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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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be alive after a huge fire this morning in accokeek. i'm barbara harrison with a look at problems firefighters faced as the flames and smoke grew and could be seen as far away as the wilson bridge. a frigid blast bringing the coldest temperatures of the season so far. and i'm angie goss with a rough start on wall street. what is causing this morning's free fall? and i'm eun yang with redskin play jaoff talk, from tickets to the teams they're
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playing. right now in prince george's county, a home is completely destroyed. chopper 4 was over the scene on jamies way in accokeek after 7:00 this morning. derrick ward has more on how crews were able to finally get the blaze under control and what's next for the homeowners. >> reporter: it was clear early on this home on jamies way would not make it through this fire. it was miraculous that those inside when it started did. >> i just got up there was some smoke going off. went and checked. there was just flame coming from the back of the house. from the basement. >> reporter: you had to move quick quickly. >> the only thing i could do was g . >> reporter: to get water to the fire they had to improvise. a hose run a half mile, and they brought in portable tanker trucks. >> because this area doesn't
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have hydrants, we did have challenges as far as getting the water to the fire. >> the only thing we had was the sprinkler system, sprinkler system, once that kicked off, there was nothing else. >> reporter: neighbors say the issue of the scarcity of fire hydrants in this neighborhood has been discussed. after losing just about everything in his home, the homeowner is remarkably calm. >> in good spirits. everything that was lost can be replaced. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. luckily no one was injured. in prince george's county, derrick ward, news 4. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. we had our first flurries of the season and passing snow showers. right now the storm team 4 radar showing some of these streaming down the chesapeake bay. you heard of lake-effect snow, we have bay effect snow occurring along chesapeake bay, the length of the bay.
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the wind picks up moisture off the bay and brings in the streams of the snow showers. locally a few lingering flurries here in northern montgomery county, up near damascus, gaithersburg. a few other scattered flurries here, patches showing up here. once this snow shower came across fairfax county and put down a dusting of snow on this deck. share your photos on facebook and twitter. we'd love to see them. u.s. stocks briefly plunge after china halts trading. opening day of 2016 is sharply lower with the dow down 350 points. global markers were weak everywhere following poor manufacturing data that sent china's shares tumbling. european trading down. market watchers say unrest in the middle east may make things worse. we will be watching developments
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throughout the day. d.c. police say someone was shot in the arm near a metro station and wound up in petworth this morning. it happened between two cars on l street northwest. the person who was shot is expected to survive. and a woman is recovering after she was hit by a car in montgomery county. this happened just before 8:00 this morning. chopper 4 caught this video of first responders getting to the scene near veers millroad and newport road. the woman is expected to be okay. crews shut down duke street in alexandria for hours because of water main break. the main broke just before 4:00 this morning. retears could take several hours. today the fight against frederick county maryland by the church of scientology heats up.
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the church wants to continue running the property as a drug rehab but trout run does not allow for that. the church of scientology filed an appeal to the council's decision. the washington redskins finish off the regular season strong with a win against the dallas cowboys. the skins beat the cowboys 34-23 yesterday. kirk cousins set a single season record for most passing yards by a quarterback in franchise history. how about that? coming up in the next half hour, jason pew will talk to players about the importance of a win heading into sunday's game. redskins tickets are sold out. >> i'm not surprised. so many people are so excited about this. i think because it was a surprise this season. >> nobody was expecting it. even the faithful didn't know kirk cousins would end the season this strong. >> the redskins take on the packers on sunday. a limited number of tickets went on sale an hour ago.
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we checked, the cheapest tickets were about $120. the redskins confirmed that tickets were sold out. the game is at fedex field on sunday at 4:40. >> we have home field advantage on top of that. >> very exciting times for everybody, even those who were not redskin fans before. we are following a developing story out of india. a major earthquake. we're getting new information on damage, not just in india but in neighboring bangladesh. and new information on assaul
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facebook and mark zuckerberg's post about how he wants to create his own digital assistant with artificial intelligence. he said he wants to voice control everything in his home. wouldn't that be nice? buzzfeed drew attention to the comment in a post here. a woman told mark zuckerberg she
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wants her granddaughter's to date nerds. he said she should encourage them to become nerds and inventors. and chris brown is facing charges in another assault case. brown is being investigated for battery in las vegas after a woman said he hit her and took her phone after she tried to take a picture of him. and star wars is creeping up on "avatar" to be the highest grossing movie of all time. "avatar" made $760 million during its time in movie theaters. after this past weekend, "star wars" made $740 million, that's
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developing now in india, the
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death toll is rising following a huge 6.7 earthquake. 8 people died when the earthquake shook the far eastern part of india. it caused extensive damage. you can see some buildings collapsed. india's junior prime minister plans to visit the affected areas today. the earthquake also caused major damage in bangladesh. similar video from there. buildings seriously damaged. some of them destroyed completely. local reports there say another five people died. senator barbara mcculski is advocating for a weather computer that can track weather better. >> it's all about computing power, that's why forecasting has gotten better. the resulting increased capacity
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of computer models and sophistication. right now storm team 4 radar, snow showers in the lower part of the bay. around the metro area, a few scattered clouds. a lot of blue sky showing up. temperatures are above freezing to near freezing north and west of the metro area. around washington, mid 30s now. mid to upper 30s around chesapeake bay. over the next 12 hours, hovering in the mid to upper 30s between 2:00 p.m., 3:00, 4:00. winds blustery keeping temperatures in the 20s. this evening, mid 20s. winds will be diminishing. there are now four new elements on the periodic table. elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 were just added. the new elements will soon get official names like hydrogen and helium. these elements are synthetic and
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can only be produced in a lab. they also decay in seconds. it's taken scientists seven years to confirm the existence of these four elements a team of u.s. and russian researchers were finally able to confirm those elements exist. after the break, president obama's option force regulating guns
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right now protesters in oregon have no plans to give up control to a federal building at
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a wildlife refuge. the group is occupying the empty building in burns, oregon. at least one protester is armed. the protesters say the prison sentences force t s for two loc ranchers, the group says they plan to occupy the land indefinitely. >> i like to say let us be civil, let us be as gentle as possible. but we shall be as firm as necessary. >> eamon bundy, the son of a nevada rancher who was involved in a 2014 standoff with the government is in the group. the fbi has been briefed on the situation. developing now, more countries severing ties with saudi arabia. new video of protests in iran against saudi arabia as more countries pull away. this after the saudi government ordered iranian diplomats out of the country. and we got word that all flights
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between iran and saudi arabia have been canceled. the united arab emirates it is lowering the number of diplomats in iran. sudan expelled the iranian ambassador and earlier this morning bahrain cut its ties with iran. all of this after saudi arabia executed an iranian shiite cleric on saturday. a move that the u.s. has criticized. we have new developments in the fight over gun control. president obama will meet with attorney general loretta lynch this afternoon to map out a strategy to tighten gun restrictions without input from congress. edward lawrence has the split reaction from washington. >> reporter: president obama fresh off his hawaiian vacation and taking aim at gun control. he meets with attorney general loretta lynch to talk about ways to increase background checks for people who buy guns. the president during his weekly radio address defended his position. >> policy that is supported by some 90% of the american people.
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it was supported by a majority of nra households, but the gun lobby mobilized against it. the senate blocked it. >> reporter: hillary clinton applauds the move to use executive orders to increase background checks for gun buyers. republican candidates disagree. >> now this president wants to act as if he's a king, a dictator. if he wants to make changes to the laws, go to congress and convince congress they're necessary. >> so he will sign another executive order having do with the second amendment and guns. i will veto that. i will un-sign that so fast. >> his first impulse is to take rights away from law-abiding citizens, it's wrong. >> reporter: still this is at the top of the president's agenda for his final year in office. president obama is also expected to conduct a three-month review on other steps he can take to curb gun violence. in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. students at george mason university have the chance this week to question the president
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on his push for gun control. cnn's anderson cooper will moderate a town hall beginning 8:00 on thursday night. we have a blustery wind bringing in the cold air. you can see that flapping the flag at nbc washington under a blue sky. winds gusting up to 20, 25 miles per hour. that cold blast will be with us. it's been bringing us snow showers this morning. right now around the chesapeake bay, central part of the bay from cambridge and right there near blackwater wildlife refuge, getting snow showers there. all of these coming in from the north and west. they produce enough snow out in garrett county, put down an inch of snow there. this photo posted by mike on the twitter page. share as well your photos on facebook and instagram. beautiful scene in the woods of garrett county near the savage river lodge. temperatures now down to around 20 degrees or so the windchills right now are in the mid 20s.
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windchills even colder by dawn tomorrow. a look at that and your seven-day outlook, a warming trend on the way in a couple minutes. right now major cleanup in missouri from last week's huge widespread floods. we learned the missouri national guard and the u.s. army corps of engineers are helping to get rid of the debris. hundreds of houses were under water. the people who lived in them say they're coming home to ruined basements and floors. the d.c. mayor has started a strong d.c. tour. it is part of the effort to push a legislative effort proposed in august. it includes more police on d.c. streets. the mayor started the tour by visiting the department of forensic sciences at george caught university. later on she'll meet with small business owners to talk about the importance of security cameras to combat crime. after the break a pastor whose actions are being credited with saving lives. catch news 4 midday anywhere.
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starting off this new year with new low gas prices. it looks like they'll be staying around for a while. right now there's far more fuel than there is demand for it, which means you can save money. in maryland you're paying 1.96 on average. in d.c., gas will cost about $2.19 a gallon. in virginia it's about $1.80 a gallon. in west virginia, a gallon will cost $1.96 on average. a controversy developing in virginia over first amendment rights and student safety. both the yearbook editor and a teen mother want the young woman's pregnancy documented at mount vernon's high school yearbook. but the principal will not allow the pictures. the principal did not return calls for comment.
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district policy gives administrators the right to sensse censor material they believe is harmful to children under the age of 18. members of this north carolina church are thankful after their pastor talks down a gunman during a new year's eve service. pastor larry wright was in the middle of the sermon when the armed man walked into church. he told wright he had come to do some terrible things. the pastor asked him to hand over his rifle and started prayin praying. >> when i told the congregation, he wants prayer. i began to pray for him. the power of god hit. >> the man stayed through the service and waited for police. he hasn't been charged. he is now being treated at mental health facility. that pastor is being credited for saving lives. it's the coldest day, in case you haven't noticed.
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and there's a windchill today as well. it feels like 26 degrees out there. >> what a change. >> tom is back after the break
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those cold winds are blowing. we are still getting snow showers around the chesapeake bay. those flurries and snow showers have ended in the metro area. you won't need your umbrella today but a warm coat, scarf, gloves, hat today, tonight and all day tuesday. this cold air will be with us here for another 36 hours or so. and overnight tonight the temperatures will drop from the upper 30s this afternoon to the mid 20s by midnight. then near 20 by dawn in the metro area. teens in the suburbs. 36 for a high tomorrow with bright sunshine. then we start to warm up towards the end of the week, near 50 on thursday. chance of rain friday afternoon and evening. another chance of rain on
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sunday. in news 4 your health, new advice out this morning for parents trying to decide whether their children should get the hpv vaccine. it protects against human papillomavirus. the virus spreads through sex and can cause cancer. the government wants children age 11 and 12 to have the shot. but research shows more than one-third of doctors think 11 or 12 is too young to get the vaccine. a special look at the british royals airs tonight. a documentary on prince charles' charity will be broadcast at 9:00 p.m. in england, 4:00 our time. the interviewers talk to all the members of the family including prince william and prince harry. according to daily mail, the princes say charles is just another embarrassing dad. i guess that's what all kids say about their parents. a busy day for the candidates for president. the four things to know about the candi
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right now in prince george's county investigators are trying to figure out what caused this house fire. chopper 4 was over the scene of the blaze on jamies way in accokeek around 7:00 this morning. the homeowner was able to get out okay. one lane on duke street is back open as crews repair a water main break. the main broke just before 8:00
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a.m. virginia american water says the repairs will take several hours. happening right now in san bernardino, california, people returning to work at the inland regional center. this is the first official day employees are back following the december 2nd attack that killed 14 people. some workers have dropped in over the last couple of weeks to check on clients, children and the mentally disabled adults in the center. while the main doors do open today, the conference center where the massacre happened will stay closed. >> thanks. now to decision 2016 and four things you should know as we close in on the first primary votes. >> bill clinton has officially joined hillary clinton's campaign. you're looking live at their eve event in new hampshire this as donald trump is slamming the democratic front-runner, and he boosts his proposal to ban
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muslims from entering the united states. >> when america steps back, it gives darker forces the space they need to rise. and rise they have. >> republican hopeful marco rubio slamming the obama administration in new hampshire this morning. he targeted the president's approach to national security saying mr. obama deliberately weakened america. and john kasich just not giving up. his team released this ad yesterday. it focuses on the republican's perseverance detailing stories of struggle and triumph from childhood to president. today a new mayor will be installed in alexandria. the mayor-elect bet four-term incumbe incumbent. the swearing in will be at tc williams high school tonight at 7:00. new members of the city council will also be sworn in today. there's an installation
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ceremony today at prince williams county. new members of the board of supervisors will be sworn in at 7:00 p.m. the commonwealth's attorney and sheriff also will be sworn in. tom will look at this cold, cold weather we have out there. tell us it's not going to last longer. >> these pictures tell the story. this is a live view from the storm team 4 national harbor camera. look at the wind-swept potomac river reflecting that turquoise sky on this very cold monday. temperatures all around the region are just above freezing. if you're getting out and getting some exercise, you will need a couple layers of spandex to keep you warm. by 1:00, mid 30s. upper 30s by 2:00 p.m. mid 30s by 4:00. near freezing by 6:00 p.m. winds will stay gusty, up around 25, 30 miles per hour through the afternoon. new today, police and community members coming together in prince george's
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county. there are pictures to show you from the stop the violence event taking place this morning. the event is in response to a growing murder rate in that county. today a developing story in new york. fanduel and draftkings asking to keep operating with an ongoing lawsuit in court. lawyers are appearing before an appeals panel today. back in november the new york attorney general oered both sides to shut down. he said he considers them illegal gambling, both say they're games of skill not chance. today's hearing could give us a clue as to what will happen once the trial begins. comcast is among the investors in fanduel. after the break,
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right now a fight over food in prince george's county. students at flowers high school tell us they're planning what they call a practical hunger strike starting today. they told tracee wilkins they're
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not satisfied with the quality of school lunches. they want a meeting with administrators and a new food vendor in the school. a new safety alert for your pets involving harnesses, crates designed to keep your pets safe and secure. many of them just don't work. >> reporter: this doggy dummy is strapped in with a popular harness sold in pet stores today. it's supposed to keep him secure in a crash. why is he going flying? same with this harness. and this create. t crate. the dog smashing right through. the harnesses made for people like lauren lynn out for a drive with her dog buddy. he isn't strapped in, jumping all over here and distracting him all over the road. >> i don't see a problem with him getting wind in his ears and fur. >> reporter: but experts say it's dangerous. dashcam video showing dogs
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flying out of cars. nearly hit by oncoming traffic. the dog is okay. this dog even falling out of a window and amazingly survives, but it's not just dogs in danger wandering around your car. it's you, too. >> in the event of a crash, a pet can be a projectile. they can hurt everyone, including themselves so keep your pet restrained on every trip. >> reporter: so you come to the pet store to buy a harness, buy a carrier to keep your pet safe. some of the companies making bold promises on the packaging. check out this official looking seal, crash tested. others say certified safety and locks into place, but experts say many of them are deceptive. they don't work in a crash, and believe it or not, pet products like this are not regulated by anyone, not even the federal government. >> firing. >> reporter: so the watchdog group center for pet safety decided to check them out with official crash testing, and what they found was alarming.
11:36 am
all this damage at just 30 miles per hour. >> so this is our pet product graveyard, and many of these products did not do well in testing, and most of them failed. >> reporter: these are products on the market right now. >> these are products on the market right now and the manufacturers are still making those claims. >> reporter: in fact, 25 of 289 products tested failed. harnesses snapping right off. dogs center airborne, and watch this doggie dummy breaking through his crate, shattering it to pieces. that could be your pet. >> pet products are not defined as consumer products by the consumer product safety commission, so they bypass any kind of oversight and regulation. that's really scary. >> reporter: consumer product safety commission telling nbc news based on our mandate from congress cpsc does not have jurisdictions over these products. the american pet products association declined our request for an interview, adding they can't comment on the testing,
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but they back car safety restraints. >> pet owners should be screaming about this. if you get into an accident and one of these products fails, it puts, your family members and other drivers on the road at risk. >> there is some good news. while a majority of the products did not hold up to a crash test, a few of them did you can find the list of products on jeff rossen's facebook page. so what would you do with an extra $400 million? since no one matched all six powerball numbers saturday night, someone may have that question to answer come wednesday. we want to know how you would spend your winnings? head over to our facebook pain and share your dreams with us right there. so many things. where to begin. dreams are free. >> that's right. after the break, why milk prices could be heading up
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last week's blizzard in the southwest killing more than 30,000 dairy cows. farmers in new mexico and mexico are warning of a milk shortage as there are fewer cows producing milk. with your business report, i'm landon dowdy. those clouds that produced the flur flurries this morning are gone. temperatures hovering in the low to mid 30s. a few snow showers have passed well to our south. the southern part of the chesapeake bay. over the next 12 hours, by 2:00, blustery winds. gusts of wind around 30 miles per hour. they will still be that blustery through mid afternoon. upper 30s by 2:00, 3:00. by 6:00, back down to freezing. temperatures by late evening back down to the 20s. low temperatures expected
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tomorrow morning heading off to work and school, in the teens. much of maryland, much of virginia, right in washington around 20 degrees. near 20 degrees around the chesapeake bay. lighter winds by dawn tomorrow. so that will help out a bit, but definitely layer up. if you're heading out early tomorrow morning, waiting for the bus and metro, we'll have that frigidaire with us. it will last through much of the day tomorrow. a look at when we'll get the warmup on the way. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's say today is not an open toe shoe day. >> glad you told me. starting today, mcdonald's is giving you new menu options. they launched the mcpick two. customers with choose select items for just $2. they include the mcchicken, the mcdouble, mozzarella sticks and small fries. this is an effort to appeal to the budget conscious customer. we are watching developments
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out of oregon where a
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as promised we are keeping an eye on the stock market. look at the board. a live look. it has been dismal. at one point the dow fell 450 points. this is the worst opening day in 84 year, and follows an
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overnight drop in chinese stocks which halted trading at one point. global markets on edge after renewed concerns of a worldwide economic slowdown. new information on a man police took from his home in handcuffs. d.c. police say alan johnson threatened someone with a gun last night and barricaded himself inside his home on w windale street in chevy chase. police confirm johnson is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. tracking developments on that tense standoff in oregon where police say they're working to stop the occupation of a federal wildlife occupation peacefully. >> reporter: the headquarters of the national wildlife refuge has been turned into a compound. inside they're making soup and stocking up.
11:45 am
>> we are setting ourselves up to help the citizens here in harney county to reclaim their lands back. >> reporter: throughout this remote community, there's growing frustration over the occupation. the county cancelled school all week out of a concern for safety. >> i don't like the militia's message. >> it's sort of frightening when there's people making threats and people touting guns. >> reporter: over the weekend activists took over the refuge which was empty at the time. it's unclear how many are here. in a statement the sheriff says the group wants to overthrow the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the united states. protesters say they won't get violent unless the government does. >> we are here to defend the people, and we will not take aggression. >> reporter: ammon bundy is the group's leader. he's the son of the cliven bundy, of the nevada rancher who in 2014 had his own standoff with the government over grazing rights. this latest protest centers around oregon ranchers dwight hammond jr. and his son stephen. both are supposed to report to
11:46 am
prison today, convicted of lighting fires on public land near their ranch. the hammonds already served time, but a judge ruled it wasn't enough. >> seems like a bit of an overkill. >> reporter: dozens rallied peacefully saturday in support of the ranchers. that's when a small group splintered off driving to the refuge and taking it over with no plans to leave any time soon. >> the attorney for the hammonds has said they do plan to report to prison today. the hammonds have previously said the bundy group does not speak on their behalf. new today, an unprecedented partnership between general motors and the ride-sharing service lyft. gm will provide rental vehicles to lyft drivers and they hope to develop a fleet of self-driving cars that you can hail using lyft software. a new year and another year
11:47 am
to try to repeal obama care. this week the gop-led house will try to undue the president's landmark healthcare legislation. tacked on to the same bill, the de-funding of planned parenthood. this time is the first time in dozens of tries that the bill will reach the president's desk. right now looking at bright blue skies with a few clouds. but earlier this morning we had snow flurries. tom kierein, has the snow moved out? >> it has. a few lingering snow showers in the chesapeake bay, and now we're dealing with wind. by 1:00, in the 20s around the region. as we get into the mid afternoon, windchills in the 20s. then overnight tonight watch our windchills drop. it will be down into the teens by 6:00 p.m. winds gusting to around 25, 30 miles per hour. they will diminish overnight. windchills by 10:00 p.m., single digits to just near 10 degrees. then by the time you head off to work and school tomorrow morning, 7:00, 8:00 in the
11:48 am
morning look at our windchill temperatures. single digits. that's what it will feel like. only with 10, t(15-mile-per-hou wind tomorrow morning as temperatures will:+ñ down into the teens. it willq feel like single digit freezing your digits. you'll need gloves tomorrow morning.çóq morning. >> did you see those temps? we have securedt(q a playoff sp. >> jason pew breaks it down for us in news 4 sports. >> theok redskins closed out th regular season inçó style at at stadium. kirk cousins has gone from backup to a record breaking quarterback. in this game he set the single season record for most passing yards by a quarterback inw3 franchise history.
11:49 am
he threw three touchdowns in the first quarter. the redskins jumpedq out on the boys early and never let up. four-game winning streak as heed they into the playoffs. the players understand that momentum is crucial this time of year. >> we need that type of momentum going in. you need tha+gñ hot hand. when you have a hot hand, you don't see nothing else different. even though everything else ain't perfect. it's cool we one but in the playoffs, the team who wins doesn't make mistakes. >> it's crucial to keep the momentum going, carry that rhythm into what will be the biggest game of the year. >> reporter: from pre-season predictions of misery to a playoff game. who knows what's in store for the redskins this weekend at fedex field. i'm jason pugh, new 4 sports. >> who knows. no one thought we would make it% this far. kirkxd cousinsxd finishing stro. now headed to the playoffs at home against thexdxd packers on
11:50 am
sunday. >> a lot of folks are optimistic and are looking ahead to the super bowl,rñrxdalready. >> i always tease aaron gilchrest aboutt( that. >> this time with good reason. rg3 did not play in the game yesterday. he is still getting attention.
11:51 am
redskins playoff tickets finally on sale. we have waited so long, even as we're thinking about next week, rg3 probably looking ahead to next year. some fan dogs ts doing the same. you can see fans on the field wearing cowboys jerseys with rg3's name on them. original reports said those people and rg3 were related. the redskins say they're not family members. look at this cool thing. out in las vegas, the consumer
11:52 am
electronics show starts this week. tech lovers cannot wait to see this bendable screen. lg says you can roll up the screen like a newspaper. the company plans to show off a paper thin television. and if you love "downton abbey," we know you are talking about last night's premiere. the show kicked off the final season with a new dog. the dog tia is the latest pet with an egyptian-themed pet. the last dog isis was named for the egyptian god, not the terrorist group. >> okay. thank you. >> i have so much tv catching up to do. i watch nothing. >> wait until the summer and watch the whole season. cleaning up our oceans. >> that's right. we're back in 60 seconds with the innovative new way
11:53 am
it's an alarming and growing problem. the oceans of the world are being choked by millions of tons
11:54 am
of plastic white waste posing a threat to wildlife. some of the garbage washes up on beaches but what if there were a way to trap and collect much of it at sea. a plan to do that is taking shape in the pacific. >> reporter: hawaii's beautiful islands. few get to visit this protected place. >> a lot of debris. >> reporter: but arriving by chopper we find garbage washed up and volunteers struggling to clean up. >> this is just there one day. this was clean yesterday. >> reporter: plastic from the pacific. every-day items choking hawaii's coastline and the sea life. from a floating garbage patch located between the west coast and hawaii. 30 boats crewed by volunteers troll these waters. their initial findings stunning. the patch is far bigger than they thought.
11:55 am
1.4 million square miles. five times the size of texas. hi. garbage that began accumulating before this 21-year-old was born. do you get sea sick? >> i do. >> reporter: he is the young brains behind the project. next year he wants to build the largest floating barrier every deployed and use the ocean's own currents to capture plastic. >> what we're doing has never been done before. this is whart of whis part of w out of the ocean. >> reporter: we met up again in san francisco. everyone is running around saying how will you clear up the ocean and you come along and you say why don't we just clear it up? >> right. yeah. there's a lot of talk and not a lot of action in the world of plastic pollutions. >> reporter: not everyone believes the idea is the right one. but he's determined to find out.
11:56 am
to rid the pacific of all this plasti i plastic. >> the big thing is to find out how you can make some money with what is picked up. >> it is staggering the amount of trash in the ocean. for a final check of the weather with tom kierein. >> right now the skies have cleared out. snow showers and flurries are gone. blue sky, just a few clouds this afternoon. but we're only making it into the mid to upper 30s. it will drop down to the mid 20s by midnight. near 20 by dawn. tomorrow morning, teens in the suburbs, rural areas. cold day tomorrow. lighter wind. highs just mid 30s. milder on wednesday, high around 40. near 50 on thursday. friday, chance of rain friday afternoon and evening. the rest of the weekend should be dry, saturday, maybe more showers on sunday. that does it for midday for today. thank you very much for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00.
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today on the meredith vieira it's motivation monday. we've got the hottest fitness crazes for the new year. then secrets to turn back the clock and wait until you meet jazzy, a young girl with an incredible weight loss story. >> she is one of a kind. amazing little girl. >> and he is revealing his inspiring advice for getting the most out of your new year. it all starts right now on meredith. ♪ ♪ ♪ make you feel, real good ♪ feel real good >> meredith: hello everybody. first of all happy new year everybody. happy new year to you. i love this time of year because there is s


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