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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the day's top stories and tracking the potential for a trace of snow tomorrow. >> let's go first to pat collins in leesburg as police are searching for a motive in a murder-suicide there. pat? >> reporter: wendy, by all accounts they were a loving, church-going couple now dead in a murder-suicide, but what could have brought this on? >> flowers at the scene where it happened. a murder-suicide that stunned this ashburn community. hear now from a neighbor. she knew the couple. she asked that we not show her face. i feel so, so sorry for them. they were the nicest couple in the neighborhood. they were very, very nice and especially he was very nice. >> 40-year-old andre howell a chief petty officer in the navy and his wife, 31-year-old naomi howell a singer in the church
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choir found dead inside their loudoun county condo. they were childhood sweethearts. they'd been married for some time. they were regular church-going people, in fact, the day it happened they'd gone to church together. police say he shot her and then turned the gun on himself. michelle c. thomas was the house pastor. >> if we're being looking for a rational explanation, we will never find one here because these were god love everies. it should not have happened. it's demonic. >> the howells have two daughters, one was away at college and the other a little girl about 5 years old. sources say she was around when this happened, but it is unclear as to what she saw or what she heard. the howell's little girl is being cared for now by family members. live in ashburn, pat collins, news 4.rhy and right now, taking a look at the cold across our region, windchills already in the teens
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in some areas and 18 in martinsburg and 20 in gaithersburg and 28 in d.c. and that's a cold night and what's coming our way is a clipper system and take a look at the snow coming out toward chicago and some snow as close to the area as west virginia right now and that's something that we'll be watching, too and this system taking its way down our region and take a look at the winter weather advisories and most of west virginia to the west of the mountains and it includes portions of the western parts of allegheny county, as well and making its way during our day tomorrow and what can we expect from this. one thing for sure and we'll be tracking this clipper all day tomorrow and over the next 24 hours and rain and snow showers are coming through and we think it will be a mix and some of the coldest air so far this season and i've got the complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. >> the man accused in the abduction and murder of hannah
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graham is? a courtroom in charlottesville, virginia. his lawyers, the lawyer for jesse matthew are trying to get a judge to throw out key evidence collected by the police. david culver has the latest now on that investigation. david? vance, when you think about the murder trial in this case, we're several month away and it is set for july, but today is a major pretrial hearing and it is going on as you said right now and it involves the defense trying to question the credibility of several police officers and detectives. >> i want to point your attention to the ourtroom. you can see the light is still on even at this late hour and the third of 14 witnesses testifying late into the evening. many of these officers are telling about how they got a magistrate to sign off on a search of matthews' home and car. this former k-9 detective grilled by jesse matthews' defense attorneys asked repeatedly if he provided false information in his search for hannah graham. information that led to this
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search of matthews' charlottesville home and car after graham's disappearance. >> the defense is arguing that the search warrant which led to the discovery of evidence in jesse matthews' apartment was not a valid search warrant because they either lied or misled the magistrate about what the facts were. >> the bloodhound did not actually trace hannah to matthews' apartment. he said it did trace her descent to matthews' home. graham went missing september of 2014. security video caught her walking alone past a pub and then a gas station and then on to the downtown mall. that same camera caught matthew nearby. witnesses say the two went into a bar together and then she vanished. in court today we learned she had some of her personal belongings to the apartment and the passenger side of matthews' car and to the nearby dumpster,
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but the defense claimed investigators left out important information and should have never executed that search. >> the bottom line here is there was evidence found in jesse matthews' apartment that the defense doesn't want the jury to see or know about. >> so, david, the lawyers -- the defense lawyers want this evidence thrown out. you were talking to people around there. what sense is that the judge might do that. >> a former prosecutor said that is really unlikely and what the defense would have to prove is that all 14 or at least the majority of these 14 detectives and investigators intentionally misled or lied in order to get the magistrate to sign off on the search warrant and not like lie that the judge would go along with that especially with the testimony we've heard thus far. >> thanks. wendy? the iowa caucus takes place three weeks from today and there is a new poll. it shows that the national front-runners hillary clinton
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and donald trump are battling for the lead in their party's nomination races. brian moore reports the first presidential contest of 2016 is starting to look like a real horse race. >> reporter: in danger of losing iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders, hillary clinton is calling for ground support. >> sign up to make phone calls. sign up to go to your caucus. >> reporter: and she's intensifying her air war on the gop pac. >> carpet bomb them into oblivion. >> could actually be president. >> sit down and shut up! >> reporter: the latest poll numbers show clinton and sanders within the margin of error in iowa and sanders leading in this neighbor state new hampshire. the battle between establishment and outsider candidates also reflected on the republican side where donald trump and ted cruz are locked in a fight with iowa in the latest wall street
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journal/marist poll. >> you can't have a nominee who is going to be subject to being thrown out as a nominee and he's hammering hillary clinton's potential weak spots including her private email server. >> please, fbi, please, go after hillary. i want to run against bernie! >> reporter: three weeks before iowa with the top spot still up for grabs. >> the next republican debate this thursday shifts the focus to another early battleground state, south carolina. >> wendy? tonight we learned who will be sitting with the first lady for president obama's final state of the union address tomorrow night. one seat will be left vacant to represent victims of gun violence. two men from our region will be among the first lady's guests, mark davis and he trains low-income people to install solar panels and he also prepares community members for local green tech jobs.
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shaw was and including a deployment to iraq. he still lives in virginia and volunteers with veterans helping them transition from military to civilian life. it is probably smart to avoid driving around the capitol tomorrow night. the roads you can see highlighted in red and they'll be closed starting at 7:00 and we'll have the details on the nbc washington app. for complete coverage of president obama's final state of the union address stay with us on air and online and watch the "today" show as it broadcasts live from inside the white house and you'll see exclusive interviews with the president and vice president and they'll take you inside rooms rarely seen by the public and it begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning on nbc 4. >> protesters were outside as the supreme court heard arguments over whether government workers should be forced to pay fees for public sector unions. tom sherwood has the heated
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rhetoric from both sides. >> reporter: groups of demonstrators standing side by side, but far apart. public sector unions want to keep their right to collect dues or fees from everyone they represent, whether a person is a union member or not. a group of california teachers is challenging the state law there and a court ruling banning so-called agency fees would affect public service unions everywhere including maryland. >> i would say probably over 200,000 people would be affected in the state of maryland and the reality is this is a turn away from democracy and a turn away from workers rites and that's at stake here. >> they're forcing public workers to pay dues or fees is wrong. >> understand the free writer concept, but the bigger concept is freedom. >> reporter: for organized labor any ruling limiting fees for non-members could hurt unions already fighting to retain memberships. as of 2014, 7.4 million workers
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were in private sector unions and just 6.6% of all private workers, but unions represent 35% of all government workers. charles byrd is a veteran special ed teacher in prince george's county. to him the issue is simple. >> if we represent them, if we negotiate salary increases and benefits, then there should be a representation fee. >> reporter: the court is expected to rule later this year. tom sherwood, news 4. all right. so we got whooped by the packers and now all attention turns to next year. jason pugh in ashburn with more on that. jason, what are we looking at? >> jay gruden was certainly a little disappointed still less than 24 hours after that loss. the green bay packers had his press conference at redskins park and the head coach does have plenty of reasons to be
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hopeful about the future thanks in large part to a core group of young players that he says he can build a football team around. now, unfortunately, one of those players is not robert griffin iii for redskins fans and one of the many redskins players cleaning out their locker likely for the last time after losing his job to kirk cousins to a salary of $16 million next season and his time in d.c. is all, but done and he did decline to speak in the media and he did leave a poem of inspiration at his locker. kirk cousins was not seen as todaya kleebout and he's a free agent and he's coming off an amazing year. so the redskins will have to pony up the cash to keep the quarterback. gruden was asked about the timeline for a deal today and noted they'll go through the roes is soon, but did not say much beyond that. coming up later in the show, there are plenty of guys that will be free agents on this roster. this team and squad could look completely different come next season and we'll take a look at
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some of those free agents a bit later. from redskins park, i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. dramatic video takes us inside the raid of an infamous drug lord and reaction to a hollywood sector who may have helped investigators track down el chapo. >> an unexpected delay in a high-profile trial. a ruling today could have an impact for the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. a year ago just outside this station in the tunnel back there, actually, a woman died on metro and today a lot of riders are wondering if metro is any safer and the general madger is
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[ shots fired ] dramatic new video. this is the raid inside the mexican safehouse of joaquin kwo"el chapo" guzman. guzman was arresteded a short time later. actor sean penn says he has nothing to hide after his interview with the fuj tifr drug lord. mexican authorities say they knew about that meeting three months ago and today the newspaper el universal published surveillance photos that they say are part of the mexican government intelligence file. nbc news has not verified those photos. as jacob rascon reports, u.s. efforts to extradite guzman may have hit their first obstacle.
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el chapo is back inside at plan altiplano prison in his home state of sinaloa in a town called los mochis. new video released by the marines show the pre-dawn raid and the marines going up against el chapo's bodyguards killing five of them, finding an assortment of weapons including rocket launchers. el chapo said to have escaped through a secret door behind a mirror making his way into the city's water system emerging hours later, stealing a car at gun point and then being captured by this elite force and taken back to altiplano prison. his xextradition process has begun by the united states and it has been temporarily halted by a federal judge. authorities say it is expected to take at least a year or likely much longer because of the legal options available to el chapo's defense.
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reporting in alamoloya dejuarez, mexico, nbc news. a woman murdered in italy placed a tru ed d a tribute at . the victim is ashley olsen. she grew up in florida. her body was found in her apartment in florence. investigators believe she was strong pelled. her friends told police they went to a nightclub with her thursday night, but she stayed behind when they left. adding to the mystery, olsen had posted hints on social media that she was being stalked. olsen's father teaches at a school in florence. he placed flowers at her doorway today and fell to his knees while his companions consoled him. we're working to learn more details about a maryland man who was facing terror charges. malik jones is accused of
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traveling to join al shabaab. jones was arrested in africa late last year and flown to the u.s. in december. he could appear in a new york courtroom this week. >> an appeal over testimony in the death of freddie gray is keeping a baltimore police officer's trial on hold and there's no sign of whether it will begin. news 4's chris gordon reports on how this delay could impact all six officers who are charged in gray's death. >> the trial of baltimore police van driver caesar goodson has been put on hold for now. the maryland court of special appeals issued a stay while it would use the order compelling police officer william porter to testify as a prosecution witness against good son. porter took the stand in his own defense saying he told good sorn and his supervisor sergeant alicia white that freddie gray wanted to be taken to a hospital, but that they didn't transport gray. porter's case ended in a
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mistrial. he faces a retrial in june. the stay by the court of special appeals could delay all six police trials in the freddie gray death. >> this could ultimately be a landmark decision because it could have far-reaching effects in so many other case where you have the government is trying to compel a state's witness to testify. >> reporter: last april the funeral of freddie gray triggered riots in baltimore. the riots were quiet in part when marilyn mosby announced indictments against the six police officer, but now mosby's prosecutors are having a hard time delivering convictions and some baltimore residents are getting impatient. >> i feel really sad, you know. it's just not right and it's just not fair to people in the city of baltimore. >> i think it's criminal. i think it's a damn shame, you know? i think that these people are doing what they can to make sure that the cops get off. >> reporter: as of now, no date
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has been set for a hearing in the appeal. and we don't know when the next police trial will resume here in baltimore. chris gordon, news 4. more about bill cosby today. george washington university has rescinded the honorary degree that it presented cosby in 1997. the school cited concern for students and alums who are sex assault survivors as its reason to strip cosby of the honor. prosecutors in pennsylvania filed the first criminal charge against cosby last month. that charge accuses him of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman back in 2004. dozens of other women have made allegations of sexual misconduct against him. cosby has denied all of them. bedbugs, broken heaters, rodents. residents have been complaining for years and now the district is taking a landlord to court, but what happens to the tenants who are stuck in the middle of
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this legal battle? i'm julie carey in manassas. she blew the whistle on a miniland day care worker of abusing the little ones in her care. i'll tell you what she witnessed that had her so concerned. >> a police officer ambushed by a man pledging his allegiance to isis. isis. we now have a tip that
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know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪
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sometimes people do things that just seem a little bit strange, don't you think? doug and everybody else that i've heard all day have been talking about conversational snow, a trace, maybe. something to take the brunt, is that correct? >> what do you think? >> here's the thing that surprised us in the district. the district will deploy 15 snow trucks and plows tomorrow, stationing them on bridges and overpasses around town. yo reaction? >> well, you know, use it as a way to get ready, you know what i mean? use it as a precaution. >> make sure they start -- >> yeah. why not? they haven't had to get these trucks out yet. you will not need the plows, that's for sure, but maybe the salt on the back. i'm trying to help -- you know? >> i know you are, doug. >> there's not going to be much. the guys will sit there and say there is a snowflake and there
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is a snowflake, should i go now? >> people in minnesota are saying what are those people in d.c. thinking? >> it will be the first flakes of the season and that's why they call them conversational flakes. the current temperature, 36 degrees and look at the wind out of the north at 13 miles per hour and that puts the windchills into the upper 20s and it will be a cold region and 28 gaithersburg and 29 in kull pepper and 33 down toward pawtuxet river and nothing around the region right now and just off to the west you're starting to see the clipper come together here around the chicagoland area and maybe one to two inches here and you can also see this is the warm front that will come on through and that actually bumped temperatures up a little bit and up to the north you have lake-effect snow, too potentially if they're toward the break and this is the system that we're watching making its way down and there are a couple
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of advisories in our region and this is western allegheny county and right on down to the south including garrett county. if you're going west tomorrow, be on the lookout. you may see this. you may see a couple of inches and maybe one to three inches, but the rest of us aren't going to see much at all, and the future weather timing it out and here comes the cloud cover around 7:00 a.m. and watch what happens around noon. not much here and then the system comes through. about 3:00, we're starting off with rain showers and it should be enough, and it switches to snow around 5:30. if we do get any enhancement this is where it should be. montgomery county and hagers town, and maybe a dusting in some locations and that is it and then it's out of here and moves through very, very quickly as clippers do. where are we expecting and where could we see problems especially
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now in the highways and maybe the secondary roads and around shepherdstown and hagerstown and yes, it's something we're watching and we'll continue to keep you posted. 45 degrees tomorrow and 30 on wednesday and windchills in the teens. coming up, i'll take you hour by hour with the snow and the cold and i'll see you at 6:45. allegations of abuse inside a local day care. we'll have the heart wrenching testimony from a teacher about what she saw unfold behind closed doors. officers on high alert. the anonymous tip claiming this attack on a philadelphia police officer is part of a larger threat. nearly one year after metro's deadly smoke incident. we'll take a closer look at what's been done to keep riders safe as dozens of victims prepare to file suit. imagine coming home to this every day. i'm mark segraves and this is the reality of dozens of families living in these buildings in southeast washington. >> we have a problem with
6:28 pm
roaches, some people have bedbugs. there's mice and rats. >> reporter: coming up, why the attorney general is taking the landlord to court, but it doesn't like like anything will
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i'm mark segraves at the live desk. a lieutenant with the d.c. fire department who was charged with neglect of duty after a failed response to a 1-year-old choking
6:31 pm
on a grape will not be disciplined and he will be allowed to retire with a full pension because the department failed to enact a new regulation mandated by d.c. law. the lieutenant was charged with neglect of duty, incompetence and failure to provide assistance after the little boy died. the lieutenant did not properly notify dispatchers of the status of his medical units that night and that delayed the d.c. fire response. the lieutenant filed for retirement in december and by retiring he avoids any discipline as well as any reduction to his pension. after the lieutenant charged in the firehouse after they didn't come to the aid of the dying man, the d.c. council passeded a new law to close that loophole and d.c. fire failed to implement the new law. inhumane is how a worker describes the way a former mini land day care teacher tre eer t
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the toddlers in her care. that teacher, sarah jordan, is now on trial. it was another teacher in the classroom who had finally seen enough and turned her in. >> reporter: this is the former mini land worker who blew the whistle on two of her colleagues accusing them of abusing toddlers at the woodbridge day care center. one of them, sarah jordan faces 39 charges that she mistreated 13 toddlers in her classroom. desiree edwards seen here at an earlier hearing also worked in a classroom of 16 to 24-month-olds. today on the witness stand she paused to gather her composure before telling prosecutors she saw jordan dump water on a little girl's head causing her to cry. she watched as jordan tripped a running child and then laughed and jordan even encouraged kids to fight and bite one another. edwards testified when she went to mini land managers to report the abuse they told her they'd watch on the surveillance cameras.
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when no action was taken she called child protective services, leading to the investigation that resulted in charges. ten parents also took the witness stand to say they noticed strange behavior at home. their toddlers became aggressive. some would stomp on their parents' toes. the children became fearful of water, most cried and resisted going to day care at drop-off time. one dad, adam smith testified after a while? jordan's care his daughter, quote, completely stopped talking. she started a lot of very aggressive behavior. most nights she came into our bedroom screaming and crying, he said, seeking help. >> ever since police first confronted sarah jordan with these allegations she has maintained her innocence. tomorrow the defense is expected to start presenting some of its witnesses. in manassas, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> police in philadelphia are on alert after the ambush of that police officer there. investigators received an anonymous tip that claimed the
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threat is not over. the attacker is part of a group of four and she said he is not the most radical. they're looking into it with the fbi. in the meantime all officers are now riding with partners. >> more than 80 lawsuits will be filed against metro tomorrow. tomorrow marks one year since a deadly smoke situation at the plaza station. one woman died in that incident. many others were injured. tonight our transportation reporter adam tuss with a look at the backlash that metro has seen over the past year. >> reporter: well, this is the tunnel where it happened a year ago. now in the year since that episode, metro's gone through a leadership change and has even come under the eye of the federal government, but riders simply say more needs to be done. >> i mean, things happen, you know what i'm saying? but to allow to to keep
6:35 pm
happening, that's a different story. >> reporter: rider ashley washington summing up what so many have expressed in the year since the deadly smoke incident changed the safety culture at metro. >> i do feel like we can be safer. >> reporter: and not only are dozens of lawsuits coming, but today the federal transit administration announcing that instead of unannounced inspections it will move to daily unannounced inspections. paul wiedefeld says he welcomes the increased oversight. >> that is the new norm and that's probably another big change that is starting to filter through the whole culture. >> reporter: listen to what he's saying to every batch of new metro employees about safety. >> i meet with every class as they come in the door and the first message i give them is that is what their job is and it's the safety for each other and the safety of the customers and it really does start there. >> reporter: metro has a long road ahead and many like bob levy say they simply want it to work and they want to be safe. >> i mean, it's a huge system,
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and unfortunately, accidents occur in every huge system. you always want to try and control those risks. >> reporter: controlling the risk, metro focusing on just that. at the la font plaza station, adam tuss, news 4. >> new guidelines for women when it comes to breast cancer screening. we'll break down the latest recommendations. we'll report on the expressions of condolence coming in from around the world after the loss of david bowie. >> and i'm tracking the next clipper making its way out across our region right now up toward chicago and bringing
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♪ ♪ >> he reinvented himself and his music over and over again. tonight, fans all over the world
6:39 pm
are mourning the loss of david bowie. fans today learned that he had been fighting cancer for a year and a half now some lay flowers at a mural at his hometown just south of london. dan schenamen has more on david bowie's life and legacy. >> reporter: shocking news of david bowie's death sunday evening came as a surprise. his facebook page announcing he died surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. his son dunk an confirming it on twitter. very sorry and sad to say it's true. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: bowie's meteoric rise began with space oddity. stardust solidified his genius, catapulting bowie, mixing genres and person as. fans from his hometown of brickston are remembering the
6:40 pm
music icon. >> he's given me grade confidence and influenced my life. >> reporter: fans gathered at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> it was almost like he went to another plan tote find this resource of creativity. >> reporter: remembering bowie after sunday's golden globe awards. >> he's an icon and was a gift. >> his influence as an artist has been amazing. >> reporter: what might be the most amazing or telling is bowie's final album, black star released just last week. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: with the single lazarus and a haunting image of the biblical figure who rose from the dead. like lazarus, bowie's music will live on and he will remain a hero to a legion of loyal fans. dan schenamen, nbc news. >> it was an opportunity tonight for those who would like to pay tribute to bowie. there will be a ziggy stardust listening party it's at malcolm x park at 8:00 tonight. for more information and to read
6:41 pm
some of the tributes to the singer, we invite you to our app and there you search david bowie. we have some breaking news right now just into the live desk. bill cosby's attorneys have just filed a motion to dismiss all charges of sexual assault against the comedian. cosby's lawyers say the charges were illegally, improperly and unethically brought against him. they've also asked the district attorney to be disqualified from the case and these charges stem from the attack on the temple university employee a dozen years ago. they're the first criminal counts against cosby after a wave of allegations from more than 50 women. at the live desk, i'm jim han y handly. the leading medical experts have released new guidelines. women with an average risk for breast cancer should begin mammograms at the age of 50 and
6:42 pm
they should be screened every other year until the age of 74. the panel says women in their 40s may benefit from the screening, as well, but they are at a higher risk for false positives. the bottom line, talk to your doctor about your risk and come up with a plan that works for you. with maryland governor larry hogan's cancer in remission, his hair is beginning to grow back. the governor had his first haircut since finishing chemo. he had that today and he tweeted a picture. hogan was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma back in june. after months of treatment he announced in november that he was cancer-free. >> after years of complaints over the deplorable living conditions, the district has taken the landlord to court. why many feel it's part of a bigger plan to force those residents out for good. >> powerball jackpot, it has soared into record territory now. some may want to take a closer look
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>> deplorable conditions in a southeast d.c. apartment complex. residents say the landlord is trying to push them out to make way for a new development and the district has filed suit against the landlord. the concern tonight is what happens to those tenants as this case plays out in court. >> we're not just going to tell them we have to leave because they want to build a building that they'll make millions and millions of dollars on.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: 66-year-old robert green has lived in this southeast apartment complex for going on five years. he and his neighbors say the building's owner has stopped making repairs as a way to get the residents to move out. >> there is raw sewage in the basement when it rains and sewage will back up in the basement and no heat in the winter and no air in the summer. mice infestation, rat infestation, bedbugs. >> reporter: directly across from the congress heights metro station and the new proposed site of the washington wizards practice facility is owned by the capital, which has plans to build retail and housing on the site. >> they have exploited people and had people live in terrible conditions and now that they want to knock the buildings down they just want to displace people. >> reporter: the d.c. attorney general is suing sanford capital in an effort to force the company to make critical repairs to the apartments. sanford capital told district officials they're not making
6:47 pm
some repairs because there may be items on the list such as repairing heating systems and repairing floors that may not make sense to invest money given that the property will be vacated and demolished. >> we'll stick it here until the end and we intend to stay. >> our representative from san ford capital refused to comment for our report. this case won't get to court until next month. until then, this is shou thow t residents will have to live. mark segraves, news 4. have you heard what the lottery jackpot is now? $1.4 billion. isn't that something? the drawing on saturday night was worth $900 million. nobody won that jackpot, but there were some big winners in our area. there was a $1 million ticket that was sold in worcester county, maryland. another one, $1 million winner bought a ticket in suffolk
6:48 pm
county, virginia. the next powerball drawing is wednesday night. check this out. here's what it would look like if you took the $868 million cash payout in dollar bills and stacked them in 20 piles under your mattress. your bed would be more than 14,000 feet high. >> you get more snow up that way. >> i guess you would. >> i would try that. >> and those would be some sweet dreams. yes, indeed. >> how do you wrap your mind around that much money? >> you have the rest of your life to do it in luxury. >> exactly right. what's going on with you? >> what are you seeing on your radar? >> we haven't seen much in the way of winter and we said this would be a back loaded winter. we're starting to get more of that winter going now and we saw an extremely warm december and january so far and you've had the cold days and your warm days
6:49 pm
and the next couple of days is more wintry. tonight is a wintry night. 36 degrees and windchill right now in the 20s and temperatures dropping to around the freezing mark and most of you are there and already down 28, gaithersburg and 32 up toward reston and herndon and right along the water at 36 in annapolis. no rain or snow on the radar and as it was falling now it would fall as snow and ahead of the system it will bring in slightly milder air and it would start off the system tomorrow with a mixture of rain and it changes over to snow and around the chicago area, this is the clipper making its way in and look over here. you have some lake-effect snow just to the south of boston. you want to see a cool picture? this is my favorite picture of the day. i feel bad for this guy and this is right on the banks of lake erie and there was wind throwing the water up. >> right there -- boom! >> do you think he got in his car today? >> i don't think so.
6:50 pm
>> i don't think so. >> exactly right. >> and you can see that sea spray all of the way across right over it, and he'll not get it out and the big debate and what kind of car is that in nobody will figure that out and let's show you what will be happening tomorrow. >> we're not giving you accumulation forecast. >> sweepable. you can take a broom or your walk is fine. conversational snow, why do we call it conversational snow? trust me, you'll talk about it and did you see the snow? it came through and it was gone. that's what conversational snow is hour by hour, 38 by 11:00, rising to 45 by 3:00, ahead of the system and the cold air comes in changing the rain over to snow and it should be by the 7:00 hour and maybe around 8:00 and we're not too worried about this system and it is something we'll watch. 30 for a high on wednesday and windchills on wednesday and in the teens most of the day. a couple of mild days here and brutally cold air next monday and even colder and highs around 30 and windchills in the single
6:51 pm
digits and that could lead for a very cold week. at the live desk right now, we're following breaking news out of anne arundel county and we want to take you, chopper 4 over the scene in brandon shores and this is the power plant for bg & e. baltimore gas and electric. there is a three-alarm fire that they're working. we spotted eight to ten fire trucks and other emergency vehicles and we'll have more on vehicles and we'll have more on this story on news 4 at 11
6:52 pm
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jason is out with the park and there were guys cleaning out their lockers who were quite appropriately not in the best mood, wouldn't you say, jason, that that's appropriate? >> that's absolutely appropriate, vance, especially after the tough loss to the green bay packers, a game of which all of these players and coaches felt like they should have won that game, but give the packers credit. they came out and got the job done. let's talk about that ball game from last night and despite taking an 11-0 lead, a lot of missed opportunities and points left on the table for this redskins football team and by the second quarter, the struggling packers' offense started to gel and they became too much for the skins' defense. green bay went on to face
6:55 pm
arizona and the redskins left wondering what if. a crushing end leads to an emotional day. the redskins clean out their lockers here at the park. it's the last time this team will be together and the familiar faces likely to leave and new players in the off season and the pain of yesterday's loss can still be felt throughout this locker room. i know we exceeded expectations from the outside world, but we still had far greater expectations for ourselves and we didn't accomplish that so it still kind of sucks. >> i don't have too many of these left and you want to take advantage of every one that comes your way and i feel like we let a crucial win step away. >> we're disappointed and that's a good thing. we're not sitting here saying it was a good season. we're kind of disappointed and we wish we were still playing. >> reporter: we talked about those free agents and the guys that might not be back on the team next season. kirk cousins, priority number one. he could put the franchise tag
6:56 pm
on him, but a long-term deal would be ideal. alfred morris and fullback darrelle young, pot roast and linebacker junior galette. he does want to come back to this football team so much so he got a red skins tattoo on his arm. it was a special night at the verizon center last night for the capitals fans and that hockey team. alex ovechkin with the 500 career goals club and the least surprising news of the day, he was named nhl's first star of the week. what a night for ovechkin. he wasn't too worried about notching that 500th goal. he said he'd get that goal sooner or later. he didn't wait too long and shared a historic moment with the home fanses. the entire caps team went out on the ice to celebrate and his mom and dad were on hand to see him make history becoming the first
6:57 pm
russian-born player to make 500 goals. >> it was a special moment. in front of my teammates and my parents. so it was huge to get 500 in this league. it was pretty cool. >> reporter: a great night for alex ovechkin and the capitals. one of the top athletes here in the d.c. sports market. another top athlete, robert griffin iii the former franchise quarterback of the redskins team, possibly his last day here at redskins park cleaning out his locker and griffin was here earlier today any griffin was here doing just that. >> do you mind if we ask a few questions? >> one statement? >> i don't have anything for you. >> you see griffin cleaning out
6:58 pm
his locker right there. he did not talk to the media today, but he did leave behind an inspirational poem. we'll see over the next few weeks where he is. and that will do it for us at redskins park. >> i hear jerry jones want
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, inside the takedown of el chapo. new images from the bloody raid and his hideout, and the hollywood connection. how actor sean penn interviewed him in secret with help of a mexican actress. campaign crunch-time. three weeks until iowa. growing anxiety for hillary clinton. her polls slipping to bernie sanders and she's been trailing in new hampshire. and donald trump like we've never seen him before. are there more suspects at large after the ambush on a philadelphia cop. the manhunt for the men with possible radical ties to the suspect. police warning their officers are still in danger. and farewell. david bowie, the iconic influential rock and roll


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