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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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tomorrow and foggy and soggy stretch weather coming our way. thick fog this morning. thickest across northern maryland and the shenandoah valley. rain chances, here's the next batch of moderate rain southwest of richmond now. about 4 1/2 hours away. that means heavier, steadier rain inside the beltway between 10:00 and 11:00 this morning. if you have a chance to get outside earlier, that will be the driest from that perspective. we sort of trade the fog for rain drops. temperatures, how about mid to upper 60s. no winter jacket required. impacts the fog is having on your travel coming up. here's melissa mollet. >> we have an update on the blue, orange, silver line. as far as we know right now they are saying they are no longer silver tracking. may have another issue looking into as far as the silver line. we'll pass information along if we find something out. 15 southbound ramp to 70, that ramp has reopened. no more problems there this
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morning. eastbound 7 at battlefield parkway, we still have the troubles. branch after avenue 301, nothing bad. travel times in ten minutes. >> brace yourself for a slow travel day. fog could be a problem. we are working for you to get you safely to where you want to go. news 4's erika gonzalez joins us live from arlington where traffic looks pretty steady. good morning, erika. >> reporter: good morning, eun. yes, it is steady. starting to see a few very light sprinkles. if we pan over, zoom in into the air force memorial less than an hour ago you could barely make that out. now that fog looks like it's starting to burn off. now you can see a little bit more of the memorial, see the
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peaks on that. definitely a foggy start. give yourself extra time and check your tires. it is december 23rd, the get away day. people bolting out of town. according to aaa, 100 million people will head out for travel this holiday week. driving, 2.5 million people from our area will hit the roads. the biggest thing helping people is gas prices. well under $2. so gas up, be safe out there and we'll check in with you with another update on the roads in a little while. eun, aaron, back to you. >> erika, thank you. be sure to download the app for any travel issues. in our other headlines, a
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20-year-old is dead. david harris drove off the road. today a man who shot a guest in his montgomery home is in court. that happened monday night on ridge road. francisco trujo shot mario perez. he's charged with first degree murder. new details, rockville police say they found a bullet in the woods behind rock terrace school on martins lane. they hope it will lead them to the pson who fired the bullets. one of the bullets hit a woman in the leg in her car. governor terry mcauliffe will not send a man back to germany even if he is a
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politician's son. in 2010 former governor tim kane agreed to thetransfer. his predecessor, bob mcdonald, also rejected the same request. a new court ruling could impact the redskins trademark. they're appealing the decision to cancel the trademark because the name can offend native americans. in a separate court case the judge ruled the first amendment protects, quote, even hurtful speech. she said the government cannot refuse to register offensive trademarks trademarks. it's not clear if it will be appealed again which could land it in the supreme court. we know of a strange site in western states. this streak of light in the night sky here. the military says it was not an aislely an, it wasn't a shooting star either. apparently it was a russian rocket that was burning up in the atmosphere. take a look here. the russian rocket entered the
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atmosphere somewhere over arizona, we believe. you can apparently see that over three states. >> the rocket launched on monday and the u.s. strategic command identified it to say, okay, don't worry. >> they don't know where it ended up either. >> no. >> probably burned up almost completely. whew. >> cool sight to see, for sure. devastating news out of afghanistan hitting close to home. a family sharing their grief after the death of a local air man. plus, a brand-new problem on 95 in virginia just as we head into holiday travel time. details coming up. don't come into my house. don't. don't. >> okay. >> a little girl calls 911 in a panic. what she did that had her thinking she was in trouble with santa.
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we're expecting developments this morning at hundreds of black lives matter protesters are planning a protest at one of the country's biggest malls. the organizers may not be there after a judge ruled they have to stay away. you're looking at protests at the mall last year after michael brown's death. this time demonstrators want to focus attention on the police officers who shot and killed a blackman in minneapolis last month. a protest closer to home. the proposed pepco exelon merger, they plan to hand deliver letters of dissent. opponents say the merger would raise rates for d.c. residents. you can see it on metro or while you're sitting in traffic. d.c. is getting more crowded. now we have the numbers to back up that fact. new data from the krcensus bure ranks d.c. third.
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they gained 1,000 people. a 2% raise. good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. thick fog in the shenandoah valley may be expanding into the metro over the next couple of hours. you want to stay weather alert. the harbor camera, you can barely make out the outline of the circle. rain and fog this morning will slow things down a bit. periods of moderate to briefly heavier rain during the middle of the day. that will be the worst of the travel conditions. by evening rain tapering back to occasional showers. maybe not until after 8:00, 9:00 tonight. most of the rain for now is down into southern maryland. there's plenty more of that where it came from. the pockets of rain should be in the metro between 10:00 and noon. the roads will go from bad to worse. the rales, so far no problems on amtrak. the skies, call ahead for details. we did have some earlier
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delays this morning. thankfully it looks like they're mostly cleared out though we still have a single bit of tracking that's reporting between stadium and silver lines. 95 northbound at 123, take a look. new crash blocking the right side of the roadway. eastbound 7 at battlefield parkway, still have the police activity in the leesburg area. travel times, germantown to the beltway at 270 is on time. 66 in bound don't have any issues. 95 north quantico to the belt way also rolling along quite nicely. 95 going to get quite busy here as the day progresses and as folks are hitting the roads for the holiday travel. guys? >> thanks, melissa. not welcome on campus, an item they're telling students to leave at home when they return from holiday break. also ahead, committing a crime while at the police station. what this man was trying to get away with when he was caught on camera.
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good morning. i'm angie goff at the live desk with this new video just in. docking of the russian progress cargo vehicle to the international space station was just confirmed. you are looking at video of it. now this follows a successful moon walk. the rocket was launched on
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monday brought 2.5 tons of cargo including dry cargo, water, as well as compressed oxygen. it's been a good week for space so far. guys? >> angie, thank you. the holiday travel season is ramping up this morning. you can encounter some pblems as you head out the door. take a live look outside from one of our power cameras where you can barely even make out the light below. that is thick fog. also limiting visibility on some roads around our area right now. be careful out there. christmas is friday, of course. christmas eve is tomorrow. a lot of you are taking your trip home today. in fact, the numbers are expected to break records. aaa predicts more than 100 million people will be traveling for the holiday. now that includes 2.5 million in our area alone. just over 40% of the people who live here according to aaa, 92,000 travelers will be driving or flying but they are taking --
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won't be driving or flying, will be taking the train or something else. 130,000 of you will be up in the air. with extra low gas prices, most of you, about 2,260,000 are
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afternoon commute. we'll keep you updated with the rain that will be affecting the day especially through the afternoon hours. that's the way it looks here in arlington. >> tom, thanks. it's now 6:17. a local family will receive the body of staff sergeant peter talb today at dover air force base. the young father was one of six americans killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan on monday. his father tells us he couldn't be prouder of his son. >> it's the first attack americans have had in quite a while. >> yeah. >> and to have it happen to my son is -- i just can't get my head around it. >> talb's mother and brother own a restaurant in d.c. you can see a sign and an american flag on the window saying the restaurant will be closed while the family mourns the loss of their hero. he's survived by his wife who is
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pregnant with their second child. we now know more about the other americans who died in that attack. flags in new york will fly at half staff today in honor of nypd detective joseph lemm. major adrianna leaves behind a wife and a boy. staff sergeant louis bonacasa and michael cinco was from the rio grande valley of texas and chester mcbride had been a college football standout. today the man accused of shooting up a colorado planned parenthood clinic will make a court appearance. robert dear faces more than 100 felony charges related to that shooting last month. three people died including a police officer. also today lakeisha holloway should be in court as well. she's the woman that las vegas police say drove her car into a crowded strip of people sunday night. one woman died, dozens of other people were hurt. in news 4 your health,
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there's a new program to keep high school students safe. they're using a concussion testing program. it lets them detect potential concussions on the sideline. that allows them to take out players early and prevent problems. a 7-year-old new jersey girl called 911 afraid that she would end up on the naut ri list after she accidentally touched the elf on the shelf. >> hello? >> it's isabella. >> hi. hi, is a bella. >> don't come to my house, don't! >> okay. >> now izzy called 911 after she knocked the elf over while throwing the ball. her mother was taking a nap when this happened. according to the popular children's book, the christmas magic goes away from the home if the child touches the elf. soon after calling in the emergency izzy realized her mistake. the cops showed up to make sure everything was okay there. >> isabella apologized.
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she touched the elf on the chef and she won't call 911 again. >> he knows i won't do that again. >> officers let izzy off with a warning. >> they said she can stay on the nice list. you can't touch the elf, is that how it works? >> no, you can't. the magic goes away. it is a disciplinary season. >> we had to send jingles away because it terrified my daughter. >> you know what i mean? >> it was a little creepy for her. >> it? reminds me of that clown. >> now we can be scared all morning. thank you, aaron. it is now 6:20. developing in that landslide in china, an amazing rescue. they say they pulled out a 21-year-old man who was trapped for nearly three days. take a look. you can see him on a stretcher here. the man was dehydrated and broke some bones but survived. 74 people are still missing right now. and a lucky escape for a california man after a giant
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boulder slammed into his truck. look at that damage there. that boulder smashed into the side of his truck on tuesday. the force was so strong it pushed the truck into another car. a major highway north of sacramento was shut down for several hours. no one was hurt. another lucky escape, did you see that? falling drone almost took out an austrian skier here. this is right in the middle of a slalom event. it missed the four-time defending champion by seconds. the drone was carrying one of the cameras that was broadcasting that race. . too close for comfort. >> really is. we talked about how the drones have to be registered. you never know what's going to happen. 6:21 is our time right now. weather alert day around here. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell telling us more on this weird, foggy, warm -- >> rainy, all that stuff. >> yeah. any time you put april into the month of december you typically get fog and rain and that's what we have coming our way today. it will impact how fast we can move around town. it may impact your flight plans
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as well. stay ahead of the information with your local carriers. outside this morning, the first thing we have to get through is the thick fog. shenandoah valley, northern maryland, that goes to 10:00. visibility even around the metro, below a mile. take it easy. use your low beams. the capital wheel shining brightly. 20 minutes ago you couldn't even see it. our fog model updated hourly. the new thinking is the fog should ease off by 10:00, 11:00. better visibility by later on this afternoon. as the visibility goes up, the rain starts to increase. the best thing i can tell you about the weather forecast, christmas day, how about 70 on christmas? the record is 72 set back in 1964. we have at least a shot of that. it's going to be a mild one today, too. umbrella, yes. winter coat, nah. won't need it for a week at least. temperatures will climb from the upper 50s and 60s to the mid and
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upper 60s. it comes with a significant chance for rain. heavier rains in southern virginia only 3 or 4 hours from getting into the metro. steadiest remain into southern maryland. computer model updated hourly. new timing on the rain pushing out of southern maryland. more of the pockets of yellows and oranges moving in, 10:00, 11:00 this morning. another round of heavier rain by 1:00 or 2:00. another round after 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. heaviest of the rain is the second part of the rain. lowest visibilities is the first part. seven day forecast, again, looks like april to me. 67 today. 75 record breaking degrees tomorrow. near 70 on christmas day itself. the weekend, mild. cloudy skies. risk of showers. the coldest day out of the next 7 will be next monday. even that is 10 degrees above average. the new rain chances coming up at 6:31. melissa?
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>> right now still have this problem 95 northbound at 123. take a look. you can see the police response off to the right side of the roadway. we are a little slow northbound at 123. outer loop at 66, the roadblocked. in bound, the right side is blocked there. a lot of activity in the past couple of minutes. 301 southbound at smallwood drive has all lanes being reported as blocked temporarily because of a crash. tow there on the scene. orange, blue, silver lines single tracking between stadium armory and the eastern market. travel times in a couple of minutes. >> thanks, melissa. george mason university is the latest school in our area to ban hoverboards to residence halls. they sent them a letter not to bring them back after the holiday break. the university is concerned about them spontaneously catching fire. george mason is only banning them from the dorms, not the
6:25 am
entire campus. last week loyola university banned them from all of the campuses in maryland. california man facing serious charges in loudoun county for possessing those. he's charged with possessing almost 200 pounds of marriage. he's charged withholding $9,000. dennison is being held without bond right now. loudoun county sheriff said it is the second largest drug seizure this year. a man now headed to prison for shooting two teenagers outside of a high school in maryland. brandon earl tyler pled guilty to shooting a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old outside of frederick high school. the shooting happened back in february. the teenagers were members of the rival gangs. tyler will be in prison for 12 years. 6:26. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is already looking ahead to 2018. in an interview set to air next month, she told news 4's mark
6:26 am
seagrave she is going to run for re-election. there could be a former match-up with former mayor vincent gray. >> does that mean you have decided you will run for re-election? >> absolutely. being mayor of the district of columbia, especially now and i've been born and raised here. >> she says she loves local government and that is where she plans to stay. a live look outside now. can you see the capitol wheel? it's pretty bright. you can see it there. a lot of fog at national harbor. you can't see much else. we are also tracking rain pushing into the area. all part of four things to know. his blunder had us talking earlier. now we're learning new information about the future plans for steve harvey. first, a developing story montgomery county right now. police investigating a body found along a popular trail in
6:27 am
silver spring. news 4's megan mcgrath there news 4's megan mcgrath there live with w
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we're tracking a developing story. police have the body. >> live. what have you learned. >> reporter: they're on the scene. they're making the discovery. at around 11:10. no word on how he died and whether or not they suspect foul play. certainly police are trying to piece together what happened. this is an ongoing investigation. anyone with information about what happened or the identity of
6:31 am
this person you are asked to call investigators with montgomery county police. back to you all in the studio. today is a storm team 4 weather alert day as you may find yourself stepping outside to some heavy fog. we're seeing a number of potential trouble spots on the roads right now. >> we're watching a line of showers on storm team 4 radar this morning. meteorologist chuck bell has the four things to know right now. chuck? >> weather alert day means more frequent updates and postings. have our nbc 4 washington app ready to go. i tweeted out a radar with the timing of the next wave to come in. @chuck bell 4. dense fog advisory west. rain coming this afternoon and yes, indeed, still forecasting record high tomorrow. again, weather alert day today. here's the visibilities. thickest fog north and west but a lot of reduced visibilities. rain showers, nothing all that heavy just yet. heavier rain is a little less
6:32 am
than four hours away from the metro. that puts it in here from 10:00 to 11:00 this morning. i have more rain coming in later this afternoon. how about a record high of 75 degrees. risk of a few showers most of the day tomorrow. cloudy and mild and breezy. we'll be rain free. that's some good news. >> you're telling me if i wear a sweater on christmas, you're going to be hot. >> i'm telling you you'll regret that decision. >> dang it. a couple of problems, 95 north at 123, still have that crash here off to the right side of the roadway here this morning. slowing things just a tad there as you're passing 123 here this morning. 395 north at glebe road, still have the right side blocked. does not seem to be slowing things. taking a look at the beltway, outer loop at 66, right side blocked. 270 at montrose road, nice light volume. folks already headed out of town. northbound scaggsville road.
6:33 am
6:33. new details this morning about a deadly crash in prince gorges county. police say the driver involved in this head-on collision last week was drinking. maryland state police say james calero crossed the center line on route 202. he crashed into a morgan state university student who just came home from the holidays. joseph valerio represented calero on a previous dui charge. valerio has been criticized for trying to stop strengthening the drinking laws. a man shot inside union station has died. this happened one day after the paris attacks. the gentleman cut a woman who was trying to stop him from hurting himself outside of union station. the 25-year-old then went inside where the officer saw him carrying the knife. the officer said bug bay came at him so he fired. the autopsy did not reveal how
6:34 am
he died. a man in an arundle county is facing charges after being caught on camera snapping up a package. police say michael leonard was waiting to renew his sex offender registration on friday when he saw a package delivery. he took the package to his car and walked back into the station and registered as a sex offender. after watching surveillance video police headed to leonard's home and arrested him. the package was returned to its owner. now to decision 2016. the watching torch post retracting an editorial cartoon depicting presidential candidate ted cruz's daughters. the girls appeared as dancing monkeys for their appearance m a presidential campaign ad. the cartoon insinew eighted he uses them as props. they're 7 and 4 years old. he said, stick with attacking me. caroline and kathryn are out of your league. last night the washington post
6:35 am
issued a statement retracting that cartoon. virginia congressman robert hurt will retire at the end of his term. the director of the university of virginia's center for politics tweeted that saying he believes hurt will make that announcement today. he represents charlottesville and culpeper. he was first elected in 2010. >> does not have a point yet as a gator. >> got it! >> wow. >> a special story for a college basketball player. that is zach hodgkin's scoring the first basket of his college career. here's the special thing about it. hodgkin's has only one hand. do you see that? he was playing in the final seconds of a game in florida last night when he took his chance. so a lot of us are scrambling to get everything together for christmas and that story about the holiday season. >> yeah. another one coming now. emma and eva, the sisters who went with their mother to a 3-d printing lab in arlington. with the help of doctors and
6:36 am
students from merrymount university, they printed a prosthetic hand. then they gave it to becc becca jensen. this is important. >> it's to show you that christmas is about giving to others. not about buying and receiving presents. >> becca and their mother were very grateful. nice to see your daughter with that prosthetic hand. becca loves to cook and she's excited about getting in the kitchen with that hand. >> that would be great. >> what a great lesson to teach your kids at a young age. potential win off the field for the redskins. the court ruling that can help the team in keeping their nickname. >> 6:36. weather can also impact you if you're leaving the area for the holidays. the potential problems that can keep your flight grounded. we are seeing some of that on the roadways. 95 north and 123 have that problem in the north ways.
6:37 am
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i'm angie goff at the live desk with breaking news out of berlin. pope francis was just named the winner of the international charlemaine prize. this is awarded annually for contributions to european unity. the prize committee has come out and said that the pontiff sent a message of hope and encouragement at the time when many europeans are seeking direction. it's normally awarded in the german city but will be awarded in rome. still, no date yet. no response from the vatican. we do know the pope is recovering from the flu and in recent days has said he's not feeling very strong. eun? >> thank you, angie. new developments in the
6:41 am
story that has dominated the news all week long. e.t. news says he will continue to host the miss u.s.a. paneling gekt. he has a multi-year contract. he mistakenly announced that miss colombia was the winner. he later apologized and gave it to the rightful winner, miss philippines. good morning, everybody. 6: 6:41 on your wednesday morning. thick fog and travel lowdowns today. wet roads and extra volume as well could really slow countries down your drive. most of the amtrak not having any trouble. the skies already starting to see delays mount in most of the northeastern hub. short term, first wave of moderate rain moving in. several waves behind that. right now over 1 hour delays posted in philadelphia. i expect more delays in the local airports coming up in a few hours.
6:42 am
update on first four traffic. >> 123. traffic doesn't seem so bad anymore right now. still off to the right side of the roadway is where we see that crash this morning. eastbound georgetown pike at spring hill road has some lanes blocked. outer loop at 66 still getting reports that the right side is blocked. 66 in bound here from fairfax county parkway to the belt way looks good. 95 north quantico doesn't get much better. 270 south is just fine. top of the beltway from 95 over to the 270, all of a sudden we are slowing down there on the outer loop. listen to our friends on wtop 105 when you hop in your car. developing story from the west coast that's causing a buzz on social media. right now the streak of light that lit up the night sky and what we're learning caused it. also, we're watching some potential problems for you this morning as many of you are getting ready to head out of town. looking at the foggy conditions looking at the foggy conditions seeing in
6:43 am
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6:45. right now the holiday season is ramping up. not without some potential problems. we're watching the issues you can face if you're driving or flying out of town. it's one of the stories we're working on now as we work to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. we start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with
6:46 am
the conditions outside. good morning, chuck. >> yes, indeed, eun. thick fog for now. that will slow down a little bit. future weather prediction by 7:00 tonight. yell lows, oranges, reds are pockets of moderate to heavy rain moving in. i'll let you know when it's moving out and how warm it will be for the holiday coming up. 195 northbound and 123 eastbound. georgetown at spring hill road has some lanes blocked because of a crash that has things slowed between mcclain and the outer loop at 66. still the right side blocked. we have you covered whether you're driving or flying out of town. our team coverage of get away day conditions picks up now with news 4's erika gonzalez live in virginia near 395. >> reporter: hi, aaron. live along 395. take a look at the roads. a lot of people have already taken off for christmas vacation, but the volume that we're starting to see looks like
6:47 am
a wednesday that you would see any other day during a normal work week. starting to pick up a lot of volume here on the roads. current conditions still pretty foggy this morning. we are starting to see some of those sprinkles. the rain showers that chuck was talking about moving in. it is the get away day, december 23rd. so that means this year a million people will travel for this holiday. locally 130,000 people will take to the skies and 2.5 million people will hit the road. why? have you seen the gas prices? got a lot of happy travelers on the roads this morning. gas prices well under $2 right now. some people tweeting out pictures of gas prices as low as $1.47, $1.60 something. if you're seeing those gas prices this morning, go ahead and send us a couple of pictures on twitter, facebook. we'll be happy to repost those. safe travels on the roads. check your tire pressure and
6:48 am
make sure you have everything in the car ready to go. hope you have a wonderful trip to grandma's house. merry christmas. we're live in arlington. i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. it may be warmer than normal. nearly two feet of snow slammed parts of utah this week. much of the state will continue to be under a winter watch warning as we head towards the weekend. and the cleanup begins in parts of southern california. a strong wind hit the area. winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour hit the inland empire. the winds toppled a tractor-trailer. you can see it in this video on its side. yikes. no one was hurt though. if you are traveling for the holidays, we have all you need to know to keep you moving. nbc's dylan dryer has what we can expect on the count judown christmas. >> reporter: i've been talking about washington, d.c., so much because i think you're going to
6:49 am
see the most interesting record breaking as we go into christmas eve. temperatures 11 degrees above the old record. it's incredible. you have to go out west to get any sort of white christmas, especially in the higher elevations. i have family that lives out in the pacific northwest. they say getting between the mountain passes is nearly impossible right now. we are looking at a chance of severe storms breaking out near memphis, tennessee. christmas eve looking at rain up and down the i-95 corridor. still looking at the snow out in the mountains out in the west. christmas day, slow go. hopefully you're staying put on christmas day because the 95 corridor is going to be rough. looking at even more snow out in the mountains. a lot of people taking their ski vacations out west. it should be ideal for that, eun. >> we'll be wearing shorts and t-shirts in d.c., dylan, thank you so much. we'll look forward to the holiday forecast on the "today" show. help yourself avoid any travel troubles today. be sure to download the nbc 4
6:50 am
app. a tragic development for one montgomery county family. 20-year-old david harris died in a crash last night. they say he drove off a road and hit a utility pole around 6:30. the road is back open this morning. a man accused in the deadly shooting montgomery county of a guest at his home. francisco trujo shot mario perez following an altercation. he's charged with first degree murder. a federal appeals judge ruled the government cannot fail to register offensive trademarks. it affects free speech. developing out west, new information about this strange streak of light. you see it? that could be going across three states. the military says it was a
6:51 am
russian rocket coming back to earth. the video of the rocket went viral as people wonder what it was. >> some people thought it was a shooting star perhaps. the rocket launched on monday. >> could it be santa? >> it burned up in the atmosphere. >> santa doing a test run? >> santa rockets? >> jet power. >> harleys. >> more kids, more population around the world, has to go faster. rocket power out of the back. >> i like that logic. >> absolutely. i wish we could speed things up around here but it's going to be a slow go for travel plans today. weather alert day at nbc 4. we'll do our level best to keep you ahead of any weather problems or weather-related slowdowns. i just tweeted out the latest r radar timing. weather in your plans today, rain and fog this morning giving you the yellow light for there. periods of heavy rain midday
6:52 am
into early evening. red light for there. by late evening, after 9:00 or 10:00, back down to just occasional showers. things should be better for tomorrow. thick fog this morning. visibility is down under 1 mile in many spots. not much heavy rain yet. check it out though. here's the next batch of heavier rain crossing the virginia north carolina border. that puts it in here between 12:00 and 2:00 this afternoon and more rain where that came from. if you're flying today, dallas, houston, new orleans, memphis, atlanta, raleigh, charlotte all could have significant delays as could parts of the northeast corridor. we're keeping you posted on all of that. future weather, the timing of the rain. just intermittent showers before 11:00. here's the first pocket of heavier rain racing between noon and 2:00. another batch of heavy rain comes in after about 4:00 or 5:00. could really slow things down between 7:00 and 9:00 this evening before tapering off after 10:00 or 11:00. seven day forecast, 67 today.
6:53 am
75 record breaking degrees tomorrow. within a degree or two of the record on christmas as well. the one up side is it's going to stay on the warm side. you won't need your winter coat. my colleague, tom kierein, does not need his winter coat this morning at all. good morning, tom. >> reporter: you do need a light jacket. it's cool, very humid. a lot of fog around. i'm overlooking the u.s. air force memorial here in arlington, virginia. now you can just barely make it out. it's only 1/4 to half a mile away from us. the fog has thickend up a bit in the last half hour since i was here a half an hour ago. it's really gotten quite a bit thicker. in fact, visibilities around the region are down under 1/4 of a mile in many locations. now out of dull let airport, down to half a mile visibility. lowest visibility is up at bwi. they're down to 1/8 of a mile visibility. this dense fog will be with us here throughout the next several hours into the morning hours and as chuck mentioned, then that
6:54 am
rain moves in later this afternoon. weather alert day will be keeping you fully informed with frequent storm team 4 updates. now let's check on the latest commute. what's requesting on with that, melissa? >> good morning, tom. we have fog around. all of these green blobs on my traffic map mean we have rain in those areas. right now eastbound georgetown pike at spring hill road, we still have the crash with some lanes blocked. outer loop at 66, right side of the roadway is still blocked from earlier travel. 95 north at 123, that is cleared out of the way. fog through that area as well. 395 north at glebe road have the right side blocked. overall looking pretty good. still have some rain down here. you can see in southern maryland. affecting those roadways right now. especially this area. 301 southbound at small wood drive. all lanes blocked there. top of the beltway does not look bad. everything into town and out of town looking good. 270 at montrose, light volume. a little bit of fog.
6:55 am
aaron? i'll take it from there. just in from vienna, austria. the international ski federation is now banning camera drones in its world cup races after this happened. you saw that right there. a drone crashed and missed hitting an austrian skier by just seconds. now the federation director tells the associated press that drones will be pro hinted. that they consider them a bad thing for safety. as for that skier, the four-time overall champion was not hurt and was able to finish his run but right now this morning the reason why the drone fell out of the sky, that's being investigated. aaron? >> 6:55 now. new details, a bullet case could go lead investigators to the person who randomly shot a woman in rockville. police say they found it in the woods behind rockville lake school on martins lane. monday night the woman was shot. she is expected to be okay. people think someone was
6:56 am
illegally hunting deer. a german diplomat's son will stay. former governor tim kane asked the d.o.j. to make that transfer happen. soaring is serving two life terms for the killing of his ex-girlfriend's parents in bedford county. 6:56. 4 things to know. foggy out there and that may slow down your travel on this busy get away day. millions of people are expected to leave the d.c. area. hundreds of black lives matter protesters are heading to the mall of america today. they want to focus attention on police officers who shot and killed a blackman in minneapolis last month. in a new ruling an appeals court said the government can't cancel offensive trademarks. we're looking to see if that affects the redskins you montgomery police are looking to find out how a person ended up dead in the northwest branch trail in silver springs. the body was found along the creek. no worries about the cold, just worrying about the rain drops and the fog.
6:57 am
mid to upper 60s today. record 75 tomorrow. melissa? it is crazy. eastbound georgetown pike and spring hill road, still have some lanes blocked there. remember, outer loop at 66, that right side. overall we're seeing some moisture through the area. be careful. may have to work the windshield wipers here and there. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you then, have a great day. make it a great wednesday, make it a great wednesday,
6:58 am
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good morning. war of words. more fallout over donald trump's use of a derogatory term to describe hillary clinton's loss to barack obama in 2008. he's doubling down, blaming the media for misunderstanding. her response measured. >> you are looking at somebody who has had a lot of terrible things said abo me. we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. >> the while trump's fellow republicans try to stay out of the fray. near miss, a drone carrying a television camera comes crashing down in the tracks of a champion skier. what he's saying about the incident. what was it a mysterious light streaks a


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