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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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mostly cloudy skies out there for now. most of us are done with the rain but not entirely down across southern maryland. southern prince george's, charles, calvert, still have a risk of a couple of sprinkles early this morning. rain chance really focused south and east of i-95 into southern maryland. it will be dry across the shenandoah valley in northern maryland. your 24-hour focus, winter cold returns. we're near 50 with clouds returning. but, temperatures will be in the 30s by early this evening and windchills will be back into the teens and 20s to get your weekend started. so the big christmas crunch is here. if you're doing your holiday shopping forecast you look like me, this is what you look like if you're doing it. breezy and cold on saturday. sunshine, temperatures, mid-40s on sunday. come back in a few minutes and i'll let you know how the weather impacts your travel plans. here's melissa mollet. >> we have nice light volume on
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the top of the beltway. you can see we're looking good this morning. let's keep it this way for everybody who still is in town and has to go to work or school right now. let's keep it nice and light here this morning. a big look at the beltway. you can see we don't have any other issues there. there goes my slow role in here once again this morning. taking a look at that issue we had earlier. it might be slow for folks looking there. 66 and sudley looking quite good this morning and then remember in fairfax, camp washington intersection there, that kind of three-way intersection, the crash on main street at fairfax boulevard, that's where megan mcgrath is for us this morning. we'll have travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. we just learned of the name of the man killed in a crash in upper marlboro. maryland police say a 20-year-old died in the head-on crash last night. the scene was just cleared by
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police in the last hour. we're working to find out how badly the other driver was hurt. as soon as we get updates, we'll have them on the nbc washington app. friends and family of a former navy s.e.a.l. want everyone to learn from his death. tim holden was killed. a group of bicyclists will escort the motorcade from the funeral home to arlington cemetery. they're bringing more attention to cyclist safety on the roads. today a maryland woman found pushing the lifeless body of her 2-year-old son back in court. she'd been in the park for almost two days. medical examiner in baltimore said her 3-year-old son died from dehydration and hypothermia. her trial is expected to start late january. and happening today the teen charged with bringing a loaded
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gun into his classroom heads to court. this happened at wilson high school earlier this year and the 16-year-old faces three charges including possession of an unregistered fire afrmt police still don't know how the teen got the gun through the school's metal detectors. no one was injured. in the past few hours pope francis approved a second miracle, mother teresa paving her way to sainthood. she'll likely be canonized in september to coincide with the 19th anniversary of her death. mother teresa was 87 when she died. pope francis marked his 7 th pd by approving this miracle. the vatican said it include curing a brazilian man with a serious illness. back to you. a school in virginia said it's closing today as a
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precaution over a controversial assignment last week. augusta county geography teacher asked students to write a muslim statement of faith. there is no specific threat to students. a principal is now out. we reported how he allegedly ignored those complaints. he's now been dismissed. the teacher in question now works aet a school inry county. voluntary firefighters from west lanham hills now face charges. two female firefighters say christopher kelly and jeff miller physically formed them out of a burning home in lanham. the fight basically boils down
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to a turf war. now to a story developing on capitol hill in just a few hours. congress is set to vote on a massive spending bill. right now both republican and democratic leaders are trying to get support for it. if the bill does not pass, expect congress to stay in session over the weekend. that's because if government funding runs out on tuesday, the government could shut down. >> all right. speaking of shutting down, a traffic alert that might slow you down in virginia. it's happening tonight. multi. lanes on 395 in northern virginia are being shut down. this is on 395 northbound. vdot crews are working on a new pittsburgh bridge. lane closures start at 9:30 tonight. they're going stay in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning. it's expected to be one of the biggest box office weekends of all times. the wait to see "star wars: the force awakens" is over.
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many waited for blocks in full costume. the uptown theater started playing the movie at 7:00 last night. the movie has already brought in over $14 million oversea. a lot of the movies have sold out. >> a lot of people calling in sick. stick with the force. all right. 6:06. you may still be paying pepco to keep the lights on in your house. the fight to block the utility's merger with exelon. the family of a missing teenager found dead is talking about his sudden passing, why his death has force d a d.c. ba to close its doors. a live look now at national harbor. what you can expect during your commute with your weather and traffic on the ones.
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four confederate monuments in new orleans are being removed soon. the city council voted the statues are a nuisance. among them is a towering statue of robert e. lee. it stood at the center of traffic circle for 131 years. no word as to when the monuments will be removed. the city anticipates lawsuits to keep them up. a group of historians says it's coming up with alternatives to maryland's state song. according to "the baltimore sun," the group is asking the maryland legislature to change some of the lyrics to "maryland my maryland" or select another state song. they say the ties to the maryland song confederates is too strong. it's been more than a year since the explosion destroyed the launchpad.
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it made this 30-feet deep cater and $15 million in repairs. there's going to be the a test in march followed by full supply mission in may or june. >> unforgettable video of that. 6:11. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." a big change coming your way. yes, indeed. we were in the mid-50s yesterday. by the time you wake up sunday morning, the temperatures will drop 30 degrees. a couple of showers possible in southern maryland today really south of about rosaryville and brandywine. calvert beach, hunting town, maryland, you have a best chance firefighter rain. temperatures are in the 30s. what to wear today, well, you'll need your winter coat not for this morning but before you come home today. so for your commute, mid to upper 40s now. upper 30s and low 40s and windchills in the teens and 20s
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by early your friday evening. weekend travel plans no problems locally. air travels. most of the troubles will be out west. how low it will go by sunday morning, that in ten minutes. here's an update. just got off the phone with megan mcgrath. camp washington intersection. she said the car involved in hitting the billing right there, it is now being pulled out by a tow truck. still has some closures right now. should be wrapped up here in the next little bit. taking a look at the chopper on the top of the beltway headed over to 270 to show you a shot of the spur and light volume there. 270, 11 minutes on time. top of the beltway, i- 5 to 270 looking good as well. 66 inbound and i-95 northbound, all that time is just perfect. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you'll hear the latest troubles.
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coming up, the most common mistake parents are making. plus, an nba fan hurt when lebron james goes flying into the stands. what we're learning about the woman who had to leave the arena on a stretcher.
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right now d.c. police are out at a stabbing on 13th and g streets in northwest. they're investigating exactly what happened. we do know that one man was stabbed there about a half an hour ago. he was awake, we're told, when he was taken to the hospital. but at this point, no suspect information. back to you. >> very traumatized. it's the worst nightmare any parent could ever have. >> the search for a missing 19-year-old comes to a tragic en. a popular bar has been shut down after a missing college student has been found dead. the teen's body was found yesterday on 18th street in an alley behind the madam's organ bar. his uncle said he disappeared after celebrating a cousin's
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birthday on tuesday night. >> thought he was coming out of the bathroom. he never came out. >> miss family believes he fell while using the stars in the back of the bar. calls this morning to reject a proposed merder between pepco and exelon t u.s. agency that pays the government's electric bills says d.c. should reject the proposed merger. they say the deal should be rejected unless it offers a better deal for taxpayers. it says the merger would fail to treat the larger ones. the deal subcy dieds the rates of residential payers. a developing story, the "washington post" reporting bernie sanders campaign is facing a big accusation. the democraticic
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he said it was a glitch and they fired a staff member for it. they say they never downloaded or printed that list. and speak of the democratic presidential candidates, they're going to meet on stage tomorrow night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley will debate at anthem college in new hampshire. nbc news will host the next debate. it's going to be in january. republican presidential candidate ted cruz continues his campaign blitz in virginia. he's making a stop at a church in mechanicsville outside of richmond. cruz is climbing in the polls after tuesday's debate though still behind front-runner donald trump. the wife of pga golfer jason day is out of the hospital. take a look at this. lebron james landed right on top of her when he went for a loose
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ball. she went to the hospital. lebron tweeted overnight and said he hoped day was okay. >> he went and greeted fans. of all people for it to happen to. a houston company has given each of their employees a $100,000 bonus this year, right? >> what? >> hill core energy announced laugh last week they're giving the gift to almost 1,400 workers. includes a company payout of more than $100 million according to "forbes." >> you know the rate of applications to hill core application is going to go up ten-fold. >> no problem recruiting this coming spring. they're going to do just fine. can you imagine this, going out to eat and find 3g $2,000 on the floo of a restaurant. >> this never happens to me. >> a woman accidentally left her husband's life savings of cash on the floor of an applebee's.
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they went to put it in a safety bede posit box but the bank didn't have one. they went to applebee's and the employee found it. >> they said are you sure? i said yes. >> the apple's employee said they did not want to be identified but as for the couple. they went straight to the bank. this could have ended in disaster. their life savings? >> what does that look like? was it in a briefcase? >> i've never seen that much cash in my life. >> at least they didn't mistake it for a tip. >> right. >> all right. 6:20 now. let's get a check of that forecast. starting off chilly. it's going to get cold. >> all right, chuck. how cold is it going to be today? >> here's a tip for you. get your winter coats out now. you'll be needing them before your sun goes down today. chances are low across the metro area. there could be some. if you're traveling down toward
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richmond, virginia beach or out to the eastern shore, be e on the lookout for rain drops. most of the rain will stay south and east of the metro area. you'll be dry today. but, again, anywhere along east of i-95. at least a chance for a few sprinkles. best chances for any real steady showers, though, will be down across southern calvert, southern charles, and st. mary's county. going out for a walk this morning, not terribly cold just yet. we're in the mid to upper 40s now. but notice the temperatures don't do much. in fact, we'll get to only about 45 by 1:00 and then after 1:00, the temperatures start to fall so that by 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tonight, breezy breezy and cold. windchills for your friday evening plans, windchills will be in the 20s. you'll need the heavy gear again. what about the weekend? the weekend starts off blustery and cold. tomorrow's high only near 43. windchills in the teens and 20s all day tomorrow. then on sunday, at least the wind goes away on sunday.
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seasonal. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. the weekend will be sunny and dry but a whole lot colder than we've become accustomed to. the coldest of the cold will be on sunday morning. these are your wakeup temperatures sunday morning 246789 in martinsburg, 31 in annapolis, 37 in waldorf and la plata. that's a cold one for sure. here's your four-day frachlt i'll give you the whole day. falling temperatures and breezy today. cold through the weekend. milder air starts to move back in by monday. maybe near 70%. that's on the seven day coming up in a little bit. for now let's go over to the fashion plate for melissa mollet. >> such a fashion plate. it's ugly christmas sweater day. i had to go into my husband's closet and pull out his "star wars" sweater. i cannot take myself seriously
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seeing myself. >> there is some debris in the roadway. in fairfax, camp washington intersection, a crash on main street at fairfax boulevard this morning. right now chopper over the spur. southbound on 270 at the spur, we have volume. it's not bad. you can see the montgomery county bus line over to the side right there. a big look at the beltway. no major problems on the beltway and the top of the beltway is getting just a tad slow this morning. sometimes, guys, my clicker doesn't work and i have to use the force so we can slide up the beltway. my son is going to absolutely love that. let me see your sweaters? >> i love that. nothing can make you look ugly. >> you're lying but i love you. >> i don't have an ugly sweater. this is david's. they're not ugly.
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>> i didn't think they were ugly. boit them because i thought they were nice and they said, oh, you're wearing it for national ugly sweater day. i thought, you got it. >> i like the toggle. >> i think of mister rogers. >> there's light bulbs and tinsel. >> i think they are fire hazards. >> facebook them. well, the bay bridge is more than 40 years old and it should be structurally sound for another 50. the maryland transportation authority put out a new report saying engineers can safely main tape the bridge through 2065. however, the report also found that traffic jams will stretch for miles in the next several decades and construction to the backup would cost billions of dollars to build. an alarming new study says most parents aren't properly putting their in fanlt in the car. researchers found that 95% of new parents they study made at least one error when buckling in
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their new borchlt one of the most common mistakes was a loose harne harness. they also buckled the chest clip too low and put the seat at the wrong angle. >> you've already missed it. she's taken hers off. >> i had to take it off. >> if you love wawa, this is a story for you. it's opening this morning. the popular gas station/food matter is making its way in chantilly. doors open at 8:00. a ribbon cutting -- they've got a rib cutting for this, it's set for 10:00. walter reed army medical center closed its doors in d.c. and moved to bethesda four years ago but now the site along georgia avenue is getting a makeover. a new development is coming to the air kr that will bring new housing, shopping, restaurants, office space and a public place this week. eats desperately needed in this part of the city. >> with the development at walter reed, you know, i'll be staying in high home area.
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>> the massive redevelopment will also mean millions in new taxes for the city. a teenager who killed two men during an altercation earlier this year has been convicted of murder. 16-year-old jabar taylor was also convicted of malicious wounding and criminal solicitation. this happened outside of the cookout restaurant. he stabbed three men. it started when taylor's older brother approached a vehicle in a drive-through and tried to yark out the driver. he's be sentenced in february. an employee is on the opposite side of the law at least for now. israel man grgroo is a former district manager. he was arrested after a co-worker accused him of taking inappropriate pictures. his trial will be tried in
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another county because of conflict of interest. coming up, a decision that has catholics around the world buzzing this morning. the move by pope francis that could soon make mother teresa a saint. i think these temperatures are cold for you. well, this is the warmest you're going get today. enjoy it. the dramatic temperature drop with your four things to know at 6:31. right now we're also watching a problem on the roads in the city of fairfax this is happening. a car loses control, slams into a building. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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right now we're bracing for a jolt of winter weather. you're looking outside our studio where the breeze is making it feel worse than the 48 degrees we're actually seeing at this hour. it's only going to get worse. so right now some of you already thinking temperatures in the lower 30s. check this out. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with the changes you're going to see in the coming hours. four things you need to know. >> dave and eun, it's a bit of a breeze but the wind is going to increase as the sun comes up this morning. get ready for the temperature
6:31 am
tumble and the return of all things winter in december. the rain is coming to an end and the cold is moving in. it will be gusty and blustery later on this afternoon. our one weekend of winter. there's maybe 70 degrees by the time we get toward christmas. your seven-day forecast at 6:51. right now it shows a couple of sprinkles in southern maryland. keep that in mind today. temperatures, 30s in the shenandoah valley but still near 50 around the metro area. rain chances if any are confined only to southern maryland so you don't need to worry too much about that. temperatures tornado will not be budging too much. it will be a frigid friday night. that part of the forecast and your school day, how to dress theky does coming up in ten minutes. here's melissa. >> all right. thank you, chuck. right now we do have a couple of problems here. one on 95 in virginia and in virginia. take a look at the map. we have a crash there on the left shoulder here this morning so that is slowing things just a tiny bit. but, again, it's on the left
6:32 am
shoulder so you don't have to worry too, too much. 95 in maryland. powder mill road. we have that ramp blocked right now because of a crash right there. 395 at duke street. we do have that problem as far as debris in the roadway. in fairfax. crash on main street that. is supposed to be wrapped up and out of the way here in just a little bit. typical slowdowns. top of the beltway. travel time's in 10 minutes. thank you, melissa. right now one person is in the hospital after an suv crashed into a t-mobile store in fairfax. this happened on fairfax boulevard and main street earlier this morning. "news4's" megan mcgrath is live on the scene with more information. megan, what's going on? >> reporter: well, eun, the good news is if you use main street through fairfax city, all of the lanes are open. if you look behind me, all of the police cars here earlier this morning just left. it happen within the last 20
6:33 am
minutes or so. the vehicle that slammed into the side of the t-mobile,ite gowan. take a look at the situation we had just an hour ago. we had traffic impact. there was a right-hand lane that was closed as police investigating this accident here. not exactly sure what happened but for some reason the driver left the roadway as it went around. it appears that curve, that right-hand turn lane as it kurning around the t-mobile it left the roadway and hit the foundation. a lot of damage to the car. the person in that vehicle was injured but doesn't look like there's much damage to the building itself. now, there was a similar -- a very similar accident that happened in this location just two years ago. take a look. that accident actually turned out to be fatal, but a similar situation. the driver left the roadway, actually slammed into the t-mobile. now in terms of what happening the investigation continues. they're still trying to piece together what happened, why that driver left the roadway. but if you travel through this
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area, no problems this morning. everything is back t normal. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you, megan. >> reporter: families of the victims of the san bernardino shooting are meeting privately with president obama today. he'll also make his last news conference of the year in d.c. this afternoon and he'll fly out. the white house is also considering action to expand gun background checks without approval from congress. >> the chicago police officer charged in the death of laquan mcdonald will be back in court today. on wednesday jason van dyke was indicted on six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct. today he's expected to plead not guilty. the case has sparked protests after the dash cam video was released. the video shows van dyke shooting mcdonald 16 times within just seconds of stepping out of his police car. there's still no announcement on baltimore police officer william porter. attorneys met with the judge behind closed doors one day
6:35 am
after his trial ended in a hung jury. porter was the first officer. the next trial is scheduled to be in three weeks. the family of a young d.c. reporter killed back in may still working to keep her memory alive this holiday season. tomorrow the parents of shar niece milton will host a holiday party for the children of murder victims. chilton's murder is still unsolved but her mom says she doesn't hate the people responsible for her death. >> i pray for those who hurt her. i pray for them nightly. >> reporter: anyone who may have any information in shar niece's death. you're looking at the video in connection with that night. police, they want to hear from you. all right. i want to share a very special moment i had last night at the warner theater. i was thrilled to be part of "the nutcracker kwgts production
6:36 am
of the washington ballet. can dwrou see me with the white handkerchief and the period dress? so much fun. it's a washington tradition. do you see all those dancers? there are about 150 children involved, there were rehearsals, the effort, everything that goes on behind the stage to make this just a smashing production every year. tickets are still available until december 27th, but it was really so much fun to be a part of this. how else would i be part of the ballet. >> that was a one-time appearance. >> that's right. merry widow. still worth seeing. >> you look a great for being at an all night cast party. >> i wish. thanks so much, washington ballet and the warner theater for having me. he gained notoriety for hiking the price of a common hiv drug by 5000%. what he's accused of him that
6:37 am
has landed him behind bars. make sure you bundle up the kids. plus a major highway in our area is going to be off limits tonight. the stretch of 395 tonight
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developing this story, mother teresa is set to become a saint. pope francis just approved her second miracle about when a man was cured from a coma in gra bragh still. a catholic newspaper says mother teresa will likely be canonized in september right around the 19th anniversary of her death. >> it is graduation day at the d.c. fire department. 12 cadets are becoming active mar more ideal bowser will help lead them at the academy
6:41 am
later today. breaking news on the roads right now. we have a couple of problems. one of them, inbound, 11th street bridge. brand-new problem here that just popped up here on our radar and southbound b.w. parkway shut down. all lanes are blocked because of a car fire. you can see northbound we're starting to get slow because of this problem as well. so it could be a nasty commute starting now at b.w. parkway. right now southbound 270 to the spur we're on time. beltway over 27 f taking a little longer than it has been. 56 minutes. inbound is on time and want co-to the beltway on time as well. chuck? >> thank you, melissa. outside today, what should you expect? well, i'll tell you one thing. expect a big change in the weather. it will become increasingly breezy by later on this afternoon. a clearing sky, falling temperatures and increasing wind as wintertime comes back into the area. school day forecast, temperatures in the 40s.
6:42 am
a lot of clouds around. southern maryland getting breezy by midday but notice temperatures will be falling. what to wear then? put your winter coat at least under your arm because you'll need it on your way home. be ready for a cold start to the weekend. a complete check of the seven-day forecast which includes the mention of 70 for santa. that's coming up. a frightening crash leaves at least one person dead overnight. what we're learning about this head jon collision that left a busy road in prince george's county shut down for hours. >> plus cutting out the middle man. the length amazon is going to to make sure your holiday gifts make it to your destination on time.
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breaking news on the road right now. we're sending chopper 4 as we speak here. take a look at this. we're talking about southbound bm r b.w. parkway shut down. you see northbound lanes slowing down as well. this is a three -mile backup. we have a ladder in the middle of the roadway slowing things as well. chuck? >> thank you, melissa. a lot of clouds around. most of the areas dry.
6:46 am
temperatures mid to upper 40s now. don't leave that winter coat at home. you'll need it before you get home today. a check of the hourly temperatures and a look into your weekend and how cold it will get. that's coming up in just five minutes. >> developing right now, police have cleared the scene of a deadly crash, this in upper marlboro. please say the man died in a head-on crash on largo road. we're working to find out how bad the other driver got hurt. in a few hours a former navy s.e.a.l. will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. tim holden was killed riding his bicycle in august. how others will learn from his death. molette? >> reporter: eun, good morning. i want to show you quite a screen developing at the bethesda pool. i want to step out. tim holden's fellow bicyclist
6:47 am
friends, those who want to show their solidarity showed up here. want to pay final tribute to him before his burial at arlington cemetery. they're going to get on the krenlts here and ride down to the lincoln memorial. arlington gave these special bikers permission to join up with the family. some 250 bikers could be part of this before it's all said and done. now the retired navy s.e.a.l. died in late august doing what he loved doing. that's riding his bike, getting that exercise in. that happened when he was hit from behind as he pedalled up a hill heading east on massachusetts ave. this happens before you get to glen ek ols firehouse. these fellow bikers want to use this as an opportunity to make awareness for bike riders being able to carefully share the road with cars and how important that
6:48 am
is for all bikers and cars to be able to get along safely on the roads. is the latest on the road from the bethesda pool. i'm molette green, "news4." >> thank you, molette. sims heads back to court. you remember she was found in a maryland parpushing the lifeless body of her 2-year-old son on a swing. she was found in a park in la plata back in may. the maryland coroner said her 3-year-old son died of hi hypotherm hypothermia. this happened at wilson high school earlier this month. the 16-year-old faces three charges including possession of an unregistered fire a.m. police still don't know how the teen got the gun through the school's metal detectors. no one was hurt in that incident. a fight between firefighters leads to assault and obstruction charges. two female career firefighters
6:49 am
from landover hills say christopher kelly and jeff miller physically forced them out of a burning home in lanham last week. the fight basically came down to a turf war. a new-month-old law makes it a felony to assault firefighters or medics while they're performing their jobs. p ham right now, defense secretary ash carter just getting to afghanistan. he is there to take a close look at the security situation after reports of increased violence and growing efforts by isis to gain ground in the eastern part of the country. secretary carter there is planning to meet with troops and military commanders. he'll be in the region for a week spending the last two days in iraq. there are almost 10,000 troops in afghanistan. david? >> thanks, kristin. >> in less than three hours congress set to vote on a massive spending bill.
6:50 am
right now a vote for republican and democratic leaders are trying to get support for it. expect congress to stay in session over the weekend. that's because if government funding runs out on tuesday, the government could shut down. be sure to shut down our nbc washington app. we'll update you as soon as that vote comes in. a heavily criticized ceo faces charging of running a ponzi scheme. you might remember martin shkreli. he raised the price of hiv drug. he used the money to pay off investors at a failed hedge fund. some waited for hours in line stretching for blocks. now they're celebrating the franchise with "the force awakens." is melissa mollet in there. they started playing the move at
6:51 am
7:00 last night. >> i think they did a really good job of taking us through the base story and maybe taking us to the base level. it's fantastic. >> it's only been out for a day. you see the people in line, the cause tombs. i've saw a wookiee in there, i'm pretty sure. the movie is breaking records. i'm going to see it tomorrow. i cannot wait. the force awakens broke fandango's record. it beat every other entire run before the first showing even started. the force awakens. set a record for presales which already have gone over the $100 million mark. some analysts think it could bring in as much as $240 million this weekend in this weekend alone. >> it's powerful. >> exactly. >> this is really powerful. i was reading some of the reviews. folks are waiting about this
6:52 am
movie. they're really excite. the avid star wars fans, really happy with it. >> we do have breaking news on the road. southbound, shut down. all lanes are blocked. we were seeing earlier delays. watch out for that. they i'm why i'm talking about that. we're sejding a chopper. should be there by the end of the show. fingers crossed to show you what's going on. inner loop at 66. causing real problems as you're coming around the bend there. that is debris they call it in the middle of the roadway. the center lane being blocked right now. we do have a problem with the crash. the rest of the beltway looking pretty good. pretty typical. inner loop as you head across the woodrow wilson bridge. inbound 95 also moving along nicely. taking a look at prince george's county, overall you don't have any major problems. indian head highway is a little slow. that, of course s completely
6:53 am
normal. don't have any problems there. chuck? >> all right. thanks, melissa. the next big change in the weather is here, everybody. it starts to roll in by a little bit later on today. i've gotten my light saber on here. temperatures in the mid-40s but during the afternoon, temperatures will start to fall. temperatures down 230 degrees by and by wakeup time tomorrow morning windchills will be in the teens and 20s. "storm team 4" radar, showers. motive of it staeing on the outer banks toward tidewater. mainly along and to the east and south of i-95. here's your rain chance map today. a few showers possible southern calvert and into sachlt mair's. not much of a climb today.
6:54 am
hovering into the low to mid-40s by lunchtime and temperatures starting to tumble as we head into the evening. for today, mostly cloudy. a risk of a few showers well down to the south. for tomorrow, a sunny day but noticeably colder weather coming our way for tomorrow. sunday will be cold as well. these are wakeup temperatures on sunday morning now. 24, gaithersburg, 29 in washington, 27, waldorf and la plata. here's the whole seven day. winter lasts only two days, saturday and sunday. 50s by monday. back into the 60s, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. that's a 70-degree number on christmas eve and christmas day. we will not get a white christmas this year. we will get a mild one. >> thank you, chuck. multiple lanes on 3 5 in north
6:55 am
virginia are being shut down. vdot workers are working on a new ped bridge on seminary road. lane closures are taking place torn and they will stay in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. amazon wants to cut out the middle man. amazon is trying to avoid a repeat of the 2013 online season. they got their christmas gifts several days later. they had to offer them a $20 gift card. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. >> if you had to wrap up your holiday, today is free shipping friday. more than 900 retailers are taking part this year. they say items will arrive by christmas eve. walmart, macy's, kohl's among them offering the free deal. we're going to put a list of the
6:56 am
merchants on nbc washington app. we're working to keep them safe this holiday season. one out of every three christmas tree fires in the home is blamed on electrical problems. it's according to the electrical fire protection agent say. here's what to do. replace any strings of lights with worn cords. keep your tree away from any heat source and water your christmas tree every day. the dry trees, those are the real fire hazards. watch out for those. head over to the nbc washington app. 6:56. here are the four things to know on this friday morning. mother teresa. she could be canonized. >> jason van dyke expected to plead not guilty. this week van dyke was indicted on 6 first degree charges in that case. a former navy s.e.a.l. will be laid to rest.
6:57 am
tim holden was killed while riding his bicycle in d.c. four months ago. a road reopened after an overnight deadly crash. two cars co-lighted head on and one person died. >> right now we have a new problem. b.w. parkway shut down. all the southbound lanes are blocked here this morning. we're going to tweet about this. the chopper's on the way. should be there soon. >> all right. that's going to do it for "news4 today." today." >> have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning. partners in terror? the friend of one of the san bernardino shooters appears in court as we learn chilling new details of that i alleged plot to target their community college and drivers on a southern california freeway. campaign controversy. a major embarrassment to the bernie sanders camp overnight. sanctioned by his own party for stealing private voter data belonging to hillary clinton's campaign. one staffer fired as sanders camp blames it all on a software glitch. courtside collision. lebron james tumbles on to the wife of pro golfer jason day while chasing a loose ball. she leaves game on a stretcher. we'll have the late on her condition. and not so model


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