of the board of supervisors. a brand-new look at the holiday travel forecast at 6:06. whether you're flying or hitting the road, a lot of you will be getting out of town. aaa says 41% of people who live in the greater washington area will travel between christmas and new year's this year. that's up from last year, but only by about 1 percentage point. the agency says 2 million of us will be driving. it recommends you check your vehicles, batteries and tires ahead of hitting the road. a man behind bars for living in a cave at a fairfax park.
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what police say he was doing to try and turn his life around. and breaking news on the roads now, top of the beltway, we're jammed. a two mile backup because of an earlier crash. details coming up. new concerns for women who use antidepressants. the impact the drugs could have on your unborn children.
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developing news now, police in prince george's county investigating a pair of deadly shootings. molette green has more from us from the scene in glendale. >> reporter: this is where police say they found a man suffering gunshot wounds last night in the 9900 block of good luck road. we moved closer to where it happened, near the glendale apartments, just off green belt road here.
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police got that 911 call for a shooting around 9:15 last night. the victim pronounced dead at a hospital. they found him with the gunshot wounds. he was taken to a hospital, but didn't make it. we're working to find out what led up to all of this. prince journals police only saying at this point that it does not appear to be random. there is a crime solvers reward for up to 25 ,0$25,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. that's the latest for now. a family is out of its home for now after a fire in prince george's county. firefighters were called to the fire on endicott place yesterday afternoon. they tweeted this video. no one was hurt. no word on what caused it. breaking news right now on the roads. look at this. top of the beltway, not looking how you want it to look here this morning. chopper 4 over a two mile backup here outer loop as you approach
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georgia avenue, just getting worse. we know the crash was at georgia avenue, it is out of the way. we still have the problem as far as delays. also, muncaster mill, remember, shut down from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. today, because of the officer funeral. only open for those attending the funeral, take air park road instead. right now, as far as travel times, looking good on 270 and top of the beltway, no major issues, 66 inbound and 95 north rolling along just fine. overnight rain busting a move and out of here. headed across the bay and moving east now. we're drying out. no more rain in the area. some roads are still damp, ponding of water. hovering near 60 with a blustery wind and partly cloudy. partly cloudy for the afternoon rush hour, dry roads in the mid6 0s. springtime in december weather
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continues. big change for the weekend at 6:21. should your children's teachers be armed? it is a die bait that is playing out in one school district. the proposal that could bring guns into the classroom. the potential roadblocks you could face in the hours ahead as montgomery county police prepare to honor the life of an officer killed in the line of duty. 6:13.
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in california, a new threat in san bernardino. somebody called if a bomb threat at san bernardino county college last night. we know the students were evacuated there. police did not find anything, though. that school is still closed for an investigation today. in response to recent mass shootings, one school board in indiana wants to arm its teachers. the west clark board says guns would be locked in a safe. most teachers at the school are in favor of being armed. >> just going to happen to us. what do we need to do to protect our students and our classroom? and as a mom, are my kids going to be okay? >> the indiana department of
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education says it is looking into the school board's proposal. d.c. mother tells news 4 she's worried no one will be charged in her son's death. the medical examiner ruled alonzo smith's death a homicide two weeks ago. the report was made public just yesterday, raising this mother's concerns. the 27-year-old died last month after being taken into custody in southeast washington. the medical examiner's report says cocaine in the system and compression of his torso contributed to his death. walmart and washington nationals are stepping up to help the salvation army in the district. $20,000 worth of angel tree gifts were stolen this weekend. thieves broke into a warehouse in southeast washington and stole presents donated to local children. two juveniles were arrested. three others got away. gifts will be delivered this week. a man lived inside this hole at a fairfax city park. the 15 foot deep cave in van dyke park was hidden by plywood and leaves. inside, police found a makeshift
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bed and sunken living room. they say 25-year-old yosue rios was living inside the cave and learning english. they say the hole is dangerous but feel bad for rios. >> more power to him. he did something that most people don't do. he took a step to change his life. and made his own little home where he could actually study. >> police filled caste in with dirt. he was arrested and is now charged with destruction of property. you have about 18 hours left to sign up for health care coverage under the affordable care act. that's if you want to be covered by january 1st. deadline is midnight tonight. the obama administration says it is projecting 10 million people will sign up this year. if you are not signed up by the end of january, you could face nearly $700 fine. researchers say that many on active duty shows signs of invisible war wounds. doctor s say more than half of
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800 brain scans from those on active duty show blast related concussions. more than half of them also showed scars and gland damage. doctors say the findings are a good physical sign of traumatic brain injury. this may lead to earlier and better therapies. now update about autism you need to hear if you or someone you love is expecting. a study found a connection between mothers who take antidepressants and higher risk of having a child with autism. experts say it is a very small risk, about 1%. the risk is higher for women taking medication in their second or third trimesters. today after 65 years with nbc news, our friend and colleague willard scott is retiring. willard was our weather man in washington for many years. he worked alongside jim vance back in the 1970s. vance was ill be among those looking back at willard's remarkable career at news 4 at 6:00 tonight.
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the "today" show will pay tribute to willard. ism, not really a word. merriam-webster made an announcement this morning saying people are looking at specif specific isms. fascism, racism, capitalism, and feminism. so remember when oxford dictionary made the emoji the word of the year and now this? >> now this is more of a concept. people are trying to educate themselves and look up different isms. that make sense to me. it is still not a word. 6:20. >> let's check in with tom kierein to find out what kind of day we're going to have weatherwise. first to melissa mollet and the first 4 traffic. >> breaking news, outer loop at georgia is where the crash is.
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we're seeing a 2 1/2 to 3 mile delay as you approach that. chopper zooms up here, you see some delays coming on the outer loop of the beltway this morning. emergency road work here, blocking some lanes that is still hanging around, hoping it would be out of the way for folks here by now this morning. 95 here at lorton road, crash just after lorton road in the middle of the roadway. does not seem to be slowing things too badly at this point this morning. inner loop at dulles toll road, right side blocked. we're not seeing any yellow or orange or red. stay away from all of those colors here heading out on 66. wet pavement may have contributed to that accident on the beltway. we still have many roads around the region damp from the overnight rain that has ended. and we still have some ponding of water as well. you can see the cloud cover
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beginning to break up. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera overlooking northeast washington and middle distance. horizon, prince george's county, some breaks in the clouds. little sunshine breaking out this morning. what to wear today, you'll need a jacket. long pants. and sunglasses as well later today as we get more and more sunshine breaking up. a blustery wind, you'll be glad you have a jacket. bus stop, rather cool, hovering near 60 degrees between 7:00 and 8:00 with a few breaks in the clouds. winds pick up, gusting to 25 miles an hour by midmorning between 8:00 and 9:00. temperatures into the upper 50s. storm team 4, four day forecast, tomorrow, a bit cooler. overnight tonight, our temperatures will plunge down to the mid-40s. then during the day on wednesday, back to the upper 50s. that is still way above the average high this time of year, 46. then on thursday, afternoon temperatures in the 50s and rain likely moving in during the day
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on thursday. in fact, we could have periods of heavy rain, over one inch of rain is possible. we could have some more ponding of water, maybe a little bit of flooding and small creeks and streams. possible weather alert day on thursday. temperatures in the 50s. then a cool change on friday. staying in the 40s all day long and partly cloudy. as we get into the weekend, looks like it will be cold on sunday and on saturday morning. both mornings near freezing or a little below freezing. afternoon highs just in the 40s and partly cloudy. a bit milder again as we get into monday into the mid-50s. a step toward better pay and more benefits for uber and lift drivers. seattle became the first city to let the drivers unionize. the mayor there says he had some concerns about costs. management and both companies now vowing to challenge the law in court and that could take years. 6:23. metro's new general manager says
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he needs to keep meeting with riders. he plans to take metro to work every day. the riders union tweeted it ran into wiedefeld on the red line after that meeting and that's the best they could ask of a gchl mch gm. there were frustrations over metro's real time trip planning data. >> it is frustrating. i run my own business. i don't work 9:00 to 5:00. it cost me tons of money. >> another complaint, single-tracking for repairs. riders say in the past it only happened on weekends. now it is eating into their week day commutes. 6:24. developing story, live look at the capital this morning. we're waiting for congress to vote on a trillion dollar spending bill. house speaker paul ryan says lawmakers are close to an agreement on a spending bill that will avert a government shutdown. but there is no deal yet, congress is set to adjourn on friday. a political battle is brewing in
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maryland.ikulski is retiring from the senate. the group emily's list supports women's candidate including edwards and says van hollen is breaking election rules to hurt her chances. according to the washington post, emily's list says van hollen used financial records to target people who donated to edwards campaign. new details after an attack you may remember on a high school football referee. a lot of people talking in september. now the coach accused of encouraging players to hit the ref resigned from his coaching position in san antonio after this incident earlier this fall. hotel workers scrambling to get out of the way as a truck slams into the lobby. the issue the driver was trying to resolve with this dangerous approach. what montgomery county police want you to know about
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noah leotta and the road closures you need to avoid. showers pushing out of our area now. but you can still encounter wet roads on your way to work. the four things to know about the day ahead with your weather and traffic on the 1s.
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honoring the life of a montgomery county police officer killed in the line of duty. what that department wants you to know about noah leotta as he's laid to rest. the impact his funeral will have on traffic. first, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking more changes as the last of the rain pushes its way out of the d.c. area this morning. that means more warm weather. here are your four things to know including a chilly weekend ahead. springtime in december weather continues today. your four things to know, in addition, a breezy mild afternoon coming up. the winds beginning to pick up. we'll see them gusting around 20, 25 miles an hour through midday. cooler weather moves in tomorrow and cold plunge coming this weekend. rain on thursday. temperatures right now are
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fairly mild. low 60s in washington. nearby suburbs, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. around the bay, around 60 degrees. 50s out of the mountains. county by county, highs today reaching generally the low to mid-60s in montgomery county. prince george's county and fairfax county. right in alexandria, falls church, arlington and the district. may briefly hover in the mid-60s through the afternoon hours. big backup on the beltway, melissa has an update on that. what's going on. >> top of the beltway, because of the earlier crash there that was at georgia avenue. it is cleared out of the way. now we have some other issues going on. 95 north at lorton road, one crash there, and another as well. take a look elsewhere eastbound oxon hill road at livingston road, we still have that emergency road work, hanging around here for the morning. again, looking here top of the beltway, back up on 95 down to the top of the beltway there on the outer loop.
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looking here at bw parkway, 95, everything up there looking good. it is 6:31 now. and today will be a tough day for our law enforcement community. montgomery county police department will bury 24-year-old noah leotta. he's a young officer who died in the line of duty a few weeks ago. kristin wright joining us live now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i think so many people had hoped that officer noah leotta would pull through. he did not. he passed away on thursday. with us this morning, captain paul starks. we're so sorry for your loss. such a young officer. and this has to be one of the most difficult days for your department and law enforcement really near and far. how are your guys and women on the force holding up? >> well, it has affected so many people in a lot of different ways. but we also know that this is
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for noah's family, as well. so a lot of officers are working other shifts, though. others can take a turn coming to the visitation last night, for the funeral today, to receive a tremendous amount of help from our allied agencies around the area who also will be working the street. so more montgomery county officers can attend the funeral today. >> we know officer leotta grew up in montgomery county, a local young man. what sort of community support have you gotten over the past few weeks since the accident? >> just a tremendous amount. over the top. many people expressing sympathy to us. but also asking what they can do as far as bringing food, or making donations in his name. next week we had a blood drive that was already scheduled. and now his family has given permission to use his name for that blood drive next december
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23rd with the american red cross, next wednesday, and we hope that many people will come and donate in noah's name to make a difference. >> thank you, captain starks, we're so sorry. we'll pass along details on that blood drive and we also know that officer leotta's family has asked that any donations be made to mothers against drunk driving, his funeral is today at covenant life church here in gaithersburg. >> if you're not going to the funeral, avoid the area as our first 4 traffic team has been warning you. several street closures from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. muncaster mill road between shady grove and route 124 will only be open to those attending the funeral. the procession will leave the church around 1:15 and travel to olney. all the roads along that route including georgia avenue will be closed until about 2:15 in the afternoon. 6:33, a lawyer for a man accused of taking thousands of
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dollars from isis is asking the public to withhold judgment. it is a story we brought you on the nbc washington app. the fbi says elshinawy pretended to sell printers to conceal the payments. they searched his home looking for bomb-making materials. elshinawy remains in jail this morning. several middle eastern countries say they're coming together to fight terrorism. saudi arabia says it is forming a military alliance with dozens of other countries, all with majority muslim population. they say islam forbids the corruption and the destruction of the world. the alliance includes libya, egypt and pakistan but not iran. sergeant bowe bergdahl could spend the rest of his life in prison. the nghtmrchld26 announ the army announced he could face a general court-martial. he left his post in 2009 and was
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captured by the taliban. he was freed last year in an exchange for five guantanamo bay prisoners. a documentary on the heroin epidemic. it is called heroin, the hardest hit, stories of addiction from users, insights from law enforcement and public health officials. a prescription is no longer needed to get a medicine that can stop drug overdoses. this is in maryland. the state department of health gave the order yesterday and it allowed pharmacists to dispense naloxone to thousands of individuals who have been trained and certified. the department says it will make sure all pharmacies have a copy of the order soon. 6:35 now. in the day ahead, we expect a vote over plans for a new elementary school in frederick, maryland. a proposal puts butterfly ridge next to hargut farm. the school will be ready for students in august of 2018.
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the city planning commission will vote on that proposal tonight. beyond incredible. excited reaction coming in about wrs were a star wars. >> you're looking at a scene from the red carpet there. official review s don't come out until tomorrow. probably won't affect weather people actually see this, though. several showings in our area are already sold out. got your tickets, though. >> saturday, couldn't get them for friday. >> if you're one of thousands of people going to see the movie, a lot of theaters are banning costumes and props. >> you some chains banning masks. call the theater and check before you get your chewbacca on or hans solo or r2d2.
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>> 6:37. in the jury's hands now. the message baltimore's police commissioner wants people to hear as that community waits for a verdict on a officer on trial for freddie gray's death. chopper 4 over major delays. 95 southbound, problems 95 and virginia, details on all of that coming up. a warning for all of you procrastinators, don't wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping online this ye ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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a disgruntled guest drove his truck into a hotel. just missed the two women working at the front desk. the driver was upset that his credit card was declined. he was arrested right after the crash. coming up on 6:41 now. breaking news on the roads
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now, top of the beltway, jammed here once again. 95 now, coming down to the outer loop, taillights there. five mile backup right now. it is very slow, chopper 4 over that. started with a problem on georgia avenue. now it expanded quite a bit. 95 north at lorton road, two different problems there as far as delays. 270 south and top of the beltway, both of them pretty slow here this morning. 66 inbound is okay. 95 northbound, five minutes behind. pink and gray, clouds on the horizon as we see the first light of dawn showing up. cloud cover around. over the next 12 hours, we'll have our temperatures hold steady around 60 degrees through the morning, through noon time, winds picking up as well. blustery, gusts around 25 miles an hour through middle of the afternoon. by then, into the mid-60s. cool again, by the end of the day, back down to the upper 60s after sunset tonight.
6:42 am
look at the cold plunge coming for the weekend, that's at 6:51. back to you. donald trump making headlines in las vegas and northern virginia. ahead of tonight's republican debate. a developing story right now in maryland after a pair of shootings leaves two people dead within a matter of minutes. we're live at one of those scen
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right now, we're watching several developing stories as we work to get you up to minute, the minute you're up. first in prince george's county police are investigating two deadly shootings just minutes apart. >> we're also watching the leadup to tonight's republican presidential debate. but donald trump is not waiting to make headlines. breaking new on the roads with melissa mollet. >> top of the beltway, outer loop, red taillights here now, chopper 4 over this problem. it all started with an earlier issue at georgia avenue. we're jammed for about five miles now. it is slow. you can wait a little longer or take your favorite alternate, do it this morning, it is nasty. wet pavement may have contributed to that accident. some roads are still wet from the overnight rain. latest radar not showing much in the way of any more rain lingering. we're drying out with winds picking up. roads get blow dried as we get
6:46 am
into the afternoon. more rain on the way for thursday, that's coming right up. developing now, two murder investigations, one in glendale, maryland, the other in hidesville. police say a man died after shootings at each scene. news 4's molette green has more for us. this shooting took place shortly after 9:00 last night here in the 9900 block of good luck road. when police got here to the scene, very close to this apartment, community just off green belt road, they found a man suffering gunshot wounds. the victim later died at a hospital. no motive or suspect information from police just yet. prince george's police only saying at this point that it does not appear random. and there is a crime solvers reward for up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. that's the latest now from glendale. back to you.
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now to the other murder investigation, the shooting in hyattsville, police are offering a reward for information on the man's death. someone shot him on 53rd place, not far from emerson street or kenilworth avenue. no suspects at this point. we'll send out a breaking news aalert on the nbc washington app as soon as there say verdict in the trial against a baltimore police officer. jury gets back to work at 8:30 this morning. they're deciding whether officer william porter is guilty of manslaughter in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say porter did not take enough action to save gray, who asked for help in the back of a police van. the defense says porter alerted his supervisors. he's one of six baltimore officers facing charges. the police commissioner wants to keep the peace regardless of the verdict. ken davis sent out a letter saying the days ahead give baltimore a unique opportunity to show the world why the city is a special place. commissioner davis says the
6:48 am
verdict will not change his officers' commitment to serve and protect. they plan to have crews in the courtroom today. be sure to download our nbc washington app to be the first to know what happens in baltimore. now to alexandria, a pair of unsolved murders has residents calling for a curfew. they're worried the deaths of two young men in two separate parks are gang related. the bodies were found earlier. earl cook says it is up to the city council to impose a curfew. fight against isis, presidential candidate hillary clinton will lay out her plan to fight the terrorist group. she will make the announcement in minneapolis today. clinton says law enforcement must tackle all aspects of the problem from recruitment to training to planning to execution. vice president obamas offer up new information on the fight against isis. a new poll shows his support is down as terrorism fears rise. according to that poll, terrorism and national security are now america's top public
6:49 am
concern. the president's job rating has now dropped to 43%, its lowest level in more than a year. it seems that one in ten of you believes the country is headed in the wrong direction in the fight against terrorism. in a late night vote in the green belt city council, decided to furbl lofficially oppose the on refugees. hogan says the u.s. should stop resettling refugees until the government can make sure they do not pose any kind of security risk. the council will review the language and take another vote at its next meeting. now to decision 2016. presidential candidate donald trump getting help from a virginia politician known for his tough stance on immigration. fr trump's campaign announced that corey stewart will become the campaign chairman. he helped push through an ordinance that requires law enforcement officers to verify
6:50 am
the immigration background of everyone they arrest. he recently won election to a third term as chairman of the board of supervisors there. >> do i hear some noise over there? yes, i do. bye-bye. >> protesters hit donald trump's rally in las vegas last night. his speech covered several controversial topics including the ongoing case against bowe bergdahl. he attacked bergdahl or the story saying bergdahl will get no jail time despite the fact that a disby the head of the armed forces that he face a possible life sentence. protesters interrupted him several times. decision 2016, republican candidates will square off later today in their fifth and final debate this year in las vegas. tracie potts has the latest on who is gaining ground on front-runner donald trump. >> it is ted cruz and marco
6:51 am
rubio, we'll see more of that tonight, that rally that aaron was talking about, trump talked about his rival, he's way out ahead in some national polls. he said many of them had no chance and is he put it, they need to go home. they're not going home. they'll be on the stage at the venetian in vegas tonight. one person who is hoping to make some progress tonight is marco rubio, the florida senator who has been a fairly solid number three in a number of national polls, not far behind ted cruz. he's got a new ad out, targeting conservatives. it is running in iowa and new hampshire ahead of this debate tonight. >> how important is tonight's debate for ted cruz? >> well, for ted cruz, this could be key. when you take a look at the latest monmouth poll, he looks to be far behind donald trump, 14% versus 41% for trump. you look closely at that poll, he's number one among
6:52 am
conservatives, number one in iowa, number one among evangelicals, number one among a lot of key groups. this could be a key night for him. >> tracie potts live for us, thank you. breaking news. chopper 4 over the outer loop. look at the taillights. that's a major delay for folks this morning we don't typically see. 95 off here, this all started with a problem at georgia avenue and ended with this, a five-mile backup here. very slow. big look at things again, you see the slow down top of the beltway. otherwise, looking pretty good on the beltway. 66 looks good. 95, no problems. ord way road is closed because of a crash that just happened. inbound branch avenue at off road, a crash there. you see indian head highway, pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue here, looking pretty
6:53 am
normal. remember this, in gaithersburg, muncaster mill, shady grove road and 124, shut down from 8:00 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon because of that funeral there for the montgomery county police officer that died early whier this week. again, remember this is something you have to deal with. take air park instead. >> are you among the ones who have yet to do your holiday shopping? i thought so. melissa finished hers on labor day. good day to get your shopping in. last minute shoppers, it is going to be breezy, a blustery wind developing and staying with us into the afternoon. temperatures near 60 through late morning. we ought to get in the low to mid-60s by midafternoon. the wind will make it feel chillier than that. dress accordingly. lavender cloud deck over orange. some cloud s beginning to break up now. you'll need a jacket, long
6:54 am
pants and sunglasses later today. a lot of sunshine breaking up. storm team 4 radar, all drying out here locally. no more rain. but pavement is still a little bit damp, little ponding of water. near 60 in the metro area. low to mid-60s by the bay, unusually mild, shenandoah valley, bus stop, waiting for the metro, 60 to 8:00 and back down to the upper 50s between 8:00 and 9:00. a little chillier with that blustery wind. love this shot of thomas point light on the bay. taken yesterday by tom hart. holiday wreaths there. share yours on facebook and instagram and twitter. love seeing your photos. tomorrow, cooler, partly cloudy, mid-50s to upper 50s. then rain likely on thursday, maybe heavy at times, over an inch expected. could be a weather alert day. friday, the weekend, here comes the cold plunge. 40s friday. near freezing friday and saturday mornings.
6:55 am
milder by monday. that's the way it looks. liftoff. >> this rocket is on its way to the international space station. it took off less than an hour ago. saw it from the live desk. three astronauts including the first ever british astronaut are all on board. tim peek's name is the number one worldwide trending topic on twitter. he'll join the crew on the space station for the next six months. whether you're flying or hitting the road, a lot of you will be getting out of town for the holidays. we have new numbers from aaa now. the agency says 41% of people who live in the greater washington area will travel between christmas and new year's. that's up from last year, only by 1 percentage point. 2 million of us will be driving and it recommends you check your vehicle's battery and tires before you hit the road.
6:56 am
don't wait until last minute to do your holiday shopping this year. a study by a retail consulting firm finds it takes a week or 20% longer for online orders on cybermonday to arrive. they're choosing slower and cheaper ways to ship items. u.p.s. and fedex overwhelmed by a surge in online sales. four things to know before you head out this morning. nine republican presidential candidates square off tonight in their fifth debate in las vegas. donald trump leads, but others are gaining ground. a jury gets back to work this morning in the case of baltimore police officer william porter who face s manslaughter charges in the death of freddie gray. five other officers face charges. two men dead after separate homicides in prince george's county, happening within minutes in glendale and hyattsville.
6:57 am
reward for information in the shootings. noah leotta funeral at 11:00 a.m. several streets in the area will be closed. >> we'll be tweeting about that all morning. outer loop, 95 in maryland, five mile backup, jammed right now. >> thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic and breaking news. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. showdown on the strip. republicans set to square off at the last debate of the year with ted cruz hot on donald trump's trail. who will take off the glovers first? and things already got ugly at a raucous trump rally tonight. >> do i hear some noise over there? yes, i do. bye pei. >> just ahead, our political team will game out the stakes for tonight. disgruntled gust. surveillance video showing the frantic moment when a pickup truck plows through a hotel lobby in oklahoma. two women seen diving for their lives. the man behind the wheel reportedly seeking revenge after a dispute about his bill. out in force, the original cast of "star wars" reunites on the red carpet at the world ie


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