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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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motorcyclist killed in a crash in montgomery county. what the victim did seconds before impact. colder air is moving into the region. amelia is standing by with the timing. and these redskins fans got to enjoy a regular season ending win over one of the team's most bitter rivals. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. good evening. i'm meagan fitzgerald in for erika gonzalez. as kids return to school they'll be dealing with the coldest day so far this season. storm people 4 meteorologist amelia segal joins us with what you can expect at the bus stop and as you head back to work
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tomorrow morning. >> meagan, right now the coldest air not just of the season, and it will greet us tomorrow morning and it will be frigid by tuesday morning. so what to wear at the bus stop tomorrow morning? kids near their warmest coat, gloves, hat, scarf, the whole nine yards and rain boots and umbrella not necessary. we're just tracking extremely cold air moving into the area. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. and it's already breezy and we saw the flag there at union station and winds increase throughout the day tomorrow. not only is it cold, but we're dealing with a feels like temperature from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and the thermometer reading 29 degrees mostly to partly sunny skies tomorrow and into the afternoon hours it becomes windy and how cold it will feel and when we start to warm back up, meagan, coming up in my full forecast. >> sounds good. thanks. >> police are on the scene of a deadly crash between a car and motorcycle in montgomery county. it happened in spencerville this
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afternoon which isn't far from hampshire greens golf course. darcy spencer joins us live with what caused the wreck. darcy? >> we are live on spencerville road which is still shut down between good hope and new hampshire avenue. the scene is across this lawn and it's very hard to see now that it's gotten dark. let's show you video that we shot just a few hours ago. there was a car and motorcycle involved. they were both going in the same direction which is generally toward the direction that i'm standing. apparently the driver of the car was attempting to make a left turn into a driveway here and witnesses are telling police that the motorcycle driver apparently crossed the double yellow line to go around that car and that's when they collided right there at that driveway. the motorcycle driver was taken to a hospital where he later died and police are investigating to see if speed was a factor in the crash. >> we'll be out here and the road will be closed two to three
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hours while we measure skid marks and any other evidence they can obtain from the road in the vehicle to put the pieces together and find out what happened in the dpt. >> it was pretty bad. they had the cops and the whole thing and they blocked the whole thing out and everything after we came out. it was sad. it was really sad to see. >> reporter: that motorcycle driver has not yet been identified. the driver of the car, we are told, just suffered minor injuries and did not need to be taken to the hospital. back to you. >> darcy spencer, in montgomery county for us, thank you. a man's body was found in a dine cul-de-sac in maryland. police say it was discovered around killborn drive early this morning and investigators say the man was murdered. news 4's derrick ward has the story. >> reporter: prince george's county police crime scene investigators returning to the 3900 drop of killborn drive in clinton. daylight had revealed a cell phone amid the fallen leaves and an important piece of evidence and the last time they were here it was to investigate a
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homicide, a disturbing scene for residents. >> there was a body on the ground. >> reporter: someone called police saying the man's body was near the driver's side of a black mercedes and it was still running. the victim had upper body trauma. residents of the block had heard something, but nothing alarming. >> odd noise, but something like gunshots. >> wow! >> reporter: indeed, this was a quiet cul-de-sac and not much happens and neighbors look out for each other and the police presence fired up a network of concerns. >> i got the message and she said i'm calling to see if you got the okay. >> reporter: this is where the car was and this is the one anomaly in the neighborhood. there's no house on this lot and not a lot of lighting and it provides a cut-through to allentown road. >> it's a place where people gather and drink after dark. their property belongs to a nearby church and neighbors have been asking for a better fence and whether this factors into a
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crime is up to investigators to determine, but there's irrefutable evidence that the homicide discovered on the block has changed things. >> it bothers me a lot. >> derrick ward, news 4. take a look at this cell phone video of a house fire. you can see flames shooting out of the roof. the family was home at the time and managed to make it out safely. it started in the attic this afternoon. the cause is still under investigation. turning now to the playoff-bound washington redskins. it is a packed house inside the city bar in northwest. fans came out to watch the skins battle the cowboys. today was also jerry jones' appreciation day at the bar. the bar's owner held a tongue in cheek roast of the cowboys' owner. and those guys certainly enjoyed today's win and carol maloney shows us from the newsroom, the redskins are riding a four-game winning streak into the
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playoffs. >> can you believe it, meagan? it was a big risk for him to start those guys today and what a reward, a win over the cowboys and before the offense left in the second quarter they racked up 24 points and kirk cousins and company peaking at the right time. a meaningless game, of course, is in dallas for the regular season finale and kirk cousins said he wanted to play, and keep his rhythm, fourth quarter and already at 7-0 cousins and a highlight reel moment and pierre garcon with that and cousins 12 for 15 and 176 yards and three touchdowns and puts on the ball cap and his day was done. in comes colt mccoy and the first play of the fourth quarter and 71-yard touchdown bob to rashard. a career t.d. pass and the redskins beat the cowboys 24-23 and four straight w finish and they finish near 9 and 7. a near-perfect day for the
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redskins and they keep the winning streak and the momentum going as they head to a home playoff game next week. who will they face? we'll break down the scenarios coming up later in the show. back to you. >> carol, thanks. >> tomorrow is the official swearing-in ceremony for alexandria's new mayor, but today residents got a chance to see allison sliderberg. an installationer is moneyes of held at the masonic temple. the city has not had a new mayor in more than a decade. silverberg defeated the city's longtime mayor winning more than 63% of the vote and tomorrow night's swearing in will be at t.c. williams high school. new fallout tonight after saudi arabia executed a prominent cleric on terrorism charges. [ chanting ] >>tests continue to mount in iran after it announced it was cutting all diplomatic ties with
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iran. iranian diplomats have 48 hours to leave saudi arabia. the decision comes as tehran continues to criticize the sunni-led saudi government for executing the shiite cleric. some iranians threw molotov cocktails at the saudi embassy in tehran. others chanted death to saudi arabia and death to america. they say the u.s. and israel support the saudi kingdom despite its actions. and up next, it's one of the most talked about stories on our app. armed protesters take over a federal building in oregon. find out their demand.
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developing right now in the desert of eastern oregon, a group of protesters occupying an empty federal building at a wild life refuge. they want to call attention to ranchers' rights. they're angry over the prison sentences for ranchers who burn federal land. the time ranchers spent in prison for arson is not long enough under federal law. at least one of the protesters is armed. aman bundy, the son of a nevada rancher in the 2014 standoff with the government is among the group. >> it is the people's facility owned by the people, and it has been provided for us to be able to come together and unite. >> reporter: the harney county sheriff's office released a
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statement this afternoon. they say the group is trying to overthrow the county and federal government with the goal of sparking a movement across the country. right now you're taking a look at pictures from the washington monument earlier today. our next chance of rain is several days away, but amelia is up next to let us know if snow is in the forecast. and in the race for the white house everyone seems to have an opinion on president obama's plan to strengthen gun laws. we'll tell you what the we'll tell you what the candidates are saying about the
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to the race for the white house and the gun debate. president obama plans to use an executive order to stiffen gun laws as given gop candidates a new talking point. as brian mooar reports all are jockeying for position with the iowa caucuses just four weeks away. >> reporter: returning to washington to start his last year in office, president obama is reportedly hoping to tighten gun laws without the input of congress, but he's getting plenty of feedback from the candidates hoping to replace him. >> if he wants to make changes to these laws, go to congress and convince the congress that they're necessary. >> reporter: with san bernardino joining a long list of cities hit by gun violence on his
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watch, the president will meet with his attorney general monday to talk about an executive order, expanding background checks and restricting sales to criminal suspects. >> people with mental health issues should not own guns and that's what the president is trying to do. >> republicans don't see it that way. >> his first impulse is to take rights away from law-abiding citizens and it's wrong. >> i'm especially concerned because i know what a republican president would mean. >> reporter: republicans vow they'll undo any obama orders on guns. >> i will veto that. i will unsign that so fast. so fast. >> on my first day in office they're gone. >> from the campaign trail to the white house, a new talking point in the debate over guns. it's not clear when the president might reveal his plan, but he has scheduled a televised townhall meeting for this thursday in suburban virginia. brian mooar, nbc news,
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washington. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> and tomorrow the weather having a moderate impact on your day. the coldest air we've had since early march and not only that, but dealing with breezy to windy conditions throughout the day. so quite the shock to the system and then we'll continue to track cold air throughout the day on tuesday. the coldest time period is monday night on into tuesday morning. so here is your weather outlook and outdoor exercise and you're one of those people who want to be outside and just head to the gym and treat yourself. out walking the dog and talking to one of my veterinary friends this evening, you can't give an absolute temperature as to when you need to be aware of your dog heading outside in the cold. it's kind of all with their hair length, how they've grown up and that sort of thing, but i know my dog just going out and right back in these next few days. you can get your car washed and we're looking at dry weather the next few days. absolutely frigid tomorrow and
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tuesday. we do start to warm up on wednesday and rain is in the forecast late friday and into saturday and no snow in the forecast and maybe a few flurries tomorrow during the midday hours and you can find more information on that on my facebook and twitter pages. 47 degrees in washington and highs today in the low 50s for the most part across the area and quite the temperature drop arriving overnight tonight and by tomorrow morning we're at 29 degrees and it's breezy during the early morning hours and windy for the remainder of the day. lunchtime, you're heading out to the grab some lunch, 35 degrees and it will feel like temperatures in the 20s and we'll hit a high temperature of 38 and 7:00 a.m. and you probably want the warmest coat of 28 degrees. feels like temperature tomorrow at 10:00 p.m., already feeling like temperatures is in the single digits and feeling 14 degrees in washington as we work our way toward tuesday morning
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and 5:00 a.m. and updating the forecast and temperatures for most of us feeling like they're in the single digits and feeling about 8:00 in gaithersburg and 10 degrees in washington as we work more toward the breakfast hour on tuesday and teens still in the suburbs by lunch and dinner time with clear skies and temperatures plummet once again into the 20s overnight and by wednesday afternoon we do warm up to a high temperature of 21 degrees and beautiful sun shine and mostly sun owe thursday and the day on friday is looking dry. rain moves in during the evening hours and i could see some freezing rain or sleep. not so much of a concern though, here in the d.c. metro area and the chance of more rain on sunday, meagan. >> thanks. still ahead, a record-setting day for the redskins and why this game was so important to the team. sports is next.
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what a day for the burgundy
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and gold, a winning record and records broken. that is the day in dallas for the redskins. coming home to host the playoff game next week, they're on the flight right now. jay gruden admitted it was a tough decision how long to play his starters today, but the first team offense was just rolling. the first play of the game for the redskins. jordan reed tied with chris cooley for most receptions in the single season in franchise history. 11 yards on the play and reception passes and later in the quarter, cousins has the ox fence and the red zone in play action and sort past ryan grant and there you go, pay dirt. five yards for 16 straight games with the touchdown for cousins and redskins up 7-0 and third and long for the cowboys and calvin moore completed it, linebacker, first career interception for compton. taken down after a 24-yard gain and gives the red hot offense
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back and kirk cousins will cash in and stepping away from the pleasure and this one is a beauty and pierre holds the touchdown and cousins starts the game 6 for 6 with two touchdown passes and redskins up 13-0 and in the red zone and he connects with jamison crowder! cousin, 12 for 15 and 176 yards and three touchdowns. jay shrader's redskins record and hewol puts on the ball cap he's done with this and colt mccoy. colt putting the foot on the gas pedal and how wide open was rashard for that one? 71 yards, rather for the house and redskins beat the cowboys, 34-23 and they finished the season at 9 and 7 and on a four-game win streak. with more on that and the game we'll send it to dallas and jason pugh. carol, the redskins came in the jerry's world today and steam rolled the cowboys to put an end to a pleasantly surprising regular season and
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you can call this game revenge or call it payback, but the redskins, they're calling it momentum because they go into the playoffs winners of four consecutive games. >> knowing you've won four in a row and you're playing well and so if things go with the slow startish and the guys won't blink and they'll keep playing so i'm glad we're on a hot streak. >> 9 and 7 just sounds better and it feels better and it puts us in a positive direction and that's what we went out and did. >> four straight in the fourth quarter of the season and it's important and now it's, you know, so crucial to keep that momentum going and carry that rhythm into what will be the biggest game of the year. >> that's a great feeling and i feel a lot better once it was around, you know, we've been here before and we just want to get past that now. progress and get better. and my goal, and i think it's all our goal, and you see how
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far we can go. >> the redskins are now playing the waiting game and we'll have to wait and see who they face in the first round playoff game at fedex field next weekend. >> from arlington, texas, i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> everyone's asking. meagan's asking. roger's asking, who are they going to face next week? sunday night football on nbc 4 will help determine that tonight as the vikings beat the packers. if the vikings lose and cardinals win, the skins will face the seahawks. if seattle beats the cardinals today and they're playing right now. cardinals and seahawks and coupled with the vikings loss and they know they'll win today and the bottom line, watch sunday night football tonight and you'll find out who they're facing next week. one playoff spot up for grabs and jets win in the end and rex ryan would love to knock out the team and tyrod taylor and he's doing his best tyrod taylor and
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the virginia tech hokeys taking off and he is going in and he picks up a block and the 18-yard touchdown run and it's 7-0 bills and jets trying to back it in and down nine is ryan fitzpatrick and who else? the 41 touchdown and late in the game, steelers fans are rooting hard for the bills. fitzpatrick, he's intercepted by a.j. and that seals it and jets lose 22-17 and needing help from the browns against the steelers. >> the steelers don't want to help out the jets. they need a win to get in and up five points and steelers bringing the pressure. lawrence timmons sacks austin davis who fumbles and they've got a whole lot of momentum. later next play, ben ro roethlisberger getting away from the rusher and marcus wheaton makes the catch and they take a breath and they go on to win it
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28-12 and they clinch their spot in the playoff and we'd like to congratulate jason our director, that lucky sweatshirt he wears every sunday and they're losing right now early to the heat. 16-12 and we'll have highlights coming up after sunday night football which you have to watch on "redskins final." >> one last look at our weather. >> frigid temperatures monday and tuesday and i'll have updates after football, as well. >> sounds good. thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is up and we hope you join us tonight after sunday night football. have a good night,
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on this sunday night, new year's battleground. with 29 days to iowa, the war of words heats up between the front runners. what trump is saying about both hillary and bill clinton. and that terror recruitment video that uses trump's comments about muslims. the standoff at a federal building occupied by armed anti-government activists in oregon. tonight, why they're outraged and vowing to continue their occupation for years. day of rage in the muslim world over the execution of a prominent clergyman, all part of a bigger struggle between relious rivals. and saving the sea. the oceans drowning in plastic, but now a novel idea to collect all that garbage before it washes ashore. "nightly news" begins now.


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