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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 20, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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quite glare off some of the roads an your dashboard if you're driving around and heading over to fedex field and tailgating. 30s. reagan national, 40 degrees. we're above freezing. upper 30s around the chesapeake bay. that's coming up in a few minutes. heat and hot water shut off due to a car accident. derrick ward has the latest from montgomery ville j. what do you know, derrick. >> reporter: they're working on a ruptured gas line. we're in the 18000 block. part of this apartment complex
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has lost heat and hot water this morning. kind of a chilly morning for that to happen. they did not evacuate although they were told to stand by that they might have. that's out of an abundance of caution any time you have a norway gas leak. back to you. >> today there will be a memorial for a high school student killed in a car accident. it happened on fra cone ya springfield park way when the driver lost control of the car. 18-year-old laween akrawi. there were no survives on the smael plane that crashed in
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bakersfield. the ntsb is look at the investigation. a mayday call came from the aircraft around 4:30 saturday afternoon. shortly after the call the plane was reported missing from radar. possible debris from the plane was found several hours later. >> we're learning more about a police accounting shooting. an off-duty baltimore officer shot and killed the suspect after the suspect tried to rob him with a toy gun. it happened before 2:00 saturday morning in electricity come heights. police say the officer just got off work when he came up, pointed the toy gun at him and asked for the officer's wallet. police say he thought the gun was real. >> one of those thing was a toy gun. >> the officers believe the
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gunman was homeless. the air france flight got diverted heading to paris this morning. it was a false alarm. the suspected bomb was found in the bathroom and the plane was forced to land in the kenyan coastal city of mombasa. all 459 passengers and 14 crew members were safely evacuated from that plane. in decision 2016 the final democratic debate of this year's in the books. terrorism darks ta breaches and fight republicans were all big topics. nbc's chris pollone on who made the biggest wave in last night's debate. >> reporter: a day after a data breach controversy led to a war of words between bernie sanders and hillary clinton campaign, both sides moved quickly to stifle the bad blood. a software glitch gave his team access.
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>> yes, i apologize. this is not the type of campaign we run, and if i find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired. >> reporter: this is over clinton's abuse over private e-mails, clinton chose not to hammer sanders in this debate. >> i think we should move on. i don't think the american people are all interested in this. i think they're more interested in what we have to say about all the big issues. >> reporter: what issues? weeks after the san bernardino and paris attack, terrorism, gun control, and national security dominated much of the discussion. with the democrats taking aim at republicans as much as each other. >> we must work more closely with muslim-american communities. we must work with them, not demonize them as the republicans have been doing. >> they have a wide mar yin in the poll. former maryland governor martin o'malley went on the offensive slamming them both.
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it might give him in life. >> senator sanders voted to giving in immunity to gun standards. secretary clinton changes her position on this every election year it seems. >> reporter: for now it remains it's clinton's nomination to lose but with the pohl in new hampshire there's still a lot to be decided on. coming up on "meet the press," an exclusive interview with house speaker paul ryan. moderator chuck todd will also have a postgame analysis with the democratic debate with bernie sanders. all of that coming up on "news4 today." it's 10:05. here's look at stories coming up in the week ahead. last-minute shopping is kicking in into high gear. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest delivery day for packages and cards. more than 30 million pack js will be delivered tomorrow alone. you still have until december
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23rd to expect christmas arrival. this wednesday they'll have a blood drive in hop of noah liotta. it's happening on edison park drive in guy thersberg, it's open to the public but donors are encouraging to preregister. >> today's the final redskins home game. they're facing the buffalo bills at 1:00 p.m. if the skins win or should i say when they win t back-to-back victories, this will be the first of the season. wide receiver desean jackson says he does expect to play. >> sounds like a bet. well, coming up, shots fired inside a wisconsin mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. what police say is behind the gunfire and the concern even though things are back to normal at that mall. remember that massivefire at the annapolis yacht club? how the fire is impacting future
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a money was shot to death in the emergency room by a police officer. say the man tried toy a attack two officer. he was in the e.r. after being arrested for attacking two other officers during the day. the sheriff's department is reviewing any surveillance or cell phone video from the hospital. in another part of the state man could face criminal charges. the man shot over thanksgiving weekend died this past weekend. it shows the officer shooting andrew thomas after he was in a car accident and tried to crawl out of the car. he didn't realize he had shot him. the officer could face involuntary manslaughter charges. the investigation into the massive fire at the annapolis
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yacht club continues this morning. filln't still don't know what caused the blaze back on dez 12. according to documents from the club. and the employees are still being taken care of through the holidays. the club has committed to paying them for a minimum of 30 days. it's 10:10. coming up, an out of the blue coming up, an out of the blue phone call lands a coach
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an apology to start last night dees bait and the battle over immigration is heating snup and fresh into the studio to talk about it moderator of meet the press, chuck todd. you made it. >> we made it. >> you're here. >> i was try do, once again, a 90-minute show. they cut me down to one hour. i blame you for that. >> you can blame anything on me. listen. last night bernie sanders starting off with an apology right off the bat to hillary clinton. that was interesting. >> smart tactic to be honest. it immediately gets rid of the issue. you're able to focus the debate on everything else. whether that should be the first question, you know, at the end of the day i think this is an inside baseball kind of think. i think the dustup is back a little bit based on my
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conversation with bernie sanders and john podesta. there's still not o a lot of give here. that dustup still exists but it's total inside baseball. the sharp divide is now national security between the two of them. better saying better office. we're in power shoo wow. the middle east would be more stable and obviously hillary clinton who supported getting rid of saddam and gadhafi is in a different place. >> what do you think about the rhett rinne donald trump is using around muslims saying that that's going to be used -- >> see, that's the problem. the problem is how she said that.
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>> she made the declaration it's already happening. there has been concern he could be doing this but he walk swood a trap on this, i think. although you'll. donald trump stands by this. i know you'll be shocked on this. but the more important question is you'll hear the answer. what if you found your rhetoric was being used in isis recruitment, would you change it? i'm sure you can predict what he might say on that but i was still a little surprised by his answer. >> wow. it sounds like you have interesting stuff. >> i promise you. i promise you. we have sanders, paul ryan, especially here in washington kind of glad that we're not still here, you know. the town's cleared out on the
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20th. who knew. usually you have a standoff. that didn't make conservatives happy. paul ryan did not pick a fight this time and you'll hear why. >> but the traffic gets better when everybody leaves. >> you and i both know this. you and i can get up a little bit later. just a little bit. that extra ten minutes. >> it ooh's little bit easier coming across the chain bridge. >> it sure is. >> a reminder you can see "meet the press" every sunday on nbc 4 right after "news4 today," chuck, thank you very much. we'll all be watching. >> police say a group of young men got into a fight at the east town mall saturday. one of them shot a 19-year-old in the leg. they say it was not an active shoot ore terrorism situation. monday the accomplice to the san bernardino shooters will be in court for a bail hearing. enrique marquez is charged with aiding and planning terrorist
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activities. prosecutors say he and farook may have been plotting back in december of 2011. investigators say they found an arsenal of ammunition and bombs inside the home. well, an out of the blue phone call land as former basketball star in an unexpected place. he's now a coach as gallaudet university and as jason pew rah reports he's doing as much learning as he is teaching. he's still the all-time leading scorer in nba history and now he's sharing his nothing of basketball players at gallaudet university.
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>> i always wanted to teach. teaching is coaching, coaching is teaching. that's something i love to teach. >> he's assisting students at bison. about half communicate through sign language. he doesn't. >> i know certain things as far as basketball terminology which helps me out, you know, defense, you know, how to trap. it's my job and learning as a coach also. i take it as a strong task. >> reporter: it's a challenge made easier with moten playing overseas. >> i thought that was a perfect concept on how he could really fit in here. that in other countries with see have a different language, a different culture. >> reporter: it's turning out to be a great fit for everyone. >> we all know that he is there. so we know it takes time for him to know the process of learning. >> of learning asl. >> i take this as a strong challenge even walking around on the campus. i don't want to be here as a strong coach. i want to be here as a teacher
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and learn from them. it's like winter in buffalo and the city got its first snowfall this season smashing records for the longest time without any senator for weeks. by this time buffalo would have had 20 inches of snow by now. >> they're escaping the snow by a little bit. i'm told we have a game that has some meaning today going on. i'm also told i have an ear piece in my ear. we're going to have a great football weather. hopefully we'll see a great football it's going be into the
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40s during the game. we'll have very light wind. lots of sunshine and we'll have a terrific day for football. the flag in the forground flapping ever so gently whereas yesterday it was a brisk wind. today we've got a calm wind and temperaturing are now well above freezing in the metro area. it'sal near 40 by the bay. shenandoah valley and blue ridge getting above freezing there too. mid and upper 30s. "storm team 4" radar not showing any rain or snow anywhere in our vicinity. no travel problems up and down the atlantic seaboard, in and out of the midwest. there's a little bit of rain and snow in the pacific northwest. that extended down into northern california. might be minor travel delays there. holiday shopping forecast, terrific day. the stores and malls were packed. another a great day for holiday gift shopping were mid-to upper 40s during the afternoon.
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lots of sunshine. i was out getting some exercise. this little barn in northern montgomery county with a little wreath there. post your photos on facebook and twitter if you're heading out tonight. we'll be near 40 degrees for the evening. just a few clouds will be coming through from time to time. the clouds holding a little bit of warmth. not as cold when you're waiting for the bus. it will be in the upper 30s and then by mid morning monday ought to be climbing into the low 40s and clouds closing in. cloudy the rest of monday. near 60 degrees. wednesday showers likely. there's a possibility we can get over an inch of rain during the day on wednesday and then wednesday evening we'll dry out a bit and then just cloudy on thursday and mild into the low 70s. the record high for washington on thursday is 69. so we may break that record.
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then on christmas day looking terrific in the morning. it will be in the low 50s. mid 50s by noontime by mid afternoon on christmas day should be right around 60 degrees. into the weekend might get rain next saturday with temperatures in the 50s. that's the way it looks. >> all right, tom. loving that forecast. coming up on this alaskan fight, you might have thought one of santa's helpers took over after you
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i'm so happy to be back home hosting "saturday night live." sorry. >> we've been together. >> for the last two months. >> we're at the point. >> where we're finishing each other's sentences. >> we're in the favorite christmas movie. got to love it. >> last night tina fey and amy poehler hosted "saturday night live" together. "snl" is back january 15th with host adam driver. >> they're hilarious. really, really funny. one flight attendant from l alaskan airfare has decided to sing her song to jingle belts. you see the passenger backed her
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up with the jingle bells. they got a big round of applause from some a preesh yabl passengers. >> got to love it. >> 'tis the season. all right. skigoers in switzerland and austria are dreaming literally of a white christmas because of a snow drought. they were counting on snow to bring in ski tourism. the same depose for austrian ski lifts. moat are close until they see snow. >> really unbelievable situation. same around here, poconos. >> water-ski iing is going to b pretty mild. by midweek we'll be in the mid-60s. it will come with rain from time to time. it looks like the wettest day will be wednesday. that will be a big travel day. over the next several days it will be a travel day.
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no big problems. milder weather moving in. monday afternoon, mid-50s. maybe a sprinkle or two around on tuesday. then that rain likely wednesday. then only a chance -- a small chance of a sprinkle on thursday. but the main story on christmas eve is temperatures in the low 70s. will be a record hie and sunshine back near 60 degrees. >> i like the forecast. i'm loving it. >> i'll take it too. >> that's it for "news4 today." "meet the press" is next. >> wake up with us tomorrow morning. we start at 4:26.
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this sunday morning, donald trump dominating the national polls now more than ever. >> something is going on and it's beautiful to see. >> but no one has ever won without paying more attention to early states like iowa. trump is rewriting the rules. can he rewrite history? donald trump joins me live. plus, last night's democratic debate. >> secretary clinton is too much into regime change and a little bit too aggressive without knowing what the unintended consequences might be. >> did bernie sanders pass the commander in chief test? he joins me this morning. and speaker of the house paul ryan says he and president obama don't agree on much. >> we're going to have one heck of a contrast in 2016. >> so why


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