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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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the weather. >> temperatures are warm. we're going to top out once again right around 70 dries today and then we're back in the 60s for the rest of the week. tuesday, wednesday, we're back in the 60s, but we have our cold spot too. then it looks like there's finally an end to this pattern. current temperatures right now, it's 55 in d.c. that temperature going up and up. 57 in manassas. 59 already winchester where most of shenandoah valley is at 60 degree. top out near 70 today. thank goodness for the breeze. southwest winds are going to be pretty breezy and that's going bump up the temperature and maybe bump up the humidity. we will see showers later on tonight probably after 6:00 or 7:00. if you're traveling this morning, you're worrying about fog and in the mid-atlantic, not too likely. later on tonight. then we've gottet rain in the seven-day forecast. we're going to show you that. going up. >> thank you.
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now we want to take you to a developing story. this one in the district where four people are seriously hurt in this car crash. take a look at the damage here. we're told two of the victims are young children. this happened just after midnight in the northeast. police sate with us a single car crash. all four people inside the car were taken to the hospital. the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation this morning. well, right now the death toll has risen to 11 as fierce storms and tornadoes swept through tornados near dallas, texas. search and rescue operations continue this morning after reports ofxviñ damaged homes th and in birmingham, alabama, their cleanup is continuing after an ef 2 twister. this week a 7-year-old boy was killed in the city of holly springs in mississippi. severe storms remain in the forecast from sunday night through monday. the death toll in the heartland
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state now stands at 22. the time, 9:01. friends and family expected to come together to remember a teenager stabbed to death a week ago. 17-year-old jose ochoa was to meet a girl at a park. he had just met. she showed up with go other people. he was found stabbed to death. friends will gather at his school, depaul public charter school. the match against the igles wentz well. now the team's going to make its trip to the season. our jason pugh breaks down the challenges heading into the playoffs.
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>> reporter: lincoln financial field is empty and quiet. that's exactly how it will be come playoff time. that's because your redskins defeated the eagles and they tomb home the nfc east division crown. yes, they will be going to the playoffs, hosting a playoff game at fedex field. what a night it was. kirk cousins put together a magnificent performance. yes, he had his blunders, but he made up for them in all aspects of the game. 365 yards passing. four touchdowns. it is safe to say this is definitely his football year. >> this is the most satisfied i've been as a football player. you know, it's a big accomplishment. now the key is to go from here. >> words can't explain what he's meant to the team you. know, he's definitely made the difference. we wouldn't be in the playoff push without them, i guarantee you that.
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>> the decision had to be made. we decided to go with kirk. he's taken on the job and run with it. we're happy with kirk. >> reporter: cousins did have help. jordan reed, the big tight end coming through. no, he did not make the pro bowel, but he is proving to be a pro bowel caliber tight end in this league. >> you know, a lot of injuries and controversy and everything we've been through, you know, to get here this week, you know. it mean as lot. >> reporter: then there's the game-changing play of the football game. the scoop and score. he and other veterans stood up big-time. >> awesome. man, he looked bad. we stuck together. >> now all year round the redskins made us believe and not believe they'd win back-to-back games for a long time. they put together a winning
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streak. all of those things are out the window. this is a good football team, playoff football team. it's time to start believing because, yes, they can win a first round playoff game no matter who it is they play at fedex feechld well, from lincoln financialfield, i'm jason pugh, "news4" sports. >> yeah. and we're here outside fedex field where they will be hosting whoever they end up playing in the playoffs. you know, we have har board this secret fantasy at the beginning of every season but we dare not voice it inhat we might jinx it, but now it's time. with that decisive victory last night over the philadelphia ee gashlgs 38-24.
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coming off last place season last year, they were four and 12. remember that. a decisive win. this is despite the eagles coming out with a perfect score. you know, when you think about it, this is a winning franchise. this is their 24th playoff period in team history and 5600th win. that puts him in the league with the chicago bears, green bay parkers and pittsburgh steelers. who's coming next? it could very well be the seattle seahawks. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. 9:06. medicate expansion will be a hot torchic in the knew year. republicans are expected to block grorng ter where mccaw love's plans. he'll try to work out a deal behind closed doors. he heepsing to bring medicate coverage to 4,000 more people. he says it could come down to
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one on one meetings with gp finance leaders who are concerning about high costs and execution. >> coming up, a thousand teens in mavis mall fight. what police are saying led to a brawl on the day after christmas. >> 'tis the season to return. how they're taking advantage of post holiday deals, and we're staying on through the break. join us on facebook live for more of
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. a crowded mall in kentucky was even more chaotic when a massive fight broke out. take a look. police say more than 2,000 teens were involved. they had to close the mall early to get the teens out. there were no reported injuries and no arrests made. christmas, it's over. >> ohh, bah humbug. >> a tear for christmas. >> i know.
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>> but guess what. the sales are not ore. >> that right. people are out in full force. "news4's" darcy spencer went to tysons corner to show us how post-christmas sales are more. >> reporter: 43% said they planned to shop online. 66% say that they'll be shopping or browsing for after-christmas sales and this is a great time to save money on -- and use those gift cards. many are using them. they're going to be adding to their 50% off. you're going to be seeing some very deep discounts in the coming days. if you're planning to come out, you definitely want to give yourself extra time because of all the crowds and all the traffic here and definitely you want to bring your patience as well. at tysons corner, darcy spencer,
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"news4." >> all right. let's get a love like outside this morning. we could break another record today. can you believe that? lauryn ricketts updating how you can also plan for new year's eve. got clouds every. we given you new perspective. how national parks here and across the country are cracking down on dr
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♪ a military hospital had some fun. that was the 459th air force rendition of the 12 days of christmas. they're from joint base andrews, so right around here, locals, right? looks like even with those trauma calls they really found a way to enjoy themselves and if you had the chance, i would suggest going online and watching the entire thing. it's very clever, very fun and good for them. >> got to keep up the sense of humor. >> exactly. we want to take the time to say thank you to everybody who served. >> all of your service. all right. it's :14. well, close to 1 million drones have been sold. along with their increased pom later there's a growing list of no-fly zones including forest fires and downtown d.c.
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>> it was a hot item but nbc's tom costello has more on the many. you may be surprised to learn there's another big restriction. our national parks. >> there may be no better view of the national traerchlt brian's needle nose camera captured a gorgeous day. spectacular waterfalls, kayakers, and wild birds that also landed him in a heap of trouble. >> it was wonderful. >> that's the shadow of a police helicopter forcing his drone down and those are the feet of two park police officers. brian was busted. fined actually. he didn't know it but knackal parks are no-fly zones. grand canyon, zion, smoky mountains. the trouble, drones are disruptive to people and wildlife. >> that can interfere with
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nesting birds. we had an incident with a drone chasing bighorn sheep and actually separating the adults from the young. >> reporter: these spectacular images from yellow stone national park were also captured by drones. it's the scenery captured by others from around the world. >> i can sit here for hours and just gaze at this. >> nature lovers who come just for this. >> primarily i'm here for the photos. >> not this. >> it just destroys the ambiance, is that it? >> it does. maybe not for the user who has the drone but for the rest of the public it can be very disturb. >> reporter: but it's more than the noise. this man's drone crashed into the lake. he was fined and banned from the park for one year. the fines for flying a drone in
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a national park can range from $100 to more than a,000 depending on whether wildlife is disturbing or the park sustained any damage. >> reporter: looking at the video, brian gets it. >> definitely increasing with popularity, i can see with hundreds, dozens of them out there, it would be it. >> reporter: brian paid the $70 fine and said he'll be back to the park but without his drone. tom costello, nbc news, rock creek, national park. >> yeah. >> beautiful shot. a great falls there. >> our director naomi said, whenky make my hsoup. >> it's going to be humid. it was so surprising. so surprised when i walked out there and actually felt
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humidity. it is humid for christmas day, and, yes, it was high mid and it's going be similar weather today as on christmas day here in the mid-atlantic except we're going to have breezy win. the fog is going to continue as we go through the morning. if you're driving around we have reports talking about fall, especially down by fredericksburg. record hides. we're going get colder bety new year. temperatures out there right now in the 50s. nearing that 60-degree mark at just about 9:00 a.m. yeah, believe it or not. here's the individualability '. i do expect it to start to dispain as we get to the lunch hour. we're looking dry through the lunch hour and evening. i do see by the dinner hour.
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s 6:00, 7:00, we'll see that. rain, traveling all the way from new england down through texas. that's where we're having problem spots right now. there's a lot going on in terms of weather. decoration here. it oohs going to be breezy. otherwise it's going to be a light day. cloudy and waurn. traveling north and west it could get a little diezy. otherwise we're look gore for airport delays across the united states. of course, dallas has that. i don't think that's going to have that as we have the heavy rain. so we'll have to watch that. of course, call your airlines. temperatures continuing rise up to around 70. let's time out that rain for you. we're looking good as i said to about 6:00. you wake up on monday morning, it's going be fine.
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then we'll have a few showers moving through. we could have a little bit of mixed precipitation by tomorrow night but we're just looking at plain rain through the day on tuesday because temperatures are going to be around 60 but they're not getting out of the 40s for your monday. thursday, we have a chance in the morning. thursday night looks dry. friday and saturday much cooler. temperatures in the 30s. >> thanks you very much. coming up, what was lost, now is found. the remarkable discovery that spanned several states, thousands of miles and back here at home. stay with us. it's safe to say that 2015 will go down as one of the craziest years in american politics that we can remember, especially when so many of the rules governing normal politics didn't apply. >> it's only natural to begin with donald trump. according to the news when negative information is introduced the numbers have r supposed to go down but his
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numbers have only increased. >> before he officially launched his campaign, 207b8 2% said they could see themselves supporting trump now that percentage is 61%. >> here's another normal rule in politics. millions of dollars in positive tv ads are supposed to help your numbers. hasn't been the case for jeb bush. >> he's spent 38 mi$38 million >> he's spent 38 mi$38 million september
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a treasure lost so long ago has finally been strong and by the strangest of circumstances. >> that right. "news4's" mlz m"''s" melissa mo us through it. >> it spanned several states. in tend, a beautiful reunion and tears thanks to one letter that started it all. >> hello. my grandmother dorothy parks found this class ring left on a table in camden, tennessee, or huntingtown, tennessee, in the 1990s. >> the letter handwritten. >> before she died, she asked me to try to find the ring's owner. >> addressed to someone, anyone at gaithersburg high school with a love for a good memory. >> the ring is 10 karat gold from 1951.
9:25 am
>> there were some clues like this 1951 graduation ring with initials. >> was able to come upstairs to the media center here in the high school and pull out the yearbook and so some research. for my good graces there was only one person who fits the initials rno. >> reporter: raymond neal owens class of 1951 known as shorty. they explained it to raymond neal owen, jr. >> i cried like a baby it was so amazing. >> reporter: shock and tears, neal reunited with his late father's ring. raymond passed away in 2012. >> i had no idea it was lost. searching through old photos i actually found an itinerary of this trip.
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>> reporter: an itinerary of the 1993 trip to tennessee, the trip when that ring must have been lost. >> just having a part of him brings back a lot of really good memories of all the things he taught me. >> reporter: an unexpected reunion. >> there are so many things that could have happened. it could have been pawned, thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. >> reporter: a new friendship. >> it was so nice to be able to give this back. >> reporter: a memento neal never knew about that now means so much. >> i'm just so happy to have that part of my dad that i can carry with me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: in gaithersburg, maryland, melissa mollet, "news4." >> very cool. well, look outside at the fog that's out there. we're also talking about the new year. 2016 is almost here and we're ending this year with a much warner december. lauryn ricketts is tracking how long these temperatures will
9:27 am
last into to 16. >> on high alert. where police are stepping up security and responding to another new threat. >> and another new shooting coming into question. a new concern
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heading into 9:30 this morning. here's the latest on a car crash. it left four seriously injured
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including two children. police sate was a single-car crash. >> at least 11 people are dead after tournaments ripped through ft. worth, texas. search and rescue efforts are under way right now. officials say the full extent of the damage won't be known until the day is fully done squloo and the entire dmv celebrating this morning as the skins clinch the nfc title. they beat the eagles last night in philly. it's the skins going to the playoffs. their first trip for the postseason going. congratulations to them. >> the time right now, 9:30 on the dot. that means we want to check on our forecast. look outside. >> a little grim. what can do about it? >> i don't know that there's much i can do about it. i can give you a 70-degree day. how does that sound? >> good? maybe they're not ready for it. i think people are inching for a little bit of snow. unfortunately we've got fog and
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warm temperatures. i don't know if you can say anything. i'm saying look but you can barely see anything out there. just that fog settling in. it's now thickening up across the region. i don't see it dissipating until later on this afternoon. probably about lunchtime. 55 now. we're taking it into the upper 60s to right around 70. we'll get a little breezy. temperatures today right around 70 degrees. a little on the humid side as well. we even got some rain in the forecast and cooler temperatures. we've got it all. time now for the rain. there's a new potential threat for a shooting or bomb attack in europe. npc's"
9:32 am
intelligence service warning of a bomb attack in the european capital sometime between christmas and new years. police say they found no evidence of a plot but they've increased security at big events in crowded places as a precaution. >> translator: we've asked the employees of the austrian train company and transportation to inform us of any special items such as abandoned luggage, bags, or bicycles. >> capitals around europe have been on a heightened state of alert ever since. two weeks ago swiss authorities stepped up security around the united nations headquarters in geneva because of what authorities called there a specific terror threat. today's tip comes from an audio message believing to be from isis leader gagdy, the first stied be released from him in seven months. it's 24 minutes long.
9:33 am
in it they threaten israel, criticizes the new salei coalition and says isis is getting stronger. nbc news cannot verify the authenticity of the message, but our partners at flashpoint say it does appear to be from baghdadi. back to you. >> kelly cobiella, thank you. chicago's police department is back under the microscope this morning after another price-involved shooting there. this time two people were killed. people are offering condolences to the family of a 55-year-old who officers say they shout by accident. police opening fire after being confronted by a combative subject. according to family members a 19-year-old was killed along with a neighbor and mother of 5, betty jones. the investigation into that case continues. right now firefighters are making progress in a fast move wildfire out west. december is typically not
9:34 am
wildfire season in california, but with historic drought they've been battling droughts like this all year long. nbc's blake mccoy has more on the threatening fire that's affecting homes in southern california r an only ominous glow bringing terror to the night sky. this video shot by a dutch family visiting on holidays. embers flying past their windshield, flames in the roadway. >> i thought this was the last minutes. i had no idea what to do. we're from the netherlands. we had no experience with fires. i didn't know how bad it could be. >> reporter: theirs the last car to pass before people began turning around on the highway driving into oncoming traffic to flee the flames. the fire broke out late last night in ventura county and spread quickly fueled by extremely dry conditions and
9:35 am
whipping 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the seasonal santa anas blowing through the canyons pushing fires toward the neighbors on t the coasts affecting more than 100 homes. >> we have all the fixed wing airplanes. >> reporter: at daybreak helicopters continuing their aerosol attacks it's a very dynamic fire. it's going resist our kroechlt we're not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: december is not typically fire season but with the historic drought, fire season now all year long. well, developing right now, st. louis is dealing with some major flooding. how rescue teams are getting people out
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developing right now, this holiday weekend has brought wild weather in parts of the country. in parts of the midwest people are dealing with it. they had to be rescued. p.j. has more from st. louis. >> the water kept coming and coming. >> reporter: a few haircuts later, this was the scene outside his barbershop. >> i really got nervous when he was walking down manchester and the rain was waist-high. >> there have been people literally trying to drive through the floods. >> cease those? they go into your businesses. >> >> reporter: rescue boats were sent to more than a dozen businesses surrounded by rising floodwaters on manchester road, but not everybody felt they needed rescuing. >> i called on the phone and said, we're all fine, there's only three people here and i'm
9:39 am
another worried at all, and then they said, nope, dweevt to take you. >> the first thing i told them is i know how to swim. i knew it was real. i knew it was real when the boat -- when the rescue team came. they put us in lifejackets and escorted us down the road. >> reporter: a total of eight people were rescued by boat. firefighters say no one was injured and despite the dramatic scene, there were no emergency calls. >> it's the creek that runs back by the river track, so all the industrial buildings were flood. >> reporter: just a few days short of this business opening, johnson hopes there will be something left to go back to. >> hopefully it hat. made it into the building but we'll see in the next couple of days. >> p.j. reporting there. holidays can in a time for
9:40 am
hope. >> we talk about a teen that's been filling up a big sack with holiday gift s specifically for our "wednesday's child" kids. >> there were boerts and red hates. they're all of one mind when it comes to children in foster care have a happy holiday season. you may remember the last paerd the red hart brigade at sun rise community put on for our wednesday's children. one event was a become to school-bash. the red hat team pulled resources from donations, bake sales and special events and their own pockets to buy school supplies for the children that year. this year darryn, a "wednesday's child" who is still waiting came along with social worker adrian jubilee to a wonderful holiday luncheon. he was there to represent the
9:41 am
children waiting for adoptive families like seth and xavier and jeremiah and serena. >> like the lady i was cooking with, i want to be just like her. >> there were gifting for each of them from this party. the seniors of sunrise whether in fancy hats, caps or visors have a unified vision, making world just a little bit better for children in the community and they're ready to roll up their sleeves all year long to create a little happiness for kids during the holidays. >> barbara harrison there. if you have room in your home and heart for isaiah or another child, number is 1-88-to-adopt-me or search it's 9:41. a veteran nfl quarterback is facing a new controversy. the report pay on the manning is
9:42 am
calling complete garage. >> will it be a good day? lauryn ricketts is
9:43 am
9:44 am
the number of d.c. police who have fable has dropped. there were 3,786 officers that.
9:45 am
is down from more than 3,900 a year ago. they say retirement officers who joined the hiring force back in 1989 are part of the issue. officers working a crime scene found a man and woman shot inside a car on thrift road in clinton. the call originally came in for shots fired on nearby parkview road. they believe one victim drove to is that second location. police have not released the names of the other victims. we want to turn our attention to the weather. >> it's crazy. i was talk about how warm it was and foggy and it's going to be humid today. when is this going to burn off? >> i know there's that game against pittsburgh up there in baltimore. if you're hechtet to mnt it
9:46 am
looked like it will be foggy. if you're out and about doing some brunch or shopping, yes, you're going to run into fog, especially if you're traveling. we'll get to that. i know we have faw out there. first let's look at the weather in terms of rain. oh, thank goodness we're not seeing any on radar in our area. if you go to the north and west, we're seeing it. we're seeing the cloud cover. current temperatures in the. we're in the 50s. you know. mid to upper 40s. we're starting in the 50s. take a look at the visibility right now. it's improving slightly. freb ritz burg and culpeper. we're still seeing visibility that's down to a mile. i'll give it a yellow and then this fan you're traveling around the mid-atlantic you're looking good but rain to the new england
9:47 am
area, north to the west, midwest and around here if you're waiting until tonight, it's going to loo light and rain around the mid-atlantic. there's the ray. otherwise everybody else look good. if you're traveling, fod early, not wad. mild. maybe go to brunch. looking good. timing out that rain for you most of the day will be dry today. we're going to have a few showers. those will dissipate. then tomorrow we'll see a few showers. maybe a little bit of mixed precipitation because we're going to be in the low 40s. then the remain comes up.
9:48 am
enjoy it. low 60thed on tuesday and wednesday. tuesday's going to be the wettest day. rain wednesday night into thursday. transition day looks driek as we ring the bell for 2016 and we're off to a chilly start but we'll get some sunshine back. guys? >> thank you very much. well, charges could be in store doing away. it was proposed after a survey was conducted. officials say the marines' input will be taken into cut. they approved lock and twist hairstyles for women. the quarterback pay on the manage is calling allegation
9:49 am
complete rubbish. it alegislates that an indianapolis drug ring supplied manning with hgh during liz recovery from net surgery back in 2011. during the movie they say he regularly received drugs under his wife's name. manning said in a statement the allegations are totally made snup it's the first of its kind in the district. a multi-faith ceremonial. krins and muslims celebrated the birth of jesus and prophet muhammad. jesus' bluetoo jesus' birthday fell on december 25th. the prophet muhammad was born on the 24th of this year. they sang christmas carols and muslim songs as well as the national anthem. >> what was lost is now found. the remarkable discovery that spanned several states,
9:50 am
thousands of miles and ended up back here. >> the eye-opening new report of >> the eye-opening new report of people dyi
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and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. welcome back. there are big concerns in virginia over opioid and heroin related deaths. health officials say overdose from those drugs could kill more than a thousand people next year. that's according to the virginia
9:53 am
pilot newspaper. the number of deaths has been rising for the past several years. you can see how much it's increased and how virginian leaders plan to deal with the problem on the nbc washington app. a woman in north washington is now planning her husband's funeral. frank moreno-dunn was hit hecht on on his way home. >> we were spending our lives together. i don't know what we're going do now. we were going to try to have kidding and in five years we planned to move to a different country. >> lana moreno-dunn plans to bury him in el salvador where he was born. they've started a gofundme page. more than a million drones have sold this year. a million.
9:54 am
along with that there's a lit of no-fly zones. but nbc's tom costello has more on what many drone owners may be surprised to learn. there's another big restriction. our national parks. >> there may be no better view of a national treasure. skimming t skimming the rusk and tree line. they captured a gorgeous day at a great falls national park in virginia. spectacular water false, wild birds and kayakers that also handed him in a heap of trouble. >> it was wonderful. one of the most beautiful places around here and the problem started. >> that's the shadow of a police komt force his drone down and those are the feet of two park police officers. brian was busted. find actually. that nier-fly zones for drones yet there are plenty of breathtaking drone video online. the trouble says the park
9:55 am
service director, drones are disruptive to both people and wildli wildlife. >> that can interview with nesting boards. we had an incident with a droep chasing bighorning sheep and actually separating the adults from the young. >> it's the scenery that attracting people from around the world. >> i can sit here for hoyers. >> >> i'm here primarily for the photos. >> not this. >> it destroys the ambiance, is that it? >> it does. >> it's more than the noise. his drone actually crashed into lake yellowstone. a park diver had to get it out. meisner, a german national, was
9:56 am
fined and banned from the park for one year. >> fines can range from $75 to more than $1,000. >> brian need gets it. >> definitely with the increase in popularity, i can see with dozens or hundreds of them out there on a singular day, it would be a big problem. >> reporter: brian paid the $75 fine and said he'll be back to the park but without his drone. tom costello, nbc news, rock creek, national park. right now we're going a better look at the devastation from texas. the disaster they're wake up to this morning. >> closer to us, we're in for more warm weather and could break a another record. lauren with what you can look forward to in the week ahead. derrick? >> reporter: christmas for redskins fans. how about the nfc
9:57 am
9:58 am
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time right now and look 10:00. what we're finding out about the young children and others who were inside. >> texas tornadoes rip apart businesses leaving a trail of destruction behind. >> we like that. we love that. the redskins clinch the nfc east and a spot in the playoffs and now the question, what is next.
10:00 am
a day with the seahawks, that's what's next. >> these right. it's going to be tough day. >> at least i get to host it. >> talk about the momentum. so many players had standout moment, deangelo hall with the touchdown and picked up the momentum of the game. >> and everybody this morning an extra cup of coffee. >> exactly. they need it and vie seen for their lives. i'm angie goss. >> and i'm adam tuss. foggy outside. but lauryn ricketts said we're going to be warm, right? >> we are going to be warm. once again challenging records. i do believe bwi is going to make it happen. 65 set back in 1949. dallas at 73. not shoe we're going to make it up. i do believe it's


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