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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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about when it's ending and what's coming in right behind us. it will continue to move out over the last couple of hour, but it is what is behind it that is the bigger deal. that is very low temperatures and cold air. we'll see the temperatures dropped 30 degrees and what it feels like outside and we'll time that out for you in just a moment. >> we'll need the puffy coats for the first time this season. the umbrella needed back toward the bay and ann arc rundle county and southern prince george's county, but the rain continues to move on out, and we will see a couple of showers back behind this and for the most part the rain is just about done and you can see this whole storm system move in. let's show you the temperatures because we are looking at much colder temperatures to the west. 72 in virginia beach and 63 in d.c. and 36 back toward columbus, ohio and that's the thing that will be moving in over the next 24 hours. the rain ending, but here comes
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the cold and look atted windchills. we will have windchills in the 20s. one of the first times we've seen that this season and we'll talk about the cold, and how long it will stick around and what to expect next and guys, we have that coming up for you in a few minutes. developing first at 4:00, a 19-year-old from reston is found dead outside of a popular bar in adams morgan. >> the teenager's body was discovered today on 18th street northwest and right now police are concentrating on an area just off columbia road near madams morgan. meagan fitzgerald is live with late-breaking information. >> reporter: police got the call around 12:30 this afternoon and they've been on scene ever since. they've blocked off the alley and a very active scene so no one can go back there. the reason they blocked that off is the alley is behind one of
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these bars along this stretch as you mentied on 18th street. we did have a chance to speak to family members and the body is that of 19-year-old paul mcginnis, jr. police are not calling this a crime scene. they're calling it a death investigation, but family members say paul and his cousins were at madam's organ, a popular bar on 18th street. he was celebrating his cousin's birthday. somehow his cousins lost paul and left without him at 1:30 in the morning. family members say police got a call from paul's longtime baseball coach saying he found his body. >> he was in the location of a rear of the business of 2800 block of 18th street in the alleyway. >> reporter: we are told paul is a freshman at virginia commonwealth in richmond. coming up, hear from his uncle and he describes the moments before paul disappeared. back to you. >> all right, meagan fitzgerald. a longtime friend of one of the san bernardino shooters could be
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facing charges in that case very soon. we are awaiting an update from police on enrique marquez. investigators say he purchased two of those assault rifles used by syed farook and tashfeen malik two weeks ago in that mass shooting. authorities have previously said that marquez had purchased those rifles legally about three years ago. they have not said how farook and malik got a hold of them. as millions of people celebrate the holiday season president obama tried to reassure travelers to say there is no credible threat and he made that comment during a visit to the terrorism center in mclean, but he did ask to be vigilant. >> we are in a new age of terrorism and lone actors and they're harder to detect and that makes it harder to prevent. if you see something suspicious, say something to law enforcement. >> he says the u.s. is working with european nations to prevent
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terrorists from traveling to syria and iraq and of course, from getting into the united states. >> a man from manassas learned the authorities are not mriing around when it comes to drones in this town. william stokes jr., was cited for flying a drone on the grounds of the washington monument yesterday. it is not legal to fly a drone anywhere in the district or any national park. stokes said he didn't know about the no-drone zone rule. he was fined 85 bucks. the secretary of defense said it was a mistake to use his personal email account for pentagon work and he should have known better. ash carter used his iphone to send messages from the time he was confirmed in february until a few months ago. his press secretary said none of the emails involved classified information. hillary clinton has come under fire for using her personal account during her time as secretary of state. tonight, a top administrator with the d.c. public schools has resigned. news 4's i team has learned that
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athletic director stephanie evans has been on paid administrative leave. apparently there were questions about her oversight about department funds and somehow a protocol was violated. scott macfarlane will that have in the next half hour. a former police sergeant is in jail on sex assault charges. william somers is accused of forcible sodomy and resigned from the police department on monday. she does say the assault took place in a basketball arena suite. somers is being held without bond. a montgomery county commissioner is accused of taking inappropriate pictures of a colleague. district court commissioner israel mangroo is charged with using his cell phone to take an upskirt photo of a coworker last month. mangroo has been fired. prosecutors will handle this case because of the conflict of interest of montgomery county.
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now lawyers on both sides are meeting to talk about a possible retrial. news 4's megan mcgrath has more on what happens next and how baltimore is responding. >> reporter: spirited, but peaceful protests gave way to quiet streets overnight. at north and pennsylvania avenue where much of the looting and unrest happened back in april, all appeared normal. no heightened police presence. while many are disappointed that the jury could sht reach a verdict there is relief that the demonstrations are peaceful. >> burning down where you live at and all of the rest of the stuff for nothing doesn't make sense. you have to be patient. >> reporter: freddie gray died after suffering a severe neck injury while in the custody of baltimore police. william porter was the first officer to stand trial, but the jury could not reach a verdict and the judge declared a mistrial. prosecutors, the defense and the judge will now hold a series of closed-door meeting to talk about scheduling a new trial.
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university of maryland law professor doug culvert says the first case will help shape any future case. >> the prosecution presented very strong evidence against officer porter and it also now knows the defense case very well. i mean, the defense benefits, too, it, too, can improve its case for the next trial. >> five other officers are awaiting trial and it is unclear though at this point whether this mistrial will affect the schedules of those cases. in baltimore, meaging m megan m news 4. he was accused of jacking up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000%. former hedge fund manager is facing criminal charges. fbi arrested him. he has been indicted on security fraud and conspiracy charges. this is the most-shared story on our nbc washington facebook page, by the way.
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screlli is accused of orcet traiting a fraud scheme that involved a biotech company that he once ran. he allegedly used investors' money to pay off personal and professional debts. he posted $5 million bond after his arraignment this afternoon. hidden highway dangers, why guardrails on northern virginia roads could do more harm than good. >> mickey, minnie and metal detectors, why disney says it's making some sweeping security changes.
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>> and now your storm team 4 forecast. storm team 4 has been telling you all day today that we would get the rush. packs river of 1.25. that's where the moderate rain has been falling and the bulk of it with a few lingering showers left, where most of the rain is right now with just a few occasional lingering showers that could last up about 11:00 p.m. until midnight. we improve on area roads and this is early friday morning with just a few clouds and we've got the green light, the go and get ready for cold temperatures and doug has more on that coming
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up in a few minutes. thanks, v.j. >> in the wake of the terror attacks some amusement parks are beefing up security, disney world, and seaworld have installed security in the theme parks. this is in response to growing violence around the world. disney is adding more security officers and have stopped selling toy guns in the park. open the nbc washington app for a full list of measures now in place. >> key developments involving the police department first, federal investigators began the civil rights probe of that department today. they plan to meet with mayor rahm emanuel this afternoon and chicago police officer jason van dyke is expected to make an appearance in court tomorrow to face charges. a grand jury indicted van dyke earlier this week in connection with the shooting death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. that case fueled criticism of the police force after dash cam video shows van dyke shooting
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that teenager 16 times last year. van dyke is expected to plead not guilty. >> call it a highway hazard, why thousands of guardrails in virginia may not be as safe as they're supposed to be. >> a local school district wrestling with rashes, what
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right now at 4:15, storm team 4 tracking more rain coming through our area for the next couple of hours and doug says
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grab your puffy coat, it's going to get cold. his forecast coming up in two minutes. a local school district taking measures to stop the spread of an itchy, contagious problem and we'll explain the rash battles straight ahead. >> vdot says there could be thousand of potentially defective guardrails across the state. instead of absorbing the impact of the car, the ends turn into spheres and pierce the car. join us live from virginia is transportation reporter adam tuss, and i remember when you did a story about this a while ago, why is vdot taking this so seriously. >> reporter: wendy, this issue came to light in 2014 and vdot through its own independent tests, crash tests and going out to actual scenes and seeing some crashes made the determination that these guardrails were not thick. we're not talking about the very long pierce. it's this end piece in question and it's a guardrail end and that's the part that's supposed
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to absorb the impact and cushion the blow as you go along. so that is what their finding is not working properly and as they've gone out to crash scenes and done their own tests, they found that there's enough of a concern that they have to be replaced. >> has the manufacturer been called? is the manufacturer going to replace them? who is responsible for this? that's the manufacture of the end guardrail unit. they're standing by their products and vdot is the one taking this step. it could cost roughly $100 million to take all of these out across the state. there could be as many as 15,000 of these supposedly defective guardrails all across virginia. >> this is going to be a big effort. >> and are they confident that the new guardrails that they put in are not going to be defective? are they going to get it from another manufacturer? >> right. so what they've done is they've gone and identified some that they can use that will absorb the impact of the crash and they
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have a product that they like very much and they'll put in place of these guardrail units and it's not every single guardrail and that's something that makes it difficult that they have to go and identify all of them so this is going to be a big challenge and it's not something that will be fast. >> hundreds have been tested for skin diseases as a precaution after 15 wrestlers were found to have impetigo and ringworm. cleaning crews have been disinfecting all of the mats and lockers, but health officials say there is no widespread outbreak among wrestlers or loudoun county schools. in just a few hours the loudoun county school board will hear a public hearing on a proposed plan that has a lot of parents upset. the board is trying to decide whether to drop two jewish
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holidays from the calendar. yom kippur or rosh hashanah. they're not mandated by the state. the public meeting is tonight at 7:00. the board will vote on this issue next month. now your storm team 4 forecast opinion. >> we've had the rain moving on through over the last couple of hours and here is the radar and once again, that rain moving up toward the east and the radar showing you where that rain has been and we've seen some looks picking up over an inch of rain especially toward southern maryland. there it goes and in behind it, not much going on and the latest picture shows the rain around annapolis and over toward cambridge and along the eastern shore. most of us on the dry side. a few showers back toward the west. you may see another shower or two. for the most part you can put that umbrella away. we are having the low clouds and temperatures have gone up over
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the last hour or so as that rain has moved out and winds are calm. a very nice evening and we are going see areas of fog develop and that's about it. 52 in leesburg and well above average as far as high temperatures go and we're going way below average and that's the way it will feel as you move into the next couple of days. the cold air not here just yet and still warm and here's the cold and you can see the cold advancing in through ohio and in through portions of indiana and look at the cold down here and snow in through oklahoma and one of the first times they've seen that all season and for us, it will be the first time we get cold for the season. she's got the right idea and the winter coat for sure, the scarf, the hat you'll need those tomorrow especially in the evening because that's when the temperatures will start to go down and that's when the windchills will become a factor. high temperatures in the 40s and this is where they should be this time of year and that's where we'll be, 43 in gaithersburg, and the windchill
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by tomorrow night will be in the mid 30s by around 5:00, 6:00, if you're heading out tomorrow evening and make sure to bundle up, and saturday a high of only 43 degrees and the windchill only in the 20s and 30s. so yes, we are talking some very cold air coming up on saturday and 46 degrees and as redskins take on the bills at fedex. 56 degrees on monday and we start going back up and wow! do we go up in a big way. veronica has that forecast for the extended including christmas eve. guys? >> thanks, doug. some poetic moments await silver line riders that get on and off the mclean metro station. this is all the work of poet laureates and meant to inspire riders for moods and conditions that could affect their lives. the sun makes the glass panels visible. so you won't get to experience it on the evening commute. from poetry to another
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headache for the holidays. it's a warning tonight about your christmas tree. >> it can easily turn into a fire hazard, and with the help of the university of maryland which showed us some demonstrations. >> that's right, wendy. how many times have we heard people say it only takes a second when talking about trage tragedy. when you see this video you'll see exactly why this is true. today, university of maryland school of engineering demonstrated just how fast a tree can go up in flames. firefighters say faulty wiring are typically the culprits behind christmas tree fires. today they went without water for about two weeks and once lit, each three engulfed in just seconds. a few things to remember, use ul-approved lights and cords. make sure you turn off the lights when you leave or before you go to bed and keep the tree watered and then get rid of it once christmas is over and done
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with, but once it becomes dry. the national fire protection association says every year more than 200 home fires begin with a christmas tree. in the newsroom, i'm erika gonzalez. ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest types. today new research shows as one drastically increased survival. the president running wild. we'll take a peak at his prime time reality show appe
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protesters at the white house marking one year since the u.s. announced it would restore diplomatic ties with cuba. this group led by the former political prisoners blasting the obama administration, saying the move legitimized the corruption and violence that happened for decades under cuba's communist regime. >> that relationship is only deepening. both countries are reduced to a deal, it would be the biggest step toward closer economic ties since last year's shift in diplomatic relations. right now travelers have to take charter flights between the states and cuba and those can be expensive and difficult. if this deal goes through major airlines could have them in a matter of months.
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gross says he'd return to cuba, quote, in a heartbeat as long as the governor promise not to rearrest him. >> he was working as a government subcontractor setting up internet access when authorities arrested and accused them of trying to destabilize the regime and he came back as part of a prisoner exchange. tonight abc will be host to an historic event. president obama running wild with bear grylles. grills said youaudq
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kick himself. he beingn't believe he was withed president. catch "running wild with bear grylls." the president is reassuring americans ahead of the holidays and what he's saying about christmas time terror threats. >> he attributed the deadly drunken crash to affluenza and now he's one of the most wanted
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look at the road conditions there on the far left hand portion of your screen, the afternoon, much better than the morning rush and you're seeing most of the rain heading out of here and you might have lingering showers and you might want to hang on to the small umbrella. around cambridge, that's where we're seeing the rain right now and it's moving out of here and it will be a while before the skies start to clear. trailing showers left out of charlottesville and petersburg and frostburg. so going out this evening again, keep that in mind and still damp conditions across the area and it is going to be cool. we dropped to 45 to 50 degrees and you'll need a nice, warm jacket and we'll go to more c-minus weather on saturday because of the cold.
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we talked about it that 30-degree temperature drop as we go from cool to cold and right back up next week to mild temperatures coming up next week in a few minutes. >> right now d.c. police are investigating the death of a teenager who went missing earlier this week and paul mcginnis' family said he disappeared and his body was found in adams morgan today. d.c. police are calling this a death investigation. president obama taking another step to reassure a nervous nation three days after visiting the pentagon he met today with security advisers at the national counter terrorism center in mclean. >> the president says u.s. intelligence officials are adapting to the evolving threat from isis. >> but there are growing pains. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with what he learned today. steve? >> reporter: wendy, thanks. didn't sound so reassuring to hear him on the hill today where a senior homeland security official talking about what he said is the upgraded effort in the wake of san bernardino to
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use social media to track down terrorism. the translation is an issue that surprisingly, a lot of those posts are not in english, but out in tyson's today the commander in chief was upbeat. president obama went to the national counter terrorism center in northern virginia to reassure americans fearful of more attacks. >> our folks are the best. >> reporter: the huge staff at nsa and related agencies, he said, learned from san bernardino about jihad killers motivated by social media. >> but just as the threat evolves so do we. we're constantly adapting and constantly improving and upping our game and getting better. >> reporter: and playing catch up. >> reporter: probing social media to screen these applications, nbc news has learned was rejected by homeland security in 2011. >> you can see why we're scared to death that this administration, the department of homeland security, the state department is not protecting the
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american people. >> reporter: house republicans slammed the administration effort. homeland security is starting to use social media, but they're having trouble. >> some that we have seen are more ambiguous than clear. there are challenges in terms of people using foreign alphabets. >> reporter: right. many public postings are not in english and the california couple used messaging. >> tashfeen malik, maybe her stuff was direct and private, we should have got that anyway. >> reporter: officials at disney, universal and seaworld's florida theme parks confirmed tighter security, metal detectors, random screening, bag checks and a ban on toy weapons. >> reporter: president obama urged americans not to change the way we're living our lives going into the holidays and for that matter afterward because of the terrorist threat, but said we should be more vigilant. i'm steve handelsman, news 4.
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>> discussions are under way about a possible retrial for baltimore police officer william porter. he was the first officer to go on trial for freddie gray's death, but it ended in a hung jury. today attorneys on both sides met with the judge behind closed doors and they're planning one more private sessions and a second officer, and caesar goodson was driving that van when freddie gray was inside of it. prosecutors actually decided to try officer porter first hoping they could use him as a material witness in goodson's case, but this mistrial could make that very, very difficult. so the first thing both sides want to do is poll that jury to find out what they were thinking about officer porter's trial and remember, as soon as all sides come to some decision on what they'll do with this retrial, we'll alert you on the nbc washington app. >> authorities in texas have released dash cam video.
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it captures the confrontation between the university of north texas police officer and a student armed with a small axe. the officer repeatedly tells the student to back away while the student keeps saying shoot me. we've paused the video so it does not show that actual shooting. >> hey. hey. back away. back away. >> just shoot me. >> back away. >> just shoot me. >> back away from me now! back away! >> shoot -- >> witnesses called police saying the student was smashing out car windows. an autopsy will determine if the student had drugs or alcohol in his system and the officer is on routine leave while this is being investigated. >> ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer and it will kill about 15,000 women this year alone, but nbc's erica edwards reports on new research that suggests a blood test may save lives. >> reporter: chances of surviving ovarian cancer are excellent if detected at an
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early stage. the problem is it's rarely caught early. there rarely aren't symptoms and are vague like bloating and abdominal pain. there is a test that measures ca-125 and it's never been shown to lower the death rate and has too many false positives. now for the first time a major study of more than 200,000 women in the uk has found screening for ovarian cancer is beneficial and can save lives. the researchers used ca-125 in a new way. it's a math malakiematical equa and tracked it how it changed over time. they found the test reduced the number of women dying from the disease by about 20%. you won't see this blood test in your doctor's office any time soon and doctors need several more years of research to make sure it works the way this study suggests it can. erica edwards, nbc news.
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>> this could be the biggest movie opening weekend ever in the united states. the hollywood reporter reports advanced ticket sales for "star: the force awakens has topped $100 million. analysts predict the new "star wars" film could bring in about $240 million, a quarter of a billion just this weekend alone. the current record is held by jurassic world with nearly 209 million. the number of bank robberies seems to go up every december. today the news 4 i-team explain yes and what you need to know as you make your next trip to the bank. were you one of the lucky ones? we'll show you what you were up against if you were trying to score adele
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welcome back, everybody. the rain moving out of the area, some locations picking up an inch of rain and most locations about a half an inch. extreme southern maryland and southern calvert county and toward st. mary's county. a few showers back to the west, and down toward the south. we may see a few more of these showers coming through for the next few hours and the steady rain is now out of here. what comes in behind it is going to be the cold. we're talking about some really cold numbers especially on saturday, the coldest day yet
4:41 pm
this season and windchills starting off in the 20s and it's going to stay there for a while. veronica is up in a couple of minutes for the rest of the weekend forecast. ♪ hello ♪ how are you >> pretty good, but don't expect to say hello to adele if you didn't already get tickets for her verizon center concert next fall. sales started at 10:00 this morning and they were sold out in a matter of minutes. a lot of her fans including people in the newsroom waited on ticketing websites with fingers crossed only to go home empty handed. prices on secondary marketsites like stubhub reportedly had $10,000 the seats to her concert at madison square garden. adele will be there october 10th and 11th. >> that would be 10th and 11th next year. adele is a hot ticket in town. matilda the musical is now on stage at the kennedy center. ♪ ♪
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>> the story of matilda jumps from novel to stage in this award-winning production and it's the story of an extraordinary little girl with a vivid imagination who dreams of a better life. this morning one of the cast members stopped by news 4, meet the man behind the character miss trunbol. >> with makeup they transformed me into the dubious mistrunbell on and what is more terrifying than a massive woman that keeps you off balance? >> matilda the musical runs through january 10th at the kennedy center opera house. you can get tickets for a lot less than 10 grand. and you get to see something other than your relatives during the holiday. >> the news 4 i-team investigates why bank robberies
4:43 pm
spike in december. >> and the mvp of the wnba has
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this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking...
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maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat and other select models. in about 24 hours we'll start messing with the thermostats trying to adjust it to find just the right temperature for the cold outside that we'll have to start dealing with. take a look at storm team 4 radar and the showers are finally moving out of here with occasional light showers left
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hanging back to the west. a small umbrella with a brief shower coming through this evening and by morning we're dry and still a fair amount of clouds at 7:00 a.m. and your temperatureless be in the low 40s so we're calling that chilly for the early part of the day tomorrow and it will get breezy and then windy for friday night and saturday morning and that wind is not going to be helping us at all with the cold air moving in behind the system. 45 in manassas and gaithersburg, germantown and 43 and herndon and reston, 45 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow and we're on the other side of 50 degrees and should we take a look at the day planner you'll see the clouds for the rest of the day and more sunshine and a mostly clear sky. that clear sky will not help us, either, because it will allow the temperature tos start falling, too. your day planner forecast, 44 at 5:00 and the temperatures hold stead ney those low to mid-40s throughout much of the day
4:47 pm
tomorrow. once the sun goes down tomorrow, that's when you're going to notice the change and it is going to be a big change. the temperature doesn't budge much. we drop to 43 and then 40 degrees, but with the wind picking up and the fact that we're not going have any sun light and sunshine, those windchills will be ready by 9:00 and 30 toa 35 degrees and it will continue to drop from there early morning up until lunchtime and this is saturday and as we make our way to 2:00 and 32 to 40 degrees across the area and it will be cold throughout the day on saturday with those windchills in the 20s to 30s with the high getting up to 43 and sunday is going to be the better day out of the weekend and mid-40s for high temperatures and we continue to climb to 70 degrees on thursday christmas eve and we'll talk more on news 4 at 5:00 about what to expect christmas day. >> thanks, v.j. >> a sentence has been handed down for a man involved in the
4:48 pm
string of bank robberies. thomas george was part of the black hat bandits that held banks in d.c., maryland and virginia since the beginning of the year and he pleaded guilty since september and has been order to pay $200 in restitution. >> it shows there was a large spike in bank robberies during the holiday season. as scott macfarlane reports it's not just money and there are things you need to know before you swing by the bank. >> a recent rash of robbers, some handed notes to the tellers and this one in prince william county pulled a gun, his finger on the trigger. this one, the forever loyal bandit hit several times in fairfax county up and down the leesburg pike. >> as he walks, he's dragging his left leg. >> he hits one bank after another after another and he's still on the loose. >> hard to put into words that fear that you feel when you know
4:49 pm
that your son may be in danger. >> a bank robber who escaped the u.s. marshals on the run gave lorraine the scare of her life. he busted into her home in annandale to hide out. >> this was the window that he'd broken through. >> she wasn't home, but her son was nearby. the entire neighborhood was filled with children. >> and a guy with a gun is there. >> and a guy with a gun is there. >> reporter: police recaptured him. a review of records by the news 4 i-team found in december there are more bank robbers to catch. we discovered nearly 25% of all bank robberies in d.c. and northern virginia last year happened in the last month of the year. the same was true in 2013 and in 2012 and the fbi says it could happen again this year. >> i wouldn't attribute it that people are buying christmas presents with their bank robbery money. i think most of the time they're definitely feeding an addiction of some sort. >> the feds say the need for money grosses and fast before the holidays and the crooks
4:50 pm
think it's easier to get in and get out before the holidays. >> in december it's easier to conceal some of your identity and it's much more acceptable to be walking around in full winter coat and a balaclava, and in june last year was easy to spot and stop before he ever got inside, a customer tipped off bank workers. >> he said hey, you have a guy with a mask out in your parking spot. >> they immediately called the police, locked the door and were ready and prepared when the guy walked up to the door and found the door locked. >> and the cops arrested him. >> reporter: but it's not just the money at risk. the i-team report found that 15% of bank robberies in northern virginia and d.c., a robber pulled a gun and that's what happened here in the wells fargo in woodbridge was robbed recently. the fbi says the more a bank robber hits the bolder he gets which is why you have to stay so aware especially this time of year. >> be a good witness. be vigilant and be aware of your
4:51 pm
surroundings. sometimes people are staring at their phones and not looking up and looking at people around them. >> reporter: the feds saw two of every three bank heist, catching the crook, but marty says he knows bank robbers will keep trying. >> there's nothing that beats cold, hard cash especially in the cold of december. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> gilbert arenas made comments about women in basketball that people found offensive and he's hearing it from his critics. elena delldon said, women were not put on this earth for men to look at. we are people. we have a purpose. we are role models. i am an athlete. #byegilbert. >> he said that's how wnba players need to look to succeed. >> thousands of christmas gifts
4:52 pm
are now on their way to local children and news 4 was there as parents pick period up the bags of toys from the salvation army's angel tree program today. >> thieves broke into the warehouse just a few days ago stealing $20,000 worth of gifts that had been donated. the community stepped in to help replace those items and the recipients are grateful. >> it used to be special, and that's what they looked forward to, opening gifts and seeing stuff under the tree from their parents or whoever helped them. it's truly a blessing. >> the angel tree program will distribute gifts to more than 2500 d.c.-area families. we're working several developing stories in the newsroom. two men charged in a deadly drag racing case made an appearance in court today. police say the pair sped up 16th street and one of the vehicles wound up hitting a median and landing on top of another car and killing someone who graduated from the university of maryland. the victim's father was there for those hearings today.
4:53 pm
we will hear from him in about ten minutes. we continue to follow a developing story in northwest washington where the body of a 19-year-old was found near a popular bar. paul mcginnis of reston was found last night and he'd just completed the semester of tcu and our meagan fitzgerald will have a live report for you in less than 15 minutes. i'm tracee wilkins. a terrible accident happened here last saturday and it ended up very well for a man who went into cardiac arrest. the good samaritans on the road took action. specifically, one woman who we understand was in tan scrubs from garrett county who identified herself as a physician and she started doing cpr on this man right away and just a few minutes later this officer, prince george's county police officer and former emt showed up at the scene and then began to assist.
4:54 pm
>> she says i'm a physician. i said okay. i'm here to assist you, man. i'm a prior emt. how can i help? >> take over chest compressions. >> george medina is now recovering in the hospital and expected to go home tomorrow. >> coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we hear from his family, the officer who helped to save his life and their desperate plea to find the good samaritan who helped to make all of this happen. in fort washington, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> and his attorneys say he was so rich and spoiled, he didn't know he did something wrong. just ahead, the latest on the
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
the fbi has officially joined the search for a man who made national headlines for using his privilege in court. >> nathan couch is missing and is in violation for the probation of the deadly drunk driving crash. scott gordon has the latest on the search in texas. >> reporter: the tarrant county sheriff tweeted what amounts to a wanted poster appealing to the public for information on his whereabouts. the so-called affluenza teen may be long gone. >> we don't know where he is, but what we're doing is our fugitive unit. we have some very talented people. they're looking for him. if he's here, if he's somewhere in this part of the world we'll find him, but i've got a bad feeling that he's gone and i
4:58 pm
don't think he's gone a short distance. >> reporter: couch first made headlines in 2013 when at age 16 he drove drunk and killed four people. his attorneys claimed he was so rich and so spoiled he didn't know what he did was wrong. the juvenile court judge sentenced him to ten years probation, no jail time. >> quite honestly since day one ethan couch has never been levelled accountable for hiss mace takes. >> i think we as a society are ready for ethan to face real consequences for his actions, and i think the next step for real consequences is jail time. >> i'm not surprised and i hate to say i told you so, but i did. i said at the time two years ago that we weren't through with ethan couch. he was not remorseful. he wasn't going to rehabilitate himself. now at 5:00, a wet, nasty rush hour, but the good news is the rain is moving out, but now
4:59 pm
brace yourself for what's moving in. >> that's right. the radar has been active just about all day, but we're already taking a look at what's coming in right behind it. >> it will feel finally like december around here. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer is here to explain. >> wendy, that's right. we will feel more like december temperatures and maybe even january like temperatures and that's how cold it's going to get and that's how cold it will feel and first off, the rain is moving out as you mentioned and right now we're starting to see areas of fog develop and head's up for that over the next couple of hours and we could see areas of fog develop and not too bad at the moment and the rain is just down to the south and east and we could see a couple of other showers and notice the showers on the back side and maybe another shower or two, but the areas of fog that develop and then the very cold air. look at the numbers here. current temperature, 53, d.c. and 71 in virginia beach and beautiful there, but look at columbus, ohio. 35 and 43 in pittsburgh and
5:00 pm
that's the cold air that will move in tomorrow. so the rainmaking its way out of here and here comes the cold. windchills by monday or rather by saturday in the 20s. that's right. windchills in the 20s. get out the coats. guys? >> thanks, doug. now to a teenager from virginia who was found dead after a night out in adams morgan. paul mcginnis' family said he was a fun-loving, family oriented college student. the question tonight is how did he end up dead in an alley off 18th street. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live. >> reporter: chris, there are still a lot of unanswered questions tonight, but police did tell us they got the call at 12:30 this afternoon and they were on scene out here for several hours, about five hours trying to gather information and they were behind a popular bar which was just on this strip here on the 2400 block of 18th street. i want to show you a picture. police have left the scene here, and i had an opportunity to get back there and take


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