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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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out a gun at an anne arundel gas station. when he left he for goat to take the bag of doritos with him. days later they found a car used in one of the robberies. after the chase the suspects wer crashes and were arrested. find time to keep your family safe. one out of every three christmas tree fires in a home is blue jaysed on electrical problems. be sure to replace any victims of lights with worn or broken cords. always keep your tree away from any heat source. be e sure to water your tree every day. a try tree is a huge fire hazard. for more tips head to the nbc washington app. search christmas tree safety. all right. stay with us. "news4" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.
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get ready for a cold blat of air today. you're waking up with the highs much cooler. we want to start right off at going to kristin wright at the live desk with breaking news. >> that's right. we have more information on the crash up in upper marlboro. we learned from the police it is a fatal accident and one person died. you're looking at pictures from the scene overnight. two cars involved here. a head-on collision. largo road and front gate road. right now that area is shut down. we are working to get as much information as we can. police are there. the crash happened around 10:30 last night. our molette green is on their way now.
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>> thanks. >> chuck bell as a break down of your weather going into the weekend. did you say teens, chuck? >> i sure did. windchills back into the teens by the time your weekend actually gets starting first thing tomorrow. a lot of clouds in the sky this morning and there are raindrops to contend with. check it out on "storm team 4" radar. just a couple of drops. rain chances very, very low today but i can't give you the complete zero because there could be a sprinkle or two. right now 30s in the shenandoah valley but still close to 50 degrees across the metro area. so your 24 hour focus, cloudy. 48 degrees this morning. look how much colder, though. upper 30s by 7:00 tonight. near 30 with windchills in the teens and 20s by tomorrow morning. your weekend shopping forecast. this is what i'm going to look like. breezy and cold.
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43 tomorrow. 47 on your sunday. i'll let you know the impact. that's coming up in ten minutes. for your now, a big look at the beltway. melissa mollet. >> big look at the beltway. no rain make its way in here in the early morning hours. right now looking quite good. 66, 270, 95. b.w. parkway, 50, everything moving along just fine. we do have a couple of issues. again, that's the camp washington intersection. we have a reporter on their way to that one. also this accident at front gate drive, 202, they're shut down for the investigation. you can take old largo to get around that if you need to. northbound, southbound, don't have any issues. again, overall looking quite good. more in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. we'll see you then.
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president obama heads to san bernardino today. he'll head privately to meet withhe family. the white house is considering expanding background checks without approval. the former neighbor of a san bernardino neighbor could face prison time. enrique marquez admits he was involved. he bought the two rifles used in the massacre and plotted other terrorist attacks in 2011 and 2012. those attacks were anywhere carries out. a bail hearing for marquez is set for monday. today the maryland woman found pushing the lifeless body of her toddler in a playground swing head backes to court. she was found in a park in la plata. she had been in the park for nearly two days. a medical examiner in baltimore
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said her 3-year-old son died from dehydration and hypothermia. her trial will beginning late january. and there will be a courtroom appearance for a student who brought a loaded gun into a classroom. he faces three charges including possession of an unregistered firearm. police don't know how the teen got the gun through the teen's metal detectors. a man is in custody this morning accused of stabbing a metrobus driver. the driver was attacked on wednesday night on first street southeast. the driver and passenger got into some sort of shouting match just before that shouting. the bus driver's union said metro needs to make safety a priority for drivers and riders. one of the best things they can do is make sure they increase their police presence -- increase the police presence for buses especially and especially in high crime areas where we know there's a higher
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propensity to crime. following that unincident d.c. police arrested vosburg. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon. news on capitol hill, congress is about to pass a bill on spending. right now they're trying to get support for it. if the bill does not pass, expect congress to stay in session over the weekend. and here's why. government funding runs out on tuesday and the government could shut down. coming up in about 30 minutes nbc's tracy pots joins us live on what could possibly hold up today's vote. you can wrap up your holiday shopping and save money as today is free shipping day. more than 900 retailers are taking part this year. they say items will arrive by christmas eve. order them today. walmart, macy's, coals, all among those offering the free shipping deal. we will put a list of more chants who are participates on the nbc washington app. this is a big day. wawa folks, listen up.
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the washington-based gas station/food matter is on its way. the doors open at 8:00 in the morning. they've even got a ribbon cutting setup at 10:00. a chick-fil-a and child care center is going to join that new place where the new wawa is opening. >> we have to go. >> i know. in it includes an islamic proclamation of faith. chuck bell is going to
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new this morning mother teresa is on her way to sainthood. the a.p. reports that pope francis signed off on the miracle need to give the nun of one of the catholic churches the highest honors.
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it could be in september to coincide with the anniversary of mother teresa's death. she died in 1997. she was 87 years old. back to you. >> someone who gave her life giving back to the world. >> no question. 5:11. it's cold outside. getting colder too. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with your "weather & traffic on the 1s." 5:11. how cold is it, chuck? >> it's going to be cold. you need to layer up. you'll want to carry it home so you have it with you on the way home. as far as the rain chances most of the "news4" nation could be dry but there could be light rain across parts of southern maryland. they may want to have the little pocket umbrella to play it safe. 39 in martinsburg but 50 in annapolis. bring the winter coat with you on the way out the door because it's going to be windy and cold on your way home. for your commute. mid to up err 40s but upper 30s
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and low 40s on the way home and the impact the weather will have on your weekend plan. it will be nice and dry around the area. nonetheless it will be cold. check of the weekend, highs and lows. that's coming up at 5:21. now trouble in fairfax. here's melissa mollet. camp washington the crash is on main street at fairfax. we're sending a reporter out that way to see exactly what's going on out there. it sounds like we had some lanes blocked earlier. 66 here and 5, don't have any major problems as you're taking a big look at 66 and 95. as we very, very slowly go to prince george's county, you can see everything is rolling along nicely. don't have any major issues. upper marlboro at front gate drive, we have the road closed on 202. your alternate, old largo road looking quite good. i'll see you here with a live
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look at 6:56. >> reporter: we have an issue. we've got a lane closure here because of an suv that left the roadway and crashed into the side of a t-mobile store. a
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just into the newsroom a car has slammed into a building. "news4's" megan mcgrath is on the scene right now. megan, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, david, you can see behind me exactly what happened. we have an suv that appears to have been traveling in fairfax city. for whatever reason the driver left the roadway and actually crashed into the side of this t-mobile store. kind of hit the foundation there. i would told the person in the suv was injured. no update on the condition at this point. they're still awaiting word on
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that, but the investigation continues here. so we do have a traffic impact at this point. this was main street here, it appears, where they left the roadway, so the far right lane is closed with the police activity. i don't have an exact estimate on incapacitately how long it will take to reopen the lane but i'm told it will be a while today. just to give you a better idea of exactly where we are, this is main street right where it meets fairfax boulevard. there's a strip mall with this t-mobile. right now the volume is light. it's still very early in the morning so we're not seeing any traffic impact at all. really depending on how long they're going to be here, we could start to see some delays a little later on. hopefully they pick it up before things start to build for the rush hour. an suv into the side of this building here. doesn't look like there's any major damage to the building itself. it's kind of the foundation area, but we're not seeing any cracks or anything like that. the damage seems to be mainly to
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the suv. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, megan. they were supposed to be fighting a fire in lanham. instead they were fighting each other. now they face assault and obstruction charges. two from landover hills say christopher kelly and jeff miller physically forced them out of the home last week. the fight basically boils down to a turf war. >> to have a situation where fors are arguing or fighting or tussling over a fire scene is just absolutely unacceptable. >> a new maryland law makes it a felony to assault firefighters while they're performing their jobs. attorneys on both sides met with the judge behind closed doors yesterday. at least one more private session is planned. porter was the first officer to go on trial for freddie gray's death but the trial ended in a hung jury. the next trial for officer caesar goodson is scheduled to
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begin in three weeks. officer goodson was driving the police van that was transported gray. >> freddie gray's death has brought new attention to detainees suffering injuries in the back of a police van. it's not the fit of its kind. they have sued departments over the years alleging they've been hurt ore these. the department is making some big changes. >> training of the officers' equipment, we're also installing cameras in the back of the vans so not only can the driver see what's going on in the back of the van but that we can record that and it can be used in the future. >> gray sustained a severe spinal injury in the back of a police van following his arrest and died a week later. >> a controversial school assignment is forcing a school district in virginia to shut down today. some students in augusta county, virginia, were asked to write a
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muslim statement of faith. it's receive a lot of unwanted attention. school leaders say there's no specific threat but they decided to close just as a precaution today. well, are you struggling to find gift items for your your loved ones this year? >> yes. >> it's always tough to find a gift. you want it to be special. >> the clock is ticking. "news4's" erika gonzalez has some unusual gift giving ideas. >> tomorrow is known as super saturday. the stores will be filled with super shoppers. 90% say they still have people on their list to buy for. that according to the national retail federation. if you want to avoid the crowds, consider this. give them the gift of experience. they're asked about giving gifts of an experience. tickets to a concert or sporting event, cheese or wine of the month club or outdoor excursions. nrs found they were most popular
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among millennials. more than half said they would like to receive a gift of experience. before you brave the crowds of todaying remember today is free shipping day. more than 1,000 retailers participate. you can get last-minute shopping done online. >> you asked what do you get a young couple. experience. i don't know what that means. zip lining. >> it's now 5:21. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell tells us how cold it's going to get. any outdoor activities, chuck? >> you can get outside and enjoy most of the day today. it will not necessarily be raining. that's the upside. the downside is the temperatures will be falling, falling, falling during the course of the afternoon. so if t's as warm now as it's going to be. there's plenty of rain across
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ti tidewater virginia. we're right on the northern edge of it. might get a couple of showers down into southern maryland. here we are. southernmost city just south of the fredericksburg area. that's where most of the rain chances will be today. if you're living near the shenandoah valley, you don't have to worry. carrying slight a slight chance of showers during the day. it's overdoing it just a bit. i don't think we're going to have much of a rain threat. but with that being said, there's at least a chance for a random drop or two south and east of i-95. best rain chances today will be down across southern maryland and even there not a big threat. as you're planning out your day, 45 will hover in the mid to upper 40s. no rise in temperatures like we would normally see.
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and then this afternoon, temperatures actually falling. after 1:00 or 2:00, the drop in temperatures will begin and it will be a cold friday night. you'll need to layer up. windchills will be in the 20s for your evening plans. for tomorrow, a blustery and cold day. temperatures barely making it out of the 30s into the 40s. your weekend, sunny and breezy. sunshine and seasonal on sunday. so sunday won't be a bad day if you're going out to the nfl game at fedex field. the coldest part of your field will be sunday morning. look at these wakeup temperatures sunday morning. mid-20s in northern montgomery county. upper 20s and near 30 in and around the metro area. i'll give you the four things you need to know at 5:31. for now let's go back over to the news. >> thank you, chuck. developing right now, we just found out a driver was killed in a crash in prince george's county. largo road has been closed for serval hours. "news4's" molette green just
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arrived on the scene. molletl m molette, you just heard from police what's going on. >> reporter: yes. we just learned a 20-year-old lost his life in crash here last night in upper marlboro. just moments ago there's movement on the road. i believe the road is about to reopen. the police are now coming off of the road as you can see. the flashing lights have gone behind me. let me just give you the perspective. we're near front gate farms, luxury home, not too far, five-minutes drive from watkins park drive which is a very familiar street in this area. it happened down this road behind me where it nay rows and is very dark. this was a head-on collision between two cars and maryland state police telling us early on one person died in this collision. we now know that the drive over that vehicle just one of those vehicles, 20 years old.
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this involved a cadillac de ville and a nissan ultima. we're working to find out more information on other possible injuries and exactly how all of this happened that led to a young man's death late last night on this dark road that. is the latest live from upper marlboro. i'm molette green. i'm turning around. there's movement on the street. i believe this road is now open. we're going to talk to police and get information on what is actually happening at this moment. this is live and it's happening as we speak. i'm molette green. melissa mollet is in first 4 traf welcome more information on the roads. >> thank you, molette. this is why we have live cameras out there for you, guys. it could be reopened. they're pushing folks onto old largo to get them moving. sounds like it's reopening. we'll get you to that in just a
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minute that. was the problem in fairfax. camp washington crashed on the main street. here a vehicle hit a building. 270, no issues there. taking a look, everything is rolling along just fine. we don't have any major problems right now. we'll take a live look at 66 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, melissa. thanks. in a few hours a former navy s.e.a.l. will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. a group of bicyclists h head to the cemetery. while saying good-bye to holden they want to bring more attention to bicycle safety on the roads. >> the lady's talking. she doesn't realize she's being hit by a 250-, 260-pound man. >> the wife of golfer jason day
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out of the hospital. lebron james you see right there landed directly on there as he went for a loose ball. ellie day was carted out on a stretcher. that's her leaving. she's out of the hospital this morning. some waited houring in line stretching out for a block. now the wait is other. "star wars" fans celebrated with "the force awakens." some started playing the movie at 7:00 last night. >> i think they did a really good job of taking it through the base story and maybe taking it to the next level. it's fantastic. >> the movie has already brought in nearly $14 million overseas. those numbers expected to grow and break box office record this weekend. we're learning of a suspension in bernie sanders campaign, details just ahead. >> and the coldest part of your weekend. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell has it in four things
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to know. a d.c. teen missing, it
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good morning to you. welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm adam goss.
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>> chuck, what do you say? >> i say bring an extra layer. it's as warm now as it ooh going to be throughout the course of the day. the cold is a coming, everybody. gusty and blustery weather for later this afternoon and one weekend of winter finally into the picture. how about 70 for santa. that's coming up in the seven-day forecast at 5:51. for now temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s across the region. in fact, check it out. temperatures falling during the late morning and into the afternoon today, so you will need it for sure. most of us will be dry. could get a couple of sprinkles into parts of southern maryland. we'll tell you mow layers those kids will lead. that's coming up in ten minutes. back over to melissa with traffic. >> we got over to molette green as she was on air a couple of minutes ago. she said the lanes are now open. >> they're all open on 202.
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in fairfax that intersection. the camp washington intersection, they still have one lane on main street, a ryan rite lane blocked the morning. 66 and 95, we don't have any issues. looking a-on-torch the beltway, everything quite good. we're going to have travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. congress is expected to vote on the spending bill today. the $1.1 trillion bill is needed to clear the house to fund the government. the question is will it actually pass. nbc's tracie potts joins us live on what we can expect. tracy, good morning. >> good morning. money runs out on tuesday. if they want to get it done, they need to do it quickly. it's a budget that will take us through the end of the fiscal year, which is next september. the vote happens at :15 this morning. the question is can both democrats and republicans
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deliver enough votes to make it happen. there's opposition on both sides. republican conservatives say it's too much money to spend. they don't like that it funds immigrants staying in the country and obama care, democrats don't like the lack of a ban on crude exports and lack of relief for puerto rico. they're having some economic problem downs there. republicans need to deliver a hundred votes. they need to deliver 120 to make this happen. we're hearing it's still possible. there could be a delay. the senate is supposed to be okay with this. if so, president obama would likely sign off on it, but the big fight is going to be in the house if, number one, they can get enough votes. >> tracie potts. thank you. the search for a missing 19-year-old comes to a tragic end. the teen's body was found yesterday on 18th street in an alley behind madam organ's bar.
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his family says he disappeared at his cousin's birthday tuesday night. >> he was with him. he came out of the bathroom. he never came out. >> his family believes he fell using the stairs in the back of the bar. the bar is closed pending a police investigation. the general services administration says the deal should be reject unless it offers a better deal for taxpayers. it says the merger would fail to treat large energy users like the federal government fairly. according to the "washington post" the deal subcy di ssidize rates of them. >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl will appear before a military judge. the army recently announced he would face a general court-martial. he's accused of leaving his post in 2009 and was captured by the taliban. he was freed last year in what
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was a controversial situation with the release of five prisoners. the chicago police officer charged in the death of laquan mcdonald is headed back to court where he is expected to plead not guilty. just this week jason van dyke was indicted on six counts of first first-degree murder and one count of police misconduct. the video shows van dyke shooting mcdonald 15 times as he stepped out testify police car. this is part of a federal civil rights investigation against the department. now, that was following the death of laquan mcdonald. they've set up a phone number and e-mail for people to report such incidents. a setback for the bernie sanders campaign. according to the "washington post," the democratic national committee is shutting off the
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campaign's access to strategically important list of likely democratic voters now because a san zers stander the campaign manager said a campaign manager was fire oefrd this but said it was a software glitch that allowed them to see the information. they say they never downloaded or printed this list. back to you. >> kristin, thanks. now to decision 2016. "today" republican presidential candidate cruz is making a stop. he's climbing in the polls after tuesday's debate. he's still behind front-runner donald trump. russian president vladimir putin says donald trump is the absolute leader of the presidential race. he said he welcoming his interest. he also called trump, quote, a
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very bright person that was talented without a doubt. trump said he was honored and called putin highly respected. >> the democratic debate will be held tomorrow in new hampshire. nbc news will host the next debate in january. d.c. police say a man stabbed a metro worker on the job. and what a new study says most parents are doing to put their child's life at risk in the car. and with temperatures plunging, chuck bell has your school bus forecast at 5:41. time right n
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you want to check the next time you're buckling your baby into the car. at least five parents made one error. 300 families were leaving the hospital with a baby. with unof the most common mistakes is a loose harness. they also buckled the chest clip too low and put the seat at the wrong angle. chuck bell tracking the
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weather and a cooler start. it's going to get even colder. chuck, are you thinking the kids need to pack the extra layer? >> you betcha. have that heavier coat for the way home. it's chilly this morning. it will be cold this afternoon. "storm team 4" radar tracking a few sprinkles here. charles, calvert, st. maris county, just be on the lookout. you may encounter a little rain drop here this morning. cloudy, mid-40s. recess gets a c. it will be breezy and chilly. notice temperatures actually trending downward during the course of the day. windchills will be in the 30s on the way home. so have your winter coat, your scarf and your hat ready to go for the kiddos later today. complete check of the seven-day forecast which includes the coldest we've seen and maybe 70 degree weather before it's all said and done. that's coming up at 5:51. 14 street bridge, bridge troubles. melissa. >> usually it's an inbound issue.
5:42 am
outbound. we're blocking it at dpchlt w. parkway. the right lane is blocked but the ramp to g.w. parkway is open. we did tweet a picture from our friends at wtop. they have somebody on the roads there for us. in fairfax, camp washington, the intersection crash at fairfax boulevard, that's hanging around a vehicle into a building. taking a look, german town to the beltway 1rks 1 milktss. top of the bentway, 95 to 270, don't have any issues. 66 coming in and 95 to virginia coming up. you're looking quite good. about as good as you possibly couldn't remember to listen to your friends when you look at the latest on any trouble. >> thanks. coming up, how amazon is
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right now we're working to learn more on a crash in upper marlboro. maryland state police reopen ee
5:46 am
largo road. police say a driver lost control of his car and hit another car head on. we have another crash impacting the roads outbound at 14 street bridge and gw parkway. again, the crash on main street at fairfax boulevard still hanging around. chuck? >> outside this morning it's cloudy and cool. temperatures in the upper 40s. it will be a whole lot colder before you come home from work and school. take a look at the hour by hour and the weekend as well. that's up at 5:51. >> families of the victims of the san bernardino shooting are meeting privately with president obama today. he'll make his last news conference of the year in washington this afternoon. the white house considering action to expand gun background checks without approval from congress. and the former neighbor of the san bernardino shooters admitted on facebook he was involved with terrorism.
5:47 am
it might mean prison time for him. the facebook admissions came a month before the shooting. he's charged with aiding and abetting terror activities. he bought the two rifles and plotted other terrorist attacks. the bail hearing for marquez is set for monday. the documents also detail how farook radicalized marquez. he used many of the teachings of anwar al ahman. marquez told the fbi that he and farook planned to throw pipe bombs into the library or cafeteria at riverside community college where they both had been students and they planned to attack interstate 91 during rush hour. neither was carried out. a metro driver is recovering after being stabbed by a passenger. a source telling "news4" that
5:48 am
the driver and passenger got into some sort of shouting match just before the stabbing. the bus driver union said they need to make safety a priority for riders and drivers. >> one of the best things they can do is make sure they increase their police presence. increase the police presence for buses especially and especially in high crime areas where we know that there's a higher propensity to crime. >> that alleged assault, he arrested robert vosburg. he's charged with assault and a deadly weapon. >> the program allows employees to anonymously employ safety concerned. since 2013 metro has used the close call reporting system for trains. yesterday general manager paul wiedefeld announced he's expanding it to buses. it's the first bus in the nation to have it. the family of a young d.c. reporter kill backed in may still working to keep her memory
5:49 am
ali alive. milton's murder is still unsolved. but her mom says she doesn't hold hate in her heart. >> i pray for those who hurt her. i pray for them nightly. >> anybody who knows anyone in this video is asked to call police. police say robert king is the man found shot to death. his neighbor heard him crying for help and king didn't know who shot him. krieng solvers is offering a reward of up to $10,000 leading up to the arrest. 5:49. we're working to keep you safe. >> we sure are. one out of every three christmas trees in the home is blamed on electrical problems. that's according to the national safety fire protection. be sure to keep your tree away from any heat source and water
5:50 am
your tree every day. a dry tree is a huge fire hazard. that's a big thing to look out for. we can post more safety thins for you. already there if you check out our nbc washington app. use the christmas term "christmas safety." >> we're a couple of games away from the last home team of the year. they're facing the buffalo bills sunday afternoon. standing room only. just over 80 for an upper deck seat online right now. if the skins win, it will be their first back-to-back victories this season. wide receiver desean jackson says he does expect to play. wouldn't that be nice? back-to-back wins? >> standing room only. i guess it's going to be a cold one too. >> that's right. see who can win the nfc least. >> i still want to win though. you know what? if we're going to go to the playoffs, i'll take it. >> even a losing record. >> that's right. >> it's going feel like football weather for this weekend for sure. be ready to bundle it up.
5:51 am
the next big change in weather arrives this afternoon. it felt like it was in the 50s with the rain yesterday. it will feel like it's in the teens and 20s by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. so here's when the change occurs. during the afternoon today is when things really start to turn around. northwest winds increase in that 15 to 20-mile-per-hour range. temperatures will be 45 by lunchtime but by 6:00 windchills below freezing and by start-off time tomorrow morning windchills in the teens and 20s. a much colder pattern coming our way. it won't last forever. rain, not much rain west of i-95. the shenandoah valley, northern maryland will be dry. we could get light rain. lower parts of the delmarva, even fredericksburg and stafford could get a sprinkle or two this morning. not much of a rain threat today but any rain chances will be down primarily across southern maryland.
5:52 am
here's the beginning of your seven-day forecast. today temperatures falling. 're near 50s now. we'll be falling by early evening. be ready for that. it's all about your weekend. get into the day tomorrow. mostly sunny tomorrow. after a cold start temperatures will stay in the 30s and 40s with windchills in the 20s during the day tomorrow. so that's a cold one for sure. sunday, going out to fedex field. plan on layering up, everybody. it's going to be a cold day out at the ballpark especially on the shady side. if you're doing any tailgating, upper 30s to low 30s before game time. at least the sun will be out that. will be nice. next week, way above average. 50s back on monday. 60s back as early as tuesday. that does come with rain chances but check out those temperatures. how about 70 degrees on christmas eve. that is crazy warm weather. a all we have to do is get through this cold weekend and things will start to improve. i'll have your shopper's
5:53 am
forecast for the weekend. that's coming up at 6:01. for now back to miss mollet. >> good morning. no problem there. they're on their way just to show us how the top of the beltway is looking right now. right now, outbound, 14th street bridge. still have that right lane blocked and the ramp open because the crash does not seem to be slowing things at least at this point. in fairfax, a crash on main street at fairfax boulevard showing that still hanging around. that was a vehicle into a building that won't clear for us here this morning. 270 at montrose road, a little bit of volume picking up but you're not going to have to add any commute time. i was looking for that out bound shot. it's enforcement showing us the problem here. i'll see you at 6:01 with a shot at sudley. >> thanks, melissa. we'll check in with you then.
5:54 am
all right. let's check in with landon dowdy, landon, are you there? >> good morning to you. landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. reports say the online company is woking with its own delivery service. amazon is trying to avoid a repeat of 2013 when a surge of orders were delayed because of ups and amazon had to issue refunds and gift cards. back to you. there was a spree of robberies aet a gas station that lasted more than a month. it was a badly timed snack that led to the arrest of one of the suspected robbers. cory rogers carried a bag of doritos before he pulled out a gun in late november, according to police. when he left, he for goat to take the bag of doritos with him
5:55 am
leaving a critical fingerprint clue for investigators. days after rogers' arrest, they spotted the car used in one of the robberies. after the chase the suspects crash and were arrested. a traffic stop in sterling lands a man in jail on child pornography charges. police pulls over him. he had a teenage girl in the car with him. during the traffic stop the traffic found out lopez was having an inappropriate relationship with her. the sheriff's office said he also had child porn with him. 5:55. a developing story now. one person in the hospital after their suv crashed into a building. this in the city of fair fak. >> this happened on fairfax boulevard and main street. is this affecting traffic, megan? >> well, if you use main street to travel through fairfax city, we've got a traffic alert for
5:56 am
you this morning. take a look across the street there. alittle while ago within the last hour or sew. sew. an suv left the roadway and slammed into the bottom of the t-mobile store. this is right at main streaks and fairfax boulevard. you can see not a lot of damage to the building but quite a bit of damage to that suv and we're told that there are some injuries. somebody in the car was injured wchl don't have the exact condition of that person as of yet. investigation is ongoing. they're trying to figure out why the driver left the roadway, you can see that we have some police vehicles off on the right-hand side. so at this point the right-hand lane of main street is closed. they've been here for a little over an hour. so hopefully their investigation won't take too much longer, but if you travel through this area, we're right near the intersection of fairfax boulevard, you have lost the righthands lane. we do have police walking around in the area. keep your speed down and your eyes open. back to you in the studio.
5:57 am
>> thank you, megan mcgrath. today is graduation day. 12 cadets becoming tirch firefighters. mayor muriel bowser will help lead the ceremony later today. >> all right. it's a very busy weekend ahead of the holidays and major roadway in our area is shutting down. we're going to help you navigate the closures on 395. plus, a developing story out of upper marlboro. a 20-year-old dead after a head-on crash. we even seen some changes in the past half hour. past half hour. we'll bring you
5:58 am
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right now on "news4 today" a frightening crash leaves at least one person dead overnight. what we're learning about the collision and the impact it's having on your morning commute. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. we'll let you know how cold you're going to be by the weekend coming right up. >> check out this video. giets a lot of you talking right now. a woman taken out of this arena after lebron james slams into her courtside. just incredible. good morning, everybody.
6:00 am
mostly cloudy skies out there for now. most of us are done with the rain but not entirely down across southern maryland. southern prince george's, charles, calvert, still have a risk of a couple of sprinkles early this morning. rain chance really focused south and east of i-95 into southern maryland. it will be dry across the shenandoah valley in northern maryland. your 24-hour focus, winter cold returns. we're near 50 with clouds returning. but, temperatures will be in the 30s by early this evening and windchills will be back into the teens and 20s to get your weekend started. so the big christmas crunch is here. if you're doing your holiday shopping forecast you look like me, this is what you look like if you're doing it. breezy and cold on saturday. sunshine, temperatures, mid-40s on sunday. come back in a few minutes and i'll let you know how the weather impacts your travel plans. here's melissa mollet. >> we


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