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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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kierein. right, tom? >> first it's going get milder. by later this afternoon we'll be climbing into the low 50s. that's about ten degrees higher than the average high for this time of year. after that we fall off the cliff. right now a beautiful sunshine pouring down on the region. cold morning and then a milder afternoon. much colder monday and tuesday. temperatures right now in the metro area are hovering in the low to mid-30s. mid and upper 30s around the bay. getting above freezing. many locations there, mid and upper 30s. over the next 12 hours we'll be in the upper 40s by noontime. lots of sunshine. and during the afternoon, hovering in the low 50s between 1:00 and 4:00 and then after sunset, back down into the 40s. the big cold change commencing tomorrow. a look at that and our next chance for any remain coming up in the next few minute sthoos thank you so much, tom. right now, 9:00 on the dot. right now gun control with folks lining up for the second day of the nation's gun show. it's happening at the dulles
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expo center. this is on the heels of president obama's vow to issue an executive order making it tougher for americans to buy or sell firearms. "news4's" derrick ward is live in shann till will i this morning. derek, how is it look ought there? crowds building yet? >> not really yet. it's an hour or so before the show actually opens but it's one of the most popular. the crowds were pretty significant. we talked about this pending executive order we're expecting from the president and selling is the key there. we talk bd buying and selling. selling is the key now. we expect president obama will meet with the attorney general tomorrow to vet some of the legal aspects of his proposal. it will affect traders. people who sell 50 guns or more per year.
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that is the small gun dealer or usually a trader, someone who doesn't rely on that as a source of income. so it may not mean you'll see smaller crowds or a fewer aggregate of guns available but you'll see fewer selling or trading them. we talked about this yesterday. let's see what one of the attendees has to say. >> what happens is they buy up a scare like last year and it dies down. so i'm not concerned. >> reporter: we have indeed been here before and we will know more about this tomorrow when we hear from the president. this has become a campaign issue. we expect jeb bush has one later today. >> thanks, derrick. >> they're becoming part of this campaign at a rally in mississippi last night presidential candidate donald
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trump vowed to veto any action taken by president obama on gun control should he become president. he also blamed the president's admin straegs for the cree yags of the terror group isis. also happening in decision 2016 at last night's rally, donald trump did mention a propaganda video on friday that used some of his comments. nbc's ron allen with how this could affect his campaign. >> reporter: the video by the al qaeda affiliate based in after is a pitch to join the cause. al shabaab, responsible for the deadly attack of a nairobi mall that killed dozens for trying them as a racist society among other things and listen to this cry rey krutment video days after the attack in san bernardino. >> remember this and listen. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until the country's
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representatives can figure out with what the [ bleep ] is going on. >> reporter: analysts say using trump can be effective for the terrorists. trump's political opponents have warned that his statements would be used by the militants. >> he's becoming isis's best rekriert. >> reporter: today a white house national security expert said it's no surprise they would try to use a comment adding, quote, we're going to do everything we can as the u.s. government to make clear that's not the case. it's the first time trump is featured so prominently, the video targeting a u.s. audience, narrating in english. it also features perhaps al qaeda's best known american leader, anwar al awlaki, killed four years ago by a u.s. drone strike. >> it's a recruitment call spoken by donald trump and anwar
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al awlaki, not a great kpep for a u.s. presidential candidate to be in. >> reporter: no comment from donald trump. we're talking about security. we're not talking about religion. we're talking about security. the country is out of control. >> reporter: with that new video the militants hoping the candidate also sends them more recruits. ron allen, nbc news. coming up on "meet the press," chuck todd talks about it and whether bill clinton is fair game. developing this morning out of mexico, the mayor of a mexican town killed the day after she took office. the mexican newspaper says they dreaed her from her house and later killed her.
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the governor announced her death on twitter and said the attackers have been detained. no word on a motive. last year several were murdered. developing story now, d.c. police combing through a car that they believe is connected to a new year's eve hit-and-run. police uncovered the car yesterday. they say it could have been involved in a crass frisch morning in the southeast, the one that killed ian butz. they're hoping will lead them to a suspect. we're also following this developing story. a meanwhile israeli police are on high alert as they search for the gunmen. they search the house yesterday. family members say he was a troubled man with a record. the motive for the shooting is still unclear. >> it was a bizarre reres skew that has wildlife officials
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stumped. a lion, how it ended up stranded near the arabian sea. how new body cameras will make a difference and when you can expect officers to wear them. >> all right. you can stay with us through the break. join us now for our facebook live behind the scenes. moments throughout the show with me and angie. >> i got caught putting lotion on. >> uh-oh. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. a lion in india made its way out of park and ended up by the sea. we'll take a look. a local fisherman spotted him sitting onnen a rock right there. and watch what happens next. he gets ready. boom. dives right into the arabian sea there. a rescue team was able to lift that lion out of the water. they tranquilized it and sent him to an animal care center. the lion is okay.
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they're going to find out exactly where he came from. >> simba. >> the "lion guard," that's a new one. this rescue took 12 hours to reach a man who fell 20 feet down a cave in eastern tennessee. the man was in his 60s. he fell while exploring a cave outside of knoxville. he and a group were half a mile under ground when he slipped on some rocks and fell. they managed to squeeze through tight tunnels to get to him. the man was seriously hurt. or muriel bowser -- >> beco >> mayor muriel bowser signed d.c. council legislation to have 2,800 officers wear body cams
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while on duty in d.c. >> we know they make our community safer and stronger. they increase accountability among all parties involved. >> i promote accountability and transparency. both law enforcement as well as the public. >> reporter: city officials say it allows new disclosure of video under the freedom of information act in as little as 48 hours. the police union supports body cameras but it wants officers similar to chicago signed less lethal tasers for less confrontational situations. the city says that's going to happen. >> we intend to do that. >> reporter: the first 700 new cameras are expected to arrive soon. in the district, tom sherwood, "news4."
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new this morning the multi-million-dollar jackpot, it is going up again. there was no winner. wednesday, that is your chance to win $400 million, making this the biggest jackpot in to 13. >> making promises that they'll take us along with them. >> they're taking us on a cruise. gary is taking us on a cruise. >> we'll take it. coming up, redskins taking on the cowboys. who they aisle face-off in the playoffs. depending on who wins it could be the seattle seahawks, minnesota vikings, or the green bay packers. buffalo clearing that stadium ahead of today's game. a lake-effect snowstorm dumped a foot of snow on the stadium this week. the team put a call out to fans, come out and shovel. they did, and they also got paid $10 an hour. today the bills take on the new
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york jets. they want to bundle up because guess what's coming? more snow. they can't catch a break. >> look at that. that looks like a big snow slide. >> they've got a whole system figured out that way. >> and they have to. >> they do. >> no snow here. just some frost you're thinking? >> cold, though, big change. >> i feel like right now is the calm before it's real cold. >> it is. actually getting ten degrees warmer than average this afternoon. so up and down we go. we'll be up this achbl and then we'll fall off the cliff as we get into monday and tuesday starting off the week ahead. enjoy this while you can. we'll have plenty of sunshine throughout the day. a great day to go out and gret some exercise. a great recreation weather. afternoon highs should be hovering in the low 50s between around 1:30, 3:30, 4:00.
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after that, after sunset dropping back down into the 40s. lots of sunshine. just a very light breeze through the day ahead. right now getting above freezing. much of the region in the low to mid-30s. mid and upper 30s around chesapeake bay and shenandoah valley getting into the 30s. "storm team 4" radar not showing any rain or snow in our vicinity. people heading back home and a few lake-effect snow showers. upstate new york in northern new england and rain in florida. those are the only travel problems. rain moving in to california and some snow in the cass kaids and the pacific northwest. those are the only travel problems. love this photo taken yesterday morning. the memorial bridge as the low morning sun was reflecting off the potomac river. the underside of the memorial bridge. that photo taken by jeff.
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you can share yours tomorrow on instagram. waiting for the bus, it's going to be frigid. temperatures hovering between 7:00 and 8:00. it will feel like 20 degrees with the windchill. then by mid morning the winds will increase, gusting to around 25, 30 miles an hour. temperatures in the low 30s. it will feel like the 20s. so tomorrow you won't need the umbrella but definitely dress warmly as the cold air will be moving in and will be in place nonld and again on tuesday. a few clouts racing through during the day. slight chance of a few scattered flurries. mainly out in the mountains but elsewhere just the clouds coming through. windchills in the 20s. winds diminish monday night and by dawn tuesday we plunge all the way down to around 20 degrees. tuesday afternoon, a light wind with sunshine only making it into the mid-30s. back into the low 40s on wednesday afternoon with high
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clouds coming in. increasing clouds on thursday. a bit milder. highs reaching the upper 40s thursday afternoon. then friday looks like in the afternoon and evening perhaps through midday on saturday, rain moves in with highs in the 40s and then a little bit of sun back on way ahead into sunday. might get more rain with temperatures in the 40s. that's the way it looks. >> all right. thank, tom. i think rain and cold is worse than snow and cold. >> i'm not a fan. >> don't like it. >> i'm not a fan. >> she impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of service membership and women with a simple act of kindless. we're talking about a heartfelt hug as they left their families behind and when they came home. >> now the hug lady as she was known is being remembered in her texas community and far yobld. hu're erica hill.
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>> an embrace from elizabeth blair. affectionately known as the hug lady. born into a military family she enlisted on her 18th birthday. >> i wanted to do my part for my country. >> reporter: lock after serving, she continuing to give back, welcoming soldiers, one by one. >> and then one day a soldier hugged me. well, there was another soldier. this one hugged me. that one needed a hug, too, so i turned around and gave him a hug. another one needed a hug, and so it went. >> reporter: since 2003 the hug lady has embraced more than half a million heroes. >> my family is not here, per se, so that's why she fills in for them. >> reporter: in early november laird's ten-year battle with breast cancer landed her in the hospital. countless soldiers came to give her a hug and to thank her. on christmas eve laird passed away. a gofundme account established
9:21 am
to help with medical expenses has raised more than $94,000. on facebook, tributes pouring in. one soldier writing, bless this woman, her family, and all the lives she has touched through a simple act of kindness. >> well, if i can bring a smile, i've done something worthwhile, right? >> have a good day. >> reporter: laird's legacy clearly felt in each embrace. >> she will be missed, but she will never be forgotten, that's for sure. >> erica hill with that beautiful story there. okay, so remember what pay phones used to be? the creative new way phone booths are being repurposed in
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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66 dogs were taken from a home in rockville. they went out to investigate a dog biting case. when they got there, they sus specked there were a lot of dogs inside this house. they tried to go in, but the owner refused. this was on glen mill road. they didn't want to let the officers inside so they came back with warrant later. that were an to seize the dogs and they say that some needed immediate care and they're now being looked at by the county. now to a story only seen on 4. a family in northern virginia tell me they feel stranded from the rest of their neighborhood because messy roadwork has dragged on for months. they live in vienna, and the streets connecting their driveway are all blocked off.
9:25 am
when this muddy strip isn't blocked by construction strips, it's the only way to drive to her home. >> we couldn't get home because the rote was completely taken down and we didn't have any access. >> they've since been allowed to use part of this closed road. the trouble remains. the trash trucks can't always make it down. some visitors have to walk and delivery crews are turned away. it's mission impossible. they keep calling. they cannot get to the house. worse, when they see to road they have to get on they say we're not getting on that road. so we get no deliveries. >> i go around the yard. >> reporter: the second grader anthony has to cut through neighbors' properties to get to the bus stop. >> i cannot imagine what this would be like. >> reporter: they were told it
9:26 am
would last only a couple of months. then the deadline was expected, the town saying they were hoping to finnish by early january. you can tell that's not going to be the case. most recently the town told me in a statement that they hoped to be finish by mid-march, but no guarantee. the town of vienna tells me the contractors had to address several unexpected delays and issues, hence the delays. depending on winter weather conditions, this project is now anticipated to be substantially completed by mid-march. >> we accepted the fact we will accept some convenience, but we didn't expect the situation to be like this. and adding to their problems they got a note on their door this week that says they'll have limited water service. the hotspots will have super fast and free why five. pho wi-fi. phones for calling and freeports. how many times are we looking for one of those.
9:27 am
at least 7,500 are due to go online sometime in the first half of the space. >> a great use of space. >> very cool. be prepare for a big change in the forecast. tom has weather and how you can plash ahead. dozens of protesters are in custody. we're going to the tell you what's behind the violence. the worst is not over yet. the worst is not over yet. the big cleanup effort
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it's the holidays, which means a house full of people,
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9:30. let's get you up to speed some of the top stories. president obama preparing to issue an expectation differ order on gun control, this as the nation's gun show continues today. these are the lines yesterday. they were out the door at the dulles expo center in chantilly. folks there telling us attendance is up because of the rise in gun violence around the country. >> right now dmt krmt police are combing a car for forensic ef. they believe it was involved in a deadly hit-and-run in the southeast on new year's day. the manhunt continuing this hour for the suspected shooter who killed two at a tel aviv bar. today the funerals for those two men will be held. it is 9:30. a time to get a check on our forecast. it looks like we're going get a nice finish to our weekend. >> that's right. there's a change coming down. for that let's turn it over to "storm team 4" meteorologist tom
9:31 am
kierein. hey, tom. >> a cold plunge is on the way for monday into tuesday. enjoy our near 50 degree degree temperature this afternoon as we'll have plenty of sunshine. look at the gorgeous deep blue sky. live view from the "storm team 4" towercam looking from the west to the northwest washington, hour-by-hour forecast for the day ahead. temperatures quickly climbing. a steep climb by noontime. we ought to be in the upper 40s j low 50s during the afternoon. a great day to get out get some exercise and recreation. you can check the latest "storm team 4" forecast and the big change on the way with the nbc washington app. temperatures right now getting above freezing. a look at timing and the cold changes on the way. that's coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. coming up, grain protesters stormed the saudi embassy to protest the execution of a
9:32 am
prominent shiite cleric. they reportedly set fire and threw papers from the roof of the embassy that you're looking at. at least foam poor were arrested. the clerk was one of 47 convicted of terrorism and executed by saudi arabia this weekend. new details we now know the name of the young woman who was found dead on a hiking trail in maryland. katherine alvarado's body was found new year's day found along the north left branch hiking trail. her moe saw her on new year's eve and reported her missing when she didn't see her the next morning. her friends reacted to the news. >> keep, always, you know, you never know. life is so short. tell your kids how much you love them because you never know what can bring tomorrow. >> well, police are now offering $25,000 award for information that leads to an arrest and indictment in this case.
9:33 am
happening today, virginia governor terry mcauliffe starting off his trip in cuba. the governor's hoping to capitalize on renewed relations between the u.s. and the nation. he wants to expand the economy and he hopes that it can do just that. this is one of five economic development trips planned by the governor there this year. new this morning, the search will continue for a missing boater in anne arundel county. steven reynolds has been missing since thursday night. that is when he went overboard just north of sandy point park. meanwhile another person's body was found in the chester river. david dupuis was reported missing on monday. they made the discovery and contacted the officials. developing right now -- >> that's right, angie, the floods have inundated parts of the midwest this past week. they're starting to recede. now damage assessment and cleanup. that's all under way as cities
9:34 am
farther south there brace for what's coming their way. here's nbc's chris pollone. >> reporter: in arnold, missouri, it's a day for drying out. >> at least three feet deep. well, two feet. >> reporter: the town wedged between the meramec and mississippi rivers inundated after it dumped ten inches of rain upstream. at least 150 homes are under water. at least 11 levees have given way. 24 people are dead and two remain missing. >> they keep calling it the 100-year flood or 500-year flood. i call it the ten-year flood because it keeps coming around. >> reporter: the governors of illinois have been out surveying the damage. >> just as we stood together to assist during the response phase, now we stand ready to work to make sure we recover as quickly as possible and family gets back on their feet. >> the coast guard is watching through the air looking for people who might be stranded. the national guard is ready to help too. >> we've got equipment. communication equipment as well
9:35 am
as sand bags and other supplies to suppose first responders. >> reporter: those who escaped with their lives but have little else remain hopeful. >> we will get through this and we're going to come out better on the other side than when we started. >> reporter: now focus shifts downstream as places like memphis and vicksburg, mississippi, prepare for the surge heading their way later this month. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. developing right now, chris brown and the new controversy and the startling violence and what happened. >> we're going to tell you what's behind an explosion that damaged at least 50 homes in oklahoma city. y
9:36 am
9:37 am
woke up and everything was on the floor. all the ceiling, drywall,
9:38 am
mirrors in the back room, it's all on the floor. >> a disaster being described by one neighbor. several woke up to a similar sight after a home exploded in northwest oklahoma city. fire officials say at least 50 homes were damaged. gas leak caused the explosion. you can see piles of debris even up on the trees there. the house totally leveled. three people hospitalized including the owner of that home. officials say the man was sleeping when it all happened. he's lucky to be alive. yeah. massachusetts arrested a man for having a camp or weapons outside gi gillette stadium. they found swords, meat cleaver and other weapons. he was parked in the parking lot area when police confronted him. this all happened two hours before the winter hockey game but there was no threat of anybody attending that game. each week we like to bring
9:39 am
you a special story about a special kid waiting for a new home. more than a dozen are beginning their new year with their new family. >> barbara harrison what ooh what's become a national tradition. >> reporter: the leslie family singers were back again this year to herald the beginning of another adoption day in court, the 29th year sense d.c. launched this event, one of the first of its kind in the nation. and i've been lucky to be here on this day every year when the d.c. superior courthouse is filled with balloons and babies and families like the browns, who came here to make it official,ty adoption of their darling new daughter ella. one by one the families came forward. some adopting one, some adopting one more. some taking home two. and one family going home with enough for their own basketball team. five siblings that the new parents wanted to keep together
9:40 am
and be for those five their forever family. and all the family court judges who work here at the sue procedure yore court were waiting for them, waiting to sign their decrees of adoption. and someone else who works here, someone who has helped put this event together for the last 14 years was here this time for a different reason. becoming a mom for the first time, adopting this man. this was more than 12 years ago when this "wednesday's child" was a bright eloquent 9-year-old who told me he just wanted to have a family to love him. he's 22 now and after two years as his mentor and a year as his got ter mom, leah becomes the mother of a young man who is now a senior at penn state. >> i always dreamed that i could be here on adoption day but i didn't know i would be here at such a late age. >> better late than never, right? >> better late than nevever. i have such a great mom.
9:41 am
>> it's such a joy. my life is better having him in it. >> reporter: it was a day to rejoice and let go of the woes for what seemed would never happen and to celebrate a new day. barbara harrison, "news4" for "wednesday's child." well, if you have room in your home and your heart for one of our wednesday's kids who's still waiting for a permanent loving home call our special hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. >> you can search "wednesday's child" on now your time on this sunday, 89:41. the sun is out as we look live outside. don't fool you though. it's a little bit milder today. change is coming. tom's tracking the colder weather. it's about to move through our area. >> they were one of the most
9:42 am
popular gifts of the holidaying and the most dangerous too. the new types of injuries hover the new types of injuries hover boards are
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right now the first family is heading back to washington. they took in the sights including the honolulu zoo. they spent some time to stop and watch some of the animals.
9:45 am
president obama even picked up a little girl to give her a better view. they're expected at the white house later this morning. vice presidenting this morning virginia native krilg brown's camp is calling allegations of battery against him, quote, unequivocally untrue. vegas police investigating claims over a singer who says she got a fight with him after she tried to take a picture of him. he got off probation last year after he attacked his then girlfriend rihanna. you may remember the sicker pleaded guilty to assaulting mack in d.c. back in 2014. in the week ahead alexandria's mayor will be sworn in. it will begin at 11:00 a.m. she'll be the fifrlt new mayor in alexandria in more than a decade. also in the week ahead, senator barbara mikulski will announce a tool designed to detect weather and water
9:46 am
warnings. the new noaa and clie ma'am center is up in college park. it can detect it faster and more accurately than ever before. they may be one of the hottest gifts this season but hover boards are being linked the more and more injury sfloo touf the see at times. nbc 4's candice wen looking at it. >> reporter: you've seen the youtube videos and some are pretty funny. even landing celebrities like mike tyson on the ground. but this doctor and other medical professionals say this newest toy trend the no laughing matter. >> we have lots of injured related to it. when a kid falls or any human tries to brace himself that's when you see injuries. >> reporter: in fact hospitals nationwide are seeing an uptake.
9:47 am
they've had numerous cases since christmas including patients with fractures. a children's hospital says it's had a handful of cases and they're now keep ang eye on hoverboard related injuries. dr. maloney says they're not talking about bruised wrists and elbows. >> the other thing we're thinking about is trauma to the head especially with stuff going on. >> reporter: they're preparing themselves for more patients but say the best thing to do doesn't involve hospitals or lawyers. >> if you can prevent an injury, that's the best kind of health. >> i know it's a little different than snowboarding. it's hard on your wrists even with wrist guards on and so i feel like, yeah, wrist injury. >> you're padding and falling on snow. >> this is on concrete. >> some are taking quite a wipeout. >> they need to wear a helmet. >> i've seen them everywhere.
9:48 am
i know we're going to see less and less or fewer of them. >> a good day to get on rollerblades today and enjoy this nearly balmy weather compared to what's coming. afternoon highs would be never 10 degrees am a great day to get out and get some exercise and recreation. ruffle day. maybe take a bike ride, too, or go hiking. temperatures will be in the low 50s by 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon and as you're out running around, snap some photos and post them on my facebook and twitter like erica pence did this morning when she was getting some exercise on roosevelt island. under the bridge she took this shot of the high rises there across the river in northern virginia and rosslyn gleaming in the sunlight on twitter. another shot of our capital camera. the flag is flapping gently and
9:49 am
a j gentle southerlierly breeze. we're in the mid-to upper 30s. nearly 40 degrees there. the "storm team 4" not showing any rain, no snow, no travel problems. a lot of people heading home. rain in florida. a little bit of rain way out on the west coast. parts of california and only a minor flight delay there. a little bit of snow in the cascades an oregon. for us big change blows in tomorrow morning. afternoon temperatures will struggle to make it into tupper 30s. waiting for the bus tomorrow morning and the metro, it will only be around 30 degrees. winds pick up. winds will only be in the 20s. the dress accordingly. warm clothes, scarves, glove, hat tomorrow morning and money of the day on monday and again on tuesday as we only reach upper 30s tomorrow afternoon.
9:50 am
that wind may make it feel only like 20s and the wind diminishes by monday night and clouds racing through might produce a scattered flurry mainly in the mountain and then it settles down on tuesday morning as temperatures plunge to near 20 degrees. afternoon highs on tuesday, only in the mid 30s with bright sunshine. the low 20s. ought to make it up near the average high this time of year. low 40s wednesday afternoon with lots of sunshine. then clouds on the increase with milder weather moving in. on thursday, "storm team 4" seven-day forecast outlook and then rain may be moving in on friday. likely rain late it from afternoon into friday night. highs in the 40s and then that ends midday on wednesday with a little sun back on saturday afternoon. we'll get that rain ending midday and temperatures in the upper 40s. sunday right now looks like rain. that's a week from today. wet and chilly.
9:51 am
that's next weekend, the outlook. it's looking like no snow. just some rain moving through on sunday. back to you. >> thanks. a new year and a new record broken by "star wars." how much "the force awakens" has made in theaters and the only movie standing in its way.
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9:54 am
happening now in oregon, a small group of militia has occupied a building. they've been there since last night. the group says it's showing support for two ranchesranchese are set to head to california prison. they're going stay there indefinitely. it's a growing fear that v.a. medical centers in our areas are not going have enough nurses. >> "news4's" scott macfarlane has seen reports that nurses have left in droves. >> after two tours in iraq and eight years in the military, thor wall says he's seen the v.a. system up close. >> the first person you see for any kind of treatment is when a nurse brings you back, gets your vitals, get you checked in, and does that initial assessment of you.
9:55 am
>> reporter: but walz says he's know itted new faces. we discovered he's right. they showed 12% of the nurses who started the year working at the martinsburg v.a. medical center have either retired or quit since. at the maryland v.a. system, 11% have and neil as many at the major medical center in d.c. in each case, significantly more leaving in 2015. >> there's a fatigue to being a nurse, but there's also significant gratification to being a nurse. >> reporter: susan george is one of them retiring at the end of the year. she'd served for decades at the v.a. including nine years at the maryland medical center in martinsburg. >> i've always loved being a nurse in every place i've been. >> reporter: why is this happening? they're facing hurdles including a national nursing shortage and private hospitals who can pay better pay packages for nurses, luring some of them away from the v.a. system.
9:56 am
that could be a crisis by 2018. nationwide they estimate 40,000 nurses will be needed just to keep up with the growing population of veterans and aging population which will soon have more significant health needs. he hopes many of those nurses will instead choose to say. >> we're a far more thankful and giving population of patients and they really dig on that. >> reporter: scott macfarlane, "news4." well, 2016 brings more new records for the latest installment of "star wars: the force awakens" brought in 46 million as of friday. aft "avatar's" record is still safe for now. >> that's a lot of money. enjoy the milder weather while we've got it. temperatures are going down. we'll tell you how low they will go. tom's tracking what you can plan for in the week ahead. donald trump dealing with
9:57 am
controversy. a new propaganda video the
9:58 am
9:59 am
squliens around the block to buy guns and a door just opened again. the response as president obama prepares to issue an executive order on gun control. a manhunt for a killer is on high alert at this hour as
10:00 am
relatives feed the suspected gunman in a new year's day attack. were you feeling lucky? the surprise announcement from a big powerball drawing and what happens next. >> good for us we didn't get tickets that night. >> yeah. >> you still have time if you're along with us for that. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm david culver in for adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. >> tom? >> we saw people out yesterday getting exercise, recreation, working off some of the holiday overindulge overindulgent overindulgence. milder temperatures this afternoon and a cold plunge monday and tuesday. temperatures right now are near 40 degrees, shenandoah valley and out into the mountains. locally around the metro area we're in the mid to


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