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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 3, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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relatives feed the suspected gunman in a new year's day attack. were you feeling lucky? the surprise announcement from a big powerball drawing and what happens next. >> good for us we didn't get tickets that night. >> yeah. >> you still have time if you're along with us for that. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm david culver in for adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. >> tom? >> we saw people out yesterday getting exercise, recreation, working off some of the holiday overindulge overindulgent overindulgence. milder temperatures this afternoon and a cold plunge monday and tuesday. temperatures right now are near 40 degrees, shenandoah valley and out into the mountains. locally around the metro area we're in the mid to upper 30s.
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it's 40 in washington. chesapeake bay, that's the warm spot. they're at 45 degrees. they'll be climbing into the low 50s by mid afternoon and the big plunge occurs overnight tonight. we'll talk about that and the next chances for rain in the week ahead. that's coming in just a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. one minute after the 10:00 hour. right now a very popular gun show continues for a second day in euro area. this as president obama prepares to issue an executive order on gun control. lines were out the door in chantilly yesterday. during president obama's weekly address he said he wants to make it tougher for americans to buy and sell guns. >> at rally in mississippi last night donald trump pledged to veto any executive action taken by president obama on gun control. he also blamed the president's administration for the creation of the terror group isis. also happening in decision 2016 at last night's rally,
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trump did not mention a terror group's propaganda group distributed friday. they used some of his remarks about muslims. nbc's ron al listen has more on how this could affect his campaign. >> reporter: the video by the al qaeda affiliate based in after is a pitch to join the cause. al shabaab, responsible for the deadly attack of a nairobi mall that killed dozens for trying them as a racist and anti-muslim society among other things. and listen to this recruitment video days after the attack in san bernardino. >> remember this and listen. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until the country's representatives can figure out with what the [ bleep ] is going on. >> reporter: analysts say using trump can be an effective tactic for the terrorists. >> this is something with major
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political following, someone with major political influence. >> reporter: trump's political opponents have warned that his statements would be used by the militants. >> he's becoming isis's best recruiter. >> reporter: today a white house national security expert said it's no surprise they would try to use a comment adding, quote, we're going to do everything we can as the u.s. government to make clear that's not the case. it's the first time trump is featured so prominently, the video apparently targeting a u.s. audience, nar rating in english, also featuring perhaps al qaeda's best known american leader, anwar a awlal awlaki, k four years ago by usa drone strike. >> it's a recruitment call spoken by donald trump and anwar al awlaki, not great company for
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a u.s. presidential candidate to be in. >> reporter: no comment from donald trump. we're talking about security. we're not talking about religion. we're talking about security. the country is out of control. >> reporter: with that new video the militants hoping the candidate also sends them more recruits. ron allen, nbc news. coming up this morning on "meet the press," chuck todd talking about how donald trump has been attacking hillary clinton and whether bill clinton's past is fair game. we're going to talk with chuck in a few minutes from now, but you can also catch "meet the press" at 10:30 following "news4 today." the mayor of a mexico town killed the day after she took office. they say they dragged her from her house and then killed her. the attackers have been detained but no word on the motive. last year several lawmakers and leaders in mexico were murdered. developing story. d.c. police combing through a
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car that they believe is connected to a new year's eve hit and rupp-. they recovered the car yesterday. they say it could have been involved in the crash on frizz morning that killed ian butz. they hope that will lead them to a suspect. we're also following a story abroad. today will be the funeral for two people killed in a bar in tel aviv on new year's day. meanwhile police are on high alert as they search for the gunman. family members say the shooter was a troubles man with a motive. the white house says it's not ready to impose sanctions. they have more political and technical work to do. they say the u.s. is considering a number of sanctions. lawmakers have criticized the president for delaying president of iran. your time now, 10:05.
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it was a bizarre rescue. one that has some wildlife officials stump. you're looking at a lion right there. we'll talk about the mystery of how that animal landed stranded in the arabian sea. in the arabian sea. and how body cams can make it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer.
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a lion in india made its way out of national park and ended up by the sea. take a look at this. he was sitting on a rock and then chose dive for splash. he dove right if there. there he goes, just like a pro. right three knew the arabian sea. they were able to lift it out of the water, tranquilize it and take it to a center.
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he'll be under observation until they find out where he came from. it took rescue workers 12 hours to reach a man who fell 20 feet down a cave in eastern tennessee. the man was in his 60s. he fell while exploring a cave outside of knoxville. he and a group were half a mile under ground when he slipped on some rocks and fell. they managed to squeeze through tight tunnels to get to him. the man was seriously hurt. temperatures below freezing. you're going need a winter coat. tom forecasting a big change. squlak pot, with no winner in last night's drawing, the in last night's drawing, the prize keeps on growin
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here in the district mayor muriel bowser has outlined sweeping legislation to outfit officers with body cameras and the use of taser is back on the horizon. mayor muriel bowser signed d.c. legislation to have 2,800 officers wear body cams on duty in 2016. one of the most ambition plans
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in the nation. >> we know body cams make our community safer and stronger. they increase accountability among all parties involved. >> i support stability and transparency. >> reporter: city officials say the new law allows significant public disclosure of video under the freedom of information rules as quickly in some cases as 48 hours. it costs about $5 million a year. the police union supports body cameras but it wants officers similar to chicago assigned less lethal tasers for less difficult situations. the city says that's going to happen. >> it is the intention of the metropolitan police department to give the officers tasers in the field and we intend to do that. >> reporter: the first 700 cameras are expected to arrive soon. in the district, tom sherwood, "news4." new this morning the multi-million-dollar jackpot is going up again. there were no winners in last night's $340 million drawing so wednesday you're going have a chance to win $400 million, making it the biggest jackpot since 2013. today the redskins taking on
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the dallas cowboys. it's going happen at 1:00 in texas. this is the last regular season game, but not much really on the line since the team already clinched a playoff spot. today we'll also learn who the skins will face in their first play off game. depending who wins they could face the seattle seahawks, minnesota vikings or the green bay packers. dedicated football fans in buffalo, check it out. they're clearing snow ahead of today's game. a lake-effect snowstorm dumped a foot of snow on the stadium. the team said, hey, who can offer to come out to shovel, we'll pay $10 an hour. they had no problem getting help. today they take on the new york jets. that i might want to bundle up. the forecast is now calling for the point of more snow. nice system they have going on there. let's talk politics now at 10:14. we're less than a month away from the iowa caucuses and less
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than a year from the decision. donald trump has focused much of his campaign attacking hillary clinton and that fight is only starting to heat up. >> "meet the press" moderator chuck todd gearing up for the first show of the year. let's talk about donald trump. >> donald trump. i've heard of him. >> he e's been calling him an abuser. what is it about? >> is it a full-fledged strategy? did hillary clinton go after him in that debate? that said when he goes after somebody, he always seems to find a soft spot which on within hand you think is not a vul nevern't but the candidate himself does not like to deal with it itself. in this case bill clinton, when his past is brought up it helps her but she doesn't like to talk about it. hids strategy is sustain it and
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go after it. it does two things. one, he's willing to take on the clintons. he's already there. the second thing is seeing if she cracks. you know, jeb bush eventually cracked. other candidates eventually cracked when trump went after them. will hillary? she's got more discipline, i doubt she will but that's something i'm watching for. how does she handle these attacks. >> i want to know how trump is handling the new video by al shabaab, the al qaeda-linked group. this is something hillary called outer ler. >> sure. >> she said these terrorists are going to use him as a tool. these are things you asked him about before, right? >> i did. obviously he got upset. when hillary clinton said it was happening, the debate hadn't happened yet. said what if your words show up in a video, will it make you rethink. he said not at all.
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>> do you think it's going to impact his campaign? >> it only impacts his came pan if others choose to try to make an impact. sometimes, you know, voters -- we had people at his rally that we did interview withes asking about this. they didn't believe the video. they think it was made up. they think it was a political opponent creating the illusion. i think for supporters it isn't going to hurt himnd it depends how they decide to use it, whether they use it at all. some of these republicans are now backing off their attacks on trump. they feel like it's getting nothing and i'll have a montage of kaerchlts who went after trump who no longer are involved. >> he's got a lot coming up. >> don't miss it. 2016. we finally get to do something on the 2016 race. we've been waiting. as you know, we've been waiting until the calendar changed. >> you've held off. >> foe kulsed on other things. >> it's going to be a fun year. >> don't miss it.
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>> he's got a lot coming up. >> fireworks. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. what have you got for us, tom? >> i can't top that, i'm sorry. come on in, chuck. do the weather. >> we need manmon taj. >> do you get vertigo? >> yeah. >> we're going tofalling off the cliff in the next 24 hours. enjoy this while you can. it will be milder this afternoon. lots of snipe. live view from the "storm team 4" capital camera. there's the flag flapping gently in the light southerly breeze. along with the sunshine over the next 12 hours, we'll be in the upper 40s in another hour or and a half or two and then if the afternoon hovering in the low 50s and then late this evening, it's going to be right back down into the 30s and quite chilly as we get into the overnight hours. temperatures in the 40s. much of the region in the mid-40s. north and west of the metro area and out of the mountains as well
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in many locations there. all dry around the region. stomp team 4 radar not showing much. post your pictures like jeff did of the morning bridge gleaming. love that photo. post yours on my facebook page and share on twitter as well and we'll share on instagram. tomorrow morning at the bus stop waiting for the metro, it's going to be blustery and cold. temperatures in the 30s. winds in the 20s and the winds will increase between 8:00 and 9:00, maybe gusting to 30 miles an hour. just a little bit above freezing but it will feel like the 20s. you won't need the umbrella. warm coat, scarves, gloves. again on tuesday. "storm team 4" forecast, highs tomorrow only the upper 30s and those winds will be blustery into the afternoon. we'll settle down. there's a slight chance we might get a flurry flying through the
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air on monday afternoon. mainly out in the mountains. then on tuesday, sunshine, cold in the morning but lighter winds. afternoon highs in the 30s. then on thursday, low 20s. afternoon highs, low 40s which is the average high this time of year. therch increasing cluds. milder. then friday, rain developses during the day mainly in the afternoon during the day through midday. highs in the 40s both friday and saturday. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. 10:20 right now. she impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of service men and women with a simple act of kindless. we're talking about a heartfelt hug as they left their families behind and when they came home. >> now the hug lady as she was known is being remembered in her texas community and far beyond. here's erica hill.
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>> reporter: a final good-bye to a woman who touched the lives of so many. for more than a decade almost every soldier who passed through ft. hood was given a simple gist. >> thank you so much for being here. >> welcome back. >> an embrace from elizabeth blair. affectionately known as the hug lady. born into a military family she enlisted on her 18th birthday. >> i wanted to do my part for the country. >> reporter: long after serving, she continued to give back, welcoming soldiers, one by one. >> and then one day a soldier hugged me. well, there was another soldier. this one hugged me. that one needed a hug, too, so i gave him a hug. another one needed a hug, and so it went. >> reporter: since 2003, the hug lady was embraced more than a half a million heroes. >> my family is not here, per se, so that's why she fills in for them. >> reporter: in early november laird's ten-year battle with breast cancer landed her in the hospital.
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countless soldiers came to give her a hug and to thank her. on christmas eve laird passed away. a gofundme account established to help with medical expenses has raised more than $94,000. on facebook tributes pouring in. one soldier writing in, bless this woman, her family, and all the lives she has touched through a simple act of kindness. >> well, if i can bring a smieshlgs i've done something worthwhile, right? >> have a good day. >> reporter: blard's legacy felt in every em grace. >> she will be missed but she will never be forgotten, that's for sure. >> erica hill reporting there. they'll make it tougher for americans to buy and sell guns. >> the body of a woman found on a high yats vim trail has been identified as katherine alvar o
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alvarado. her mother saw her on new year's eve last and reported her missing the following day. right now d.c. police are combing a car for forensic evidence. they believe it was involved in a deadly hit-and-run on new year's day. protesters are protesting a prominent shiite clerk's execution. remember pay phones
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breaking news in prince george's county. they were called out for a welfare check around 5:00 this morning. they found a man with trauma to his body. no word on suspects at this hour. "news "news4's" derrick ward is on his way. follow him on twitter for developing throughout the day. 10:26. remember pay phones, pay booths? yeah they're making a comeback sort of. they're going to be unveiled on the sidewalks on new york city. the hotspots will have super fast and free wi-fi. phones with free calling. and they're going to have these little ports where you can plug in and charge your phones. at least 7,500 are due to go online in the first half of this year. call it a new year's regulation for women's magazines.
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they'll no longer use "bikini body" or "drop two sizes "on their cover. they don't like the term and want it retired. the editor in chief wrote a dear john type of letter and they're going to start applying those in the january issue so they will no longer appear on any of their covers. i agree. how about strong body over bikini body. >> keep working out. >> keep working out. >> oh, man. well, you're going need to work out because it's going to be cold out there in the week ahead, right? >> it sure is.
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this sunday, the one-month sprint to iowa and new hampshire begins. >> we are all in in iowa. we are all in in new hampshire. >> while donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton, by attacking bill clinton's sexual peck dillos. >> that certainly will be fair game. certainly if they play the woman's card with respect to me that will be fair game. >> it may be fair game. but it's never worked before against hillary. will it now? also, the battle to the republican establishment's anti-trump or anti-cruz. john kasich and rand paul join me live. plus anger in america. some surprising results from our new esquire survey. and guess what? white men, they're not the angriest. and jerry seinfeld, in a car, getting coffee, with the president of the united states.


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