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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now we are learning more about the driver that police say caused a total destruction of a maryland flower shop. i'm barbara harrison with what the store owner is saying about the business's. and i'm aaron gilchrest with reaction from world leaders with north korea's test of a hydrogen bomb. and we'll have some rain in the forecast that seven-day forecast coming up. i'm eun yang with the 450 million reasons that people are rushing to the stores across our area today for a lottery ticket. news4 midday starts now. we begin with that investigation happening right now. a car into a flower shop in dunkirk, maryland. the shop and several cars then
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caught fire. molette green has the latest. >> reporter: with embers still smoldering, the owner is vowing this morning to rebuild saying one out of control driver will not destroy his family business. and the strong bonds made with the other owners here and the people of this community. >> it's devastating. just unbelievable. one person can do something like this and cause so much damage. >> 30 years up in smoke and flames. art bullard's flower shop now charred rubble. >> there's nothing left. i try god in earlier. i can't see one thing salvageable. nothing. everything outside the store is gone. there's nothing. >> reporter: fiery devastation after a car crashes into floral expression in the middle of the night hitting the delivery vehicle and setting the building on fire. >> comes from the intersection across the parking lot, crashes into the flower shop van and
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burns out the business. >> when we arrived, police told us a dui driver wrecked and hit our van and went into our flower shop and set everything on fire and took off running. they caught him down the road. >> reporter: fire also damaged the dry cleaners next door. the owners didn't know until they saw part of their store destroyed. >> right now, i don't know. i open at 7:00, and stop by here, it's already gone like that. >> reporter: what is left, a close bond with neighboring merchants of this strip mall in owings. artfuler and others grabbed a handful of dry clean clothes and unloaded them at the tax office two doors down. >> this is neighbor already. >> reporter: that spirit keeps the family business determined to come back. >> a wonderful town. we'll rebuild. it's tough. >> reporter: the suspected dui driver blamed for this fiery
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scene has been identified as vincent troy of upper marlboro. in calvert county, molette green, news 4. police are trying to figure out how an ambulance and a car crashed sending two people to the hospital. a private ambulance slammed into a utility poll in front of inova hospital. the northbound lanes of gallows road are back open now. condemnation from around the globe, that's after word out of north korea that today the country tested a hydrogen bomb, a step up from an atomic bomb. as we speak, a closed door emergency meeting at the u.n. security council in new york. it could mean more sanctions for that sanction crippled country. the u.n. secretary-general spoke before going into that meeting. >> this act is profoundly destabilizing for regional security, and seriously
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undermines the international nonproliferation efforts. i condemn it unequivocally. >> seismographs picked up what registered as a 5.1 earthquake near the north korean known nuclear test site. south korea's spy agency skeptical about this saying the explosion was smaller than even a failed hydrogen bomb would produce. we're keeping an eye on this and that u.n. meeting. we'll let you know if we learn anything more. now to baltimore where news 4 is monitoring hearings ahead of the second trial in the death of freddie gray. caesar goodson was driving the police van last april which transported may. he had a motions hearing this morning. a judge ruled that juror s will be remain anonymous. goodson is charged with depraved heart murder charge. a separate motion is happening
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this afternoon about whether officer william porter can testify. porter filed a motion saying he plans to invoke the fifth amendment and refuse to take the stand in goodson's trial. that was one of the main reasons prosecutors pushed to have porter pushed first. porter's trial ended with a hung jury last month. his new trial is set for june. chris gordon is in baltimore today. check his twitter for the latest and download the nbc washington app, that's how we will send you updates the second we get them from court. well, it is a beautiful day out there. ny goodness. you look outside, we have that sunshine. then again it is on the chilly side. temperatures are climbing out of the 20s, ending up around the freezing mark. 32 in d.c. 34 in manassas. with high pressure in charge we're looking good. if you're traveling we have
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plenty of sunshine throughout the mid-atlantic. if you're traveling later on this afternoon, or maybe headed out for lunch, you will want to bundle up. we have plenty of sunshine. it will be cold. temperatures by this evening in the mid to upper 30s. clouds moving in tonight, rain on way. we'll talk about that coming up. cold temperatures this morning may be to blame for a water main break in olney, maryland. chopper 4 flew over the scene in montgomery county. you can see where crews had to put down salt because some of that water turned to ice. wssc tweeted after 9:00 this morning that the main was shut down and 23 customers are affected. belmont elementary is not impacted. a d.c. man died on sunday after firefighters went to the wrong location. according to "washington post," the crew went to an address in northeast instead of northwest. albert jackson's wife says treatment was delayed for about 20 minutes. sunday's mishandled call is under internal investigation. this is an ongoing problem we've been following for more than two
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years. last june a 90-year-old woman waited more than 30 minutes for an ambulance that never arrived. after the break a high school coach caught on camera physically confronting a referee. plus a look at your odds of winning toni
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here are some of the stories lighting up social media. we spotted this video on "deadspin."com. you may find this disturbing. a high school basketball coach appears to chest bump a ref to the ground. it was caught on camera here. it happened at pennsbury high school in pennsylvania. the coach right there was caught on camera chest bumping the referee. it happened with 30 seconds left in the game. after the player was called for a charge. twitter lit up when people at the game reacted to the incident. the referee was not hurt.
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♪ ♪ i can tell you rock i can tell by your charm ♪ ♪ i can tell by your charm and your arm ♪ >> so is he going? kanye west going to hollywood -- wait. it's not real. we spotted this story on west doing a fake audition for j.lo and the crew for "american idol." his wife, kim kardashian there on hand to offer moral support. it seems he impressed the judges and got his golden ticket. you can catch the action on the farewell season which airs tonight. dothere is a new line of jo for women. according to reports by routers, muslim shoppers spend more than $280 billion on clothing and footwear in 2013. and they are expected to spend more than 400 billion by 2019. so, it seems the designer is hoping to cash in with this new
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welcome back. i'm lauryn ricketts. it is a chilly one out there today. it is a beautiful winter day. we will continue with the sunshine throughout the rest of the afternoon. and the cold conditions. we are gradually warming starting today and moving into this weekend. next chance of rain will be on friday, we have some chances of rain saturday and unfortunately through the weekend. but not today. we're just going to be dry. temperatures will eventually top o near 40 degrees. we'll be clear through the day, clear through the first part of the night, and then as we settle down after midnight, that's when the clouds start rolling in. if you're traveling, you're looking good for 400 miles thanks to high pressure high pressure. winter gear if you're out exercising and out and about.
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we have your weekend forecast coming up. important news from volkswagen this morning. the company's ceo said environmental regulators should soon approve fixes for diesel engines that were caught cheating on diesel emissions tests. the u.s. process is taking longer because regulators found the cars were emitting up to 40 times more toxic fumes than allowed. . right now you should check your chicken. ing we wegman's says some chicken brands were not properly inspected. they made it to the stores in maryland and virginia. the usda says there is a reasonable probability that eating the chicken will result in serious adverse health consequences or death. if you bought one, take it back for a full refund. after the break, new neighborhood,i feel like
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room.
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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. i'm aaron gilchrest at the live desk. chipotle has just been served. the restaurant chain says it has received a federal grand jury subpoena as part of a criminal investigation as a result of last summer's neurovirus outbreak. we know the restaurant has to produce a broad range of documents. chipolte has been reeling since
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an e. coli outbreak in the northwest and a separate neurovirus outbreak in boston. temperatures out there right now are warming through the 20s, in the low 30s. 32 is that temperature in d.c. 34 in manassas. we're warming up slowly. as we continue for the next four days, looking at temperatures today topping out around 40 degrees. tomorrow doing better, still dry, a few more clouds. temperatures in the mid 40s. upper 40s on friday. a few showers possible in the afternoon and evening. then mild for the weekend, but we will have some rain chances, looks like saturday night into sunday. we have the green bay/washington game on sunday. it does look like those temperatures will be mild but we'll have rain showers at the beginning of the game. guys? developing now, two major fights on capitol hill. republicans are trying to send president obama a bill to repeal most of his signature healthcare law. this as the president pushes ahead with gun control reform.
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tracie potts has reaction from both sides. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> reporter: the nra is calling president obama's tearful speech restricting gun show sales an emotional, condescending lecture. republicans are not thrilled either. >> once again we've seen the president overstep his executive authority. and every time he has done that, it's not ended well. >> reporter: there's only so much mr. obama can do. redefining what sellers must do background checks doesn't change the law. >> there is no change in the law. the president restated what has been the law since 1968. >> reporter: the white house is gearing up for a fight on that and obama care. tonight the house votes again to
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dismantle the president's signature proposal. >> the shame is that it took 62 times for the will of the people to make it to the president's desk. >> reporter: president obama will not sign it this is not going anywhere. >> reporter: the bill would strip millions from planned parenthood. >> where are the women in these areas supposed go to get a pap smear? or to get a mammogram? >> reporter: president obama and congress at odds with his budget request just weeks away. the white house tells us that budget request will include millions of dollars wants for m health. >> tracie potts, nbc news, washington. this morning, donald trump said he thought president obama's show of emotion yesterday was sin sheer. he got teary eyed when he talked about gun control. trump made the comment on fox & friends.
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he was questioned about it after a fox news contributor was critical of the president's display of emotion. an update of the story of the state senator stabbed by his own son. craig deeds' son stabbed his father several times before shooting himself. deeds says gus did not get the proper treatment the day before that attack. the commonwealth, a mental health worker who treated deeds son are named in the lawsuit. terry mcauliffe struck several deals in his trade visit with cuba. the number of vessel services available between the commonwealth and cuba has been outlined. it looks like all five casinos in maryland had a good holiday season. maryland gaming officials say december's revenue was 11%
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higher than december 2014. the casinos generated more than $95 million for the state. maryland lives revenue was
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in news 4 your health, it seems single parents are getting a bad deal when it comes to a good night's sleep. 43% of single parents say they don't get seven hours of sleep a night. sleep experts say avoid using electronic gadgets close to bedtime to get a better night's sleep. so much of getting healthy is watching what you eat. the cooking stage at the health and fitness expo is one place to get a good idea. we are partnering with the restaurant association of metropolitan washington to get chefs from some of the hottest
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restaurants. when you're on the nbc washington app, will you find schedules of speakers, list of health screenings and lists of special events. i'm doing a cooking demo at 2:00 on saturday. the health and fitness expo is saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. we'll see you there. a new year often brings with it a new set of new year's resolutions. dr. joshua weiner is here, a i has some resolutions to improve your mental health and relationships. let's start with what you call the 20-minute rule. what's that? >> basically studies have shown that when you have a craving for something, the craving typically peaks and resolves in about 20 minutes. i tell patients, if you want to eat that piece of cake, have that drink of alcohol, make that impulse purchase, wait 20 minutes. so step away from whatever it is that you're thinking of doing, distract yourself with something else, if in 20 minutes you're still really feeling like you want to do that behavior, okay, then maybe you can do it.
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your chances of success and resisting will be much greater if you wait that 20 minutes. >> how successful are people at waiting 20 minutes? >> it depends. some people are very good at it, others not so good at it. but it's something people can practice. >> you also talk about probiotics. you think this is worth making a resolution for. >> absolutely. we have a lot of data showing the connection between gast gastrointestinal health and brain health. your gastrointestinal track and spinal cord are formed from the same tissue when you're a fetus developing. there's a real connection between the two. so what you want to do, obviously you want to avoid sugar and processed foods, but taking probiotics which are these healthy bacteria, we know that will help improve the functioning of your cast gastrointestinal track, which
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produces more seratonin which controls mood and anxiety. it makes more of it than your brain does. some of these bacteria are involved in producing serotonin. helping do anything you can do to improve that gastrointestinal health will improve brain health as
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if you're traveling up and down the east coast, looking good, even out to really st. louis. that's where you will head into problems. we're looking good throughout the mid-atlantic here thanks to high pressure, which is moving out of d.c. and towards the new jersey coast. clouds will build overnight. that's good news, because temperatures overnight will be ten degrees warmer than last night. so you're starting tomorrow
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morning off on a warmer note than the last two mornings. more cloud cover today than yesterday. partly cloudy for thursday. mostly cloudy for friday with rain showers expected by the time we get into the afternoon. today's temperature around 40 degrees. we take it up there to the mid 40s for thursday with a few more clouds and showers in the afternoon and evening on friday. that seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. the capitolsare not just in first place, they have the best record in the nhl, one point ahead of the dallas stars. before last night's win the caps lost their first back-to-back games of the season. they'll play tomorrow in new york and come home this weekend. a japanese monk has achieved a super human feat. he completed a nine-day retreat in which he did not eat or drink anything. he also didn't sleep during that time. this retreat is part of a seven-year training period. the rituals are meant to test the limits of physical body as a
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way to reach a higher state of consciousness. before the retreat the monk walked 700 days in a pilgrimage. that's remarkable. they survived that and have the strength to walk on top of that. after the break, a father is outraged over the reactions of
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two big stories we're following now in calvert county.
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a man is vowing to rebuild after his flower shop went up in flames overnight. the shop in dunkirk was destroyed when a driver ran into it and it went up in flames. we learned this morning that vincent troy was behind the wheel of that car. in baltimore, there's a motions hearing underway for caesar goodson, he was driving the baltimore police van when freddie gray died inside. chris gordon is in baltimore and will have an update on the hearing on news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. the clock is ticking on a chance to win the biggest lottery jackpot in nearly a year. >> the prize for the powerball drawing is up to $450 million. erika gonzalez is live with a look at frenzy going on out there now. a lot of folks in line? >> a lot of folks, indeed. sales are definitely ramping up here for thosen'ca powerball tickets. if you took one look at yourself in the mirror this morning and thought i feel like, i look like
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a winner, today might be your day. >> today's your chance. your last chance at $450 million. you play the lottery often? >> when the jackpot is big. >> reporter: the powerball jackpot is the sixth largest ever, and money like that is bringing out people that typically don't play. >> never before. >> reporter: you never played the lottery before? >> never. >> reporter: at the tenley market it's all the buzz. this is a lucky store. >> i know. that's why i buy tickets here. >> reporter: it's the question when it comes to hitting the lottery. what would you do with the money? >> i think the caribbean. i love the caribbean. >> reporter: the caribbean. are we buying a whole island or what? what would you do with $450 million? >> move to hawaii. >> people in jamaica are very poor. if i win this money, i help the kids to go back to college. >> reporter: this man was willing to share the wealth with me, too. >> hopefully if i win, you will
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get some money. >> reporter: we're going to jamaica, all right. others like george mcgee said they have not heard about the jackpot. >> i played because of you. >> reporter: you didn't know the powerball was going on today? >> no, but since you said it i might have good luck. >> reporter: so you'll remember me when you win? >> no. >> reporter: what would you do with $450 million? >> buy my mother a house. >> reporter: all this talk of winning big, i couldn't be left out either. >> just one. >> one? you need more than one. >> reporter: no. i just need one. >> okay. >> reporter: if you can match five numbers and the powerball, the money is yours. that could be 275 million in a lump sum, but it ain't easy. 1 in 292 million are the chances. that drawing is tonight. it will be right before 11:00, so count on us to bring you those rining numbers. best of luck to everybody.
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i'm erika gonzalez, back to you. >> it's great that somebody wanted to share winnings with you. get that ticket. a father is outraged. he did not like the way tsha agents frisked his daughter. this all started with a juice box. >> reporter: using his cell phone camera, a shocked and upset father recorded his daughter receiving what he believed to be an unnecessary and invasive tsa pat down. >> she just had a completely blank stare on her face. i could tell it was very uncomfortable for her. >> the video shows the agent slowly and meticulously frisking the 10-year-old for nearly two full minutes. >> what was going through my mind is this is annoying. i don't like this. i want to run out the door. >> the girl was screened after a juice packet was found in her
11:34 am
carry-on. according to her father, a swab from her bag came back with a false positive reading. >> it's not broken. it's not clearing. >> the pat-down seemed to have been a go-to option for them and they could have done a better scrutiny of what they were looking for prior to putting their hands all over my 10-year-old daughter. >> the issue over whether children should receive pat-downs is controversial. according to tsa protocols, officers will work with parents to resolve any alarms at the checkpoint and has modified screening procedures for children 12 and under that reduce the likelihood of pat-down screening. in a statement to nbc news, the tsa says tsa screening procedures allow for the pat-down of a child under certain circumstances. the process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures. the tsa also points out that the process was observed by the child's parent and there was a cell phone with an alarm going off in the child's bag requiring additional resolution procedures.
11:35 am
as for the paynes, they understand the importance of airline security, but when it comes to kids, there has to be a better way. >> maybe they need retraining. maybe they did everything by the book. i don't really know, but it was, you know, an uncomfortable situation. >> that was natalie morales reporting. the next time you book a flight there's a good chance it will cost more than it did the last time. according to jp morgan chase several airlines raised fares this week. prices went up by an average of $6 a trip. let's check on our weather with lauryn. >> you know, if you're flying anywhere today, it's looking beautiful. within 400 plus miles of the d.c. area, all good up and down the east coast. maybe a little rain on the eastern side of florida. definitely not here. we have bright blue skies, plenty of sunshine outside the live camera tower.
11:36 am
current temperatures now in the 30s around that freezing mark. we are warming up to right around 40 degrees. it is going to be chilly, but at least we have the sunshine, so try to find those sunglasses. as we continue to the evening, a few more clouds building in which will help our temperatures from dropping too far too fast. we're warming up tomorrow and into the weekend. that forecast coming up. a court case could be coming between ryan zimmerman and al jazeera america. the nats first baseman sued al jazeera for defamation following a documentary that linked him to human growth hormones. zimmerman's attorney says he has never taken performance-enhancing drugs. ryan howard filed a similar lawsuit as well. because both players are public figures, they have to prove al jazeera acted with malice or disregard of the truth. a new group of baseball players will make it to the hall of fame today. 32 players are on the hall of
11:37 am
fame ballot. the inductees will be announced at 6:00 tonight. the biggest name on the list, ken griffey jr. who could make the hall of fame in a unanimous vote. if he does, he'll be the first player ever to do so. we're back in 60 seconds.
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a new survey shows two thirds of americans can't afford unexpected expenses. bank rate says people will try to make ends meet by cutting spending on other things, relying on credit cards or borrowing from family. bank rate says this proves having an emergency savings cushion is more than a personal finance cliche. i'm landon dowdy. longer tweets are coming soon to twitter. the company is planning to extend its 140 character limit to 10,000. that's a lot of words. jack dorsey tweeted the company's reasoning. he said adding more texts adds
11:39 am
more power to an individual tweet. not everyone is happy about the change saying it could transform twit near a more public blocking platform. who has time to read 10,000 characters? >> it's never enough for me. one or two more -- >> keeps you brief. next, gadgets that can make your life easier. that's from the consumer electronics show. >> and more resolutions for your
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not too bad of a day out there. a nice winter day we're having across the d.c. area. looking good as we continue across the day. we'll have sunshine, continuing with the cold but we are warming up. average temperature for this time of year should be 43 degrees. topping out around 40. warming into the weekend. if you wait until the weekend, we have 50s on tap. next chance of rain is on friday. we do have rain as we continue into the weekend.
11:41 am
we'll be looking at rain chances starting on friday night, continuing really for much of the weekend. also, you know, as we get into really the redskins and green bay packers game, hopefully that rain can be out of here. if you're traveling today for more than 400 miles, looking good. exercising, wear that winter gear out and about. you will need that rain jacket this weekend. we'll talk about that seven-day in a few minutes. we're back with dr. joshua weiner with more resolutions to improve your mental health and relationships in the new year. we talked about a couple things earlier, the 20-minute rule, the pro biotics. you tell us we should stop comparing ourselves to others. what do you mean by that. >> this is a big one in the digital age with facebook. all these people seem to be having better, ham pi happierer
11:42 am
better children, you cannot compare your internal world to somebody's external world. people are always trying to put their best face forward for the public, internally it may not match at all what they're showing externally. when you start getting down on yourself, give yourself a break, don'ten jud be judgmental of yo and recognize you never know what's fully going on with other people. >> what about this one? only offer advice when asked for advice. some people walk around giving out advice no matter what. >> yes, i don't think that's a good thing. very few people like getting unsolicited advice. so the one thing i suggest for people, whether you're dealing with your spouse, or your kids, they come home from school or work, they're upset about something, instead of immediately feeling like you have to fix the problem and give them advice, you should make your goal just understanding, just making sure that person
11:43 am
feels heard and understood, repeat back to them what they've told you so they know you've been listening. what i'll do with my kids, after they tell me something upsetting to them, look, do you want my advice or do you want to tell me what happened? more often than not they'll say i wanted to tell you. i don't want you to tell me anything. i wanted you to listen. feel free to ask that question. do you want my advice or not? >> that's a good thing to remember. good resolutions. >> i hope so. >> thanks a lot. >> you're welcome. after the break, new information on two developing stories, north korea's test of a hydrogen bomb and a standoff at
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
developing now, chipolte is being told to testify before a federal grand jury. the chain received a subpoena as a grand jury investigating a neurovirus outbreak at a restaurant in california last year. we're waiting to see whether the house will vote to repeal the president's signature healthcare law. there's been dozens of previous votes at undoing the health law. today could be the first time a full repeal makes it to the president's desk. he would veto it. we're tracking the latest on a possible international threat. north korea claims that it has detonated its first hydrogen bomb. this would mark a significant and dangerous advance for north korea's military if it's true.
11:47 am
>> reporter: a north korean tv announcer announces the first hydrogen bomb test and announces it is a success. we won't stop because of what she calls american aggression. they cheered in north korea's capital. they have seen three previous tests announced but never of an h-bomb, a far more powerful weapon. the u.s. is waiting to invade our country, this man says, so it's the right thing to do. the hydrogen bomb, he says, is a reliable way of defending ourselves. the tremors from the underground explosions were felt in china and in south korea where officials say it's a provocation. north korea's leader kim jong-un knows that and signed the test order anyway. japan, too, is alarmed. military planes taking off to test air samples. the u.s. ambassador meeting to reassure a government that says the test is a serious threat. >> we stand with japan and our
11:48 am
partners and allies in solidarity with this north korea provocation. >> reporter: north korea's leader is consolidating his power and flexing his muscle at a world that is looking at north korea with real anxiety. and it may take weeks to work out if this was a hydrogen bomb, and if it was successful and a viable device, but anything that can produce a seismic shock of 5.1 is dangerous, and there will be consequences for north korea. the u.n. will meet later and may move towards tighter sanctions, but kim jong-un is unlikely to be deterred by that. back to you. >> in germany, a security scare. police sealedíñ off german chancellor angela merkel's office this morning. they were investigating several suspicious yellow boxes there. merkel ignored the alert and held a cabinet meeting inside the building any way. to that developing story in
11:49 am
oregon where the occupation of a wildlife refuge enters its fifth day. tonight the county sheriff will hold a meeting to answer questions from concerned residents. the occupiers say they will leave if residents want them to, but they believe they are standing up to bad laws. should missing more than 20% of a school day count as a tardy instead of an absence? yesterday d.c. down until approved a temporary extension of a proposal. that measure reverses the 80/20 rule which says high school students are considered ab cents if they miss more than 20% of a day. that would reduce the number of students categorized as student meaning fewer would be referred to court. visitors to the national mall may see an empty reflecting pool over the next couple months. the national park service plans to start draining the pool on friday.
11:50 am
the annual maintenance and cleaning could take up to 60 days. after the break, fun gadgets from this
11:51 am
right now the final preparations are underway for the technology show of this year's las vegas show. ces is a global consumer electronics show that takes place every january. steve greenberg is at the show. we talked to him on skype a few minutes ago to look at the cool gadgets. i'm here on the floor of ces, the doors haven't opened yet. 15 miles of aisles. a few products i can show you. for example, right over here is called smart wheel. this is invented by a teen. it goes on the steering wheel of a car. you put your hands on it, it can tell if your hands are off or on, it sends a message to your parents letting them know you're texting and not driving
11:52 am
properly. this is an adhesive that you peel back, you stick it on to your child, elderly adult or anyone and monitors their temperature for 48 hours. it sends a signal through bluetooth to your phone or tablet. the information shows up there so you can see how the temperature is handling. you don't have to wake them up in the middle of the night and say i need to take your temperature, this is doing it automatically. check this out. this is from kwikset lock system. besides being an automatic lock that is triggered by your phone and opens and closes, it has no instructions. you buy it, you download an app that tells you how to install it and use it. it's now much smaller than before. one of the other cool improvements here at ces. finally, check this out. this is called roost.
11:53 am
it's a 9 volt battery with a chip built into it. the idea is that you can put this into your smoke detector, and it can turn ordinary smoke detectors into a connected one. this will keep monitoring the smoke detector f it goes off it will send a message through the internet to your smartphone. it is a great example of retrofitting your existing technology can roost. really cool. a lot of things down here. hopefully i'll break more back to the station in a few weeks. take care, back to you. >> i'll be looking forward to seeing that. >> he always brings fun stuff. that exhibit is insane. some of the advancements to make our lives easier. we'll be able do
11:54 am
four more days, the redskins
11:55 am
home playoff game is in four days. fedex field will be packed and a lot of you will watch the team take on the takers sunday afternoon. game time 4:40. parking lots for permit holders will open to tailgaters at noon. you have to have is a red zone lot permit. then you can get in an hour early than that. then the stadium gates open at 2:00. if you're in your see the by you can see a flyover from the u.s. air force as part of the pregame ceremony. very exciting. >> sure is. now, lots of you are excited for the game, but how would answer this question? would you rather the redskins win the super bowl or you win the huge powerball jackpot tonight? you can tell us what you prefer by calling 202-601-3444. we put the poll on the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages so you can respond there, too. >> so far most people have said that they want to win the powerball. i'm surprised. the last time we checked, it's like 14% said redskins, which i think is high.
11:56 am
>> that is. >> lauryn, what you are going to do? >> there's always next year. i will take that money and run with it. get some n players. temperatures topping out around 40 degrees today. plenty of sunshine. sunshine tomorrow with a few more clouds. temperatures in the mid 40s. upper 40s for friday. saturday looking good. a few spotty showers. sunday we have the game going on. hopefully we beat those packers out there coming from a huge die hard redskin fan. those showers will start to wrap up by the time kickoff begins at 4:40. temperatures will be fairly mild that will be our last day before we cool down as we get into monday and tuesday. it looks like we'll have some rain, best chances saturday night into sunday. >> thanks. that does it for news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> get your news and weather updates with the nbc washington app.
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