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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> announcer: welcome back to the golden globes much and now from the frds awakorce awa from, "the force awakens", harrison ford. >> once again it the nominees for motion picture drama. >> announcer: "carol." "mad max: fury road." "the revenant." "room." "spotlight." [ applause ] >> and the golden globe goes
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to -- "the revenant." [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: coming to the stage and accepting the golden globe tonight is writer/director -- producer of "the revenant," alejandro g. inarritu. [ applause ] >> my god. >> speech. speech. speech. >> sorry, there's a lot of kissing here. i forgot to say thanks to mark,
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my co-writing partner, all the native americans who help us make this film possible. and, i don't know, i want -- somebody, guys, please jump to do something. i cannot say how surprised i am and how proud i am to have survived this film with all these fellas. please. tony. >> wow, thank you guys so much. this is such a surprise, brad westin, arnon, everybody at regioncy, fox, we love you so much. this was an incredible experience. alejandro, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, everybody. >> and leo, of course. >> come, come, come, come. >> thank you. i'm afraid that's it. we're out of time. for myself and mel gibson, shalom.
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>> announcer: the nomination ballots are mailed to all eligible members of the hollywood foreign press association, who choose up to five nominees in each category. on the final ballots, the same members vote for one nominee in each category. information concerning the final results is known only to the accounting firm of ernst & young, llp prior to tonight's opening of the sealed envelopes. this is shawn parr for "the 73rd annual golden globe awards."
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right now, the redskins are looking ahead to next season. live with reaction to the head coach. amelia standing by with what
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you can expect for the beginning of your work week. actor sean penn could soon have an audience with mexican authorities after his secret ren day vows wi day -- rendezvous with the notorious "el chapo." the redskins, they fought hard but they came up short in the end. we have team coverage tonight. carol maloney spoke to coach gruden and we have reaction from fans. but, first, utility companies are blaming high winds for hundreds of power outages in the region earlier tonight. we're also tracking a big change in our temperatures january-like cold has returned. storm team meteorologist amelia segal joins us now how chilly it will be during your morning commute. >> erica, you will definitely need the warmer gearheading out tomorrow morning. our high temperature, 61 degrees. look how it will feel early
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tomorrow morning as you're heading back to work. kids getting ready for school at 6:00 a.m. feeling 13 degrees is gaithersburg, 16 in washington working to 8:00 a.m., temperatureston feel like they're in the teens. at 10:00 a.m. still feeling only 22 in washington and manassas as well. what to wear tomorrow, warmer coat and gloves but sunglasses as well. coming up in my full weather, i'll let you know how long the wind will be an issue, blowing at union station. i'll let you know when they diminish. >> all right. right now, it was a tough loss for the redskins but carol maloney shows us from fedex field the team is looking ahead to next season. >> reporter: yeah. the burgundy and gold, they've been through some amazing and duval times together. tonight was both. difficult times together. it ends tonight in a mighty disappointing fashion to the packers. kirk cousins making his first
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playoff start hoping to give the fans somethimore to like. cousins to jordan reed, a 24 yard touchdown, redskins out to an 11-0 lead! in the third quarter, packers coming back down, aaron rodgers gives it to james starks, goes outside, slips past and he is in. green bay rushes for 141 yards and two touchdowns, packers end the redskins season 35-18 the final, jay gruden, he did not try to sugarcoat it after the game. >> it's still a sick feeling any time you lose a game at the end of the year no matter when it is. with the opportunities we had out there today, it makes you ill. for these guys to battle the way they did, very proud of the g guys. i really like the future of this football team. >> jay gruden maybe a little too
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early perspective inside the stadium but mark se graves has fans looking on the bright side. >> we're proud of them. wish they'd could have gone further. >> reporter: leaving the game, fans were positive about their team. >> i was hoping we would get to the championship but winning four in a row was great but we have our quarterback. fun in arizona. >> i thought it was going to be a 6-10 season, but playoffs was a bonus. >> you like that! you like that! >> reporter: before the game, fans were full of confidence and after waiting for years, were hungry for a playoff game. in the end, it was not to be. the era of "you like that" came to an end. >> washington, hats off to you. you played a great game and you will have a great next season. afc east champs again next season. >> it's heartbreaking. you know, i came out here and i thought we were going to win.
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that was it. >> reporter: that about sums it up for most fans out here. heartbreaking loss, many willing to look forward to next year and looking at the bright side, many never expected to make to it the playoffs in the first place. for the green bay fans, it's off to arizona for them. at fedex field, mark se graves, news4. >> this season is over but there's always next year. nbc president general manager today snapped this picture. for a complete photo gallery of the playoff game open our nbc washington app and search "red k kins." >> a famous american actor and one of the most notorious drug lo lords, the elxhap poe story getting more interesting everyday. new details about why authorities want to talk to sean penn about his secret meeting with "el chapo." >> tonight, a mexican law
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enforcement official tells nbc news mexican authorities want to speak with sean penn and mexican soap opera star castillo about their secret trip to meet "el chapo" guzman. it's believed to be his first interview in decades. guzman only agreed to take the questions, penn writes, after a seven hour face to face meeting after a failed october raid. according to penn, this picture authenticates that meeting. he quotes "el chapo" saying i supply more roirn, methamphetamine and heroin and marijuana than anybody else in this world. on friday, the attorney general said guzman's desire to make a movie about himself and int interaction with producers and act actors -- >> i think the mexican authorities want to identify as many people closely associated with "el chapo" as they can.
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authorities were aware they were in mexico to meet with guzman in october as law enforcement was closing in. a planned arrest sweep was de y delayed to assure the two would not be harmed. when the raid eventually took place, "el chapo" and his security team escaped. we reached out to penn and castillo. neither has commented. this isn't the first time penn had dabbled in journalism and previously written articles for "the nation" and ""san francisco chronicle"" and said they agreed to let the subject approved before final publication. they said "el chapo" made no changes. mexico. new tonight, the district is dealing with its third homicide in the last three days. police found the man dead just before 6:00 tonight on se washington. before this homicide, d.c. had gone seven days to start the new
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year. a d.c. boy is without a mother tonight. she appears to have committed suicide by getting a escape trooper to shoot her. it's at the rising sun on the county line area. she called 911 to report an intru intruder. when troopers arrived they heard screaming inside the home and forced their way in and found the woman sitting in a chair and that's when they saw her raise what appeared to be a real gun. after she refused to drop the weapon several times the officers shot and killed her. >> the woman's 15-year-old son was in the home and told investigators before this all began, she told him she loved him and gave him a duval bag with his clothes in it and told him to go upstairs and stay there and told him where to find paperwork that related to him and to her. >> the gun turned out to be an air-soft mipistol. they found what appeared to be a suicide note.
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the teen is in this his father' custody. maryland police have identified the body of a woman found in upper marlboro near the exit ramp to route 4. they discovered her body around 9:30 last night and investiga r investigators say she died of multiple injuries but trying the figure out exactly how she died. the autopsy found no signs of "suspicious" injury. tomorrow, the van driver in the freddie gray trial will give his side of the story. this will be the first time they get to hear officer ceasar's account of the 45 minute ride. they said gray died from a spinal injury from the back of a police van in april. goodson faces the most serious charge of the six officers called depraved heart murder. to be convicted prosecutors must prove goodson deliberately allowed gray to die. telling us officers stopped
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maude johnson of west virginia for a moving violation near the jefferson technology early this morning. a canine sniffed a narcotic and search revealed six violence kov cain and -- six vials of heroin and four bags of heroin. this video shows the five men who gang raped an 18-year-old in new york city. it's from brooklyn. they believe the men went to the store before the assault this thursday. the teen and her father were walking near a park and one man pointed the gun at the teen's father and forced him to leave while they raped his daughter. she was treated at a local hospital. italian police are questioning friends of an american woman found dead in her apartment in florence and now the ex-pat community is hoping this case does not turn into another sensational aymmanda kn style investigation. ashley olsen was found dead in
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florida on saturday and police found bruising and scratches on her neck. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her, a kind, gentle, friend, lovely girl. an awful shock. we have a great community here of people and everyone loved her. >> police say they have questioned olsen's boyfriend, a local artist but they don't have any suspects at this time. double trouble for crews battling an intense house fire. wait until you see what the home looked like after they put out the flames. one year after the deadly smoke-filled incident, metro is releasing an important message to its riders. we'll show you some of the highlights f
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an absolutely huge fire lit up the night sky at an historic bar in omaha, nebraska. it took crews hours to get the flames out. take a look what the building looks like today. it's encased in all the ice from the fire hoses. right now, it's not clear what sparked the fire. it appeared to be some kind of explosion. when you hop on metro tomorrow morning, you may notice a note from the general manager about safety. the letter comes one year after the deadly smoke incident. a look at the gm's message for wri writers. >> reporter: when metro writers grabbed their copy of the "free express" newspaper monday morning they will find this, open letter from the new general manager. it comes a year after smoke filled the tunnel at the plasma station trapping hundreds of
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people. one woman died and dozens were hunt. in the letter, the gm, said metro has taken steps to improve safety. i that includes better coordination with emergency responders and better training, noting one of the quarrel drills held at metro last month. he said metro has inspected and repaired tunnel ventilation systems and provided training how to operate the fans so smoke could be cleared more quickly and something didn't happen the day of the tragedy. he said metro is working on a new radio system designed to improve communication throughout its 100 miles of tunnels and cell service. he spoke to muriel bowser on friday about metro's efforts. >> we are very focused making sure metro has great leadership and focusing on capital investments and safety and reliability of the system. >> reporter: weed d
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he said he's looking for a new safety officer. and important to improve public trust. >> reporter: what about with the new gm? any hope he will turn things around? >> i hope so. it's a bureaucracy like everything else around here. >> reporter: if you want to read the general manager's letter in full you can go online and search "metro." a show of support today for a catholic church cantor fired for being in a same sex marriage. the pastor of mother seton church in germantown fired jeffrey higgins last month. today, friends and family held a silent church protest outside mass. he said he was surprised he got called in to the office. >> i was called to the office of the pastor here. and told that he had discovered that i was gay and married and he asked if i would resign. i said that i wouldn't resign, that i liked my job, i was good at my job and i didn't see a
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reason to resign and so he terminated me. >> the church said they had to terminate higgins not because he was gay but because of the church's non-recognition of same sex marriage. we want to thank everybody who came out for the nbc health and fitness expo. the two-day event wrapped up today. we hope you learned a lot of helpful tips as well and got in a great workout and were insp e inspired by our panelists, auth authors, olympian, exercise experts. this is the 23rd year for the expo and we thank you for coming out to say hello. the stars of the big and small screen got glammed up for the 73rd annual golden globe awards tonight. the show just wrapped up in hollywood and host ricky gervais had real ringers. >> i want to do this monologue and go into hiding. not even sean penn will find me.
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snitch. >> one of the memorable moments of the show, sylvester stallone winning best supporting actor for his role in "creed." they played the theme in rocky as he accepted the globe. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend, rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. [ applause ] >> other big winners, hinson won for her role as cookie and matt damon for "the martian" and leonardo dicaprio won for his role and you can open our app for a list of all the winners. now your storm team 4 forecast. looking ahead to your work week, it will be blustery monday and tuesday and wednesday and overall feeling pretty cold this week, feeling like january. imagine that. the two mornings you need to be prepared for the cold temperatures tomorrow morning and wednesday morning,
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absolutely frigid. wait until you see what it will feel like wednesday morning. we could be dealing with scat r scattered like rain and snow showers late tuesday mainly after the evening rush and little or no snow accumulation, something you can look forward to. the weather will have a low to moderate impact on your day because of the cold and breezy conditions, however, beautiful sunshine in the forecast tomorrow, one of those days there's very little cloud cover. beautiful blue skies. right now, we're at 39 degrees, still tracking some cloudiness out there. skies continue to clear overnight tonight, winds out of the northwest at 16 miles an hour, gusts around 30 miles an hour. it will be breezy tomorrow, especially during the first half of the day. 7:00 a.m., temperature around 32 in washington and 30 in the subu suburbs. temperatures feeling like they're in the 20s. a high tomorrow, 41, we'll hit that about 3:00. that's in washington. in the suburbs, highs in upper 30s.
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tomorrow evening, a cold 35 degrees. your weather outlook for the week at the bus stop feeling like january, outdoor exercise, locate that winter gear and keep it handy. good week to get the car washed, tracking dry conditions and here are te scattered rain and snow chances later on in the day tuesday. notice the mix of clouds and sun across the area. it's breezy at that point. 6:00 p.m., tracking rain and snow moving through the metro area. as quickly as this chance arr e arrives, it's gone, out of here. we return to plummeting temperatures once again. here's what it will feel like wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. temperatures in the single digits. i posted this on my facebook and twitter pages. feeling like 9 in washington and 6 in gaithersburg. tomorrow morning, wednesday morning, two mornings you really need to bundle. high temperature on tuesday of 44 degrees. wednesday, plenty of sunshine.
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high of 42. and we're either right around or below average just about every day through thursday. high thursday 41 and warm up friday with high of 50. rain in the forecast on saturday. chance of showers sticking around sunday. otherwise high temperatures for the upcoming weekend is in the mid-40s. >> chilly start to the week. thank you. still ahead, nobody likes this, we head out to fedex field for more reaction fro ♪
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the redskins weren't just happy to be in the playoffs this year, they were looking to make a runoff this season and that's why the loss to green bay stinks so much. what looked like a sure win early first quarter quickly
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turned into a nightmare and quarterback aaron rodgers had the skins on their heels after that impressive start. jay gruden coaching his first playoff game, getting a hug there. started off great for redskins early. and smith coming out with a big time play there sacking aaron rodgers. later, offense driving, kirk cousins, finds desean jackson across the middle. end zone, he is in. hold on, they will review this play. the ball never crossed the goal line and no touchdown and jackson taking responsibility there. they get into the end zone this time. cousins to tight end, jordan reed, 24-yard hook-up, 124 yards recei receiving. skins are up, 11-0. right before halftime, packers coming back, down one, rodgers looking. finds adams, green bay is up
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17-11 at halftime. third quarter, impressive drive by the skins' offense, and kirk cousins three-yard touchdown run back on top, 17-18, the defense could not slow down green bay. eddie lacy. huge hole for the run back. a 30 yard run shaking off a few tack lesser, packers back in business, very next play, starks takes it outside. he would find paydirt. redskins, they fall in this game to the green bay packers, your final score, 35-18. with that, we bring in carol maloney, who's at fedex field. carol, the skins, they had a season that exceeded most people's expectations. what was the mood like in the locker room seeing they had a successful year but obviously disappointed about this game? >> reporter: if you'd have told us in august they win the division and make the playoffs, you'd be like that's a dream,
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even if it's an exit in this first round. tonight, in the locker room, little consolation for the burgundy and gold because they are breaking for the season. >> no more victories. we don't walk off this field smiling and saying, i tell you what, we won the division. all that's in the past. all we wanted to do was get a win at home. we didn't do it. >> i walked away sort of feeling like now this loss, i think catapults our off-season to enable us to have a little bit of edge, where did we fall short, we made the playoffs and want to advance in the playoffs and we weren't good enough to do that. >> it's a terrible feeling, i don't have anything to look forward to for four or five months. it sucks. >> i always remember this going into the off-season, workouts and i always remember this moment right here. promise each other we will never let it happen again. >> so some long sad faces in this locker room afterwards.
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they know over time they will appreciate what they were able to do this season but really little consolation. they just need to vow to use to it fuel the future. from redskins park, carol maloney. from fedex field for the final time, i should say. back to you. >> thanks so much, carol. looking forward to next season for redskins. moving on to hockey, big night for capitals, chasing goal 500 of his core rear for ovechkin. second period on the pow player. finds ovechkin and that's it. 500 career goals. caps up 5-1. ovechkin didn't stop there. beats andrew hammond. also takes over the nhl lead this season, his 26th goal on the season.
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the final score, 7-1. alex ovechkin, really good at hockey. >> i guess you could say


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