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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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chilly change arrives coming right up. and dozens of passengers ready to take metro to court a year after that deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza as the gm talks about the new scrutiny his company is under. an explosion tears through a home near cleveland. what we're learning about those who were inside at the time. and we have breaking news now on the roads. southbound bw parkway at 202 where that crash was. the crash on the shoulder. we still have a two-mile backup, it is getting better. it is quite slow here this morning. looking at a new problem here in prince george's county, northbound branch after brandy wi wine, a crash there just reported. 270, northbound and southbound, don't have any major problems there, that's nice and clear. on 70, eastbound at new market, 75, the crash reported in that
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area as well. chuck. >> all right, thanks, melissa. outside today, the weather will absolutely positively impact your plans. not a big impact this morning, but a very rude slap in the face to winter coming back later today. rain drops changing to snowflakes late this afternoon into this evening. and winds by then could be gusting to 30 or 40 nile miles hour. weather will affect your plans, not so much this morning, but with time today. rain showers and snow showers by afternoon. snow showers crazy strong winds and plummeting temperatures this evening. it will be an ugly evening to be outside. temperatures in the upper 20s to near 30. that's not too bad. the actual big change arrives within 4:00 and 9:00 today. 4:00, rain and snow showers, temperatures near 40. by 9:00, howling winds and passing snow showers, temperatures in the upper 20s. by tomorrow morning, single number windchills. it is going to be a cold one.
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more about how long the cold lasts coming up in a few minutes. back to you. we received an update on the breaking news out of waldorf, maryland. police are right now investigating a possible shooting after a man was found dead inside a home. we have since learned that two other individuals, two people -- two males were found injured in that house as well. at this point, we don't know if they were in fact shot, but there were reports of gunfire in the area. we continue to follow this. and we're also told that two masked people were seen leaving the crime scene. stay with news 4 for updates. one year ago, a normal commute home turned chaotic for passengers. some of you were inside the station as it filled with smoke. one woman died and 80 people went to the hospital. today those passengers will go after metro for their continued health problems from that
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incident. news 4's derrick ward is live outside of l'enfant plaza with more on the massive lawsuit filing today. derrick. >> we expect to learn more details about that later today. we can expect there will be issues of compensation and accountability. as you mentioned, whatever health risks some of those passengers may have been exposed to during that incident. the incident started out as a normal enough commute for metro riders and virginia bound yellow line train. as that train left the station here in l'enfant plaza, it encountered smoke in a tunnel. several railcars were engulfed. 80 people were injured . one woman died. in the ensuing investigation, it turns out there were issues with ventilation system, whether it was functioning properly, whether or not it was or could have been or should have been activated remotely. and there is also issues of coordination with the response. metro general manager says they dealt with some of those issues like the ventilation system. they put a firefighter in the
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control center to help real time coordination of any issues. and scrutiny now. federal scrutiny, daily, happening. he also says it is all about changing the culture. >> basically you have to create a state safety operating agency. the fta is playing that role. as you know, they're here every day. both looking at our property, working with our people. that is the new norm. >> and they said that scrutiny is welcomed by metro. what right now live at l'enfant plaza. metro's former general manager will stay on at the transit agency. jack requa is the new executive managing officer. an inter internal memo says he will provide overall support. leroy ware worked as a
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special education teacher at minor elementary in northeast. court documents show a young student told his mother, police and another employee that ware touched him inappropriately. the documents there in court say that ware admitted to the acts in a police interview. montgomery county police identified the victim as 28-year-old glen bower from frederick, he was pinned under some equipment at a mulch company. occupational safety and health administration officials are investigating what led to that accident. the president's state of the union address is set for 9:00 tonight. you're looking live at the capital where in a matter of hours the president will address a joint session of congress for the seven. and final time. the speech is one of the last and best chances to shape the november election. we expect the president to push for immigration reform and the tightening of gun laws. there will be an empty seat next to the first lady to represent the victims of gun violence. white house says overall the message will be upbeat and focus on the president's hopes for
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america's future. d.c. journalist shot and killed last year will be remembered in the audience tonight. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton is inviting the mother of shar niece milton was her guest. she was caught in the cross fire in southeast washington. an army veteran from northern virginia, one of the guests honored tonight as well. chris lawrence sat down with naveed shah. he says he joined the army to combat the distortion of his faith after the terror attacks on 9/11. mark davis will be a guest, he was inspired by the president's focus on climate change to start a small business that trains low income residents to install solar panels. a lot more ahead on tonight's state of the union address. mark murray will join us here in studio a little later on. you can check the nbc washington app anytime for a look at street closures. you'll want to avoid tonight. a former d.c. mayor, a new poll says he would win. public policy polling showed
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vincent gray with a 48 to 32% lead over yvette alexander. it showed him with a 32 to 20% lead over vincent orange for an at large seat. the washington post says the poll was responser ersponsored supporters. fire fax county board of supervisors will mark january as human trafficking awareness month. the chief of police says bill wolf was reassigned because of a loss of grant funding. fairfax county leaders are having a ceremony this morning and will talk more about efforts to end human trafficking. more concerns for women who are worried about breast cancer. why experts now say that first mammogram can wait. watching a line of snow flurries as a blast of wintry weather blows into our area.
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chuck bell has your what to wear forecast at 6:11. plus, developing story now, this out of cleveland, ohio, where firefighters are at a home leveled by an explosion. i'm angie goff. what we're learning about the people who were inside next. three questions for the us senate.
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congress just voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of an herbicide the world health organization says probably causes cancer. isn't that reason enough to label?
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64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? tell your senator, high tech gimmicks like qr codes aren't the answer. we need clear on-package labeling.
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now to a devastating story out of ohio where we are following this tragedy out of cleveland. this morning, firefighters are still on the scene of a deadly fire that killed a family of four. this after the family's house exploded last night. you can see that that smoke is pouring out of the house. a man, a woman and two young girls died in that fire. investigators are now trying to figure out what caused the blast. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. good morning. getting ready for another shot of winter to arrive later today. it is seasonably cold outside this morning. 28 in leesburg.
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32 in washington. what to wear for kids today, winter coat, warm hat and gloves and if i were you, i would go ahead and take that small pocket umbrella for later on today, chance of rain showers changing over to snow showers about 4:00 and 8:00 this evening. the ride in will be cold and dry in the 20s. ride home will be windy with rain and snow showers, temperatures in the mid-30s. that's not good. look at the weekend forecast, coming up in ten minutes. for now, over to melissa mollet for trouble in germantown. look at the camera here, 355, 118, germantown road, in front of the capital, one bank. trying to get more nskinformati on what that is. 202, that crash cleared. still have some delays southbound bw parkway as you approach 202, push that out on the nbc washington app as well. 270 from germantown to the spur, 118 there, you're on time. top of the beltway. outer loop from 95 to 27 on
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time. 56 headed in and quantico to the beltway, both on time this morning. listen to wtop when you hop in your car. we know melissa likes to hit the snooze button. we all hit that snooze button aover and over again. we have found your next alarm clock. the trick that makes sure that you get out of the bed. make sure schools have the funding they need, a new poll asking virginians what they're willing to do to make sure the money is there. your time is 6:30.
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ten people killed in an explosion in istanbul. a warning to stay away from big gathering as well as popular tourist spots. that word from officials this morning. the u.s. embassy in turkey saying that it is closely following reports from there right now. the blast killed ten people in a popular square in istanbul and hurt many others. no official confirmation of who
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or what is behind it. state tv now saying that it was likely a suicide bomber. friends and family of a teen killed in a cross walk want drivers to slow down. 19-year-old frank tower died in rockville, hit riding his bike on veirs mill road near turkey branch parkway. dozens returned to that intersection last night with candles in his memory warning others that the cross walk isn't safe. some are now pushing for a stop light there. they say if nothing changes, someone else is going to get hurt. >> people need to stop for the cyclists and the family members and the kids out here playing and riding bikes. >> the crash remains under investigation. the driver in the death has not been charged. this is the moments before drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman was captured. five people killed here and six others arrested as el chapo tried to escape through an
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underground tunnel filled with water too. authorities say guzman's interview with actor sean penn played no role leading up to this raid. the process to extradite el chapo to the united states could take months because of appeals. a maryland man is facing charges that he joined the terrorist group al shabab. court documents reveal maalik jones is from baltimore. the documents say in 2011, jones traveled from new york to somalia where he learned how to fight against kenyan government soldiers. kenyan authorities arrested jones last month, they say he was trying to board a boat to yemen. jones is now back here in the u.s. and facing terrorism charges in new york. today, the defense will call witnesses in the case of a woodbridge day care teacher accused of abusing toddlers. a former co-worker testified that she saw jordan trip a child and laugh. she also said jordan dumb dumpe water on a child's head and made her cry.
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george washington university is rescinding the honorary degree that it gave bill cosby in 1997. the school says it stripped the comedian of the honor after bringing up concerns for students and alumni who are sex assault survivors. cosby faces criminal charges for an alleged sexual assault in 2004. cosby denied all the allegations. muriel bowser will announce a new chief technology officer. that will help draft and release a new open data policy. the policy maybes computer data and codes available to the public for review and analysis. mayor bowser says this is part of her goal to have a transparent government. performing elephants are being retired sooner than expected. the circus sped up the process. they will perform for the last time in may. after that, moved to their permanent home at ringling's elephant conservatory in florida. another reason to bundle up
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and get out for a morning run. new research shows exercise can help ease back pain. australian researchers said monday it doesn't really matter what kind of exercise you choose, core strengthening, aerobic exercise, maybe some yoga, flexibility and training, stretching, they say the benefits go away when you stop moving. get up there and move a little bit. new recommendations may have you confused over when to get a mammogram. the u.s. preventive services task force says women don't need to start until they're 50 and they only have to go every other year. that goes against other suggestions to get yore yearly screening as early as 40. you can consult with your doctor for what is best for you. it happened to just about everybody. you get burned by the snooze button on your alarm clock or phone if you set it there. there is a new invention that hopes to help everybody avoid that. it is called the ruggy. it uses a pressure center to turn off the buzzer.
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see it here. this means you have to get out of your bed to turn off the alarm clock. and don't think you have to tap a foot there and get back into bed. you plant both your feet firmly on the sensor for three seconds. hike y like you see here. they say it is snooze proof. >> three seconds later you can sit back down. i'll just stand up, count to five, and lie down again. >> i've done it. >> i put an alarm clock in the bathroom. i can get up and i have to put myself where i needed to start getting ready. >> good luck to you, whatever you do. 6:21. >> let's check in with chuck bell for weather and traffic on the 1s. a little snow, chuck. >> put a little mouse trap on your alarm clock. snap, you're up. >> don't do that. >> maybe that's not the best
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idea. what should you expect for today? scattered showers, both rain and snow showers coming our way. little to nothing in the way of snow accumulation. it is our #first flakes. our first chance for flakes across most of the area. amounts today, conversational amounts around the metro, just, look, there is a snowflake, there is a snowflake, maybe as much as sweepable amounts, quarter of an inch to maybe half an inch. planning out your day, it is cold but not too bad. wind and rain showers move in late this afternoon. windy and turning bitter cold this evening into tomorrow. look at all the snow showers way back out to our west there, no winter weather advisories around here. we have a wind advisory up. here is timing out of the rain drops and the snowflakes. not much before noon time. after 3:00, there goes first little chance, the best chance right here, between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., 7:00 tonight, that comes racing on through, it will start as rain and end as
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snowflakes, much more cold air rushes on in. talking about dealing with the cold, here is tom kierein standing out in it this morning. >> storm team 4 by 4, a block off the mall, after of independence avenue, partly cloudy sky, not as much wind this morning, but we'll be dealing with frigid temperatures by this time tomorrow morning. you got to be prepared. make sure that those outdoor faucets are turned off and the feed lines going to the faucets are drained. you could risk a frozen pipe. any pipes on outdoor waulls, thy could frieze as well. open the cabinet doors, that will help keep them from freezing up and maybe open up the faucet a little bit so they drip a bit. we'll have frigid windchills, windchills by this time tomorrow morning will be down to the low single digits.
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chuck has a look at improving news for the weekend. bitter cold lasts for tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. by the weekend, saturday, mostly cloudy, risk of a couple of rain showers only. temperatures mid to upper 40s. sunday looks to be the prettier day. but the chillier day. temperatures right around 42. full seven day forecast at 6:51. >> problem in germantown. right now look like we have one right lane blobbe blocked. southbound bw parkway at 202, earlier crash, on the should, see delays, the entire stretch of bw parkway inside the beltway here this morning. looking to the south, northbound branch after brandy wine road, that crash and taking a live look now at 301, approaching branch, you can see some of those delays there in the distance ahead. 66 is fine.
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95 is fine. don't have any problems there. live look at 270 coming up. 6:25. new this morning, cloud suffering and all kinds of excitement at the university of alabama. look at the celebration there. the school won the national football championship over clemson last night. then this happened. huge celebration, police had to disperse everyone in the crowd. this was the fourth national title in seven years. congra congrats. different football story today, nfl owners are meeting in houston and could decide on which team will start playing in los angeles this year. the rams, chargers and raiders all filed to move to l.a. if one does, it will be the first time the city has had teams since the mid-90s. nikki haley will give the response to the president's address. she broke pairier barriers. her dress will begin five minutes after president obama
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leaves the house chamber. shirley holloway founded house of help city of hope. the organization helped more than 40,000 people dealing with homelessness and addiction. we'll be streaming the address on the nbc washington app at 9:00. the prince george's county sheriff's office is warning you to be careful if someone calls you claiming to be from their department. they say a examer doiscammer is that. he faces possible discipline after being charged with neglect of duty. wale show you how a d.c. firefighter may avoid punishment. right now, another problem here, taking a look here, southbound, at germantown road, montgomery county, still have volume building and some backups through that area. details coming up. breaking news now in charles county, police have found a man dead and another injured. angie goff just received new
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information from the scene and more from the live desk next.
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i'm angie goff with new video out of waldorf from the scene of breaking news. take a look. this is from chopper 4. it is dark. we are seeing a big police presence in the 1100 block of paris drive where police found a man dead inside of a house. two other men were found inin th that home injured as well. police have not confirmed what kind of injuries the men suffered. we'll continue to investigate. chuck bell here now at 6:30 with four things to know about the wintry weather. >> good morning. good morning. tuesday off to a not too bad start this morning. things will be different by the time you come home today. increasing winds out of south. strong northwest wind tonight. rain showers changing to snow showers between 3:00 and 10:00 p.m. only conversational amounts. not expecting a big impact and the roads still above freezing. that's good news. by tonight, bitter cold air
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moving back into the picture. big change in the weather arrives between 4:00 and 9:00 today. rain showers changing over to snow between that time as winds really start to increase. single number windchills by tomorrow morning. my car went in the shop. i got a loner that is a convertible. undaunted. tomorrow will be too cold. >> too cold tomorrow morning. looking at a new problem. crash here, off to the left shoulder. slowing things a little bit as you head northbound. looking at 66 headed in from fairfax county parkway, to the beltway, take you 11 minutes. that's pretty much on time. again here in germantown, southbound 355 at 118, germantown road near the capital one bachnk, fire activity.
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southbound, crash on the shoulder, but still delays southbound bw parkway. and then in prince george's county, northbound branch avenue, second problem in prince george's county. travel times in ten minutes. to be on the safe side, the d.c. snow team is sending up 15 plows today. might see them near bridges, overpasses and major routes here in the district. crews monitoring conditions and spreading salt if they need to. nearly 60 firefighters responded to a power plant fire outside of baltimore. this fire erupted in a pipe at the brandon shores power plant yesterday. we're told it was fueled by coal and shot flames 90 feet into the air. firefighters used co2 extingu h extinguishers to put out the fire. it took them two hours to put it out. a d.c. firefighter is allowed to retire with a full pension.
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he was charged with neglective duty. a review the lieutenant did not notify dispatchers of the stat ous of his medical unit which there aed the response. the firefighter was supposed to face a trial board but filed for retirement last month. lawmakers were considering big changes in police policy. the washington post reports a state legislative panel is proposing giving officers periodic psychological evaluations. the plan would also allow the public to attend police trial boards and more time to file police brutality complaints. these recommendations now head to the general assembly to consider. terry mcauliffe is vowing to veto a new bill. that would allow clerks to refuse if they have a religious or moral objection. he said his constituents are concerned about what happened to kim davis. she was the kentucky clerk who went to jail for denying licenses to same sex couples.
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the senator is from southwest virginia. decision 2016. unique job interview on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. donald trump answered a few questions from the comedian last night. >> what are your weaknesses? >> that i never forget. it is interesting. i've said it. i'm too nice too long, and when i become, like, somebody takes advantage of a situation, i become too bad for too long. >> fallon asked whether trump would be willing to relocate. the republican responded, quote, i love the white house. trump has multiple campaign stops in iowa today. as for thor at candidates, jeb bush and hillary clinton campaigning in iowa. ted cruz hosting a second amendment rally in new hampshire. in virginia, the governor will present his new budget pretty soon, a new poll says the majority of you would pay higher taxes to support public schools.
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the poll found 67% of virginians don't think public schools have enough money to meet their needs. today, you can weigh in on several issues in montgomery county. the county council is holding a series of nine public hearings this afternoon. among them, changing zoning laws to allow for more food trucks, another measure would increase penalties for selling tobacco to minors. and the council will discuss establishing a salary schedule for county employees. braking news this morning. police on the scene of a death investigation in waldorf. >> molette green arrived on the scene. what is going on? >> sheriff deputies are all over the scene here. that is the house they are focusing on. we can tell you one man is dead here. two men found injured inside this home.
6:36 am
we're in the 11,500 block of paris drive near the pembroke square area. charles county sheriff office telling us they got a call reporting shots fired in this area, about 4:30 this morning and two people wearing masks reported leaving this home. when deputies got here, they found the victims, the man dead and two other men injured inside this home. no confirmation on how they were injured, if they were shot. police are looking for two people seen wearing masks, leaving this area, this investigation is fluid and ongoing. we're going to continue to work the scene and get more information and bring it live to you. we're in waldorf this morning, on paris drive, in the pe mambr square neighborhood. a warning for windows users this morning. the change taking effect today
6:37 am
with internet explorer and what action you may need to take. and we're watching a line of snow flurries as a blast of winter weather blows into our area. storm team 4 preparing your kids with
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now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> welcome back. 6:41 on tuesday morning. temperatures upper 20s to near 30 degrees. seasonably cold. winter coat and hat and gloves for sure. take the umbrella for later as rain showers will change over to light snow showers after 4:00, 5:00 today. there is your school day forecast. 20s bus stop. recess a b in the 40s and dry. rain showers changing to snow showers though after 3:00 or 4:00. plummeting windchills. we have this problem now out
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of the way in germantown. no more issue there 355 southbound at germantown road, that's now out of the way. fire response is gone. bw parkway at 202, crash on the shoulders. delays headed southbound this morning. further down northbound branch after brandy wine road, crash there, slowing things there on inbound 5 here. south 270 here from germantown to the spur, on time at 16 minutes. top of the beltway slow outer loop from 95 to 2 70. northbound 95 quantico to the beltway, 26 minutes here this morning. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. now to our coverage of the state of the union address tonight. >> matt lauer and hasavannah
6:42 am
guthrie are at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. we're live from the white house for a special edition of "today." we'll go one on one with president obama, getting ready for a big speech tonight. his final state of the union address tonight. this morning, what he plans to say to the american people, how he's feeling about his legacy so far and how his team here in the white house changed him as a leader and as a father. and vice president gentlemen biden will stop by for a live interview. we'll take you on a tour of the nation's most famous home. we have inside looks at rooms that the public rarely is allowed to see. that and a lot more as we get set to join you live from 1600 pennsylvania avenue on a tuesday morning ho ing here on " >> we're looking forward to the interview and more on the exclusive. thank you. preparing for his final state of the union, mark murray joining us in studio to talk about what you can expect from
6:43 am
the president tonight. and making sure you're safe when you're riding metro. the new general manager talking about the increased scrutiny as we mark one year sns
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right now, watching breaking news out of charles county, where police found a man dead and another injured. this is a live picture from the scene from chopper 4.
6:46 am
news 4's molette green arrived on the scene in the last 15 minutes. and will tell us what she's learning from police ahead. first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is preparing you for a winter blast. >> in winter weather advisories for us, but a wind advisory has been posted for the metro area, to areas out to the shenandoah valley and blue ridge. winds could gust to near 50 miles per hour this evening. be ready. that's the leading edge of arctic air. i'll show you how cold it will be on the seven day coming up. we have two new problems now in the district. 295 southbound, brand-new crash there slowing things a bit. we have this one inbound 7 at baron camera avenue. delays inbound here on 7 here this morning. 6:46 now. this morning, as you board a metro train, the transit agency wants to assure you it changed a lot in the last year to keep you safe. today mashes one year since the deadly smoke incident at the
6:47 am
l'enfant plaza. metro is getting hit with 80 lawsuits from passengers aboard that smoke filled train. derrick ward is live with more on the lawsuits. good morning. >> good morning again. thousands of people will enter the system today with the expectation that the ride will be safe and on time. and uneventful, essentially. 80 people on the imfate e ill fn are taking the legal route. a train leaving the station encountered smoke in the tunnel. smoke coming from an arking generator. 80 people were injured, one person died. after that an investigation ensued, they found issues with the ventilation system. was it turned on, was it fufrnsifufrns i functioning properly. and issues with coordinating the response. metro put a firefighter in the control center to help coordinate that response. there is increased federal
6:48 am
scrutiny and metro's general manager says that's instrumental in affecting a change for a safer system, especially with federal transportation officials providing day to day scrutiny. it is not just say you'll do it, but don't worry about it, they never come back. they're here. and so because of that, the culture is starting to change. >> again, we mentioned lawsuits, we'll learn more about that later today. right now we're live at federal -- at l'enfant plaza. derrick ward, news 4. >> thank you. this morning, jack requa has a new title, now the new executive managing officer. an internal memo says he'll provide overall support. we are still working to find out what led up to a deadly industrial accident. glen bower died. he was pinned under some equipmen
6:49 am
officials are now investigating. turning to extended coverage of the president's final state of the union address. you're looking at the u.s. capital where the speech starts at 9:00 tonight. the speech is one of the last and best chances to shape the november election. we expect the president to push for immigration reform and tightening of gun laws. we go to mark murray, mark, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> gun control will be a big topic after his last speech. >> a big topic, particularly as it comes to what is going on in the democratic primary. we have seen guns being a very big issue between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and their contest, the iowa caucuses are less than three weeks away now. not only is this president obama's last state of the union address, this is his first political speech of 2016. and not his last. his ability to lay down his marker on guns, on the economy. i think to me what would be more
6:50 am
interesting on -- when he's talking about guns and other issues, i think he'll have broad sides against the republican party, particularly donald trump. that's when i'm looking for. almost his ability to respond to a lot of the rhetoric and a lot of things said on the campaign trail. >> you think he'll use this platform? >> i'm a political reporter. tons of policy. a lot of him listing accomplishments, things that need to be done. i want to be listening and watching for all the things he has to say. >> it will be interesting to see how he responds. republicans are talking about immigration reform. what will the president say about that in. >> the president will say he stands by his executive action on immigration. immigration reform must be done. this is a by dividing point. we have seen jeb bush, marco rubio worked on the gang of eight immigration legislation but the fundamental divide win what democrats want to do and what republicans want. >> the president said he wants
6:51 am
to end on an upbeat note. mark murray, thank you. as we talk about the state of the union, more people involved in tonight's address. a d.c. journalist shot and killed will be remembered in the audience tonight. eleanor holmes norton is inviting the mother of shaw niece milton. an army veteran from virginia, the small business owner from the district among the first lady's honored gues g. mark davis was inspired by the president's focus on climate change. he runs a small business that trains residents to install solar panels. news 4 is the best place to watch the address at 9:00. we'll stream it online and on the nbc washington app. there is a new poll out exploring vincent gray's chances to make the d.c. council.
6:52 am
the poll says he would win. according to public policy polling, gray has a 45% to 32% lead over yvette alexander. the poll found he would be at large council member orange by 32 to 22%. the washington post says the poll did not reach everyone in d.c. the report says the group only surveyed voters with conventional phone lines, not people who only have a cell phone. . now your storm team 4 forecast. >> good morning, everybody. what to expect for today. scattered showers coming our way this afternoon. they'll start out as rain drops. little to no serious accumulations around the area. early this morning, clear sky and dry. temperatures upper 20s to near 30s. cold. hourly temperatures today, here is why it starts up as rain. will surge to the mid-40s by 1:00 this afternoon. increasing south winds,
6:53 am
increasing clouds, raising temperatures into the 40s. after that, things start to get much colder. by 6:00, feels like temperatures back to the 20s and 30s. and by later tonight, into the single numbers and teens and by wake-up time tomorrow morning, single numbers to around 10 degrees. much colder air coming in on the heels of some gutsy northwesterly winds. a wind advisory, 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts likely. most likely time to see the winds, between 4:00 and 8:00 this afternoon into this evening. as far as amounts of snow, conversational snowflakes, must have to sweep, quarter to half an inch of snow northern maryland to the shenandoah valley. keeping a careful track on this. high resolution model, clouds increasing. here is the real show, though. after about 4:00 or 5:00, that is the shot of steady rain and snow showers that will be blasting on through here. it will all be out of here by
6:54 am
9:00 or 10:00. that's when the bitter cold settles right back in on us. very frigid day coming up for tomorrow and tomorrow night. thursday, chilly as well. little more mild on friday, back up to near 50. this weekend, clouds, few shower chances mainly on your saturday. looking now at one problem, d.c. 295 southbound at nanny helen borrows avenue. a slow commute this morning, pw parkway to 295. branch after after brandy wine road, that crash is hanging around as well. inner loop at 95, a disabled vehicle slowing things a little bit there at the top of the beltway. 270 at falls, normal volume southbound and northbound. inbound 7, in vienna, we have a crash inbound 7 looking nasty. 66 normal volume inbound and 95 northbound looking pretty good
6:55 am
this morning. guys? >> i'm angie goff with breaking information coming in on that explosion in turkey that killed ten people. turkey's president now saying syrian link the suicide bomber believed to be behind -- this is in the popular square where a lot of tourists fagather. it is 6:55. breaking news in charles county. police spent the last few hours sorting through a death in waldorf. >> molette green is live on the scene there. what going on? >> we just got confirmation that one man was in fact shot inside this house. two other men found inside injured. and police tell me they are interviewing a woman right now, she isn't hurt, we don't know her relationship to the situation. shot sure what police are calling this, whether it was a
6:56 am
home invasion or what is this happening in terrace drive, near the pembroke square shopping center. we're staying on top of the developing story and will bring you more updates throughout the day. four things to though this tuesday morning. snow in the forecast in the d.c. snow team is sending 15 plows out on to the roads today. might see them near bridges, overpasses and major routes. fire investigators working to find out what caused a house to explode. the house killed family of four and two young girls. president obama will give his final state of the union dress tonight. he'll talk about gun control immigration, and climate change. 80 people will file lawsuits against metro for the deadly smoke incident. today marks one year that led to
6:57 am
a virginia's woman death. chances for snow showers this afternoon could leave conversational to sweelabpable amounts of snow. >> i can't get over the fact that you had your top down in this weather. >> absolutely. >> wow, chuck. >> on your car. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking us with us. >> the "today" show is next live from the white house. hope you are a great day.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. a deadly explosion in istanbul's popular tourist district. the fireball captured on camera. at least 10 dead, 15 injured. reports it was a suicide bomber. nbc's richard engel is there live. nothing to hide. sean penn defends his controversial interview with the wanted el chapo as new images emerge of his secret journey to meet the elusive drug lord and the dramatic raid that landed el chapo back behind bars. crimson pride. alabama outlasts clemson to win college football's national championship.


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