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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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guys. thanks for coming so fast. >> she was given the fairfax citizen award. she suffered burns to her feet. >> good for her. she probably wasn't even thinking. >> hmm-mm. legal students in virginia. what we're learning was found written on the bathroom walls. >> protecting you on metro. they don't work for the agency, but one group is taking safety into their own hands this morning. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we need to get your forecast. chilly and misty and not very nice. >> it's not looking nice outside. the next change arrives outside. you're going to notice it if you
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go to the playoff game. be ready for a big change in temperatures. southerly wind and rain in the morning. turning into a northwestly rain in the afternoon. a big change in temperatures comes on sunday. the big change in the next 24 to 48 hours. 37 this morning. 42 at 7:00 tonight with light rain possible and another wet start coming up on your saturday morning. amelia segal will talk about how it's going impact you in the next several minutes. speaking of it, here ee's melis mollet. disabled vehicle off to the side of the roadway. just a warning. something that's slowing things down here at duke street, 395 duke street, one left lane getting by that roadwork.
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southbound at seminary, two lanes getting by. that one is going to hang around with us until kk. i'll see you back here at 5:11. weather and traffic always on the runs. philadelphia's police commissioner calling this next story one o the scariest things he's ever seen. just before midnight a suspect walks up to a police car and fires 13 shots into the vehicle. the officer inside, 33-year-old jesse hartnet was hit but miraculously is doing okay. he was able to return fire and a short time later police apprehended the suspect. he's i custody right now. new pictures on a man wanted in an attack on the metro. police have been looking for him since tuesday night's passenger. we reported he cut a passenger's ear on a passenger train. violent incidents like that one
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are the reasons there will be extra protection on the metro's red line. you may notice a group of safety volunteer patrols in their trademark red berets. the group calls itself the guardian angels and they'll work all weekend with the metro police to keep the transit system safe. patrols will might tonight at 6:00. developing right now, two men arrested on suspicion of terrorism in two different states. federal authorities arrested a 23-year-old man from sacramento. they say he traveled to syria to fight alongside terrorist groups achlt 24-year-old man was arrested in houston. he's accused of trying to help people in the u.s. travel overseas to isis. attorney general loretta lynch, fbi director james comey and director of national intelligence james clapper are meeting with industry leaders in california today. their goal is to find ways how
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isis operate officer santana dpoe was convicted of assault and misconduct last month. it stems from an incident in may of 2014 in buoy. one man was dropping off his cousin when santiago told them they were illegally parked. he would not let them leave and pointed a gun at one of them. santiago will be sentenced at 9:00 this morning. >> are you concerned about safety on the road? today's your chance to vote. the regulations would significantly raise the fines for a number of traffic offenses and introduce a new series of traffic offenses. the goal is to end all deadly accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists by 2024. a developing story right now this morning. today the affluenza mom heads to couch in portland, texas.
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she faces charges of a felon. her son ethan couch. authorities say she helped him flee to mexico while he was under investigation for a possible violation. ethan couch is serving ten years' probation after killing four people while driving drunk. couch claims he did not no right from wrong due to his affluent upbringing. a welcome end. 24-year-old noah liotta died last month after a drunk driver ran into him. molette green joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the alcohol task force ends its campaign. committed more than ever to saving lives. >> they have arrested over 290 drunk drivers and saved many lives in the process. we'll never know how many lives
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they saved. >> you just heard from montgomery county police captain tom die doan. they'll explain how they might expand this program to catch more dui drivers than ever before and take them off the road. of course, a bittersweet end for officers in the u it in as they continue to mourn officer noah liotta killed by a suspected drunk driver, the night he worked a special dui assignment in december just steps from where i am here on rockville pike and ed moneyston road. we're live. back to you. >> thanks, molette. this morning we start a health & fitness expo. it starts at 8:30. this is from the fair last year. before you stop by, search our
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app "hiring heroes." a welcome relief for parents with students in fairfax county schools. what you won't see in the new budget. and a live look outside. and a live look outside. amelia segal timing our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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right now, a rebound in the stockmarket overseas. the stockmarket is moving up and down today, but stocks in several other countries bounced back with positive numbers. this week was a tough start to the week with china halting twice after big losses. on wall street the dow dropped nearly 400 points. >> a peaceful end to a barricade situation in annapolis. we brought this to you as breaking news last night. annapolis police say man barricaded himself inside a building on madison street. the police say he was a wanted suspect. he was never a threat to the
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public. around midnight they t police said they had one suspect in custody. did you have some mist driving in to work? >> yeah. the wipers came on. >> all right. we're going to check in with amelia segal outside to see how the weather is doing. good morning to you, ail mia. >> reporter: happy friday. it's damp and chilly outside. we'll continue to track misty drizzle throughout the day still dealing with damp and wet roads as we see drizzle challenge over to showers during the evening hours some of if you're heading out tonight for dinner, you'll probably want a small umbrella. 38 degrees for your morning commute. heading home tonight, temperature around 43. more rain in the forecast over the weekend. moderate, maybe even heavy rain. chuck has updates on timing coming up in ten minutes but here's melissa with a check of the roads zbhood morning.
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good morning, amelia. inner loop at route 1, we still have the roadwork blocking the right lane. the one at duke street, 395 southbound is now out of the way. 95 in maryland at powder mill road looking good. southbound hearing of a new problem in my ear here. 95 southbound in virginia. we'll have that coming up. >> melissa, thanks. president obama fielded questions about gun control in america.
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stepped up at woodbridge due to two recent threats. "news4's" megan mcgrath is live with how police are dealing with it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. students may notice a few extra police patrol at woodbridge high as police look into a threat that was written on the wall of the school.
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in a statement written on facebook the principal said pwcs is working closely with police to investigate and above all ensure the safety of students and staff. the community will be advised if the police determine there's any credible threat or need for special precautions. we take this very seriously. now, this is the second time that a threat of violence has been made at a school on a specific date. last week someone scrawled a message on the wall saying that woodbridge high would be shot. that threat was discredited and now we have a second threat written on the wall. it's unclear whether the same person is responsible for both of these threats. the police are investigating and so are officials here at the school. and school officials say if they figure out who has done this, they will certainly take action, and whoever's responsible will be punished.
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back to you. 5:17. we tern to the gun debate. in a town hall meeting last night at george mason university a sheriff challenged the order that forces more dealers to register and do background checks. he says it would not have stopped any of the recent mass shootings. >> you've said in your executive action it wouldn't have solved even one of these -- >> no, i didn't say that. >> well -- >> i didn't say that. >> looking at the information, what would it have solved? >> none of the recent mass shootings, i should point out, none were purchased from nonlicensed dealers. >> correct. >> the back-and-forth was more heated outside. mark barton was there on be f of gun violence victims. his 7-year-old son was killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. others were concerned for their grandchildren. coming up on 5:18, it's almost time. a fedex field full of fans will
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be cheering on the redskins when they take on the packer this weekend in playoff game. >> now, you know there are some fans who be cheering for the other side. right now we're checking in with our counterparts in wisconsin. good morning to you. you're wearing your green too. you look like you're ready for your game on sunday. we are too. go skins. >> absolutely. >> we're ready. up here, we're less end about our team going into the playoffs than we have for year, so it could well be your year. >> it's a long time coming for us. green bay has had a nice stretch of wins. we've been waiting. we have the home team advantage. >> do you feel people are trying to get amped up anyway for your team to have a good showing in the game? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. packers fans will never say die. we've still got aaron rodgers. people are looking forward to
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that. they're looking forward to the game. >> uni, you mentioned home field advantage. the temperatures we were talking about, windchills below zero. i'm sure the guys are quite happy. >> we might have a little rain, but otherwise pretty mild. i want to see your cheeseheads. where are your cheeseheads? >> our weather guy definitely has the cheesehead. >> you can always count on the weather guy for that. >> that's right. >> we looking forward to the game this weekend. we appreciate you making time for us and go skins. >> good luck to you guys and go pack. >> go pack. talk to you soon. no one was hurt but a family is without a home after a fire in montgomery county. fireplace ashes thrown in a trash bag are being blamed for the fire. more than 500 -- 50, rather, fought the fire on willow knoll
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road. they only had time to get out with the clothes on their backs. fairfax teachers and parents are gearing up for the battle over the school budget. it started last night with a rally just before the superintendent outlined the budget. virginia's largest school district face as budget deficit that will require major cuts in programs and fee increases for student activities. for the past nine years the district has had to scale back on the spending. the district superintendent says she's done cutting budgets. she wants smaller class sizes and better pay for teachers. she says it's nonnegotiable. >> we have salaries and we're losing a great teachers to other surrounding jurisdictions. we open the year with 200 vacancies. >> if it's not fully funded the board will make its final decision in april. maryland governor larry hogan is going to ask to approve tax cuts for working families, small businesses, and retires.
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"the baltimore sun" says he did not offer any idea how he'd pay for them but says they're in better financial standing than they were in eight years under former governor martin o'malley. 5:21, and we're waking up to probably the warmest morning we've had. >> i'm hoping it goes in that trajectory. >> what do you think, chuck? will it keep going that way? >> the temperatures will trend up. the problem is there will be no snipe today or tomorrow. so milder, yes, but without the sunshine, it's really not going to do you any good. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. we'll be near 60 on sunday. right now the biggest thing we're currently tracking, areas of fog. thickest fog east of the blue ridge. by later today the fog will lift out but it will be replaced by drizzle and light rain. here's the view outside from our tower this morning all shrouded up in the fog.
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there's even thicker fog in the shenandoah valley. quarter mile visibility in luray and win chess terk also you have the possibility with all the fog and the drizzle out there. temperatures are down near the freezing mark, so there could be a few areas of freezing fog out in the southern parts of the shenandoah valley, up into northern maryland. just be on the lookout. there could be a hint of iciness out there first thing this morning. not much in the way of accumulation of ice on the ground because the ground is not frozen. heading out for a walk or jog, it's not going to be a pretty one. drizzle and mist out there. temperatures gradually trending into the 40s. dinner and a movie tonight, you will probably need an umbrella. nothing on radar just yet. there's rain in the forecast for not just tonight. shower action bushlgs this band of rain arrives here late saturday night. that will be the heaviest rain over the next couple of days.
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so drizzle moves in tonight with a couple of light showers around. as we get into the weekend. a lot of clouds around. best rain chances are after 6:00 tomorrow evening. heaviest rain around midnight. sun, rainy in the morning. quite breezy. a south wind puts us up at 60 at noontime. temperatures will drop into the 30s by monday morning. a chilly seven-day forecast shows up. for now time for traffic. here's melissa mollet. pretty in red. >> thank you so much. unfortunately we have a couple of problems here at dumfries road. we're getting problems it's closed at bristol because of a crash and garrisonville road, we have a crash there. it is not closed but we do have an accident there. a couple of things we're calling for now. inner loop at connecticut avenue, we still have a disabled vehicle. it looks like it's out of the way because my little icon
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disappeared. no major problem, but, again, you do have fog. kind of fog all over the place. 5 southbound from 32 down to the beltway, that's going to take you ten minutes so you don't have any problems there. more on these two problems there in virginia coming up. thanks, virginia. new this morning. do you hear that? that's applause overnight after security officials carried a woman off of a united airlines flight. united said she attacked several passengers after the flight took off from new york. the plane made an emergency landing in detroit. the flight continued without the passenger making it safely to chicago's o'hare international. there were reports that the woman may have mental health issues. >> the governor of maine is coming under fire this morning after his controversial comments about drug dealers. governor paul lepage was responding to questions about how he wasyb'ding drug abuse in his state.
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he said dealers are coming in impersonating young white girls. they say it was racist. >> they're money, smoothie, shifty, these are the guys that come up from connecticut and new york. they sell their heroin and go back home. >> a spokesperson. for the governor's office said he wasn't referring to race when he made the comments. they say they're not leaving. the sheriff asked the armed protesters to leave peacefully and offered them a safe escort out. they agreed to disagree by shaking hands. group leader siddartha dhar has told reporters the group will leave when there's a plan in place to turn over the land to the locals. in "news4 your health" we're learning about a new cancer linked to breast implants. it's especially scary for women
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who had breast cancer once and them developed the cancer after breast reconstruction. this is very rare though. there have only been 150 cases out of the 15 million women who have had breast implants worldwide. if you're single guy looking for love, you might want to consider buying a dog. well, there goes that. a new study says men who owns dogs are more attractive. researchers studied 1,200 users who included pets in their profiles. 61% of them were women. a majority said owning a pet makes someone more attractive, but not just any pet. 39% said owning a cat would be a deal breaker. >> i'm allergic to cat. >> i'm on board with that. you have a cat, you smoke, no deal. >> a dog shows you have a relationship with this animal and you have to take care of the animal like a baby almost. it shows responsibility and nurturing. all those good qualities.
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>> and a cat wants to best alone or cuddle or whatever. >> they won't stop any time soon. we're talking about the historic powerball jackpot. >> if nobody wins on saturday, the prize could reach $1 billion. right now saturday's drawing is worth $700 million. "usa today" did some math for the morning folks out there. cow could buy nearly 75 million lattes at starbucks. >> who could drink that many. >> you could find something better to do. a lottery spokesperson says it could climb to $900 million based on current ticket sales. if that rolls over, it it could exceed $1 billion. >> if you win the lottery, you won't need a dog. police saying why you won't get a ticket if you don't follow it. donald trump's attack against the clintons.
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we'll tell you how bill clinton
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♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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america runs on dunkin'. this just into our newsroom. the latest in the attack. believed to be a bomb factory for the paris attacks. you may remember cently we had information about prosecutors in that same region finding belts that may have been used to carry
5:31 am
explosive devices. again, the latest information is that an apartment raid has discovered what could have been a bomb factory for the paris attacks. we'll get some new information on this and bring it to you live from the news desk. i'm erika gonzalez. >> thank you, erika. good morning you do. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. let's check in with chuck on the 4 things you need to know about the forecast. >> good morning. four things you need to know about the weather. drizzle me this, drizzle me that. that's what you need to know. no sunshine on sunday. windy on sunday with the playoff game. strong southerly wind will put you near 60. the big up will be followed by a big down in temperatures early next week. another taste of winter coming our way. closer to the freezing mark on
5:32 am
the shenandoah valley. there could be a little freezing drizzle out there. keep that in mind if you're traveling. amelia will be talking about the school day forecast in ten. i'll have the seven-day in 20. trouble in virginia. >> just got off the phone with state police. we still have this erb here. take a look. dum ffries shut down at bristol. we're trying to get more information for you. no problem. we're going to take you 29 minutes. it is nice and clear. same thing northbound. we'll have travel times in ten minutes. melissa, thank you. 5:33. we turn to decision 2016. donald trump is looking for
5:33 am
support on bernie sanders' turf. we're talking about is vermont. the republican front-runner packed a rally last night. nbc's edward lawrence joins us live from capitol hill. so, edward, should bernie sanders be worried about his base now? >> bernie sanders should be worried. donald trump shows in numbers 20,000 tickers were given away. it only holds 14,000. it would be interesting. he was on defense during that rally in vermont on protesters. donald trump said he would love to run against bernie sanders who trailing hillary clinton on the democratic side. still he's focused on clinton. former president bill clinton on the campaign trail for his wife refused to engage trump in
5:34 am
making an issue of his past transgressions saying he has no interest in getting involved in trump's politics. trump then turned to his closest competitor, ted cruz. donald trump and senator john mccain are questioning whether cruz is eligible to be president because he was born in canada. we'll see who can survive the accusations and the heckling. reporting live on capitol hill, back to you, eun and aaron. >> edward, thank you. 45 years in prison. that's the sentence handed down. chris bartley worked in gaithersburg. caused an explosion on the campus while trying to cook meth last year. bartley told the court hypothesize ee made a serious error in judgment.
5:35 am
he'll report to trial july 1st. trial dates for sergeant alicia white and officer garrett mill very been pushed back. white's trial is rescheduled for february. mill 'eers trial is moved to march. a new sipe along a busy stretch of road in montgomery county is confusing some drivers. it read 15/miles an hour. you see it right there. it's in a work zone and threatens a higher fine but the next sign shows the usual 35 miles an hour. police say the 15-mile-an-hour sign is not actually a county sign, so they're not enforcing it. crews installing gas services there tells "news4" the sign makes them feel safer. >> our priority is safety first, especially in this zone. people coming out of the work zone, and they're going over 35. >> they did not respond to "news4's" messages about the
5:36 am
sign. maryland's lawmakers say it's time to crack down on atvs. jaywalker said he was walking when a pack of atv and dirt bike riders flew down the street. it with us the same day riders took over a pork of the beltway in prince george's county. walker said boenlt of these incidents encouraged him to start meeting with police and county council to find a solution even if it means new laws from the state legislature. >> you know, so much about sticking to healthy resolutions is knowing the facts as you in. at this weekend's health & fitness expo, we've put together serve subjects to help you out. we talk about taking a stand against bullying. you'll also hear from hiring manager on,000 get a job in the health care industry. you can find a complete list of topics on the nbc washington website. the expo is free.
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a coyote was spotted in this area. we'll tell you where and what might be attracted them to us. >> and what national zoo members have exclusive access to starting today. get ready for a swing in your temperatures. what amelia say
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we want to let you know about a recent coyote sitting in prince george's county. according to police two coyote
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were spotted in the western part of the county. you should keep your home free of trash and pet food and keep your animals on a leash or they might see them as food. 1-year-old male ta'u sa and 2-year-old female ooh sa will be staying. they smoothed to a smithsonian. remember rusty, he escaped and made headlines in 2013. he still lives there. a live look at the began cam this morning. where'd he go. it's an exciting day. fans will get a peek of bei bei. i'm just going to claim him. the rest will get a view soon. coming up on 5:41 right now.
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we want to check on the forecast this morning. >> amelia seagal on the weather deck. is there any mist out there? >> a little bit. it's bone chilling out here. as you're getting the kids ready for school, jacket, teen raincoat. not tracking any heavy rain but, again, kind of some drizzle around. you might want to grab a small umbrella. at the bus stop temperatures now 38 degree. back to the west around 91 rj we're getting reports of a freezing fog. heads up there. temperatures around 43. not the best day for recess. melissa, how's the come meet looking? >> overall we're okay. do have a couple of problems hanging around. take a look. westbound at garrison, right there at 95, an update on that
5:42 am
one is the left lane is still blocked. that should be out of the way in just a little bit. hopefully, right? we'll cross our fingers there. rock creek just before pennsylvania avenue we have a disabled vehicle. travel times for you, 270, 95 over 270 looks good. 66, we don't have any problems and north quantico, you're on time there too. aaron. >> thank you. the white house is going after isis. how part of its fight includes recruiting in silicon valley >> what do you get when you
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good morning, everybody. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell on "news4." close enough to the freezing mark in the shenandoah valley. could be a little freezing fog
5:46 am
or freezing drizzle there. be careful for this on the roads. speaking of which, here's melissa mollet. good morning. garrison road at 95. still have that crash blocking the left lane. a tow truck blocking the lane. right before pennsylvania avenue we still have that disabled vehicle blocking one lane. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. two men suspected of terrorism in california and texas are now under arrest. one of them is a 23-year-old man in skraelt. he traveled to syria to fight along terrorist groups. in houston the suspect is 24 years old. he's accuse of trying to help people in the u.s. travel overseas to join isis. the white house is turning to tech companies. loretta lynch, fbi director james comey and director of national intelligence james clapper are heading to silicon valley today. they're going to finding ways to
5:47 am
disrupt how isis operates. >> today you with weigh in on the visually oh poesd series. it would significantly raise the fines for a number of traffic offenses and introduce a new series of traffic offenses. the goal of vision zero is to end all deadly accidents involved deadly cyclists by 2024. your drive to work in virginia could get a little ease yefrmt vdot plans to open lanes to mark center and seminary road. the ramp will open on tuesday. lit switch directions depending on the time of day. if you're drivabling in that area this weekend, you may see crews putting final touches on that ramp. a new sib caution controversy. the federal court decided the third and fourth federal districts should be redrawn before the next election. judges recently decided
5:48 am
legislators illegally packed black voters into that district in 2012 to dilute the influence of other blang voters in the nearby district. the supreme court could throw out this new ruling though. the woman known as the after flew enza mom heads to court in texas. tonya couch face charges of hindering a felon, her son ethan couch. authorities say she helped her son flee to mexico. ethan couch is serving ten years' probation after killing people driving drunk. bond for couch is set at $1 million. a young woman's incredible strength and heroism is being reward. eric got pinned urp his truck. he just removed the wheel and smelled gas.
5:49 am
he was struggling. his daughter came running, hopped in the truck barefoot and gunned it. >> i immediately smells gas and then whoosh. >> charlotte was given the fairfax county fire department's citizen's award. she's still recovering from burns to her hands and feet and back injury. news 4's molette green joins us live from rockville with more on what's happening today. mollet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more than 290 dui arrests from mid november to today and the task force ends its drunk driving campaign today. despite the fact they lost one of their own and now police are
5:50 am
considering putting a dedicated officer in each district. >> we're looking at dog this on a full time basis. we have officer john romak. he arrested between 160 and 170 drivers a year. he leads the region. he. >> that was montgomery county captain. still this campaign ends bittersweet as they mourn one of their own, noah liottaing killed by a suspected drunk driver the night he was working a special dui assignment in december steps from where i am on rockville peek south of ed munnss ton road. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you, molette. tort we're kicking off our health and fitness with a job
5:51 am
fair. this is video e from the fair last year. be ever you stop by, make sure you register in our nbc washington achlt just sear. "hiring our hero. ". >> you'll get a break from the traffic work. they're ending work on the orange, blue, and silver lines before noon that day. you should expect up to a 20-minute break. they'll be single tracking between smith sohn yanl and mcphearson square. there's single tracking on the forest glen and on the greenbelt you'll have to take a bus. it's 5:51. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> "storm team 4's" meteorologist chuck bell with more. >> good morning, aaron and eun. it's friday morning. no sunshine today or tomorrow. next chance of seeing the sun comes up sunday afternoon.
5:52 am
overall impact on the day, relatively low. it's really just about fog, mist, and drizzle. the biggest impact will be on your mood. it's gray and the roads are well above freezing. maybe on the windshield or exposed guardrail. temperatures closer to ground. as you plan out your friday, 30s to near 40s. only in the mid-40s with a lot of drizzle and clouds around. chances for light rain showers
5:53 am
as you plan dinner and a mean. you'll probably need an umbrella then. "storm team 4" radar, nothing showing up yet. also as we get toward saturday night. i think the heaviest rain out of the next seven days falls while you're asleep, saturday night into sunday morning. there's the light rain turning into drizzle and showery weather for your friday evening. still all clouds but mostly rain free during the day. chances for rain move back in late saturday evening so keep that in mind. here's your seven-day forecast then. 45 today. 53 tomorrow with showers late. 60 on sunday with the rain done before noon. the game should be dry, but it is going to be windy on sunday. down to below freezing monday morning and staying cold all next week number big chances for snow in the next seven days. sorry about that, snow lovers. we'll get more details on how
5:54 am
quickly the temperatures fall. that's at 6:01. here's melissa with traffic. >> good morning. still have this problem. we still have the left lane blocked. it should be out of the way in a little bit. inner loop and ow outer loop, don't have any problems on the beltway. everything moving along just fine. don't have any problems eastbound or westbound on 66 to 70. you'll find a little bit of fog. that's what you'll see. just beware of that. prince george's county, no problems there. we'll take look at 95 coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, melissa. later today, the bureau of labor statistics will release job numbers for the month of december. they'll show between 200 257b8d 15,000 jobs were added last month. that's about the same number of jobs added in november. the unemployment rate is exhibited to remain at 5%.
5:55 am
it's possible it could dip for the first time in eight years. >> good morning. soulcycle fans, you can save that money for something else. they're teaming up with target for a ten-mile tour including washington. they're offering 45-minute classes and pop-up stores to offer clothes. sweat pants and shirts with the soulcycle logo, $20 and $25. that's half the cost at the location. good morning. >> good morning, we had another roller-coaster plunge on wall street. it sent the dow jones industrial average down 392 points. first biggest loss in three months. make it the worst start to the year for the dow and s&p ever. we we're going have more of these developments on the
5:56 am
"today" show including what these could be mean for the u.s. economy and the millions of americans nervous about their money. back to you guys. 5:56. there will soon be a new person in charge of 911 and 311 call center. bowser appointed karima holmes yesterday. she said fails responses had deadly consequences last year and she hopes holmes can fix the problems. right now holmes runs the 911 center that covers the southwest suburbs of dallas. families could n fairfax county could be the next to benefit. the barn offers temporary housing for families going through difficult times. an association representing the area contractor saw the shelter's need and made free repairs to its driveway and parking lot. a special beer is breering in northern virginia for a young
5:57 am
wom woman battling stage 4 stomach cancer. it's called cu curry's cure. shem had a son and then they discovered stomach cancer. >> there's so many good people here. it really does -- it just makes you feel like everybody's on your side. >> the money raised from selling curry's cure will help pay for rose's medical bills. there are some special things happening at the consumer electronics show in vegas. we're talking about shoes that let your kids play a game while waiting around. lightup shoes are a thing of the past compared to memory toe. the substitute to go proa clip a phone to take pictures. with we put a lot of pictures up
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on our washington achlt ♪ ♪
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right now on ne"news4." they'll see when they head to class. >> "storm team 4."
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low visibilities and drizzle outside. places in the shenandoah valley could actually have a little freezing drizzle. we'll break down the friday and the weekend forecast coming right up. >> dramatic video as a woman is pulled off a united airlines flight. what she's doing that forced an emergency landing. yes, indeed, your weather deadlines are going to be. mist and drizzle. a chance for light rain showers. heaviest rain will be saturday night and a big chain shows up and a lot of wind. rain will be over for the playoff game but then turning into a strong north wind. temperatures will drop some 20 degrees between noon and 8:00 p.m. on sunday. so be ready for a big drop in temperatures. first thing this morning though. we'll dealing with fog. zero visibility in luray, a mile in man


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