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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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developments on wall street. it is a day to maybe avoid looking at your 401(k). the market his their worst day in three months and the cause of the drop is causing major concern around the world. wendy rieger is at the live desk. >> well, the rocky start to 2016 for the market just got a lot worse. take a look at where things closed on wall street. just moments ago, down almost 400 points. the nasdaq and s&p also more than 2% for the day and the reason your investments are taking such a hit, china. the stock market there dropped more than 7% today after chinese currency fell to its lowest levels since 2011. china has actually been letting its currency get weak in hopes of stabilizing its economy, but experts are saying that strategy isn't working, but there is good news for you in all of this. the price of oil dropped to its lowest level in 12 years which can drive prices at the pump down further.
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we'll dig deeper into the impact on your wallet when mary thompson of cnbc joins us in the next half hour. back to you. >> thanks, wendy. president obama is about to host a major town hall meeting on gun control after two days that he announced executive orders to tighten those rules. meagan fitzgerald is live in fairfax. meagan, have we heard who else is going to be there? >> reporter: yes, chris. we understand that there are several groups that have been invited to this event including gun owners of america and the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. so folks from both sides of the issue here and there's no doubt there will be passionate questions thrown at president obama. the town hall meeting comes just two days after president obama revealed a series of executive actions he'll take to try and prevent mass shootings. the president says anyone in the business of selling guns on the internet in stores or at gun shows must be licensed and a background check has to be done before the sale. he also says hundreds of atf agents will be hired to make
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background checks more efficient. gun shop owner like curtis of blue ridge arsenal doesn't agree with obama's plan. >> we have laws in place that need to be enforced. if they're enforced they will work. they would not have prevented newtown and wouldn't have prevented aurora. >> reporter: university officials tell us that the area around the johnson center which is where that town hall meeting will be held tonight was shut down around an hour ago so secret service could sweep the area ahead of the event. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you what a maryland legislator is doing after a woman was gunned down by a man who purchased a gun online. barbara? >> thank you, meagan. right now. it's sentencing day for an official accused of making methamphetamine in a government facility. co christopher barkeley caused an explosion and it happened back
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in july and he faces up to 20 years in prison. news 4's scott macfarlane was the first to report that a federal employee was a suspect. we'll have more on the sentence coming up on news 4 at 5:00. arlington police are looking for a man who robbed a bank and he passed a note to the teller and no one saa any weapons and he got the money and took off running. >> i'm tracee wilkins at national harbor. surely you've seen the video where dirt bike riders and atv riders shut down the road leaving drivers where in the world were the police. it turns out something similar happened at national harbor. this video was caught by a maryland delegate who happened to be walking down the sidewalk when he said what had to be more than 100 drivers on atvs and dirt bikes came riding down the middle of the street. at some point someone took to the sidewalk and one person nearly striking him and he said
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something needs to be done. >> it's reckless. it's dangerous and this is something that i don't think we can say is acceptable because it's not acceptable and to say there's nothing we can do about it i don't think is an acceptable answer, as well. >> this delegate has started conversations with law enforcement and the county countsil and what they decided needs to be done. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> we've had the clouds throughout the area just about all day. some of you saying what clouds? take a look. i'll show you the satellite and radar. you can see the cloud cover making its way across the region. it's from the blue ridge off to the east and d.c., baltimore down toward fredericksburg and socked in with the clouds and back toward winchester. sunshine and hence, warmer temperatures, we were at 43 in d.c. and 45 back toward win chester and stanton, virginia around 53. so much warmer where we saw some sunshine.
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cooler, but not too bad for this time of year. as we move on through the next couple of days and not as cold over the next few days and a big weekend storm. this is something that we'll track on saturday and on sunday and we've got some roller coaster temperatures. they go way up and they come crashing way back down. my complete forecast in ten minutes. a 17-hour ordeal for miners trapped in one of the deepest salt lines. this is one of the top stories on the miners were beginning their shift last night in lansing, new york. the elevator broke down trapping the workers 900 feet underground. >> they huddled together. they did what they could do to keep each other warm and keep each other's spirits up, and they persevered that the best way that they could and prioritized who should come out first. >> crews used a bask tote hoist the miners up a few at a time. a spokesperson for the company that owns the mine says the
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group was never in any danger. the mine produces road salt that is shipped throughout the northeastern united states. developing overseas, te tensions are rising in paris. a man with a meat cleaver was swearing a suicide belt with fake explosives. he also had a piece of paper with the image of the isis flag. france has been on high alert and they believe this man was acting alone. it's been a year since terrorists killed 11 people at the french magazine "charlie heb hebdo." for the first time in nine years the fairfax county public school system says they will not be cutting from their budget. no cuts to programs and no cuts to staffing. they simply cannot afford it. >> now we have lagging salaries and we're losing great teachers to other surrounding jurisdictions. we opened the school year with
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200 vacancies and 200 openings and unheard of in fairfax county. >> in this case $2.6 billion, but what's the real impact it will have on teachers and how the students say it's starting to trickle down to them. we'll have that ahead when we see you at news 4 at 5:00. i'm david culver, news 4. it's an effort to take something from comedian bill cosby. the big change that could take a major award in light of sexual abuse allegations. there was no winner in last night's huge powerball drawing, but that doesn't mean
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> damp and chilly today and we could be dealing with fog, i think, during the overnight period and first thing tomorrow morning, we've had pockets of mist and drizzle still around the area and that's what you will see this evening as our temperatures come down from around 40 degrees to the 30s. by 8:00 we'll be at 38, and if you'll be going out this evening you'll probably need a small umbrella if you don't want to get wet at all and those drops very, very light and hitting your windshield. you could turn your wipers on. three-mile visibility in manassas and check out early tomorrow morning and this is at 5:00 a.m., down to zero in a very large area and widespread fog and there could be a fog advisory issued for early tomorrow morning and that fog probably not lifting until late until after 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and cowing has more on that and a look ahead to the weekend which you can expect with rain.
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an effort is now under way on capitol hill to strip bill cosby of his medal of freedom. >> this is the highest medal a civilian can receive and president bush awarded it to cosby 13 years ago. arizona representative announced legislation to take the medal away. gosar works closely with the non-profit group in d.c. that's trying to prevent sexual assault and last week cosby was charged with felony assault although he's denied all of the accusations against him. >> sandra bland's family says the misdemeanor perjury charge against the trooper who arrested bland is, quote, not justice. the trooper arrested bland for a minor traffic violation last year. authority say bland hanged herself in her jail cell three days later. in a news conference in chicago bland's mother said the officer's punishment is not enough. >> to hear these cases and to hear these people and they're put on administrative leave. guess what? my daughter and all these
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victims aren't on administrative leave. they're gone. >> reporter: if convicted the trooper faces one year in jail. texas authorities say they will fire him. first at 4:00, so many of us have resolved to lose weight in the new year and now we're getting a new look at exactly what we should and shouldn't be eating. >> the guidelines that could change what you decide to eat for dinner tonight. >> a car inspection in the blink of an eye. we're showing you new technology
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that's the closing bell. you will hear on wall street. there it is right there as we go to the top of the hour. stocks have tumbled again today as worries intensify about china's economy. cnbc's mary thompson is here to help us understand just what we are witnessing. mary, investor george soros sort of compared this to 2008. can you put what's happening into perspective? >> well, i think barbara hit on it. basically, what we are seeing are a reflection of concerns about a slowdown in china's economy. the numbers coming out of china have been opaque and there are questions about the government's attempts to intervene in the stock market and the currency market and the lack of effectiveness there. all of this uncertainty, basically has led to the sell-off that we have seen on wall street which for the first four trading days of the year
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has marked the dow's worst performance since 1928 in the first four trading sessions of the year it's down 9.2%. >> mary, should people be worried about their 401(k)s or their stocks? >> well, keep in mind, i'm assuming if you do have a 401(k) it's a long-term investment, but it might be worth looking at it. i think people who have a long-term perspective are always cautioned to continue to think long term. if today is bad, do you still think it will be bad five to ten years from now and if you don't think it will be five to ten years from now is this 5% correction a buying opportunity as opposed to sell and cut your losses? a lot of it depends on your timeframe, that's very important to keep in mind. if you have a financial adviser, i would encourage your listeners and viewers to talk to them if there are concerns. >> i mean, it's a great point, mary, because we did see that incredible rebound after the recession. in talking to your sources
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there, what do you think the immediate future holds? >> well, we don't really know. in a situation like that it's almost day to day, evening to evening as we tend to see what happens with the chinese markets overnight, but keep in mind, tomorrow, there is say very important day to point in the u.s. and that being the jobs report for the month of december. jobs growth in the u.s. has been fairly steady and you want to see a continuation of this that gives investors relief that we have concerns about a slowing global economy. the u.s. is actually the best performing economy. so that might give investors reason to come back to the market after the sell-off and take a chance and buy stocks that have now become some bargains and again, certainly cautious tones. back to you guys. >> thank you so much, mary. mary thompson of cnbc. >> thanks, mary. >> that news from wall street has a lot of people thinking about other ways to make money. how about this?
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$700 million. let that sink in for a second because powerball is now the biggest jackpot in american history and believe it or not, there are some folks in virginia who are significantly richer after last night's drawing. no one matched all six numbers in the powerball, but someone bought a ticket in ashburn that paid out $50,000 and someone else bought 50k at a 7-eleven in herndon. here are the numbers that could pay out smaller prizes, 2, 11, 47, 62 and 63. the powerball number is 17 with a multiplier of 3 and the next drawing is saturday. >> what kind of weather will we have? >> saturday is not looking bad, guys. the big news is the fact that saturday night into sunday, that is going to be the big issue that we're going to be seeing out here. >> we have a pretty big storm that will be moving into the area and it will have a big impact with any plan that we have. the clouds have been out there all day and the visibility is
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down, as well and a little bit of fog forming and the winds now are calm and that will help some fog to develop overnight tonight and in through tomorrow morning and 41 in gaithersburg and notice back toward winchester and warmer back to the west and we've seen sunshine back to the west and it's been east of the blue ridge and no rain associated with this and we have seen a little bit in the way of some mist and there could be some drizzle and into the day tomorrow, but i'm not expecting a lot. look at the cloud cover and here is the blue ridge and look at the clouds all east of the blue ridge to the west. what clouds? plenty of sunshine and beautiful weather and back toward petersburg, west virginia and we've been seeing the clouds and they've been here all day. >> you can see it spinning back toward kansas city and bringing denver some more snow and that whole system will move our way and this is the first one that will come in on friday and it's not going to bring us a lot, but
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let's show it to you and we'll take you hour by hour and the clouds are here and the fog is in. the clouds extend west of the blue ridge now. everyone gets in on the fog and this is the time most of you are heading out to dinner and good idea to keep the umbrella handy and we'll see shower activity and i'm not expecting a lot of rain tomorrow night. here we are, no problems and just more cloud cover. look what happens at 7:00, you will need the big umbrella and that rain will become heavy at times and overnight low temperatures tonight, and it will be warmer than that. up to 36 in the city with the areas of fog early tomorrow morning and head's up for your friday and high temperature of 53 and that, of course, the day the redskins are taking on the packers in the playoff game and that the rain starts early in the day and it's gone by the
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time you get out there for tail gating and what you will see is the wind, winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour and temperatures on the down slide and temperature tchs in the 40s and cooler toward the end of the day and it's cooler if you're heading out there. guys? >>. >> i'm adam tuss in northern virginia. have you seen this set up by the side of the road? these little green boxes with the cones in this is a new emissions program called rapid pass and it's the first of its kind in our area. here's how it works. your vehicle drives through these boxes and those devices measure the emissions coming out of your car as you drive right through. it's a way to get this emissions check done without going to the garage or the auto dealership. it will save a lot of time and people are starting to get letters in the mail telling them that this program is legit and they don't have to go get their
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emissions test. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, much more on how this program works, plus you will know pretty fast if you're driving a clean vehicle. back to you. >> thanks, adam. >> first at 4:00, making a comeback. we'll tell you which four-leg ed creature is about to come back to the zoo after more than two years. friendly wager. what one elected official in our area is betting his counterpart in wisconsin over who will win the redskins game. >> we want to know where you will be watching it. it's our flash survey. call the number on the screen and you can cast your vote over on the washington, facebook and twitter pages.
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this afternoon health officials are giving us new guidelines on what we should and should not becñ eating, but the are coming with a different warning this year. >> nbc's erica edwards explains what we should be eating and what we should avoid. >> reporter: for the first time the federal nutrition guidelines set a limit on added sugar. >> you're trying to put together the total calories in a day, the recommendation is not have more than 10% of those calories be from added sugars. >> reporter: the term added sugars does not apply to what's naturally found in fruit. it refers to sweeteners added to products like drink, soups and sauces. the government is working on new food labels that should clearly show added sugar and until then,
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here's dietary math that may be hard to swallow. 10% of a 2,000 calorie diet equals 12 tea spoons of sugar which can be found in just one large soda. >> whether it's the beverages you drink and maybe eating out one fewer night a week, these small changes could get you to a place where there's healthier eating for you and your family. >> the guidelines suggest increasing the amounts of whole fruits and vegetables and cutting down on salt and saturated fat. while processed meats have also been associated with health problem, the government does not specifically suggest cutting back on those sources of protein. cardiologists have other advice. >> in our conversations as clinicians it's our obligation to be blunt and direct and we will aufoften say expressly tha you should reduce fatty foods, specifically red meat and processed foods. >> reporter: the guidelines doing is people incorporate other forms of protein into
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their meals like nuts, legumes and seafood. erica edwards, nbc news. for the first time in two years this afternoon there are red pandas at the national zoo. 1-year-old male tusa and 1-year-old female asa will be staying at the mammal house while permanent digs are prepared along the asia trail. the pandas moved to a smithsonian facility in front royal. rusty whose infamous escape made headlines in 2013 still lives out there. a family's home and everything inside it gone in an instant. one teenager's quick thinking may have saved them from the fire and the simple mistake that caused the disaster. >> storm team 4, changes are ahead just in time for your weekend and how rain, warmer temps and then colder air will all time out.
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happening now at 4:30, president obama is getting ready to head over to george mason university where he's going to host an invitation-only forum about gun, but ahead at 5:00, we'll talk to gun owners who are talking about what they think about the president's plan. renewed tensions in paris. a man with a meat cleaver tried to storm a police station. officers shot and killed him and then discovered he was wearing a suicide belt with fake explosives and it comes one year to the day of the deadly attack of "charlie hebdo".
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the superintendent of fairfax public schools, karen garza said she won't propose any cuts to make up for a multimillion dollar shortfall. i'm molette green in derwood. the damage is significant after a fire forces a family to get out with only the clothes on their backs all because of a common household mistake. smoke alarms went off as fire quickly spread through this two-story house on willow road drive in derwood around 5:00 a.m. and a teenage boy heard the alarm and got his family up and out. >> this is a tragic situation early in the morning, but the family awoke to some smoke and the smoke alarm activating and they went and discovered a fire on the first floor and they got out. >> reporter: just as flames tore through the house. >> in fact, the family encountered pretty heavy fire
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conditions and when firefighters got here, the back of the fire was on fire, the porch, the siding and the fire had extended up into the upper floors and significant fire conditions. >> firefighters quickly found the cause. improperly discarded fireplace ashes on the back deck. >> we know that they had a fire here and that they removed the ashes and put them in a container, in this case, we believe a plastic bag, a combustible bag and placed it on the back porch. all from an apparent household mistake that blocked area streets around busy mill road during the morning rush. not everything was lost. so the family is now salvaging what they can and assessing the damage estimated around $350,000. in derwood, molette green, news 4. >> we are learning more about a shooting that led two schools in our area to shelter their students in place. the victim's name is lidle wood and he was killed during a
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confrontation in a parking lot yesterday. chopper 4 flew over the scene in maryland and police tell us they do have information on a possible suspect and don't have anyone in custody. >> a silver spring man is in jail tonight after leading police on a chase overnight. virginia state police were called to assist maryland police just after midnight in pursuit of a mercedes 230 that crossed the american legion bridge. the chase went to i-66 and then to route 29 where the vehicle lost control at stone road and hit a patrol car and then two other patrol cars as they boxed the driver in. the driver was not injured, but two men in the vehicle were taken to the hospital. congress could be ready to toughen sanctions against north korea. house minority leader nancy pelosi says there's strong bipartisan support for new sa sanctions and it could come as early as next week. it successfully tefrted a
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hydrogen bomb which sparked concern. targeting north korea's access to hard currency and other goods and stepping up inspections on their cargo. the house passed similar legislation two years ago, but it didn't get through the senate. >> not much in the way of fog right now, but that will change overnight. after midnight we will see quite a bit of fog across the area and it will be quite dense, too, by early tomorrow morning. first thing tomorrow morning, your wake-up weather, the temperatures will not budge much from where they'll be this evening and we're 33 to 38 degrees and that's still a chilly start tonight and fog and drizzle and there will be damp conditions out there and umbrella for sure. as far as the weekend goes for saturday. we'll be dealing with more clouds and even some drizzle and take a look at the rain chances from sunday. 60% chance at 7:00 a.m. and it drops to 7% by 1:00 during the afternoon. so rain will be moving out of
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here, but the wind will be picking up and winds get gusty early in the day on sunday and gusts to 45 miles per hour and then by the afternoon and still moderate winds expected across the area and have a look at the temperatures throughout the entire day on southbound and the game, a lot going on this weekend. we're back in just a few minutes. i'm carol maloney out at redskins park. the team counting down to kickoff, three days away. the second postseason practice in the books and everyone was there minus a big piece of the defense. skins moved their workout indoors today and it's a good news story on who was not in the bubble. one of the biggest breakout stars on the d-line, chris baker had a great excuse for missing today. he is a new dad. his first child, a baby girl delivered early this morning. >> he paid for her college tuition on sunday. it has been an incredible year for him.
4:36 pm
he's worked incredibly hard and i'm happy to see his success. >> do you think she'll be a dancer like him? >> i'm pretty sure, she'll grow up watching her daddy dance for 18 years and i'm sure she'll pick up something. >> what do you think is the number one advice you could give him right now? >> right now with the newborn? just get out of the way. >> he's got a girl, right? >> buy a gun. >> reporter: nobody wants to miss a practice now. it's the playoffs, baby. but this is a playoff baby. big congrats to chris baker and his wife jamila. coming up on news 4 at 5k clo, desean jackson speaking for the first time in the locker room and how resting dallas week did him some good. i'm carol maloney at redskins park. >> good luck getting sleep for the next couple of months. prince george's county executive is challenging his counterpart inis wisconsin to a friendly wager and it will be root beer versus coffee. he's putting off 8:00 kofy from
4:37 pm
landover and troy trekkenbach has locally brewed root beer. and i would have guessed he would have offered a chunk of cheese. >> i would have bet on that, too. >> we know you're excited. so we want to see your fan photos. this man sent us a picture of himself meeting quarterback kirk cousins. send us your photos, tweet or instagram them to nbc washington and use the #skinsfans or you can email to powerful and symbolic. a big honor for one local congressman and how it could have an impact around the world. it won't cost as much to fill up the tanks in your car right now, but is it going to stay that way? the new numbers that tell us whether 2016 will bring us higher or
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>> now your storm team 4 forecast. we're talking about that weekend forecast out there. the next couple of days, a lot of changes going on. today we just saw the cloud cover around our region. we're watching this system, though, that will come through during the evernight tomorrow night if you're heading out friday night you will see a chance of showers and this weekend, a bigger chance and
4:41 pm
let's talk about the weekend forecast. first off, a lot of you have the decorations on the house and put away those decorations saturday and the better day that you will see rainy and windy conditions on sunday and exercise will be wet at times, but not too bad and saturday looking good out thered for redskins game and we have it on the yellow side for caution and we'll see rather breezy and windy conditions and temperatures will be dropping throughout the day. we'll be back in just a little bit and veronica has that seven-day forecast. new at 4:00, a man was sentenced to a year in jail today for his part in a game confrontation that ended in a shooting in a maryland high school. he pled guilty to reckless endangerment. today davenport apologized in court for going into a gym during a basketball game and trying to get the attention of rival gang members as they came outside, another man shot and injured two boys. and there's a new honor for
4:42 pm
georgia congressman john lewis and the navy is naming a ship after the civil rights pioneer. the secretary of the navy made the announcement during the ship-naming ceremony here in d.c. lewis tweeted out this picture saying he is honored and grateful. the ship that will bear lewis' name is the first of a next-generation fleet of owners, it's a fitting tribute to a man that has shaped the past and future of our nation. the vital questions about one candidate's qualifications and why safety concerns go for a major campaign event just hours from now. >> from bad to worse, which west coast past timesor hold this afternoon as millions of people deal with a powerful storm and
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sfwloor first at 4:00, the scare of a lifetime. this afternoon we're learning new details of what it took to save a dozen miners trapped 900 feet under ground. it could have ended in disaster. the terrifying find in a woman's backyard that was feet away from a tragedy. there is new tension in the race for the white house. a battle over the so-called birther issue is breaking out over the top two ep r rep canubn candidates. >> ted cruz was born in canada.
4:46 pm
is he ca . >> no court here in washington or anywhere else has issued a final ruling on what's meant in the constitution by a natural-born u.s. citizen. so as trump and cruz surge far ahead from their rivals in iowa. trump is trying to use this birther issue. >> donald trump's latest headline grab is giving away thousands of tickets for his rally tonight at a vermont venue that holds just 1400. trump's attack on ted cruz is a bigger headline. trump tweeting, ted, free legal advice on how to preempt the dems on citizen issue. go to court and seek declare tore judgment, you will win. trump raised the issue and it's a problem for him. whether cruz born in canada cell ijible to be candidate and allen grayson of florida says he will sue if cruz wins the nomination. cruz's mother may have given up her citizenship. >> democrats love to see
4:47 pm
controversy among republicans and they're pouring gasoline on the fire hoping the entire house burbs down. >> reporter: cruz is in iowa where he is polling ahead of trump talked about his cuban-born father. >> he and my mom went on to start a business together and i grew up in texas. >> his u.s.-born mom lived so along she qualified for canadian citizen and he said he is a natural born u.s. citizen eligible to be president. >> people will continue to make political noise about it, but as a legal matter it's quite stray forward. >> a law professor disagrees. i think the better argument, is that he is qualified, but it is not clear. >> reporter: it is not clear if questions are cutting into cruz's support. a little drop could matter. cruz passed trump in iowa polling in mid-december. now they're both moving up and about three to four points apart. that's all. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> voters in virginia are suing
4:48 pm
election officials over the republicans' loyalty pledge for primary voters. the gop is requiring voters to sign a statement they are republicans, but three black pastors say this kind of law violates their civil rights and discriminates against african-american and hispanic voters. virginia's primary is march 1st and that's super tuesday and all of this is because republicans are trying to keep democrats from having a say in which candidate wins the republican nomination. the cooking stage -- >> the cooking stage at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo will offer obviously, a lot of good ideas on healthy eating. we're partnering with the restaurant association metropolitan washington to bring chefs from our area's hottest restaurants. >> so you can check the schedule of the cooking stage and all of the other sftages at and you will find schedules of speakers and list of health screenings and information on special events and the expo is this saturday
4:49 pm
and sunday at the washington convention center and admission is free and we hope to see you there. now the storm team 4 forecast. of course, storm team 4 will be there on stage at 12:30 both saturday and sunday answering your questions about the weather. anything, really, about what it is that we do in our jobs with forecasting. let's take a look at that forecast because early tomorrow morning you will need the rain jacket and i doubt that you'll really need an umbrella, but for anyone that doesn't want to get wet at all because we're expecting more mist and drizzle and pack a purse-sized umbrella for out the door tomorrow morning. not only will we have to deal with a little bit of dampness and also fog and there will be a lot of that. 33 to 38 degrees. here's a look at conditions throughout the day tomorrow. sky cast 4 will stop it at 11:00 a.m. and you can see the clouds hanging low across the area.
4:50 pm
the fog probably doesn't burn off until late and we'll keep the low clouds around and by the afternoon hours, overcast and cool conditions and we're up to 44 degrees by 5:00. most of tomorrow, your temperatures hang out in the 40s and as we get into friday night, saturday morning it will not cool off that much. 40 'here and 39. warmer down south around stafford, and on saturday, guess what? more of the same and still the east to southeast wind. still a lot of clouds and moisture coming in. the best chance on saturday is after 7:00. until then it's just more of the same dampness and a little mist and drizzle. after 7:00 when that rain comes in and ends early sunday morning. remember, we said ending about 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on sunday and this is a look of how much we could get anywhere from a third of an inch in the green to a half inch in thew3 blue an
4:51 pm
higher amounts on the other side of the mountains and tailgating on sunday. it's going to be windy, but it's still going to be mild. look athe temperatures throughout the day and 1:00, we're close to 606 degrees and we're into the mid-50s and as we look forward to the mild weekend and moving more toward winter next week. we'll talk about that coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> v.j. has been telling us how el nino is keeping us milder and making california a whole lot wetter. now health officials are advising swimmers and surfers to stay out of the ocean for at least three days. it's because of the runoff from a series of el nino storms. for the last three days the whole region in southern california has been pummeled with heavy rainfall. in san diego today it's been tough for people to even get around and some people have been trapped in their cars by high water and lifeguards have had to rescue people to get them out of the vehicles. >> the latest rankings now of the world's safest airlines is out and for the third year in a
4:52 pm
row, quant us tops the list. quant us has never had a fatality in the 95 years of its flying. other airlines on the list are alaska airlines and united airlines and jetblue were among the tough ten airlines. from the skies to the roads, get used to low prices at the pump. gasbuddy released its 2016 gas price outlook and it predicts national gas prices will fall for the fourth straight year. in fact, gasbuddy says we'll spend $17 billion less than we did in 2015. gasbuddy says the national gas price average will peak in may and increase in the u.s. supply of crude oil and the decrease in the oil demand is helping drive down those prices. we're working several developing stories in the newsroom including new details about a story we told you about at the top of the hour. we're getting new information about a government official who was accused of making drugs
4:53 pm
while he was on the clock. our news 4 i team broke the story and we have a live report just minutes away. here's a surprise for motorists used to going 35 miles an hour around wisconsin avenue toward bradley boulevard and the speed limit 15 and i'll tell you how fast you have to be going in order to get a ticket if caught by surprise on a speed camera. it turns out the speed cameras are not set for a 15 mile-an-hour speed limit. the signs have been posted for the safety of crews installing gas lines on streets along wisconsin avenue. so how fast can you drive here without getting a ticket? the story ahead on news 4 at 5:00. this is chris gordon, back to you. this next story is like something out of a movie. a large group of miners trapped 70 stories under ground trying to do their job. now we're hearing about what it took to save them before it was
4:54 pm
too late. you're watching news 4 at 4:00.
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>> a plane part fell from the sky narrowly missing homes, trees and cars in mississippi. the impact caused homes to shake yesterday. when one woman came out to investigate she saw pieces of the plane on the road. a c-17 military aircraft fell.
4:57 pm
the c-17 landed safely in jackson, mississippi. the military is trying to figure out what went wrong. right now we are learning a lot of new details about the salt miners who were trapped overnight 70 stories underground. we are learning more about conditions inside the elevator where they waited for hours to be rescued. nbc's chris pollone has new details. >> slowly they, merged. two and three at a time, 17 miners who were reporting in a salt mine south of syracuse, new york. 800 feet below the surface, trapping them for nearly ten hours. >> we weren't all happy until the last one got off the elevator. >> reporter: first responders jumped into action in the early morning hours finding and positioning a crane which allowed rescuers to descend the elevator shaft and retrieve the trapped miners. the miner his fresh air, but said they were cold.
4:58 pm
>> they huddled together and did what they could do to keep each other warm and keep each other's spirits up. >> rescuers had a basket sent down to retrieve the trapped miner. they waited until the last man was rescued. >> and that's when we all stand and look at each other and say this was a win. we're all going home. we're all safe and there was no incident. >> a representative for cargill salt mine said it appeared the steel beam broke, workers had taken the same elevator at the end of the shift. andrew cuomo has ordered an investigation into the incident. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. news 4 at 5:00, begins with breaking news. good evening and welcome to news 4 at 5:00. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. a stunning fall from power. a former police chief is in court trying to avoid prison time. >> his job was to keep a secure government facility, but instead
4:59 pm
he was making meth on the campus. news 4 i-team reporter scott macfarlane is at the courthouse and we'll have more in greenbelt and a breaking news report coming up shortly. >> but first, the first officer charged in the death of freddie gray appealed a judge's decision to force him to testify against a fellow officer. one of william porter's attorneys argued that immunity would not protect him from new charges and that's according to the baltimore sun. porter is scheduled to testify against officer cesar goodson and officer goodson was the van driver and is facing the serious charge of the six officers second-degree murder. his trial starts on monday. >> a former prince george's county police officer will be sentenced tomorrow for pointing the gun at a man's head. officer santiago faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted. it stems from a case back in may in 2014 in buoy. one man was dropping off his cousin when santiago told them
5:00 pm
they were illegally parked. the men said santiago wouldn't let them leave and santiago was found guilty last month. the man killed has been identified as lidle wood. he was shot during a confrontation and a parking loot on rooks head place. this happened around 2:00 in the afternoon about a mile from benjamin stoddert middle school and eva turner elementary. > . tonight president obama will head to fairfax for a town hall discussion on gun control. the event comes two days after his executive orders tightening the rules and as more lawmakers in our r


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