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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> we're watching developments out of the south after severe weather claims the lives of a number of people in several states. the damage we're seeing at this hour. also ahead, preparing yourself for the last-minute rush. what you can expect if you're one of the millions of people out there who still hasn't finished their holiday shopping. first, yes indeed, plans will impact your travel plans. big impacts on your early morning travels here on christmas eve. we have your nbc washington app ready to go. you can have it in the palm of your hand. it shows heavy rain. it should be in harrisonville by 7:30. in warrenton by 9:30 and gainesville by 9:45. it should reach metro by 9:00 or 11:00 this morning. biggest threat for storms will be southern metro and the
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northern neck. so bigger impacts the farther south you live or travel on your christmas eve. there's the flash flood watch at 9:00. another quick rain is the possibility. another thing you won't worry about is the cold. we're in the 60s this morning. we'll have a new record high before the day is done near 75 degrees. more about that coming up in a few minutes. eun? >> thank you, chuck. we have breaking news. you may want to give yourself extra time if you're heading to alexandria. here's a live look at the scene. crews are working to fix a water main break. we have just learned it will take eight hours to fix this. duke street is closed right now between sweely and quaker. we'll have more with meagan fitzgerald. first let's check your traffic. hey, kim. >> hi, eun. with dough hawe do have water s
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across the road. you can access the shopping center, but you need to access an alternative route to do so. it's going affect your ability to get on 395. you might want to use telegraph in this particular case. around new hampshire, things are moving around very well for this time of the morning considering we usually have a lot of extra traffic but things are taking it easy because of the wet roads yochl u want to be careful because we do have some wed roads as well as in southern maryland. >> thank you. we're following a developing story. deadly tornados moved through the midwest a and into the south. they're leaving devastating damage behind. you look at what used to be a home. we want to get right to "news4's" angie goff at w the latest on the death toll, angie. >> aaron, also just in. we have new video out of mps where most of the victims died. in total seven people lost their
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lives, one of them a 7-year-old child. take a look. the springlike storm pretty much wiping out everything in its path. tearing through the state as well as arkansas and tennessee where many people died. they'll continue looking for those still missing and assessing the damage. eun? >> angie goff at the live desk. thank you. police here at home are looking for a driver who left a serious crash in the southeast. take a look. you can see these cars hit each other pretty hard. we know two people are in serious condition. we're working to find out which driver left the scene before police arrived. four teenagers are facing murder charges in montgomery county. a man was found stabbed to death at the a great seneca stream valley park back in august. police say a 19-year-old and three younger teens are now being charged with first-degree murder. two of those teens are also
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facing charges in a deadly shooting last month in gaithersburg. that was when oscar or tell ga hernandez fired several shots from his car on constitutional avenue. at least seven bullets struck the upstairs residence of the white house. the first family was not at home at the time. now the inspector general says the secret service failed to do an after-action review of the shooting. he said the review is crucial to making security changes. right now the family of a pennsylvania man is worried about him. police in montgomery county are searched for man who went missing while traveling in the county chl he was last seen near the area of the grosvenor metro station in bethesda this week. police say he was a passenger in a vehicle but got out at the intersection of rockville pike and tuckerman lane. "rolling stone" wants the judge to throw out a lawsuit
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filed by a student. there was an article that implicated members in a gang rape. they say they were defamed by the false story. the magazine is countersuing saying the three named in the lawsuit were never named in the lawsuit. right now some of you may be stressing. you have less than 24 hours to finish your christmas shopping and get those gifts under the tree. christmas is tomorrow. tomorrow. "news4's" molette green joins us live from fairfax county. molette, christmas comes every year on the 24th and for some reason people are still not ready. >> reporter: people have a lot of reasons why they're not ready and more chants have the answer. they're going stay open. this store has stayed open for 39 hours. here's why. for good reason.
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keeping the doors open to basically cash in. they want to get your last-minute dollars and they need them before the new year. take a look alt these numbers about final consume irspending this holiday spending. 10% say they're finished and that's according to the national retail federation. many are still trying to figure it out, what to buy. 48% still weighing the choices. nearly half are waiting until after christmas. one man told us why he waited until 4:00 a.m. to do his toy shopping. >> i work right down the street so i came on my lunch break real quick. when i road on my way to work it was packed, so i had to wait for it to settle down a little bit. >> reporter: not very packed now. a stream of people trickling in i would say. you're going to have to get inside these stores. we've put together a list of a bunch of stores and their hours and you can find all of that
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information inside our nbc washington app. i'm molette green live in bailey's crossroads. back to you. he sells edible marijuana. police say he's breaking the law but we'll show you why he claims it's perfectly legal and he'll do it again. also ahead, new troubles for those popular daily fantasy websites. the latest state threatening to shut down the sports sites. we track another wave of strong showers pushing into our region. "storm team 4" meteorologist "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell looks at the
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back up. back up. police and protesters clash in the middle of the minneapolis/st. paul airport.
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things are back to normal now. they wanted to draw attention to the police shooting on of a black man, jamar clark. black lives matter protesters also marched through the mall of america. virginia is working to revamp its voting process ahead of the presidential primary on march 1st. the democratic party said it reached a settlement on how to improve things. you may remember this site from the 2012 elections. in prince george's county some waited houring in line to cast a vote. because of that they have agreed to teach volunteers what to do if vote machines malfunction. they have also agreed to cop sult with experts on this like voting place setup and layout. the florida man who landed his gyrocopter on the white house grounds plans to run for cob. that's the seat held by debbie wassermann schultz, the chair won of the democratic national committee.
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his lawyers argued that conviction does not make him ineligible to run for congress. good morning, everybody. another "storm team 4" weather alert day. weather and your plans. ite going to have an impact on the frort part of the day. the heaviest rain will be at around 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon and by evening time, cloudy, mild, still wet around the region. flood watches around the metro area. another inch is possible on top of the one or two. flash flooding is our biggest severe threat. "storm team 4" radar rushing through southern maryland now. that's the one that's coming our way from mid to late morning. more about that with your seven-day forecast in ten minutes. here's kim mccormick. >> as if we don't have enough already. there's a water main break closing duke lane and sweely.
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now, it's going to cause some problems for a lot of people. you can access the shopping center. so that is some good news but that's expected to be there for about eight hours. traffic is moving along nicely but there is report of a possible crash just before the beltway and if you're traveling on 270 or 495 headed to the beltway, speeds are looking good. don't forget to tune in to traffic updates. having trouble getting to grand moo's house. the problems they're dealing with. >> first she was fire for giving a free meal to a student in need. now the school district is responding to the backlash. what they're
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>> reporter: i'm meagan fitzgerald covering breaking news where a water maybe break has shut down duke street between swedenly and south quaker. you can see right here in the middle of the road, this is the issue water pouring into the road here. we're told utility crews are on scene trying to shut off water. until then crews can not go in and dig up the road to begin
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work but they are trying to get ready for that process. we're told that it's just a matter of time before that happens. you can see crews in the street here. also if you look down, you can see they put up signs. the road is closed. we're told this process could taken eight hours before the issue is resolved. back to you. >> what i'm doing is very legal. i feel like it is good. just one day after appearing in a d.c. court a local businessman says he will continue to sell pot. he does not believe he broke the law. the so-called kush god said he was giving away pot-laced brownies and gummies while asking for a donate. while it is legal to give it away, it's illegal to sell it. he said he was doing business for the city. >> marijuana business is good for the city. it brings a lost didn't money in, a lot of opportunities and a lot of jobs. >> but we were confident in our
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investigation that the intent of these two folks was to sell marijuana. >> police found out about the traveling marijuana business through a series of sting operations. >> a newly released police report details a pattern of parties and drinking at a home linked to the deaths of two teenagers in montgomery county. you might remember they died in june. yesterday's report confirms the crash was alcohol-rea littled. officers say the group was leading a party at a home in north potomac. 49-year-old kenneth saltzman owned that home. police gave him two citations for allowing underage drinking. police in prince george's county shot at a man after they say he got out of his car carrying a gun. this happened on clarion court in ft. washington. someone in the neighborhood called police to report a suspicious car.
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the suspect was not hit. he tried to run, but officers were able to quickly track him down. a frantic search for survivors after signs of life are detected three days after a massive landslide strikes china. more than 5,000 at work trying to find in of the 4 people found missing. the landslide hit in the southern part of th country collapsing buildings and burying people alive. the so-called 72-hour golden rule has found. they acknowledge some may still be alive in that rubble. >> angie, thank you. it's 6:19. developing in china, threats against the u.s. embassy in beijing has officials on high alert. they warned western shoppers about visiting popular shopping areas on or around christmas day. they're asked to be aware of their surroundings at all times. u.s. troops saluted the six
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servicemembers killed if the taliban this week. troops paid their respect in front of six empty pairs of boots on wednesday. on monday a suicide bomber drove his motorcycle into a nato patrol and set off explosives. it was the most deadly since 2013. the lunch lady fired after giving a middle school student a free meal in idaho is now back to work. there was a nationwide uproar when she was let go. but she said she doesn't regret what she did for that student. >> my heart hurts. i truly love my job. i can't say i wouldn't do it again. >> the school district says after the holiday break it will provide food service training with ways to get help for hungry children that are in compliance with the school system's rules. no word on whether boud p has accepted the return to work.
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chipotle changing how its prepares ingredients. this after another e. coli outbreak. among this employees will now chop tomatoes, cilantro, and other ingredients at central locations rather than restaurants. that will allow for easier testing. they say it should not impact taste. right now federal health officials say nearly 376,000 virginians have helped care for 2016 under the affordable care act. they say 70% of the residents will pay $75 or less a month premiums after tax credited kick in. affordable enrollment end on january 31st. today, holiday tradition on the potomac river. the water-skiing santa and his knee boarding reindeer will make their annual ride down the river this afternoon. you can go to alexandria's old
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town to see the best views. >> always fun to see. well, deputies in california, one county there are doing more than fighting crime. >> yesterday they set out to spread a little christmas spirit. >> do you have money? >> yes. >> dang. >> you're lying. >> are you serious? >> with the help of an anonymous donation of $5,000, deputies pinpointed homes and drivers in madera county. they say it allows people to see them in a different light just in time for the holidays. >> if it's somebody who's having a little difficulty during the holiday season maybe we'll be able to cheer them up a little bit. >> deputies volunteered to make the deliveries. say it helps to put them in the christmas spirit too. obviously law enforcement is still working tomorrow even though it's a holiday all over the country. show a little appreciate for them too. >> exactly. they're volunteering their team to do the extra work to spread
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the spirit. >> there you. i think we want chuck bell to spread the cheer. >> that's right. it's incredibly warm outside. we saw an enormous amount of very unusual december weather. take a look at it. i backed it up. it's an 18-hour loop. look at the trail of severe weather report. those are tonight reports yesterday. 27 reports tornados and 7 fatalities yesterday. mostly down in the west tennessee, eastern arkansas time frame. now, that whole energized system is coming our way. it will send that wave of moderate to heavy rain between now and lunchtime to date. next area of heavy raindowntownn
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11:00. i want you do be on alert because we had a lot of rain yesterday. we could pick up another quick inch of rain today. means ponding on roadways. slowed air travel. be ready for what could be ugly movement around the area. rain at 7:00 a.m. rain with isolated rumbles of thunder. best chances to hear thunder will be south of the metro. fredericksburg. here's future weather right into the metro area. south of fredericksburg toward richmond. if you're traveling, a much bigger threat for severe weather down there. cold air, nowhere in sight. new records coming our way. 75 today, 70 tomorrow. lingering showers on saturday but no washout. another record high on sunday at 75. slightly cooler weather by early next week, but still not any sign of real cold winter air anywhere in sight. we'll get back to when the rain
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reaches your hometown. here's kim mccormick. >> we have a road closure at duke and sweely in front of the commonwealth shopping scepter. the only saving grace, there needs going to be much traffic. however, there is that last rush of christmas shoppers. be careful. you can access the shopping center by alternative routes. we have report of a crash. not reporting what side of the roadway it's on but it's going to cause delays. be careful. and if you're traveling across the wilson bridge, this is headed toward the area. you can see there's rain on the lens. things are moving along quite well. >> thanks, kim. a schoolboard is suing over a nondiscrimination policy. the lynn earth council claims they violated virginia law by
6:26 am
adding sexual orientation and gender to its nondiscrimination policy. they say the policy protecting students and teachers who identify as lgbt. a woman is stepping up into the role of the lieutenant colonel for the virginia state police. she's a fredericksburg native. she joined the force back in 1989. her promotion to colonel is effective tomorrow. another blow to fanduel and draftkings this morning. it's has been ruled it's now illegal. draftkings issue a statement late yesterday saying the company disagrees with illinois's decision and indiana tends to fightet for the right to operate it there. nbc 4's comcast is among the investors in fanduel. >> keep a close eye on the latest. it may have been targeted by hackers. it's also a weather alert
6:27 am
day. when lit arrive and how christmas day is shaping up with your four things to know at 6:31. first we're watching breaking news in alexander where a water main break overnight has a busy stretch on duke street off limits. how long these repairs will take and how you can get around this and how you can get around this me
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breaking news at 6:30. you may need some extra time if you're heading into lex. right now duke street is closed because of water main break. "news4's" megan fitzgerald is there with more information. megan, what's going on. >> water has been gushing into the 3100 block of duke street for more than three hours. crews tell us that they're working right now to turn the water off. as you can see for yourself, that has not happened yet. meanwhile crews are getting things in place so when they do turn that water off, they can dig up the road and try to figure out what the problem is and fix it. right now duke street is closed between sweely street and south quaker. folks can access the alexandria
6:31 am
common. virginia water company tells us that this process of fixing the water main here could take up to eight hours or more. the water -- or the rain, rather, that's coming down could delay things even longer. back to you. >> if you're traveling in alexander as you just heard w dough have duke street shut down between south quaker sweely street. you can access the shopping center. again, you can also use king street and eisenhower connector to access the beltway if they's where you're connecting. if you're traveling in prince george's county, things are moving along quite well for you and the vre and ma r re and m.a
6:32 am
are runs. four things you should know about today. weather alert between now and lunchtime you could pick up another one inch or more locally on top of the two we had yesterday. flash floods for the metro. high temperatures coming our way. the main severe weather threat is that possibility for flash flooding. it includes ought of the media. rain moving in fast. it will be arriving in warrenton by 6:58. racing through the metro area between 10:00 a.m. and noon. we'll give you the impacts it will have on your plans for the rest of the day coming up in ten minutes. we're monitoring conditions as you travel. duddens of new delays have popped up since our show began.
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yesterday boy so hard he passed out. 21-year-old justin brannick faces felony charges. it's not clear why he threw the boy. >> an employee alerted the police. the child went to the hospital with serious injuries. 6:33 is your time right now. you may recognize paul kerry. he's well known for
6:34 am
investigating illegal drug trafficking in virginia. we've even featured him in several reports on tobacco smuggling. fairfax county police caught kerry in a sting operation on tuesday night. kerry had already had inappropriate sexual contact with that 14-year-old boy prior to tuesday. a story you will see only on "news4," the mother of a feyerick fax county student says bullying caused her daughter to post a threatening image on instagram. now, according to police, the student from sidney lemaire middle school threatened her peers with deadly or bodily injury. there was an emil jirk a gun, a knife, and a bomb. that student is now facing felony charges. you may have seen it last night. two threats shutting down roads. police blocked off major area including connecticut and massachusetts avenues. police tell us a pair of threats were called in.
6:35 am
we're working to learn the nature of that threat. all those roads areack open this morning. you can track santa as he makes his way around the world delivering gifts to lille boys and girls. norad will be keeping an eye on santa. they began tracking santa 60 years ago make about sure he and his reindeer are safe in the sky. >> all right. a ring that was lost back in the earl early '90s is now back in the right hands today. the letter was sent by a granddaughter of the lady who found the ring in tennessee. it had the initials rmt n.o. gaithersburg did a little digging and sent the letter to
6:36 am
raymond neal owens jr. in maryland. >> crying like a baby. i just broke down. it was so amazing. i had no idea it was lost. searching through old photos, i found an itinerary of this trip. >> that trip to tennessee where the ring was lost, the ring belonged to owen's father who passed away in 2012. glad it's back. >> pretty cool, i think. you think about the fact you find this ring and you go through this stuff and you get memories about your childhood and family. nice way to celebrate christmas. >> neal's glad to have that memory for sure. a look at how many of you have waited until the last minute for your holiday shopping and some of the things shoppers say they're looking for this morning. >> i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. moderate rain now headed toward buoy and the beltway over the next 15 minutes or so and that may not be the last of the heavy rain we dealering with. another check of the rain.
6:37 am
plus, d.c. police are looking for a driver after a serious hit-and-run accident that
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a grand jury has indicted roper for crashing the car that left tracy morgan seriously hurt. in august an investigation by ntsb concluded roper had not slept for 28 hours prior to the crash. hackers may have hacked your account if you checked into a particular hotel. they discovered malware on its computers. the company did not say why it
6:41 am
waited three weeks to alert the public but did say it's investigating. hyatt customers should monitor account statements and report any suspicious charges. zbroomd mo good morning, everybody. i'm chuck bell. flash floods a possibility with a quick inch of rainfall to go one t with the one or two from yesterday. one batch of rain moving out. next batch moving out. if it holds together and comes our way, it will be between five and six hours from now. things will get easier this afternoon. we'll talk more about that and how long the weather sticks around. it's 6:51. we have problems in alexandria in front of the alexandria commonwealth shopping center. you can access the shopping center, but it's causing delays we have a crash.
6:42 am
your route to northbound 128 in centreville. you can see the ramp winding up. that's going to be a bit of a problem for you. we've got the crash on the right side of the beltway. the naval research lab and if you're traveling in virginia. you're still moving along. when you get in the car this morning don't forget to tune in to wtop 103.5. thanks, kim. why several retailers say a number of packages will not make it to their destination in time for christmas. but first we're watching developments right now in several states across the south after a line of severe storms leaves a number of people dead. the damage we're seeing at this hour when we take you to the live desk ahead.
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right now we're watching developing stories including this one in alexandria where crews are working to repair a water maim maine that's shut down a street overnight. severe storms trigger a number of tornados. first, though, a weather alert in our region. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell has more on that. good morning. >> it's moving toward the carolinas and virginia are today. already pockets of moderate rain overnight. heaviest rain for now is on the north side.
6:46 am
that's headed out. we there's more where that came from. aisle shoal you coming right up. we have problems on duke street right in front of the alexandria common shopping center. water main break in a few minutes. >> thank you, kim. we're following a developing story this morning. deadly tornadoes moving through the midwest and into the south are leaving some damage behind. take a look at all of this. this used to be a home in tennessee. let's get right to angie goff now at the live desk. >> eun, that video continues to roll in from the devastation in mississippi where most people died including a 7-year-old child. you can see the destruction after tornados and storms hit the southeast. houses levels. a lot of damage done. at least 40 others were hurt. at last check there were 21 reports of tornadoes. search and rescue efforts continue right now. aaronso
6:47 am
aaron? >> all right. thank you, angie. it is 6:47. d.c. police are looking for a driver who left the scene of a serious crash in southeast. you can see from the video here that the cars hit each other pretty hard. this all happened on naylor road near alabama avenue in the southeast. we know two people are in serious condition. we're working to find out which driver left the scene before police arrived. >> four teenagers are facing murderer charges. a teenager was found stabbed to death in the park back in auchlgt three others are being charged in murder. two were involved in a shooting in gaithersburg. another slam with the secret service, this time how they handled the case in 2011. that's when hernandez fired several shots at the white house on constitutional avenue. it struck the upstairs window. the family was not home at the
6:48 am
time. the secret service failed to do an accurate review on the shooting. they say it's drushl making security changes. >> right now police in montgomery county are searching for a man who went missing. he e was last seen near the area of tgrosvenor metro station. he was a passenger in the vehicle but at the intersection he got out. his family is concerned for his welfare and emotional well being. "rolling stone" wants a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit. that lawsuit is over a now widely discredited article that implicated the member. they were defamed by the false story. the magazine is countering that. the former students, three of them were never named in the article. lawsuits from a uva dane and the fraternity as a whole are pending against the magazine. it is a christmas eve tradition. more than 1,000 luminaire rah
6:49 am
candles will be blessed and lit outside the monastery in the holy land. it's located on quincy street in northeast washington. the ceremony gets under way at 1:00 p.m. the national cathedral service gets under way this afternoon. at 3:00 and 6:00 partly clou.m. christmas masses tomorrow. we know a lot of folks are stressing. you have less than 24 hours to finish your shopping and get any gifts to buy under the tree. "news4's" mollette green is out there. all right, molette. how's it looking? >> more people are starting to come in to the store now. the store has been open over 24 hours closing tonight at 9:00 p.m. there's a giant "star wars" section that's well stock and there are sale signs everywhere inside. lots of stores like this opening
6:50 am
early or either doing the all-nighters on this christmas eve. and industry experts are chiming in saying about 10% of you have actually finished while 48% are still weighing the options here and nearly half will be shopping after christmas like me when they will have those deep discounts trying to get that stuff out of the stores. so it's really about your priorities and what you need to get done. a lot of shoppers have told me, you know, they just had to wait until there was time for them to get here, until the money came in, their last paycheck, when they could go shopping. if you want to check out what stores are open, where they are, the hours, we've compile a list for you. check it out. i'm molelet green. back to you. >> all right, molette, thank you. >> running out of time. running out of time. >> absolutely right.
6:51 am
weather alert day. possible again today. record amounts of rain. the opportunity for another quick inch of rain means flash flooding will be a real possibility. and a big impact on travel primarily here in the front part of the day. you can stay ahead of the weather and have an updated radar picture in the palm of your hand by downloading the nbc washington app. so weather and your plans today. rain increasing today. that will make things a bit of a slow go. the biggest impact is mid to late morning. by evening time, things will really be setting down. it will be warm. no major delays at our local airports yet but philadelphia reporting delays. so call ahead to your carrier today. next batch of heavier rain, the way it's racing in, it should be here in about five hours. that puts it in before noontime. heaviest amounts of rain at about 9:00 or 10:00.
6:52 am
already light rain to moderate rain through much of fauquier county. this is going to follow over the next little bit and heavier rain near charlottesville also coming our way. it's overpainting it a little bit here, but it does show the opportunity for moderate to heavy rain coming through the metro between 9:00 a.m. this morning and 11:00 this morning. heavy rain threat will last a little bit longer. you might have a rumble or two of thunder into southern parts of maryland. that's where you're having the best chance for thunder during the day. it's going be anything but cold. temperature today, a new record high on the way. 75 today. still near 70 tomorrow with an occasional christmas shower primarily in the afternoon. sunday, another record high at 75 degrees. where did christmas go. >> indeed. all right, chuck. thank you. 6:52. breaking news this morning. you may need extra time if you're heading into alexandria. >> right now duke street is closed because of a water main
6:53 am
break. "news4's" meagan fitzgerald is live with an update on the situation. meagan? >> they got a call at clg from a driver reporting the water main break. you can see it in the middle of the road. it appears crews were able to turn off the water. it's good news. they've laid out the cones and they're trying to get ready to start the process of digging up the road to repair the problem but in the meantime duke street is closed between sweely and south quaker. they can access the commons here but they're encouraged to use king street to access the beltway, we're told the process could take eight hours to repair. kim? >> we do have those. it's going to be west of old town, alexandria. use king street or even
6:54 am
eisenhower connecter to try and access that. now, there is a crash out in centreville on e eastbound 66. it's on the right side of the ramp but the ramps are slippery because it's been raining for some of the morning. be careful. otherwise 66 not impacted too much for you. looking live at southbound 95 and old king mill road, there was a crash before franconia road but the camera fizzed out just before we came on air. this is going to be the best shot. very brief delay past it. eun? >> thank you, kim. virginia is working to revamp its vote progress says ahead of the presidential primary on march 1st. they say they reached a settlement with state officials on,000 improve things. you may remember this site from the 2012 elections. in prince william county some waited in line for hours. they've agreed to teach volunteers what to do. officials have also agreed to
6:55 am
consult with experts on issues including polling place setup and layout. good morning. i'm kate rogers with cnbc. "the wall street journal" reports changes such as eddie bauer and pacific sunware are blaming a big backlog at fedex. now, fedex says it's been working around the clock and its network is performing like it should. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm kate rogers. >> thank you, kate. all those purchases made on your credit card can cause damage. it can raise your credit utilization but if you pay your bills on time and get it back down, you can help your score recover over time. they advise keeping your use of credit to no more than 30% of your total credit limit. as last minute shoppers finish up, the retail federation
6:56 am
asks consumers what to do if they received one. most say they would hold onto it until a really good sale came along. nearly 20% say they plan to spend it right away. another 19% say they save the money for time when they feel the need to treat themselves. 6:56. here are your four things to know. only 10% of americans say they're actually done with holiday shopping. so expect crowded stores a md long lines at the mall today. >> good luck. one day after appearing in a d.c. court he will continue selling pot. he doesn't believe he broke the law. seven people have died after a tornado tore through the midwest. duds f of homes have been destroyed. >> we're learning that a water main break in alexandria may take eight hours to fix. duke street is closed yochl royn't to give yourself extra time in that area this morning. and your seven-day forecast
6:57 am
looks like spring be on the ready for that. looks like we'll get new water hereto and hardwood floors. merry christmas to my better half as he's sitting home for all that. be careful on the wet roadways. it is awful
6:58 am
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good morning. nightmare before christmas. deadly spring like storms hit the south, spawning a rare but vicious tornado outbreak. >> it's like ten to fifteen houses totally gone. >> the twisters launching a path of destruction across several states. powerful winds tossing around semis like toy trucks. that severe weather now moving east. grounded. the frightful weather also snarling one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. more than 5,000 delays at airports across the country. airlines looking for a christmas miracle to get everyone home for the holidays. not so silent night. senator ted cruz stepping up his response to a "washington post"


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