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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 19, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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breaking news this morning out of virginia, one person is dead after a car accident in fairfax county. this happened around 11:00 last
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night on the westbound lanes of franconia-springfield parkway just past i-95. police say there were two people in the car. the driver died at the scene. a second person was taken to the fairfax hospital and is expected to be okay. right now there is no word on what caused this crash. we're looking at one minute after the 9:00 hour. that means we do want to get a check of your forecast. >> to do that we head outside. tom kierein venturing out in the cold. how is it feeling out there. >> show producer sara kirkland made me come out here. >> it's nice and sunny. >> but it is, you know, not too bad. as long as the wind is settled and you're in the sun. you need to dress warmly, wear your puffy coat and wear your gloves. we had a dusting of snow last night in parts of shenandoah valley around the blueridge. this photo taken by cindy
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coulte coulter. here's what to wear today. you won't need the umbrella, yes, a warm coat, hat, sunglasses and gloves. bright sunshine for the rest of the day ahead. hour by hour forecast will have it jumpingç up into the upper 30s, near 40 by noon. mid-40s during the afternoon. the wind should begin to increase again here over the next few hours. gusting 25 miles an hour into the afternoon. even though it will be in the mid-40s, it will feel like the mid-30s with the winds that will be gusty and coming on through during the afternoon. settling down today, a look at a warmup on the way for the christmas week ahead. that's coming up in a few minutes. we have video of a man assaulted by a former loudoun county sheriff's deputy. gregory assaulted lyle grenoble. he was arrested for public intoxication and later acquitted. here's the incident that got the deputy in trouble as they arrived at the loudoun county
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jail. >> you want to square off with me? do you understand me? >> i'm in the sallyport of the jail. i need some assistance please. >> any more problems out of you? >> i didn't do anything. >> i think i've got it, sir. >> on the way to the jail, the deputy stopped the car to loosen grenoble's handcuffs after he complained they were too tight. in court, deputy gregory argued grenoble squared off with him, as he got out of the cruiser and gave him a threatening look and made an aggressive move. and in that moment, he says he felt threatened. the loudoun county sheriff said he fired gregory after an independent investigation. the former deputy is appealing his conviction. developing right now, the u.s. military says it is investigating an american air strike that may have inadvertently killed iraqi soldiers. this happened near the city of fallujah.
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u.s. officials say they're investigating one of several air strikes it conducted friday against islamic state targets. they're just not sure how many may have been killed. the iraqis initially reported that as many as ten people may have died. the d.c. area man known for his appearance on a popular reality show pleaded guilty to calling in threats against metro stations, buses as well as trains. coleman's threats involved explosive materials. he's known as kid cole from his appearance on mtv's "catfish" a reality show about online scams. sentencing is set for february. we're learning that it was a dispute over an apology that led to a bus driver getting stabbed. the bus driver told police a man bumped into him with a stroller as he got on to the bus along mlk avenue in southeast. when the driver pointed it out, the rider, robert vosburg
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apparently said he had just gotten out of jail and didn't care about going back. investigators say a short time later, vosburg spat on the driver and slashed the driver with a tile cutter and took off. he was arrested not far from the scene. the driver is expected to be okay. 9:05. a student who the took a gun to wilson high school pleaded guilty. he pled guilty of possession of an unregistered firearm and possession of an unregistered ammunition. police still don't know how the 16-year-old got that gun through the school's metal detectors and security in northwest. no one was hurt in the incident. the boy will be sentenced next month. the search is still on for a man who stabbed and tried to rob a woman outside a montgomery county mall. police say he attacked her thursday afternoon. this happened in a parking lot outside macy's at lakeforest mall in gaithersburg. the woman is in her 60s and was standing near her car when the man came up to her, demanded money. she refused. police say the man pushed her
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into the car, stabbed her multiple times and then ran off. the woman has been treated and released from the hospital. today, friends and family will gather in prince william county to remember a young woman who was shot by her boyfriend. david williams is charged with manslaughter. police say that he unintentionally shot brittany custer. friends of the 25-year-old say they have text messages that may help police get stiffer charges. this happened on tuesday. the vigil will take place at 6:00 tonight in wood bridge. a go fund me page has been set up on brittany's behalf. the family of a young d.c. reporter killed back in may, keeping her memory alive. the parents of shcharnice milto for children of murder victims. crews are installing new
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synthetic turf on a football field in fairfax county. some parents are concerned about the chemicals inside of it. the westgate elementary pta said they learned that the field will use a crumb rubber turf. parents are asking officials to delay the plans but the school is moving ahead with the project. fairfax county schools put out a statement that says the turf is safe and there's nothing to prove crumb rubber causes any health risks. 157.5 tons of chemicals that you would not allow cows to graze upon. >> fair fox county schools say they will conduct frequent air quality checks within the school and will share the results with the community. they were a picture perfect blended family until one january day this year when denise mattison came home to a scene that would change her family's life forever. her husband of just six months murdered.
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>> and for the first time since that tragedy, the grieving mom spoke about a suddend1=mm followed by a great joy no one saw coming. the stars shine the brightest when the backdrop is a really, really dark sky. there isn't a moment i take for granted. i sit and cuddle with the kids on the couch and i -- i mean, if i could, i'd count their eyelashes. >> reporter: the little things have become the biggest blessings for denise mattison after losing the love of her life. in january, denise arrived at her ashburn home to a terrific scene. she watched as her new husband of just six months, corey mattison, was shot and killed by her ex-husband, min wen over a custody dispute. >> that's what those two little girls have done. >> reporter: messages of hope fill the home where denise lost so much. >> as we look to the things that are not seen but the things that are unseen.
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>> reporter: she reads her bible every day and says it is faith that constantly peels her off the floor. >> i know where he is. there's comfort in it but there's immense hope, you know. and that is why we're okay, because i know that this isn't the end of the story. >> reporter: a story of grief that recently gave way for great joy. in september, denise gave birth to a baby girl. >> corey means chosen, renee means reborn and mattison means gift. >> reporter: a daughter named after a father she'll never know. it was shortly after corey died that denise found out she was expecting the couple's first child. >> i see him every time i look at her. i thought that every time i looked at her and i saw him, it was going to only make me sad. there is sadness but it's overpowered by joy and love and thankfulness.
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>> reporter: with the new addition, the blended family proudly calls themselves the mattison eight. it's a houseful of tremendous love, but still this time of year is especially tough. >> when he sat back after everybody opened all the presents and they're playing with their toys and i remember looking over at him and he was sitting there taking it all in. >> reporter: a giving spirit, inspiring purpose from pain with a message of hope for the hurting. >> it's not move on. there's no moving on but there is keep moving. >> she is a strong, strong woman. mattison's ex-husband, min wen pled guilty to first degree murder. he will be sentenced in april. providing your zip code at the register may seem harmless but you should watch this next report coming up before you give out that personal information if you're headed to the stores today. and a santa controversy. why a kindergarten parent is accused of ruining christmas.
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9:10. we'll be right bac
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you're watching news 4 today. this morning, a teen is facing two tellnies for selling brownies laced with marijuana to classmates. this happened at montgomery blair high school just before thanksgiving. police say high school senior william keysar sold those brownies to two female classmates. the brownies made the girls sick. authorities are investigating to make sure they weren't laced with a stronger drug. nearly two dozen parentsç pulled their kindergartners out
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of school for a christmas tradition that was called off. their annual field trip to deliver letters too st. nick was canceled by the school's principal. that comes after one parent argued that public schools should respect and focus on all religions during the holiday season. you're waking up to near freezing temperatures but tom says 70 degree weather -- >> what? >> -- it could be in our future. what you talking about,
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a developing story this morning out of anne arundel county. one man is dead after trying to rob an off-duty baltimore city police officer. this happened on homewood road around 1:30 this morning. investigators say the suspect pulled out a gun to rob an officer who was dressed in plain clothes. that officer shot the suspect with his service weapon, killing the suspect. detectives determined that suspect was carrying an all black toy gun that looked like a revolver. happening right now in prince george's county, 'tis the season for giving and county police department is doing their part by helping families in need. >> that's right. news 4's derrick ward is live at police headquarters with that story. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning again. take a look. we're outside prince george
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county police headquarters on barlow road. the people coming through the door with those bags is the end of a process. this began with a signup. take a look inside, what we're seeing today, there's a mountain of toys inside the gymnasium today. this is a process where folks have signed up already. they get their names called and there's a group of cadets and other folks who with working to fill these bags with toys. this is in prince george's county, being participated in all by sectors of the public safety sector, as we hear from fire chief mark bsahor. >> thank you so much. >> this isn't all of it. there are other places where things are stored right now. every firehouse in prince george's county we've been collecting toys for the last month and a half. there's still boxes and containers that will be brought over later on.
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it's phenomenal the amount of giving that you see in front of you here. >> reporter: this goes on until 6:00 here. they actually can't take any more names. you're supposed to sign up but they can't take signup names for next year. you go to toys for and look for the local giving section. that's how you do it for next year. live in prince george's county. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. >> everybody bundled up for good reason. >> nice coat on out there. >> i'm hungry. this cold weather makes me ravenous. i don't know about you. >> you need comfort food. >> naomi, our director baked 800 cookies. i think she can help you out. >> i'll indulge. this cold weather will be with us fopç today and tomorrow and then right bag up the roller coaster we go, midweek next week. right now if you're about to head out the door, do some shopping, you'll be walking into a bit of a breeze.
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it's beginning to pick up now. just a few minutes ago that flag was hanging limply near union station. the winds are beginning to pick up. that's a live picture there. temperatures are hovering a little above freezing now. reagan national is at 35. it's in the mid to upper 30s around the bay. nearby suburbs climbing into the low to mid-30s as well. shenandoah valley in the mountains, also now getting above freezing, most locations there into the mid-30s. holiday shopping, gift shopping, good weather for today, need a puffy coat and wear your warm gear, we'll be in the low to mid-40s between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. the winds will be gusty. if you're darting from the car, heading into the store, you'll be happy you wore your warm coat and have gloves on as well. the wind chills will just be in the 30s during the afternoon. storm team 4 radar not showing snow anywhere in the vicinity. we did get a few flurries overnight around the shenandoah valley and the blueridge. getting a few snow showers way up here in southwestern
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pennsylvania. going out tonight, it will be around 40 degrees early evening with a light wind under a clear sky, then late evening. it will get cold right back down into the mid to upper 30s by late tonight. bottoming out, upper 20s to around 30 by dawn on sunday. and tomorrow, another cold day but this is the average high this time of year. mid-40s, lots of sun and a lighter wind. then clouds increase on monday. 20s in the morning, afternoon highs should make it to the low to mid-50s. late monday night into tuesday, we may get very light rain showers coming through off and on. otherwise it's a lot of clouds around. mild tuesday afternoon, may be near 60 degrees, even milder on wednesday. storm team 4 seven-day outlook, into the mid-60s. passing light showers from time to time on wednesday, as well as into thursday. afternoon highs then near 70 degrees, then christmas day looks to be sunny with highs in the 50s. here's a peek at next weekend. the outlook for saturday, partly
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sunny and in the mid-50s. next sunday, a week from tomorrow, in the low 50s. a chance of a few showers coming on through. if you have folks visiting for next weekend out and about, should be good weather. that's the way it looks, guys. >> police officers targeting shoppers with tickets. it's not what you think. how they're spreading holiday
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you're watching news 4 today. most of us really think nothing of it. you go to the store, provide your zip code when the retailer asks for it at checkout. as erika gonzalez reports, you may want to think twice before handing it over. >> reporter: fill up at the pump and you'll have to do this. but inside a store there's no requirement to give your zip. which is why carrie weineke of bethesda board says he doesn't ask for it. >> we check their i.d. we don't need e-mail or first born or anything. if they want to see our sales, they will go to instagram or facebook and check in at their time. >> reporter: weinke says he andç his business partner treat their customers the way they'd want to be treated. >> me as a consumer, i do not appreciate being inundated by e-mails, text messages or anything. if i want to check out a sale, i should have the right to go at my time. >> reporter: not all stores intentions are so considerate.
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>> the claim is that the stores are using the pretense of using a credit card as requiring your zip code. >> reporter: scott perry is an attorney who has sued on behalf of shoppers. >> what most people don't realize, there's technology with your name on the credit card and the zip code they can actually find your address. >> reporter: stores can use that information to send you marketing materials like catalogs. weineke thinks it's just too much. >> we think it's kind of annoying. i know it bothers me when people, you know, e-mail me about sales or stuff like that. >> asking for your zip code. >> or my zip code. unless i'm at a gas station, why should they need that? >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news 4. police officers in northport, florida, were out in full force, pulling over folks for traffic violations. but instead of tickets, they gave out a little holiday cheer. while pretending to write tickets, they asked the drivers what they were looking to buy for christmas.
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meanwhile, they relayed the items to officers inside and they came back out to the driver with the actual gifts. >> i love that. >> the department gave out more than $1,000 in holiday presents. to pull that off, i mean, they have to work quickly. that's so cool. >> they had 11 cars altogether that they pulled over. >> the reaction on the face says it all. >> yes. >> layer up if you're about to head out and do some shopping, just enough time to get me your gift. temperatures in the 40s later this afternoon. bundle up. >> don't forget to be kind when you're in the parking lot trying you're in the parking lot trying to find a
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"inside the redskins" on nbc 4. i'm rick "doc" walker at redskins park. last sunday the redskins won their first game on the road this season against the bears. now let's take a look back at some of those highlights. >> kirk turns, gives it to alfred mars, tries the left side, driving, driving, did he get in? >> that's all he needed. touchdown.


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