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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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news 4 today starts now. >> right now, day two of 2016 and things are starting off in freezing in some places. >> also search for a killer. a gunman caught on camera opened fire and that gunman got away. >> and deadly discovery. how a jogger's run turned into a homicide investigation on a local trail. good morning everyone. i'm angie. >> and i'm david. wi welcome to news 4 today on this january 2nd. >> it's our first newscast of the year.
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>> you're right. i have it marked. don't worry. >> it's a big day and i'm so glad you could jien us. with a new year comes a new pattern. >> we're feeling more like winter as i spill my coffee on the desk. good morning, tom. >> yeah, you know, all throughout december it seemed like we were lulled into a fall sense of springtime. now through january of all things acting like a winter month this morning we are at or below freezing. good morning as we start off this second day of the new year. reagan international only 33 degrees and a little bit below freezing in montgomery and much of fairfax county. parts of north virginia down in the mid-20s right now. the valley around 30 degrees. we got a clear sky and storm team 4 radar not showing any
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travel problems up and down the atlantic seaboard. rain in florida and lake effect and snow showers. otherwise, it's a dry morning for travel. maybe a big travel day. people getting back home and coming back home. a good travel day today with lots of sunshine. looking at the temperatures hour by hour and the changes on the way for the week ahead in a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. a family pleading for answers hoping someone will come forward. 36-year-old ian was killed. news 4 obtained this surveillance video. this is from a nearby apartment building. it shows ian stepping into the intersection before he was hit by the car. the driver never saw it him. investigators now looking for a
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blue or black 2005-2007 equinox. >> a shocking new year's discovery in the body of a young woman found yesterday. it's right near rosa parks elementary school. jackie has more on this mystery. >> investigators from maryland national park police left the park at night fall. they had secured the trail for most of the day while they looked for possible evidence. a shocking discovery was made early in the morning. >> a jogger in the area and ran past the body and called police and responded and did discover the body of a female, a hispanic e-mail. >> in addition to be a recreation area, this section of the trail also served as a cut through for people who live in the neighborhood to walk to a
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nearby commercial area that includes a home depot and mall at prince george. police say the woman had trauma. they had not said what type of injuries. >> right now, no identification is known and no i.d. on her body or anything of that nature. we have to determine who she is. >> that's jackie vinson reporting. right now at least 500 residents in southern illinois are being urge today move to higher ground after a levy topped a ground. making the situation worse, the river is expected to rise another foot before it crest tomorrow. a recovery underway in the state of missouri after a wake of flooding there. the water has been largely reseeding in the st. louis area. officials have lifted a state of emergency order and they will
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offer interest free loans to businesses and residents damaged. >> at this hour a man hunt underway for a person who opened fire in a bar and got away. he killed two and left several wounded. they're looking into whether the attack was inspired by isis. >> captured on a security camera, young people relaxing at a bar and then diving for cover in fear. a gunman appeared firing relentlessly. seconds later one survivor looks up in horror around him and two are dead. seven people were injured and two critical condition. we were shaking this woman says. we hid in a storage room. more chilling security camera footage shows the same gunman moments earlier in a grocery store apparently buying food. he pulls the rifle from his backpack and begins killing
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leaving bullet holes and bar stools over turned in terror. no happy new year here. one survivor thought of last year's paris massacre and took shelter. >> a man hunted underway for the shooter and israeli media are reporting and police identify an arab israeli suspect. somebody, this could be the country's first isis inspired attack. investigators say the motive may be criminal. one of those killed was age 26. >> my son was special, his father says. he collapsed when he saw him dead. >> so far, the killer is still at large. until he's caught his motive will be unclear. iz reel h-- israel may have bee the setting for one of the first terror attacks of 2016.
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keir simmons, london. >> happening today, history will be made in loudon county. for the first time in the board's history an african american will be sworn in as its chairman. voters elected randall to that position in november. joining her for the historic moment another newly elected african american. >> how lucky are you feeling today? >> power pall jackpot up to $334 million. that's the 12th biggest in the game's history. the jackpot got a big bump when no one matched the winning numbers on wednesday. the next drawing is happening tonight. the lump sum pay out $200 million. the odds are one in 290 million. >> somebody's got to win. >> three people in virginia,
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speaking of winners, starting out 2016 as millionaire's. the winning raffle tickets were sold in south boston. six additional tickets worth 25,000 also win out. two of those were sold in arlington. if you bought a ticket you have 180 days from the drawing to collect your winners. >> we'll get to that. 6:08. attacks just feet away from her doorstep. >> a local woman talking about the ordeal and who else she hopes police will find. >> and an elevator inside an apartment complex crushes a new york man to death. he's being called a hero because
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back at 6:11. how badly a massive fire damaged a nearby hotel. take a look at this expensive damage in the lobby. some smoke can be seen from the smoldering 63 story building. the fire raged on as thousands gathered nearby for a fireworks display on new year's eve. the 14 people hurt expected to be okay. rescuers building another relief well to get minors to the surface. one of the rescue wells collapsed and got flooded underground. the well drilling process might take a couple of days. huge stability of what's underground makes it tough. one person has died. >> a final act of heroism in new
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york city where a falling elevator fell and crushed a man to death. he pushed a woman out new year's eve. moments later that elevator dropped. he saved her life but lost his own. >> he cried. help me, help me, help me. i tried the best i could. >> city records show there have been 30 complaints about elevator service in that building since 2010. >> while filling up his gas tank for a cop in our area got him thrown in jail and charged. >> tom said it's going to be cool this next week. that's in our 7-day forecast. >> this sunday you could get lucky with
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up to seven people dead near the pakistan boarder. officials say no danger of any
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tidal problems. >> 6:15 and days before christmas a woman would have ended her life. if it wasn't for a stranger she might have. her attacker is still out there. news 4's mark spoke to the victim to share her story and warn the neighbors and thank the woman who rushed in to help. >> we're not going to identify the woman by name because her attacker is still on the loose. we'll call her kate. kate was walking home when she was attacked right here just a few doors from her home. she says if it hadn't been for someone walking by that evening, things might have been much, much worse. she's walking home from the station getting ready to start her christmas vacation. just a block from her front door a man grabbed her from behind and forced her from the
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sidewalk. >> there were two policemen there and they attempted to pursue him. >> kate credits that woman with saving her life. in all the commotion she didn't get her name or phone number. >> she saved my life and certainly, saved me from a lot more physical harm than i suffered. hugely thankful for her. >> reporter: the suspect got away with kate's keys to her home, her christmas cash and all of her credit cards.
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police say if you know anything about this attack in the bloomingdale neighborhood give them a call. in the district, news 4. >> a police sergeant accused of gassing up his personal vehicles on your dollar. his name not being released. the news 4 iteam showing court records. they also reveal he's accused of using his government issued gas card for dozens of purchases. federal agents say they found the card after they raided a property in temple hills. a man faces trial in a federal court in maryland. >> a family friend of the pilot killed in tuesday's plane crash says it was a suicide. 42-year-old demaris died after taking a plane on an unauthorized flight. he worked in a law firm at the brady building. hours before the crashedics
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responded to a call at the home. they are now investigating the crash. >> check now the stand off that conservation officers in idaho had to deal with. a family called for help after an elk got into their basement. there's the suspect elk at the far end of the room. it crashed through a window, got trapped in the kid's play room and stomped around behind the basement couch using only flashlights and see the mattress, that's the shield. they got the elk up the stairs and out the front door. it took about two and a half hours. >> so scary. i would be so freaked out. okay. so one of your new year's resolution is to find some love, tomorrow might be your day. they have declared the sunday after new year's day dating sunday. the site says they see a 60% spike in new members between christmas and valentines day. that sunday is the businessiest day of the year.
6:20 am says it's close to a national holiday as you can get. i can see that. >> there you go. >> new beginnings. >> yeah. valentines day always alert too. this is a rare birth and may bring up a fight between these twins once they grow up a little bit. they were both born in different years. jaylon born at 11:59 new year's eve in san diego. her brother was born a couple minutes after midnight. one born in 2015 and one in 2016. dad said that's not what mom was hoping for. >> she wanted to have the babies on the same birthday. later on in the year we'll have a confrontation with the birthday parties. not too bad. >> just throw a party at 11:59
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and midnight. both babies and mom happy and healthy. >> not only that and then they're coming off the heels of christmas. i have friends who were born around that time and they get down because the christmas present is their birthday present. >> tax deduction for 2015 and one for 2016. >> that's right. there you are thinking like a parent. >> january is feeling like a winter month of all things. winter, what's that? it's certainly feeling like it this morning. there's the washington monument and the jefferson memorial. another strange thing is we have a clear sky. we've had so much cloudiness the last number of days starting off and we're going to have a lot of sun today. after a cold morning it will be chilly during the afternoon and then much colder. you think it's cold now. it's going to be turning much
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colder from the week ahead. there's the flag near union station barely moving. just a light breeze this morning. while the holiday decorations are still up, temperatures down near 30 degrees. the western northern suburbs right around chesapeake bay in the mid-30s and just around freezing the mountains a threat around 30 degrees as well. storm 4 radar showing good travel weather up and around the atlantic seaboard and across most of the nation today a lot of people traveling. good weather and rain in florida and south texas. snow for new york state. right now, no rain or snow. this morning you'll need a warm coat. then during the afternoon you'll need a jacket, some gloves as well and sun glasses. you won't need to umbrellumbrel. maybe a great day to work off some of the indulgence from the holidays. temperatures around 11:00 will
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be up in the 40s. upper 40s 2:00 or 3:00 and a great day to get some exercise. going out tonight 7:00 to 9:00 chilly and 40s. late evening a clear sky overnight. storm team 4 forecast by dawn on sunday down to the mid-30s tomorrow morning. then during the day tomorrow lots of sunshine and a few high clouds in the afternoon. probably around 50 degrees. that's going to be the warmest temperature for the next seven days. much colder on monday with a blustering wind. high near 40 degrees. look at tuesday, the coldest day. highs only in the mid-30s and morning lows near 20 degrees on tuesday. wednesday still cold and highs near 40. could get some rain on friday and looking at next weekend.
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another round of rain next sunday with temperatures in the 40s.
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it is the end of the year holiday season and that's an important time for charities and profits. >> news 4 reports a proposed -- collecting the do nations a lot tougher. >> we have 10,000 volunteers who come six days a week. >> deborah is talking about food and friends, the nonprofit that delivers more than a million meals each year throughout the washington area. >> by the time it's ready to go we'll have fresh vegetables and fruit. >> she's a chief development officer. she says 10s of thousands of nonprofits nationwide are worried about a rule that will have nonprofit and voluntarily collect social security numbers from donors that get more than $250. >> it's alarming and concerning and has raised ripples throughout the nonprofit community. >> they are keeping social security numbers acured. >> i think something that's
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going to be a huge unwanted ill conceived burden for nonprofits like us. >> even though the irs says the proposal will be volunteer and nonprofit. lorie runs the 20-year-old latin american youth center that served thousands in d.c. and urban america. >> we can't afford to use $1 and keep our doors open. >> there is a move in congress to block the new irs proposal. in the district. news 4. >> from the fate of the come all former governor to changes and how you get around on the road we're going to look at the big headlines out of northern virginia you can expect this new year. >> new details about a man
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arrested for plotting a new year's eve attack in new york. year's eve attack in new york. isis may be involve and why
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neighbors are urging him to
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turn himself into police. investigators looking to a possible connection to terrorism. some believe this could be israel's first isis inspired attack. we welcome you back to news 4 today. >> yes, we are beginning this half hour with clear skies outside. >> cold. feeling like winter, right tom. >> it is. down below freezing for much of the region. we have a live view from the tower camera overlooking friendship heights and way off in the horizon under a clear sky in southern montgomery county. sunrise 7:27. by then still hovering around the freezing mark. by noon we'll be jumping into the low 40s and by mid-afternoon 2:00, 4:00 hovering in the upper 40s by then. a sunshine and chill in the air.
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right now temperatures are frigid. below freezing in montgomery, fairfax. a lot of mid-30s right near the water and around the mountains and blue ridge up to 20-30 degrees on this saturday morning. a look at big changes on the way for the week ahead in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. happening today, the fire department and rescue crews back out searching for a missing boater. we have learned first responders are trying to find a man named steven reynolds. he fell off a sailboat just north of the park. >> the driver who jumped a sidewalk and hit seven people on new year's eve was drunk. it happened outside a popular night club. 25-year-old malix lloyd drove on to the sidewalk. one person in critical and the other serious. five others expected to be okay. floyd charged with dui and
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leaving the scene. >> now to a developing story. t a man planned an attack -- the father says he shouis mentally and says he thinks his son was forced to carry out the attack by a federal informant. >> the numbers are in and it appears 2015 was one of the deadliest years on record for both montgomery and prince george county. the washington post reporting 30 homicides in montgomery, 81 in prince george. 162 homicide in the district while numbers remain low in northern virginia. >> 2016 democratic front runner hillary clinton's campaign is reporting $37 million in
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earnings. that's what they earned in just the last three months alone bringing last year's amount to more than $112 million. the campaign set a goal of 100 million for the primary in 2016. >> get rid of your christmas tree today and have it recycled from 10:00 this morning to 2:00. you can have your tree grinded into mulch and take the mulch home as well. it's a 5-$10 donation. if you don't need the mulch, you can donate that as well to the school. >> the new year rang in with new benefits for workers and it's going to help your wallet and trip to work. >> plus new rules keeping drones grounded in the district. what owners soon won't be allowed to do. >> we know if you watch what you eat, what you drink could sabotage those diet resolutions. we are breaking down specific exercises to work off your drink of choice. ♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's
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chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'.
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the transit benefit has gone up to $250 a month. that's double the amount they got before. they're hoping that will increase their ridership. >> there's many places you can fly. the drones here in d.c. and no drone zone. drones and model planes are banned from the special flight area. you also can't fly within 60 miles of the national airport. they're subject to faa rules and
6:39 am
have to be registered. >> army parents forced to pay out of pocket because of a major problem with a government funded day care program. let me show you what congress is doing to make sure these issues get taken care of. >> let's go outside where it's cold,
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craig joining us live from new york. happy new year. >> happy new year. nice to see you. just ahead on this first saturday of 2016, residents grounded as more flood waters break through. we're live for you on the scene. >> also ahead remembering natalie cole. hollywood paying tribute to that legendary voice. >> plus the unknowns to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame in 2015. where are they now? >> did you know today is expected to be the biggest online dating day of 2016? we're going to tell you why and we'll also have all the dos and don'ts of setting up that perfect online profile. we're going to help you find love this morning on today.
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>> thanks so much, guys. >> police working to identify the body of a young woman found on the trail. police say the woman had trauma to her upper body. she could have been there since new year's eve. >> the st. louis area is seeing some relief from flooding in the area today. officials there lifting the state of emergency. interest free loans will be available to businesses and residents effected by the flood. so far, 22 people have died. >> there's a hearing in congress next week to look into problems with a day care program for army families. the issues were exposed by the i 4 team. what fixes have been made to the u.s. army assistance program. it's to help army parents pay
6:44 am
their child care bill. the i team revealed late tape and administrators never returning calls. they hired someone to fix the problem. >> 6:44 and virginia governor packing his bags for a trip to cuba tomorrow. he'll be here through wednesday to talk business. he and state officials are hoping to make deals with 10 local companies. he says he'll look for new ways to expand exports once the trade embargo is fully lifted. >> we are expecting big stories to come out of northern virginia this year. from high profile court changes to the fate of our former governor, we're going to be tracking it all for you. >> we could learn this month whether one of the nation's highest court will take up a case. we'll soon find out whether they
6:45 am
accept or if he'll have to pack for prison. virginia lawmakers meet in the general assembly starting january 13th. among the big issues, funding for education. possible resolution on medicaid and predatory lending reform. the new year leads to significant decisions on i-66 changes. proposed for both inside and outside the beltway. tolling could also be approved for 395. transportation reporter says you'll soon notice more construction on the silver line. high profiled court cases out of fairfax begin this month. in april, expolice officer expected in court. he's accused of murdering john gear in 2013. prosecutors will try even more. he's charged with killing. facing a judge and jury this may, he'll be on trial for his
6:46 am
wife's murder. back to back murder trials. it will start december with hannah graham's case. this past year a judge sentenced matthew to three life in prison terms for a 2005 convicted murder case. if convicted he could get the death penalty. >> and we can't forget the roll virginia's going to play in the decision 2016. we'll keep you posted with that beginning with the primary march 1st super tuesday. >> there's a new battle brewing between new work's attorney general and two fantasy sports websites. he wants the sites to pay fines. they've taken about $200 million in entry fees from new yorkers last year alone.
6:47 am
nbc smorts parent accompany come that's were among the investors. >> looks like bill cosby's wife will have to testify against her husband next week. a massachusetts judge turned down the motion to get out of the order. her attorney plans to appeal. seven women suing the comedian for defamation. he's denied any wrong doing. >> president obama departmented to take action on gun control as early as next week. the president plans to meet with the attorney general on monday. he'll ask loretta lynch how to make it harder for a so-called dangerous few to get their hands on guns. >> 10s of thousands of our fellow americans have been mowed down by gun violence. each time we're told common sense background checks wouldn't stop a massacre so we shouldn't
6:48 am
do anything. we know we can't stop every violence. what if we stop one. >> expected to ban background checks on gun sales. >> losing weight is one of the most common new year's resolutions. >> while we try to cut out the fatty foods and snacks, drinks can be a major source of extra cali ris. it takes about half an hour of cycling to burn a can of soda. >> the same amount of wine can take 30 minutes of strength training to shed. a regular 12 ounce can of beer takes 20 minutes of swimming to burn off those. >> isn't that a breath stroke. >> i don't know. i would just stick to beer in that case on that. diet soda can't be. >> yeah, it's the misters that are the problem.
6:49 am
a lot of people use the juices and those are high in fat and calori calori calories. >> chocolate. >> we've got great weather to take those kids out and get to the parksment get up to the falls and get exercise today. the wonderful state parks. a great day to get outdoor exercise. put on your pink running shoes with the yellow laces or the yellow ones the with pink laces.
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middle part of the afternoon lots of sunshine. starting off with a clear sky. a chilly afternoon turning much colder. part of the week coming. right now, temperatures down near 30 degrees in suburbs. no big travel problems today. a few snow showers. light rain in florida. moderate showers in south texas from houston over to san antonio. elsewhere, the nation's looking terrific. light rain coming into san francisco and california. you'll need a warm coat and
6:51 am
afternoon you'll need a jacket. you'll need the sun glasses throughout the day. postyour pictures like robert cole did yesterday. tonight 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. you'll be down. by dawn on sunday down to the mid-30s. storm team forecast sunday afternoon should make it to the low 50s tomorrow afternoon. that's going to be our warmest day for the next seven days or is going to begin to move in on monday with blustering wind. high near 40 monday afternoon. tuesday the coldest day of the next seven days, highs in the mid-30s and morning lows near 20. lots of sunshine and still cold with a high wednesday of 40. getting mild on thursday. highs mid-40s with increasing
6:52 am
clouds and a chance of rain. this is a peak at next
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6:54 am
so a new year means new trends. it looks like food from north africa will be all the rage. that's according to a new survey
6:55 am
of the hottest trends for 2016. the authentic cuisine and seasoning will be this year's big food trend and folks want to know where and how their food is made. >> customers want to know where it was grown, who made it. >> another one is the famous seafood, kid meals and ancient grains. >> i feel like last year was a year of siracha. >> raised enough money to buy workout equipment for a military base in iraq. >> they started pitching in when
6:56 am
th they -- >> say what you will about it. these athletes are tough. they don't like to skip a workout. >> he's definitely the best athlete we have here at the gym. >> when clients and co-workers learn this, they weren't able to do their routine and had to help him out. >> we feel like chris has given so much not only to the country but the community. we wanted to do something to give back to chris. >> he deployed to iraq about a month ago. the base he's at near baghdad is be bare bones. >> probably a lot of burpiese push ups, things without
6:57 am
weights. >> they help take their miprett awesome. ted reporting there. talking weather. >> it's going to be wonderful sunshine today. we need it. lots of sun again tomorrow. afternoon highs and upper 40s today. low 50s sunday. turning colder in the next week. turning colder in the next week. breezy and blustering on monday.
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immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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good morning. inspired by isis? a gunman goes on a deadly shooting spree at a popular pub in tel aviv. the terrifying scene caught on camera as those who made it out alive relive the moments of terror. this morning, the manhunt is on for the suspect. and midwest disaster. more levees fail as deadly floods pushed raging rivers through threatening hundreds of communities. >> our biggest concern is looking out for those who haven't evacuated. >> the national guard now alert as some are urged to take higher ground. fired up. the president taking aim at gun violence. >> i get too many letters from parents and


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