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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. . . a foggy, dreary, gray day. low clouds. fog sticking around as well as the rain. the rain is going to continue through much of the day. cold and clearer this weekend. we warm back up to mild temperatures next week, the week of christmas. this rain will continue to impact any plans and commuting you may do to get around town. more moderate rain to the north and east. as we continue for the next 12 hours shlgs we will start to see it dissipate. temperatures around 50 degrees wechlt are going to time out the rain. the friend and former neighbor of the sander n bernar
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shooters will be charged. three years ago, he bought the two assault rifles used in the shooting. marquez said he did it as a favor so he would not have to go through a background check or be on record. authorities say marquez told the fbi that he and farook talked about launching an attack in 2010 but called it off. news comes as nbc learns that homeland security rejected a plan to vet visa applicant's social media accounts in 2011. part of the social services center that was attacked will reopen early next year. the inland regional center says repairs to two buildings in the complex should be done by january 4th. the building where the shooting actually took place has major damage and is closed indefinitely. >> in just about an hour,
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president obama is set to speak with top officials in mcclain, virginia. he will be briefed by intelligence and security agencies on threat assessments ahead of his trip tomorrow to san bernardino where he will visit the families of those killed in that attack earlier this month. >> reporter: i'm megan mcgrath live in baltimore where things were peaceful following a mistrial in the case against a police officer being tried in the death of freddie gray. additional protests are possible as the prosecution, the defense and the judge figure out what to do next. >> peaceful protests gave way to quiet streets overnight. at north and pennsylvania avenue where much of the looting and unrest happened back in april, all appeared normal, no heightened police presence. while many are disappointed the jury couldn't reach a verdict, there is relief the
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demonstrations were peaceful. >> burning down where you live won't make sense. you have to be patient. >> freddie gray died after suffering a severe neck injury while in the custody of baltimore police. william porter was the first officer to stand trial. the jury could not reach a verdict and the judge declared a mistrial. prosecutors, the defense and the journaling will hold a series of closed door meetings to talk about scheduling a new trial. the university of maryland law professor says the first case will help shape any future case. >> the prosecution presented very strong evidence against officer porter. it also now knows the defense case very well. it too can improve its next case. >> five other police officers are facing trial. it is unclear whether this
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mistrial will affect the scheduling of both cases. >> planning for a possible retrial of officer porter will begin immediately. here are four things to know about this. depending on the closed door meeting between the judge and the attorneys goes, we could see a new retrial date today. if that happens, we will alert you through the nbc washing app. the driver of the police van, cesar goodson will go on trial on january 6th. prosecutors chose to try officer porter first hoping to use him as a witness in the other trials. this mistrial could make that difficult. also, today, attorneys will likely want to poll the jury to find out their thoughts about the trial. >> we are working to find out what led to a metro bus driver being stabbed overnight. the d.c. police say the driver and a rider got into some kind of fight. it happened on the bus at mlk and first street in southeast washington. the driver is out of the hospital now. police haven't said anything else about the sus smepect thaty arrested. this morning, the pentagon is
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saying that ash carter did use a personal e-mail account during his first months on the job. carter's press secretary released a statement saying the defense secretary realizes he made a mistake and carter no longer uses his personal e-mail for government. this comes after "the new york times" has reported that carter used his e-mail after hillary clinton found herself under fire for doing the same thing. carter has not yet commented on the matter. what transportation leaders want to improo have that could save a lot of lives. we broke the story. a local school administrator steps aside. the news 4 iteam is
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. virginia is promising to make your highway travel a little safer. v-dot is going to replace the guardrail heads in high-speed
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areas where the impact in a crash could be most severe. the trinity den does stri guardrail system passed all federal tests. virginia didn't think they were sufficient and paid for its own. they passed most of the two. they did reveal some problems when cars hit a guardrail at a specific angle. alan gross says he would return to cuba if given the chance. one year ago, the maryland man returned to the u.s. after spending five years in a cuban jail. cuban authorities arrested the former government worker in 2009. they accused him of trying to destabilize the communist regime e was freed as part of a prisoner exchange. you may soon be able to fly to havana a little easier as we mark one year since easing relations between the u.s. and cuba. the two governments are negotiating to come up with a deal to let commercial flights happen in cuba's capital. right now, you have to take a charter flight remember the man
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we've got plenty of rain out there. unfortunately, it is going to continue through the day. look at this rain. even some more moderate spots of rain that's going to be more patchy as we continue into the really afternoon. so get ready for that umbrella to be handy wherever you are going to go all the way through the evening. then, by the time we head into the later evening, we'll start to see that rain dissipate. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day because of this rain through the afternoon and because it is going to impact you. we are timing it out for you. you can see some moderate rain as we continue into the afternoon. it will start to dissipate right before the evening community. we still have some rain along the eastern shore in southern maryland. a few showers as well. that's where we will see the highest total. everything will be out after
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midnight. then, we are just looking at cloud cover for the first half of tomorrow. more on that coming up. law makers on the hill are working to push through a tax plan deal. this comes ahead of tomorrow's vote on the larger spending bill. a $1.1 billion plan that avoids a government shutdown and spares tax increases for the middle class. remember the man that landed that gyrocopter outside. now, he says he wants a spot inside for congress. he said he is a democrat. hughes says this is not a stunt. he cares a lot about getting big money out of politics and wants to continue his fight for campaign finance reform. hughes does still face charges in the april incident and will likely be sentenced next year. it's a story you saw first on news 4. a school administrator steps aside. the news 4 iteam is breaking down what led to it all.
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we are
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a huge line of showers lighting up storm team 4 on news 4 midday. we declare this a weather alert day. >> he with are working for you to make sure you know what's happening now and what's about to happen. lauryn ricketts updates us in about one minute. first on 4, i'm scott
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macfarlane. the news 4 i-team has learned that stephanie evans has re-signed her job. she has been on the job since 2011. the i-team learned she was on paid administrative leave since october. there were questions raised about her management, her oversight of funding in the agency in d.c.p.s. athletics. stephanie evans who earned about $100,000 a year at her job has re-signed as dcps athletic director. an interim director is now in place. we are looking for more information and will have it for you on news 4 beginning at 4:00. back to you. it keeps continuing, the rain, that is. my goodness. the warm continues are going to continue but not until next week. we are going to hit a little bit of a cold spot. that is going to be over the weekend. if you are driving out and about, this afternoon, this evening or tomorrow morning, it is going to be a little on the messy side. today, as you know, because of that rain, and that is why the storm team 4 weather alert day
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by friday morning. we are just going to have some cloud cover in place. you are going to be good to go. the rain will be out of here. that rin continues ain continue in. pockets of more moderate rain as we continue into the afternoon. should be out by this evening. it is going to be breezy for your friday and saturday. as we get into next week, we warm up. chances of rain return. in the newsroom, we are getting in new information from the pentagon on an intense battle against isis fighters that just now played out in iraq. 500 fighters attacked kurdish forces near mosul in northern iraq. u.s. and coalition fighter jets launched air strikes. it took 17 long hours to push back isis, heavily armed with machine guns, truck bombs and suicide bombers. no american or coalition forces were in danger.
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no word on how many kurdish forces were hurt or killed. barbara? >> thanks, kristin. the former drug company ceo who jacked up the price of a life-saving drug 5,000% is now in custody. martin sk martin shkereli was laested accused of taking stock to pay unrelated debts. right now, police in montgomery county are looking for a shooter. a man is dead after the shooting in germantown. it happened about 7:00 on staen stage way. the victim told him he department know who shot him. now, to a developing story in chicago. federal investigators launching an investigation into the city's police department as officer, jason van dyke, is formally indicted in laquan mcdonald's death. the spotlight grew after video of the teen being shot 16 times by an officer was released.
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prosecutors initially charged van dyke with one count of murder hours before the video of the october, 2014 shooting was made public. he is now facing six counts. >> in the day ahead, a university of mary washington student is expected to please not guilty in husband housemate's murder. he will use an insanity defense. he is accused of strangling grace man in fredericksburg. a four-year veteran of the university of washington police department is off. he is accused of sexual attacks. a woman said she was attacked while he was on duty. someers re-signed after being suspended the day before. the shooting death of a secret service police officer, officer baldwin was likely the victim of an attempted robbery,
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found shot multiple times in southwest d.c. he had been on administrative leave after accused of breaking into his girlfriend's house this past spring. police don't believe the shooting had anything to do with those allegations. still looking for three people in their teens and early 20s. the howard county school board will vote on a big change and decide if they should remove the jewish holidays, yom kippur and rosh hashanah. they are not mandated by the state. the public is invited to the board meeting you will soon have a faster and more reliable bus service linking them. the 4 1/2 mile long transit way is along the route 1 corridor between the pentagon city metro and the road metro. the arlington county board approved a spring opening at its meeting earlier this week. >> there is a push for the national zoo to reconsider
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culticult cutting its hours. starting january 1st, they will be open from 8:00 to 5:00. r right now, they are opened at 6:00 a.m. people that live near the zoo are upset they won't be able to walk or run through the zoo in the early morning hours. eleanor holmes norton says, officials should have asked for public input before making that decision. >> ever find yourself fighting over the thermostat in your office. according to a new survey from career builder, 23% of you are too cold at work and 25% are too hot. those fighting the chill use blankets, lots of layers and even space heaters in some offices to stay warm. the study says, 1 in 5 has argued with a co-worker about the office temperature can you feel it? "star wars" fever is in full blast. signs of the movie will be everywhere, from the grocery store to holiday celebrations. don't forget, you can catch "news 4 midday" even if you are
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on the go. open the nbc washington app and open the nbc washington app and hit wash live tv now at the top that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. "star wars" fever is lighting up on social media. >> you can see some of the cast of the new film, "star wars," the force awakens today on the ellen show, daisy ridley, oscar isaac and joe boiaga talked about the difficulty of filming in 100-degree temperatures. boiler alert. they hinted as a romance between some of the characters. you can see the full interview right here on nbc 4 at 3:00 followed by "news 4 at 4:00." cannot wait for the movie. star wars is not only hitting
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the big screens. it is trying to corner the mayo market. they have signed legal documents to own products with the famous movie title. you have bowling balls and fishing tackle and window blinds and catsup, mattresses and frozen meals. the movie is capturing worldwide attention and not just attention of movie buffs. a church in germany will feature a star wars themed pre-service. church-goers will be greeted with movie from the franchise. they will hear about good versus evil and life versus dark during the one-hour event. the movie opens
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that rain continues to move through the region. some periods of more moderate rain. that's what you can expect. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. rain will continue to move to the south and east along the frontal boundary and areas south and east of d.c. will probably be the last to see it leave the region. let's time it out for you. starting at 1:15, more moderate rainfall across the area. anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain. we think the inch of rain will be southern maryland through the eastern shore due to the timing of the exit of that inra. a few lingering showers as we get into the evening. most of that rain should dissipate as we head through you the evening commute. friday morning looking good. just cloudy. we will start to get some sunshine by friday afternoon. all sunshine for saturday. it is going to be chilly. we are going to talk about how chilly it is going to get coming up. a florida man tried to see his friends in jail. didn't get very far. you soo he that car right there. officers say that a man rammed
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his truck in front of the indian river county jail. he admitted he was high on some kind of synthetic drug. he got caught what he tried to climb the fence to get away. the maker of one of the most popular gifts is facing a class action lawsuit. hoverboard maker and swagway and modell services are being sued over safety concerns. they fail to warn customers, the hoverboards can catch fire. there have been several cases of them bursting into flames while charging on "news 4 midday," metro safety up front and center. the problems the agency will have to confront today. >> angel tree gifts, thousands of
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it is still pretty quiet in baltimore one day after the judge declares a mistrial in the first of six trials. in the death of freddie gray. there were peaceful protests overnight. more could happen today. we are going to tell you how his family is reacting in a few minutes. >> a friend of the san bernardino shooters is expected to face criminal charges. long-teerm neighb long-term neighbor, enrique marquez bought the attack rifles. he did it as a favor so that farook would not have to go through a background check or be on record.
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another big story we are following this morning. a storm team 4 weather alert day. >> rain is falling across the area. it will keep falling throughout the day. storm team 4 meteorologist, lauryn ricketts, is tracking it from the weather center. she will tell us what we can expect. >> thank goodness. in the pacific northwest where they had boo coups of rain. temperatures pretty much staying right around that 50 degree mark today due to this rain and some more moderate rain moved into the area. that's kr we are on the weather alert day. we want to alert you that there could be impacts if you are headed out and about, specially if you are on the roadways. that rain will continue. it is eventually going to continue to sink to the south and east. it should start to move out of here at 4:00 or 5:00 with areas to the south and east. southern maryland still getting
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the rain into the evening. the winds will increase overnight. we are going to be pretty breezy for the next several days. >> thank you, lauren. william porter's trial ended in a mistrial after the jury couldn't reach a verdict. porter is the first officer tried in connection with the death of freddie gray. freddie gray died after becoming hurt in police custody. the family asked for calm and patience. >> we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. we are calm. you should be calm too. >> it doesn't always work. that's the nature of our system. i have ever confidence that it will work a second time. >> right now, community leaders will hold a press conference in baltimore. they are encouraging young people to express their frustrations in a productive way. >> developing in baltimore, police officers shot a teenager in the leg happening a few mice away from where people gathered
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to protest the mistrial. this was not connected to the protest. chopper 4 was over the scene as emts arrived there. baltimore police say they were responding to a robbery. a 17-year-old would not drop his gun. an officer shot and wounded him and took him to the hospital. new information this morning in the search for a possible killer. d.c. police are looking for a light blue older model vehicle with tape on the drive's window. investigators tweeted out the alert after a deadly shooting at the intersection of 36th place and southern avenue in southeast last night. >> metro officials are meeting on the system's safety and security today, a follow-up to the investigation into the deadly smoke incident at the plaza in january. there will be an update on what's being done to prevent a situation from happening again following recommendations from federal transportation officials. one woman died and dozens more were injured when an arcing rail filled a tunnel with smoke. today, a record-breaking budget that puts the high priority on
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students in virginia. governor jerry mcauliffe includes adding 2500 teaching positions, a 2% raise for teachers an spending $50 million on programs for at risk students. it provides $13 million for veterans and $50 million to make du dulles airport more county. students in prince william county will be back in class before labor day. last night, the vote was unanimous. the newly adopted school yar starts on august 29th, 2016. there was a big fear that christmas wouldn't come for thousands of kids in our area. thieves broke into a warehouse an stole some donated presents. that changed thanks to some volunteers that wouldn't give up. molette green live in southeast with how a lot of people stepped up to make this happen. molette? >> reporter: this is one of the
11:34 am
gifts that the chiethieves ripp into and tried to steal the holiday season. when the community partners with salvation army stepped up. one mom we spoke to put a real face on who holiday cheer. >> reporter: jingle bells plays in the background on a day filled with holiday cheers athousands of toy bags go to needy familiar i wills in the area. >> i have a part-time job. virginia willerford is here to check off a long list. a buy, a tablet, toys, tracks, everything. >> on this pick-up day, she got a shiny red bike and a bag full of gifts. >> our own shomari stone led a ribbon-cutting station to give away thousands at this site
11:35 am
alone days after thieves ripped open and stole hundreds of gifts. >> we didn't want the children to have to suffer. we were very fortunate we had many partners that stepped up and allowed us to purchase items that could be put back in the bag. these children will be taken care of. >> it takes days to be able to hand out thousands of toys. they will be out tomorrow and again on monday and tuesday giving out all of these gifts until they are out of this room and under someone's tree. that is the latest live from southeast. i am molette green, news 4. >> a local hospital could be moving down the road. plus, why you could see protesters while you do some holiday shopping today. we a
11:36 am
another challenge to phase
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out confederate plates. the governor ordered the confederate logo off the plate. it came as those across the south were removing confederate symbols in a few hours, health officials in maryland have a big decision to make, recommending moving washington hospital in tacoma park to silver spring. some in-patient services would be kept at tacoma park today, you may see protesters outside the walmart on "h" street. the campaign wants to show the negative impact large retailers have on all american workers. an our of television unlike anything we have ever seen. what's in store when the most protected man in the country sets out in one of the most remote areas. remote areas. we are back it's the holidays, which means a house full of people,
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the new "star wars" movie. $100 million has been sold as of wednesday. four times more than the previous record holder, "dark night rises." it accounts for 91% of all of its sales. i'm landon dowty. that rain is continuing. yes, it is a weather alert day. we want to alert you that it is going to be a little dicey out there in terms of rain if you want to get out an travel or if you have any plans outside today. i don't know how much you can do outside because of that cold rain. once it ends as we get into the evening, we'll start to go clear and cold over the weekend. we will warm up next week. temperatures are going to be back in the 50s, maybe 60s. possibly 70 degrees around christmas. that rain continues all ahead of a frontal system.
11:40 am
that front continues to move to the east. it has taken the rain with it. the area of low pressure is riding across it. areas south and east of d.c. may continue to see rain into the night. most of us will end by the evening commute. we get breezy for friday and saturday. saturday's windchills in the 20s and 30s. look how we warm up next week right in time for christmas. guys? >> from the white house in the heart of washington to one of the most remote areas in the country, get ready to see president obama running wild. >> every once in a while, if i do something unexpected, the phrase we use is that the bear is loose. >> a historic hour of television. the television joins bear grylls for a trek across alaska. he sets out with actors, athletes and other celebrities. he told us this episode was up like any other he and his crew have ever filmed. >> obviously, it was a different
11:41 am
dynamic to having a normal guest in the sense that we had probably about 40 or 50 secret service with us, helicopters, snipers, you name it. you get so see a side of the president you never normally see. bear in mind, no president has ever done a show anything like this before. >> crews filmed the episode while the president visited alaska in september on a trip to see climate change, firsthand. you can catch it tonight "running wild" with bear grylls tonight at 10:00 followed by "news 4 at 11:00." we are talking about the president right now. the president's motorcade is about to move from downtown d.c. into the suburbs. why he is making the trip and
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now, on "news 4 midday," a storm team 4 alert day as we track a rainy day. >> we are all in for a good soaking. some of us worst than others. this is just as more changes are in store for the weekend. >> meteorologist, lauryn ricketts, is tracking it in the weather center. ? >> not only do we have changes for the weekend but changes for next week as well. this looks like one of the rainy days. we do have some rain coming for next week. this afternoon, if you are traveling out and about this
11:45 am
evening, or even friday morning, we just want to mention caution. that's why it is a weather alert day at storm team 4. the travel could get a little treacherous throughout the day today. friday morning, you are going to be fine. it will start to dissipate as we get into the evening community. areas south and east as the frontal system sinks to the south. we will still see some rain showers around southern maryland and even into fredericksburg, the eastern shore. temperatures are going to stay around 50 degrees today but we are in the 40s for the weekend. a seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. new video into the live desk because of the friend and former neighbor of the san bernardino shooters. we expect he will be charged soon. this is him in custody walking out of some sort of federal building still unclear exactly where he is in this video. this is happening just in the past. a few minutes clearly. enrique marquez in custody here.
11:46 am
nbc news learning from sources that he is expected to be charged in connection to the san bernardino shooters. investigators say three years ago, marquez bought the two assault rifles used in the shooting on december 2nd. back to you. in just about 15 minutes, president obama will address top officials at the national counter terrorism center in mcclain. he is being briefed on the threat assessment. this is ahead of his trip to san bernardino where he will visit the families of those killed in the deadly attack earlier this month within the hour, presidential candidate, bernie sanders, just got his biggest endorsement yet. the communications workers association that represents 700,000 american workers. three republicans are emerging,
11:47 am
two are out candidating while the front-runner hits the airways. tracie potts has the latest on decision 2016 from capitol hill. donald trump on late night taking another jab at jeb bush. >> do you think he would kill baby hitler? >> no. he is too nice. >> would you kill baby hitler? >> no comment. >> after promising not to leave the party now, trump is calling for unity. >> i would like to see the republican party come together. >> trump leading most polls just ahead of ted cruz who is in minnesota today and, again, not going negative on trump. >> i'm glad donald is running. i don't believe he is going to be the nominee but i do think that donald has energized and excited a whole lot of people. >> this is not a game. >> cruz is defending against attack from marco rubio on immigration and military cuts. >> it is easy to stand up and say, i will destroy isis, i will make the sands in the middle east glow in the dark. well, that's fine but you have to have something to do that
11:48 am
with. >> rubio has two events in iowa today. >> rubio is trying to build on momentum coming out of the debate. he was splashed across the "des moines register" headlines the day after. now, he is third but he is averaging only about half a point ahead of dr. ben carson. tracie potts, nbc news, washing. >> this week's wednesday's child has made a lot of progress in the years we have been following him. the last time we met isaiah was nearly three years ago. he has changed a lot since then. unfortunately, he is still waiting for a permanent home. isaiah, hello. how are you? do you arer moo he? we've met a few times before. it is so great to see you again. >> you may remember isaiah. the last time we saw him was almost three years ago. >> hi. oh, what a wonderful hug. >> it was wonderful then to see isaiah doing so many more things for himself than when we first met him as a wednesday's child.
11:49 am
at 11, then, he had made such wonderful strides walking on his own, doing puzzles, carrying his own equipment and relaxing on the floor, his favorite place to be. >> is it the nucleus, the cell membrane or the cytoplasm. good work, my man. go ahead and circle. >> mike cummings, science teach are, says he is doing very, very well. this year, he is taking biology at school and continuing to show wonderful progress in the classroom. >> isaiah is very clever. he is witty. he has the ability to be very independent. he will definitely communicate his likes and dislikes and needs to you in a very special way. >> you want to ride the bike. >> for doing relative studies at school, isaiah gets to choose other activities.
11:50 am
he choose on this day to ride a bicycle with coach kelly riley. >> i am looking for a home that is going to be very loving to him, very nurturing and very committed. isaiah loves praise and works hard to earn it. >> all children deserve and they grave the family setting. it is important that is around parents, other children, just to really nurture him and show him love. no child should grow up without one. >> when his day at school is over, unlike other kids, isaiah doesn't go home to a family but to another institutional setting where he will wait to come back here tomorrow. if you have room in your home and heart for isaiah, the number is 1-88-to-adopt me or search wednesday's child on nbc in 60 seconds, a brand new
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way to use social media that could have an uber driver heading your way. something of a christmas miracle for thousands of families. stay with us. #
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>> i'm eun yang. we spotted this story. eating at home is becoming a cheaper options. the price of eggs and a fewer other groceries have soared in 2015. prices for many grocery staples, including milk, coffee, beets, ham, and chicken have fallin. restaurants reported a price increase of 3%. while eating out incurs more than the cost of food for restaurants overall. it may now be cheaper to eat at home and probably healthier. christmas came early for people in ohio. how would you feel if someone paid off your lay kaway deal?
11:53 am
according to yahoo!.com, he paid off more than $100,000 in shopper's layaways at two walmart stores. he told employees at the store that he liked to do something nice each year on his birthday. he also made him promise they would not reveal his identity. way to pay it forward. >> you now may be able to book your uber ride using the facebook messenger app. your conversation will not be interrupted. the person you are messaging will be able to see that you have ordered a ride. according to, facebook is testing this new service with select users. there is no word on when it will be a permanent feature. back to you. the rush for tickets is on. the biggest concert of 2016. still, almost a year away. >> i'm telling you. we want to show you storm team 4 radar. take a look at the weather alert because of all the rain you see moving through our area. we are going to show you when it
11:54 am
will move out and what's the storm f
11:55 am
we want to correct some video we were showing you earlier. we were telling you about the neighbor of the san bernardino county incident. the video was from the arrest of a pharmaceuticals company leadership wech leadership. we apologize for the incorrect video. ♪ >> good luck trying to get the shows trying to see adele. two shows at the verizon center appear to be sold out. they went on sale at 10:00. it took less than 15 minutes for tickets to become unavailable. it has been almost two hours
11:56 am
since then. they were gone in 15 minutes anyway. a mad rush to get those adele tickets. i tried. my computer kept turning and turning and turning. a lot of time on people's hands. you don't want to be outside, because we have all this rain. you can see the back edge of that rain continuing to push east. it will eventually move through as we get into the early evening. and late afternoon. the rain will continue for the eastern shore and southern maryland and portions of the northern neck. pockets of moderate rain moving through the area. we will start to clear as we get into tonight. a few showers lingering. for the most part, we will clear. friday not looking too bad. we will be clear and cold. it is going to be chilly as we get into the weekend with temperatures in the 40s. guys? >> thanks, lauren. >> that is it for "news 4 midday." >> remember, you can stay ahead of the rain on this weather alert day. get your weather alerts any time
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with the nbc washington app.
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