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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 2, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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at 9:00 here's a look at some of the top stories. police working to identify the
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wom body of a young woman found. police say the woman had trauma to her upper body and could have been there since new year's eve. >> the st. louis area is seeing some flooding in the area now. we want to show you videos in the scene. officials there risking the state of emergency. interest free loans available to businesses and residents effected by the flood. so far, 22 people have died. >> we're looking at 9:01 which means it's time to get an update on the forecast. >> to do that, let's head outside. storm team meteorologist weather deck wearing a coat. >> yeah, make sure he wears his coat out there. >> you do need to layer up a little bit. just a light breeze out of here now. a terrific day to get out and get exercise. i'm going to go hiking on the billy goat trail this afternoon.
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it's going to be perfect to get out and do that. visit one of our local state parks. perhaps skyline drive up to the mid-to upper 40s noon and afternoon time. light breeze and plenty of sunshine. no rain, no snow anywhere in the vicini vicinity. no travel problems anywhere up and down the atlantic seaboard. big travel day as a lot of folks are heading back from the holiday. a little bit of rain in south texas and parts of florida may cause only minor flight delays in south texas. otherwise, a dry pattern here throughout the entire country. a little bit of rain around central california. a jor jous smooth sky. half moon there. get out and enjoy the delightful mood and sunshine. >> thank you so much. so poetic. happening today, the fire department and rescue crews are going to be back out searching for a missing boater. steven reynolds fell off his
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sailboat thursday night north of sandy point state park. >> pliolice say the driver who jumped a sidewalk and hit seven people on new year's eve was drunk. this happened outside a popular night club. he hit a car and drove on to the sidewalk in front of the club. one person in critical condition, another in serious. five others expected to recover. lloyd is accused of dui and leaving the scene. >> 9:03 right now and do a developing story. the father of a man arrested of plotting a new year's eve attack says that his son should be in a psychiatric ward not behind bars. the fbi arrested him earlier this week as he was planning the attack. his father says he's mentally ill and says he thinks his son was convinced to carry out the attacks. he was in contact with syria and arming himself for that attack.
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>> the numbers are in. 2015 one of the deadliest years on record for montgomery and prince george county. the washington post reporting 30 homicides in montgomery. 162 in the district. numbers remain low across much of northern virginia. >> the time now 9:04. virginia governor packing his bags for a trip to cuba tomorrow. he'll be there through wednesday to talk business. he and state officials are hoping to make deals with 10 local companies during his decision. >> democratic front runner hillary clinton's campaign reporting $37 million. clinton's campaign has set a
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goal of 100 million for the primary in 2015. >> a military affiliate in al qaeda is using dond trump. a clip of trump calling for a complete shut down for muslims entering the united states. >> is bill clinton's past fair game? he'll be on meet the press tomorrow at 10:30. >> get rid of your christmas tree today and have it recycled. it starts at 10:00 this morning. it goes until 2:00. you can have the trees ground into mulch. they suggest $5-$10 donations. if you don't need to mulch, you can donate to the school. >> for the first time in the
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loudon county board history, an african american will be sworn in as chairman. derrick is live with more on today's ceremonies. hi, derrick. >> reporter: well, indeed it's an important day. for the first time in the 250 year history, this year two african american women have been elected and one of them is chair. joining me is phyllis' chair. you are going to celebrate this in a big way here. >> we are. today is the bipartisan celebration as the new board takes off. we're excited about all we have to do. there's so many things on the table to accomplish in the next four years and it's important to start the administration and start the next four years and we're going to do that today.
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>> reporter: i understand the fact you've had this happen in a bipartisan way. how does that tie into the theme of your leadership. >> you know in the past when they've elected republicans and democrats they were sworn in in two different ceremonies. i decided that's not appropriate. we're one county and one board and get sworn in at if same time. we're here to work for you. we focus on loudon and we're going to celebrate this today and get to work on monday. >> how it changes and how significant it changes. >> loudon has changed so much. we're no longer a -- county. we have more internet trsk than anywhere in the world. we are on the move and ready to do great things. >> excellent. today there's a swearing ceremony and is there still
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controversy. >> it was the first time ever we had an investigation in loudon county. go to you better do it quickly and get a ticket because they're just about out. >> we're live. back to you. >> a lot to celebrate out that way. thank you. the new year rang in with new benefits for one group of workers. it's going to help your wallet and your trip to work. >> plus new rules keeping drones grounded in the district. that's not what owners soon won't be able to do. >> even if you watch what you eat, what you drink can sabotage those diet resolutions. we are breaking down specific exercises to work off your drink of choice.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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some of you plan to head back to work and school. the transit benefit is $255 a month. after hoping that will help increase back to trains and buses. that could be good news for the commuters because that's less cars on the road. >> there's fewer places to fly drones here in d.c. the f.a.a.'s no drone area has grown. they're now banned from the washington special flights rules area. that includes central maryland and northern virginia. you can't fly within 15 miles after ronald reagan national airport. drones are subject to f.a.a. rules and some have to be registered. >> army parents forced to pay out of pocket because of major problems with a government funded day care program. see what congress is doing to
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make sure the issue gets taken care of. >> outside to where it is cold, cold, cold. tom is timing out when things are going to warm up for the rest of your week
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you're watching news 4 today. >> back at 9:14. there's a hearing with congress to look into problems with a day
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care program. they will question administrators to find out what fixes have been made to the u.s. army assistance program. it's suppose to help army parents pay their child care bills but the i team recently revealed red tape, late payments and administrators never returning parent's call. they'll hire a contractor to fix the problem and have to answer for those changes on wednesday. >> there's a new battle brewing between new york's attorney general and two fantasy websites. eric schneiderman filed a lawsuit. he wants to force the site to give back all of the money that they've won in new york state. he says that the money should go back to the people who lost it. he wants to site to pay hefty signs. they took in about $200 million from new yorkers last year.
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they turned down the motion to get out of the order. her attorney planning to appeal. several are suing the comedian for defamation. he's facing a criminal charge of sexual assault in pennsylvania. he's denied any wrong doing. >> president obama departmeexpe take action on gun control next week. he'll ask loretta lynch to make it harder for a dangerous few to get their hands on guns. >> tens of thousands of our american veterans have been mowed down by gun violence. each time we're told common sense might not stopped the last massacre or the one before that so we shouldn't do anything. we know we can't stop every act
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of violence. what if we try to stop everyone one. >> well, the executive order is expected to expand the background check. >> we're expecting big stories to come out of northern virginia this year. we're going to be tracking it all. >> we could learn this month whether the nation's highest court will pick up one of virginia's most prominent cases. former governor appealing his conviction to the supreme court. we'll soon find out whether he'll accept it or pack for prison. federal lawmakers meet in the general assembly starting february 13th. among the big issues, funding for medication. a possible revolution on medicaid. the new year likely leads to significant decisions on i-66 changes. proposed for both inside and outside the beltway. tolling could also be approved for 395 and transportation
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reporter says you'll soon notice more construction on the silver line. in april expolice officer adam torez expected in court. he's accused of murdering john gear in 2013. steven breel charged with killing grace man. university of mary washington student and daughter of fairfax county judge. in louden county he could face a judge this may and will be on trial for this murder. matthews goes to court for back to back murder trials. it will start in december with hannah graham's case followed by morgan in october. this past year he sentenced matthew at three life to prison terms. if convi
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if. >> julie carrie and i will keep you posted beginning with the primary on march 1st, super tuesday. >> a new year means new trends and it looks like foods from north africa will be all the rage. that's according to a new survey for 2016. authentic cuisine and seasoning from morocco and lebanon will be this year's big food trend. people want to know where and how their food is made as well. >> customers are questioning more than ever before. they want to know where it was group and who made it and how it was produced. >> other hot trends, sustainable seafood, healthier kids meals and hyperlocal food sourcing. any chick-fil-a lovers that love the cole slaw they're bringing
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in a kale healthier choice. what we had yesterday was chili. >> with the cold weather your appetite gets cranked up a little bit. you have an impulse to get out and work off some of your over indulgence from the holidays. you can check the latest forecast like angie and david do. they go to the nbc washington app and all around the region we have this wonderful sunshine. that's a live view there of our sky on this saturday morning. you won't need an umbrella today. you'll need a warm coat this morning with a warm coat and jacket. those sun glasses as well as we'll have the bright sun pouring down. hour by hour forecast temperatures climbing in the low 40s by noontime and ought to be hitting the upper 40s by mid-afternoon. just a light breeze and
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sunshine. that's the main thing. welcomed sunshine after several days in a row of clouds. temperatures getting above freezing. mid-to upper 30s now quickly jumping around the metro after its been below freezing. already 40 degrees around the chesapeake bay. radar not showing any snow. great travel weather from maine to florida and then west on interstate 70 all the way to the midwest and the west coast as well no travel problems today. maybe a few flight delays in south texas. for us, overnight, the same thing heading out temperatures will be in the low 40s after sun set and back to the upper 30s by late this evening all under a clear sky. a cold night coming up. by dawn we ought to bottom out at the mid-30s. last year this time we were 43. we'll be below that as we get into monday with a blustering
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wind coming over. bringing us some clouds and behind that, some much colder air moves in. it will be down near 20 degrees by dawn on tuesday. tuesday bright and sunny but highs may only reach the mid-30s during the afternoon. the coldest day of the winter so far. then we crank back up again to around 40 degrees on wednesday. storm team four seven day outlook still dry and thursday increasing clouds to the mid-40s during the afternoon. then our next chance of rain comes on friday. too warm for snow. looks like it will be rain friday with temperatures in the mid-40s. the peak is next weekend, next saturday. partily cloudy and chilly. maybe more rain moves in next sunday with temperatures in the mid-40s.
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drivers in virginia have two new license plate designs to pick from. the dmv says two options now are a cure childhood cancer plate and a shifting gears plate. there are more than a million special plates on the roads in virginia. that's crazy. >> with new years, lots to talk about. losing weight is part of the new year's leresolution. one of the most common. while a lot of us try to cut out fatty foods and snacks, drinks can be a major source of extra
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calories. >> a lot of calories. it takes about a half day of burn calories from soda. now, the same amount of wine will take 30 minutes of strength training to shed a regular 12 ounce can of beer takes 20 minutes of front crawl swimming to burn off those calories, whatever that is. >> i don't know. i heard somewhere that it's 50 calories if you're doing the dishes or ironing. >> vacuuming is another good one. >> that counts? >> oh yeah. >> half an hour of doing that. >> that's why tom is talking about water today. >> there you go. speaking of spirits, to lift your spirits we're going to have some sunshine throughout the day ahead. certainly welcomed after the cloudy days we've had the last several days. highs reaching mid-to upper 40s.
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great day to get out and burn off calories as well as on sunday. afternoon highs low 50s tomorrow and then it gets cold. below average temperatures on monday. breezy and blustering as we head back to work and school. up near 40 degrees. tuesday coldest day over the next several days. mid-30s for highs tuesday afternoon and then increasing clouds by the end of the week and rain. they move in on friday and perhaps next sunday, next weekend. >> wow. >> that's on our facebook live. answer the question. free styling. >> free .
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♪ ♪ hi, everybody. welcome "inside the redskins." i'm rick doc walker at redskins park. the washington redskins are nfc champs after defeating the eagles last saturday. the last time the skins won the nfc east was back in 2012. let's take a look back to last week's divisional win against the birds. marco is in motion from the left


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