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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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so far, so good where in new zealand the clock just struck midnight and it's 2016. >> these not a live picture of an emu. >> there we go. this is auckland where the celebration, it is just beginning. look at this, folks. beautiful fireworks up in the sky there. what a sight. now they're in the new year. 2016 for those folks. >> happy new year. >> the question here, can we expect clear skies here for any of our fireworks shows tonight, chuck? >> yes. more or less it's going to be good fireworks around our region tonight. all the low clouds and fog we've been dealing with, that will be gone. still fog around the central part. be on the lookout if you're
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driving in those areas. otherwise temperatures are mild, in the upper 40s and low 50s right now. you're focused on the next 24 hours. a lot of clouds. mid to upper 40s. as you get set to go out, temperatures will be in the mid-40s. a cold breeze settles in for tomorrow. it's going to start feeling like winter for a change. seven-day forecast coming up. for now, traffic time with miss melissa mollet. >> breaking news. take a leer here at the top of the beltway, we have a two-mile backup. the initial one is this. two left lanes blocked for roadwork that's going to very likely stick around for the next hour. the issue after that here, take a look at we sort of zoom in here this morning. outer loop at new hampshire. 66 and 95 don't have any major problems. 66 or 95, everything rolling along just fine. more on top of the beltway coming up.
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st. louis braces for new floodwaters. nearly 13 feet above flood stage, it could happen at any time and it would be the worst flooding on record. crews pumped water out and they tried to shore up levies there as hundreds are ordered out close to the merrimack river. erika, we'll be watching these latest developments all throughout the morning. >> thanks, molette. police tell us one person was shot but the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. investigators are looking for a hyundai sports car seen near the shooting scene. prince george's county police offering a $25,000 reward for a murder case. they say nathanial powell jr. was shot in a parking lot on
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brooks drive in suitland yesterday. he died. he was 51 years old. developing right now, the man who played america's favorite tv dad bill cosby out of jail charged with sexual assault. cosby posted a $1 million bond yesterday. he's accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women, but this is the first time he's actually been charged with a crime. this case involves a former temple university employee who cosby invited to his home in philadelphia back in 2004. coming up in a few minutes, nbc's edward lawrence will join us with more on what's next for cosby. this morning d.c. police want your help to find this man. they say melvin de-hart latny is wanted in a sex abuse case. the attack and robbery happened on eighth street in the southeast last month. police say latny is also wanted in two other robberies. today members of our community will gather to remember the young lives lost in the district.
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the northeast performing arts group will host a candlelight ceremony. canned ll be lit for each of the young people under 25 who have been killed in the district. the group says it's been holing the event for the past 25 years hoping that each year will be the last. right now let's show you a live look at times square this morning. actually let's take you back to new zealand. look at this. beautiful shots. fireworks going off there. right now we can tell you. preparations are under way in the city. you can expect to see, of course, more police on the streets in new york. nbc's chris pollone has more. we'll check in with him later this hour. in just a few hours the ball will drop in times square, david. >> it sure will. in other parts of the world they have been called off. long guns, radiation detectors,
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bomb-sniffing dogs, they're going to join hundreds of thousands. nearly 6,000 police officers will be on the job. the nypd expect 1 million people in the city. we're not expecting huge numbers of folks to celebrate in the capitol, but the authorities still see it as a potential target. in belgium authorities say they a've stopped a major terror plot. they've called off festivities altogether. here at home we're counting down to the new year. before watching fireworks, you a can attend during the day. the event rings in during the day with performing arts. "news4's" megan mcgrath joins us live to let us know everything that's happening there. it's a beautiful shot behind you there, megan. >> it really is. we're here along king street. you can see how everything is just beautifully lit here, just the perfect backdrop for a new year's eve celebration. and, really, there is something for everyplace, every member of
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the family regardless of age. the first night's festivities, that get under way in a matter of hours. you've seen video from previous years but it's always a terrific time. this is an alcohol-free event with music, art, dance and other performances for the entire family. tickets are $30 for adults. if you're a fitness person, those events involve workouts you can participate in. there are 100 performances that are going to happen throughout the course of the day here in old town right on up until midnight. venues are all around town. hotels, museum, and public buildings will host events. they're all within walking distance of each other, and, of course, it all ends at midnight with a big fireworks display. let's take a look at the specifics. the fireworks will happen at the
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foot of king street at midnight and there's a lot of information on our website. you can get all the specifics on the performances and the specific venues as well. back to you all in the stew owe. >> all right. m megan mcgrath at old town. thanks, megan. don't forget ridet after midnight aren't going to cost you a thing. they're open until 3:00 tomorrow morning. for more on what to know for the holiday like the impact on parking and transportation, check out the nbc washington app. all right. 6:07 right now is your time. look outside this morning. a lovely shot. the roads still a little wet in some spots but the rain and fog is gone for now. chuck bell is back at 6:11 with a look at your travel forecast. if your new year's eve plans involve heading out of town. >> people post a lot of things on facebook, but driving drunk,
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the man police say did just that and how they were eventually able to track him down. and a district staple getting ready to close its doors. who's saying good-bye
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how about a case of oversharing. a drunk driver got himself arrested. dustin rittgers posted himself online in the act. one of his friends saw it on facebook and called police. they used the video to identify his suv and found him still on the road. dash cam video shows officers taking him into custody. that's the video right there. that's not the first time he's been arrested for drug
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drivinging. >> "storm team 4" met chuck bell with how we'll be starting 2016. >> yes, indeedy. we'll be starting on a relatively cold note. it's not that cold this morning. it'd led to patchy fog. zero visibility in luray. three quarters of a mile in culpeper. weather will not have much of an impact on any of your plans today. the clouds and fog will lift this morning. breezy but dry this afternoon. windchills back in the 30s this evening. as you're going out for your new year's eve plans, you'll wand to layer up in a bit. green lights for even. i got the green light. red lights, that's melissa mollet department. here she is. >> red lights. breaking news. take a look here. top of the beltway as you're approaching, a two-mile backup because of emergency roadwork.
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should be wrapped up in the next 20 minutes or so and hopefully loosen up just a little bit all of the problems. 270 we had a report of an earlier crash there. looks like we're getting around okay there. germantown to the spur, 270, no major problems. again, top of the belt wii to 235 is going to take you 30 minutes. 56 looks okay, 95 in virginia looks just fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. your time right now, 6:13. brand-new developments in the extradition of ethan couch and his mom. which one of them is back in the u.s. and which one is still fighting extradition. a major heads-up for virginia college students. what you must do today to qualify for a tax ded
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back in the u.s. with her so-called affluenza teen. you're looking at tonya couch in
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handcuffs. she was deported. her son was moved to a larger detention city in mexico city after his lawyers convinced the judge to delay his return to the states. cameras caught a glimpse of his transport van taking him there. the 18-year-old and his mother were arrested monday in a resort town reportedly taking off to avoid a possible parole violation stemming from a 2013 deadly drunk driving crash. get ready to ring in the new year with cold temperatures. how cold will it get. chuck bell walks us through the weekend. a computer technician accusing a local lobbyist for threatening to kill him for not fixing his computer. mondello's wife says it never happened. >> what he's alleged is such a lie. it's so fabricated it's just
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beyond me. we told him to get out and we wanted dell to send us another computer. >> mondello runs his own lobbying firm in south arlington. his wife says the gun was fake and he never pointed it at anyone. he'll be back in march to face gun charges. new details on a woman charged with driving into a crowd. lakeis lakeisha holloway is charged with killing one and injured 35. they say she had marijuana in her system. they say that information won't affect her charges which include murder and felony hit-and-run. a 24-year-old california man is facing federal charges for his connection to the deadly san bernardino massacre. prosecutors say enrique marquez bought the guns used in the december 2.shooting that killed 14 people heefs also accused of conspiring with shooter syed farook to carry out other
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attacks in 2011 and 2012 that did not happen. mar kiz faces 50 years in prison if he is convicted. starting tomorrow, a concealed carry permit in texas will double as an open carry permit. that means someone can carry a gun out in the open in the lone star state. nearly a million texans have a concealed handgun permit. under the new law no additional paperwork or requirement is needed for open carry. they must be over 21 and have a clean criminal, mental health record. texas joins 44 other states that allow people to openly carry their handguns. vdot wants to hear from you in the new year. they're holding an information session on the proposed hot lanes on 395. the toll lanes could go on 395 north into arlington. this was proposed by the mcauliffe administration early this year. construction is slated to begin in 2017. the information session is happening monday, january 25th.
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it's going to be at 7:00 in the afternoon at the fair lington community center. scams. we have warned you about them all trout 2015 about the way crooks try to steal your money. scams cost nearly $1 million this year. number one scam reported, tax scams. the bbb compiled its list of the top scams of 2015. marcy rolf of brookville, maryland, explains the phone calls she received, somebody impersonating the irs. they say the tax scam is the most reported of 2015. >> i sew i answered the phone and it was a prerecorded message. this is the irs. to avoid further legal action, call this number immediately. >> the caller i.d. is often spoofed to appear to be from the government agency or police. remember, the irs will never
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call you to collect taxes. the second most popular scam will involve a phony debt collector, somebody calls you and you have this unpaid debt and if you don't pay it right away, they can throw you in jail. again, all these phony scams. so this weekend you're going to have another chance to become a multimillionaire. no one was a winner in last night's $301 million drawing. the jackpot expected to reach 334 million bucks on saturday. how about that to start the new year. that would be a nice paycheck. >> that would be nice. hope you start off a lucky individual with that lottery ticket. 6:21 is the time now. i want to get your weather headlines. we start with "weather & traffic on the 1s" with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. >> thanks, erika. david, good morning, everybody. go remember to stay safe, stay sober, or have somebody else do the driving for you. partly cloudy sky over
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washington. there is some thick fog out across parts of northern virginia from prince william toward cull piper, paige and culpeper. your weather headlines for today, new yearing new pattern coming up. cool dry breezes coming later on this afternoon and after weeks of cloudy weather are you ready for some sunshine? i know i am. we'll get a little sunshine today but more anded more coming with the next couple of days. hourly temperatures, not a big rise. we'll squeak our way into the low to mid 50s with a little bit of sunshine. this is what i saw last night on my walk around the national mall. willow trees with green leaves back on them again around the washington monument. doesn't look or feel like winter now. that will be changing. at least the feel of it will. going out tonight on new year's eve. temperatures will feel a lot colder than we've been the last couple of nights. i barely needed a like jacket. temperatures and feel like faj tors will be in the upper 30s. actually air temperatures low
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40s around town. any rain chances, no, not for us. closest rain chances are around tidewater, virginia. that's where they're going to same we don't have to worry about that around here. we'll get more and more sunshine as we get later on into the day. new year's eve planner or day planner for tomorrow, more sunshine coming your way and the weekend looks pretty good too. temperatures on saturday with the sunshine will be in the mid-40s and then sunday, mostly sunny in the upper 40s. the next big change and a much cooler weather pattern shows up next week. i'll show you the forecast coming up at 6 k4r7b 1. here's melissa mollet. bragging news at the top of the beltway, again, we have this crew car driving for you this morning. outer loop as you approach new hampshire avenue, sounds like the repairs have been done there. still have two left lanes blocked. this morning you can see some of that red extending there as well this morning. pretty nasty. inner loop and outer loop otherwise looking quite good. you can't see other problems there. 66 wi don't have any problems. 95 is rolling along just fine.
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270, we had a report of a crash in the southbound lanes, slowing things. does not look to be the case and southbound right side blocked there because of an overturned vehicle. more at the top of the beltway coming up. the search for a missing country singer enters the fourth day. back road anthem craig strickland left for a duck hunting trip with his friend. they found strickland's friend's body tuesday. the dog they took with them they found alive. the weekend end's storm killed three people. a family in north virginia has been cut off from the rest of their neighborhood because of roadworks. the street connecting the krukow family's driveway has been blocked all month. they have to go down a muddy road to get to their house. often blocked with construction.
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trash trucks can't make it and delivery trucks, they barely make the attempt. >> we accepted the fact we will suffer some inconvenience due to the construction but we didn't expect the situation to be like this. >> they tell nez 4 that contractors ran into some unexpected issues and the deadline was pushed to early january. now it's looking like mid-march. still no guarantees. in news for your health, a new study says 40 vitamin three d says it could reduce the risk of muscular sclerosis. the low dose showed no change in t-cells. the movie "concussion" is causing a lot of attention to this brain form. doctors are taking a new approach for dealing with many of these common head injuries. they're now saying the best thing for anybody after they suffer a concussion is rest.
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>> don't rush into tivgtss. you need rest. >> doctors stress if you don't rest properly and your brain gets repeatedly trauma tiedsed then the damage could become permanent. today is the deadline to get a tax break as part of a college savings plan in virginia. the virginia 529 program lets you start paying your child's college tuition years in advance. today's the last day to apply and get a deduction on you 2015 tacks up to $4,000. the ymca will close after 40 years. it has sold the billing to a developer. some of the program and staffers will moving to the ymca on w street in the northwest. there's no word if another ymca will be built in dupont. let's give you another live look outside this morning. if you're working today like us,
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you shouldn't see the clouds and fog that we've seen in the past few mornings. chuck bell is back with that and the four things you need to know about the forecast in the next "weather & traffic on the 1s." after years of accusations, this morning bill cosby is facing charges for assault. so what happens next in the case against him, and can prosecutors win? and how donald trump is causing a rift between the gop in virginia, this as decision 2016 inches closer. ♪
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molette green at the live desk. new details in from belgium in the arrest of a tenth suspect in the paris terror attack. that suspect we told you just a short while ago identified as a belgium national facing murder charges this morning after he was taken into custody during a raid of his home. we've learned about seven house search this morning and separately prosecutors just announced that they took six people into custody suspected of plotting a new year's eve attack.
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erika, david? they were supposed to be out of their home by the end of today but an arlington landlord wanted them gone as because because their son is too loud had a change of heart at least for now. let's get right now to chuck bell with the weather and for four things you need to know. good morn, chuck. >> good morning, david. the last day of 2015 will be a relatively mild one with a lot of clouds around. the rainy day is coming to an end. the clouds will be slow to scatter out but we'll get sunshine before the day is done. northwesterly winds. fog will slow down traffic. clearing skies with the return of a north breeze later on today. heading out early this morning for a walk or the upper 40s an. cooler days are a coming. that part of the forecast coming
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up in ten minutes. here is melissa mollet. >> good news. we're moving once again. no problems. taking aing looet a prince george's county, no problems. top of the beltway, again, looking quite good here. 5 looks good, b.w. parkway, no major issues, and this sad delay slowly resolving. we is still have this because of overturned vehicles. we'll gee you in ten minutes with travel times. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. >> the man who was once known as america's favorite tv dad facing ten years behind bars on sexual assault charges. this is the first time bill cosby has been criminally
6:33 am
charged since dozens o women have come forward claiming they were assaulted. nbc's idiot ward lawrence with what lies ahead for cosby. good morning, edward. >> good morning, david. cosby will be back in court and he'll hear the charges officially against him and he'll have an attorney. he bailed out on a $1 million bond and turned in his passport. he got out after being charged with indecent aggravated assault on a woman. as you said, this is the first charge he faces after a sears of women accused him of drugging hmm and raping him. they announced the charge saying the evidence is there to seek justice for this one victim. experts say he may hang himself on his own words. this charge is a second-degree felony and comes after cosby gave depositions for the civil cases. if found guilty, the 78-year-old
6:34 am
kmietd comedian could face up to ten years in prison. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence. back to you. >> thank you. back home folk reese acting to cosby's arrest. he had particular ties to the area. in particular, ben ice chili bowl. his face is on the outside. he's one of the few who gets to ee for free. >> i look up to him. it's bad. i don't know longer respect him. >> everybody makes mistakes and everybody should forgive him. >> it took a toll on me personally because i tried to model my family and what i wanted after bill cosby. >> they checked in with the smithsonian. they have no plans to pull a cosby funded exhibit at the national exhibit of african art. we have a timeline on the nbc washington app. just check it out. "bill cosby timeline." an suv hit and killed ricky
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clayton two weeks ago. they say the car crossed the double line. they're working to find out why. "news4" learns that an arlington family won't have be forced out today. the landlord wants them out because their son you see there with special needs is, quote, too lod. the change coming after our story aired tuesday. we're told the family's lease has been extended through the 31st of this month or i should say january. an advocacy group is still trying to get the land lorde to get them to change their mind, stay permanently, or help them find new housing altogether. we're inches closer to the new year. a few tweets from republican presidential candidate donald trump has managed to reignite the fight within the virginia gop. so trump criticized the republican party of virginia for
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requiring voters to pledge they are republicans. trump says it is bad the rnc's working hard to disallow new voters. >> meanwhile the rest of the candidates doing some fourth quarter fund-raising. ted cruz raised a whopping $2 million far surpassing that. only ben carson brought in more. senator marco rubio brought in $6 million. all that while donald trump says he plans to continue attacks on hillary clinton. >> her husband is one of the a greatest abusers in the world. give me a break. in a drastic move bush shifted his campaign to early primary states to get his vote out. maryland's state agency is no longer allowed inmates to
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raise pets for adoption. according to the training center near hagerstown has stopped. the 18-month-old program allowed inmates to care for cats and dogs from area animal shelters. many says it saved scores of animals from you than asia but a spokesperson said the program was growing without guidelines. there's a proposal on the table to lessen oversight on metro. according to our news partner wtop, eleanor holmes norton is ask whether metro still needs the same level of budget oversight. she says metro needs serval changes including the hires of a new general manager. right now they're required to submit all federal funding requests in writing. right now, 6:37. it's ticking for sprint and verizon customers. the unclaimed money a lot of you could be entitled to and what
6:38 am
you've kbobt to do by the oechld today to get your hands on it. an incredible story out of arizona where a teen is recovering after rescuers plucked him from the chimney. they say this isn't the first time they've had to do that this year. >> let's take a look at the current temperatures. the district waking up in the low 0s. but will you need a warm coat for tonight's firew
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all right. so it may be at after christmas day but a phoenix, fire had to perform a chimney rescue and it wasn't santa. a 13-year-old boy got stuck while he was playing with friends. did we say this was on a rooftop. firefighters say they were playing on the roof and one of them just fell into the chimney. the good news is the boy is expected to be okay, but this is the third time this year the fire department has had to rescue somebody from a chimney. my question is why were they playing up there in the first place? >> maybe just stick to the backyard or video games. >> the front yard, the park.
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>> ground level is always die deal. >> 6:41 is the time now. i'm not sure it's going to be the a greatest idea to head out to the parks the next couple of days because it's going to chill down often here. >> let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning to you, david and erika. three quarter of a mile visibility in culpeper and zero visibility in luray. chilly start this morning. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 will reach low 50s during the peek today with a little sunshine from time to time and then as you're going out this evening, plan on temperatures to be in the 40s at midnight but windchills, back to talking about windchills will be in the 30s. that's the leading edge of a very chilly pattern. more on that with your seven-day coming up in seven minutes. here's melissa mollet. >> outer loop and new hampshire looking a heck of a lot better than it did a short time ago.
6:43 am
new crash at the 301 north. does not seem to be slowing things too much. top of the beltway looking better than it did. we're 28 minutes. now it's down to 14. that's much closer than it used to be. make sure the top of the beltway is still there. :6:43. right now prep is under way for the big apple. by this time this evening it's going to be a happening place. wi beefing up security. >> a warning for you who uses a
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just god word both directions of a major highway closed due to flooding. that part shut down i-55 at the merrimack river. already swollen mississippi river is expected to crest today. nearly 13 feet above flood level making it the worst flooding on record. now, flooding could rise 20 feet in some spots. hundreds of homes and businesses had to evacuate to avoid the danger. erika? right now d.c. police are investigating an overnight shooting. it happened in the 3,000 block of stanton.
6:47 am
we're told the man shot was not life-threatening. they found police had already cleared the scene. in suitland right now there's a murder investigation under way. prince george's county says somebody said somebody shot nathanial powell jr. yesterday. his body was found in a parking lot. the police are offering $25,000 reward. developing right now, bill cosby out of jail on a $1 million bond this morning charged with sexual assault. cosby has been in the news contactually over the last several months accused of several misconduct by women. this is the first time he's actually been charged with a crime. this case involves a former temple university ploe who cosby invited to his home near philadelphia back in 2004. coming up in a few minutes nbc's edward lawrence will join us with what's next for cosby. dchl c. police are asking for your help to find this man
6:48 am
today. they say melvin d. hart latny is wanted in a sex abuse case. according to police it happened on eighth street near the metro marjt last month. police say latny is also wanted in multiple robberies. today members of our community will gather to remember the young lives lost this year in the district. the northeast importanting arts group will host a canal light memorial group. a canned ll be lit for each of the young people under 25 killed in the district. the group says it's been holding this event for the last 25 years hoping each year will be their last. right now let's show you a live look at times square this morning where in just a few hours the crystal ball will drop. really i guess about 18 hours from now. they've got final preparations under way. it looks quiet now but we know it's going to get crowded in the
6:49 am
next few hours as people line up to see the big ball drop. let's turn it over to nbc's chris pollone live to where all the action will be. hey, chris. >> reporter: we're expecting a crowd of about a million people to start filtering. hey, david. we're expecting a crowd of about a million people to start filtering in to the times square area over the next several hours. in order to keep them safe, the nypd says they'll have an unprecedent force here, some 6,000 officers including a new terrorism unit. they'll be equipped with long guns and bomb sniffing dogs. metal detectors, radiation detextures and a thousand cameras keeping an eye on all the revelers as they welcome in 2016. the mayor and police cheer here
6:50 am
in new york city will say this will be the safest place to be in the city. they say this is the city and the country most well prepared to handle a terrorist attack. they say they i have no specific threat they know of at this point with temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 40s. a mill uppeople plus possibly and they say that they expect a safe event tonight as people welcome in 2016. guys? >> all right. nbc's chris pollone at times square. thanks, chris. i know a big night tonight. really a big day in alexander because they make it a big family event. >> absolutely. they start as early as 9:00. lots of family and kids out there this morning. chuck's there to join us talking about the kind of weather they can expect. will they need the puffy coats when they head out there? >> not this morning. actually about as mild as it's going to be for most of the day. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. keeping in mind 44 is our
6:51 am
average high temperature. we're already in plus territory. what to expect today, a lot of clouds and some areas of fog first thing this morning. that will be giving way to more an more sunshine as an increasing northwest wind starting to put colder and drier air back into the region for the new year and the new weekend coming up. temperatures as i mentioned, average high now, 44. we're already 52 at national airport, 46 at gaithersburg, thickest of the fog is down around central parts of vaf. visibility near zero. no fog in and around the city. willows with fresh green leaves. this is the kennedy center. even out by the washington monument, again, green leaves on the willow trees here in the middle of winter. those leaves may want to think twice about hanging around. travel conditions today, no trouble locally. dry weather within 200 or 300 mile of us. that is welcome news.
6:52 am
that's just about it. here's our extended forecast. 56 today. temperatures near 40 at midnight tonight with windchills in the 30s. so you'll need to bundle up. tomorrow, 47. as you get into the weekend, mostly sunny. it will be cold. the next real change in weather arrives on monday as another shot, a reinforcing shot comes in. tuesday's high temperature, 39 degrees. it will look and feel a little bit like winter. here ee's melissa mollet. good morning. georgia avenue. we have a brand-new crash that popped up here just a couple of minutes ago. not seeing a slowdown on georgia. wanted to point this out. outer loop approaching new hampshire. we have a little be it of a slowdown but it's looking a lot better than it did earlier. 66 is fine. 95 also looking quite good here this morning. no problems here in prince george's county. we do have that northbound 301 at maryland five. they're still with a crash, but, again not slowing anything.
6:53 am
270 looking good. rb all of the silver ride programs and metro offering free rides from minute to 3:00 a.m. >> a great reminder. thanks, melissa. we're counting down to the new year. there are 17 hours willest in 2015 so why not spend them having a little bit of fun. you and the whole family can spend the night in alexandria. you can spend the night hearing that. that's where megan mcgrath is ready to bring in 2016. daylight starting to come up, megan. >> reporter: starting to lighten up. you can see the beautiful lights. a perfect place to ring in the new year. old town really does it big. the first night's events gets under way in a matter of hours. tickets are $30 for adults.
6:54 am
kids 12 and under attend for free. they come out and do a community workout. kids' events start at 2:00 this afternoon. you're seeing some video here of some of last year's first night's celebrations. the battle of the local stars with kiera moran. that's happening tonight at the durand center. there are hundreds of performances throughout old town. they're happening throughout the course of the day right on till midnight. they're geared toward different interests and age groups. there's something for everyone and, of course, it all ends at midnight with the big fireworks show. that's going to happen down at the foot of king street right along the potomac river. a beautiful spot for that right at midnight. and for a complete list of all of the performances, the times, and the venue, you can go to our website, back to you guys. >> megan mcgrak graph live at old town. thanks, megan.
6:55 am
don't forget, rides after midnight aren't going to cost you a thing. the system is open until 3:00 tomorrow morning. otherwise we should tell you it is a normal schedule for today. for more on what to know for the holiday, like the impact on parking and other transportation, head over to our n b nbc washington app. good morning. microsoft plans to start telling you if it suspected state sponsored hackers breaks into accoun accounts. they provided alerts without giving details. facebook and others provide such warnings. chinese authorities hacked into more than 1,000 hot maehl accounts several years ago but a t company failed to notify the victims. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. today's the last day to receive a refund from verizon or
6:56 am
sprint for services you didn't sign up for. it's called cramming. both phone giants agreed to pay nrmore than $156 million to settle claims for billing customers without their permission. the fcc says both wireless carriers charged as much as $14 per month for services you didn't order. at :56, four things you need to know. police are investigating a murder in suitland. somebody shot and killed nathanial powell jr. major flooding where the mississippi river is expected to overflow its banks today. we just learned they closed the main highway there. tonya couch, mom of ethan couch is back. she's arrived in last. in handcuffs. >> 17 hours left in 2015. you and the whole family can attend first night alexandria to
6:57 am
celebrate. they ring in 2016 with performing arts all day. topped off by fireworks at midnight. and nine hours left until kickoff of the orange bowl, oklahoma and clemson. mild weather there but cold next week. all right. and take a look now northbound georgia at the beltway. have a crash at the top of the beltwaying looking so much better outer loop at new hampshire avenue. it with us nasty this morning. now it's okay. all good now. all right. that does it for your the last morning show of the new year -- old year. >> have a happy new year,
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. the defendant bill cosby accused of a sexual assault more than a decade ago. >> how do you feel, sir? >> a frail looking cosby post bail. the first criminal case against the once beloved star, after a slew of accusations. this morning, cosby's attorney speaks out live. from bad to worse. historic flooding intensifies in the midwest. new rescues and evacuations in missouri. highways shut down as the mississippi and other major rivers get set to crest at record heights later today. back in the u.s. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen arrives in los angeles overnight in the custody of u.s. marshals. >> people want to know, what were you thinking? >>


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