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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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of the fab 4. apple, google play, and primer are among those allowing streaming. there will be 17 beatles albums for you to listen to. download away. listening to music, all you have to do is sign in to spotify. the stream iing has them. topping the list for mr. and mrs. obama is "o tannenbaum." vice president bide and his wife chose bruce springsteen's "santa claus is coming to town." >> i have a playlist. jim nantz has a playlist. i love christmas music. stay with us. "news4" continues now at 5:00 a.m. at least seven people are dead after severe storms strike
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the southeast. take a look at the destruction. a string of tornadoes left behind in the state of tennessee. a lot of damage in mississippi as well where a 7-year-old buy died. the twisters ripped through parts of both states including arkansas. now, the odd june-like storm was fast-moving and pretty much wiped out everything in its path. chuck? >> thanks, angie. the severe weather in the ohio valley yesterday, that threat is coming in our direction in the front part of the day today. in addition to december thunder, which is extremely rare. our main threat will be the potential for flash flooding. 1 to 2 inches of rain yesterday, more coming in now. live "storm team 4" radar showing rain reaching the capital beltway. the back edge of the heaven rain threat is near el kips, west virginia. should be winchester by 8:00 this morning and into annapolis
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by 11:00 or 12:00 this afternoon. it's going to race through, so keep in mind. rain could really slow down travel. it's going to affect not just our airports but up through new york city and boston and a flash flood watch. we could get another-inch of rain before lunchtime today. for now, kim mccormick. "first4 traffic." >> you can see the out irlook. a single-file lane. it's a very slick ramp normally and with the dampness that's already out there from last night's rain, it's not helping the situation this morning. another problem we have is a water main break closing down both directions of sweely. we understand they're getting access. our very own meagan fitzgerald will have more coming up in just a little bit. and if you're taking a vre,
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they're heading on an "s" schedule. d.c. police are looking for a driver who left the scene of a serious crash in the southeast. this happened on naylor road near alabama avenue southeast. take look at the scene. you can see the cars hit each other pretty hart. two people are in serious condition. we're working to find out which driver left the scene before police arrived. you may have seen it last night. two loads shut down in dupont circle. . a pair of threats were called in just after 9:00 p.m. we're working to learn the nature of those threats. all those roads are back open this morning. >> in the day ahead, a man facing charges for openly selling marijuana in d.c. will resume his business. nick lal cunningham doesn't believe he broke the law. so called push god, he was giving away pot brownies and
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gummies in exchange for donation. they say he tried to skirt the law. he says he was doing a service for the city. >> i know what i'm doing is very legal. i feel like it is great for the city. >> we were confident in our investigation that the intent of these two folks was to sell marijuana. >> police found out about the marijuana business through a sears of sting operations. cunningham says the business will continue giving out marijuana. police in prince williams county say a martial arts instructor threw a boy to the groenld on monday knocking the fellow out. an employee alerted police. the boy went to the hospital with serious injuries 26781-year-old justin bran knock faces child abuse charges. a heads-up if you're flying today. don't be surprised if you're asking to go through one of the full body scanners. the tsa can now mandate certain
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passengers go through the machines. in the past you ask for a full body pat-down instead. it can detect objects that a pat-down might miss. to the rails, the power is back on at union station. it forced passengers to walk in the dark. amtrak police and ushers helped people find their way to the trains. the company says it did not have to dlan any trains. >> they're now searching for a passenger on a train. he was last seen near the area of the grosvenor area. his family is concerned for his welfare and emotional well being. the vdot meeting date just released if you washlts to learn about the toll lanes. we'll post the locations in the
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n nbc washington app. earlier this month the commonwealth transportation group voted to add more lanes. in two week yos ku learn more about mayor bower's plan. the goal is to get rid of all deaths involving pedestrians and bicyclists. the plan is to monitor street conditio conditions. good morning. meagan fitzgerald here where officials say the call came in around 3:00 this morning for a water main break. if you take a look behind me, this is the culprit. it's an old pipe that somehow broke and you see water flowing all the way down the street toward sweely. police have blouked half duke street between sweely and south
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quaker. they're asking people to take alternate routes through eisenhower or king streets to access the main arteries there. we're going to stay out here and monitor the situation here, but they say they are working to resolve this issue and we'll giving you the latest update as it becomes available. back to you. >> thank you. it's not the kind of weather alert day you'd expect on christmas eve. usually "storm team 4" radar would show snow. today we're seeing a lot of rain. one day on "news4" he was talking about a sting he helped
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i'm angie goff. brussels authorities have arrested man involved in the paris shooting.
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here's what we know, the suspect was 30 years old, born in belgium, but they at this point are not giving their full name. apparently this is a man who had been in contact with the suspected ringleader's cousin. more as we get it. aaron? >> angie, thank you. threats against the u.s. emt bacy in beijing has everybody on high aall right. we want to get the news to you. they wormed western shoppers about visiting popular shopping areas on or around christmas days. they're alerting toerch be aware of their surroundings at all time. the british and french embassies have also issued similar warnings. good morning, everybody. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. pockets of moderate to heavy rain down toward fredericksburg and stafford and spotsylvania. rain will be increasing for the
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nearby suburbs here in the next little bit and our rain chances are likely to stay pretty high through about lunchtime. flash flood watches are also posted for ufl the metro area. rain possible from now till lunchtime. possibility for a rumble or two of thunder. mid to late morning, a slim chance. it will be warm. a new record high of 75 connelling our way later on today and the cold air is nowhere in sight. wait till you see that seven-day forecast at 5:41. kim mccormick. >> we have a problem in alexander. duke street is closed between south quaker lane and sweely street. meagan fitzgerald is on the scene and will have more on what's happening. be prepared if it's out there any later. you can see we have rain widespread of the area. so far not affectling your speed along the corridor. the you're traveling on the
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beltway, you can see we have the right side of the beltway blocked with a crash. this is going to be the outer loop that. long sweeping ramp over to 270. once you hit the spur, you may find a bit of a slowdown. when you get in your car this morning, don't forget to tune in to wtop 103.5. the clock is tick if you still have shopping to do. new information about the search for survivors in the
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a developing situation in china right now in the southern part of the country. we have new signs of life det t detected in the rubble after the massive landslide hit three days ago. more than 5,000 rescuers are now
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using heavy equipment and new technology. the workers focusing on collapsed buildings. yesterday we did show you the man rescued after being buried aliven for 67 hours. there's still more than 70 people missing this morning. that's it from the live desk. aaron? >> take a look. if you're just waking up, take a look at your screen. we could be looking for a downpour starting in a little less than two hours. chuck will have more on that as well as what lies ahead for the weekend at 5:21. good morning. i'm molette green outside the toys "r" us at bailey's crossroads. now open for over 24 hours this store will close at 9:00 tonight. at this point you're going have to get inside the stores and see what is left on the shelves here. quite busy at montgomery mall hours ago and deep discounts.
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that's what many shoppers are looking for even at the last minute to scratch the last-minute items off their list. >> i think it's good. >> are you done? >> i'm done. i'm done. i have to go and pack and that's it. >> now we spoke to the shopper at 4:30 this morning. not quite busy at all at this early hour, you might expect. plenty of time for you to get here and get those last minute toys, elf on the shelf, monster high dog, all those stuff that the kids have been looking for and asking for. at 6:00, why one shopper tells me he did this on purpose. he waited until this hour to come go shopping for his little girl. that's the latest live from bailey's crossroads. >> he's not going have a lot of company. >> you want to hear that extra
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nation. 'll see you at 6:00. thank you. molette mentioned montgomery mall. one man we spoke told us he knew he was going to have to wait. >> everybody is crowded and packed in the mall. >> did he say he waited two hours for gift wrap? >> he did not say that. >> the kids don't care about the wrapping paper. >> i will charge you half price and wrap it for you. >> some people admit they procrastinated a little bit. others say they were waiting for a paycheck and the a great deal use can sometimes snatch at the last minute. >> true. >> a consumer alert you should know about. it's a so-called santa scam advertising a handwritten litter from santa or a personalized phone call. then it instructed you to go to a website and enter your personal information including a
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credit card number. look for grammar or spelling mistakes in the e-mail. a another slam against the secret service, this time over how it handled the case back in 2011. that was when oscar oretga hernandez fired several shots from his car on constitutional avenue. several shots hit a window in the upstairs window of the white house. the florida man who pled guilty to landing his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn says he will run for office. douglas hughes says he plans to run in florida's 23rd district. hughes was arrested in april after landing his gyrocopter in a protest against campaign finance reform. his lawyers argued that convicti conviction does not make him ineligible to run for congress.
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not wearing a football helmet may reduce the risk of football injuries. they learn to adjust their tackling techniques to be more protective of the head. they used groups to test their theory. one with, one without. the helmetless group had 28% decrease in injuries in practice and games. well, it's going to be plenty warm. especially this time of year. this is fitting. it used to seem like a novelty, but the water-ski santa and his knee boarding reindeer will make their way down the potomac river this afternoon. you can go around 1:00 for the best views and you can probably wear shorts, shirts, and maybe even flip-flops. >> go for it. good morning, everybody.
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i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. another day that may impact your travel plans as heavy rain is moving this way in the next little bit. keep in mind, the water temperature of the potomac in the bay is in the low 50s, so don't get in the water. watch santa from the shore. flash flood watches have already been issued for the metro area until 9:00 tonight. it will slow down travel so have your "storm team 4" and your nbc washington app red to go. heavy weather. maybe rumbles of thunder around lunchtime. gusty winds could be up to 30 miles an hour and record highs could be in the 70s today. unbelievable. we broke a rainfall record yesterday. 2 inches yesterday at bwi. the plume of moisture and bad weather goes all the way down some of if you're changing plaeps at hartfield-jackson, that could be a big impact on
5:23 am
the busiest airports in the region. thunderstorms south of richmond, that's going to go over the lower bay. a best chance southern maryland to fredericksburg. here's a bad threat, a bad weather threat. that should be reaching the washington area between 10:00 and 11:00. flash flood watches. another inch of rain possible today some of ponding of water on the roadways will be a real issue. flash flooding is our main severe weather threat for today and the incredible warmth is going nowhere. 75 is a cord chl 70. that's within a degree or two. mostly cloudy. the heaviest and the worst of the rain will be the first part of the day. sunday. another record high temperature. people cooling town a little bit as we head toward new year's eve. all the numbers are way above average.
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we'll show you on the radar and high resolution. that's coming up. here's kim mccormick. duke street is closed. you can see from the live shot from our crew on the scene. that's looking across the street at all the businesses there. you can see the water flowing quite nicely across the roadway. if you're traveling on route 66 thwart scepterville, there's a crash on the right side of the roadway not causing too much of a problem. it is christmas eve and a lot of people have the day off. that's helping a lot. you can see a little bit of the wet roadways there. so far, so good. we're right back to duke street bchlt careful. you can access the shopping center, you need to take an alternate route. a high-profile investigator is accused of taking indecent liberties with a minor here. we've even featured him in
5:25 am
several reports on tobacco smuggling. fairfax county police caught carey in a sting operation on tuesday night. >> a detective for the major crimes unit assumed the identity of the victim and he went ahead and made contact with mr. carey. >> detectives tell us he had inappropriate sexual contact with the 148-year-old boy on tuesday. battle in tee town forces them to retake ramadi from isis milita militants. isis seized ramada back in may. iraqi attackers hope to have control back within the next few days. flights are landing and taking off normally this morning at the minneapolis/st. paul international airport. yesterday black lives matter protefrts blocked a terminal on what was a very busy day. you can see the strong response by police to the demonstrators.
5:26 am
the protesters wanted to draw attention to the police shooting of a black man. they marched through mall of america. police were quick to shut down that protest. call it a change of heart for the iowa school system. the lunch lady fired for giving a student a free lunch can go back to work. there was an uproar after she was let go for what the school called theft but she doesn't regret what she did for the student. >> my heart hurts. i truly love my job and i can't say i wouldn't do it again. >> the school district says after the holiday break they'll provide food service training with ways to get help for hung fwri children in compliance with the school system's rule. no word if the lunch lady has accepted the offer to return to
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work. one thing you need to know. it is a weather alert day. look at the lens of our camera. trust me. it's raining somewhere out there. chuck is back with the rest of the four things to know about the forecast at 5:31. life is about to change. the changes you'll see at the polls. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape.
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good morning, everybody. weather day part 2. weather is primarily for now and more later today. some places hat 2 inches yesterday. as a result, flash flood watches are posted for the day and record highs are also possible. big impacts on the travel. hen rain. if you're just driving locally and you can wait until later today, that would be a great idea. ponding of watt oren the local interstates with rain coming in and no delays yet. but call ahead any time there's bad weather here all the way to atlanta and up to boston. that could really snarl air travel. call your carrier. the rain gets to your house in ten minutes. kim mccormick with traffic. >> we have a lot of standing water not because of the rain but the water main break we've been talking about in front of the commonwealth shopping center. you can access the shopping center, from what we're understanding, megan will have
5:31 am
more on that coming up in a little bit. if you're traveling on 270 headed toward the beltway, no problems yet. there's rain out there. it crease's creating slick conditions. be very careful. if you're traveling on 66, we have reporting of a crash on the westbound of 66. left side is blocked. and we're seeing they're cleaning up a crash. all lanes should be open now and you can see the road spray from the rain that's already falling on the beltway. take it easy out there. it's investigating very slick. >> the latest now in decision 2016. the last few months have been a whirlwind for the candidates and the holds only mean a little time off before the campaign ramps up for the new year. edward lawrence with more on what you can expect. good morning. >> good morning. maybe we'll get a little bit of a break. senator marco rubio said he's going have 60 family members coming over to celebrate christmas eve. there's been no political
5:32 am
playbook for this political cycle thanks to donald trump. they said awt point they want to halt all muslim visitors coming into this country. defense press secretary says they're upset that senator bernie sanders tried to say the clinton campaign also accessed sanders' voting information. you may remember the dnc cut off access to his own record us because there was data breach in seeing clinton's voter information. all of that has been restored. this political campaign shows no signs of slowing down at all. reporting line in washington on capitol hill, edward lawrence. eun, back to you. >> thank you, edward. 5:33 now. we're hearing from senator ted cruz on a controversial
5:33 am
political cartoon published in the "washington post." it depicts the presidential candidate's two daughters as dancing monkeys and himself as and organ grinder. >> leave my kids alone, leave marco's kids alone. leave hillary's kids and grandkids alone. fred hyatt posted a comment saying, quote, it's generally ben the policy of our editorial section to leave children out of it. i failed to look at this cartoon before it was published. wait time just got shorter for virginia voters. the democratic party reached a settlement with officials on how to improve the process. you may remember this site from the 2012 presidential elections. because of that mess they have agreed to teach volunteer as what to do if vote machine s malfunction and they agree to speak with experts if there's layup.
5:34 am
a shooting at a store in fairfax county has last-minute shoppers on edge. please say during the robbery the suspect shot an employee. he then took off toward rich plond highway. shoppers there say they're more alert after hearing about the robbery. >> we'll be more careful now. you watch your purse more carefully, you watch where you're going. i do a lot more internet shopping and stay out of the malls and things like that. >> the employee who was shot is expected to be okay. we're working to learn whether a man taken in will be involved in a shooting. police shot at him after police say he got out of his car carrying a gun. this happened on clarion court in ft. washington. someone in the neighborhood called police to report a suspicious car. the shooting happened as officers confronted the man in the car. the suspect was not shot. he tried to run but officers were able to quickly track him down. a baltimore police officer
5:35 am
is on administrative duty after pub. ing a 19-year-old. he was part of this arrest saturday in townsend. he said the teenager resisted arrest and he threw the punch. the department is investigating whether the use of force was appropriate. the liberty council claims the board violated virginia law by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy. supporters of the changes say the updated policy protects students and teachers who identify as lgbt. 5:5 now. a ring that was lost back in the early '90s is back in the right hands today. this mist of this 1951 lost class ring unfolded with a handwritten letter sent to gaithersburg high school. the letter was sent by a granddaughter of a woman who found that ring in tennessee. it was her wish that the rightful owner be found. the ring had the initials r.n.o. on it. gaithersburg did a little digging and sent the letter to a
5:36 am
raymond neal owens jr. right here in maryland. >> i was crying like a babe. baby i just broke down. it was so amazing. i had no idea it was lost. searching through old photos, i found an itinerary of this trip. >> that trip to tennessee where the ring was lost, the ring belonged to owen's father who passed away in 2012. neal is thrilled to have his father's ring to add to his memories. >> to have that with him. what an incredible story to have that back. >> 5:36. it is weather alert day. take a look at the camera outside the studio. there you see the raindrops on the camera. oh, now it's clear. chuck bell will let us know how warm it gets. >> we have a wiper on that
5:37 am
thing? >> high technology. it's no secret, rent in the district is high, but where do we compare to other countries. and new on 4, a mother
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two hikers lost in amazon's colombia jungle now safe. the air force located them through aerial surveillance. one hiker was treated at the scene for a snake bike. new numbers back. how some of you probably feel about your rent. d.c. rent ters spend an average of 60% on their rent compared to nationwide average of 37%. weather alert day again. the dmv says heavy rain is already starting to push through the area. the last batch is on its way. that puts it at between 8:00 and 10:00 this morn. the worst of the weather will be
5:41 am
before lunchtime today. pick up a lot of rain. it will will b a lot of things today but not cold. we'll have more in ten minutet. the best practice the if you can delay it, i would. duke streak at the alexandria commonwealth shopping center, we have a water main break. you can access the shopping center. you just need to take an alternative route to do it. looking live, traffic is moving along quite well on wet roadways which explains a lot of the blurred headlights there. we have a crash on the inner loop. crews have been sent to look for it and if you're traveling 66 or
5:42 am
5 to virginia, still moving along pretty well. don't forget when you're leaving your house, tune in for traffic updates on the 8s. >> kim, thank you. breaking news near old town alexandria this morning where crews are on the scene of a water maybe break. they'll let us know how the mess could impact the day. >> the case of a woman who was forced out of a hospital and arrested r
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good morning, everybody. "storm team 4" weather alert day. main weather threat will be the possibility of flash flooding between now and lunchtime today. we'll show you where the rain is and how much we're going to get at 5:51. >> you can see live here north of 95 a problem on duke street. we'll talk about that coming up.
5:46 am
>> reporter: i'm meagan fitzgerald covering breaking news in alexandria. it was around 3:00 this morning that a driver reported a water main break here on duke street. you can see the water pouring out into the road. we're told that the utility company is out here trying to actively shut off the water. police have blocked the road off between swedenly and south quaker. now they're trying to accent it. you can access the comments here. it could take a while. it's possible that it could be longer. back to you. >> thanks. a heads up if you're flying. don't be surprised if you're.
5:47 am
the tsa says it can detect it. >> to the rails, the power is back on at union station. outage forced it. they found a way to the train. the company says it did not delay any trainings. new details on how a woman forced to leave a hospital died. she died from complications from a bloot clot. doctors say they treated her and discharged her but she wouldn't go. her relatives were there when the police escort her from the hospital in handcuffs. they say they knew instantly they knew something was wrong. >> they opened the door and tried to putter in the car and as they did, she collapsed. they got the doctor dom out there and get a pulse of her and
5:48 am
they couldn't get no pulse. >> the family is considering a lawsuit against the local police department, the hospital or both. it's 5:48. a california mother's mission to have her daut're declared alive. she asked the court to invalidate her daughter's death certificate. if that happens the insurance companies will be required to pay for her in-home medical treept. doctors declared her brain dead in 2013 after she suffered complications from a sleep apnea surgery. a story you'll see on "news4." the mother of a fairfax county student says bullying caused her to post a message on instagram. one post was a hate letter to students. she threatened her peers with death or bodily injury using a made up instagram account. in one of the posts police say there was an emoji of a gun, a
5:49 am
knife, and a bomb. her mother says she doesn't blooesh h believe her daughter would hurt anyone. she told that to "news4" when she spoke off camera. >> as a mom, i don't know what to tell you. she wasn't thinking. >> that young girl is now facing felony charges. fairfax county public school says these types of threats can be disruptive and asks parents to speak to their children about the use of social media. a woman in las vegas is facing murder charges after driving her car into pedestrians on the las vegas strip. one person is dead and dozens hurt. lakeisha holloway is also facing murder and fleeing charges. she heads back to court next month. the man who shot up a colorado planned parenthood will undergo a mental health evaluation. the junk ordered the evaluation for robert dear after he told the judge he wants to represent himself in court.
5:50 am
dear will spend the next 60 days at a state mental hospital and be back in court in february. he's accused of killing three people in the shooting last month. a grand jury has indicted the truck driver who crashed into the limo carried actor tracy morgan. one person died in 2014 in that crash that left tracy morgan seriously hurt. in august an investigation by the ntsb concluded that roper had not slept for 28 hours before that crash they'll allow a streaming of the fab 4. among the select outlets that will allow the streaming. starting with their first album, a hard day's night. a great music. well, looking to celebrate christmas with music from the first family? all you have to do is sign in to spotify. the streaming music service has
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christmas playlists from the obamas and the bide abouts. topping the list for mr. and mrs. obama is "o tannenbaum" the instrumental version featured in "charlie brown christmas." mr. and dr. biden went with a slightly edgier number one bruce springsteen "santa claus is coming to town." are you going to sing it? >> no. >> i try to get you do that every time. >> look at all these colors on "storm team 4" radar. chuck bell, what does that mean for us? >> it means that it's not only raining now but harder a little bit later on. about two or three hours from now the next moderate to heavy rain comes in. and there's a possibility for our friends and neighbored in fredericksburg, southern maryland to get thunder on
5:52 am
christmas eve. we had a lot of rain yesterday. over two inches at b.w. marshal yesterday. flash flood watches are posted around the metro. a lot of people traveling today. big impacts on local roads mainly before noontime. ponding of water on the main, also with all the heavy rain going from new york to philadelphia down to atlanta, big delays possible and air travel as well. it will not be a white christmas because temperatures are nearly 70 degrees before the sun's even up. the record high, 69. it has no chance of staying our record for the day as temperatures should climb well into the low to mid-70s for a time. all these big dots that are lighting up on the map. the red circles, those are tornado reports. 20 yesterday and several fatalities. there's the bad weather in
5:53 am
atlanta. now, this whole energized system is coming our way. the bulk of the heavier rain we'll be dealing with later today is still across eastern parts of west virginia. even thunderstorms in richmond. here's how it ooh going to play out in the next couple of hours. 7:00 a.m., entering the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. by 8:00, 9:00, leading to twern si the western sides of the beltway. then the heavy rain threat moves down to southern maryland around lunchtime before things start to settle down after that. seven-day forecast, april continues, everybody. 75 today. that's 30 above average. 70 tomorrow. still a risk of a couple of showers tomorrow. main risk for rain in the second part of the day. hit-and-miss showers on saturday, but no washout. sunday will be the nicest day of next week. 75 on sunday. finally a little bit cooler weather comes in as we head toward new year's eve. still way above average.
5:54 am
warmest december ever here in washington as far as we've been keeping record. "news4" traffic is next. >> we have a problem if you're traveling in alexandria on duke street. it's currently closed between south quaker lane and sweely street because of a water main break. you see our live crews on the scene. it's not affecting entrances to the alexandria commonwealth shopping center. you can get there, but you'll have to take an alternative route. if you're heading to laurel, the westbound ramp to 198, we have reports of a crash on that ramp. do be careful. we have rain falling in that area making things slick. eastbound 66 near centreville, we do have a report of an accident off on the left-hand side of the roadway. be careful as police are arriving on the scene. and be careful. duke street is closed between sweely and south alexandria
5:55 am
avenue. >> thanks. please blocked off a major area including connecticut and massachusetts avenues. police tell us a pair of threats were called in just after 9:00 p.m. we're working to learn the nature of the threats. all roads are back open. police in prince william county say a martial arts instructor threw a boy to the ground on monday knocking him out. a fellow employee at tiger martial arts academy alerted police. the boy went to the hospital with serious injuries. 21-year-old justin brannoc faces felony charges. good morning. some retailers are telling customers their holiday pack js are being delayed. eddie becauser and pacific sunwear are blaming a big backlog at fedex.
5:56 am
fedex says they've been operating around the clock with some surge from business networks. with your cnbc morning report, i'm kate rogers. new details on a deadly plane crash. a preliminary report found a pilot turned around shortly after takeoff. the pilot tried to land the plane, suggesting he knew something was wrong. a full investigation into what happened could take up to a year. the three men killed on board were all from rockville. they will bes busy on the basketball court tomorrow. in brand-new psa directed by spike lee -- >> i heard about a shooting over the summer about a 3-year-old. my daughter is that age. >> they involve steph curry and others. 88 americans die every day as a
5:57 am
result of gun violence and it encourages folks to spread the word using the #endgunviolence. vdot extended meeting days for those who want to learn more about toll lanes coming. we'll post the location in the nbc washington app. earlier this month the commonwealth transportation board voted to add lanes inside the beltway. racing to beat the clock. a look at how many of you have waited until the last minute for your holiday shopping and some of the things folks are looking for this morning. plus, we're watching breaking news out of alexandria where a water main break has left a busy section under water. take a live look at the scene here. the repair efforts and the impact it's having on your commute. it's also a weather alert day as we watch a line of showers pushing into our area. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell has more on when yo
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. i'm "storm team 4" met chuck bell. we could get some heavy, her rain between now and sometime today. i'll let you know how that may affect your travels on your christmas eve. i'll see you in a few minutes.
6:00 am
>> we're watching developments out of the south after severe weather claims the lives of a number of people in several states. the damage we're seeing at this hour. also ahead, preparing yourself for the last-minute rush. what you can expect if you're one of the millions of people out there who still hasn't finished their holiday shopping. first, yes indeed, plans will impact your travel plans. big impacts on your early morning travels here on christmas eve. we have your nbc washington app ready to go. you can have it in the palm of your hand. it shows heavy rain. it should be in harrisonville by 7:30. in warrenton by 9:30 and gainesville by 9:45. it should reach metro by 9:00 or 11:00 this morning. biggest threat for storms will be southern metro and


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