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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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news4 at 6:00 starts now. right now at 6:00, gunshots shattering the peace in a neighborhood in clinton. police found a man and a woman shot inside a car. news4's derrick ward talked to neighbors about what they heard. >> reporter: in a period we set aside to celebrate peace on earth and goodwill toward men, an incident betrayed both after two people were shot near the entrance to cosca regional park. this is where the 911 call came from. the actual shooting about a mile away from here. investigators believe the actual shots were fired in the driveway of this home in the 6200 block of park view. and investigators think there was at least one other vehicle
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involved. it shattered the christmas quiet on this street. >> it was right around 2:00. we heard what sounded like three gunshots. being from chicago, unfortunately, i know the sound. and i ducked down. >> reporter: there were also the sounds of a car speeding off, victims shot drove off as well to the spot where the 911 call was made. and they were found. just hours before, there had been another incident near the intersection of the shooting scene. >> there was a bad accident at this intersection a few hours before that. >> reporter: there is no indication the incidents were related. it did tend to put a different light on christmas celebrations on this block. as a visitor from chicago, a city dealing with its own crime issues, he figured clinton would be more quiet. >> shocking. violence can happen anywhere. >> reporter: in clinton, maryland, derrick ward, news4. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> and here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. i'm tracking some areas of rain, mainly in the panhandle of west
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virginia, and far western maryland. this is moving toward the northeast. you can see some light showers moving into loudoun county, and we can't rule out some scattered showers tonight. that includes the chance of some very light rain in the d.c. metro area. with some patchy fog forming overnight tonight. so here's your evening planner. currently we're at 53 degrees. and temperatures will remain in the 50s near steady or even slowly warming overnight. 10:00 p.m., a temperature around 53. by midnight, tracking areas of fog and a temperature of 54. here is the high temperature tomorrow in your neighborhood. 73 in washington. that will be a record high. frederick, as well. 74 in manassas, mostly cloudy skies for the majority of the day, but rain in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll have that timing coming up in ten minutes. >> amelia, we'll see you then. high stakes for the redskins. tonight in philly, they are division champs. jason pugh joins us live from philadelphia with a preview of the big game. jason? >> reporter: erika, this is such a huge game for this organization. i had a chance to walk around
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the city for a few hours today, even drive to the stadium. you can feel the buzz, the energy, the electricity. this game is shaping up to be something special. the redskins would love to celebrate a division title right here in front of eagles' fans. jay gruden, what a job he has done, the skins on the brink of their third division championship in 23 years. it hasn't happened since 1987. everything on the line tonight here at lincoln financial field. the entire country will be watching and the fellas are ready to put on a show. >> going up against your arch rival. you know, to win a spot in the playoffs at their home, you know, it just doesn't get any better. the stakes don't get any higher. >> winner takes all. i feel like we're playing poker. they know what's in their hand, we know what we've got in our hand. i hope everybody in the nation has it tuned in because it's one hell of a game to watch. >> we know what's at stake and
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don't try to look past anybody, don't try to look to the playoffs or the dallas game. just live in this moment right here. take care of this moment. >> reporter: now we all know how important this game is for the redskins. but for one player, tonight is the reason why he became a redskin. we'll talk about that later in sports. from lincoln financial field, i'm jason pugh, news4 sports. tonight, we are learning more about that wrong-way wreck on the beltway. we told you franklin moreno dunn died christmas morning when a driver hit him head-on near the exit to branch avenue. moreno-dunn's family says he was driving home to ft. washington, visiting his family christmas eve. we put a link to the go fund me page raising money for his funeral. right now donors gave more than $2,600 in just the last day. chicago police are investigating another case of a police officer shooting and killing someone. police say the officer killed
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two people early today while responding to a domestic disturbance call. police say the officer was confronted by a combative subject. one of the victims was a 19-year-old college student. that according to family members. the other victim was a mother of five. >> why would you shoot an innocent person? didn't you see they didn't have a weapon? my mama just opened the door and they killed my mama! >> she is dead. >> she didn't do nothing, man! she opened the door! >> neighbors told our chicago affiliate the domestic suburbans involved the 19-year-old threatening somebody with a metal baseball bat. police did not give any information about that officer. a fire broke out at a houston mosque friday afternoon, and now investigators say it appears to be suspicious. an aff official says an accelerant may have been used, and the officials say the fire had multiple points of origin. fortunately, nobody was injured.
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but this fire did do major damage to that mosque. today is the first of seven days of kwanzaa, an observance that honors african heritage and african-american culture. here is part of that celebration at the cultural art studio in mt. rainier, maryland. at today's kwanzaa fest, people taught teens how to apply the seven principles of kwanzaa to their daily lives. >> there's a community of folks in washington, d.c., who have been celebrating kwanzaa for 30 or 40 years, and there is a book that is published that talks about all of the kwanzaa events in the city. this is just one t events here at the cultural arts studio. >> the group also hosted an art show. each day of kwanzaa is dedicated to celebrating the seven principles of unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. parts of the pacific coast highway shut down in california,
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because of these brush fires. we're going to take a closer look at the wild weather sweeping through the country. and many of you talking about this story on facebook. the new numbers that reveal the crippling effects of heroin in virginia.
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we are seeing some personal stories about experiences with heroin and opioids on the nbc washington facebook page. they're coming in response to new numbers from virginia that show those drugs could kill more
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than a thousand people in the commonwealth next year. that, according to the virginian pilot newspaper. virginia health officials say the state is on pace for more than 850 heroin and opioid-related deaths this year. that number has gone up nationwide for the last few years. a multifaith ceremony at the lincoln memorial today. christians and muslims celebrated the birth of jesus and the prophet mohamed. jesus was born on christmas. mohamed's birthday fell on december 24th this year. organizers said it was important to bring both faiths together. >> it's a big burden on us to create a better world for each in the world. >> the people at the event sang christmas carols and muslim songs, as well as the national anthem. right now temperatures in the low 50s. we are tracking record warmth,
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though, tomorrow. and then a major cold blast on monday. amelia is going to show just how low the temperatures will drop. i'm darcy spencer at tyson's corner where you can see plenty of people are turning out for some post holiday shopping. i'll have the story coming up on
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. christmas may be over, but the sales aren't. at least not yet. news4's darcy spencer went to tyson's corner to show us how post holiday discounts have even more of you flooding the stores. >> reporter: the mall is absolutely packed on this day after christmas. and so are the rows leading into the mall, as well as the parking lot. the national retail federation says in a survey about half of consumers, that is what we're seeing here today. 43% said they plan to shop online. and that sounds like a pretty good option, looking at all these crowds here today. 66% say that they'll be shopping or browsing for after-christmas sales, and this is a great time to save money on those, and use those gift cards that you may have gotten in your stocking. many retailers are extending their sales into the post
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holiday period. they're going to be adding to their 50% off discounts, and you're going to be seeing some very deep discounts here in the coming days. now if you are planning to come out, you definitely want to give yourself some extra time, because of all the crowds and all the traffic here, and definitely you want to bring your patience, as well. at tyson's corner, darcy spencer, news4. now to the wild weather across the country. we are seeing lots of extremes from wildfires out west to tornadoes and flash floods in the south. and record-high temperatures on the east coast. an ef-2 twister packing 130-mile-an-hour winds ripped through birmingham on christmas night. everybody survived. the system also dumped more than 6 inches of rain in some places, and then out west, a wind-driven brushfire has now scorched 1,200 acres along california's southern coast. >> it was pushed by heavy,
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strong north winds about 50 miles per hour. the fire quickly grew in size. >> the christmas day storms are part of the same system that left at least 15 dead across the south. much of this weather can be blamed on el nino, unusually warm water in a pacific ocean. and with us here at home, we feel like we have been flip-flopping. sunday really warm and now chilly and then back to really warm? >> yeah, so tomorrow near-record warmth in the forecast. 70s for high temperatures tomorrow. and then monday we return to 40s. so we're going to be up and then down. and then kind of up above normal for the majority of the upcoming week. your first weather headline is talking about the record warmth in the forecast for tomorrow. forecasting a high of 73 at reagan national. and if we do hit that, it will be a new record high temperature. there will be rain around tomorrow night. it could arrive as early as the evening hours. so if you are planning on traveling, maybe plan on leaving during the afternoon hours to avoid rain. cold blast for monday.
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wait until you see your planner on monday. road conditions tonight, patchy fog, potentially some drizzle. overnight you want to keep that in mind. that could have an impact on visibilities. tomorrow during the day, roads will be just fine. probably have the windows down. if not the air conditioner on. and then tomorrow night, rain will be in the forecast leading to wet roads. so a heads up there. here is your hourly planner tomorrow. we start off mild, a temperature around 57 degrees. patchy fog during the earlier morning hours. by 11:00 a.m., fog not an issue. more clouds than sun overall tomorrow. but we could have some limited sunshine, especially during the afternoon hours. by lunch time, we're already at a balmy 67 degrees. we'll hit our high at 73 at about 3:00 in the afternoon. it's breezy later in the day tomorrow. that breeze helping to bring in warm air from the south. and showers start to arrive around 7:00 p.m. with a temperature at 66. so future weather, i zoomed out so you can see the weather if you are traveling out of our area. traveling locally, again, looking good during the day. 7:00 a.m., notice it's dry. maybe some limited sunshine throughout the day.
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if you're heading up north into pennsylvania, parts of rain in western p.a. ohio, indiana, illinois also dealing with areas of rain as we work our way towards sunday evening, 8:00 p.m. showers start to sink south into our area. if you're traveling anywhere in p.a. tomorrow night, you'll be dealing with rain. also traveling back further to the west, parts of the midwest dealing with rain. we continue to track rain sunday night. by monday morning, though, we return to dry conditions across the area. but look at what happens monday evening if you're traveling up to pennsylvania. a wintry mix, snow showers possible in areas like state college and erie, pennsylvania. traveling in virginia, you're dealing with rain monday evening, as well. kentucky, tennessee, ohio also dealing with some rain. wintry mix up in parts of michigan monday evening. here is your planner on monday. 49 degrees is the high, but a little bit deceiving. that's our temperature around breakfast. by lunch, mid 40s and dinnertime, low 40s with showers. rain likely monday night into the first half of tuesday.
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a high of 57 on tuesday. wednesday, rain returns to the area later in the day with a high of 59. some showers could linger thursday morning, but for new year's eve, looking dry, erika, with temperatures in the 40s and breezy conditions. if you have plans outdoors, it looks like the weather will cooperate just on the cool side. >> thank you, amelia. still ahead, the redskins in philly and ready to go. we head out to the links, next in sports.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. the team has surprised us all season long. so what's one more tonight? >> yep. so you're feeling good then? >> my fingers are crossed. i would love to see them win. i would love to see them win. >> feeling like we need to keep calm and merry on. also panicking and freaking out at the same time. the redskins are in philly about to warm up for the biggest regular season game in three years. eagles favored by three-and-a-half points but the skins are been beating the odds and tonight hope to continue the trend. scott mclune, one of the first on the field, fired up, thumbs up, scott. just this past hour, kirk
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cousins and company getting off the bus and walking into the link in philly. win and they're in, the headline for this game. returning to his former team's field, the home field, hoping to end their postseason dreams. that's the other top storyline. burgundy and gold need to beat the eagle tonight to secure their title in 23 years. it comes down to the final week. so yeah, it is a big night. that's why we sent the big dog, jason pugh, up to philly to get the scoop. jason, a lot of folks talking about d. jackson, how you couldn't script a better scenario going against his former team. >> reporter: yeah, you have to remember, the eagles cut desean jackson march 29th. he signed with the redskins less than a week later. he really wanted to get back at his old team, no matter what he said. you have to remember, too, he was cut after having the best season of his career with the eagles' organization. so he's going to take this game personally, and his teammates know, he wants to win, and he
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wants to perform at a very high level. >> playing for something, for the team that let him go. the coach that let him go. i think it's an opportunity for him. >> like i said, i think chip kelly for letting him go. he's on the team with us now. i'm not mad at him. i understand he's going to have some emotions up and down, but at the end of the day, the only me motion i want you to have is putting the hat on at the end of the game. >> it's a game. and in this locker room and this organization, we know we need to do something we haven't been able to do in three or four years. we just want to take care of the opportunities and what's at stake right now which is win a football game. as far as anything goes, i'm not going to let it be bigger than what it is. >> reporter: the good thing for this redskins' offense, jackson coming off his best game of the season with the skins. six catches, 153 yards and a touchdown last week against the buffalo bills. you know he's going to be ready to go and fired up here to play at lincoln financial field.
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back to you in studio. this is going to be a great electric game here tonight. hopefully the skins can get it done and come out with the division. >> looking forward to their second road win of the season. yeah, jason, d. jackson's personality, why do you think it suits the redskins and this kind of night so well? >> reporter: well, i mean, he's the guy that welcomes the big moments. he makes big plays. this is why they wanted him on this organization, because he's a play maker. he lives for these moments. you know he's going to thrive. i expect him to have a huge game. the eagles' secondary, they're banged up, have banged up corners. they have been out this week in practice. i expect d. jackson to really take over tonight here at lincoln financial field. >> that's the answer we're all looking for! thank you so much, jason pugh, live at the link. have fun! see you soon! redskins, they are not the only show in town, though. wizards are up in brooklyn, while the caps host the canadiens tonight. a win by all three major sports teams wouldn't just be cool but the first d.c. hat trick of its
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kind in 32 years. how about that? wizards haven't won four in a row since last april. off to a good start tonight. john wall making it look so  right here the alley and oop. hammer with 25 pois in the game. and the wizards were up 12 in the first quarter. late in the third quarter, though, the nets are up one. pass over to porter jr., and he knocks down the jumper. missed the last three games with that thigh injury. the wiz in the fourth quarter up two. pass over to eddie, the rookie. 3 and 12312 off the bench. the nets turnover. john wall gets the finish. oh, yes. so pretty. 22 points and 13 assists. the wizards win 111-96. now 14-14 on the season. the capitals off their holiday break, and hosting the canadiens today. caps hoping a little off time doesn't cool them down. winners of 8 of the last 10.
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the top team in the eastern conference and two points behind the start for best in the nhl. the puck drops over on comcast sports net at 7:00 p.m. and right now frank beamer's last game for virginia tech, independence bowl facing tulsa. he's been there 29 years. it is 17-14 tulsa right now in the first. virginia tech scored at 17-14. virginia tech leading his final game for the hokies. >> hope it goes well for them. one final check of the wacky weather we are having. >> near record warmth tomorrow with a high of 73. rain possible by the evening hours. if you're traveling, you want to keep that in mind. rain overnight. and then we'll start off monday dry, and it's much cooler. temperatures in the 40s throughout the day. once we hit the later hours on monday, the evening hours, showers are possible. rain looking likely monday night for the first half of tuesday. and then right now looking ahead to new year's eve, if you have plans outdoors, temperatures will be in the 40s. a little bit breezy, clearing
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skies. new years day, more normal for this time of year. 47 for a high. partly sunny. 2016, saturday, the first weekend in 2016, looks like we'll have kind of maybe full sunshine finally returning to the area. >> starting off in the 30s in january. now that's what i'm talking about! >> right? >> that is the news for now. "nbc nightly news" is next, and we will see you again for news4 at 11:00. until then, good night, everybody.
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on this saturday night, state of emergency. after days of severe and deadly weather in the south, it's not over. tonight as some begin to recover, millions more face new tornado and blizzard warnings. firefight. the battle against a growing wildfire that threatens dozens of homes along southern california. tonight, we're on the front lines. cashing in on this day after christmas. time to shop all over again. the unhappy returns and the chance to score bigger and better deals as the stores try to unload. and no-fly zones. with more and more americans buying and flying drones, the best scenario around has become restricted air space. "nightly news"


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