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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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pageant trending this morning. good morning. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. we're having changes. upper 30s to low 40s. 37 in damascus right now. only 36 out in leesburg. so what to wear today. you'll need your winter coat and hat as well. take your umbrella as rain chances are coming back our way. best chance for rain moves into the area about ten hours from now that. will be 4:00 this afternoon. rain chances increasing quite a bit after we get past lunchtime. a cold and dry start. out the door temperatures are in the 30s. 7:00 tonight, few showers around, upper 40s and tomorrow showers near 50. that's the leading edge of an incredibly warm day. check on traffic with kim mccormick. >> we have a problem on the
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outer loop. delays are extending back. you can see a long string of traffic there. there's activity on the left-hand shoulder and that's causing a bit of a delay coming down laurel and if you're traveling eastbound on 66 things are moving quite nicely for you in fairfax. not too much of a problem as you head toward the beltway. >> thanks, kim. we're staying on top of a developing story in montgomery county. a man is dead after the shooting. police say the gunman and victim knew each other. this all happened inside a house on ridge road in damascus. that's where "news4's" derrick ward is live with the investigation. derrick? >> reporter: yeah, we're in the 2400 block of ridge road in damascus. you can take a look. police have been focusing on the other side since about 12:35.
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that's when they got the call. seems like it was some sort of get-together. at least two families t families who live here and other folks who were visiting when some sort of fight broke out. the victim is identifieds a 35-year-old male. the suspect is identified as a 40-year-old male. the victim, we guess, the suspect was the host. police are not looking for anyone at this point. the suspect is actually in custody and the investigation has continued. no word on charges. certainly a tragic incident. it seemed that it started as some sort of get-together that went terribly wrong. back to you. prince george's county police are looking for a gun in a deadly shooting. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.
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>> reporter: this is breaking now. this is just coming in to us. not a lot of information. again, five coalition soldiers killed not sure what countries the soldiers are from and six wounded in a bagram suicide attack. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. 6:03. a developing story right now. a woman is in custody in las vegas. she's going to face charges for driving into a crowd of pedestrians and killing someone. las vegas police say the woman had a 3-year-old child in the car with her. also they believe she drove into the crowd on purpose. 26 other people were hurt in that crash. some of them critically. it is 6:03. tragedy. school is out for the holidays but grief counselors will be in fairfax county to help cope with the death of a classmate.
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laween laween. today a virginia family prepares to lay 19-year-old paul mcginnis to rest. he's the man found dead. he was in bar celebrating his cousin's birthday. police are not calling this a homicide. prince george's county's 911 system is back up. the computer-aided dispatch system was not working for about three hours on sunday. they handled calls manually on
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paper. we're told no calls were missed an no service interrupted. the service is being replaced now. in decision 2016. changes in bernie sanders team after accusations the campaign had improperly accessed and downloaded data. that means there are now four members on the democrat's campaign somehow involved in breach. fox business announced it would host a gop debate in charleston, south carolina, instead. this happens two days after president obama's final state of the union. the chief strategist with the republican national committee says he's hoping to have a forum at liberty university in february instead. redskins fans have their eye on the day after christmas. the team is taking on the philadelphia eagles with a playoff spot on the line here. the skins need one more win. i think it could happen.
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>> are you sounding hopeful? >> absolutely. team spirited. >> all right. now you're talking like a real skin fan. >> the eagles lost but they're only game back right now. if the skins win, they'll host the playoff game in just a few minutes. >> come on. two games in a row. >> nobody is getting cocky though. it's looking good. how long has it been since we've been talking about the red wings? >> at the beginning of the season if you told us, nobody would have believed you. >> good times. >> all right. not an animal you would want to find yourself face-to-face with. quick thinking that helps a boy scout leader survive a bear attack. the popular item giant is recalling this morning, chuck? good morning, everybody. they may change the way you view your afternoon plans. i'll give you a quick check of
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right now investigators are trying to figure out what started a land slide in china. take a look at this. they believe a pile of kochb strukz piled up against the hill may have triggered the land slide. look for a rocket launch from cape canaveral today. spacex says they're looking for parts when the rocket lands. that could save a lot of money according to spacex. a live look on the road. many are off. vdot is offering tools to help make your holiday travel a bit easier. the 511 system provides real time information about traffic, road condition incidents.
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the system can be accessed online or dialing 511 o any phone in virginia. you can also download a free 511 app. good morning, everybody. the weather will impact your plans. school for maybe a limited few. most are off. i say that just out of habit. but commuting today. you may want to take the umbrella. going out shopping to run your errands. no koetd is need. for your now travel weather is quiet all along i-95. that is definitely good news. there are the rain chance coming back in on us as early as 3:00 or 4:00. do take your umbrella on your way out the door. for your commute, 30s. cold and dry. 50s, dry. seven-day forecast in three minutes. kim mccormick. please tell me there's no trouble on i-95. >> there's trouble.
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ite going to be a crash on the left and right shourlders right here at the end of the ramp from the icc. traffic is stacking up past 198 toward 32. so be careful there. it is going to cause a bit of a delay obviously. go you're traveling around the damascus area, it's causing a potential distraction. you are moving along quite well. don't forget. tune in to wtop 105.3 f.m. as you head out the door. >> a dog standing over a owner who was hurt in a house fire. we'll show you why the dog is looking for her second new home in a month. right now, you're not the only ones scrambling to get things in order for the holidays. i'm one of those people. we're live at the post office with what you should do to make
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on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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6:15. the man they say helped san bernardino shooters will be in court. he's charged with aiding and planning terrorist activities. marcus bought the two assault rifles that left 14 dead on december 2nd. a push for trounger gun laws
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in montgomery county. parents who lost children to gun violence in rockville. they were joined by the county's executive and police chief. they called for universal background checks and fewer sales of high capacity magazines. >> when i hear folks saying, well, how can we possibly do registration, gun registration, how can we not have gun registration. a gun rights group responded to the rally and said it was not against keeping firearms out of the hands of people with mental health problems and that prosecutors need to do a better job enforcing existing gun laws. developing right now, schools in parts of new hampshire are closed the morning because of a public safety threat. police say safety at public schools caused the closures. a threat e-mailed to the school district was detailed enough to take action. it mentioned specific planned
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attacks against two schools. the superintendent of the schools made the decision. a boy scout leader survived a bear attack in a new jersey forest. he walked into a cave and came face-to-face with the bear on sunday. the black bear bit his leg and shoulder and scratched his scalp. somehow the man was calm enough to grab a rock and hammer the bear in the head. he then crawled into the fetal position yelling for the nearby scouts to get help. the bear eventually walked away. the scout leader is expected to survive. amazing. right now new at 6:00 a.m. a man who held up a gas station is on the loose. the armed robbery happened at 2:00 a.m. at the exxon. police say they searched the area with canine units with a helicopter and units. he's described as 6 foot tall and a goatee. thieves stow all the plenlts
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last week for fr. the family even the dog mickey. four children were devastated. later the family recognized the dog from fliers and returned him to the family. a harley-davidson dealership replaced all of those stolen gifts. zwr a major -- i mean colossal mistake. he announced the wrong person as the winner. miss philippines. she was the actually winner but steve mistook the first runner-up as the winner and gave her the crown as you saw there. he then went back on stage and apologized.
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everyone is stunned. no one more stunned than steve harvey. she gathered herself up and was able to take her walk as miss universe. >> the woman in the black dress had to take the crown off. >> can you imagine? there's more. listen to this. then steve harvey went off to twitter to apologize and he misspelled columbia and the philippines. he said i want to apologize wholeheartedly to miss colombum and the philippians. >> and someone tweeted you should apologize to the core inthee yases as well. >> you don't recover from that. all right. 6:19 right now.
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in news for you, be aware of cooking for a group. save your labels. if you're a guest make sure you leftlet your host know about any allergies you might have. the sooner the better. a new survey says baby boomers are disappointed in their children but it's not a new trend. a new social trends survey says two-thirds -- every survey says that. two-thirds of the republicans and older have more respect but baby boomer parents felt the same way. it said as health and education improves over time. the cycle happens over and over again. >> i think my parents are proud of me. i think i'll put that out there. >> it stands to reason. we want to check the forecast. where are we. 43 degrees outside. >> let's stek in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with "weather & traffic on the 1s." hey, chuck. >> good morning, everyone.
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after a sort of cold weekend around here. saturday was our first and only day this month where temperatures were above average. we'll be back in plus territory not just for today but the rest of the week as well. 41 winchester, luray, and arlington. 37 in germantown. 43 in manassas. 40 in st. mary's county. in the low to mid-50s later this afternoon but rain chances moving in about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. what do you need to wear today? you'll have to wear your winter coat and your umbrella and hat for later on today as the showers move on in. today is one of many days that may be filled with rain drops. rain the second part of today and early tomorrow. rainiest day this week will be wednesday. christmas eve still a chance for showers but wail till you see the numbers.
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could be crushing. take your umbrella with you. only about ten hours or so away so that puts it in between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. you'll need it for later on. here's future weather. should be dry through about lunchtime but steadier light rain chances moving in. there's that leading edge of our rain chance coming in and more showers coming in later tonight as well. seven-day forecast, wow. this is not a december seven-day at all. 50s today. 60s tomorrow and wednesday. thursday up near 74. that would just obliterate the old record. that's christmas eve. christmas day also looks nice. we may need to move that christmas day high up closer to 70 degrees as well. an awful lot of rain chances
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over the next several days. we'll get back to thinks we need to know. traffic time. what you need to know. >> if you're in leasebugging we have a crash after belmont ridge road. at last check it's causing a bit of a slowdown for you. we have the crash cleanup at the greenbelt metro. everything is off. however, you'll find delays stacking back up at 450 as a result. taking a live look at lorton road, things are moving along quite well for you. heavy traffic moving along the beltway and looking live at the icc and 95, you can see that traffic is moving a little bit slow. fortunately everything is off on the shoulder. kim, thank you. this morning former president jimmy carter and his family are mourning. his 28-year-old grandson died over the weekend.
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he stopped breathing when he went to lie down for a nap. the 91-year-old shared his tragic story at sunday school in georgia. >> they tried to give him cpr but he passed away. he was just 28 and a very wonderful young man. >> the death comes just two weeks after carter revealed that his own battle with brain cancer was successful. now to a consumer alert out this morning. giant food is recalling the popular zatarain red beans and rice. the product may actually contain creamy parmesan rice mix with dairy ingredients. dairy allergens are not labeled on the packaging. customers can bring their purchase receipt for a full refund. new charges can be brought against a student who was stabbed to death. that's because he died last night. the tenth grader who stabbed him may face murder charges. it's not clear what prompted
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that stabbing last month at renaissance high school last month. a dog who protected her owner may now need help. you may remember the video. precious would not leave her own 'eers side after a fire earlier this month in prince george's county. she now need as new home. the family who adopted her after the fire can't care for her long term. she can't go back to her owner because pit bulls are not allowed in the county. we're following breaking news near bagram air base in afghanistan. we told you earlier five soldiers have been kill and six wounded. we also just learned new information. a suicide bomber on some sort of motorbike launched this attack after a joint u.s./afghan control near the air base. the taliban on twitter has claimed responsibility. back to you.
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what you're paying now and how much lower some believe those prices will go. >> we're watching showers as they push our way toward the region but it's the other challenge that's coming that will leave you upbeat. your four things to know at 6:31. plus keeping better track of the drones in the sky. the
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just in to the live desk, new information on a suspicious device that forced an air flans frans flight to make an emergency landing. we understand it was a cardboard object made from paper and a household timer. you're looking at video at the plane that was flying from the island of ma rishs to paris and diverted to kenya on sunday. up to six people are being
6:30 am
questioned about the suspicious device. that's the latest there. back to you. >> thanks, kristin. we're watching the line of showers and the impact it can have on your day ahead. once it passes, we'll be talking about a warmup just in time for christmas. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck billion has more. i can't believe you're talking 70 this time of year. >> unbelievable. uni. it's almost 8 degrees warmer than average. rain chances are also coming back after a cold and dry weekend. a lot of rain chances but it's going to feel more like april showers in the middle of winter. record-high temperatures at least one day this week, maybe more and nearly 70 degrees for santa as we get toward thursday and friday. rain chances coming back on us fast though. rain chances by mid to late afternoon. a cold and dry start with
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temperatures in the 30s. so take your umbrella with you. i have a complete check of your seven-day forecast coming up at 6:51. it is now traffic time. here's kim mccormick. >> outer loop and inner loop. we have reports of a possible crash but it looks like things are moving along fairly well. if you're mooning along the greenbelt metro. traffic delays back toward route 50 now. be careful. if you take the blue line. watch out. we have delays toward largo because of an earlier train malt function at king street. >> thanks, kim. we're following a developing story in the district. we're elevening the name of a man killed in petworth. police have not yet identified a suspect. >> two more people are in police
6:32 am
custody today following last month's attacks in paris. you're looking at new video of a raid in belgium where the police arrested two men. we're also learning more about the investigation into the attacks. the french newspaper is reporting after the attacks happened the master mind hid. this afternoon there will be a memorial service. attorney general h loretta lynch will speak at the memorial service. 270 people died when terrorists blew up pan am fight 93 over lockerbie. most of the victims were americans. happening today, all drones are required to be registered with the faa. you have until february 19th to comply. for anyone who registered. the faa is waving the $5 fee until january 20th. it's now 6:32. the obama administration plans
6:33 am
to extend endangered species protections. it also protects against what happened to cecil the lion. you'll remember him. the minnesota dentist shot him over zimbabwe. walter palmer had pleaded guilty. today's announcement will include an order to deny certain hunting permits to anyone who has been convicted or has pled guilty to violating federal or state wildlife laws. >> right now the u.s. postal service is working hard. today is the busiest day for the post office. molette greene is live with what you need to know if you have gifts to send today. you look busy, molette. lots of packages coming in and going out. they're working long shifts to get the holiday deliveries to your door step.
6:34 am
here to talk more about this is miss brenda michner. she knows how do this. how do you make it work? >> it's -- we're just working longer hours to make it happen. >> reporter: they've added 30,000 additional seasonal help. today is the debt ded line for priority mail delivery. next deadline, december 23rd. jot those down. pack your patience when you come out today. the doors open to customers here at 9:00 this morning. we're live from bethesda's main post office where it's busy inside on this busiest delivery day of the year. back to you guys. >> thanks, molette.
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falling gas prices means more money in your pocket. in maryland it will cost you $2.01 in maryland to fill up your tank and gas is $1.83 on average. even though gas prices are falling you'd end up paying more at the pump in virginia. vre wants the state to include a minimum gas tax in its budget plan. the gas tax is aedded into the price. they're not receiving as much money from the current gas tax. a minimum gas tax will ensure a certain amount of money is paid to the state and that revenue is used. the force is strong. "star wars," the force awakens raked in a massive $238 million this weekend. this latest installment of the franchise makes its the biggest
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north american debut of all times. "star wars" destroyed the record. that film took in an impressive $208 million. i'm telling you. i know it's a little more personal for me. it's so good. >> don't look now, skins fans, but your team is all alone in first place. that is a good place to be. we're going to show you what needs to happen for the team to punch its ticket to the playoffs. and a cool start and rain on the way. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell is getting ready with the forecast for your kids and what to wear. that forecast is coming up at 6:41. also the steps being taken at fairfax high school as
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and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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today we expect to learn the names of the people killed in the california plane crash. a may day call came from that aircraft around 4:30 saturday afternoon. shortly after that call the plane was missing from radar. it was found several hours later. the ntsb is already on the ground investigating what went wrong. new developments in the fifa soccer scandal. he's been banned for eight years. that coming from an independent ethics committee. the ethics committee now says he broke conflict of interest, breach of loyalty, and gifts rules. it also fined him just over $50,000. blatter has already said he will appeal this decision. coming up on 6:41 now. good morning, everybody.
6:41 am
it's coal and dry. it's in the 30. this will be the coldest temperatures we see for the rest of the week. a few rain showers coming in later this afternoon. take your umbrella with you on your way out the door. you don't need your big one. you just need your small pocket umbrella. no heavier rain coming today. heavier rain coming in the week. i'll let you know which will be the rainiest and which will be the lightest. kim mccormick with the traffic. >> you can see everything has been cleared. you've about got long delays. be prepared to get stuck in that. taking a look at canal road and cambridge road things looking well. there are no reports of any problems for you. on 66 and 95 in virginia you are still moving along at posted speeds. don't forget, for traffic updates on the 8s when you leave the house. >> thank you, kim. it's now 6:42.
6:42 am
we're flopping a number of developing stories at this hour including one in montgomery county where a man was killed overnight after an argument and gunfire. >> we're also watching the situation in las vegas after a car plows into a crowded sidewalk killing one pedestrian and injuring dozens more. and injuring dozens more.
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right now it's 6:45. we're watching several developing stories including this scene in las vegas where a number of people are in the hospital after a car plowed onto the sidewalk on the strip. >> it's one of stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, evan. cold and dry but those things are going to change later this week. rain chances moves in later today. a complete check of the forecast at 6:51. we have a report of a crash. we're looking live. a little bit of heavy volume, but we'll have it coming up. a man is dead after a shooting overnight. police say the gunman and the victim knew one another. this happened inside a house on ridge road in damascus last night. that's where "news4's" derrick ward is live with more news on the investigation.
6:46 am
derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning again, aaron. police remain on the scene some six hours after being called to this house on n the 2400 block of ridge road in da mass cause. you see there the investigation continues. it was about 12:45 when the police were called. what we were told there was a get-foekt at this house. it had been going on pretty much most of the afternoon but at some news things went terribly wrong. police say the victim only identified as a 35-year-old and the suspect a 40-year-old knew each other. the suspect is the homeowner, the victim was the guest. there were several witnesses to what happened here. they're being questioned. they have all of them involvein.
6:47 am
we're told that it was indeed a shooting and the victim died on the scene. we're live in damascus. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. in landover prince george's county police are looking for a gunman there. they say man was shot at an apartment complex on bright seed road last night. a $25,000 award is being offered for what leads to an arrest and conviction. people are recovering from a serious crash in las vegas. according to police in las vegas, a woman drove into a crowd. they say she did it intentionally and there was a 3-year-old in the car. one person killed. >> i suddenly saw people fly in the air. >> justhysteria. i mean i'm shaking still. >> police say the woman and the child are unhurt. tonight there will be a wake
6:48 am
for paul mcginnis. he was at a bar in adams morgan sep sell brating his cousin's birthday the night before. police are not calling it a homicide. his funeral will be tomorrow in reston. new inside, what the race for the white house could look like. donald trump is calling hillary clinton a liar after pointed allegations at the debate. hallie jackson with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the battle we're seeing right now in 2016 isn't between the parties themselves. it's between the two front-runners. donald trump on the republican sight and hillary clinton on the democratic side. she called him isis's best recruiting tool. as you might imagine, donald trump wasted no time hitting back. he called her a liar, said it was nonsense and we see the two of them continuing go at it. the two of them potentially
6:49 am
could be the matchup. donald dominating the polls on the gop side. i'm sure it's something "saturday night live" has been spooving. we have all of that coming up. >> thank you, hallie. now to a scandal in 2016 and this time it's two. two staffers with bernie sanders' team were suspended over the weekend. this after accusations that the campaign improperly accessed and downloaded voter data. their suspensions mean there are now four members of the democrats' campaign. a gop debate will not happen in west virginia next month. 's because fox business said they will host it in charleston, south carolina instead. the chief strategist with the republican national committee says he's hoping to have a forum in fredericksburg instead.
6:50 am
one game away. they will clinch the playoffs. kirk cousins. >> they go on and on about them. they've got a lot of guys who can catch the football for us and they make plays and be electric. i've said all along it's my job to be a distributor and i've said no difference. >> we like that is correct kirk. >> he's so calm. he was doing cartwheels in the locker room after that report was done. >> the eagles lost yesterday but still game back right now. this is big. >> it is. >> everything's on the line it's hard to believe a 500 team is one away from the playoffs. that's what amazes me. >> what's with the numbers with you. just enjoy it. >>ly be happy to have a playoff game at home. i'll take it. >> once you're in the playoffs,
6:51 am
you're in a super bowl title. that's all it takes. you can be an 11-7 team. most losses ever by a super bowl winner. i digress. what about the forecast. after a cold and dry weekend the next change in the weather arrives today. clouds moving in by about noontime and by 6:00 showers moving back into the picture. so much for the cold air. i say cold. only seasonably cold. we'll be talking records later this week. record-highs that is. traveling today out to chicago, cincinnati, might have delays with those big hubs. for now all is still dry. this heavier steadier rain is 12 hours away. that puts it around 4:00 and 6:00 this evening. hometown highs, 40s and 50s. most of the metro areas, highs. noon to 2:00 across much of the shenandoah valley, 2:00 to 4:00
6:52 am
long and west of i-95 and southern maryland, prince george's county down to st. mary's county. rain chances moving in. i just tweet ud out that graphic. follow me on instagram forecast for you. we'll be sending out updates as needed. by early tomorrow here's 6:00 tomorrow morning on our future weather. showers still in the picture up through about lunchtime tomorrow but by tomorrow afternoon things should dry out a little bit. we'll have a break in the action. tuesday afternoon, tuesday night into wednesday looks dry. 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning, cloudy and rain free. not for long. rain pictures back in the picture. heaviest of the rain likely wednesday late afternoon and to about the first half of the day on thursday. look at this seven-day forecast. 50s today, 60s tomorrow. 60s wednesday. that's with rain chances around. 74 on thursday. that's christmas eve. that would crush the old record-high temperature which is only near 70 and staying mild
6:53 am
all the way through christmas into the weekend. here's a check on traffic with kim mccormick. >> thanks very much, chuck. we had a crash. had a good shot of it but the cameras went ka pew wi. we're now going to look at the map you. can see this normal traffic volume but things are a little bit lighter than normal. that's because it's leading up to the week to christmas. people are already taking off. 95 heading down toward the beltway, a little hiccup from that earlier crash from the right and left shoulders. that should be gone right now. you will run into your normal delays. now, metro rail, we had issues. the normal service had been resumed but we had residual delays from king street. >> breaking news into the live desk. bell belle jan authorities have detained five people in connection with the paris terror attacks, this after two days of rates connected to the attacks. of course, those attacks in
6:54 am
novemb november. of course, those attacks left 30 dead. they're looking for a suspect who they say escaped to belgium. some have been arrested. eight more. suicide bombers attacked cafes as you know, a concert hall near the stadium there in paris. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. it's 6:54. grief counselors will be at a high school in fairfax county. studented are starting the holiday break without one of their classmates. laween acu akrawi died afters h crashed his car into a tree. they had this message for other young drivers. >> you may think you're mortal but you're not. laween's family is going through all this. you don't want to put your mom or dad through this. >> police say another teenager was in the car but should
6:55 am
recover. >> it's now 6:55. the center director tells us the computer aided dispatch system wasn't working for about 3 hours sunday. dispatchers handled calls manually on paper. the director tells us that no calls were miss and no service was interrupted. we're told the system is now being replaced. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. more shop dog after christmas. a survey by american express finds two-thirds of the people plan to hit stores on on december 26th. more on black friday and cyber monday. most say it's to take advantage of post holiday sales or to redeem gift cards. three quarters also say regifting is something that's acceptable. for cnbc business report. i'm landon dowdy. >> thanks. here are four things to know this morning. today is the busiest delivery day for the u.s. postal service. close to 30 million packages will arrive at homes today. starting today all drones have to be registered with the
6:56 am
faa. you have until february. if you get a drone after today, it must be registered before its first outdoor flight. dozens recovering after a woman intentionally drove into a crowd in l. they say one person was killed. the suspected shooter is in police custody. >> good morning, everybody. the temperature is in the 40s. back into the mid-50s but rain showers likely about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this evening and rain likely again tomorrow. thursday, christmas eve, how about 74 record-breaking degrees. that will put santa in shorts for sure. >> that's crazy, chuck. >> it is. >> oh, my goodness. >> we have some traffic problems on eastbound 66. a little blurry camera shot but the accident is contained off to the left shoulder.
6:57 am
that could cause a little bit of a delay for you. you do have stn dard heavy volume on 295, 395, and d.c. 295. >> the reindeer might be confused. i'm worried about this whole thing. >> don't worry. everything will be fine. >> good. >> that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we appreciate you waking up with us. see you then. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
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good morning. chaos on the strip. a woman with her toddler in the back of her car repeatedly plows into pedestrians on the las vegas strip overnight. one dead, dozens injured, and police believe she acted intentionally. a live report this morning. feuding front-runners. donaldrump fires back after hillary clinton calls him isis' best recruiter during the democratic debate this weekend. >> hillary's not strong. hillary's week, frankly. her policies were a disaster for the world. >> this morning he'll speak with us live. saved by his scouts. a boy scout leader credits his troop for saving his life after being mauled by a bear. >> we have a gentleman in a cave with the bear. he has been i


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