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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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another one this morning. >> a good day to be indoors. we'll start it off where storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. good morning. >> a great day to get to the d.c. convention center for the nbc 4 health & fitness expo. as you're out and about running around, check the latest storm team 4 forecast with the nbc washington app. see the big changes on the way. i've got that for you, now as we look at capitol hill, shrouded in light fog, mist is falling as well. temperatures are chilly. hovering in the low 40s in the metro area, around the bay, mid-40s. shenandoah valley in the mountains. it's in the 30s. below freezing in western maryland. watch out for icing there today. going to be out and about. you'll need an umbrella for the morning hours. no rain around but we are getting some of this light mist and drizzle. a look at the big changes and when rain will be moving in, that's in just a few minutes. >> thanks so much, tom. from tom we go to spandex. break them out, folks.
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the nbc 4 health & fitness expo just opened up at the washington convention center. you can tell we're excited. >> special guests, demos, workouts, q & a sessions. did we mention, not going to cost you a thing. it's all free, happening right now. let's check in with doreen gentzler. she has a live preview of what we can expect. hey, doreen, good morning. >> hi. >> hi there, david and angie. this is the 23rd year that we've done this nbc 4 health & fitness expo. it just seems to get bigger and better every year. take a look over my shoulder. this is. we're at the d.c. convention center, we're taking up space in halls b and c. there's all kinds of stuff going on. you can see that we have lots of activities for kids and families. lots of information. health information and stuff. you're looking at -- let's see the kaiser permanente area where
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you can take your health questions and screenings. there's a whole area. you can come down and meet your favorite nbc 4 personalities. also do a practice on the weather, in front of the green screen doing weather. we have just to your right a little bit is our changing minds area. we're excited about that. it's part of our station wide project to raise awareness about mental health. we have a whole lot of programs and a lot of experts about mental health all in one place. if you have questions and don't know who to ask, this is a great place. there is dancing, fitness classes, all kinds of fitness classes, free yoga classes for all levels on the hour. you can try your hand at tennis and golf. we have a walking track down here. if you've got a fitbit or one of those exercise trackers for
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christmas, come down here and walk on the track and get in your 10,000 steps while having a whole lot of fun. i want to throw it down to melissa mollet. she's at the yoga area with our leader. they're going to do the opening ceremony. how's it going down there? >> good morning. we are at the nbc 4 yoga area here for the weekend. it's so much fun. look at all these folks. take a look around here for a second this morning. we'll have so many classes. these are the people you'll see when you come to the nbc 4 health & fitness expo this weekend. there are so many different kinds of activities, we really hope you come down and join us. it is so much fun. let me bring in jackie bradford, president and general manager. lots of cheers for jackie. it is so exciting down here.
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what are you most excited about here? >> we have a ton of olympic athletes coming. there's a forum related to changing minds, a huge campaign we're doing this year. i think it will be more fun than winning the powerball, by coming to health & fitness expo today. >> that's a big statement. >> i'm saying, it's true. >> we don't do this a lot. >> no. absolutely. giant pharmacy with tylenol, care first, keiser, blue cross blue shield. we. and clearly our friends as well. a lot of nonprofits that come down here to dedicate their time to make this city a better place. >> this is so much fun, so happy to be here. are you excited about the nbc 4 health & fitness expo? [ cheers and applause ] all right, doreen, we'll let you
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go to these folks can get back to work and back to their booth. >> a lot of activity, free yoga classes. what's not to like about that? i'm joined by a special guest. can we pan down and show his shoes? he means business. >> i came to work out today. >> we're glad you're here. >> thank you for doing this, doreen, and news channel 4. this is terrific. one of the things we especially in the county want to make sure people do is get in shape. obesity has been a problem in prince george's county. a fair like this that talks about wellness and health is terrific. >> we're at the d.c. convention center until 5:00 today, 9:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. please come down and join us. a lot of activities for the kids, for everybody in the family. angie, david, you'll be down here later. >> we have to change our clothes. we'll be ready to head on down. we love an appearance by the expo queen always on our show.
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>> the expo queen. >> that's who you are. we bow to you. >> thanks, doreen. 9:06 now. let's get to some of the headlines this morning, some tragic ones. we start in the district where we're learning of several shootings overnight, at least one of those deadly. we show you the scene now, hay street in northeast last night around 9:30. d.c. police say someone shot and killed a person. investigate are not exactly sure who this victim is yet. at least they haven't released that to us. no idea who the victim is either. a shooting on pomeroy road just after 11:30 last night. police have not said what led up to that shooting and they don't have any expects. big news internationally right now, joaquin el chapo guzman now back in the prison he escaped from six months ago. the mexican drug lord was captured early friday as he tried to escape a government raid. he was first found hiding in a
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drain, then captured at a motel after an operation that killed five people. officials say he had been living in a safe house before he escaped from prison last year, the u.s. tried to extradite him. el chapo could be tried in the united states. that process, it could take months. >> the time right now is 9:07. donald trump is facing a new controversy in decision 2016. what he said at a campaign rally that has fact checkers claiming trump was stretching the truth. and join us right now -- i'm distracted by the facebook live. >> there we go. we've got it. you don't haveç to leave us ase head to break. join angie and i right now for facebook live chatting for the behind the scenes. logon to our nbc washington facebook page.
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we are following the latest in decision 2016.
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presidential candidate donald trump made a pretty big mistake at a rally in south carolina on friday. the republican front-runner was speaking to a crowd in rock hill when he discussed his stance on the iraq war. trump said that he didn't want to go but that democratic candidate hillary clinton and gop rival rand paul voted yes in favor of going to war except paul was not there at the time. the kentucky senator was elected to office in 2010. that vote happened in 2002. an anti-violence watchdog group will be patrolling metro. this comes after a number of violent attacks including recent robberies and beatings. the guardianç angels say peopl are becoming afraid to use metro. they plan to increase their presence on parts of the red line. it's going to be throughout this weekend. some members will be wearing red berets and guardian angel shirts like you see there. others will be in plain clothes. it's looking dark out there this morning. tom is tracking when some heavy rain will hit your neighborhood
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and how long it will keep coming down. have you heard of the powerball? >> it's going on right now. the prize worth more than several small nations. the advantage you may have in tonight's powerball drawing depending on where you buy your ticket. of course we have to go back to the nbc 4 health & fitness expo where we are getting into things. from the couch to the finish line, we'll show you the activities you can check out with your family. already breaking a sweat, 11 minutes into the expo. i'm going to head on down..
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metro getting ready for tomorrow's redskins playoff game by making it easier for you to get it fedex field or wherever you're watching the game. metro had planned some track work this weekend. now starting at noon sunday, the orange, blue and silver lines will be on a regular sunday schedule. the morgan boulevard station on silver and blue lines is closest to fedex field, just about a mile away. the scheduled work on the red, yellow and green lines will continue as planned. and we want to talk about the weather. a lot of people are saying they're seeing fog, rain early. take a look at this picture outside. it's going to improve, right? >> that's a live view of the capital. light mist falling, a little drizzle coming down. hopefully this won't be a crying towel.
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>> you can put it on your head. >> everybody willing up for the game tomorrow. the wind may play a role at fedex field for the game. if you're heading out this morning, maybe going to the health and fitness expo, put on your running shoes, or if you're planning to get exercise outside, by afternoon, temperatures to 50 degrees. then dropping back down to near 50 by around sunset. right now around the region, it's rather chilly. it's just in the low 50s, metro area, mid-40s around the bay. it's cold and damp in the shenandoah valley, mid-30s. a few of these spots in west virginia, counties highlighted in color, icing going on. ice on some of the sidewalks and untreated roads there over the next couple of hours. as we look at storm team 4 radar, just a little bit of mist and drizzle. this is a big area of steady rain moving east of the mississippi river. that will be arriving later tonight. the hour by hour timing on that, this model run just coming in.
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heavier downpours. by 11:00 tonight it will begin to move into the metro area. it's after midnight that we'll see some of the moderate downpours occurring, moving through between midnight and dawn on sunday. then during the morning on sunday, much of the rain pulls away. maybe sprinkles and drizzle by midmorning. most of it will be over by noontime, sunshine breaking out during the afternoon. we may be in the low 60s midafternoon at the same time, temperatures plummeting, this lavender zone is where they could be getting snow in the mountains. at the same time, we are in the low 60s in theç metro area by late tomorrow afternoon. fight a change on the way. and the big game at fedex field, the kick offis at 4:40, tailgating, blustery winds, the low 60s. when the winds get into the stadium, they may swirl around. they'll be blustery. by kickoff back down to the 50s. it will continue to drop into
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the 40s by the end of the game. it will feel like the upper 30s with the gusty wind. four-day forecast, it plummets down to near 30 by dawn, monday, monday bright and sunny, mid-40s on tuesday. flurries tuesday night. super cold midweek next week with highs in the low 30s on wednesday and thursday. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. many have called it the greatest music venue in the world. the 930 club is celebrating 35 years of the world's fair. >> one of my favorite places to see a show. this weekend is your chance to get a behind the scenes look at some of the biggest moments in d.c. music history. news 4's mark segraves gotten up close look at the experience. >> reporter: this is the building that comes to mind for most people when they think of the 930 club.
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this is where it all began. the atlantic building at 930 "f" street. it's a j. crew now. back then this looked a whole lot different. thousands of musicians have stepped on to the stage over the past 35 years. visitors to the world's fair get to see the bar from that original club on "f" street. there are instruments from bands like trouble funk. there are artifacts you might not expect like the hair dryer that was reserved for the godfather of soul, james brown who played the 930 club seven times. >> that's what he needed to keep that do going. >> reporter: you can experience a virtual mosh pit or immerse yourself inside the cube. or go backstage to the band's dressing room. then you can take the stage before thousands of screaming fans. and yes, you can even get a 930 club tattoo for free. kareem has worked at the club for 13 years. like many people, he never experienced the original club on
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"f" street but he says that spirit lives on at the new venue. >> i think i hear enough stories from those who did work the original club. they walk with that and hold that with them. that creates this space as well. they bring a little bit of that with them here. >> reporter: while the club has been a place where people have been coming together for generations, in the end, the 930 club is really about one thing. >> it is about the music. very special place for people to come. i see it night after night people come here, enjoy themselves no matter who's on stage. they've come it see that band. it's magic. >> reporter: the 930 club world's fair ends saturday night, then it's back to the music. from the 930 club, mark segraves, news 4. ç justin bieber causing an international incident. what the pop star is accused of doing that got him and his whole entourage kicked out of a historic site. >> from bieber we go to the health & fitness expo. a live look now. look at this dance crew in the
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midst of a morning workout here, 20 minutes into the start of the expo. a lot is happening before noon alo alone. they have kung fu and self-defense class. >> they also have yola. the instructor said get ready to shake you
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happening today, your chance to become $800 million richer. it is here. the country's largest powerball jackpot drawing is tonight. news 4's derrick ward joins us from one of the luckiest stores in maryland. derrick, you better be stocking up. >> well, indeed i am. we're at this giant here in buoy. last year they sold a 1 million dollar winning ticket. i think a lot of folks will be coming back here hoping that lightning strikes twice. $800 million is good for a $2 investment. as you said, this is one of the largest jackpots. it started out at about $40 million in november. nobody won and then last week, there was a $500 million prize that went unwon. hence here we are now. they've increased the odds. it used to be, i think it was one in 292 million. used to be your chances. now they've upped those odds to 1 in 175 million. that's what it used to be.
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now it's 1 in 292 million. some folks are actually running out of tickets. i think people are thinking it's not really about, i don't know, luck or something like that. it's like lucky stars being aligned. who knows. it depends on where you live on how much you'll pay in taxes. a lot of people will opt for the lump sum payment, that comes out to $496 million before taxes. you know what, i'd still come to work if i won. >> you're a saint. you're a better person than me. >> yes, not really. >> come to work and share with all of us. >> it's funny because we're talking about what would you do with it? i think there's an idea that all your problems will go away. when really it's like emotionally you've got to be prepared for all the stress and anxiety that comes along with
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that money. >> probably need 30 days to get your life in order before you claim it. >> yes. we want to move on to another great story. a special beer is brewing in north virginia, called kerri's cure. her husband owns a brewery. she's a young man who has stage four cancer. >> his colleagues now stepping up to help out. >> reporter: when matt rose and his wife learned last year she was pregnant after years of trying, they were elated, little lance was on the way. then in her 27th week of pregnancy, a terrible discovery, kerri had stage 4 stomach cancer. >> it's not a diagnosis you want to hear at any age. we heard it -- we're very happy that lance is okay.ç and that's the first and foremost. >> reporter: because of the cancer, lance was delivered early in september. kerri's now hospitalized. chemotherapy didn't work, so she's receiving immunotherapy
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treatment. husband matt rose runs forge brew works. casey jones owns fair winds brewing just down the road from matt. >> it hit us hard. we're like, what can you do? we immediately turned and said let's do what we do well. let's brew a beer. >> as we're steeping the grain -- >> reporter: the idea for kerri's cure and brewers against cancer was born. word went out and 20 brewers answered the call, gathering today to make this special batch of belgian pale ale. >> beer is always a nice thing but a good beer for a great cause is even better. >> reporter: all 20 will soon offer the beer in their tap rooms, proceeds going to help with kerri's medical bills. >> we want it the to sell very well. the dollars go to her if it sells. we want to sell well and sell fast. >> overwhelming. it is. there's so many good people here. it really does, it makes you feel like everybody is on your side. >> reporter: on top of raising
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money, though, these brewers hope this turnout will lift kerri's spirits. >> kerri knows in a visible way it's not just cards and flowers in a hospital room. there's a whole bunch of people pulling for her. there will be a whole bunch more drinking in tap rooms. >> reporter: matt says his wife is overwhelmed, too. >> she broke down one way into tears. everybody has been so nice and amazing to her. >> reporter: the new beer will be on tap january 29th. for a look at the 20 breweries offering it, go to and click on brewer. a live look from national harbor. how long you'll have to keep that umbrella handy this weekend as we track more showers headed our way. the rain, a perfect opportunity for you to head indoors. this is a live picture from inside the washington convention center. you're looking at the nbc 4
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health & fitness expo, about a half hour under way. a big weekend planned for you all, including some of that, rock climbing right there. >> there's something for the whole family. >> exactly. developing right now, officers across the country are staying vigilant after an ambush police shooting in philadelphia. what we are finding out about
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9:30 right now. let's get you up to speed.
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we start in the district where police are investigating a homicide. around 9:30 last night, investigators say someone shot and killed a person on hay street, in northeast. police not saying much at this time. we're working to get more information about the victim and no information as far as suspects are concerned. joaquin el chapo guzman is now back in the prison he escaped from six months ago. the mexican drug lord was captured early friday as he tried to escape a government raid. before he escaped from prison last year, the u.s. tried to extradite him. el chapo could be tried in the u.s. the process could take months. say hello to a healthier you at the nbc 4 health & fitness expo. it is happening right now. you're looking live inside the washington convention center. really just getting under way in the past 30 minutes or so. excited about several new events happening this year. for the first time we've devoted a whole stage to theç practicef yoga. >> yes. >> we'll talk to doreen gentzler about a new expo feature,
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another one that will catch your attention. we want to pass this along to you. breaking news in, pepco reporting that some 15,000 people right now in northwest d.c. are without power. we're still working to find out why. >> we know these outages are in the morgan area, columbia heights. as angie mentioned we'll get you more information on that. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> we have low clouds plowing drizzle and light mist overnight. the pavement is wet around much of the region. people are spinning out, one car went over a guardrail on the beltway outer loop. you'll need your jacket and umbrella this morning. the light mist, that's a view of the front law at nbc 4. light mist falling but the radar doesn't fight pick that up.
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it is picking up heavier downpours coming into the tennessee valley. that will be tracking our way later tonight. as it does move in, all the airy in blue, could be half an inch of rain, maybe up to an inch in the purple zone along the blueridge. sunday morning, much of it will be over. >> thank you. thanks, tom. time right now 9:33. we have new information about a shooting near a high school in d.c. we now know that four people were hurt last night in that shooting right outside of eastern senior high school. d.c. police told us two adults and two teenagers were shot on east capitol street in northeast. the shooting happened during a basketball game. it's still not clear if that shooting is connected to the game. police do not have any suspects. can see him from across the street. he had already started firing. there was no attempt, no call in that regard. he just started firing with one aim and one aim only.
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>> on alert this morning after the ambush shooting of a philadelphia cop. d.c. police and departments from around the country are urging their officers to be vigilant. edward archer is accused of firing 11 shots, some at point blank range, hitting officer jesse hartnett three times in the arm. officer hartnett not only survived, he also had the energy and will to chase after and shoot his attacker. archer allegedly told police he did it in the name of islam. now his former lawyer is talking and painting a portrait of a troubled man. drew smith from our sister station in philadelphia reports. the fbi evidence response team searched homes linked to edward archer, this one in if and in delaware county, teams roped off the street outside his mother's home.ç
9:35 am
wearing full body suits. they took photos and carried out boxes. >> i was completely blown away, when i heard that the assailant lived in yadin. >> reporter: police in this small borough know archer well, so do neighbors. while he may have gotten in trouble in the past, he seemed like a regular guy. >> sometimes he would play with the kids. they might play football. >> reporter: the 30-year-old has prior convictions on simple assault and weapons charges. one of archer's form attorneys spoke with us. >> he was very impulsive, he was very paranoid. he was always looking over his shoulder. >> reporter: doug first met archer at a new york city prison. he was arrested at the airport there on a warrant for an assault with a gun out of philadelphia. he was returning from what the fbi says was ten months in egypt. so far, there's nothing to suggest that trip or his 2011 travel to saudi arabia were terror related. >> in 2013 when i met him, talked to him at the prison, i had no indication he had any ties to any type of radical islam, muslim, anything like that. >> reporter: now that investigators are done with their search here, archer's family is back inside this home.
9:36 am
they did not want to speak on camera but did say they're trying to figure this all out. in yadin, pennsylvania, drew smith, news 4. we're back with special guest this morning. doreen gentzler in the a.m. she's live at the nbc 4 health & fitness expo. >> for the first time this year, we are offering the nbc 4 healthy book festival. doreen is talking to one of the featured authors. i just love this idea. >> i do, too, angie. who can't use good inspiration from a healthy book at the start of a new year. we've teamed up with barnes & noble to offer a whole collection of them. some examples, don't eat this if you're taking that, about mixing foods and medicine. how about this one? "strong for women." transform yourself into the bad ass you were meant to be. how about the italian diabetes cookbook for healthy eating in the new year. they tell me this one is a best
9:37 am
seller. >> if you come down here, you could talk to the authors and ask them your questions yourself. i want you to meet susie faber hamilton, she's an olympic athle athlete, yoga instructor and she's written a book about your own struggles with mental illness. tell me about that. >> i wrote this book about misdiagnosed. and how it took me into a stage of mania. i write all about ts, how it drove me to las vegas where i had risky behaviors and things like that, things were out of control. i want to share this book with people who have mental issues. i was dged with bipolar. i write about my journey. i want to help educate people, get rid of the stigma, the shame that comes with mental illness. we need to talk about it more. >> your story is shocking but also uplifting.
9:38 am
there are a lot of people who unde@stand exactly the kind of struggles you've been through. you're here to share that message with them, aren't you? >> i am. you know, my book bill a best seller in the first week. i think there was a reason why. because of the mental health issues. so many people are suffering from mental illness that are undiagnosed or are going without treatment. by writing this book, i'm talking about my most intimate desperate moments of my life. i'm very open in it, sharing this so other people feel like they can reach out and share think sto their stories. >> it's hard to share the story you did. but we're glad you did and glad you're here. it's part of our changing minds project. not just susie faber hamilton, we have a full area of mental health experts you can talk to. i'll be back with more from the health & fitness expo. >> stronger body, stronger minds, that's what it's all
9:39 am
about. >> absolutely. >> from books to yoga, the expo is open until 5:00 tonight. let's take a live look right now. want to remind you that everything will re-open tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it's wrapping up just in time for the redskins game. it's going to be a big day. we are just less than half an hour away -- or an hour away from cardio strength training hitting the stage. there's also a bali woodworkout. >> these folks are in the middle of a meditation session here. >> all right. we need that. >> we'll check back in with them. >> we're getting a better idea of how adding tolls on i-66 will have an impact on traffic. the places expected to have an easier or tougher commute in the near future. >> the redskins hosting the packers tomorrow. finding tickets is not going to be too easy. but the surprise one guy got when he showed is up at the team's door step and dropped a name.
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justin beebeaybe should stick to sing and not rock climbing, especially when he's climbing ancient mayan ruins. and getting in trouble for it. bieber and his squad were asked to leave the site of a p prehispanic era pyramid on mexico's caribbean coast. the singer apparently tried to climb on to or among the sites main pyramid. visitors can climb some pyramids in mexico but others are roped off or have no entry signs. maybe he didn't see the sign. >> maybe it was in spanish. i don't know. give him an excuse. >> doesn't he sing in spanish? >> he should know. all right. we're getting a better picture of what it will mean for your commute when new hov lanes and toll rules take effect on i-66. next year rush hour periods will go from 2 1/2 to 4 hours in each travel direction on i-66 hov lanes. this will be inside the beltway. solo drivers will have to pay to
9:43 am
use the toll lanes if they want to drive during the rush hour. it's an option to finally drive during that time period. according to projections with be this could lead to an increase in traffic between the beltway and route 7 in the morning and decrease in traffic in the afternoon. 9:43, your time now. getting some rain this morning and a big temperature change on its way. tom is tracking showers and some very different weather that's headed our way next week. >> crowds are already start to fill in for our nbc 4 health & fitness expo. there's so much for you to check out at the washington convention center. this place is huge. we'll head inside for something sure to keep your hands full when news 4 today returns. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪ ♪ ♪
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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would you believe it if i told you there are packers fans in redskins country? packers alumni nick collins and nick barnett to attend a rally and meet with fans. packers fans are invited to bring energy for tomorrow night's redskins/packers game. the festivities will take place at 6:00 today, though, that's going to be at the clarendon grill. >> fun. one die hard fan was willing to do just about anything to score tickets to sunday's big game. >> as news 4's darcy spencer shows us from fedex field, the team noticed his dedication. >> what would you do to get a ticket to that playoff game?
9:47 am
>> i would do anything. i'd run around butt naked around this stage one time. >> reporter: donefy griffin didn't do that but he came to fedex field with this poster, featuring news 4's pat collins. >> we have nbc out here, the hall of fame. i'm donti griffin. i'm out here with my sign. t+k let's go. >> reporter: believe it or not, it worked. he was escorted into the ticket office and given these babies, two free tickets to the playoff game. one of the much talked about towels that say, you like that? >> pat collins, i did it! i did it, baby! we did it big! you like that! you like that! you like that! >> is that for you? >> yes, it is. >> are you going to wear it sunday? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: for laverne triplett, having the hometown team make it to the playoffs, calls for new gear to wear to the big game. >> you're a die hard fan. >> yes, i am. >> you didn't give up the season tickets? >> no, no, die hard.
9:48 am
even though they break my heart sometimes, i hang in there. >> reporter: but for people like nick torres and his girlfriend it's a bit more complicated. they live in texas and flew here today just for the game. now he's buying some gear he can't get back home. you're a texas redskins fan? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you explain that? >> i don't know. i hate the cowboys with a passion. >> reporter: you're not from here? >> no. i grew up in texas. >> reporter: what do you think of him bringing you to washington for this? >> i love it. i'm fine with it. ♪ hello again, doreen gentzler live from the d.c. convention center and the nbc 4 health & fitness expo with my new friends, my human friend is lauren lipcy with the humane society, part of the clear the shelters movement. you have some adorable animals. tell me about this guy and about who else is here and why people
9:49 am
should come and visit. >> we have dogs and cats available for adoption here. this entire weekend. this is mashed potato. mashed potato is 11 years 0e8d. >> she's adorable. >> she is lovely, a great size, great age, great energy level for a lot of people out there. we want to ensure that families are happy and we believe animals are a large part of that. we work hard to make matches between our animals, what we know about their behavior, needs and people and talk to us, tell us your lifestyle, tell us what you're looking for. i'm sure we'll have an animal who will be your match. >> what's involved in adopting one of these sweeties? >> the adoption process is fairly simple. we do same-day adoptions. you fill out a questionnaire. it tells us about you, your home, lifestyle and family members. once we talk to you about how to introduce that animal to the home, the adjustment period, life long things for the animals, health concerns, training tips, tips on pet
9:50 am
ownership in general, you can go home with that animal that day. they're all spade and ne-- spay neutered, microchiped. you can see all of our animals online, >> hopefully people will come doen to meet these sweet animals and take some of them home. we'll be here until 5:00 at the d.c. convention center. this place is getting busier by the minute. hope a lot of people will come down and join us. angie, david. >> dogs named mashed potatoes. we have people doing yoga. >> we'll join in on the fun, doreen. we look forward to seeing you. >> thanks. >> the expo is open until 5:00 tonight and from 9:00 to 4:00 tomorrow, wrapping it up just in time for the redskins game. tom kierein has a question for you. >> do you like that? or you like that?
9:51 am
depends on how you say it. >> you can scream it. >> this was the famous kirk cousins quote. a lot of people are liking that. here's a look at the forecast. i'm told that the weather will play a role in the game. take a look at the forecast for this sunday afternoon. the kickoff is at 4:40 at fedex field. for tailgaters, it's going to get blustery. the winds will be gusting around 30 miles an hour. by 2:00, temperatures low 60s, then dropping back down into the 50s by kickoff time. the winds will play a role, likely it will be swirling around fedex field throughout the game. by the end of the game, back down to the mid-40s. it will feel like the 30s. here in the metro area, hovering around low 50s, 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. light mist and drizzle will be dissipating as we get into the afternoon hours. temperatures are generally in the 40s, metro area near 50. it's in upper 30s, shenandoah
9:52 am
valley. no rain here now. just mist and drizzle. a steady area of rain coming into the tennessee valley, tracking our way hour by hour. here's the new timing on that. by 11:00 tonight, a little bit of light rain may be falling. the area in the yellow and aingaing orange, that will be heavier downpours. after that until around down, expect downpours, much of the region, through that time, through 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., it will begin to pull off north and east of us. by midmorning, most of it will be done by midmorning on sunday. sunday afternoon, breaks in the clouds. temperatures soaring, low 60s by early to midafternoon. at the same time, it will be in the 20s and snowing in this lavender zone out in the mountain. big change is on the way. storm team 4, four-day forecast showing that temperature drop after yesterday afternoon's low 60s. it will plunge gown to near 30 degrees by dawn on monday.
9:53 am
monday afternoon, bright and sunny with high near 40. a lighter wind. tuesday, partly sunny into the mid-40s, clouding up tuesday night. a little disturbance coming through may give us flurries late tuesday night, sun back on wednesday and very cold. highs reaching near freezing on wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week, friday afternoon highs should be right around 40 degrees as we get toward the end of the week. it's a roller coaster ride and big temperature changes over the next several day
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
some lucky numbers have hit in the maryland lottery in recent weeks. lucky for the players. three times in late 2015 maryland's pick three drawing pulled triple digit winners. so in december, the winning numbers, what you see there, 999, a few weeks ellier, 666, late last summer, 777. lottery officials say for some reason thereose are wildly popu numbers with players. on those three days, the o]tery handed out $2 million more in winnings than they took in with sales. >> wow. how big is this powerball fever? i know we've all been talking about it. it seems it's so big, it has folks crossing the border to get their hands on tickets. >> canadians are flocking to cities in new york and michigan hoping to cash in on the $800
9:57 am
million up for grabs. of course, in canada, exchange rate means at least 1 billion canadian dollars. a canadian winner would still have to pay taxes in the u.s. you can buy tickets until 10:00 tonight. don't forget, in addition to how you manage all that money after you win it, you have to realize that you also have to manage the emotional tie that comes along with it. all the 15,000 customers from pepco do have power back. we made that mention at the top of the show. >> wrap on a good note. i want that the sun to come out, tom. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team...
9:58 am
for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
9:59 am
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and tonight at 8:15 p.m. tomorrow, the


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