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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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this cold since march of last year. chuck is tracking the real start of winter for us. >> how do you like that? the skins land four wins in a row heading into the playoffs, and the rush to get tickets starts today. so exciting. >> it really is. good morning, everybody. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check our weather first. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with your morning headlines. >> you're absolutely right. aaron and eun, good morning to you. welcome back to work and school this morning, everyone. finallily flurries around today. nothing measurable but an occasional snowflake can't be ruled out. there will be a bigger chance nr rain this weekend. i'll have look at how weather on the weekend will affect you. right now windchills back in into the teens and 20s. 21 in an course town. 27 in washington. focusing in ontown next 24 hours, bundle up. that's the hash tag for
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today #layerup. windchills only in the teens to near 20 at 7:00 tonight with air temperatures down below freezing and starting off tomorrow morning even colder still. downtown temperatures down to about 21 tomorrow morning, but widespread teens in the suburbs and kind of blustery weather around for the day. we'll let you know how the wind'soing to affect your commute coming up in a few more minutes. if you're heading out, you'll need to layer up. highs in the 30s. commuter impacts in ten minutes and a look at the weekend at 5:21. melissa mollet right now at "first4 traffic." >> we still have this problem. all lanes blocked because of the water main break. police directing traffic. also getting reports between l street and 18th and 20th. we have lanes blocked because of a police investigation. we have that popping up as well. inner loop and outer loop, no major problems.
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95 at lorton road looking quite good. northbound and southbound prince george's county also moving along quite nicely. when we're back in a couple of minutes, more problems and the one we'll have in northern virginia. see you guys then. >> thank you, melissa. the washington redskins will take on the green bay packers for the first playoff game on sunday. the team goes into the game on a high note after beating the dallas cowboys yesterday. today you'll have your chance to get your hands on tickets at fedex field. a limited number of tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. you can buy them through ticketmast ticketmaster. coming up at 5:30, jason pew will talk about the importance of a win. a man in handcuffs faces charges after an hours-long barricade situation. d.c. police say he threatened someone with a gun and then locked himself inside his home
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on wynalda in chevy chase. at one point d.c. firefighters went in with a power saw. neighbors say they hadn't heard of any trouble at that home before. the president is back at the white house and is launching right into new "early today"s at gun control. mr. obama is expected to meet with the attorney general today to map out a strategy to tighten gun control laws without the input of congress. there's response from the campaign trail and we'll talk about that when edward c. lawrence joins us at 5:30. and the president takes his gun control changes to student this week. he plans to speak at the university's town hall. cnn's anderson cooper will moderate and take questions from students. >> neighbors tell us they're rattled after a murder in clinton. officers found a man's body with trauma wounds in a vacant lot on killbourn drive. they collected a cell phone but aren't saying yet whether it's
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linked to the murder. >> this was like a bang bang. it wasn't a pop pop but a bang bang like a heater. it is 5:04. our county bureau chief tracee wilkins says police, city and politcal leaders plan to be there. it starts at 10:00 a.m. today. d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser will host a tour. it's part of a push to push a legislative package. the mayor will visit the department of forensic scientists at georgetown university and visit with small business owners to talk about security cameras to combat
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crime. a new mayor will be installed in alexandria. mayor elect alisyn camerota silverburg beat incumbent. the swearing-in will be at t.c. williams high school tonight at 7:00. new mens of the city council will also be sworn in today. make no mistake, winter is here. it is definitely a little frosty out there this morning. chuck bell is tracking what you need to know for your commute. and a first look at the bottom of the ocean. what they're revealing about the mystery of "el faro." and right now, a proi test in oregon is causing a national uproar. why the group of armed toll a federal building and is ref
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5:08 is your time right now. we're getting a look at cargo ship that sank during last october's hurricane.
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"el faro" was sailing 36783 crew members died on board. federal investigators could launch another search of that wreckage. they're still looking for the ship's black box. they haven't recovered any human remains either. right now in oregon protesters occupying a federal building in a wildlife refuge. they're in this for the long run. they say the goal is for people to use the land without any federal oversight and they say they plan to stay indefinitely. eamon says this is about taking power back from the federal government. >> it has been provide for us to come together and unite. it's about take the land and resources. >> at least one of the protesters is armed. ten minutes after the hour on your monday morning.
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let's check the "weather & traffic on the 1s." good morning. >> good morning. snow showers to be found across washington county and maryland and into the panhandle of west virginia. some of those snowflakes may be making their way down the 270 corridor. we'll let you know if a snowflake is actually spotted anywhere near the city. weather in your plans. outside of the fact it's cold and you need to layer up, driving locally, no problems. sunshine delays. hold onto the wheel a little tight if you have a high-profile vehicle. there's no big storms coming our way. rain chances will stay nice and low. we'll talk about the rain chances. right now my colleague tom kierein outside dealing with the elements. good morning, tom. >> the winds are picking up. in the last few minutes the
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winds are gusting 15, 20 25 miles an hour as the cold air surges in from the north and west. dress warm. first time i've had to use a hoodie. it oohs going to be the coldest day so far as you head off to work and school. layer up. that's our hash tag for the day. at the bus stop, we'll be in the 20s. we could see wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour between 8:00 and 9:00. still above free-- below freezi. it will be in the low 20s. staying in the 20s for the rest of the day. what a rude awakening. january is a winter month, melissa. >> it is. it's a cold morning. this is old town lex yun lekwn .
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this is duke street. we're shut down here. eastbound l street shut down between 178th and 20th because of a shooting investigation downtown. 66 and 95 no major issues there. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. donald trump launching a new series of attacks. the strategy his campaign is taking as we get closer to the iowa caucus. we just received word of an explosion outside a police explosion outside a police checkpoint.
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geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> reporter: we're live on duke street and alexandria between wheeler avenue and cockerel street. that's the source of your problem. take look. there's water in the street. you can see it running down the hill. it's sort of -- the break is actually midway between duke and
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cockerel at the top of the hill, so you've got water running down boug both sides. we haven't talked to people to see if they have water service. the people on the far side say they have no water issues, but you will have traffic issues until this is prepared. if you ride metro, you want to be be aware your bus may be late. no word on when it will be open. doesn't look like a lot, but it is enough to divert traffic for part of your morning rush, so if this is part of your morning commute, you may want to consider a workaround for this block until it's cleared up. we're live in alexandria, derrick ward, "news4." >> thank you, derrick. the clintons will campaign together starting today. hillary clinton made the announcement last night in new hampshire. she referenced her husband's record with the economy. she said the economy is one of
5:17 am
the reasons it's drushl have a democrat in the white house. >> not one of the republican candida candidates is in favor of raising the minimum wage, and not one of them believes we need to do anything to make sure women get equal pay for equal work. hillary clinton hits the campaign trial at nashua community college town hall center. until now trump's campaign has counted on media coverage for exposure. going forward the candidate vows to spend $2 million a week on tv ads. breaking news out of kabul. new video of an explosion outside of police check poirnts. we're hearing that a suicide bomber in a car blew himself up,
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hurting two officers. also some civilians. we're going to bring you more as we get it. back to you. >> thanks, angie. social services center will reopen its doors at the san bernardino regional center. they're expected to welcome staff today. the third which was the actual site of the shooting is closed indefinitely. a memorial will be held to honor the victims. the buildings are closed so all the staff can attend if they want to. more than 10 were killed and 20 wounded. we're watching developments in india. they're recovering from a huge kwa earthquake right now. it measured 6.7. six were killed, hundreds more were hurt, many of them by falling debris from damaged buildings. >> police in tel aviv believe an
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armed gunman is planning another attack in the city. the man killed two people when he started shooting into a crowded bar on new year's day. he said he didn't expect to make it out alive and could be planning another attack. today police will provide extra security to schools and other crowded areas in the city. today we'll learn how the chicago police department will change its policies after a controversial shooting. this morning she will announce her vision for the agency moving forward. this investigation comes after the laquan mcdonald shooting. the teenager was killed by a police officer. dash cam video of that incident contradicted the officer's story. there is a fight over pictures of a pregnant student at mt. vernon high school in virginia. both the yearbook editor and the student want the document
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entered. they would not return calls. they have the right to censor material they believe may be harmless to children under the age of 18. the search for a missing maryland boater continues. steven merls has been missing since new year's eve. officials say with the water temperatures and the amount of time that has passed they don't believe his body will resurface until late march or early april. now to a story developing in montgomery county. police are investigating whether speed contributed to a deadly accident on centreville road. witnesses say a motorcyclist crashed while trying to pass a car making a left-hand turn. the 42-year-old joe jim bob way died at the hospital. we're working to learn the name of a bicyclist killed.
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information about the suspect's car has not been released. and an accidental electrical problem caused a massive blaze in prince jornl's county. this happened on le gaven road in new carrollton. cell phone video shows flames shooting through the roof of that home. the family was inside but they made it out safely. the flames did about $100,000 in damage. it's 5:21. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." a dose of reality. it is january after all. >> the scarf, the coat, the gloves. i had it all this morning. >> a lot of folks are in for a bit of surprise compared to how mild we even been this winter. actual cold air is in place. more cold is coming. we'll be even colder by this time tomorrow morning. overall weather impadgect on yo day today outside of the impact that it's cold, a fair amount of sunshine. couldn't rule out a passing snow
5:22 am
flurry or two, but winds and temperatures. how about windchills back into the teens and 20s. our actual high temperatures, 34. 37 in annapolis. 36 in waldorf and la plata. our average is 43. for the first time in more than six weeks we may have more than one cold day in a row. in fact, today and tomorrow both comfortably below average. by the weekend next time our chances for precip come into the picture it should be relatively mild. snow showers out there this morning. it probably isn't as much as it is on the radar. if you're out there in 270, chester, bluemont, if you see it, grab a picture and send it to me. otherwise you'll need your heavy
5:23 am
coat and hat and gloves as aarons with saying. all layers of warmth required today. most of the flurry chances will be along and west to the blue ring. shouldn't be much in the way of impact. for tomorrow, an even colder start tomorrow. back into the teens for airs and only in the mid-30s for tomorrow. a noticeably colder day tomorrow. as i mention, the next change in weather arrives during the day on friday. that's a surge of warmer air and moisture and as a result, our next chance for anything coming out of the sky comes on saturday and sunday. it looks like it will be rain, not snow with temperatures in the 50s. taking a look at the four things you need to know at 6:31. here's melissa mollet with breaking news. >> breaking news. we still have this problem in old town alexandria. duke street shut down between ft. williams parkway and wheeler avenue. all lanes are blocked.
5:24 am
this is where derrick ward is. in northwest, police activity. 66 coming into the town. that is nice and on time. you don't have any problems if you're headed westbound or out of town either. that's rolling along quite nicely this morning. 270 at old 100 and hyatts road looking nice. i'll see you back at 5:31 with more on that breaking news. >> all right, melissa. thank you. a protest in prince george's county. students plan to launch what they're calling a practical hunger strike. it's happening at flowers high school. they want a meeting with administrators and they want a new food vendor for the school. in new 4 your health, parents are wondering whether they should get their children
5:25 am
the vaccine. the government wants children ages 11 or 12 to have the shot but research from the university of colorado shows more than one third of doctors believe 11 or 12 is too young to get the vaccine. treating crisis in china right now. stocks are plunging, triggering a trading halt. the shanghai composite over 7%. this is also impacting markets in australia, japan, south korea as well as india. market watchers pointing to concerns over the country's economic slowdown. eun? >> thank you. it is now 5:25. the frederick county and church of scientology will face off today. they want to continue to run the property as a rehabilitation stesh. trout run is not zoned for that.
5:26 am
they're trying to go around the zoning rule. the church of scientology filed an appeal. the hearing is set for this morning. the paper's staff, the staff delivered the actual newspaper. the guy who wrote the story probably delivered the newspaper. this week customers complained about not getting their papers after a new company took over the dlichbryes. employees worked through the night packing and delivering the newspapers directly to subscribers. readers say they really appreciated the staff's dedication. >> if you're not getting newspaper the way newspapers are going -- >> that's right. everyone has to put their hands on it. >> "star wars" is taking. >> we'll learn whether they had their biggest weekend. they made just under $90
5:27 am
million. that's just saturday and sunday. it's now $20 million away from avatar's record and it earned the money in just a quarter of the time. i still want to see it again. >> we should do it. let's do it together. >> all right. done. right now there's no denying it. it is definitely cold out there. chuck bell's "4 things to know about the forecast" as you head out. the changes being talked about and the new concerns being raise by lawmakers. a gunman stopped in the middle of church. the remarkable way the pastor and his
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it's the coldest we've seen all year. chuck is tracking how long the cold will last. taking action on gun control. president obama begins to lay out big changes today to try to curb gun violence. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. happy new year to you if you're joining us for the first time this year. we're talking thb uber cold weather that we're waking up to. winter has definitely started. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell telling us what we can expect. grab the coat, chuck. >> absolutely. layer up and get outside and enjoy some actual cold air. some of us appreciate the cold
5:31 am
air, finally kill some of the mosquitos. windchills will stay in the 20s all day and our next chance for something really organized coming out of the sky this weekend, we'll talk rain or snow coming up. for now there are actual snowflakes coming up in northern maryland in the panhandle of virginia. your hourly planner, snow flurries and snow showers, no accumulation. kids. you will have go to school and not get out today. windchills down near 20 degrees. we'll get into more of the details. how many to wear and the forecast coming up. right now breaking news in first four traffic. baracking news. still we have this problem. we're talking about alexandria, duke street shut down. the lanes are blocked because of this water main break. here is a live picture here as crews are on the scene with derrick ward. taking a look at 95. want co-to the beltway taking about 20 minutes. don't have towire too mucher
5:32 am
about delays. southbound, no major issues as you're headed southbound on 95 as well. also taking a look at this issue, downtown eastbound l street. we'll have travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. developments in the fight over gun control laws. nbc's edward lawrence is on capitol hill with reaction. edward, good morning. >> good morning, eun. you can imagine the reaction is pretty strong. the president outlined gun control as one of the most important issues to tackle this year. he plans to might happen by by passing congress. he'll meet with attorney general loretta lynch to talking the options he has including loopholes for people buying guns. hee defended his position saying 90% of americans support greater background check. he's expected of using executive orders to get around them.
5:33 am
hillary clinton applauds to move for executive orders. republican candidates disagree. chris christie says, quote, this president wants to alkt as if he's a king, a dictator. donald trump said he'll undo theechlts reporting live on capitol hill, back to you. >> thank you, edward. 5:33. white american women are furious. that's the new takeaway from a poll out this weekend. 58% of white women surveyed say they're upset over current events. that's compared to 44% of non-white american and 49% overall. republicans a s said dysfunctd consumer fraud are the
5:34 am
situations that frustrate them. we're watching developments in saudi arabia after the compa country announced it's severing all diplomatic ties with iran. iran's vice president called the move illogical and hasty today. the united states government is al also. a north carolina pastor talked down a gunman during a new year's eve service. pastor larry wright was in the middle of a sermon when an armed man walked into his church. he said he came in to do terrible things. the pastor asked him to hand over his rifle and began praying. the rest of the congregation joined him and the man began to
5:35 am
cry. he waited for police. he's not being charged. he's being treated at a mental health facility. the redskins came ready for a fight against the dallas cowboys. >> the team started off strong and never let up the pressure. "news4's" jason pugh breaks it all down for us in "news4" sports. >> reporter: the redskins closed out the regular season in style here at at&t stadium. kirk cousins has gone from backup to record-breaking:. in this game he set the singest record for most rm pass. he threw three touchdowns in the first quarter. the redskins jumped out on the boys early and never let up. they end the season on a four-game winning streak as they head into the playoffs. the players understand that momentum is crucial this time of year. >> you need that hot hand. when you've got a hot hand, you
5:36 am
don't see knowing. it's cool we won. >> it's important and now it's, you know, so crucial to keep that momentum going and carry that rhythm into what will be the biggest game of the year. >> from preseason predirkzs of misery, to a home playoff game. from arlington, texas, i'm jason pugh, "news4" news. he's got some moves. how a d.c. police officer went beyond the badge to become apartment of the community. it's the coldest we receive sincelast mafrmt chuck bell lets us know how we can plan for the school day and the rest of the week. ski
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:39. if you pass a basketball court you're probably going to see a game going on. >> that right. one officer took time off his shift to show some moves. he started playing a pickup basketball game with the hip-hop group and even took part in the music video. the artist said the officer's stop was complete lid unexpected but totally welcome. some skills there, right?
5:40 am
>> a lot of folks waiting for this snow. no real snow in our region yet but that's not stopping the ski resorts. they'res be making snow in snow shoe mountain. ten trails open right now. reports say the cold weather and even more snow in the forecast means more trails will open soon. 5:41. i don't like being cold, so i don't ski a whole heck of a lot. you know what i mean? i'm going to put it out there. >> chuck bell has been making or wanting the snow. >> we've got the snow in place for the next couple of days. it's not going to last that long. you only have to grin and bear it for an day and a half to two days. current windchills are back in the 20s. you could see some snow. your school day forecast, layer up, kiddos.
5:41 am
how low it will go. that's coming up up at 5:51. breaking news continues. we still have that problem at dulk street still shut down on duke street. all lanes are blocked. police are pushing folks off of duke street. you can work your way around it and get on duke street after the big issue. could be some props before it's cleared out of the way. don't have any problems there. germantown to the beltway looks good. it ooh going to take you nine minutes. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. thanks, melissa.
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services recently asked patients to rate the
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quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. it is 5:45 and it is freezing outside. get a look at temperatures. a live picture for you outside right now. most places, we're around the low to mid-30s. >> it's not getting a whole lot warmer. chuck bell has been tracking the colder weather for us. chuck, how long is this freezing weather going to last? >> a solid 48 hour. even i broke out my puffy coat early this morning. it is indeed a cold start. we'll let you know when you can change this back in for something lighter wait coming up. here's melissa. >> you make it look extra cold out there this morning. again, we still have this problem in old town, alexandria. duke street shut down.
5:46 am
all lanes blocked because of that water main break. we'll talk about alternates in a couple of minutes. we just got this confirmed out of chicago. a you nighted plane was struck by a fuel truck. this is at o'hare just before takeoff. it happened late last night. we're working right now to get some video. we do know that nobody on the plane was hurt, the passengers saying the impact was abrupt and startling. passengers right now getting ready to catch another flight out to omaha this morning. back to you. i thought he'd have a little bit of shame. i mean it's not like we're suspecting theft. mine we have videotape of him actually putting money in his pocket. >> a shocking development in new york city and they're coming from a church. a congregation throwing punches because of charges against a pastor. video shows him putting church
5:47 am
cash in his pocket. police arrested and charged him back in november. board members say he is refusing to resign from his position with the church. he is expected to be back tomorrow, in fact, police had to break up last night's fight after a security team tried to stop board members from entering the church to question the pastor. in wisconsin police are investigating four men's deaths in an icy leak. according to police four men died in the water after their canoe overturned yesterday. the boaters were seen leave their house at 2:00 in the morning. there's no word on why they were leaving at that hour. the agency says it has four proposals. lit make a final decision next month. the state's board of public works will review plans in march. constructions will start this year and trains could be running as soon as 2021. neighbors tell us they're rattled after a murder in clinton. officers found a man's body in a
5:48 am
vacant lot on killborne drive. detectives collected a cell phone near the scene but aren't saying whether it's linked to the murder. >> police knock on the door then and asked me did i see anything. i looked out and saw there was a body out there and thought, oh, my gosh, so -- >> neighbors tell us the property belongs to a nearby church but often it's where people go to drink after dark. 5:48 is your time. right now an ongoing fight at an air base in india. at least six attacked the base. four were kids. india says they have feeble finally cornered two of them. they sate was an attack to damage india's relations with pakistan. seven indian soldiers died. an organized beak ride is in controversy. the suitland-based company posted on instagram there were no plans to disrupt traffic.
5:49 am
bike life did not plan the event but said they're receiving backlash from last month's beltway wide. the bikers wanted to enjoy the unseasonably mild weather. maryland state police received a number of complaints but the bikers were gone by the time officers arrived. a frightening new report from the head of security for fairfax county public schools. tomczak really la told "washington post" the school system receives a threat every day. he says the majority of the threats come from posts on social media sites. facebook, instagram, and anonymous apps too. he said the school works closely to investigate every threat. call it a new year's resolution for women's health magazine. they will no longer use the phrases "bikini body" or "drop two sizes" on its cover. women don't like the term and wanted it retired. the editor wrote a "dear john"
5:50 am
letter in the january issue and they will no longer be on the cover. took somebody's son, took our friend. we just want to know what happened and want to know why. a community is grieving the loss of a man shot to death on new year's eve in las vegas. officers say they thought keith capitol hill dress had a gun but later discovered it was a cell phone. they tracked childress after missing a court date in arizona. when officers found him they say childress came toward them despite repeated requests to dr drop. major flood cleanup is starting. hundreds of people returning home for the first time since the floods forced them to evacuate last week. the water is gone but many homes are damaged beyond repair. national guard troops and federal aid workers are
5:51 am
assisting in the cleanup effort. all morning long we've been telling you it was cold. chuck is here to tell us how chilly it's going to get the next couple of days. >> we had only one day colder than average for the entire month of december. we might get two or three in a row colder than average here between today, tomorrow, and wednesday. that will be our longest stretch of sub average temperatures in more than six weeks and six weeks ago it was only the middle of november, so it wasn't really all that cold out. right now blustery and cold is what to expect. passing snow flurries, just occasional snow flurries. a little conversation. that's it. windchills, teens and 20s. live camera from national harbor, you can see the water on the potomac rippled up under the bit of a gusterly northwesterly wind.
5:52 am
bhils, 21 in hagerstown. 26 in gaithersburg. air temperatures themselves are a little better. up into the low and mid-30s. but very little rise in temperatures today. we're low to mid-30s. occasional snowflakes and snow showers up to about lunchtime and things will dry out a bit. there's the streeling off of the great lakes, the lake-effect snow showers that are sneaking their way down to northern parts of maryland. even snow flakes here. martinsburg, hagerstown, out toward poolesville and leesburg. an occasional snowflake. if you get a pinch or one, tweet it to me. best flurry chances. after the sun goes down tonight, the heise today in the mid to upper 30s. the skies will clear and the winds will ease up. tomorrow morning will be colder than this one. the next big change in the weather arrives on friday as temperatures will once again be warming back up again as we head
5:53 am
into the weekend. it looks like temperatures will be in the 50s. our next best chance of rain or snow will be in the form of raindrops. between now and wednesday, a lot of cold mornings there. 21 downtown. a lot colder in the suburbs. how low you'll go in ten minutes. >> we still have a problem. take a look. live picture. this is where derrick ward is for us this morning. that's the issue with the closure of duke street. shun down between ft. williams parkway and wheeler avenue. police directing traffic here. here's exactly what they're doing here. if you're headed westbound, they'll push you onto wheeler street and eastbound, ft. williams. 95 and maryland, scaggsville also looking good. a live look at 270 when we come back at 6:00 a.m. hi, sweetheart.
5:54 am
you okay? come here, come here, come here. i know. come here. emotional moments as dash cam video shows a police officer rescuing a 3-year-old girl. albuquerque police say the girl's mother was filling up water jugs when a man stole her car. caroline was still strapped in her car seat. at first officers found the car but not the girl. a few years later an officer noticed someone was huddled up in an empty parking lot and made that rescue. the car jacker has not been found. now to the latest on the so-called affluenza teen. lawyers blocked his extradition to the u.s. couch and his mother fled to mexico after a video service shows an 18-year-old as a party where he was drinking. if couch was drink, it would be a violation of his probation. he killed four people after driving drunk and was sentenced to probation. lawyers argue growing up rich
5:55 am
affected his judgment. he's awaiting extradition to face charges for helping her son flee testimony police. they'll ask an appeals panel to allow themto keep operating while they fight the order to shut down. new york's attorney general said he considers the sites illegal gamably. he ordered them to stop back in november. there's another chance to be a multimillionaire. since nobody matched all six power balls saturday night, $400 million up for grabs in wednesday's drawing. there were some pretty big winner in saturday's drawing. somebody in pennsylvania won $2 million and three players all won a million dollars. good luck to you. we're starting off the new year with very low gas prices. in maryland, $1.96.
5:56 am
in d.c., $2.19. in virginia, the lowest, $1.86. and in virginia, $1.96. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. fidelity is dropping its longtime credit cards american express and bank of america. they'll now team with u.s. bank core and vee sachlt fidelity is keeping its 2% cacheback program. american express is affected with the loss. 5:56 now. did you unwrap a drone over the holidays? you might want to check your homeowner's or renter is insurance policy before taking it out. you might remember this drone almost taking out a professional
5:57 am
skier last month. experts say you could be liable for damage. >> if you crash it into someone's car or it gets tangled up in telephone wire or television antenna. >> a very popular road is shut down right now because of this water main break. alexandria, i should say. how long the road is expected to be close and how to get around this mess coming up. are you ready for the playoffs nchl just a few hours. tickets for the game goes on sale. where you can get them and how much
5:58 am
5:59 am
that blaking news as a lot of you head into the office. we're staying on top of a water main break in alexandria that has both directions of that busy roadway closed. >> "news4's" melissa mollet and derrick ward working to get you to work on time. melissa. >> on duke and wheeler avenue is what's shut down.
6:00 am
all lanes shut down because of the water main break. as far as how they're directing traffic, eastbound duke street being pushed onto wheeler and then early and then westbound or eastbound i should say diverted from ft. williams parkway and to quaker lane. a little confusion. 66 at suddenly road we have a problem on the right side of the roadway. "news4's" derrick ward is live. derrick? >> reporter: we're live at cockerel. crews are on the scene. they shut off the valve. that's going to be the beginning of things. this doesn't bode well for duke street traffic for the rest of the morning because it looks like they're going have to do some za vags. that coulda


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