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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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break news. we're live on the scene of a deadly accident. police telling us that a woman was hit be i a car. i'm barbara harrison with what we know about the conditions at the time of the accident. and i'm continuing to track fog and some rain moving in to begin our weekend. all the latest timing coming up in my latest forecast. and i'm melissa mollet. the redskins game is a couple of days away. "news4" midday begins right now. and we begin with that breaking news in laurel and "news4's" meagan fitzgerald.
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meagan? >> reporter: yes. a child was crossing the lane when she was hit and killed by a driver. the victim was 19-year-old was hit. the 66-year-old driver remained on the scene. according to all reports we're told the driver had the green light and she was crossing in the middle of the street. we're told she was transported to prince george's hospital where she was pronounced dead. we're told this is an ongoing investigation. a philadelphia police officer is recovering this morning after he was shot at point blank range. police say a man was trying to kill the officer. they say the suspect walk up to the officer's car and fired at least 13 times. he hit the officer in the left arm. the officer fired back and hit the suspect three times. the suspect is in the hospital.
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we do not know his condition. i'm megan mcgrath live outside woodbridge high school where two messages threatening violence have been found written on walls inside the school. police have no information that these are credible threats, but they want to know who wrote them. some students we spoke to think the messages are a prank. >> it's nothing serious. it's not serious. the dude wrote something on a wall. >> reporter: others think it's creepy. >> never have seen two, so it's scary. >> reporter: two messages have been found written on walls inside woodbridge high. the first gave a time frame and said the school would be shot. the other message was found on thursday. police say there's no evidence that these are credible threats but they are investigating and so is the school. a statement posted on facebook says they're working closely to
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investigate and above all ensure the safety of students and staff. the community will be advised if the police determine there's any credible threat or need for special precautions. we take this very seriously. taylor harris has seen evidence of that in the form of heightened security. >> there's like police and basketball games or in the hallways, you see them walking around more. >> now, i talked to a mother off camera. she said she was concerned enough that she kept her child out of school for a day after hearing of the first threat. now, if this was intexted to be a prank, they're not laughing. they say who's responsible will be punished. in woodbridge, megan mcgrath, "news4." >> thank you, megan. police are increasing patrols after they found a loaded handgun outside the capitol. it happened wednesday morning at georgetown east, they responded
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quickly after a custodian told them that he found a gun under dumpster on the side of the building. school officials say the building was found well before the students arrived at 9:00 a.m. and a letter was sent home with the parents informing them of the incident. it's a criminal day. they're going to decide whether to review his corruption conviction. the former governor's lawyers argue the statue under which he was convicted is unconstitutionally broad. legal analysts have hinted they will take the case. not the prettiest day outside. you can see looking outside with one of our tower cameras, visibility not a great. i'm not tracking any dense fog in the d.c. area.
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that's not going to be the case tomorrow morning. more on that coming up. "storm team 4" radar. it's this area of rain that will bring some scattered showers to the region mainly in the evening. it's very anemic keeping the d.c. area dry. if you're heading out, bring that small umbrella just in case any rain can be light in nature. you can see only some scattered showers up around the mason-dixon line. but, again, there's about a 30% chance of a shower. closer look at temperatures in ten minutes, melissa. >> thanks, melissa. we can practically hear hail to the redskins chant. four things to know. first things first, odds are on the redskins. they're head of the packers by one point in vegas but the odds have shifted back and forth and that's over the last couple of days. >> we know there's something
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special about this locker room. and with the numerous players who have experience, we're just all trying to feed off of each other's energy and use that in a positive way. >> skins players are hopeful. that's the second thing you heard him say it there. the teammates are excited to play with each other and have a chance to perform. third thing f you're one of the lucky ones going to the game, gates open and noon. if you doend have a seat, they're going for hundreds of bucks on the line. you might pick your couch instead. the fourth thing, and this is new too, we understand mayor bowser and mayor schmitt have a friendly bet. whether you're taking your picture with a player or your pet or in your full on redskins
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gear, tweet it or send it to us by instagram to nbc washington. be sure to use the #skinsfans. >> if the folks are not talking about the skins game, they're talking about the massive powerball jackpot. will that buy the most expensive island? find out after the break. and the dow, a week after neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that.
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back about $2 million your can do it big and by this car for $8 million. the name even sounds expensive. sadly if you want to buy your own professional sports team, you may be out of luck. we checked out the teams and the cheapest is the minnesota vikings at just over $1 billion. i guess we're not buying the vikings. and beyonce is joining cold play for the super bowl next month. the megastar headlined the show herself in 2014 13, and it was awesome. what a great duo. that should be really fun. according to de"deadspin".com, this adidas hat is causing quite bait of a stir on social media. it's a real hat for sale in the official nba online website. now, this is not a racist hidden
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message with the white hat pride but because there are many types of pride hats, this one happens to be white but there are other
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new this morning, applause after security officials carried a woman off a united airlines flight. united said she attacked several passengers last night after the flight took off from new york. the plane made an emergency landing in detroit, then continued safely to chicago's o'hare international airport. we're learning the woman may have had some mental health issues. amelia, how about the weather out there? >> barbara, right now temperatures for most of us in the upper 30s, low 40s.
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40s in washington. now i'm tracking rain moving into the area. scattered showers mainly during the hours. you could see a mix before that changes over to all rain during these afternoon hours. here's a look at the high temperatures today. 44 degrees in manassas. continues to track plenty of clouds. mi mist. >> a bus strike could make it hard for the fool fans to make it to the champion game. a bus driver's union is striking after rejecting a proposed contract that strike likely to disrupt bus service for thousands of college football fans. early morning chaos in kansas city. a huge fire at an apartment complex, what we learned about the evacuation that had to happen even before the sun came up.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. an attempted kidnapping of the first family's dog bo, maybe both, thwarted. this after agents in minnesota put out a bolo saying the man was headed here to kidnap the
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first family's pet. now, we know that this man is now in custody of police and in his pickup truck they found a number of unregistered rifle, ammunition, and a machete. again, thwarted by secret service agents. >> interesting. there's new proof that the economy is starting off strong. u.s. employers added 292,000 jobs last month. they stayed flat in november at 5%. for months employers have steadily added jobs while foreign industries and oil markets have struggled. we'll take a look at more at 11:55. but for now melissa has millimeter to tell us about a special jobs fair going on. >> very special. they're down at the nbc 4
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health & fit ps expo. that's where we find "news4's" molette green. she's there at the hiring. how's it going, molette? >> reporter: it's going a great, melissa. good morning, everyone. we're right in the middle of the thick of things of hiring our heroes. check it out. the scene, this sea of veterans, military spouses. it is quite something to see and to witness holding this special event. more than 500 registered to talk to these employers, 100-plus employers from the government and private sector hoping to hire many if not all of them. joining me to talk about all of them is aeric eversole.
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their you neat skill set could benefit many of the employers. >> there's no doubt about it. that's what we see each and every hiring event we do, especially in the d.c. region. we're looking for talented veterans and returning servicemembers and military spouses. so we never have any problem finding employers who want to come to these events. >> reporter: i found one gentleman from ft. bragg without a job for a while, looking. hoping this will be his lucky day. >> we hope so too. we have servicemembers who decide where they want to live. they use events like this to find a great jobs. a good percentage of the folks will be offered jobs today, but it's a great networking opportunity to find out what you want to do as your next step. and it's also a great training. we a great training program.
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it allows you to fine tune your skill. >> reporter: if you're ready, throw on your suit, veterans, military spouses, come on out. check out the scene. we have a lot of people waiting to talk to hilton worldwide and other employers who are just waiting to talk to these folks. this is going to go on until 1:00 this afternoon. it's a big opponent of our nbc health & fitness forexpo that ks off tomorrow. >> thanks, molette. right now we're waiting on a decision on how long a prince george's county officers will remain in prison. it stems from a case in 2014 in bowie. one man was dropping offer his cousin when santiago told them they were illegally parked. the men said he wouldn't let them leave and pointed a gun at
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one of them. he could face up to 45 years in prison. today the affluenza mom tonya couch headed to prisonern. authorities say she helped him flee to mexico while he was under investigation for a possible probation violation. ethan couch is serving ten years' probation after killing four people while driving drunk. couch claims he didn't know right from wrong due to his affluent upbringing. developing right now. the an investigation under way to this huge fire in kansas city. take a look at this. it completely destroyed this building including collapsing a stairwell inside. firefighters were told to evacuate because the blaze was just so bad. it's not clear how the fire starts. barbara? mayor muriel bowser appointed karima holmes to lead
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911 yesterday. dispaefrps failed to either act in a timely manner or sent responders to the wrong location. amelia? >> right now, barbara, i'm showing you future weather outlined for the weekend. notice clouds in place. once again we will be dealing with areas of fog and drizzle as we work our way. mainly dry. tomorrow night, areas of rain move in. here's future weather at 11:00 p.m. know it the bright. the yellows, the oranges, this is heavy rain moving through the area. this is rain that moves quickly out during the mid morning hours and for the remainder of the morning we're looking aet dry conditions. however, notice the weather bringing an isolated showers into the area. you want to keep that in mind. >> all right. thank you very much. prince william county
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residents, listen up. police say two coyotes were spotted in the western part of the county. don't let your small pets roam without being on a leash. work due to begin at the lincoln memorial reflecting pool will not start today. paperwork is holding up the maintenance and draining of the pool. they hope to start the work within the next two weeks. after the break, how you can have a beer for a good cause. don't forget, you can catch us anywhere. hit your
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anywhere. hit your phone app, get the washington app and hit live tv right now. we'll be right back. a special beer is brewing in northern virginia for a young woman battling stomach cancer. the beer is called curry cure
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named after curry rose. she gave birth in september and learned she had cancer. her son was born early. her husband who own as brewery joined 18 other brewers for a fund-raiser yesterday. >> there's so many good people here, it really does. it makes you feel like everybody's on your side. >> the money raised for selling curry's cure will help pay rose's medical bills. so much for stickering to resolutions. we've put together several panel discussions to help you come join us to hear experts talk about weight, managing stress, and bullying and hear from managers,000 get a job in the health care industry. you'll find a complete on our website. the health & fitness expo is
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free saturday and sunday at the washington expo center. >> you'll be there. >> and i will too. you'll be there at 9:00. >> 9:00 a.m. >> and i'll be there at noon. >> the neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room.
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. welcome back. a high temperature today of cloudy skies and a damp foggy misty day. tomorrow, a high of 53. once again, tracking plenty of clouds. some areas of thick fog tomorrow morning. i'm going to have your hour-by-hour fog forecast coming up in ten minutes. we continue to track some rain into sunday morning. some moderate, even heavy rain is possible. a high of 60 on sunday. so feeling pretty mild. but it's going to be blustery throughout the entire day and
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then we continue to track breezy, even windy conditions on monday. more importantly, look at the temperature drop down to 39 degrees. feeling like january with a mix of sun and clouds, barbara. >> all right. thanks. it's a big weekend. you're going have to make some choices. all of us are. the game's doing to be on? >> and the fitness expo. dave carver has a few predictions about the favorite categories like best drama. >> we do have the full list. "carol," "mad max: fury road," and ""the revenant"".
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>> that's irresistible. the 73rd annual golden globes coming on sunday right here on nbc 4. the red carpet show comes at 7:00. is that your favorite part? >> that mice favorite part. if i'm asleep, that's all i look at. >> most of the moves i have not seen yet. >> we're bad. >> you'll want to see it here, too, at 7:00. >> all of it. who cares about the awards, right? after the break, what ben
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> developing right now, two men under arrest on sus spig of terrorism. one in california, one in texas. police arrested man in sacramento. they say he travelled to syria go fight alongside terror groups. a 24-year-old man was also arrested in houston. he's accused of helping people in the u.s. travel overseas to help isis. attorney general loretta lynch, fbi director james comey and national director of national intelligence james clapper are meeting with industry leaders in california. their strategy is to find new ways to stop terrorists from radicalizing people online.
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and a grandmother, i feel my grand children and my children have a right also to live without the fear of being gunned down by the extremists, domestic extremists. >> split and passionate reaction outside the president's town hall. it was at george mason university, two days after president obama announced executive orders to tighten gun laws. some brought signs thanking the president, others backed the second amendment rights. mark barden was there. his son was killed in the sandy hook elementary shooting. >> we're trying to save other families have having to live through this pain. joe lothrop is an nra member. he says the president is overstepping hiss authority.
11:33 am
the republican front-runner is vowing to get rid of gun-free zones at military bases. he made a promise to a crowd packed last night in burlington, vermont. he says the attack in san bernardino could have been prevented if citizens were allowed to carry guns. you may have heard about this. during carson's campaign stop in a he asked the students to identify the worst student. when tla did, he said he, too, did. he pulled a child aside and pursuing him to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon. actress lena dunham and soccer star abby wambach will be part of the demonstration in new hampshire. amelia? >> well, melissa, continuing
11:34 am
track fog and drizzle. here we are at 5:00 a.m. notice visibility here around a half a mile or less. we'll continue to track fog and mist throughout the morning hours tomorrow. otherwise plenty of clouds. notice visibility tomorrow morning in gaithersburg could be a major issue. drizzle and any fogginess starts to wind down, but then as we move into our saturday night rain moves in. i'm also continuing track showers on "storm team 4" radar. i'll have another look at radar coming up in ten minutes, barbara. >> thanks a mile ya. take a look. we have new video. police have been looking for them since tuesday night's stabbing. we reported he caught a passenger's robbery on a train headed for georgia avenue to u street. that kind of violence is why there will be protection. throughout the weekend you may
11:35 am
notice a group of safety volunteer paroles. the group calls itself the guardian angels. the patrols will meet tonight at 6:00 on the noma metro station. after a break, a look at the lucky station with a chance to see bei bei. please take me with
11:36 am
five years. that's how long a former prince george's county police officer will spend behind bars. this is new information. you just heard barbara bring you this story about officer jen chesky santiago. one man was dropping off his cousin when santiago told them they were illegally parked. he wouldn't let them leave and then pointed the gun at them. again, officer santiago sentenced to five years in jail,
11:37 am
back to you. something to watch. very dot will open a new hov ramp. it opens next tuesday. you've probably seen the construction. once it's open they'll switch directions depending on the time of day. today members of the national zoo will get an exclusive peek of bei bei. the rest of you will have to wait longer. bei bei was born back in august. he now weighs just over 17 pounds. that's pretty good. my son took like an entire year to get to about 18 pounds. >> he's the cutest thing. >> he's so cute and so fluffy. a school lunch controversy when we come back. after the break, why some
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the maker of v8, pep ring farms and others are calling for the government to make a uniformed gmo waverly system mandatory. about three quarters of them are made from gmo crops. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. what you're looking at is a map of temperatures with the radar. you can see most of us, temperatures well above freezing. 41 degrees in washington and showers tracking into the area. so some shattered showers around mainly during the late afternoon and evening hours, so have that smaller umbrella handy. if you're west or traveling west of i-91, notice the pinks here. that's raising the rain and snow. absolutely no concern of
11:40 am
freezing rain or snow east of i-81, but a heads-up if you're traveling to areas like petersburg, cumberland, or the stanton area. putting way the decorations, do it saturday. exercise definitely wet at times and i'll have a closer look at how the game is. >> thank you. a school system in indiana is serving cheese sandwiches to students who are overdo on their meal accounts. >> it's working. parents are starting to pay up but many say it's embarrassing and the problem should be handled a different way. >> reporter: shamed by a sandwich? this seemingly innocuous photo of a couple of slices of cheese and bread has some wondering the school ediquette. >> it was a snap in the face for kids. >> it was snapped after someone
11:41 am
owed too much money. >> the lunch lady said you owe $25.66. you have to have this new alternative lunch. >> reporter: it's a new policy where the kids can buy lunch of credit. the school says it notified families of the change last year but it's just now enforcing it. none of the students who have received an alternate lunch wouldn't speak on camera. sara posted this photo on social media calling it absolutely mortified. >> i'm like am i going to get this? is everybody going to see and wonder why i can't get normal food? >> it's drawn hundreds of comments. one parents writing, i i cannot see the point of embarrassing a child. another commenter saying i find it ridiculous everyone is blaming the school for this instead of the parents.
11:42 am
the school has apologized for offending anyone with how the policy was enforce bud in a statement it defends the need for followcy itself saying 499 students are behind on their lunch money. 90% of them are not from low income families who qualify for free or reduced price lunches. >> some of these people on the list, i'm sorry. are make 1g $00,000 a year. a family of four and have a debt over $100. i'm sorry. those people need to pay their bills. >> the school says the credit on lunches put it $50,000 in debt making them at risk for losing federal funding. >> we simply can't carry the debt. >> any way you slice it, the policy has families questioning the school's table manners. >> two pieces of bread and two pieces of cheese, my friend is not feeding the child. >> it doesn't matter how much the parent makes or what's on their lunch account, don't ever feed my kids just bread and
11:43 am
cheese. >> apparent let's working. the school has received $15,000 in payment this week. but the cheese sandwich policy has been put on hold until next month to give families more time to catch neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan.
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[agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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are you ready for this? it's happened. $800 million. the powerball jackpot went up yet again. it with us only matter of time.
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remember, nobody hit wednesday night's $500 million jackpot and then it kept going and going and going. so now we're at $800 million. we're going to bring you the numbers t winning numbers. hopefully somebody gets it. "news4" on saturday night. if nobody gets that, it could go up again and it could likely hit $1 billion. again, we'll bring those saturday night. barbara, melissa, back to you. >> thanks, erika. a frightening situation in philadelphia. police have a person in custody who tried to execute an officer in philadelphia. nbc's katy zachry has the lat t latest. >> reporter: this officer was brought to the hospital and had surgery. he talked about being ambushed. >> one of first people he saw
11:47 am
when he woep up? >> i love him and am very proud of him. >> reporter: robert hartnett gets choked up thinking about the close call his son had while pa retailering the streets wednesday night. 33-year-old officer hartnett was stopped at an intersection when police say a gunman walked up to his patrol car shooting rapidfire. >> shotted fired. i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> this is absolutely one of the scariest things i've ever seen. this guy tried to execute the police officer. the police officer had no idea he was coming. it's amazing he's alive. officer hartnett who has been on the force for five years was shot several times in the arm. he still managed to shoot him. >> he's a tough guy. >> reporter: when officer hartnett was rushed to the hospital, his colleagues say he
11:48 am
was coherent and alert. they say he has a broken arm and severe nerve damage but he's doing good. >> reporter: this morning his faufr tells me he's always wanted to be a police officer. i'm katy zachary. back to you. right now, we're watching the stockmarket. it's been a volatile year especially in china where the market shut down twice. cnbc's jim cramer talked to matt lauer this morning putting some of the blame on the federal reserve as well. >> yes, all week they've been saying, look, please disregard all this turmoil around the world. all that matter is employment. when you put yourself in a box, that's the only thing that matters. the federal reserve has to get off this game of being very strict, very tight because, matt, the numbers are not bearing up other than some strong employment. >> now, cramer did not recommend
11:49 am
selling hiss stocks right now saying the volatility will pass over time. amelia? >> barbara, here's the forecast for the redskins game. kickoff at 4:40 on sunday. if you're heading to the game, you'll be dealing with the winds. bring something to hold the napkins down. 60 degrees at 2:00 p.m. the skies will start to clear out and temperatures start to drop. 58 degrees and, remember, this is while the winds remain pretty gusty. so by 8:00, a temperature of 45 degrees but it will
11:50 am
this smart bra. >> the umbra send it to your phone. sketchers is sending entertainment to your feet. >> it's a memory matching game. >> reporter: with 65,000 patterns you'll never get the same game twice and you can get a one of a kind look for your digits with inails. >> if you're accident-prone and have a lot of money and like go skiing, this could save you a few bumps and bruises.
11:51 am
>> reporter: if you're over the selfie stick the new toy like pic offers flexibility capturing photos and video. if you can't afford a gopro, you can get the clip phone. >> it's not a self i have stick. it's a clicky thing. >> reporter: consumers will decide if it's a big thing. >> cool stuff out there. >> very cool. >> good news for candy lovers after the break. and a rock
11:52 am
i'm eun yang. david bowie announced on facebook he's celebrating another birthday and nood album.
11:53 am
69 years old. what a feat for him. the title track is a staggering 10 minutes long, ten minutes for an opening track. the album is heavily influenced with a modern jazz feel. music icon right there. jelly bean fans, listen up. this time they'll be fueled with caffeine. david klein is looking to shake up the jelly bean industry. klein and his business partners have launched a kickstarter campaign seeking $10,000 to launch their original coffee house beans. get it? all right. heart shaped candies already hitting the shelves for valentine's day. m&m's launching two new flavors just in time. one exclusive to target, the
11:54 am
other to walmart. take a look. this is a white strawberry shortcake here and walmart, strawberry milk chocolate. i'm partial to peanut m&ms. i'm
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just two more days. metro is holding onto track work to help you get to the game. tailgating begins at noon or earlier for some, of course. don't forget to send us your photos with the hash tag #skins fans. the temperature at just 1 degree. that is what vikings fans will deal with this weekend. on top of that, the winds will be 10 to 15 miles an hour. that will put the windchill
11:56 am
factor at 9 degrees below zero. that's just nasty, i'm sorry. >> that's not worth going to as opposed to the latest forecast on my twitter page. the high today of 45 as we continue to track areas of drizzle and scattered showers during the evening houring. saturday morning we're dealing with mist. a round of rain saturday night on into sunday morning. moderate rain very early sunday morning. it's looking windy and turning cold by the end of the game. keep that in mind. then a big temperature drop from 60 on sunday down to 39 on monday and it continues to feel like 30 next week. 36 for a high on wednesday, 37 for a high on thursday. >> thank you, amelia. we're back on air first at 4:00. >> don't forget to join us for the fitness expo. you're going to be there. >> saturday at 9:00 to noon. >> and i'll be there sunday. hope you have a great day and a
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great weekend. don't forget you can get all don't forget you can get all your news
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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