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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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that's the cold air that will move in tomorrow. so the rainmaking its way out of here and here comes the cold. windchills by monday or rather by saturday in the 20s. that's right. windchills in the 20s. get out the coats. guys? >> thanks, doug. now to a teenager from virginia who was found dead after a night out in adams morgan. paul mcginnis' family said he was a fun-loving, family oriented college student. the question tonight is how did he end up dead in an alley off 18th street. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live. >> reporter: chris, there are still a lot of unanswered questions tonight, but police did tell us they got the call at 12:30 this afternoon and they were on scene out here for several hours, about five hours trying to gather information and they were behind a popular bar which was just on this strip here on the 2400 block of 18th street. i want to show you a picture. police have left the scene here, and i had an opportunity to get back there and take a picture of
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the area where they were investigating and family members tell us it was at a stairwell where this 19-year-old's body was found, but tonight police are telling us that this was a death investigation. >> family members say if you met 19-year-old paul maginnis, jr., you'd have a hard time forgetting him. he was a kind guy who was always the life of the party and on tuesday night his uncle orry nicolai says he was at this bar, madam's organ, and was celebrating his cousin's birthday. >> i know that he disappeared from the bar at 1:00 in the morning and my son was with him, thought he was coming out of the bathroom and he never came out. >> reporter: on wednesday night family members say they called scomplees on thursday morning his uncle oray, a close family friend, and paul's longtime baseball coach went looking for him. >> they had everyone in the world trying to help them and
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find him. >> reporter: around noon the coach found him and called 911. >> he was in a location in the rear of a business in the 2400 block of 18th street in the alleyway. >> police are calling this a death investigation and working to determine exactly what happened to 19-year-old paul maginnis, jr., while his family tries to cope with the fact that he's gone. >> they're traumatized. it's the worst nightmare any parent could ever have. >> reporter: family members tell us that the teen had just returned home on christmas break. he was going to be home for at least several weeks to enjoy the holiday and spend time with his family. coming up at 6:00, his uncle talks to us about how they believe he died. wendy? >> all right. meagan fitzgerald. >> a d.c. metro bus driver is out of the hospital after being attacked by a passenger and he was in southern avenue and southeast. a source tells news 4 that the driver and passenger got into a verbal altercation and as the passenger got off the bus at mlk
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avenue and first streets got off and petro needs to make safety a priority for drivers and riders. >> one of the things they can do is make sure they can increase the implement such a program. today a father came to washington to seek justice for his son. two people were drag racing down 16th street and matthew ross got
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caught in the middle. today two men charged in his death appeared in court and his dad was there. and so was news 4's pat collins who joins us from the spot of the crash. pat? >> reporter: chris, a father comes to washington seeking justice for his son. an act of kindness from the maryland basketball coach to ease the pain, but we're going to begin our story at the scene with the victim's father. >> i came here for the first time because i could sht bear to come here. it's even more senseless. >> reporter: on 16th street the investigators' markings of this violent and deadly crash are beginning to fade. but david roth, he'll never forget what happened here. you see, last july his son matt was killeded in a crash caused by two drag racing cars these
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are some of the pictures from the scene. the metal so twisted it's hard to tell one car from the other. >> two men have been charged with second-degree murder in connection with this case. they've got to be start and racing can't happen. they have to prove a point by putting these guys in jail for a long time. >> reporter: matt loft was just trying to get home when one of the racing cars jumped over the median and went airborne and landed on top of his volvo. matt roth was 24 years old, a cpa with a big accounting firm. he was a graduate of the university of maryland and last saturday basketball coach mark turgeon gave mr. roth a jr.see in h jersey in honor of matt. >> i hope this jersey brings back happy and peaceful memories of matthew. i wish you and your family the very best and will continue to keep you and your family and
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matthew in my thoughts. >>. >> reporter: those words and that jersey mean a lot to the roth family. what does david roth want to see happen here? more on that coming up at 6:00. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. discussions are now under way about retrying that officer. officer william porter, the first officer to be tried in the freddie gray death case and it ended yesterday with a hung jury and a mistrial. news 4's chris gordon is in baltimore now to explain what happened today and what is next. >> reporter: wendy, it's all happening in private, but i can tell you this, the judge wasted no time bringing the lawyers back here to the courthouse in baltimore. less than 24 hours after he declared the mistrial. prosecutors came to court today to discuss plans for a retrial of officer william porter. they met with his defense lawyers and judge barry williams, but have yet to decide on a new trial date.
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>> last night, protesters marched in downtown baltimore. more protests are planned. despite today's rain, people were out on the streets of west baltimore. >> this is the spot where freddie gray was arrested last april. we spoke to a resident of this neighborhood who was here and saw it happen. >> yeah, man. they beat him up and freddie was my friend. they had no business doing that. he airnt no bigger than me and it took six cops to hold him down and all that? you know what? let me tell you something. i'm not angry about the cops, but if i had killed somebody i'd be pulling time right now, you know? and i figure, what? the rules don't apply to them? >> in this neighborhood with memorials and murrals of freddie gray they can't understand why the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the trial of officer pill ywilliam porter. they're not sure if putting port
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or trial for a second time will give them the result they want. >> retrial, everybody would like to see justice done. i wouldn't want to see baltimore city torn apart behind this. >> reporter: ahead, what activists meeting here in baltimore today propose to improve relations between police and residents throughout maryland. that's coming up on news 4 at 6:00. from baltimore, wendy, back to you. >> freddie gray's death has brought new attention to detainees who suffer injuries in the back of police vans. gray's case is not the first. several people have sued the department over the years alleging they have been hurt in those vans. the department is making some big changes. we've improved training of the officers and equipment and we're also installing cameras in the back of the vans. so not only can the drivers see what's going on in the back of the van, but that we can record
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that and it can be used in the future. freddie gray sustained a severe spinal cord injury in the back of the police van following his arrest and he died a week later. a man suspected in nearly a dozen armed robberies in virginia and the district is now in custody in massachusetts. officers took michael schlessinger into custody. during a search police say they found two guns stolen from a firearms dealer back here in mclean. >> he works with the courts to uphold the law. now a court commissioner is accused of breaking it. his name is israel mangroo. he is a district court commissioner in montgomery county. mangroo was arrested last month after a coworker accused him of taking an upskirt photo. he's been charged with illegal visual surveillance misconduct and office and his case will be tried over in prince george's county because of the conflict
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of interest with the montgomery county courts. today there was a call for vigilance as well as an attempt to reassure the public. president obama wants americans to be alert, but says there is no specific or credible threat ahead of the holidays. he made those comments in tyson's corner and said the government is doing all it can to protect the public. >> just as the threat evolves, so do we. we're constantly adapting, constantly improving and upping our game and getting better. >> reporter: the president also urged americans to stand together and not give in to fear. i'm trisha thompson at the live desk. within just the last five minutes the first charges have been filed in relation to the san bernardino shooting. enrique marquez is facing charges of providing material support to terrorists. mark sez a longtime friend of syed farook and according to ut the documents we just got a few
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minutes ago, he was charged with conspireing with farook in 2011 and 2012 to commit crimes of terrorism including the unlawful purchase of two assault rifles used in the deadly shooting earlier this month. a three-count criminal complaint filed this afternoon also says that marquez defrauded immigration authorities by entering into a sham marriage with a member of farook's family. marquez bought the two assault rifles that were used in the arc tack that killed 14 people, but investigators are now saying he told them that he bought the guns as a favor so farook wouldn't have to go through a background check and the fbi says there is no evidence of social media postings about jihad from farook or tashfeen malik in the months before malik arrived in the u.s. >> we have not found that kind of thing. these communications are private, direct messages and not social media messages. >> reporter: the fbi says enrique marquez told its agents
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he and farook talked about carrying out an attack in 2010. it does not appear that he had any contact with the people who were arrested then. >> trisha thompson. >> the health of house speaker dennis hastert is deteriorating as he awaits his sentencing in a hush money case. an attorney says he suffered a stroke around thanksgiving and has spent the last six weeks in the hospital. he also says hastert underwent two back surgeries and suffered from sepsis during that time. hastert is not expected to get out of the hospital until next year, but he is to be sentenced -- and the date for sentencing is in february. we've got a problem in northern virginia, specifically with guardrails. thousands of them have to be replaced and it's going to cost a lot of money. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you how much coming up. after thieves stole christmas gifts from needy
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children, how the community responded. a look at the good that came out of a bad situation. >> plus a man had a heart attack behind the wheel. how a dropped phone call
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you're going to feel a major change in the weather pretty soon. doug's back with your full
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forecast in just a few minutes. >> after a major push to remove confederate flags there is a new effort to bring them back and see how d.c. celebrate the holidays in the communities they serve. all of those story are ahead in the next ten minutes. >> there are concerns following news that defective guardrails can do more harm than good in a crash. >> instead of minimizing the blow the rails could pierce the car. adam tuss is live in falls church with more on vdot's plans. >> reporter: that's right, chris. let me show you how a guardrail is supposed to operate. when you hit the end unit here it's supposed to absorb the blow and everything behind it is supposed to coil up and move on. instead what's happening with some of these is the railing just keeps going straight, can act like a spear through the car. >> this picture tells the tale of what a guardrail is not supposed to do, skewering a car right down the middle. on the roads of northern
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virginia we found a guardrail that did what it was supposed to do. it absorbed the impact, but through its own testing and through actual crashes, vdot has found enough guardrails specifically those made of trinity industries aren't doing what it's supposed to. vdot is handling this matter and we reached them by phone. >> during the time period of october 2014 or through july 2015 we were aware of four strikes that pierced through the vehicle and they pen trade the vehicle. some of those penetrations caused injury. all of the of those were built by trinity industry. >> that doesn't make me feel safe. >> reporter: there could be as many as 15,000 trinity guardrails in west virginia. no word on how many are in northern virginia. >> not good. i drive a lot.
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200 to 300 miles a day and i'm all over maryland and northern virginia and i'll be more aware. >> now trinity is defending its product saying it's safe. regardless vdot doesn't like what it's been seeing from the product and will start identifying the end units and replacing them although they say it certainly won't be an overnight process. this really is going to be a big project in northern virginia and coming up at 6:00, how much will it cost and how it is at stake. >> a traffic stop landed a man in jail on child pornography charges. miguel ayala lopez was pulled over for blowing through a stop sign yesterday on sterling boulevard. in the car police say the 23-year-old had a teenage girl with him and during that traffic stop the deputy found out that ayala lopez was allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with the teenager. the sheriff's office says he had
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child pornography on him, as well. he's being held without bond. >> the confederate flag may return to license plates in virginia. state senator has fileded a bill to allow the battle flag to be displayed again. he said the constituents of virginia want it. a spokesman for terry mcauliffe said the governor would veto that bill. >> there is a problem at the pentagon with the secretary of defense using a personal email to conduct government business. this time it's defense secretary ash carter. he admitted he sometimes used a personal, unsecured email account to conduct official business after he took office in february. >> you may remember similar headlines surrounding chuck hagel. news 4 i-team broke that story in march. attorney general loretta lynch helped spread some cheer, holiday cheer for kids in the district today. lynch joined d.c. police and vincent gray at a community
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party in southeast where she met with seniors and community leaders and handed out early esents to some of the children. lynch said she wanted to thank the officers for keeping residents safe during the holidays. despite a major setback, christmas gifts for thousands of kids in our area are now being delivered. this weekend thieves broke into a warehouse and stole donated gifts leading to fears that some kids would have to go without, but as molette green tells us volunteers stepped up to make sure that didn't happen. ♪ >> jingle bells plays in the background on a day filled with holiday cheer as thousands of toy bags go to needy families in the area. >> i have a full-time job and it's a struggle out here. >> reporter: virginia is the first to get hers here to check off a long list from her 7-year-old son. >> a bike, a tablet, toys, trucks, everything. >> on this pickup day she got a shiny red bike and a bag full of
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gifts. >> two, one -- >> yay! >> our own shomari stone led a ribbon cutting celebration to give out 6,000 at this giveaway site alone, just days after thieves ripped open and stole hundreds of gifts. >> it was sad. we didn't want the children to have to suffer and we are very fortunate that we had a lot of partners that stepped up and these children will be taken care of. >> reporter: it takes days to hand out all of these toys, thousands of them so this distribution day will happen again tomorrow and again monday and tuesday until all of these bags are out of this room and under someone's tree. that is the latest from southeast. at the salvation army warehouse. molette green, news 4. >> the only man accused in the murder of a d.c. family and their housekeeper returned to court today. how this may shed some new light into the future of this case.
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>> and even the rain couldn't keep true star wars fans away. the wait for the new film almost over.
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. and we've seen the rain come, cross the area and some locations an inch to over an
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inch of rain. we may see areas of fog and combine that with the -- i knew that, that's always a problem, wet roads and you will have some issues on the roadways. we do have some traffic out there tonight so give yourself extra time. the rain continues to move off. we are looking at a few showers back to the west and some of these may come through so we're not quite done, but i don't think you'll need the umbrella if you're making your way out, but it is nasty across our region and that's why we could have fog develop and temperatures right now, 53 degrees and the warmest temperatures we've seen during the day. 49 in hagerstown and 50 in la rhea and fredericksburg at 52. we're still on the mild side and temperatures average around 46 degrees and we're still well above that average and we'll be going down. here's the rain we saw today. notice what's going on. notice this cloud bank. this is the cold air that's moving in. it's 35 degrees in central portions of ohio and that's the cold air that will be moving on in.
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tomorrow, what to wear, is not the umbrella and the rain boots and it's a cold we haven't worn a whole lot. it's the scarf and the hat and that's the cold air we're talking about and high temperatures into the mid-40s and 48 in fredericksburg and falling temperatures during the afternoon and windchills by this time tomorrow will most likely be around the freezing mark and a cold friday eaching if you're going out and that's why i have the impact between a low and moderate impact tomorrow because of the fact that it is going to be much colder and it will be on the breezy, and upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour and that's the cold day and not just the cold day. we're talking about the coldest day so far in the month of december and with that wind, we get even colder. 20, that's right. 20 especially early in the day and sunday, a little bit better and we're still on the cold side and 46 degrees if you're headed
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out to the redskins game if you take on the bills at 1:00. 40s during the afternoon at 1:00 and 4:00. a chilly day for the game and not that bad at all and we start to warm up on monday up to 56 degrees and then the 60s and maybe the 70s come back and veronica has that forecast coming up for you at 5:45. now at 5:00. >> a string of armed robberies and the fbi has taken over the case and it was a bag of dorritos that led to their big break. >> he told his followers on twitter that he was america's most
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>> right now at 5:30, saved by strangers. a man survives to tell the story of the prince george's county police officer who saved his life. >> caught in a web of lies, deceit and greed. the scheme that the feds say put a young ceo in prison. pain-free and bank ras-free. >> before i was spaced out and couldn't focus because of the pain medication. >> the procedure that's letting the young man live his life again and the force awakens. ♪ >> tonight -- ♪ ♪ very dramatic. >> you're welcome.
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>> these men terrorized cashiers sticking a gun into their side or to their head. >> three men that police believe are responsible for a series of armed robberies in northern virginia are now behind bars. >> julie carey joins us from falls church with basic police work led to these arrests. >> absolutely. this is one of seven gas stations hit within a month's time police believe, by the same three armed robbers. in fact, this gas station was held up at the peak of rush hour at 6:00 at night back on november 19th, but it was another armed robbery just a few days later where a bag of dor o doritos produced a key clue. these are the three men now facing federal armed robbery charges. court documents reveal corey lamont rogers was most often the suspect allegedly holding a small, silver handgun during the holdups. these are some of the gas stations targeted between late october and thanksgiving weekend. this exxon in annandale, the
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hillwood mart in falls church and another exxon station nearby on route 50. one suspect, sometimes two, would enter the stores. they were after money and often stole cigars, cigarettes and lottery tickets, too. they occasionally made off with the clerk's cell phone. it was at the annandale exxon that a suspect made a critical mistake. he carried a bag of doritos to the counter before he pulled his gun. when he fled, he left the doritos behind. police got a fingerprint off the bag and identified corey rogers as one of the robbers. so how did police finally catch up to these armed robbers? let's just say their black friday ended in a jail cell. more on that when i join you at 6:00. back to you now in the studio. >> thank you, julie carey. the man charged in the high-profile murder of a family in their mansion in d.c. will not be back in court again until february.
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david wendt had a brief hearing earlier today. wendt is suspected of killing saf ross saf an louse and the family's housekeeper vera figueroa at the woodly park mansion in may. others may have been involved, but so far only wendt is charged. a young man accused of killing his houseat their off-campus home will go on trial next may. steve brills' attorney entered a not guilty plea and plans to seek an insanity defense. he killed grace mann after they got into an argument. they found the victim tied up with a plastic bag over her head. the athletic director for the d.c. public schools has resigned weeks after being put on administrative leave by the school district. scott macfarlane broke the story on news 4 today and on the nbc washington app as he spoke to stephanie evans and he joins us now with her side of this story. scott? good evening, wendy.
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evans resigned effective tuesday evening after serving on the position for four years. sources close to the district had told news 4 evans spoke to the school district, for the management of funds. evans herself told us more today. stephanie evans earned about $100,000 a year overseeing public school athletics and appointed by former mayor vincent gray in 2011. she'd been on maternity leave this fall and told news 4 the day she returned she was put on paid administrative leave. there were concerns about how she handled athletic department funds. no improp rigriety or theft. the scrutiny involved one department account. to be very clear, was there no money missing and all funds were accounted for. it is an overstatement to say i struggled to manage the funds of the department due to an issue with a single account. at the point when the issue occurred i was handling my position and the vacant position
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of the person responsible for handling the funds all while experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. a stand by my four years of positive performance assessments. >> the administrator of central offices won't say why she resigned or what became of her, declining multiple requests for comment since last month. terry lynch said the student athletes and coaches deserve an explanation. >> they should have come out day one when the a.d. was put on leave, why put on leave and then they should be sharing what the results of the investigations are and also how they're going to fix the problem. >> reporter: d.c. school administrator reggie ballard serving as interim athletic director and he'll serve the remain thor of the school year. >> a short time from now in a galaxy not so far away the force awakens officially hits the big screen and even before the iconic opening credits roll, it's already generating major
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bucks at the box office. presales alone have already surpassed the $100 million park and so mark and some analysts predict by this weekend it could bring in nearly a quarter of a billion domestically. that's just this weekend alone. pre-sales alone "star wars" has eclipsed the previous december record holder "the hobbit," and the unexpected journey and if it does what they think it could, it could beat "jurassic world "qwest. these numbers are huge, but remember it's not just opening weekend. look at "avatar" it became the biggest-grossing movie of all time and it earned less than $80 million in its first weekend. a little rain didn't keep eager fans from lining up early for tonight's big debut. this was the scene outside the uptown theater in cleveland park. you can see the theater put up a tarp to try to stay dry while they waited.
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♪ ♪ >> all right. you know him best as the villain from the original films. darth vader is keeping an eye over the national cathedral. a grotesque -- and he has a badge. it has been on the northwest tower for three decades following a nationwide contest back in the day. the national cathedral released this video of vader, this vader video of him hanging in and around the iconic landmark. this, of course -- i like a guy who cleans up. this is, of course, ahead of tonight's release. in addition to science classes, the math and social and literature classes are also adapting lessons for the movies. i don't know what that means, but i thought i'd tell you that.
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with all of these holiday deliveries not a huge surprise that somebody out there just got the wrong package, but what was surprising was how the homeowner responded to what was inside that box. the dream of becoming an american citizen, but it almost didn't happen and he has a lot
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i'm trisha thompson back at the live desk. we are digging through the charging documents just released in connection to the san bernardino shooting and they detail syed farook's original plans from almost five years ago. enrique marquez told the fbi that he and farook planned to throw pipe bombs into the library and cafeteria. they also planned to attack state route 91 in riverside during the afternoon rush hour. they picked a section of the freeway where there were no exits and planned to throw pipe bombs to disable cars and then go from car to car shooting drivers and passengers. plans for both attacks were scrapped after several other men were arrested for terrorist connections in southern california in 2012. the documents also detail how farook radicalized marquez. marquez says farook used many of the teachings of anwar al
5:42 pm
awlaki, the former oman at a falls church who later became a senior recruiter for al qaeda. >> thanks, trisha. a drug company ceo who some people call the most hated man in america is facing fraud charges. he ran companies like a ponzi scheme using each to pay off defrauded investors from the previous one. the defense took shkreli and another man into custody, a move they hope will send a message. >> we will be tireless. this office, the fbi, our partners in the sec and our efforts to uncover your schemes. >> shkreli is the ceo who raised the price of a life-saving drug for people with cancer and hiv by 5,000%. these charges are not connected to that company, but if he's convicted he could get up to 20 years in prison. >> this officer is credited with helping to save the life of a man who was having a heart attack behind the wheel.
5:43 pm
today he's reunited with his family. i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat and other select models.
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we have an update on that fight that broke out between volunteer and career firefighters at a house fire in prince george's county. darcy spencer is on our live desk. >> wendy this fight was apparently about who was in charge at a fire scene and it got physical. two female career firefighters have pressed charges against those volunteers. according to a statement of charges, jeff miller and christopher kelly have been charged with assault and obstruction of firefighters. they are both volunteers with the fire station. the assault allegedly happened at a house fire on december 8th. according to a statement of charges the women say they were first on the scene of that fire
5:46 pm
and they were running hose lines into the home when they were physically blocked by christopher kelly. he allegedly elbowed and pushed one firefighter backward and hit the second firefighter. the statement also says jeff miller pulled one of the women out of the house until other firefighters intervened. the county fire chief strongly condemned this incident and changed protocols on fire scenes. we'll have more on the story tonight at 11:00. back to you. >> darcy spencer. >> boy, oh, boy. you've been telling us get your coats ready. >> your big pocket coats. >> and then get your jackets ready again because it's going to be weird. we go down and back up. really weird, yeah. a 30-degree temperature drop in just a day and a half our temperatures are expected to drop in a big way, friday interest saturday morning from around 50 degrees and that's what it felt like today and close to what it will be tomorrow to just 20 degrees and that's the windchill for early saturday morning. here's how we get there and we have the weather front and it's
5:47 pm
moving through and the cold air coming in and we're off by just a few light showers right now down around the area and down south i-95 around bowling green and around beaver dam and these are moving east and that's what we can see this evening, a light shower with road conditions improving late night and into the day tomorrow. we're still overcast early and keep that in mind, but i do think we have more sunshine coming to us during the late-morning hours and it will be a chilly start with the clouds, mid-40s for temperatures to start out in the early part of the day so kids will need a nice coat, warm coat for the early part of the day and the temperatures won't budge either throughout the day. fredericksburg and 40 degrees in hagerstown and as we take a look at the morning clouds and by lunchtime tomorrow and it will be cold and breezy. the wind will start picking up, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 and just in time for sunset and when sun
5:48 pm
sets and with the winds blowing that's what will make it cold by 9:00 tomorrow morning. those windchills around 30 to 35 degrees and the wind chills, saturday here starting out around 20 degrees and 30 by lunchtime and 35 to 40 degrees by 4:00 saturday afternoon. so here's a look at your storm team four-day forecast and the better day out of the weekend and sunday at 46 degrees and we warm up next week and we'll have some rain wednesday and thursday. there is your christmas eve, but the thing about -- the day after christmas eve, of course, christmas day we should be looking at a pretty mild pattern here with our temperatures in the 60s and falling. no white christmas here for us, guys. the prince george's county police officer didn't hesitate. he jumped into action to save a very sick driver. tonight that man's family got a chance to thank the officer, and as our bureau chief tracee wilkins reports they're looking for the mystery woman who also helped quite a bit. >> at an intersection on route
5:49 pm
210 in fort washington everything seemed to come together perfectly for 73-year-old george medina who was having a heart attack behind the wheel. >> i heard over the radio an accident get broadcast. >> a former fire emt, just minutes away from the accident shot down the road and when he got there. >> there was a woman already doing chest compressions. she was wearing tan scrubs, looked doctorish, i guess. >> reporter: the woman told him he was a doctor who happened to be on the road. i said okay. i'm here to assist you, ma'am. i'm a prior emt. how can i help? she said took over chest compressions. >> la tania arrived shortly after and george was rushed to the hospital. one week later. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: he's preparing to leave the hospital and celebrate christmas with his family. the only thing missing is one more thank you for that mysterious doctor on the road. she left before anyone could get her name. >> she's a white female. she's about 5'5", medium build.
5:50 pm
she had probably dirty blond hair down the middle of her back. she wore glasses. >> reporter: she was in a red silverado pickup with her husband. finding her would make this special christmas this much better. >> i would love to find the woman so that we can say thank you to her. >> reporter: prince george's county police are desperately looking for this good samaritan and hoping that this news will help to bring her forward. coming up at 6:00, this isn't the first time the officer was at the right place at the right time. >> sometimes good samaritans don't need to be recognized and it's a special day for a new u.s. citizen in virginia who almost didn't live to see this milestone. he's reciting the pledge of allegiance during the naturalization ceremony. it was a different story when he was back here in september. he had a medical emergency and collapsed before the naturalization interview.
5:51 pm
today he got to thank the security guards and first responders who performed cpr and most likely saved his life. in news 4 your health tonight, a devastating diagnosis left a maryland family thinking painkillers were the only hope for their son. >> until they learned about a new treatment for a disease that can often lead patients to diabetes or cancer. doreen gentzler with how it works. >> hi, chris and wendy. the key lies in special cells on your pancreas called eyelet cells. new technology is letting doctors remove those cells, put them in the liver and allow patients to live pain-free without a pancreas. >> it was like a sharp, jabbing pain in my, like, flank area just tried to ignore it. >> reporter: but that pain didn't go away and jesse homan just 15 years old at the time had trouble figuring out what could be wrong until an mri revealed a diagnosis rare for
5:52 pm
kids his age. chronic pancreatitis, a severe inflammation of the organ that helps us digest food and regulate blood sugar. >> a long-term that there is no good outcome for, living with that disease. >> reporter: when the pancreas stops working as it should, producing hormones like insulin to regulate our blood sugar, it can make patients diabetic. bank ratitpancreatitis also lea cancer. >> if i would have waited another year or so vild had cancer and there would have been nothing that they could do. >> reporter: the treatment is also risky. >> most people become literally addicted to narcotics. >> he would go to school on meds. he would be spaced out during school and he would physically be there. jessie and his family turned to specialists admedstar georgetown university hospital who were in the process of rolling out a treatment for pancreatitis so
5:53 pm
new they were still building the lab to make the treatment possible. >> everything fell into place at the right time. >> reporter: here's how it works. a surgeon removes the pancreas which first takes care of the patient's pain and risk of cancer. then in a lab, doctors harvest the insulin-regulating cells from the pancreas called eyelet cells and then they put those eyelet cells back into the patient's liver where they continue to function like they would have in the pancreas to control blood sugar. >> in one part of the patient that remains completely i insulin-free. >> jesse also needs to take enzymes when he eats to help him digest his food, but otherwise he says he's getting back to living life normally again without all those painkillers he needed before. >> before, like, i was all spaced out and couldn't really focus anything because of all of the pain medication and now since i'm off of that i can
5:54 pm
actually do stuff again. >> he's back to playing the trumpet in the band and looking forward to a trip to tokyo with his dad and a japanese class in the spring. something he and his family didn't think would have been possible six months ago. >> i'm looking for the time when he is back to normal completely. >> jesse is still in some pain some days since he's still healing from his surgery, but again, he does not need those narc on theics any longer to manage the pain. the exciting part about this is this is just one element to this research. doctors are hoping that eyelet cell transplants can help diabetics in a few years, too. so there's a lot more to come on this. wendy? >> fascinating. thanks, doreen. >> ups made a mistake. the driver delivered the wrong package. what happened next got the homeowner in trouble because of the contents in the box.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
>> a delivery in new jersey is making headlines tonight. >> a ups package delivered to the wrong home was way more than a christmas surprise. >> reporter: rifles, revolvers and semiautomatic pistols, 11 guns like these that police say were mistakenly shipped to barn gat township. >> i was flabbergasted to think that weapons could get lost in the mail like this. >> reporter: authorities say it began last month when gun manufacturer ruger tried to send
5:58 pm
the firearms from its facility in south port facility to an employee at a trade show in las vegas, but when the box arrived at a ups processing center in secaucus, new jersey, police say it was damaged and in turn, relabelled and then sent to southern ocean county. >> the employee at ups put the wrong label on the package and it was then shipped to an address here in barn gat township. >> reporter: and left november 25th on the doorstep of this home along with two other packages delivered by ups. police say 33-year-old kevin nagle who lives here decided to keep the guns rather than tell ups he mistakenly received them. >> these guns in the wrong hands, as we all know with current media could cause serious problems. >> reporter: following a visit from a ups security investigator yesterday police say they found the guns in boxes in nagle's garage. he was arrested and charged with theft and offenses related to unlawfully having the weapons
5:59 pm
and no one answered the door at his house today. >> fortunately, they were not used and they were only stored. >> reporter: in a statement, ups said an unusual labeling error caused a package to be delivered to the wrong address. ups quickly recognized the error and worked with the barn gat township police department to ensure the secure retrieval of the package contents. ups delivers 18 million packages on a typical day and incidents like this are extremely rare. >> there needs to be stricter standards as far as the packaging and the handling of these types of ship ams. >> reporter: as for the guns, they're now being held here as evidence and aren't being shipped anywhere else. in barnegat township, new jersey, news 4. >> news 4 at 6:00, begins with breaking news. >> now at 6:00, a miss being college student found dead behind a bar in adams morgan. i'll tell you what we're learning about the moments before he vanished. >> new charges tonight in the san bernardino shooting, the
6:00 pm
friend and former neighbor of the killers, now a suspect as we learn about other terror attacks that were planned years ago. a retrial in the works for the first defendant in the freddie gray case. community groups coming together to prevent any unrest as lawyers prepare for the next trial. >> first tonight, the weather. cold air is moving in across our region. >> in fact, it might be a shock to the system. doug, how much of a shock? >> i think quite a big shock considering the fact that we have not needed the cold gear as far as the coats, gloves and hats and haven't needed it much at all this season and we'll need it tomorrow especially during the day on saturday. storm team 4 radar tracking the rain as it moves on out of here. still a couple of showers and most of the rain is gone and still wet roadways and that's about it and watch out for areas of fog that are forming and you can see for the most part all of the rain is out of here and behind this we do get a


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