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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 10, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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the kickoff at fedex field? we're getting you ready for the big game as the redskins face their first big challenge. >> that's right. and the nbc 4 health & fitness poeks kicking off here. there are so many fun things to do. coming up, wheel check in with doreen gentzler on what's happening today. hope you're having a great sunday morning as we head into the 10:00 hour. good morning. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome in to "news4 today." i was surprised how many activities they had laid out for kids. >> absolutely. >> they were definitely having a good time. people telling us that they're starting to see some sun out there. that's a good sign. >> let's check in with the guy who knows. "storm team 4" meteorologist tom kierein. is that true, tom? >> there's another look of the sky looking out to our west. you can see the shafts of
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sunlight pouring down. washington in the foreground. you can see some of the low gray clouds as well passing through. at fedex field this afternoon. the wind likely playing a role during the game. we could have gusting winds at 30 miles an hour. by 4:00, back down to the mid-50s. still windy. windy during the game. "storm team 4" radar showing most of the rain is long gone. just a few lingers sprinkles in prince george's county. that's going continue to track off to the north and pull away. big change is on the way for a week ahead. a look at that coming up in this half hour. >> thanks so much. new this morning the powerball jackpot is rising. it's now up to $1.3 billion. also there was no big winner last night's $949 million drawing. a ticket, though, in both
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maryland and virginia are $1 million winners, okay? that was in suffolk. it will be the largest jackpot drawing in world's history. >> unbelievable. say it with me. you like that. can't do it as well as kirk does it. the redskins take on the parkers at fedex field in about six hours. "news4's" derrick ward is live aet the stadium. take a look. derrick krk you feel the anticipati anticipati anticipation? >> reporter: i tell you what. the sun is makes a bold appearance. you know, it's been ten years, a whole decade since washington has won in playoff period. they appeared in 2006 but that didn't go too well. we're definitely hoping for a big win and folks are just starting to appear here at fedex field. some of those early tailgaters.
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here are some of the things you need to know. it will be an hour before you actually can get into that red zone parking lot to begin your tailgating activities. now, other permit holders, they can get in at noon and the air force is here. the gates are going to open at 2:00. the game kicks off at 4:40. and if you're taking metro as you are often advised to do, be aware on the orange, blue, and silver lines. they're suspended the track work at noon. that will make it a lot easier for you to get here and leave. we're live at fedex field. back to you. >> thank you very much, derrick. this morning we have new information about a deadly pedestrian accident in upper marlboro. police are telling us a woman was found lying on route 301. it's not clear how she died or what killed her. police say the medical examiner is working to determine who she is. 10:03. we're also working to learn if a driver will be charged with
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driving into a star in d.c. take a look at this. it happened at delcezza gelato store yes. a "news4" crew was at the scene and said one man was placed in handcuffs and put intoal patrol car. it was a direct response to north korea's fourth nuclear test this week. the north claimed it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. it's a claim that's been widely disputed. they claim they have developed tougher sanctions. the walkway is shutting down temporarily. tomorrow the underground walkway is going to be shut down to make way for the silver line extension. now, shuttle buss will now take passengers from their cars to the main terminal. the future's silver line station will connect the existing underground walkway and the main terminal. that construction could take up
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to two years and it's expected to open to passengers in 2020. today's the final day of the nbc 4 health & fitness expo. you can meet some of the reporters. >> i'm going to be there. so will doreen gentzler. let's check back in live with her with a little more on what's happening on the floor. >> reporter: hi, there, adam and angie. if you come down here and join us, you can shoot hoops with us. why are we shooting hoops? because rio -- nbc is getting ready for the summer olympics in rio and this is part of the practice for that. people come down here. they can meet some olympic athletes. they'll be on thetage talking at noon today. also you can meet some of your favorite nbc 4 personalities.
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adam and i do it. the weather team is down here today. they get outside and forecast the weather. the weather team will be answering your questions. they'll be up on the stage as well at 12:30. there's a whole lot of stuff to look forward to. adam, i'm looking forward to seeing you down here. angie, you were down here yesterday. it's going be another fun day down at the d.c. convention center. we'll be here until 4:00. plenty of time to check out the action before you watch the game. ly be back with something from the cooking demonstration area. really looking forward to that. see you in a few minutes. >> i'm heading straight to the cooking demonstration when i get down there. >> one of the best parts is meeting all of the viewers that come out to see us. i love. i love it. >> it's tons of fun. there might not be big lottery winners in the u.s. but
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it's a different story in britain. the record-breaking prize. two people there are celebrating r
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during president obama's last state of the union, terror concerns will be center stage. he's invited a refugee to attend. the 55-year-old will sit in michelle obama's box for the speech. he was featured in the popular blog "humans of new york." the information creates a sharp contrast to republicans who want to block them. we're not the only country setting new records right now for lottery drawings. britain hit its biggest national lottery prize this weekend at 66 million pounds. that's about 96 million u.s. dollars. unlike the power ball, 2 people
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won the milli yuion power ball. traffic in the district is being retimed at a serious pass. they've retimed 70% of them to make traffic flow better. >> what good is taking the bus if the bus is traveling at the same pace as the traffic as well. buses are taking a lot of the foe does kous testify new technology. 200 signals will allow the bus to change the light so the bus can keep rolling. >> cot corridors where ridership is higher. >> he's the traffic signal passenger with ddot. he explains why overall it's such a critical project for the
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district. >> we're not widening our roadways anymore so we have little capacity to push the amount of traffic we've got. >> it matters. it matters for drivers. >> we have a lot of work to do. the lights aren't -- they don't match at all. >> it matters for pedestrians. >> i can just say, you nknow progressively over time it's gotten better. >> a changing city and ddot hopes changing the lights on time helps out with all commuters. the city says it should be able to have all the lights retimed in about a year. let's hope it makes a difference for sure. >> you won't need an umbrella but you might need a jacket and some sunglasses. this is a nice shot right here. tom's big change you'll see over the next few day snas and we're pulling out all the stops at our nbc 4 health & fitness expo. things you can enjoy with the
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the iowa caucuses are a f weeks away. >> joining us, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. are you aware of this new poll? >> yes, sir. >> neck and neck, right?
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>> cruz and trump. >> the two big headlines are this. cruz leads among a traditional iowa electorate. that's not a surprise. the surprise is if trump makes the electorate as they believe they would do, it would. it it's. we've seen a double digit lead. this now reflects it. this is big news here on that front. >> if you look at both sides, are we watching a transformation al moment where they're no longer choosing the nominees? >> i think this is something we've seen over the last decade. it's hard to have institutional control over anything anymore. the rank and file, the populous
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now can upend anything whether it's in our industry or the world of politics, so i think that's definitely a part of this. but there's also some of me that says, you know what? this could be a black swan election. this is a crazy year. donald trump has turned it into a crazy year. hates no connection to anything we receive before or anything in the future. it's like the movie. sometimes a swan is black. >> you've got a lot coming up. >> including donald trump. oh, by the way. a face-to-face with him in iowa. he's all about going after cruz. one takeaway i have, he wants to win iowa and knows he can't give up that momentum. >> big show, big game. >> here's the most important thing you know. america is anti-washington. of course, i'm an american. i'm anti-washington. >> what are you going to say? >> these are good midwestern
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values. publicly owned green bay packers, the populism of america versus the elites of washington. >> there we go. >> go, pack, go. uh-oh. >> you know if the redskins win -- >> we'll cover the packers with that. >> in aaron rodgers i trust. no rain? come on. >> good thing you're not playing in green bay. >> i know. i wish they were to be honest. but rain or no rain? >> no rain. just the winds. >> hallelujah. >> windy. >> you're going to be nice and cozy and warm. >> i don't know about that. >> all right. here's a reminder. get out of here, packer fan. "meet the press" every sunday right here on nbc 4 right here after "news4 today." >> see you. the nbc 4 health & fitness expo is going on right now at
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the washington expo center. it's totally free. the last day. make sure you get down there. >> one thing you can see, healthy cooking demonstration. let's check back in with "news4's" doreen gentzler. what have you got to eat, doreen? >> reporter: who doesn't love to eat. it's a bonus if it's healthy food and that's what we're all about here at the healthy fitness expo. up there right now is amy reoh low. she's written the italian d diabetes cookbook. it's a best-seller. she's making the diabetes chickpea soup. cloves and saffron in it. i wouldn't expect them to be mixed with tomatoes and chickpeas but it's just delicious. come on down here. we have a lot of demonstrations from a whole variety of chefs
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and some of our "news4" reporters an anchors will be up there as well helping with some of the cooking demonstrations. i promise you'll get free samples. here's what i like. you'll also get a recipe card to take home with you so you can make the dish at home. amy reor riolo. she'll be taking your questions healthy food book festival. we beal here until 4:00. as you guys just mentioned, it's all free. come early and stay late. >> the good news is i'm not going to be cooking anything so nobody has to worry about anything. >> but there's plenty of good eating. >> i will take part in that. see you soon. tha thanks, doreen. >> other people will be who have
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skills like megan mcgrath. erika gonzalez and eun. she does that every year. she's so good. >> i'll just eat the food. just joking. >> you're full of it all this morning. >> i am, i am. >> today we like where the forecast is going so far. >> we're wearing this towel out. we've been showing it so much. we can't emphasize this enough. this is a huge game, a really crucial game and the weather is going to play a role during the game. likely strong winds as you can see right now. they're whipping down the potomac river. we've had gusts of wind. you won't need an umbrella or your gloves but you'll be wearing a light jacket and you'd
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need your sunglasses coming and going. the wind swirling around the field. maybe gusts of 20 to 30 miles an hour. then mid-50s by kickoff time alt 4:40 and by the end of the game, back down to around 50 degrees. the winds are going to stay gusty overnight as well and the rain has existed the region and pulling off to the north. a few other sprinkles. that is continuing to track and pull away from the metro area. and the roads are getting blow dried. near 60. around the bay. east and now 63 degrees while shenandoah valley is in the 40s. some of the colder air to our north and west, that will be sweeping in by later today. if you're going to be going out,
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you'll be doch iing the rachbltt drops down to the mid-50s with the wind blustering. big change. back down to near 30 by dawn on monday with lots of sunshine and waiting for the bus and the metro will be cold tomorrow morning. mid morning temperatures in the mid-30s. bright sunshine and windchills in the 20s tomorrow morning. afternoon highs around 40 degrees on monday and at the health & fitness expo we'll have the q and a center. amelia and will be there this afternoon. come on by and say hi. i'll be there until 2:00. we'll have clouds. maybe in the mid-40s. a few light sprinkles. sun back wednesday, cold again. 20s in the morning. afternoon highs may make it 30s. still quite cold with sunshine. then a bit milder on friday.
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may make it up to 50 degrees. then next weekend might get rain on saturday and perhaps on sunday with temperatures in the 40s. stay tuned. that's the way it looked. are se
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a new study says self-driving cars are involved
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in fewer crashes on average than diesels with a drive bhieshld the wheel. the study looked only at google's fleet. google says the test fleet has reported 17 crashes over the last years although none were at the fault of the self-driving cars. that study also noted the low volume of driverless miles. >> this morning we want to introduce you to the so-called rockville 66. take a look. that's how many dogs were found. now they're up for adoption. they say the fact that the owner surrendered the dogs for them makes adoption easier. >> it expedites the process. we're able to find the animals homes much quicker. >> right now three are up for adoption. more will be soon. unfortunately three of them had to be put down because they were in that house and in bad shape.
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the cause of all those dogs, 66 of them being in that house, is under investigation. >> we'll have more on our nbc washington app. this is one that resonated with the community. a lot of people have interest in that. ooh. see that plane? nice clear skies. sun is out. >> nice gusty winds. temperatures near 60 now. get to the "storm team 4" q & a session at the health & fitness expo.
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political gravity and every prediction of his imminent collapse. >> and who's going pay for the wall? >> and he now says he's in this race for long run. >> i'm not leaving. >> going straight to the white house? >> going all the way. >> and he's ready to use bill clinton's personal past as a weapon. >> i don't want to say it's a threat, but it's a threat. >> my sit-down with donald trump. plus, the republican circular firing squad. >> i don't care if your name is barack obama, ted cruz, marco rubio, you've never run a thing of consequence in your life. >> while the candidates fight, the establishment frets. who should they be worrying about more? trump or ted cruz? and with three weeks to go before the voting begins,


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