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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> from here we'll always look for witnesses to the incident if possible and we'll also try to contact the family members and people that might know her once we can try to make an identification. right now no identification is known and there's no i.d. on her body or anything of that nature so we'll have to try to determine who she is. >> rorter: police tell us her body was found just off the trail and detectives worked in the woods along the trail searching for woods and sources say evidence was collected from the scene. police say it appears she may have been killed new year's eve night or early new year's morning. there were signs of trauma. obviously the medical examiner will have to give us the cause of death and there were signs of trauma to her body and right now it's a death investigation and there appears it's a good chance it will be a homicide. >> police tell me they have reason to believe there may have been people in the area either last night or early this morning.
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if you may have seen something, if anyone has any information that could help with this investigation, you are asked to call park or prince george's county police. back to you. >> darcy spencer, thanks, darcy. >> surveillance video shows the moment a car slammed into a man in d.c. and then took off. that victim was killed. this was the first of two accidents involving pedestrians in the district, and only a few hours into the new year. we have team coverage tonight and derrick ward starts us off along minnesota avenue in southeast where police are trying to track down the driver of this hit and run. derrick? >>. >> we're at the intersection of minnesota avenue and you can still make out the marks made by investigators as they investigated this hit and run that turned out to be fatal the lights pretty much what we have now and what you can't see well in this intersection is the special lighting, a system of lights, buttons and signs that are supposed to help pedestrians
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get across the street safely. sadly, early this morning it didn't. the victim of a hit and run moments before the impact. captured by surveillance cameras mounted on an apartment building. police say 36-year-old ian jerome butts was crossing at the cross walk when he was hit and killed and it was after 4:00 a.m. and we're freezing the video here. it's unpleasant beyond this point. oswald durant is manager of these apartments and they help deter crime and the nearby intersection is fitted with new light to help pedestrians and motorists avoid each other. more technology in the name of safety. >> we have 96 units and they come down the steps and right across the bus stop and that's where the cross walk is and they put it in for a reason and it's been helpful and it didn't work last night. >> police know about this video now and there's other evidence, it was in the street and a black
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chevy equinox, 2005, 2006 or 2007 was the model year and police say it's got damage to the front end and windshield and they're asking anyone who may have seen anything to contact them. >> now that video, a brief segment of what trance fire piered in this intersection at 4:00 a.m. that morning and, they still have to be investigated and we are live in southeast. derrick ward, news 4. another pedestrian accident happened in northwest d.c. it happened along 17th street and continues our coverage with new information about the guy involved who was driving. meagan? >> reporter: police say the suspected drunk driver is 25-year-old malik lloyd and we are told he left the scene and was found minutes later and it
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was just behind us here inside of a popular nightclub on one of the busiest nights of the year. >> on new year's eve it's expected that clubs and bars will be packed with people. >> the u-street area was definitely popping and adams morgan and bar code which say popular nightclub on l street wasn't any different. the club manager says they were packed with people ridging in the new year at 1:30 in the morning and that's around the time police say 25-year-old malik lloyd hit a car, drove on to the sidewalk in front of the club injuring seven people. investigators say he was drunk. >> one thing i could say about the new year and what it brings is it brings a party atmosphere and has everybody feeling like life is all fun and game, but people need to pay attention at the end of the day because there are other lives that do matter. >> we are told one person is in critical condition and one other is in serious and five others are expected to be okay. as far as lloyd is concerned
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police say he's been charged with dui and leaving the scene. chris? >> thanks, meagan. we are following several developing stories overseas and a man started shooting people inside a popular bar in tel aviv. he took off. a man hunt is under way as investigators try to figure out if this is related to terrorism. security video shows a man pumed an assault rifle off of his backpack and fired 30 shots in the bar and it looked like he was acting alone. a man rammed his car into a group of soldiers who were protecting a mosque. >> and soldiers shot the man and hit him twice, but he did survive. a worshipper was also hit in the leg by one of those stray bullets and he also is expected to be okay and the soldiers were not seriously hurt. fears of a terror attack in germany brought things to a standstill just a few hours before the new year there. authorities evacuated two train stations in munich after learning about what they called
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a credible threat about a suicide bombing. the stations are back open now, but the investigation continues. nbc correspondent chapman bell reports. >> reporter: some very tense moments in the german city of munich last night as police there are acting on intelligence they say is from a friendly intelligence agency acting on a possible suicide attack planned at midnight in the city receiving this information only hours before the city looked to bring in the new year. they quickly evacuated two train stations and also put alerts on social media advising people in multiple languages to avoid gathering in large groups. they're saying that this information was so specific in that the locations were named and the time that they had to act on this intelligence. they will continue searching information about these individuals that they were given names of. however, at this moment they say they cannot prove that these individuals are in germany or,
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in fact, confirm the identities of them if they are real people. however, they were told they were from syria and iraq. today the interior minister from the bavarian region of germany saying that he praises the authorities for swiftly acting on this intelligence and doing it in such a calm manner to avoid any attack. as you know, europe remains on a heightened security alert after those attacks in paris just last month. chapman bell, nbc news, london. back here in the states we're learning new details about the man who was arrested for plotting a new year's eve attack in rochester, new york. he claims he had contact with an isis operative in syria. the reporter spoke to the suspect's father who says his son didn't belong in prison. >> reporter: who is emanuel lutchman? a person plotting to kill people on new year's eve. his father claims he's a mentally ill young man convinced to plan the attack by a federal
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informant. >> we believe he was influenced and he has meant issues and he's been having mental issues for a long time. >> reporter: investigators say lutchman was serious about attacking the merchant's grill in rochester. he bought ski masks, a machete, knives and duct tape. he told the informant he would bomb the bar on new year's eve and take hostages and behead them and he had contact with an isis member in syria. >> i have no idea if he was serious or not. >> reporter: the 25-year-old is a troubled ex-con. he attempted suicide just this summer. and his father said he should be in a psychiatric ward and not prison. >> this could have handled bet per he had the right help. >> reporter: he canceled his new year's eve fireworks display out of safety concerns and he now faces 20 years behind bars. his father wants people to know they don't condone what he's
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accused of. >> the lutchman family does not support terrorism ever. >> well, from new york to california and the unprecedented security at the rose parade, even though there were no known threats, security in pasadena was the tightest its been in the parade's 127-year history. the homeland security spokesman says the security plan involves resources and technology. hundreds of thousands of people line the parade route and did not let it get in their way of having fun. look at that weather now. remember how warm it was on new year's eve? put your shorts on and maybe even your flip-flops or whatever you call those things. much has changed, doug. >> that's right, jim. it's time to get out the coats. there have not been many days when we've had to pull out the coats and not many days we've had to pull out the gloves and the hats and those days are coming and not too far away. out there, it might be one of those nights tonight and 36 in gaithersburg and 41 in d.c. and
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this is by far, one of the coolest nights we've seen in weeks around our area and if you're heading out this evening, make sure you bundle up and it is friday night and first day of the new year and 38 by 10:00 and that's in the city and most of you will be below freezing. so your headlines tonight. a colder start to 2016 and we had that during the day today, but the real story is the first arctic air mass and we're talking about really cold air and that comes in early next week and wind chills, not just one, but a couple of days this week could be in the teens so yeah, the coats, the hats, the gloves, the scarves and put it all on and get it out of the closet. it's time. >> winter is upon us. thanks, doug. a cloud of smoke still billowing over the hotel in dubai. we'll report what may have started that huge fire on new year's eve day. it started out just like a
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typical walk home from her neighborhood metro stop on her way home from work, but that's not how it ended. i'm mark segraves and coming up you'll hear from a local woman who has a special message for the woman who saved her life. if she hears this i would certainly love to give her a huge thank you. >> another legal setback for bill cosby. why his wife camille is being forced to tes
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president obama says his new year's resolution is to tackle unfinished business and he calls it our epidemic of gun violence. >> each time we're told that common sense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre or the one before that so we shouldn't do anything. we know we can't stop every act of violence, but what if we tried to stop even one? >> during his weekly radio address today the president said he plans to meet with attorney general loretta lynch on monday to examine possible executive actions for more gun control. those steps could include stronger background checks. he want to protect the second amendment while keeping an 34h. irresponsible, dangerous few from inflicting harm on a massive scale. >> keeping americans safe from terror threats also will be a
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priority for the boovm obama administration in 2016. nearly 10,000 u.s. troops will stay through the year. he met with the military station in hawaii and thanked them for their service there. it is now up to 700,000 service members that have served more than one tour of duty in afghanistan or in iraq. developing now in dubai. firefighters are trying to cool down this luxury hotel after a new year's eve inferno and the explosions that follow. it started last night and it's been smoldering for most of the day. now we're learning the fire may have been sparked by curtains on the 20th floor and keir simmons takes us to the scene for the latest. >> reporter: the cities around the world prepared to celebrate the new year with ever more spectacular displays of fireworks, dubai put on an unexpected display and one that many people were lucky to escape alive.
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flames 20 floors high engulfed the luxury building and chunks of debris falling and still on fire. >> it was six or seven minutes, the entire side of the building was engulfed in flames. >> for more than two hours, dubai's skyline lit up and not by its scheduled fireworks display. >> reporter: emergency responders racing to help. >> we saw quite a bit of firefighters making their way running, top speed through the mall to try to get to that location. inside there was pandemonium, one survivor said, at least 14 people were injured. >> outside, others fled. there was debris, raining down from as high as 20 floors up at least in that building and now you can see what they're trying to do is they try to get everybody out of the mall area. >> yet at midnight, dubai's world famous fireworks went ahead to the disbelief of many. >> it's really surreal and
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bizarre. celebrations through the still thick smoke dominating dubai's skyline and the dubai authorities say over the more than 14 people injured, some were suffering from smoke inhalation and others were injured simply trying to escape that building. >> back to you. >> the wife of bill cosby likely will have to testify in a civil defamation case against her husband next week. a judge in massachusetts turned down camille cosby's motion to not have to obey the deposition order. >> her lawyer plans to appeal the decision. seven women are suing cosby saying he portrayed them as liars after he went public accusing him of sexually assaulting them. cosby is also facing a criminal charge of sexual assault in pennsylvania. he has denied any wrongdoing. rea kz is pouring in for a singer who was in a word,
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unforgettable. ♪ hundreds of you are going to the nbc washington facebook page to share your thoughts on natalie cole. look at her there, the grammy award-winning artist died at the age of 65. cole had been fighting complications from hepatitis c, but her family said, quote, our beloved mother and sister will remain unforgettable in our hearts forever. >> some lawmakers in northern virginia beginning this new year on the clock. arlington county is starting off 2016 with a board meeting today where they voted in their new chair. her name is libby garvey. she takes over in a time that arlington is going tall. the center is taking shape and this year, redevelopment of the boston mall will begin. that means they'll need tenants. >> we'll be working on the office vacancy rate and it's to
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attract and retain businesses and maybe not so much the large government organization and the smaller start-ups and we're doing that. >> two new members joined the board after this past election, katie crystal and christian dorsey. now to loudoun county when an african-american woman will be sworn as chairman of the county board and its 250-year history that has never happened until now. voters elected phyllis randall to the position in november and joining her for the historic moment will be another newly elected african-american adviser representing the sterling district. a man who worked as a police sergeant at the navy yard has been arrested. we will report why filling up for gas led to criminal charges. and a dramatic chase through two counties and several cars smashed up and one person led away in handcuffs. tonight we know what started it all. and new legal trouble for those fantasy sports sites.
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we'll tell you why they could be forced to pay back millions of
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there are really serious problems along the mississippi river tonight. the national guard spent new year's day piling up sandbags along i-55 near st. louis. 23 people so far have died in flood-related accidents over the last two weeks in both missouri
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and in illinois. the rain in that area has stoppeded for now, but flood warnings are still there. here at home the anne arundel fire department tweeted they've stopped searching for the missing boater are, but only for the night. they're trying to find a man named stephen reynold just north of sandy point state park. search teams will being back out tomorrow, but we're not sure when. winter, it seems like winter has finally arrived. and it's arriving just in time for 2016, after the warmest december ever and the warmest december ever and we're starting to see that cooler air make its way right now and today is one of the coldest nights we've seen in the last couple of weeks and winds out of the north at 7 miles per hour and a little bit of -- and 36 in culpeper, and i
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think this is only the third time this season and we haven't had them. we have seen a lot of rain and a very wet month and no rain right now in the first week or two of january, it looks like it will be on the dry side at least for most of that time. satellite and radar showing what's happening. one storm system trying to move on down, and you can see some shower activity associated with that down toward the ocean and what this is doing is bringing in clearing skies and look up to the north. this is what to expect for winter and we have lake-effect snows going on in northwestern pennsylvania and in the chicago area as this system moves through that little system will move through our area and it will help to clear things out and we'll see sunshine tomorrow and here's what to expect for the new year and one we'll get a lot colder and that's exactly what we did today and the arctic air really moves in next week and i do mean arctic air and then snow.
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it is coming and now some of the latest computer models trying to give us the first batch of snow and maybe less than two weeks away from seeing some snow in parts of our area and something that i'll be watching and the pattern fits two months from now so keep that in mind. tomorrow morning, cold and rather breezy and 28 in martinsburg and 27 in kull pepper and we will see the windchills and starting off on a cold note and all day tomorrow will be quite chilly and 40 in gaithersburg and 46 in fredericksburg and the temperatures at or even a little bit above average and the average high is 43 and we'll be around 45 tomorrow afternoon. >> the outdoor planner tomorrow starting off on the cool side of 34 and a cold start and a cool afternoon. a good afternoon on your saturday to get outdoors as long as you're bundled up and no real impact as far as the weather is concerned and that won't be much of an impact on your day as you will see plenty of sunshine and
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he comes chilly tomorrow with the breeze and 48 on sunday. look at monday and tuesday and the high of 38 on monday and only 34 on tuesday, but it's the wind, but we're really talking windchills as we head into next week. 7:00 a.m. and 20 to 25 by noon for the windchill on monday and that's right, winter is coming and wait until you see the rest of the seven-day forecast and i've got that for you coming up at 6:45 and i'll show you how long it is to stick around. the guy took her wanted, but he wanted more and tonight a woman who relives a terrifying encounter tells us how she got away. new evidence could undermine a key claim for prosecutors and the man who goes on trial over the death of freddie gray. from the former governor to
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changes how you get along on the road to big ones coming
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a local woman was attacked on her way home from work just a few feet from her doorstep and now she wants to thank the good samaritan who she says saved her life. it happened just a few days before christmas. >> the man who went after her is
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still out there. all of this was happening along seton place in bloomingdale. news 4's mark segraves spoke to the victim who is sharing her story to warn her neighbors she's got a special message for the woman who rushed in to help. >> reporter: we're not going identify the woman by name because here attacker is still on the loose. we'll just call her kate. kate was walking home when she was attacked right here just a few doors from her home. she said if it hadn't been for someone walking by that evening things might have been much, much worse. >> if she hears this i would like to hear a huge thank you because she potentially saved my life. >> reporter: kate was walking hem from the metro station getting ready to start her christmas vacation and just a block from her front door a man grabbed her from behind and forced her off of the sidewalk. >> i started to scream and yell hoping someone from the house would hear me. at which point he put me in a choke hold and said he had a gun and he would kill me.
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she yelled for help to no avail. you have my purse and you have my coat and i said what do you want from me? she said i want you. he reached for my shirt and wanted to unbutton or rip off my shirt. >> just then a woman walked by and she called police and began to scream. >> two patrolmen were there before the woman was even off of her cell phone and they attempted to pursue him. she credits the woman with saving her life, but in the commotion she didn't get her name or phone number. >> she saved me from much more harm than i suffered and i'm thankful to her. >> the suspect did get away with kate's keys to her home, her christmas cash and all of her credit cards. police say if you know anything about this attack in the bloomingdale neighborhood, police give them a call. in the district, mark segraves,
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news 4. thanks, mark. it was a wild chase that stretched over two counties and it all started over an argument over drugs. it started in prince george's county and ended in montgomery when a car that was being chased drove the wrong way down new hampshire avenue and rammed into several cars and police filed charges and said floyd thompson pointed a gun at another driver and he knew the person he was pointing the gun at. thompson has been arrested and charged with assault. police sergeant at the washington navy yard has been charged with embezzlement and he spent thousands of gas payer dollars to put gas in his own car. the sergeant allegedly used the government-issued gas card in dozens of purchases. federal agents said they found a gas card after they raided a proper ney te erer proper
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properery in temple hills. new questions are emerging about freddie gray's death ten days before a second police officer goes on trial for his death. it shows signs of an injury two weeks before officers arrested him. he was giving information, and when a sergeant asked him why he was sitting awkwardly, gray said he hurt his back. he died of of a broken neck while in police custody. a second goes on trial january 11th. we expect some important stories to come out of northern virginia in 2016. bureau reporter david culver in our studio now with a look at what's to come. david? >> hi there, vance. from high-profile court cases to big changes and how you get around nova to the fight of our former governor. we'll be monitoring it all. >> we could learn this month whether the nation's highest court will take up one of virginia's most prominent cases, former governor bob mcdonald
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appealing his case for the supreme court. virginia lawmakers meet in the general assembly starting january 14th and among the big issues, funding for education, a possible resolution on medicaid and predatory lending reform. the new year will likely lead to significant decisions proposed for both inside and outside the beltway, tolling could also be approved for 395 and transportation reporter adam tuss says you will soon notice more construction on the silver line to dulles. high-profile court cases out of fairfax begin this month and andrew and alecia schmull will be charged for the death of an attorney. prosecutors in fredericksburg will try stephen briel. he's charged with killing grace mann, a university of mary washington student and the daughter of fairfax county judge. in neighboring loudoun county,
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brawlio castillo will face a judge and jury this may and he'll be on trial for his wife's murder. we'll be in charlottesville as jesse matthew goes to court for back-to-back murder trials and it will start this summer with anna graham's case followed by morgan harrington's in october. this past year a judge sentenced matthew for three life in prison terms for a 2005 attempted murder case. if convicted in graham's murder he could get the death penalty. >> we can't forget the role virginia will play in decision 2016. bureau chief julie carey and i beginning with the primary march 1st also known as super tuesday. chris? >> thanks, david. back in the district, no more early morning walks through the national zoo and the gates will open at 8:00 in the morning and close at 5:00 in the afternoon. exhibit hours change from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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>> i'll have to wait a little, but it's really worth it in that it's great to walk. today i saw two pandas, two lions. so it's a great spot to exercise. >> the changes are fur security reasons to limit foot and cars coming through there during the darker morning and evening hours. coming up tonight we'll tell you why federal workers are soon going to get some money, more money to ride metro. protesters hit a popular new year's day parade. more on the message from demonstrators, but first, here's doug. >> a chilly night across our area and the coldest night we've seen in two weeks, but it is nothing, nothing compared to how cold we'll get next week. my forecast in just a
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. a kohl areful new year's tradition in philadelphia, the mummer's parade was interrupted for a short time today by the latest black lives matter
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protest. several dozen protesters roamed the sidewalks today chanting and holding signs. at one point the groups tried to get on to the parade route and they were not allowed to do that by police. at least two people were arrested. the groups say that they chose the mummer's parade because they wanted to focus not just to police brutality, but other issues, as well. >> it is black lives matter, but it's also translives matters and refugees' lives matter and homeless lives matters, veterans lives matter. >> they see racist tendencies within the mummer's parade such as the fact that some participants wear black face. >> demonstrators took to the streets of d.c. last night. hundreds moved through chinatown shutting down streets before the countdown to midnight. the group was calling attention to two specific cases. the death of tamir rice who was shot by police in cleveland ohio
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and the death of sandra bland who was found dead in a jail cell in texas. as federal workers head back to work next week they'll have something to look forward to. namely, more money to pay for the cost of their commute. the cost has gone up to $255 a month, double what they got before. that will increase its rider help size people head back to the trains and busses. mark and the vre should see increased ridership and that is good news for all commuters because it means more cars will be off the roads. new york's attorney general are turning up the heat on two want sports websites. he wants to force these sites to give back all the money they've won in new york state. schneiderman says this money should go back to the people who lost it and he wants the sites to pay hefty fines, as well. >> fan duel and draft kings took in $200 million in entry fees
6:41 pm
from new yorkers last year, but we have to tell you, both nbc sports and nbc 4's parent company are among the investors in fan duel. still ahead tonight, army parents forcing to pay out of pocket because of major problems of a government-funded day care program. we'll see how that issue gets fixed. it will take more than just brooms. a look at the m
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congress has ordered a new review of problems with the day care program that's being used by some local army parents. the recent i-team investigation
6:44 pm
found families are dealing with red tape and late reimbursements. after the story aired the feds promised to fix it. as scott macfarlane reports the house has called a hearing next week to make sure that's happening. >> reporter: our investigation caught the attention of congress and they've ordered administrators of the day care payment program to appear back here wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. hundreds of army families nationwide caught up in a nasty backlog. they were promised reimbursements for their day care bills, but the reimbursements came la and they failed to return phone calls and emails on time by the thousands. >> reporter: maryland army captain first alerted us about the problem this summer and then told congress the problems were crippling her family's finances. >> those who serve their country make sacrifices and we should not sacrifice the health and the safety of our children. >> the u.s. general services administration administers this
6:45 pm
program. the u.s. army fee assistance program and acknowledged this fall they were struggling. bills were being paid late and inquiries from parents weren't being responded to. >> we in the public sector have a sacred obligation to do the very best we can for that child and that family. >> reporter: in the minutes since, news 4 learned it hired back an old contractor. that contractor has established a facebook page saying the transition is coming soon and last week staged seminars for parents on how to get their day care payments processed and wednesday the u.s. house oversight committee is expected to question whether those needed fixes have been made. and the maryland u.s. army mom who was featured in our investigation will appear at the hearing wednesday morning. at the capitol, scott macfarlane, news 4. >> you can see the i-team's previous stories that led up to the changes to the day care program on the nbc washington app. just click on investigations.
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in new york they know how to party, but they know how to clean up, too. crews spent seven hours today picking up all that trash after the new year's eve celebration in times square last night. they started right after midnight while the crowds were still on their way out. the new york city sanitation department says all of that confetti, the noisemakers, the party hats and all of the other stuff amounted to about 40 tons of trash and from what we understand you wouldn't know there was a party there last night sflo night. the new year is off to a good start for one family. nathan long came into the world at 1:31 this morning in rockville. he weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces. the due date wasn't supposed to be for another week, but his mom said she decided to go in yesterday to be induced because she didn't want that kid to get too big. the family already has an 18-month-old son.
6:47 pm
>> what do you think will be the challenges of having two boys at home? >> i think my house is going to be upside down. that's what my sister said. >> for the honor of being the first baby born in 2016 at shady grove, the hospital gave him a basket of gifts made by the nurses who were there. you know, i said earlier and i'll repeat again, that lady ought to get in touch with eun yang because eun yang knows what it is to have a couple of boys in the house at the same time. they drive her crazy! and she loves every minute of it -- >> you can't keep the toys in the right spot. >> of course. >> i'm sure they trade in that basket for an extra hour's sleep if the nurses take that baby. >> that becomes invaluable after a while. so it is officially winter a few days ago, but now we're going to feel like it, right? >> i think we have a first shot at not just really cold air, but maybe the shot at snow, too, and
6:48 pm
it could come in two weeks here. our winter forecast if you remember we gave it to you in november and we talked about the middle part of january being the turning point and that's exactly what looks like what we'll be seeing here. sunset tonight was 4:57 and as you know the days are getting longer now. by next week the sun will set after 5:00 for a change so that will be nice. 41 degrees right now, temperatures dropping slowly, but dropping through the upper 30s. by 11:00 tonight that will be 38 degrees and that's in the city, but all of you are below that. 37 in rockville and down to 39 in manassas. so most areas by 10:00, 11:00, will be in the mid-30s and a cold night and the coldest evening that we've seen is in two weeks. the radar is dry and it will stay that way for the next six, seven days and it will be a dry period, but it will be a cold period. heading out tonight, take the coat and the hats and gloves. as i mentioned, the coldest in about two weeks and a very cold friday night if you'll be out
6:49 pm
and about tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and the sun will help, but we'll see a little bit of of a breeze starting off at 34 degrees and windchills in the 20s and rising into the mid to upper 40s in the city and most areas staying in the low 40s. a chilly saturday, but not a bad day. not a bad winter day and a high of 38 degrees with more sunshine and here comes the real cold and we're talking about antarctic outbreak and i showed you the windchills and take a look at them one more time and the windchills will be quite cold, and into the 20s as we move through the day and on tuesday, starting off at 24 degrees and i think the wind chill tuesday morning in many areas could be around ten degrees and that's the kind of cold we've got. a high temperature of only 34 degrees in the city and 39 on your wednesday. so there's the cold and we rebound just a little bit next thursday and friday and friday, we'll watch the system and if it's cold enough, we might see frozen precipitation and a temperature of 42 and that,
6:50 pm
however, is a small system and the chance of snow comes the next week, the second week of january, but of course, i'll continue to watch that one for you. >> we'll hold you to that, bro. >> it is january. >> here we go. we've got sports coming up. so our guys have already clinched home field advantage. they've got this game on sunday, and you might think it doesn't matter, but it is dallas, folks and that does matter and here's kate snow and that's ahead on nightly news. a man hunt in israel and looking for a terrorist accused of opening fire killing at least two. camille cosby, wife of bill cosby, now being forced to testify in a deposition in one of the cases next week and why the accuser's attorney is so anxious to hear from her. we're also taking a look back at the politics of 2015 and also at the life of natalie cole, an unforgettable voice. cole, an unforgettable voice. all coming up
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
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so we're just trying to get their legs under them again tonight and as for football, the regular season closes -- come on, vance. the regular season closes on saturday. help me out, chris miles, at the comcast sportsnet studios. you can talk better than i can.
6:54 pm
>> happy new year to you both, jim and chris. the redskins hope the 2016 starts the way 2015 ended. three wins in a row to close out the season has the burgundy and gold sitting as champs of the nfc east. what that means is the final game of the year has no playoff implication. it is the cowboy, the last time the skins lost two back in week 13, and the battle in the season finale will be trying to find a balance between trying to win and coping momentum for the playoffs and keeping everyone healthy and not being looking past alex. >> i would be lying for you if it wasn't on my mind, but i know the way i'm built and the message that we've had since the players came in on today is i live in the moment and be where you are and we're in week 17 and we're playing the dallas cowboys this week. that's been our message from day one when the players came back in after the philly game and we're here now and we'll worry
6:55 pm
about next week. next week. >> so we have to wait until sunday to catch the skins in action and just a few more minutes to catch the whiz kids. however, we didn't have to wait to see the new year's hockey game outside and new england in the annual winter classic. >> and foxboro's gillette stadium. home of the patriots and the site for today's big game doesn't take long for the first goal, just over a minute and david harvick turns his hockey stick into a baseball bat. it works and he gets the goal. visitors take an early lead. another batted puck and brandon gallagher, the final batter there time around and montreal in control up 3-0 in the third and the bruins finally get on the board and the shot from the point cuts the lead to two. that was as close as they would get. montreal on the 2-1-1. he finishes it off and canadiens win big, 5-1, the final.
6:56 pm
college football, fiesta bowl between eighth-ranked notre dame and ohio state. buckeyes are up 7-0 and up that count and j.t. barrett and michael thomas, 15 yards for the score and ohio state up 14. it wasn't all good for the bucs. one of the top prospects in this year's draft and you see here joey bosa hits the crowd of the helmet and bosa is ejected from the game and the hit and the way to end a fantastic college career for bosa, but the buckeyes' offense unstoppable and ezekiel elliott had 149 yards and four touchdowns. this one went for 47 yards and touched ohio state rolls 44-28. the national championship will be played on january lenth and it will be a southern affair and clemson and alabama will meet with a 38-0 blanking in the
6:57 pm
semifinal for new year's eve and clemson scored 21 unanswered to punch their ticket for the big game. >> the wizards will have a hard time breaking their two-game losing streak and they face the southeast division and winners in four of the last five and the good news for the whiz kids they've beaten orlando ten straight times and desperately need to extend that streak to 11. >> it's not so much orlando. we've got to play the way we need to play. that doesn't change no matter who our opponent is, so it's going to take one of our better games coming out tonight, but we've proven through the first two games what we need to do and how we have to go about doing it. >> wizards take the court at 7:00. as always, catch the game on csn. victor oladipo returns home and plays as a member of the magic
6:58 pm
and watch out for him. chris, jump, you have to keep an eye out for victor. >> we will. >> alabama-collegeso o
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, moment of attack. a suspected terrorist caught on camera spraying bullets on crowded sidewalks, those around him run for cover. at least two killed. tonight the manhunt is on. forced to testify. the wife of bill cosby loses her battle to avoid deposition in one of the civil suits against her husband. and cosby breaks his silence for the first time since he was criminally charged. flood catastrophe we're in the air over the midwest flood zone. thousands of homes still under water. millions of people at risk from the deadly fast-moving waters that have already done so much damage. and unforgettable. she was music royalty. the daughter of an icon whose voice brought her fame in her own right. remembering grammy award-winning singer nae


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