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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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first up, the story that's been dominating the washington app all afternoon. >> the cold is back and this time tomorrow some of us could be seeing flurries. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer joins us. >> i don't think it will be a lot, guys. >> we are talking about the chance for rain and snow showers as we move on through the day tomorrow and that will be the case as we move on through tomorrow eening. >> today it's the cold. yesterday a high temperature of 63 degrees and look where we are right now. martinsburg at 20 degrees and 34 in d.c. and 26 in win chester and very cold air to start off the workweek across the area and nothing, but sunshine today and at least the sun helped out a little bit and tomorrow this is the system that we're tracking. you notice some snow showers around the chicagoland area and this system moving down toward our region and that's the clipper and that will be moving down once again during the day tomorrow. your headlines tonight. tracking that clipper, rain and snow showers across the area because we do think the
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temperatures will move off and switch over to snow and it is the first chance to see snowflakes again. we're not expecting much from this, but what we are expecting is some big-time cold behind it. if you thought today was cold just wait until you see how cold we get on wednesday and the complete forecast in just a couple of minutes. what started as a routine day began as normal, church. >> residents are struggling how that day ended in a murder-suicide. >> what have you learned today, pat? >> pat, they were childhood sweethearts, the parents of two children regular church goers, now both dead in a murder-suicide. we begin with the couple's pastor. this is absolutely devastating and shocking. flowers at the door. the door leading to the scene of
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this murder-suicide that stunned this ashburn community. friends have identified them as andre and naomi howe. childhood sweethearts and they'd been married for some time found dead inside their loudoun county condo. police say he shot her and then turned the gun on himself. >> friends say the howes were church-going people. yesterday morning they were in church together. later in the day andre howe went to a friend's house to watch the football game. he came home and then some time after that it happened. the howe's have two daughters and one was away at college and the other a little girl, she lives with them here. sources say she was home at the time and it is unclear what she saw or what she heard. michelle c. thomas was the couple's pastor. >> they loved god, and they had
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a very deep, passionate love for each other. they loved their children. >> andre howe was in the navy. his wife sang in the church choir. more about the couple coming up at 5:00, chris, back to you. >> a tragedy. federal safety officials are investigating an incident in clarksburg. a worker was killed on the job this morning and somehow he got pinned under a piece of equipment in a landscaping business. chopper 4 flew over the scene on north frederick road and while we know what happened at a company called metro ground cover, no word on the victim's name. at least three families are out in the cold this afternoon following a fire in their apartment in annandale. smoke poured out of the second floor as firefighters arrived just after 10:00 this morning. chopper 4 arrived a short time later. this happened on americana drive near the beltway and little river turnpike. at least three neighbors and a
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firefighter were injured. they're all expected to be okay. this is chris gordon in baltimore where a third officer charged in the death of freddie gray came to an abrupt halt. caesar goodson is charged with murder, manslaughter and other charges. goodson was the driver of the police van in which freddie gray suffered his fatal injury last april, but the maryland court of special appeals today ordered proceedings to stop. the appeals court will review the order of judge barry williams compelling officer william porter to testify for prosecutors against goodson with use immunity. that means nothing porter says can be used against him. porter's trial last month ended with a hung jury. his retrial is scheduled for june. what we saw this morning was the court of special appeals staying
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everything in its entirety. all new at 5:00 how protesters demanding justice for freddie gray are reacting to the indefinite delay of the trial of officer goodson. back to you. >> fans are remembering rocker david bowie who died sunday of cancer and a lot of the tributes are people who are reflecting on the life of the man as well as the star. the tributes are popping up throughout london where bowie was from. fans gathered at a street portrait of him while other went to where he posed for the cover of the rise and fall of ziggy stardust. we'll have more on the musicians and politicians remembering david bowie around the world. there is new fallout for bill cosby here in washington. george washington university is rescinding the honorary degree it awarded cosby back in 1997 citing concern for students and alumni who were sex assault
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survivors. this is a reversal from november, when the school, as you may recall reviefused stude' demands to strip cosby of the degree. since then pennsylvania has charged the first-ever criminal charge against him accusing cosby of drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004. the comedian has denied that and dozens of other allegations of sexual misconduct. officials in two northern virginia school districts are investigating threats that forced evacuations. in stafford county a bomb threat at ferry farm elementary school, sent students to a nearby middle school for classes. they did a search that turned up nothing suspicious and classes will go on as scheduled tomorrow. in prince william county police are investigating a phoned-in threat against glenkirk elementary. so far we haven't heard whether these two incidents are related.
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david culver coming to you from charlottesville, virginia, where jesse matthews' defense team is working to get crucial evidence thrown out of the case before the trial of hannah graham's murder even takes place. it centers around jesse matth matthews' charlottesville apartment less than a week after hannah graham went missing. we were there that morning and watched investigators carry out bags of evidence. in court today the defense arguing that that search was done based on false informationv pointing the finger at law enforcement. some of those officers actually testified in court today. we will tell you what they had to say plus the prosecution countered some of the defendant's pointses and that's when we see you in our live report ahead on news 4 at 5:00. in charlottesville, david culver, news 4. it's been years in the making and it's bound to speed up a lot of commutes. why a brand new ramp to a very busy highway is such a big deal
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for drivers and why a change in location made it so necessary. higher and higher. the estimated jackpot for the next powerball just grew even bigger. how much is at stake and why some of you may want to double-check your ticket from
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a new system coming along and this time tomorrow we'll be seeing a few sprinkles and even some flurries around the area. as far as this evening goes, we're 33 to 37. that wind continues to ease or lay down by tomorrow afternoon the winds come up again and it will be a cold one. 28 degrees early in the morning. your commuter forecast 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. where dry and it's stirring again the hours of 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. where we could see a sprinkle or flurry and the temperatures, 44 degrees and some of you will be seeing a little bit of snow that might be sweepable and impacts on area roads coming up in just a few minutes. silver line construction is pushing west and that's causing some changes you need to know about to the parking situation at dulles international airport. the walkway from garage one to the terminal is now closed and the airport is running extra shuttle busses about every five minutes and constructions are building a new metro station and underground walkway which could take up to two years.
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this is mind-boggling and just mind-boggling. the powerball jackpot has surged to $1.4 billion. if you plan to play, make sure you get that ticket before the drawing on wednesday night. while no one matched all of the numbers on last saturday's drawing, there were two $1 million tickets sold, one in maryland and one in virginia and get this, the jackpot has gotten so large now some powerball signs don't have enough space to show all of the numbers. they're just displaying 999. how about that? >> even that's good enough. >> chaos and tragedy below the streets of washington as we take a look back on a deadly day for metro. the agency is explaining this afternoon how your ride is safer now than it was a year ago. plus, a wild animal warning. which part of our area says there's an
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tomorrow marks one year since the smoke emergency near the metro station killeded a passenger and injured dozens more. >> the general manager says metro has taken important steps since that tragedy it make the rail system safer for everyone. paul wiedefeld let you know there's better coordination between emergency responders and a new radio system to improve communication in the tunnel and repairs have been made to the
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ve ventilation to air it out faster. >> he started out with the mission of rededicating metro to safety and restoring trust ask pride in our metro system. you can read the entire letter on the nbc washington app, just search metro letter. as someone who drives through 95 wooe been waiting for this next one a long time. you can access the ramp, and transportation reporter adam tuss is live now along the new hov ramp. tell us why this ramp is so significant and so important to commuters. >> anything that gets done around here that could potentially ease congestion and traffic is a good thing, right, pat? the good thing is this finally provides a connection to seminary road from 295. chris was talking about it, but take a look at this ramp and how big it is. it's not your typical on and offramp, it is massive and stretches all of the way from
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395 now connecting directly to bustling communities like alexandria like the mark center and all of the development going on and if you swing it over here and take a look at the traffic that's on 395 at all times of the day, really, you understand why anything that could potentially alleviate the congestion that's in this area is a good thing and that's something that's a positive and something that a lot of people in this area have been looking forward to. >> adam, as somebody who lives right there, a lot of folks were really upset that they did the brac relocation and moved all of those people into the office building on seminary and then built the roads year afterward. what's been the reaction to folks there? >> i think a lot of people are just kind of relieved that this project is finished and that the ramäj=q opened at 1:00 this afternoon and you're right. this ramp is a direct result of base realignment and for people who haven't been in this area and what base realignment did to
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our area. it basically took a lot of jobs in one part of the region and moved them all around. a lot of people got relocated here to the mark center, this huge building that sits off 395. this thing was built just a few years ago and it didn't even exist here. you had a lot of jobs that were already in secure locations like crystal city. they had access to transit and all of a sudden they got moved to this area where there really isn't a metro stop. there are bus lines that go through here, but all of this new infrastructure had to be built so that's why this ramp was both controversial and now hopefully it helps the people that have to drive through this area. >> adam, tell us exactly how it will function during the rush hours. >> reporter: so this is an hov-3 ramp only at all points of the day. 395, you probably know is hov-3, but to get on and off this ramp you have to have a carpool of
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three or more people. that could potentially encourage more people to carpool in our area which is a good thing. >> great point. especially with so many people going to the mark center that might be a prime carpool point. >> let's hope so, chris. >> thanks, adam. well, we've been saying the fourth-letter word around here, something we haven't heard in quite a while. >> doug, fill in the blanks there for us. >> the s-n-o-w word? this is the longest we've gone in the winter season without measurable snow at the airport and it looks like we'll continue to do that. measurable snow meaning even a trace that's possible. right now, what are we dealing with? we have blue skies and that's a good thing. temperatures a little bit below average and winds out of the west at 8 miles an hour and it gives us a windchill and the current temperature below freezing and 39 down toward culpeper and windchills in the 20s in many areas and it is going to be a very chilly night tonight and storm team 4 radar and nothing on the radar in our area and go back to the west and
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the clipper system is a pretty strong clipper and it will continue to strengthen and not a lot going on with it and a couple of snow showers and somewhere around cincinnati trying to move our way. that's the best chance to see any snow from these clippers and they move down and they hit the mountains and garrett county, down around deep creek and for us, it will be as we said, that conversational snow that moves on through the region. future weather, no problem and 7:00 a.m., no issues at all on the roadways. cloud cover and still no problems and we don't have rain or snow coming through and ahead of that clipper we get on the mild side and temperatures rise into the low 40s and that means when this comes through, here we are at:00, notice most of this starting to fall as rain and as the system itself continues to move through on the back side, it starts to switch over to snow around frederick and leesburg back toward northern fauquier county. in the city starting off with
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sprinkle activity and switching over to snow on the back end and that is alla that we will get here. we are not expecting accumulation at all and this will be a fast mover. areas of concern, maybe up around hagerstown, frederick and maybemartinsburg is a concern. these are words that won't have to be watched and each if dusting occurs on the roadways. >> 45 degrees tomorrow for the high temperature and 30 on wednesday and this is the day to watch and high temperatures on wednesday, only in the 20s to windchills in the teens all day and veronica is back with the rest of the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, doug. it was a great season and for a whole lot of folks, a very disappointing end. >> jason pugh live at the park where the guys are cleaning up. >> jason, what's the mood there like? >> chris, the guys are disappointed and not just the players about the way things ended and how the season ended yesterday at fedex field and
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they believe they let the golden opportunity slip away against the green bay packers and once they made the playoffs they had a talent to make a deep postseason run and unfortunately that was not the case. the redskins, one and done. forget about momentum and forget about the four-game winning streak to close the season. the green bay packers put an end to the skins' season at fedex field and today the guys cleaning out their lockers including quarterback robert griffin iii though he's still under contract will not be back with this team all season be declined to comment today. this was certainly a turnaround year for the redskins and plenty of reasons to be excited for the future and it is still too present for these players. >> it's kind of hard to feel proud and you need to let it wear off a little bit. i know we can see the expectations from the outside world, but we still have far greater expectations for ourselves and we didn't
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accomplish it. >> coming up later on news 4 at 5:00, we talked about the players that might not be on the roster. we did speak to a few others and we'll hear from more later on news 4 at 5:00. i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. the game wasn't the only big thing we're talking about today. surprises and big laughs and bigger winners and the big moments at the golden globes that you may or may not have seen on social media. >> all eyes will be on president obama and the capitol. what's in
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sglool this is not the type of film you will see coming from the hollywood system very often. >> leonardo dicaprio is holding best actor award, one of the big winners from last night's golden globes. liz hernandez from "access hollywood" join us live. liz, did any of the three wins for "the revenant" catch you by surprise? >> no, you know, i think everyone knew this was going to be the year of leo. so by any means, you know, just having an opportunity to sit with him becomestage, you really felt the excitement between him
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and alejandro. they're really proud of this body of work. >> so if you had to pick one, what was your favorite moment last night. >> my favorite moment was the big hollywood moment was when you saw sylvester stallone winning for "creed" and this was his third nomination. first time ever taking home a golden globe and just the standing ovation and you just felt it in the room and how excited everyone was for him, and just seeing, you know, an icon get up there and accept his award was a pretty big moment. >> that was pretty cool. yeah, a lot of people have been posting that picture of him from when he was at the oscars back in the '70s with the one today. i caught that bit with ricky gervais saying the show could probably be about 30 minutes long and not three hours. what do you think of the job that he did? >> you know, he's very -- he's very edgy, but it's fun, and as long as people are laughing and having a good time then i think
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he's done a great job. >> all right. liz hernandez, thank you so much, liz. >> all righty. three weeks to go until the first presidential primary, first at 4:00, the shifting poll numbers that are making for an exciting race for the finish. >> a sudden shift toward winter as the week gets off to a bone-chilling start, storm team 4 is being troising what's next and it could in
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>> now at 4:30, a community of faith shocked after a couple is found dead. andre and naomi howe turned up at their condo in lansdowne. police believe it was a murder-suicide. this comes after charges that the comedian is charged with an alleged sex assault in 2004. this is a reversal of position when the college declined to strip bill cosby of that degree. bill cosby denies the allegations against him. osha is investigating a deadly workplace accident. a worker somehow got pinned under a piece of equipment at metro ground cover, a metro business in clarksburg and police haven't released the man's name. just in case you missed ellen's show this afternoon -- i feel like if you are forceful, you're too forceful. if you're not forceful enough
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you're not tough enough. >> that was just before news 4 at 4:00 went on the air and hillary talk togglen about the challenges of being a woman running for president. >> all of the candidates are gearing up for the iowa caucuses three week froms today. the front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump are balloting for the lead in their party's respective nominations. news 4's brian mooar is live from capitol hill where it looks like it will be a nail biter. >> pat and chris, iowa and new hampshire are shaping up to be a fight for the future of both parties. in danger of losing iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders, hillary clinton is calling for ground support. >> sign up to make phone calls. sign up to go to your caucus. >> she's intensifying the air war from the gop pack. >> carpet bomb them into
4:33 pm
oblivion, could be the president. >> sit down and shut up. >> within the margin of error in iowa and sanders leading in his neighbor state new hampshire. the battle between establishment and outsider candidates also reflected on the republican side where donald trump and ted cruz are locked in a fight for first in iowa in the latest nbc news/wall street journal marist poll. trump taking aim on the canadian-born cruz's electoral eligibility. >> you can't have a nominee who will be subject to being thrown out as a nominee. >> please, fbi, please, go after hillary. i want to run against bernie! >> three weeks before iowa with the top spot still up for grabs. >> and there's actual republican debate this thursday shifts the focus to another early battleground state, south carolina. live on capitol hill, brian
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mooar, back to you. be prepared to alter your evening commute tomorrow because of president obama's final state of the union address. >> officials are closing down nearly 20 roads in the dift rijt and won't allow cars or trucks to travel on most of the streets surrounding the u.s. capitol. a few of them will be closed to anyone without credentials at 6:00 and the big closures that affect all vehicles start at 7:00. you can see a full list of road closures on the nbc washington app. just search state of the union. right now president obama is getting ready for his final state of the union address. >> you can use your phone to get an inside look at how he's preparing. today the white house announced its debut on snap chat with this clip of the oval office. snap chat allows you to post stories, a collection of different photos and videos that all followers can see for a 24-hour period. tomorrow the story will include a behind the scenes look at the state of the union. the white house is promising footage and angles that you won't find anywhere else.
4:35 pm
tomorrow morning the "today" show goes live from the white house. you will see parts of the white house you may never have seen before even if you've been on the white house tour. watch for exclusive interviews with the president and the vice president. that's tomorrow morning on nbc 4 right after eun and aaron on news 4 today. now your storm team 4 forecast. your weather impact for the evening and just cold. plain old cold and we had to deal with temperatures in the 30 and the wind and the wind is easing up and going up this evening we'll watch the temperatures drop down below freezing and around 7:00, 8:00 or so and the wind eases up and this time tomorrow it will be another breezy to windy afternoon for us as you'll see. clouds on the increase tomorrow morning so we can start out with sunshine for your thursday. bundle up kind of weather for the kids at the bus stop. tuesday, wednesday, thursday
4:36 pm
recess and they get a c grade, and finally by tuesday, not too bad and b-plus weather and what to expect, we have snow showers or flurries coming our way and there could be slick spots and we'll have more on that coming up. breaking news now just into the live desk and our sister station in new york has learned a maryland man is facing terror charges in new york after allegedly traveling overseas to fight with terrorists. nbc new york says malik jones could make his first court appearance later today. he traveled to join al shabaab, a terror organization linked to al qaeda in east africa. he went through jfk and was arrested late last year in africa. he is believed to be one of 40 americans recruited by al shabaab since 2007. more on this as it happens later today. pat? a fire pit or bonfire can feel cozy on a cold night.
4:37 pm
tonight, a warning as one local burn victim describes how it only took a split second for something to go terribly wrong. >> when you are burnt bad enough your life changes. >> paul hartman suffered serious burns this fall while lighting a bonfire in his backyard. doctors at medstar washington hospital center say they've seen an increase in bonfire and fire pit injuries. tonight on news 4 at 11:00, the dangers of playing with fire and how an unexpected accident can change your life forever. >> a different kind of danger in fairfax county where officials are warning about coyotes. the greatest risk is from january to june and that's coyote mating season and officials say you shouldn't put your pets outside without supervision and keep trash inside until the morning of the pickup. fairfax and prince william county are getting a growing number of calls including coyote sites. we'll tell you if the kind of car you drive is getting top
4:38 pm
honors. >> nowhere to go, but down. the terrifying rescue more than 70 stories up. first at 4:00, what went wrong and what it took to preve
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and of course, tracking the cold that we have across the area today and overnight tonight and tracking what we have tomorrow and here's what to expect tomorrow. first off, not a big deal. scattered showers and there will be a mix of rain to snow
4:41 pm
showers. most areas starting off as rain and switching over to snow as the cold air moves in. little to no accumulation and yes, people in the newsroom talking about how d.c. is putting plows out tomorrow for this, but they're not putting the plows out for the plows themselves, only if they need to put salt down on the roadways and again, i do not think this will be a big issue across most of our area. hour by hour forecast tomorrow. 30 degrees by 7:00 a.m. and 38 by 11:00, ahead of the clipper, we get a little boost as far as temperatures go, up to 45 degrees at 3:00 and behind that little boost that's when we start to see temperatures fall down and that's when we find the range switch over to snow and rain/snow ending by 7:00 and it will move in right during the evening rush and it could cause a couple of areas to slow down and we'll continue to watch it for you. veronica has the latest including the seven-day forecast with really cold shots. >> honda and volvo are big winners at the detroit auto
4:42 pm
show. today volvo's xc90 was named top utility truck of the year and the honda civic was named auto of the year. automakers plan to debut 45 new vehicles this year from muscle cars to minivans toú compacts d the biggest buzz so far is about all of the technology these vehicles have to offer. we want to say thanks to everyone who came to our nbc health and fitness expo over the weekend at the washington convention center. we hope you learned some healthy tips and got in a great workout or were inspired by speakers and exhibitors. hopefully you had a lot of fun, too and we've started to plan for next year. this mornings was one of those days that you needed to let the car warm up a minute or so before you headed to work. picture walking out to your car and finding this. why one person's car and everything around it looked like some out of the movie "frozen". the powerful remembrances around the world for a music
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>> right now 4 at 4:00, it's been a busy day for the supreme court and we're watching the big cases at the center of the debate and why one of them could have a direct impact on people here in our area and we're keeping an eye on the weather and today's bright sunshine doesn't tell the whole story. it's brisk. it's breezy and this time tomorrow we could see some flurries and storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson
4:46 pm
is finalizing the forecast just minute away. >> just last week musician david bowie released an album with the song "lazarus" this afternoon the name and timing of the release are offering comfort to fans who are mourning his death. >> reporter: the news of david bowie's death sunday evening came as a shock to many. his facebook page announcing he died surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. his son duncan confirming it on twitter saying very sorry and sad to say it's true. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: bowie's meteoric rise to fame began with "space oddi oddity," stardust solidified his genius, catapulting bowie into a different class of stardom, mixing music genres and person as. fans from his hometown remembered the music icon. >> he's given me great
4:47 pm
confidence and influenced my life. >> many gathered at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> it was almost like he went to find another plan tote find a resource of creativity. >> hollywood elite remembered bowie after sunday's golden globe award. >> he was an icon and as a gift. >> his influence as an artist has been amazing. >> what might be most amazing or telling is bowie's final album, blackstar released just last week with a haunting image of the biblical figure who rose from the dead. >> bowie's music will live on and he'll remain a hero to a legion of loyal fans. >> david bowie was married twice and he's survived by two children, one from each marriage. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. it going to be cold overnight and chilly throughout the day tomorrow. we're not going to have the harsh conditions to deal with
4:48 pm
and very low windchill temperatures and that will be the case early wednesday. it's a warm coat and a hat. i think we can get by without the sdafr and the gloves. keep it moving and we'll see the temperatures rise very quickly throughout the day tomorrow and i think we'll top out at 44 to 45 degrees and that's seasonal for this time of year and what we would expect, 41, one of the cooler spots and 38 in hagerstown and those are the areas to the north and west and i'll put the temperatures on to show you what will happen throughout the day. first, clouds on the increase and this is lunchtime when we get to around 40 and as we get to the afternoon hours around 4:00 or so and that's when we could see sprinkles andlakes and well above freezing and 7:00, 8:00 with whatever is left that could be laying down on area roads and 30 leesburg and
4:49 pm
31 gaithersburg and 30 degrees around frederick and for brunswick and areas like that, there might be an isolated slick spot or two around 7:00 and that really is a very low chance even of that happening and as far as the locations that we're looking at, it's around 68. 68. 72, 70, 81 and the areas that we'll have to watch tomorrow evening and then again, could have a few pockets where they could be a little slick. the next big change for us is wednesday morning. >> look at this. in the 20s our temperatures and it's going to be windy again. windchill readings 9:00 a.m. wednesday and 3 to 9 degrees and by the afternoon it doesn't get much better and that is some hypothermia weather coming up mid-week and it will be the coldest day and the warmest and now friday when we top out at 48 degrees and the remainder of the workweek is looking dry and a chance for rain showers will be coming our way and then dry for
4:50 pm
sunday. we've got more on the next really cold wave that comes in for next week and of course, more on the snow flurries that we're expecting tomorrow on news 4 at 5:00. winter has finally arrived in parts of ohio. tonight some areas are getting their first major snowfall, nearly two inches have fallen in toledo in the last day and a half. drivers are experiencing slick roads and visibility is low. several cities and government appleses operated under various levels of snow emergencies and some school his delay time for classes. the driver of this car needed more than an ice scraper when he got up this morning. this is the result of antarctic blast in buffalo, new york overnight. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour produced huge waves on lake erie causing waves to splash on the dhars, encasing cars in several inches of ice. arctic ice is expected to blow
4:51 pm
over the great lakes during the next few ds. >> it looks like something out of a movie. new details at the trial as a former day care teacher gets under way. she's facing 39 charges including cruelty to children. parents have testified about changes in their children. prosecutors say those kids were abused. julie carey is at the trial and she'll join us at 5:00 with details about what those parents are saying. you could feel the impact of one case at the supreme court. the justices are considering a case in which teachers would to defect from their union without paying a fee. it could affect all government workers in public sector unions. fees could keep coming out of those paychecks even if someone has a government job and they're not a member of the union. the supreme court also agreed to hear appeals from johnson & johnson still has to pay millions of dollars for an
4:52 pm
antipsychotic drug. doug siegelman's prison sent eps to stand on his primary conviction. right now we're working several developing stories in the newsroom including the construction of the silver line. some day it will connect our region to its busiest airport and to get there you'll have to put up with a few headaches and the traffic alert that could have you hitting the brakes for quite a while. talk about one of the best seats in the house and which people from our area got a special invitation to the state of union tomorrow night and the things they accomplished that earned them a spot next to the first lady. i'm mark segraves. i'm in the basement of an apartment building in washington and we're across the street from where the new wizards training facility is slated to go and this is a neighborhood slated for development. the owner of their building is trying to force them out so he could cash in on that and they've been forced to live in the conditions that are
4:53 pm
uninhabitable. the d.c. attorney general is now suing the owner of this building trying to force them to make improvements. you can smell the urine in this hallway and you can see the standing water on the basement floor. there are clear signs everywhere that people have been breaking into these buildings, doing drugs here and living in the hallways. coming up at 5:00, you will hear from the residents, from their attorney and they'll tell you why they're refusing to leave. mexican drug lord's escape from prison was like something out of a movie and now that seems more real than ever. what we're learning about a hollywood actor's connection to one of the most wanted men in the world and why he says he welcomes the tough questions. >> this is news 4 at 4:00.
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two window washers are back on their own feet tonight after getting stuck this morning on the side of the tallest building in houston. the chase bank building is 75 stories high, but they were about 71 floors up when the motor on the scaffolding system stopped working and then it ended up dangling down at an angle and they radioed for help and rescue crews and they were able to pull the two men through a window and no one was hurt. no regrets. that's basically what sean penn is saying about his
4:57 pm
controversial interview with notorious drug kingpin joaquin, el chapo guzman. >> now we're learning how that meeting may have led to the k t cartel leader's capture in mexico. here's jacob rascon. >> it is proof of a scoop nobody saw coming. drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman, at the time the world's most famous fugitive are answering questions for a "rolling stone" article in his first interview in decades. it might have led them to el chapo's hideout and the bloody shootout that ended with his arrest. that and the drug lord's apparent infatuation with soap opera star kate del castillo. in a made for hollywood plot twist, on the sister network telemundo facilitated the meeting. she also played a drug trafficker on the showtime series "weeds." her connection to the real kingpin apparently started in
4:58 pm
2012 when in an open letter on twitter she wrote, mr. chapo, wouldn't it be cool if you started trafficking with love? you would be the hero of heroes. life is a business and the only thing that changes is the merchandise. don't you agree? guzman reportedly tried to send her flowers, though she never received any. while mexican authorities say they're looking at whether sean penn would face legal exposure from mexico. the focus of american law enforcement is that el chapo be extradited to the united states as soon as possible. they call the rolling stone article which el chapo had to screen before it was published, quote, a sideshow. reporting from
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