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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the city to ring in the new year and in the middle of all that, city officials still lit off those new year's fireworks. at least 14 people have been injured. the fire ripped through a 63-story hotel just down the street from the burj khalifa tower which is the world's tallest building. officials think the flame started somewhere outside the 20th floor. right now civil defense teams are checking to make sure everyone has been evacuated and this hotel has residences, retail, dining and we'll stay on top of this breaking story and you'll get updates throughout the evening on news 4 and the nbc washington app. back here in the states, the new year is a little less than eight hours away. close to 1 million have crowded into times square already. security concerns casting a shadow though over the celebration there. in western new york one man was arrested for plotting a possible terror attack at a local restaurant. new york city has assigned 6,000 officers to the fireworks and police are promising
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extraordinary security in times square. >> officials are also on alert here at home and the fbi has increased the number of agents at its 24-hour command center. >> we have live team coverage to the countdown of 2016 and we'll start off live at the crossroads of the roads. >> sound checks and more than 1 million people expected to be here in person to watch the ball drop and security is tighter than ever. >> reporter: it's out with the old and in with the new year. >> it will be a whole new year for us, so -- it's going to be exciting, i think. >> ringing in 2016 in times square takes more than a little work starting with the numeral that arrived weeks ago and a facelift to the waterford crystal ball. 288 new crystals were added to the already 2,000 already in place. >> you get to see the ball. >> reporter: a test, confetti and ball lighting gave a sneak
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peek of what's to come and people were invited to personalize the new year. writing wishes for 2016 on paper that will be mixed in with the confetti that falls tonight. >> i like it. it's a crazy atmosphere out here. >> with the eyes of the world watching, officials say they've enhanced security with 6,000 officers assigned to times square. for the first time, some will be armed with long guns. bomb-sniffing dogs and chemical and radiation detectors will also be present. >> we are aware that the threat picture has changed because of isis. its changed significantly from what it was a year ago or two years ago and in response to that and in fact, ahead of that in some respects that's why we have enlarged our capabilities in the city. >> measures appreciated by visitors. >> i feel pretty safe right now. i don't feel that threat. >> we're extra careful and keeping eyes out. >> reporter: law enforcement and revelers working together toward a safe and fun start to 2016.
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and when the clock strikes midtown more than a ton of confetti will rain down on this crowd. a great start to the new year and big cleanup for crews in the morning, chris. back to you. >> thanks a lot, sarah. our team coverage will continue in northern virginia where adam tuss is looking at all of the ways that folks can get home safely. adam? >> that's right, chris. no reason why you would think of driving a car unless, of course, you're a designated driver. you have the silver ride program and metro rides will be free after midnight and of course, you have the app that lets you get uber and lift. now more on what's happening with metro. from midnight until 3:00 in the morning, tripos metro are free. that includes bus and rail. you have to remember is you have to show your smart trip card so that you can get through. miller light is picking up the tab for late-night service tonight as part of a public service initiative and if you want to try the silver ride program, call 1-800-200-taxi and
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you will get up to $30 in fare. circulator service also running tonight and there are car-sharing companies like uber and lift as we mentioned. drinking and driving tonight definitely a no-no. >> there are lots of options and at the end of the day i don't care if it's pedi cabs or chariots or gondolas, that's what it's all about. >> get home safely. the police tell us they'll be out in force and you might not even see them. we'll tell you more about that. back to you guys. >> thank you, adam. >> let's get to chief meteorologist doug kammerer and how is the first night of 2016 looking? >> it's looking like the rest of december on the mild side and temperatures got into the middle 50s and tonight will be a perfect night to ring in the new year in the area and low clouds and mid-level clouds and that will help with many of the fireworks displays around the region and the temperatures will
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be on the nice side across the reg sxon 44 degrees at 10:00 and dropping to 42 in the city and it will be on the chilly side and not all that bad for this time of year and at 2:00 a.m. we're talking about 41 degrees so, yes, it will be cool, but not cold. the cool it's coming. we're at 52 and 33 in pittsburgh and 31 in columbus. i do not see another day, at least not until the next seven when we get above 50 degrees and say hello to the 30s and the 40s for 2016 and i've got that forecast for you coming up in a few minutes. thanks, doug. a developing story in maryland where a state trooper is in the hospital with serious injuries and he was on i-95 when he pulled on the shoulder to help a motorist. another car rear-ended the trooper and knocked him into the disabled car. he and the person in that disabled car were both hurt, but both are expected to recover. >> and right now we're following a developing story across the
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bay. officers are conducting a death investigation at the queen ann's county marina. police are on the scene and we're still checking on the circumstances right now and we'll update you once we learn more. we want to give you a head's up if you're headed to the the chinatown area tonight. hundreds of protesters are expected to gather very soon to try to shut the area down. they'll be meeting between 7th and 8th streets around 7:00. at least six groups are coming together to organize this event. they're upset that no charges were filed in the tamir rice and sandra bland cases. the organizers say they will not go into the new year without demanding justice. 200 people responded to the facebook page saying they will be there. bill cosby's attorney says her client is not guilty. attorney monique presley appeared on the "today" show, bill cosby is out on bond after being charged with aggravated indecent assault. prosecutors say he drugged and
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assaulted a former temple university employee weeks ago. it is politically motivated by a district attorney trying to make good on a campaign promise. >> he's been accused unjustly of a crime so certainly that's upsetting, but he's in good spirits, and he knows that he has a legal team that is intent on defending him until he is exonerated. >> cosby and his representatives have denied other sexual misconduct allegations over the years. ahead, why some legal analysts think evidence in the current case could be thrown out. the mother of that affluenza teenager is back in the u.s. and in a los angeles jail. why her son is still in mexico. getting the district fit. the free gym offer for all residents of d.c. and we continue to follow that breaking news in dubai where eyewitnesses say they can still see the fire burning at that luxury hotel downtown. our live coverage continues ne
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tonya couch returned to the u.s. today arriving in los angeles in the custody of the u.s. marshals service. she's the woman authorities say helped her son ethan flee the country after a possible violation of his probation. ethan used his wealth as a defense for his role in a deadly drunk driving wreck. he's now in mexico city. a judge there is considering whether deportation violates his rights. an aircraft carrier from norfolk, virginia, has started launching new round of air strikes. and the video revealed the fa-18 hornet taking off from the uss harry truman.
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there are about 5,000 sailors onboard and they're targeting isis militants in iraq and syria. leaving the navy without a carrier in the persian gulf for a couple of months. the threat of terror attacks is forcing brussels to cancel tonight's new year's eve festivities. crews spend the afternoon wheeling away the celebration that had been set up. the decision to cancel came hours after more terror arrests. the mayor of brussels saying it would be impossible to screen the moviegoers who would gather to ring in the new year. right now ten people are in custody suspected of plotting new attacks in brussels during the holidays and one of them related to the terror in paris last month. six others are being questioned. a legal explanation in the charge against bill cosby and why some experts think key evidence could be thrown out. free entry into more than 20 gyms in the district. the offer is on the table starting tomorrow and we have
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right now at 4:15, storm team 4 putting together your forecast as we count down to 2016. chief meati imeteorologist doug kammerer joins us with your new year's eve planner and a look ahead of your weekend. >> not far from montgomery mall, one of the intersections, montgomery county is considering adjusting and changing the traffic signals to speed the
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traffic flow through this congested county. they're showing the intersections they're considering making changes to and it includes areas around the rock vil rockville pike and they will adjust many of the traffic signals and the timing of the signals to speed the flow of traffic. they think as much as 15 to 20%. local businesses and business owners and homeowners say they consider this to be a benefit to the area. >> there's lots of construction going on on rockville pike and that's making a big impact and 217 highway down this way so that's another reason why. >> reporter: tonight on news 4 at 5:00, what are the intersections they're considering most? which are the first priorities? for now in montgomery county, scott macfarlane, news 4. i'm mark segraves at the d.c. general homeless shelter where hundreds of families still call this facility their home. hundreds more are still being housed in hotels spread across the city, but as we close the
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books on 2015, there is some good news to report from this front. the bowser administration has made more progress in putting homeless into stable housing in the past year than previous administrations have had in many years. in fact, more than 1,000 families have been placed in permanent, stable housing in 2015 alone. that's an increase of 16% over the previous year and when we looked at the veteran population, the numbers are even more encouraging. about a 50% increase in the number of veterans placed in housing compared to last year. coming up at 5:00 and 6:00, you'll meet one of these families and one of these veterans who are now living in their forever home. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. and first at 4:00, another incentive to get to the gym in the new year. you live in the district. it won't cost you anything to work out at any of the city's 22 recreation fitness centers.
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mayor muriel bowser announced this week she's eliminating the daily $5 fee and the $125 yearly membership fee for all city residents. >> this is a great opportunity because there are a lot of people who can't simply afford membership at a boutique gym. in time for new year's. it's a great opportunity to make a resolution. >> no excuses. the city says there are recreation centers with fitness facilities in all eight wards. >> we're learning more about the legal strategies bill cosby's attorneys could use to defend him. as andrea klein reports experts think key evidence may get tossed out if this case goes to trial. >> reporter: testimony bill cosby gave in 2005 during the civil lawsuit filed by alleged victim andrea constand was made public this summer and it's that evidence montgomery county district attorneys are using to reopen the criminal case. >> there's not a question in
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terms of, you know, pills being provided to her. there's not a question as to the occurrence of what went on of the penetration. >> reporter: cosby admitted to giving constand pills and engaging in what he described as consensual sexual acts at his elkins park home. >> he was under the impression he was given immunity by the montgomery district attorney's office and then he went forward and gave up his rid to remain silent and testify at a deposition. >> incriminating testimony that came after montgomery county district attorney decided not to prosecute cosby based on those allegations. it's key evidence that cosby's attorneys will try to have thrown out for consideration making it harder to prosecute. >> if this had been a criminal case he probably wouldn't have testified at all. >> reporter: cosby's attorneys
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the new year's eve ball dropped at noon. the goal is to have a new year's eve celebration during the day with everything wrapped up by the kids' bed time. >> there are crowds every year and this has been a project that's been sponsored by city washington, the capital river front, and this is all we want and this is all we can ask for. this is the third year for this event at noon yards. it was quite a celebration. on the opposite side, if the kids can stay up late. trees in alexandria are being
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adorned with light as they get ready for first night alexandria. it is a family-friendly alternative to traditional new year's eve celebrations. there's music, food, art, but the festivities don't cap off until midnight with fireworks over the potomac and it looks like they'll have a pretty nice night for that, as well. >> thank goodness. first night in a while. will it be dry out there? >> temperatures will stay on the mild side as we move on through the night tonight. mild considering where we normally are and we have seen very cold new year's eaves tonight and we'll be on the cool side. you can see the cloud cover. it will help with the fireworks to make them brighter. 52ing dids and winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour and northerly winds here and it will make things cooler and 46 win chester and 52 down toward pawtuxet river. >> no rain to talk about and really, we're moving into a very dry stretch.
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if you're heading out this evening this is what you can expect for your new year's eve. by around 10:00, temperatures around 44 degrees and midnight right around 42 if you're going to be out and the jackets will be a necessity and we're not talking hats and gloves and we don't think it will be that cold and not much in the way of storms and that storm system that came through us yesterday, well down to our south and behind this, though, we have the real first area of cold and 26 chicago and you see the mild air hanging on and it's not going to hang on much longer and we are finally going to get some cold air and arctic air coming on later on and what to expect for the new year and starting off cold, much cooler temperatures the next couple of days and arctic air moving in next week. snow, it's coming, not in the next week, but it will come later. i'm sure of that. late january, february, we're still holding tight to our
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winter forecast. 45 degrees for tomorrow in frederick and 48 of the first day of the new year and 49 down toward fredericksburg and not a bad day at all under partly sunny skies. so that impact will be on the low side, a bit breezy and cool, but all in all, a pretty nice day. like i said earlier, i do not expect to see any 50s and the only chance will be tomorrow if we do get to 48 and could get to 50 on the city and 45 on saturday and 48 on sunday and then 40 on monday. many of you, most of you will stay in the 30s and it gets a whole lot colder on tuesday. i've got the extended arctic air forecast coming in in just a few minutes. >> wow! >> jerry seinfeld takes the president for a spin. what the two joked about at the white house. it makes a big change to its men and you not everyone's happy about it.
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i do really well with the 0 to demographic. >> oh, really? >> they love me. partly because my ears are big and i look a little like a cartoon character. >> right.
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>> president obama got a chance to show off his lighter sight while tooling around in a classic corvette with jerry seinfeld. the president and the comedian chatted, joked and drove around the white house grounds for an episode of seinfeld's web series. comedians in cars getting coffee. >> the car is a 1963 stingray and the questions ranged do you ever go on ebay to have you ever touched a thermostat in the white house? if you don't want your kids staying up until midnight to ring in the new year, netflix has some options for you. netflix has a new set of on-demand new year's eve countdowns. they feature kids cartoon characters like the care bears and inspector gadget. the countdowns are available right now. start the countdown right now. chick-fil-a is dropping coleslaw from its menu next year and a lot of people are so upset about it they're going on social media to vent. the company says it was a tough decision, but they're listening to customers who want healthier options. i can't believe i'm saying this,
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but there is actually a coleslaw countdown. you have until january 18 toth get your last serving of coleslaw at chick-fil-a. >> i guess it's the mayonnaise. we continue to follow breaking news. a fire rages at a hotel in dubai and the city still sets off the new year's fireworks in the midst of all of that.
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breaking news just in at 4:30. we're getting word of some type of incident on the beltway. these are live pictures from chopper 4. police have swarmed the car on new hampshire avenue near the office depot. there were reports of a possible shooting between people in two
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vehicles. we can't confirm that. we do know four people are in custody and nobody has actually been hit if there was a shooting no one's been hit. police are on the scene. news 4's jackie bensen is headed there and we'll keep an eye on this situation. >> we're also following that breaking story in dubai. at least 14 people have been injured in the massive fire of one of the city's tallest buildings. we are told the flames started on the 20th floor. it is just down the street from the burj khalifa tower which is the world's tallest building. city officials still lit off new year's fireworks despite the emergency going on. no word on what may have sparked the fire. we'll give you updates as we get them. major cities across europe have been forced to review, cancel or scale back the new year's eve celebrations. they have more on the terror fears. >> reporter: fear in london, preparations are under way for the new year's celebrations this evening. they've already started clearing
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the streets here around the river to get ready for these celebrations. in london more than 3,000 police will be on duty tonight. this will include armed patrols. as you know, police in the uk don't typically carry guns so there will be an armed presence, as well. however, the police point out there is no specific threat to the celebrations here, but across the continent it is high security. brussels, the capital of belgium has canceled their fireworks celebration this evening. >> i think it is a good and wise decision. there could be a lot of confusion if the fireworks started. >> i think it's buckling down to the threat of terrorism. i think we should stand up and make everything happen. >> reporter: six people have been detained in connection to a possible plot to attack the celebrations in that country. two more were detained earlier in the week. they've canceled their fireworks following the lead of terrorists that did that, as well.
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no fireworks in paris this evening. high security there. more than 11,000 police, military and other personnel securing the area. it will be a muted celebration this year because of the attacks last month. all around europe, high security as countries here get ready to welcome in 2016. chapman bell, london. >> federal aejences stopped one man's plan to launch a terrorist attack on new year's eve. the criminal complaint says emanuel luckman planned to do it tonight in the name of isis. the complaint claims he'd been in contact with isis operatives overseas. investigators say he went to walmart this week to buy supplies for this attack including knives and a machete. he even made a video claiming responsibility for the attack. don't forget, you can take a free ride home on metro tonight.
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miller lite is paying for all trips between midnight and 3:00 a.m. you'll have to use your fare card to enter and exit the system, but you won't be charged. simply show your smart trip card to your driver. and taking a look at what we've been seeing over the past, not just the past couple of days, but the past month. we've seen extremely warm temperatures so far in december as we move toward january, it will get a lot colder and 56 degrees in d.c. and 55 in leesburg and once again, an incredibly warm day across our area and an incredibly warm month and we have set some all-time records here and the warmest december on record by far, nine days above 65 degrees and this is the bigger stat here. >> 27 days above 50 degrees and that's 27 above 50 degrees and these are both records and some of the other records are just amazing and every single day
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this month above 45 degrees and that sets a record that was in 1974 and temperatures about 50 and 27 days, as i mentioned and that goes back to 1889 and i want to thank my friends on twitter at capital underscore climate for giving us that data and we set more records across the area and the cold air moves in and i've got the arctic forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. >> in just about 30 minutes people will be coming together to remember the young people killed in the district. the new york performing arts group is hosting tonight's memorial as it has done for the past 25 years. members will light a candle for each person killed in d.c. young are than 25 years old. if you would like to be part of the vining ilgo to the outreach center on benny road in northeast d.c. it starts at 5:00. two boaters are safe after terrifying moments in the water.
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now we're hearing their stoehr firsthand. here's wbal's laura melser. >> i've been called a lot of things in my life, but i never expected to be called p.i.w., and i didn't know what that meant and that's person in water. >> for brad and charlie it was a true life or death experience. the two set out on the potomac river from the piney point boat launch on the morning of december 20th for a little fishing on his 16-foot boat. as night fell they headed back in, but the weather turned. the seas picked up and they had a mechanical failure and the next thing they knew the boat had capsized. >> mayday! mayday! >> mayday! >> vessel in distress. what is your position? >> can anybody hear me? anybody? >> by the time i finished saying those initial maydays, the bow of the boat was sinking in the water and you can actually hear
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the water going over the radio like a bloop, bloop. the two men had on life vests and an emergency radio which they used to call the coast guard. however, they'd been in the water for almost an hour and hypothermia had begun to set in. it's water and you're floating around like an empty water bottle wondering if anyone had heard you. >> finally, they could hear a state police helicopter coming to the rescue. >> coast guard, if you can hear me, you are almost overhead. helicopter, turn back, please. more towards the center of the river. you're over me right now. >> we understand we're overhead view. >> a fireboat dispartched to th two men rescued them and sent them to an area hospital. >> it's been a very deadlier on the state's waters with 21 fatalities. they say stemkowski and friend are proof that something as simple as wearing a life jacket
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can save your life. >> they are living examples of what natural resources police has been trying to drive home since earlier this summer. to be prepared when you go into the water. what life is like at the white house. new personal photos of the commander in chief. >> plus details on your last chance to score a refund fro
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a spectacular scene over sydney harbor as australians rang in the new year already. people gathered on balconies, waterside parks and boats for the festivities. the fireworks display lit up the sky over the famed harbor bridge. we've been telling you about a refund that some verizon and sprint customers are entitled to, but you only have a few hours left to claim it. sprint and verizon were accused of billing people for services they didn't ask for. they settled those claims. the practice called cramming sxharjes third-party fees for services customers did not sign up for. open up the nbc app for how to get your money back. >> you may want to run out and get a powerball ticket. saturday's jackpot is a stunning $334 million. lottery fever is heating up and
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if you luck out and get the winning ticket, choose a lump sum of $205 million before taxes or get 30 annual payments so good luck. either way, that sounds good. talk about a slow motion disaster. rivers rising to record levels as the flooding worsens in the midwest. never before seen photos of the president in ac
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right now we're going to take a live look at times square. we are more than seven hour away from the new year here on the east coast. about a million people will ring in 2016 there in manhattan and about 6,000 police officers will be on patrol. we continue to follow that breaking news overseas and a massive inferno engulfs a luxury hotel in downtown dubai. debris rained down on to streets below as thousands of people gathered in the city for the annual fireworks display. at least 14 people are injured and no word on what started that fire. and we're getting new information about the breaking news in silver spring. chopper 4 still over the scene. we've now learned that two vehicles, was there some sort of incident between them at a wendy's parking lot on powder mill road. that's when the altercation started. they started chasing each other and when they got to new hampshire avenue shots were fired. right now there are no reports of injuries and we'll have a live report straight ahead.
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after days of relentless rain and overwhelming flooding, parts of eastern missouri and southern illinois are hoping to get much-needed break. >> they're beginning to subside and the scope of the damage is still being assessed and nbc's broadw brian mooar has the latest. >> reporter: new year's eve, a time of uncertainty for those living under the threat of flooding from oklahoma to illinois. >> it's somber and pretty quiet and really doesn't feel like the holidays. >> reporter: the border of eastern missouri and southern illinois was especially hard hit. homes under water and rivers so swollen it's hard to tell where dry land was just a few weeks ago. thousands displaced and many unable to get back home to even see what they've lost because long stretches of highway have been submerged. hundreds of national guard troops were brought in to help evacuate and protect flood-inundated communities. the death toll since the weekend has topped 25. the merrimac river crested four
4:46 pm
feet above the previous record. the mississippi river, at levels not seen in nearly a quarter century. though the devastation is widespread, the worst appears to be over. >> as fast as everything is receding, that's a blessing. i mean, definitely, you know a big blessing. >> reporter: hard-hit communities hoping to dry out and rebuild in the new year. brian mooar, nbc news. and now your storm team 4 forecast. and that forecast is a pretty good one, although a cold one as we head into 2016, but not tonight. tonight a very nice night and one place that's always going to be nice down toward national harbor and some live performances and from that angle you'll be able to see the fireworks over toward alexandria right through the capitol wheel down near the harbor. we'll continue to watch temperatures and temperatures right now are into the 50s for
4:47 pm
the most part around most of the area and downtown coming around 52 degrees and that's where we'll be seeing temperatures into the on 40s and down to 43 by 11:00 and if you're headed out for the new year's eve celebrations, have a jacket and i don't think you'll need the hat and gloves. not much in the way of wind later this evening and the temperatures out of 46 in gaithersburg and warrenton coming in at 53 degrees and no rain, you're not going to need the umbrella. in fact, put them in the closet and you will not need it for the next seven days and we've seep a lot of it in the next two weeks and i don't think we'll see much of any for the next week in our region. if you're headed hour by hour for the first day of 2016 and 44 by 10:00 a.m. and going to be on the cooler side and temperatures, i do not think make it to 50 in most areas and i don't know when we see the 50s
4:48 pm
again and 1:00 in the afternoon and not a bad afternoon out of partly sunny skies. 48 degrees for a high on friday and 45 on saturday and 48 on sunday and saturday windchills in the 30s all day and we will see a little bit of a breeze and monday, look what happens here as we start the first full week of 2016. the high of only 36 degrees on tuesday and windchills on tuesday expected to be around 25 degrees during the day and we're talking arctic air moving in during the day on tuesday and 41 degrees on wednesday and 48 by next tuesday and we do see more cold air for the month of january and february. that's the one you're probably waiting on. no stone in the forecast. all sunshine and we'll see a lot as we move into the next year. guys? >> thanks, doug. microsoft is stepping up its efforts to warn customers about potential hackers and you may
4:49 pm
receive new security alerts. the software company says it will warn users when it thinks the government is trying to hack their accounts. it will tell who microsoft thinks is trying to hack them. today's announcement follows similar moves by facebook, twitter and google. >> today in decision 2016. a big shake-up at the top of ben carson's campaign. his two top aides have quit. carson's manager barry bennett and communications director doug watts released a statement, but didn't give a reason why they resigned. carson has dropped from leading the republican field field with 29% support and in a wall street journal poll to just 11% this month. >> a lot of bush staffers are headed north to the winter. he's moving his staffers to put them in iowa and new hampshire. he's canceling millions in tv ads and his resolution, is,
4:50 pm
quote, winnie. >> ben carson pulled in $23 million in the fourth quarter of this year. senator ted cruz raised almost $20 million and senator marco rubio brought in $6 million. martin o'malley won't appear on ohio's primary ballot. state election officials say the former maryland governor didn't get enough signatures to qualify. both of his opponents hillary clinton and bernie sanders did make that ballot. people clearly like pete sousa's picture. he has 330,000 followers on instagram and ron allen shows us his best picks of 2015. >> reporter: they're unique, behind the scenes and close-up pictures of the president and many never seen publicly until now. serious matters inside the white house. a first daughter drops by the oval office to see her dad. the president with an aide's twin sons. mom wiping away a tear. the year-end gallery of white
4:51 pm
house frofr pephotographer pete day in and day out from the start giving nbc news an exclusive first look. >> i probably take between 500 and 2,000 a day. probably about a quarter million a year, somewhere in that. >> over seven years? so we're talking -- >> over seven years. so, yeah. a lot of pictures. >> part of souza's mission, to document history. president obama and the first family greeting pope francis. a handshake with cuba's castro. a big smile after the iran-nuclear deal and mr. obama there for vice president biden at his son's funeral. >> he is the president of the united states and he's also a human being. i try to show his personality as best i can. there's obviously a lot of pictures with little kids in my year-end gallery. he loves babies. >> that's deputy national security adviser ben rhodes' daughter ella. >> have you ever seen a president lying on the floor of
4:52 pm
the oval office with a kid in an elephant suit? >> definitely not. definitely not. >> the gallery reveals the obama administration wide open door policy for staff children. >> a lot of them are children of working moms, and he knows what a sacrifice they make and in terms of, you know, being at work a lot. >> this year's gallery has 111 pictures. what's souza's favorite? >> my favorite picture will hopefully be the one i make later today or tomorrow. that's what keeps you going. you're frying to get a good picture tomorrow. >> ron allen, nbc news with the president in honolulu. he has a ton of good pictures. we are working several developing stories in the newsroom right now. d.c. police are hoping someone will recognize this man. his name is melvin latney. the crime happened in november
4:53 pm
on southeast. pat collins is live there and his report is coming up in ten minutes. hundreds of people could shut down the chinatown area of chinatown and they're upset no charges have been filed in the deaths of tamir rice and sandra bland. protesters are planning to meet at 7th and 8th streets this evening and we'll be monitoring the situation and we'll keep you updated. the mother of the affluenza teenager is back in the united states. where she
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>> a big blow to tcu fans. quarterback tre von boynkin won't be playing on saturday. that's because police in san antonio say he punched an officer. the officer was at the bar this morning toic bra up a fight that started after boynkin exchanged words with a bartender. texas christian university takes on the oregon ducks saturday in the alamo bowl. >> right now, artists are putting the final touches on their floats in pasadena, california. nearly a quarter of a million spectators will line the streets tomorrow morning to watch the rose bowl parade and you can see it right here on nbc 4. there will be increased security because of the recent terror attacks and pasadena police chief says there's been no credible threat on the parade. the mother of the affluenza teen has now been formally charged for helping him run off to mexico. tonya couch is in a las vegas jail. her bond set at $1 million. prosecutors say she and her son
4:57 pm
ethan fled the country after violating his probation after he killed four people in the 2013 drunk driving crash. nbc's gabe gutierrez has a look at what's next for mother and son. this morning tonya couch, the mother of the so-called affluenza teen was back in the u.s. deported from mexico she arrived in los angeles overnight. >> prosecutors in technology planning to charge her with hindering an arrest. a felony that could put her behind bars for up to ten years if she's convicted. meanwhile, ethan couch was rushed from this immigration facili facility. earlier his attorney his filed paperwork to block his deportation. now a judge must decide. it's on their time schedule and we've seen these things happen as quickly as two weeks to two months and it depends on the court system down there. >> jason mills is an expert in
4:58 pm
deportation law. >> does this motion indicate that ethan couch wants to stay in mexico for the long haul? >> i think it does, and at least ethan wants to stay anywhere besides the united states. >> this gritty apartment in puerto vallarta is where the couches were arrested monday following a two-week international man hunt. mexican authorities say the pair did not register when they crossed into the country in this pickup truck. the call to the domino's pizza helped pinpoint their location. couch had been on the run since failing to check in with his probation officer. the 18-year-old killed four people when he drove drunk in 2014. the defense argued he grew up too affluent to know right from wrong and the judge gave him ten years' probation rather than jail time. investigators are asking whether frienders on relatives knew about the escape plan. the pair threw a going away party before they went missing. >> it's just another perfect example of the arrogance that the entire family has.
4:59 pm
news 4 at 5:00 starts now with chris and wendy. and now at 5:00, he bought ski masks, zip ties, knives and duct tape. a new year's eve attack, restaurant attack foiled and a new yorker is arrested for trying to help isis. good evening, i'm wendy rieger and we're working a number of developing stories for you. i'm adam tuss, focusing on getting you around safely tonight. i'll give you a list of your best transportation options and get this, a lot of them are free. and i'm meteorologist doug kammerer and we'll tell you what to expect temperature wise and as you head into 2016. >> first to breaking news. we're hearing about shots fired from a car near new hampshire avenue just off the beltway in montgomery county. >> chopper 4 captured video just as police took four people into custody on new hampshire avenue. jackie bensen just got to the
5:00 pm
scene and she's live with more information on what happened. >> reporter: chris, this is a wild scene and we're still trying to nail down the details, but i want to show you a car police have here. this is the vehicle in which they took three, possibly four, people into custody. you can see them going through that vehicle right now. the left rear tire has been blown out in some way. not clear whether that was in the course of what is described as a chase between what began as a chase, and it's not clear whether shots were exchanged or whether people in one car shot at the occupants of another car. again, police are investigating a report of a shooting, but so far there's no word of injuries. there is another car a short distance from here and we believe that car may have a bullet hole in it. police are on the scene down there also. as i said, police took at least


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