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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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information on what happened. >> reporter: chris, this is a wild scene and we're still trying to nail down the details, but i want to show you a car police have here. this is the vehicle in which they took three, possibly four, people into custody. you can see them going through that vehicle right now. the left rear tire has been blown out in some way. not clear whether that was in the course of what is described as a chase between what began as a chase, and it's not clear whether shots were exchanged or whether people in one car shot at the occupants of another car. again, police are investigating a report of a shooting, but so far there's no word of injuries. there is another car a short distance from here and we believe that car may have a bullet hole in it. police are on the scene down there also. as i said, police took at least two men and one woman into
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custody here in the 11,000 block of new hampshire avenue. there is a wendy's here. this is the parking lot of a shopping center, but right now, we do not know whether there was an intended target of this shooting and whether the person in that other vehicle, they were shooting at him and we do understand that vehicle has a bullet hole in it. a very fluid situation right now. live in silver spring, jackie bensen, news 4. we have some breaking news overseas. we've been following for most of the afternoon, firefighters are trying to get a massive fire under control at a hotel in dubai. there were minor injuries and it appears everyone got out okay from this. we'll get details from the live desk in about 25 minutes. >> new details are coming into the live desk about the terror arrest in rochester, new york. a criminal complaint says the man planning this attack had a history of criminal charges and
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mental health issues. emanuel lutchman was arrested after recording video on his cell phone swearing his allegiance to isis. the fbi had been following him since november and in the past few weeks he got in touch with a potential isis militant overseas and he wanted to travel to syria to fight and he told him to do something on new year's eve to show he was serious. >> isis is very mistrusting of him and asked him to carry out some act in the united states without having any support to prove that he is a loyal member and not, obviously, a counterintelligence threat to them. >> so just this week lutchman bought ski masks, a mashety and latex gloves at a walmart. the fbi says he wanted to target a bar or club with a pressure cooker bomb and take someone hostage. he'll be in court next week. security will be tighter than normal ahead of new year's
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celebrations in europe. there will be no fireworks in paris or brussels due to the threat of terrorism following last month's attacks in paris. a tenth person was charged today in connection with those attacks and in london the celebration will go on, but with thousands of police in armed patrols. >> and here in our area, there is no excuse to drink and drive this new year's eve. you can ride metro for free tonight and silver ride is prepared to handle the crowds and don't forget there's uber and lift. adam tuss is live in clairen don where it will be a busy night for the clubs. >> reporter: there is no excuse to drink and drive. you have all these options and all you need to do is plan ahead. [ cheering ] >> reporter: if it turns into too much of a good time, remember there are options. let's start with metro. after midnight all rides on trains and busses are free. miller lite picking up the tab as part of a public service
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campaign. just make sure you r your smart trip card or paper fare card with you. it won't be charged. if you want a free cab ride, call the soberride program, the number 1-800-200-taxi and he expects a busy night with hundreds ofsññi cops will be on the lookout anyway. >> reporter: he's right. ashley savage is with arlington county police. >> a dui is 100% preventable and as long as you plan ahead you can get home safely.
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>> reporter: have fun, but plan ahead and be smart. >> reporter: something that uber riders need to pay attention to tonight. surge pricing. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you what that is and when you can tell it's in effect. back to you. >> reporter: doug kammerer is here with a look at what we can expect with the weather. >> it sounded like you were going to call me another name. >> i'm renaming you for the new year. >> why not? new year's resolution, let's rename everybody. >> temperatures into the 50s again today, but i think this is the last day in the 50s we will see for quite some time. your new year's eve planner if you are heading out tonight and riding free on the metro, looking pretty good and 44 degrees by midnight. upper 30s in the suburbs and yeah, it will be schilly and you'll needed jacket, but all in all not a very cold night as we make our way into 2016, but
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here's what's coming. it's 50 in d.c. 33 degrees. we have some very cold air back to the west that will try to start making its way in and we are forecasting the first arctic outbreak to make its way our way and some of the coldest air, let's just call it the coldest air of the season coming up for 2016, and i'll show you when that moves in in just a few minutes. d.c. police are trying to find the man for violent robberies and a sexual assault on capitol hill. they know who he is, but just can't find him. this is the wanted poster police are circulating right now. news 4's pat collins is on the hill with more on the search for melvin latney. >> chris, take a look at this guy. tonight he's capitol hill's most wanted man. does he look familiar to you? >> a little bit. he does. >> reporter: do you know from where? >> just in this neighborhood definitely. >> reporter: they almost have
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enough video of him to make a documentary going in and out of stores, making purchases, using the subway. they know his name. they have his picture, but police ju can't track him down and that is worrisome. >> i've never been worried until you just showed me this. >> reporter: now what? >> i come home late at night. >> reporter: this happened around 10:30. >> i get home around midnight so it's concerning. >> i'm pretty conservative about cabbing home or walking with someone. >> melvin dehart latney wanted for sexual assault, wanted for robbery. >> police say he approached a woman, hit her on the head and knocked her to the ground and touched her inappropriately and then he did it again and took her bag and ran off. it happened noevember 24th and t
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wanted at 10:30 at night and in the 200 block of 8th street southeast and a popular path to get from here to there. >> i think that's horrible. i think he should be caught, and i think he should receive some mental and emotional counseling. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, councilman charles allen makes a plea for help. i'll see you then. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. some people in d.c. and around the country are marking the new year's by protesting police misconduct. one of the protests is planned in chicago where a 17-year-old was shot 16 times by police. protesters will be in chinatown in d.c. this evening and at baltimore's inner harbor and they're calling attention to tamir rice by cleveland police. a maryland state trooper is in the hospital after someone ran into him while he was trying to help a stranded driver.
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the troop her just pulled over on interstate 95 near hannover. another car slammed into his cruiser while he was inside. chopper 4 flew over the scene tonight and we saw southbound lanes of interstate 95 shut down and at least two of those lanes have now been reopened. and a man hit by a car in montgomery county was seriously hurt and is expected to survive. he'd just gotten off a ride-on bus on first field road in gaithersburg and this happened about 1:30 and he was trying to cross the street when he was hit. the driver of the car stayed on the scene. a hugely successful year as the district finds permanent housing for all of its residents. mark segraves introduces us to a veteran and his family now in their forever homes. >> sometimes people lose their job and it's beyond their control. >> reporter: crystal johnson, her husband and five children used their life savings to move from ohio to d.c. for a newjob.
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once they got here they found out that that job offer was actually a scam. they lived in a hotel until their savings ran out. it was wintertime and the snow was falling. >> we found ourselves actually just kind of outside standing at a bus stop. >> reporter: for more than a year they bounced between the d.c. general homeless shelter and motels. >> to not even be able to provide a hot meal for my children was rough. >> reporter: four months ago their prayers were answered through a program offered by the d.c. department of human services, crystal and her family found a home they could afford where her children could go to school and play with their friends. >> you don't want them to walk out the door and look over their shoulder and wonder am i safe? >> reporter: they're far from the only family who now have a stable home. in 2015, 1,014 homeless families were provided homes. a 16% increase over last year. 621 individuals were placed in stable housing and that's a 34%
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increase over the previous year, and 681 veterans who were once living on the streets of d.c. are now in their own homes, a 49% increase over last year. >> that stability of housing allows people to make all kinds of progress and changes and really begin to fulfill their own potential, but without that basic human need met people really struggle and they really suffer. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, you'll meet a veteran who for the first time in more than a decade spent christmas in his own home. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. i'm darcy spencer live in northeast washington where they're remembering the young people who died here on the streets of the nation's capitol this year. i'll have a live report ahead. this is scott macfarlane in montgomery county. coming up on news 4 a a few adjustments to the county
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lights, speed commutes by 15%. we'll show you the interseks they're considering coming up. and a marine who came to washington to receive the medal of honor is now in trouble with the law. but first just moments ago they kicked off new year's celebrations in cape town. it's now 2016 in south africa and we'll be showing you the celebrations around the world on news 4 at 5:00. this is the best block of all.
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half way around the world in hong kong they're six hours into the new year. here's a look at the new year's celebrations that happened earlier. thousands gathered to watch the fireworks display at victoria harbor. right now a somber new year's eve vigil in the district to remember the young lives that were lost this year. news 4's darcy spencer is there. darcy? >> reporter: wendy, as people were getting ready for their new year's eve celebrations folks here want to make sure that those young lives are not forgotten. in particular they want to remember the victims from newborn up to age 25 who died here in the district in 2015. they say 65 people are on that list and they will be reading those names. i'm going to step out of the way and show you they're now getting ready to hold the vigil here and
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the northeast performing arts group on benning road. they offer programs here for young people to give them something to do. in previous years we've had five or six of our youth killed through homicide and this is very important to us and we want to keep stressing the community and let them know that there are programs out here to keep you active. >> reporter: you can see that the vigil is really just getting under way. it's going to be happening generally from 5:00 until 7:00 this evening. they plan to light candles and the names and all of those 65 names will be read. chris, back to you. a year after getting the nation's highest military honor for bravery, a former marine has been charged with hit and run. kyle carpenter turned himself in in south carolina. he left the scene after that person walked over to the sidewalk. the person had some scrapes and
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also hurt their leg. it was just last year when carpenter fell on a grenade in afghanistan and shielded other marines from the blast. >> three hunters in montgomery county were saved after their boat capsized in the potomac. the men all fell in the water and their boat started sinking. all were wearing life jackets and they were all able to safely make it to shore. montgomery county fire tweeted pictures of the boat as they were pulling it to shore. >> montgomery county is considering an ambitious and potentially a multimillion dollar plan to speed up your commute on the road by adding new technology to the traffic lights and news 4's scott macfarlane has internal memos showing congested areas that are being targeted. >> this is one of the intersections that we're considering. democracy boulevard by montgomery mall. with a few million dollars and adjustments here, they can speed and commute through these areas
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by 15%. mansour and his team run a sandwich shop along rockville pike and they get burned when traffic is snarled outside backed up by the trin. >> there is a lot of construction going on on rockville pike and that's making a big impact and 217 highway is down this way and that's another reason why. >> reporter: internal memos exchanged by a committee show montgomery county is considering an ambitious plan to unclog some of the major streets. they call it adaptive signal control technology, technology to change the traffic lights to allow them to automatically adjust to the flow of traffic and it costs $90,000 per traffic signal and potentially millions of dollars total. democracy boulevard by montgomery mall and shady grove mall and downtown wheaton and two areas of the rockville pike near i-370 and ginsburg's home by wife flint.
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>> i think it depends on how well you know the short cuts and what time of day you're going. >> take a trip along montrose road and you see how new traffic signal technology could help. between rockville pike and i-270 we hit a string of red lights and the next less than 40 seconds. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00, why the county is not considering congested intersections inside the beltway. for now in montgomery county, scott macfarlane, news 4. most kids won't be staying up to ring in the new year until midnight and that was not a problem for families in alexandria. megan mcgrath was there with the alternative to the late-night tradition. >> happy new year! >> a day of fun to ring in the new year on the southeast waterfront. >> we think it's a great time. it's an opportunity for us to spend time with the family during the day. thankful that the weather is
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nice. >> reporter: train rides, costumed entertainers and a huge, inflatable slide. all a part of the family, friendly festival. it was really big, scary walking up. it was fun going down. >> it was awesome. >> that's a long climb to get up there what was that like? >> it sure is -- >> scary. ♪ >> and in old town, the emphasis is on the arts with more than 100 performances levelled in venues scattered around town. there's something for everyone including face painting for the kiddos and music for those who want to get out and dance. tickets for first night alexandria are $30 for adults and kids 12 and under are free and the day-long event wraps up with fireworks at the foot of king street. now there's no charge to see the fireworks in alexandria, however, organizers remind people that putting on that show is very expensive and so
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donations to first night alexandria are welcome. back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks, megan. it's a tribute to the daughter that he lost, but a montgomery county dad says the ice rink he built might have to shut down. find out why the ice rink families enjoy is now in jeopardy. it's new year's day, time to make your resolution to get fit. coming up, i'll
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and here's a picture a lot of us will be watching later tonight. times square right now. the ball dropping in just under seven hours, about six and a half hours now as we head from 2015 into 2016 and the one thing you can say about december 2015, it was extremely warm, record-breaking temperatures across our region and a record-breaking month, really, but heading into january 2016, no, no, no, we're not going to be nearly as warm and let's show you what we're dealing with and the clouds actually help with a little bit of reflective glow on the fireworks that are going off tonight in parts of the area and currently 50 and winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour and we are seeing a little bit in the way of a breeze. 46 gaithersburg and 43 over toward hagerstown and starting
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to fall as those temperatures will continue to do so this evening and no rain to talk about and we'll stay dry right on through the rest of the next seven days. we've seen a lot of rain over the past couple of weeks and very warm and very wet in december and january, right now starting off dry and it will start off kind of cold. this evening on the mild side for the most part and 47 by 8:00 and 44 by 10:00, if you're headed to any of the festivities and down toward first night alexandria and it will be a cold night and chilly night and not talking about the extreme cold and not the 30s and no windchills to deal with and it will be a perfect night for the activities outdoors. satellite and radar showing one system moving through and notice we're still in the clouds. there are so many clouds across the eastern half of the nation. one thing i see here, a little bit of a spin around minneapolis. it's not much of a storm, but it's antarctic outbreak. we haven't seen a lot of them. it's interesting to see. 17 in minneapolis.
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26 in chicago. that cold air will try to work its way our way and 43 in pittsburgh and we will get colder as we head into the new year. here's what to expect. starting off cold. the next couple of days will be cold and next week we have arctic cold moving in and we're talking about highs only in the 30s and then we've got? snow. it's coming. it's not in the forecast right now in the next seven days, leak i said, all dry and i do expect to see snow, chances two or three weeks out and i do think it's coming in the month of february. this is for tomorrow and 48 in d.c. and 48 in kull pepper and this will be the warmest temperatures that we see as we start the new year and the impact forecast tomorrow on the low side, breezy and cool and you'll need the jackets and not much else and the sunglasses, though, you'll need those and plenty of sunshine and nothing, but sun and 45 on saturday and a high of only 40 on monday and
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monday is when it really starts to get cold and i've got the cold forecast including when we see the highs in the 30s coming up in just a few minutes. clñ5k clo, how about more than a quarter million dollars for the new year. if you haven't been paying attention the powerball jackpot is going up, up, up. what is it about this rink that runs a foul of the law. i'll have details on news 4. we are following the developments out of dubai. a fireworks display continues despite a massive hotel fire.
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we begin at 5 tooichl 30 at the live desk. we're following developments out of dubai. have you seen this yet? take a look. it shows the hotel from the same vantage point and on the right you can see the flames just crawling up the side of this luxury hotel. this is about an hour later. nbc's chris clackum brings us up to speed on this chaotic situation. >> reporter: a massive fire broke out tonight at the high-end address hotel in dubai as new year's revelers waited for a planned fireworks celebrated in the united arab emirates most populous city. flames engulfed a large section of the hotel. early reports say the fire started on the 20th floor of the 63-floor structure. the dubai government media office says at least 14 people
5:31 pm
have sustained minor injuries from the fire. the hotel describes itself as the premiere five-star hotel in dubai. it stands near the burj khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper. witnesses say the fire started around 9:30 p.m. >> now you can see what they're trying to do. they're trying to get everybody out of the mall area. >> a reporter for knbc 4 in los angeles who happened to be there on vacation shared video of himself and others being evacuated from the hotel. the fireworks did not stop the fireworks celebration in dubai as it went on despite the blaze. kurt gregory, nbc news. right now a montgomery county father, it's a hockey rink open to the community. why the rink is in danger of being put on ice. >> reporter: it's something a lot of hockey enthusiasts probably dream about.
5:32 pm
their own rink and for mark cohn it's a passion he's held since childhood. >> i grew up in a small town in the boston area and played on the ponds and backyard rinks so i've been playing my whole life. >> reporter: he shared his passion with his step daughter melanie. >> huge hockey fan. if it was a hockey night. we'd have pizza and puck nights and that was one of her favorite things. >> reporter: melanie succumbed to a respiratory disease at the age of 39 and he thought it was a fit waying to remember her hence the name, mel's rink. via spread via facebook and word of mouth. >> i think it's the most wonderful time of older times, times gone by. >> reporter: and a modern twist. real ice wouldn't last in our balmy weather. >> it's a half-inch thick polyethylene plastic. >> it's just like ice, but the synthetic rink is on thin ice as far as the county is concerned. the property is part of montgomery county's agricultural reserve, 93 acres and it limits
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guidelines governing usage even amid private property and a statement from the permitting services says, quote, the rink is being promoted for public use rather than personal use which raises concerns about public safety, community impacts and compatibility with the agricultural reserve. county officials say they sympathize for cohn's reasons for the rink memorializing his step daughter. cohn has dealt with some of the county's concerns. technically the county hasn't shut the rink down and it's unknown whether that will actually happen and there are plenty of folks here who hope it doesn't. derrick ward, news 4. >> touching tribute. the fbi is searching for a man who tried to rob a bank in arlington. it happened at the wells fargo on wilson boulevard. the man was wearing a baseball net and hair net over his face. he passed a note to the teller. a report from the news 4 i-team earlier this month found a quarter of all of the bank rob
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row ryes in our area happen in december. the district is making it easier for its residents. d.c. mayor muriel bowser's decision to abolish fees at the city's fitness centers. >> at the rec center in northwest, vincent cook is nearing an hour on the treadmill. the building engineer says it's important to keep fit. >> every january people make resolutions to get fit and then they stop by february. >> tell them don't stop in february. keep on going. fitness is every day. it's not once a year or one part of the year. it's every day of the year. >> reporter: all around washington, getting fit is going to be easier for d.c. citizens. mayor muriel bowser who is holding her second annual 5k run tomorrow morning is emphasizing fitness. she's ordered the rec department to eliminate the daily $5 fee or $125 a year fee district residents pay for using any of
5:35 pm
the city's 22 fitness gyms. >> this is a great opportunity for d.c. residents to take advantage of and we have everything that people need and we have elliptical machines and we have stationary bikes and free weights and treadmills. there are a lot of people who simply can't afford a membership at an expensive boutique gym. in times for new year it's a great opportunity to make a resolution. >> and he jokes there are no private gyms north of the anacostia river. >> if you're a district citizen you don't have to pay anything. >> i appreciate it. i don't see why i have to pay to use my own gym anyway. >> i think that's fantastic. this is my neighborhood rec center and we don't pay anything except for our tax dollars and between the rec centers and the pools there's no excuse for not being fit. >> reporter: suburban residents and out of town guests will still have to pay the fees. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> i guess we're all out of excuses now. starting tomorrow you won't see
5:36 pm
styrofoam in d.c. restaurants. a ban on the containers starts tomorrow more than a year after it was passed by vincent gray. it will start conducting undercover spot checks to make sure businesses are complying and they'll issue a warning first and if they have to come back a $100 fine. celebrate the new year in style and you just have to get a powerball ticket because the jackpot is $334 million. is that enough for you? the 12th largest in history and if you win you get a lump sum cash payment of a cool $205 million. you've only got hours left to claim refunds from sprint and verizon. you may have been charged for tech subscription services you didn't ask for. it's called cramming. both of the phone companies agreed to pay more than $150 million to settle claims after they billed customers of their permission. the fcc says both wireless carriers charge as much as $14 a
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month for these unwanted services. we posted links to both claim sites on the nbc washington app and search settlement. scams to steal your money or your identity. there are a lot of them in 2015 and we'll show you the top four and explain what you should be on the lookout for in the new year. some people are in the hospital after the deadly crash involving a secret service detail for hillary clinton. new details are coming out about the father that was killed and what he may have been trying to do just moments before the crash. i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. just a reminder that the metro situation for today and tonight, remember, again, we have regular weekday service today. we are open three hours late on metro so the last train will be at 3:00 a.m. and we have free rail and bus rides here this evening from midnight to 3:00 a.m. ride the rail for free, as well and i'll check the train times to see when the last one is coming for you. on new year's day they're open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and
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parking is free. have a safe, happy
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and that is one of the first places in the world to celebrate the new year. the fireworks display in auckland, new zealand, brought in 2016.
5:41 pm
the five-minute display included 2500 individual fireworks. ♪ >> i'm jason pugh, we are three days away from redskins versus cowboys, with the playoffs already locked up, the question all week has been whether or not the skins will play their starters or have them sit to avoid injury. today head coach jay gruden made a decision on his strategy for this weekend. >> right now we're approaching and kirk's getting ready to start the football game and jordan read is getting ready to play the game and it will depend on how we're doing healthwise and the situation of the game. >> we need to finish with the hot hand team and this time the team may end up in the super bowl and we have to look at dallas. this is the same team that can beat us in our stadium on center stage and now we need to go back out there and line up and play redskin football and we'll see the results at the end of the day. >> skins practicing inside the bubble in ashburn and the last
5:42 pm
practice of 2015 and the skins are 1 and 4 against the cowboys and they'll try to avoid being swept by dallas this year. coming up later on news 4 at 6:00, i'll tell you about a red skins player that was sitting on the couch a few weeks ago and now he's contributing to a playoff team. wendy? chris? >> thanks, jason. >> he was known as america's dad. now bill cosby will be known for the felony sexual assault charge filed against him. >> the people who live near the comedian in philly say this doesn't come as a complete surprise. >> it's left interstates under water and now we're seeing the first signs of recovery. >> i'm tracking what kind of weather we can expect not only tonight for new year's eve, but for the first week of 2016. something we have not seen yet.
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well, this is how they celebrated in australia. sydney celebrated the new year almost ten hours ago with this spectacular fireworks display at the city's harbor. we're also following that develop be story involving bill cosby as he faces the first criminal charge after dozens of accusations. >> cosby was in pennsylvania, as you probably know. a former temple university employee says he drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. doug shiemel has reaction from cosby's hometown of philadelphia. >> reporter: even before were there were all of the accusers some people had a hunch. >> growing up in philadelphia there had always been stories and urban myths that those things were going on. >> reporter: and now that bill
5:46 pm
cosby has been formally charged with sexual assault in montgomery county were the myths real? >> i just feel like people are just doing it for the money. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that all these people were really victims, but at the same time some of them have to be telling the truth. >> reporter: prosecutors say the 2004 case of of a woman who alleges she was drugged and assaulted at cosby's elkins park home is credible enough to arrest the comedian. >> i don't think they have evidence for anything. i just think, you know, they're trying -- they try to get people the best way they can and they're trying to get bill cosby, but this isn't going to make me stop liking him more and more. >> reporter: after years of allegations, maybe a moment of truth is here. >> i've always been personally a cosby fan myself, but again, legends themselves are humans. >> reporter: cosby's next hearing is set for january 14th. if he is convicted he could spend up to ten years in prison and he would have to register as a sex offender. the flooding is still
5:47 pm
hitting hard for folks in missouri where record river levels are causing water to swamp the roads, homes and businesses. so far 12 people have been killed and nbc's charles hadlock is in eureka, missouri and about an hour outside st. louis with a look at conditions there. charles? >> hi, chris. the good news is the merrimac river just south of st. louis and one of the tributaries to the mississippi river is receding. it had flooded this town, the town of eureka, missouri, but as you can see over my shoulder. the road is now open and the water has receded and this is part of a flood that occurred over the weekend and last weekend, the major winter storm that came here dumped 20 inches of rain in a very short amount of time. the water ground level was already saturated and it had nowhere to go and the rivers came out of their banks and there was no flooding in st. louis and 7 1/2 feet lower than
5:48 pm
the record in 1993, but here at the meramec river, it got up to 44 feet. that's 28 feet above flood stage and four feet higher than its ever been in recorded history and all of this water is going into the mississippi. as we said, it's receding right now in the st. louis area, but it's headed downstream toward memphis. the flood warnings are up in arkansas and louisiana, as well as this massive amount of water continues to move south to the gulf of mexico. chris? >> thanks, charles. the one good thing is we saw charles there. we didn't see any rain falling behind him. >> when is this thing going to start receding to the point where people can go in and assess? >> it will take a lot of time. the water will go down and then the houses will have a lot of damage behind them, too. this is something that is directly because of el nino. we've seen that in that area. for us, el nino brought us an extremely warm december and the warmest december on record and not only that, we shattered,
5:49 pm
shattered e old record across our region. we had 27 out of 31 days at 50 degrees or above for the month of december and that's just amazing. outside right now, temperatures got above 50 degrees and down toward the national harbor, this will be a great place to watch the fireworks toward first night in alexandria and right now temperatures dropping 48 by 7:00 and 45 in gaithersburg and you're starting to see temperatures cool and we're not talking a cold night tonight and you will not need the umbrellas. of course sma, you will stay dry starting 2016 on a dry note, but also on a fairly cold note, too and we haven't seen a lot of cold air and take the coat around midnight and we'll be around 40 degrees and not cold and it will be chilly. so make sure you take the coat if you'll be out and about later this evening if you're out tomorrow for 2016 as we start off the new year 39, around 44
5:50 pm
degrees around 10:00 and high temperature around 47, 48 degrees in the city and a nice afternoon, but yes, it will be on the chilly side and breezy, too, and that will add to that chill. this weekend, we get a lot colder and 45 degrees on saturday and windchills all day in the 30s as winds will be gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. on sunday, continuing to stay cool and temperature around 48 degrees, too. notice the know is schesunshine. make it 11 days in a row of mostly cloudy if not cloudy skies. the next seven days i expect to see a lot of sunshine, but notice the temperatures. a high of only 40 on monday and a high of only 36 on tuesday and that means most of you in the suburbs, north and west will be close to freezing on tuesday for a high temperature and windchills will be in the 20s all day and that is the first arctic outbreak that we will see in our area so far this season. now the other thing you notice with all of that sunshine, we're not talking rain and it's cold enough for snow and there's no
5:51 pm
snow out there any time soon either. >> we have some breaking news right now. it's out of baltimore and flames tearing through a warehouse on elwood street in east baltimore. take a look. this warehouse holds several businesses and that includes a furniture store and a mattress store. scams. we warned you about the ways crooks try to steal your money and the top four scams of 2015. >> scams cost consumers nearly $1 million this year, that about schemes reportsed to the better business bureau. the bbb compiled its top scams of 2015 and the number one scam reported, pac scams. >> i answered the phone and it was a pre-recorded message. this is the irs, to avoid further legal action call this number immediately.
5:52 pm
>> marcy wrath of brookville, maryland. somebody impersonating the irs. the tax scam is the most reported scam of 2015. the caller i.d. is spoofed to appear to be from a government agency or police, but you've got to remember the irs will never call you to collect taxes. the second most popular scam involves phony debt collectors. somebody calls claiming you've got some unpaid debt. the scammers threatens consumers with lawsuits and maybe even some jail time if you don't pay right away. number three, you are told you won a prize in a swestakes. the scammer asks you to send money to cover a fee associated with processing delivery. the price is fake and you should never pay money to claim a prize. and the fourth top scam of 2015, tech support. >> because i need to get inside your computer to find out what's going on. >> patrice brimley says a person who impersonated somebody at microsoft told her she had a
5:53 pm
problem with her computer. her contact was actually a hacker who took over her computer, tried to steal money. computer passwords and damaged her computer with a malicious software. you can see the bbb's entire top ten list of scams on the nbc washington app and just search scams. >> and as we get ready to say farewell to 2015, we're taking a look at some of the top local stories that you were interested in this year. we've got a list of the most stories you've clicked on on check on the online gallery. some stories were heartbreaking. the local reporter used as a human shield during a shootout in d.c. the tragic annapolis mansion fire caused by a christmas tree. others more light hearted like the birth of bei bei and just open the nbc washington app and you can see the online gallery of the top 28 most read stories of the year. >> a father and grandfather
5:54 pm
killed in a crash involving secret service officers. find out why police say the weather may not be the only thing that played a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it is now 2016 in moscow. the kremlin brought in the new year two hours ago. because russia is so large it took ten hours for the entire country to enter the new year. closer to home, three secret
5:57 pm
service agents are out of the hospital. another is recovering after a violent crash in new hampshire. the story is a lot different for the family of those who were in the car that collided head-on with those agents. michael rosenfeld spoke with the daughter of the driver who was killed. >> reporter: he was a much-loved father and grandfather who worked for a new hampshire roofing company. bruce danforth was driving this mercury sable on tuesday night when he crashed head-on into a vehicle with four secret service agents inside. >> my heart's broken and my family, we're just being strong together and we're sticking together. >> reporter: authorities believe danforth who did not have a valid license may have been trying to pass another vehicle. his longtime girlfriend natasha morovski was injured with broken bones and so was christina buzzwell, the owner of the car. she has a fractured pelvis and her spleen had to be removed. >> there was no improper driving
5:58 pm
at all on behalf of the secret service agents. >> reporter: they were on their way to a hillary clinton event in new hampshire when the crash took place. three have been treated and released and one remains in the hospital. bruce took this photo and says the roads were in bad shape. >> the roads were terrible. it was icy and it was raining. mixed rain, freezing rain, snow and we were just crawling down 16 coming south on 16 and came across a bunch of emergency vehicles. >> it's unclear if drugs played a role in the crash and danforth had a lengthy record including a recent arrest for heroin. he did struggle with drugs in the past, but thinks the weather was a factor in the crash. >> it's a big possibility it was the weather. he maybe could have looked like he was passing, but maybe swerving because of the road being so icy. >> the four secret service agents have been working with all of the different candidates as they criss-cross new
5:59 pm
hampshire during this very busy campaign season. on tuesday they were assigned to the clinton team. michael rosenfield. three stories breaking right now. first in maryland, a car chase led to gun fire in prince george's county. police say people from two different cars started shooting at each other. it happened on powder mill road on new hampshire avenue and jackie bensen is there now with more on this. >> jim, this was a wild scene. we understand it began as some type of disagreement in prince george's county and we had two vehicles pursuing each other from powder mill road in prince george's county. at one point one of the vehicles got on new hampshire avenue here in the white oak area and it's a divided road going the wrong way and struck a number of vehicles. we have some video of the scene here at a shopping center where police took into cut of bee four
6:00 pm
people, two men and two weem in connection with this. now, at this time we don't know and we understand montgomery and prince george's conte police are working together, but at this time we don't know where or if an actual shooting occurred. there are reports of it, but again, there are several scenes and police are trying to figure out exactly what happened on that route from the wendy's on powder mill road in prince george's county to this location here in the white oak area, but we can tell you at this time four people were taken into custody by police and there are a number of vehicles along new hampshire avenue that were damaged and while there's back and forth, people screaming threats at each other was going on early this evening. live in the white oak area of silver spring, jackie bensen. still following breaking news in dubai. the fire is almost out, but questions remain to what led to this dramatic scene


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