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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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so after all of that powerball hype, we finally have some winners. where the winning tickets were sold, plus the development that has some people in our area very excited this morning. good morning, everybody. off to a cold and bitter start this morning. more sunshine and milder air coming our ware this afternoon. raindrops likely now on some of your friday night plans. i said i'd let you know early or late to go to the movies. heavy rain likely to move in. heaviest rain midnight to 3ing in the morning. should be outof here by early in the day saturday. saturday should be fine for your outdoor plans. what about today? cold outside in the 20s with plenty of clouds around but we'll have a clearing sky and rising temperatures, up to about 47 degrees. that will be a 15-degree improvement over yesterday's freezing 32. see you in ten minutes with what
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the kids should be wearing today. >> we have a crash, southbound, d.c. 295 before east capitol street. be careful. it's starting to cause delays. in annandale. still closed for the crash that brought down the utility pole and wires. you see the inbound side or southbound if you prefe. that line looking. moving into the district. not a problem for you right now. and if you're looking live at 270 southbound. that's the heaviest traffic headed frommier mantown. you're moving along quite well. right now somebody is waking up a big winner. you're looking at one of the stores where a winning ticket for the powerball jackpot was sold. erika gonzalez is following the latest from the live desk. good morning, erika. >> good morning. right now we don't know who any of the three are. you're so curious, who are you, what do they do, how fast they're leaving their jobs wlrks
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they remain anonymous. legally they may not be able to. the whopping winning prize will be split three ways. winning tickets were sold in california, florida, and tennessee. and take a look at this. the store selling the ticket celebrating. just were those winning powerball numbers? you can check out those numbers again. you can open the app and search "powerball." last night's drawing was worst $1.6 billion. derrick ward live where one ticket was sold. a $1 million ticket isn't bad at all. >> reporter: of those three sold in maryland, two were in prince george's county. we're outside the 7-eleven in
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bladensburg. take a look at the shot we took earlier. including owner, he's indeed checking his tickets. he was kind of surprised he sold one of those second-tier winning tickets for $1 million. now, of course, merchants who sell those winning tickets do get a percentage, 6%. but, of course, who wouldn't rather have an actual winning ticket in their hands. but as i said, there are three locations in maryland, two in prince george's county. take a look at the map. one is at a gas station on walker mill road. the second is 7-eleven on annapolis road and a wawa on ar ba urbana. those folks are more than likely going to remain anonymous. a million dollars is going to
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bring bring you what it used to be but still nice to have. a few people will be waking up to that nice gift. we're live in bladensburg. >> if you missed all the action, you could be a winner. you can head to the nbc washington app to check if the numbers, search the term "powerball." happening today, the suspect in the alexandria killing. police believe it could be gang related. just yesterday alexandria investigators closed the case of the murder in november. they believe that could be tied to the ms-13 gang. there's a new person taking charge of the d.c. police union. he defeated dell roy berman in an overwhelming vote.
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mull will start. he is quoted as saying they attacked the police chief and cathy lanier too much and he wants to establish a better working relationship between the two sides. take a look at these flames shooting out of the top of the building. you can see the rescues happening last night. prince george's rescue workers were pulling people off their balconies to safety. three firefighters were hurt. two residents also hurt. >> i have exams next week. everything is destroyed. i couldn't save anything. >> fire investigators believe the fire started in the kitchen of a top floor apartment. in all nearly 0 firefighters from prince george's and montgomery county have returned
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to the scene. they turned off all electricity and gas to be safe. a federal judge plans to make a ruling on donald trump's rally on the so-called oath. he says that is unconstitutional. martin o'malley is looking to someone you may recognize. rushern baker will travel with him to south carolina. he's a former prince george's county executive. the two worked toke for years. baker will be in the spin room talking to reporters after the democratic debate in charleston on sunday. a number of metro employees now off the job after they're caught gaming the system. how they made money after your fares. a pleasant surprise as you step outside this morning. much milder temperatures. "storm team 4's" check t. bell
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an attack in downtown jakarta leave seven people dead including five gun membership. we just learned five civilians and five police officers were also wounded. this attack in indonesia happened several hours ago at a starbucks. the timing of this comes after police warned islamic militants were planning something big. nobody has claimed responsibility yet. the u.s. embassy issued a warning to travelers. starbucks releasing a statement in part, we are deeply saddened by the senseless acts that have taken place. our hearts are with indonesia. back to you. new this morning, investigators say an suv went through a concrete barrier there in phoenix and dropped more than 30 feet onto a freeway below. police are trying to figure out why it happened.
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good morning, everybody. coming up on 6:11. most of the suburbs here closer to town are in the mid to upper 20s early this morning so the kids will need an extra layer for sure. winter coat and your hat. maybe your gloves. i think you can do away with all the extreme cold gear because though it's chilly this morning there's not much of a wind to contend with. bus stop weather generally speaking in the 20s here this morning and mid-40s coming up with plenty of sunshine. looking into the weekend with a mention of snow on sunday. that's in ten minutes. here's traffic. we have those closures in annandale. you can see police here on the scene. all lanes are blocked because of a crash that brought down a utility pole and they're going to be here until at least noon. the crash is gone but the delays are already there. so be prepared for that. and if you near virginia, 66 from manassas to fairfax to the
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beltway running a bit below speed. approaching the beltway from kwamtco. don't forget, tune in to wtop 103.5 f.m. as you get in your car. thanks, kim. that soft drink that comes with lunch may come with a warning label. the label could help in the fight against childhood obesity. plus giving ray gone national airport a new
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welcome back at 6:15. nine people have been arrested for stealing from the transit agency. seven station managers and two other employees collected pay-for-fare cards and allowed them to ride for free. they would then transfer the balance of those fares to plastic smart trip cards and resell the smart trip cards at a
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decreased price. >> one example was there was $100 on the card and resold for $60, so at a discount. >> metro did not put a price on how much it cost them. they say it shouldn't happen again. metro has two weeks to decide who its next chairman will be. the "washington post" reports northern virginia congressman jim corcoran may have an edge over d.c.'s jack evans. metro also has a new general manager. paul wiedefeld was named g.m. in november jo today we'll learn how clean the drinking water is in d.c. the american society of civil engineers will release its 2014 report card on its infrastructure. the group looks at things like drinking water, waste water, roads, parks, schools, and transit. parents are relieved after a
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former virginia day care worker was found guilty. jordan encouraged toddlers to fight and bite each other. jordan denied hurting any children. therapists testified at least five children in jordan's care likely suffered trauma from the abuse. she will be sentenced in may and could spend up to 40 years in prison. expect to see extra police at three prince william county high schools. you may be aware there have been five threats against students. police say none of them is credible. officers posted a warning on facebook saying whoever posted the threats could face felony charges if they're caught. the woman accused of stealing jewelry from half a dozen stores from down south is due to appear in court. according to the fbi kemp would go into a store without a mask, then pull out a gun.
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they say she stole $4 million worth of jewelry. an armed robbery didn't go exactly as planned for a thief in indiana. a store clerk caught on officer valance video shaming him into leaving the store with nothing. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> the unarmed clerk is being hello at gunpoint here but watch closely as that clerk started to reprimand the robber. he tried to get into the cash register himself. no luck there. the argument lasted almost six minutes before the would-be robber decided he just had enough. >> tellinging him to get out. lecturing him, pointing a finger like a parjt would. the bold clerk was able to convince the suspect to put the weapon away. the police say the clerk is lucky to be alive and they warn other store owners against this kind of reaction. numbers. the cdc say a lot of us are having babies later in life. the average age for a first-time
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mother was 24.9. that was back in 2000. at of two years ago it rose to 26.3. it happened in every state and the district but d.c. and oregon had the biggest increases. experts say part of the reason is decrease in teen births. you know those health warning labels on tobacco products. now they say similar labels would be very effective in children who consume too much sugar. the labels would alert parents to the dangers of diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay. many parents don't consider how much sugar is in those drinks. well, imagine fleaing out of david bowie national airport. that's what people are trying to
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get reagan renamed to. they say a cultural ambassador of tolerance, synthesis, and glam. it takes about 100,000 sick natures for the white house to respond to the petition. right now this petition has 12 signatures and a response just means no probably in this case. >> i mean david bowie was all those things. are we going to rename the airport after him? no. >> probably not. 6:20. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell. >> do you know what we had for an airport before there was reagan airport? there used to be something where the pentagon was built. it was called hoover field. so it went from hoover field to reagan national. i like it that way. presidential in nature, that is. outside, what should you expect? yeah, you're right, eun. a whole lot less wind to cope with. always appreciated this time of year. a lot of clouds. a noticeable difference.
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10 to 15 degrees. layer up. anything you're going inside, outside or traveling around, no real weather worries on your plans today. temperatures are in the 20s. 29 downtown at reagan national airport. 21 at manassas, 27 in leesburg. 26 now at boa marshall. clear skies around here. you will run into snow showers but they're not going bother us. 25 today. 33 by noon. near 40 before lunchtime and most of the afternoon, mid to upper 40s with increasing amounts of sunshine. if you're going out on the town tonight, chilly and dry. low 40s between 6:00 and 8:00. back in the upper 30s between 10:00 and 11:00. for tomorrow, here's future weather tomorrow. clouds quickly come racing back in. it will be mostly cloudy by
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7:30, 8:00 tomorrow evening. first rain drops arriving around 9:00 or 10:00 earlier out to the south and west. heavier rains overnight. this is 3:00 a.m. saturday morning. it will be coming down in buckets. that rain will be coming out of here by 8:00 or so. your weekend looks this way. clearing and breezy on saturday. temperatures, mid to upper 40s, but on sunday, the leading edge of another push of arctic air here and there are hints in some of the commuter models we could have a little more snow. we'll be keeping a very close eye on that. four things you need to know in ten minutes. check on traffic is now. good morning, kim. >> good morning, chuck. we're looking like at 66. eastbound headed toward the beltway, headlights you should see. it looks a lot heavier than it really is. they're approaching the crash at nutley which is safely tucked off on the left shoulder. yep, you're still closed for a crash at least until noon because of a downed utility pole and wire.
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gives them time to put things back up. if you're traveling on the beltway in maryland, expect some heavy volume right there. the headlights are on the outer loop making your way toward college park. if you're making your way on the metro, so far, so good. everything seems to be running on time. >> thank you. 6:03. new video. you take a look here. the driver tramaine minnis was caught sleeping inside his car. he sped off when they tried to arrest him for a proi bags violation. one officer suffered a broken elbow, the other two were also hurt. there is a new effort to toughen dui laws after a police officer's death in montgomery county. there was a bill introduced in the naum of noah lee o ta. he died after a suspected drunk driver hit him in december.
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the law would require more drivers to use interlocking devices. >> the one thing that has been demonstrated time and time again to actually work. >> right now convicted drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.5 or higher are required to use the ignition devices. the new plan would lower the threshold to 0.8. representatives would present new data and information at the international press club. they must provide data on any dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and rape statistics. new information released shows that 91% of college campuses reporting zero incidents of raich in 2015 14. this morning we know the name of the man who died on this
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crash on the beltway. prince jourj's county police tell us 60-year-old miguel saba flipped his van after he hit an suv. no word on the was of the crash. loudoun county is looking to make body cams permanent for police officers there. many are already using them. the push for use of the cameras comings after several high-profile-police-involved killings last year around the country. authorities in virginia hope new face recognition models will help them solve new cases. the remains were found between 1990 and 1998. forensic anthro poll gists and artists constructed the models. capitol bike share is coming to two more spots in our area,
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reston and tyson. they approved it. the first face is expected to open this fall. right now the exact locations are still being worked out. >> the issue of paid family leave back in the spotlight in the district. the action in the days ahead as the city weighs whether to make the most generous in the country. not welcome. why some people in one local community say this treehouse is ruining their quality of life. stepping outside, the conditions a little more bearable this morning thanks to a break in the wind. "storm team 4's" chuck t. bell with more.
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right now some lucky people are waking up a whole lot richer after last night's record powerball jackpot. three tickets matched all of the numbers. one was sold at that store in los angeles. this was the scene at that store
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overnight after word got out about the winning ticket. you can see here a lot of people wanted to take part in the celebration. look alt that. no jackpot winners in our area, but that does not mean everybody is going home empty-handed. several tickets worked a million dollars were sold including in bladen'sburg. we'll have much more on the jackpot in 15 minutes for you. good morning. i'm "storm team 4." meteorologist chum t. bell coming up on 6:31 on your thursday morning. good morning to you. there's a chill in the air. wind, no, chill, yes, on your way out the door this morning. a milder day. about 15 degrees milder today than yesterday. rain moving in before the weekend gets here. late friday night plans and new to the forecast today, at least a chance now. snow flurries coming your way on sunday afternoon. we'll keep a careful check on that. keeping up on your resolution
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run, you can wait until lunchtime. it's going to be a nice day to be outside. nice today in the mid-to upper 50s. we'll take a look and talk about your snow chances. good morning, chuck. we're looking live at 66. those headlights headed toward you, they're going to be headed from fairfax to manassas looking good. heavy volumes of traffic right now. headlights coming toward you. that's coming toward you. looking good here. no problems. woodburn road closed for a crash until at least noon. be prepared for detours and delays. and speaking of delays, blue lines because of an earlier train malfunction at king street. >> thanks, kim. happening today, the d.c. council will hold another hearing on the paid family leave bill. it would require employers to
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give families 16 paid leave weeks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. if passed as proposed now, the family heave in the district of columbia would be the most in the country. there has to be a lot more vote and discussion in the study and there could be changes to the bill. one of the hearings gets under way later on this morning. let's take a look at the proposal. it requires d.c. employers to provide up to 16 weeks of leave. the program would be paid for by a special tax up to 1% paid by employers. now, new jersey, new york, california, hawaii, and rhode island, they do have paid family leave programs, but those program
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programs don't go as far as the one proposed in the district would. supporters say it would benefit wage workers who can't afford to lose pay when they take time off. however, those opposed say it's too expensive and it's too much of a burden on small businesses and could drive businesses out of the area. the hearing gets under way at the wilson building. >> thank you, megan. the d.c. council is also weighing new labor bills. the bills would submit the district's ranking as one of the most progressive markets in the u.s. they would establish a minimum workweek of 30 hours for building service employees. they would also require d.c. employers to post work schedules at least 21 days in advance and provide compensation for shift changes. decision 2016 debates pick up tonight as they fight for a top spot. recent polls show donald trump is facing a serious challenge from senator ted cruz. several will be part of the main
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debate. it starts at 9:00. fox business network says questions will focus on economics, domestic and international policy issues as well. there's an undercard debate at 6:00 p.m. questions over senator cruz's funding may come up. he failed to disclose $1 million he used in loans for his cam pape. part of it came from goldman sachs. his wife is an employee there. recent immigration and custom enforcement rates have some parents scared to send their kids to school. it's growing in predominantly the areas. they're seeing people afraid to go anywhere. >> they don't know, you know, whether or not their kid is going to go to school at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning and then be there to pick them up. >> they've seen a drop in attendance among the students.
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both released statements addressing it sklg federal officials to hold off on the raids for the sake of the children. neighbors want a treehouse in a historic capitol hill neighborhood to be taken down. right now one owner insists that treehouse isn't going anywhere. they say district officials gave them a temporary permit. neighbors argue it detracts from the historic fabric of the walkway and the neighborhood. they'll have the finally word. get ready for the region's largest whole foods. the fairfax board of county supervisors says a development near the greensboro metro station in tysons. part of that should open in 2018. the whole foods won't be open until 2019. if you live in arlington, there's a new effort to cut cupcakes and other treats from sell bralgs at school.
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the advisory board asked the school board to faze out parties with sugar. now some schools already have policies like this one in place, but these decisions remain on a school-by-school basis, sometimes by the classrooms too. so we'll see what happens there. several people hurt after flames spread quickly through an apartment complex in prince george's county. what we're learning about what caused it. this video showing soldiers apologizing. what some politicians are saying about this incident. coolout side but it will feel almost balmy. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell
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first there was lead in the water and now a case of legionnaires' disease. they've actually seen a spike of them dramatically in the flint area after the city switched to river water in 2014. it switched to save money
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apparently. the national guard was called in yesterday to distribute bottled water and blood tests to check for lead poisoning. right now it's unclear if there's a connection between legionnaires' disease and contaminated water. they believe salt corroded the lead pipes which supplied water to the city. a big announcement for movie fans. we're less than two hours away for those up for an oscar. leonardo dicaprio just won the golden globe over the weekend for his movie "the revenant." they'll be live on february 28th. good morning, everyone. it's a cold one outside this morning. without the wind blowing it's not going to feel as tough. temperatures in the 20s. 28 in bowie. what to wear for the kiddos today, you're obviously going to need your winter coat on your
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way out the door but all the extra layers you needed yesterday will not be needed for today. temperatures will rise by recess time. give it a "b" for school time and a little near 45. outdoor play time. snow on your sunday. that's coming up on your seven-day forecast in ten minutes. you don't want to miss it. here's traffic now. you don't want to miss this either. >> you really don't. we have a crash. you can see you have one left lane getting by. this escalated very quickly. southbound baltimore washington parkway after new york avenue, cars stopped in the center of the roadway back up into cheverly. if you're traveling on the beltway in prince george's county, no problems but off-road we have a crash and, of course, go have some delays on 270 and 495 topside. make sure you toon in to wtop 103.5 f.m. to mang sure you hear
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"weather & traffic on the 1s." right now some people waking up in a whole other tax bracket after matching numbers in the record powerball jackpot. the store on the left, the one that sold the winning ticket, one of them. and on the right here, a local store not quite as lucky, but the owner still pretty excited where some $1 million excited where some $1 million
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♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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15 before the hour and right now we're seeing a lot of excitement after three lucky
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tickets hit the power ball jackpot. where those winning tickets were sold. plus the local winners we have in our area. first, though, weather and traf jook that's right. good morning, everybody. off to a chilly start. temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. a cold and dry beginning to your thursday. when i see you in a few minutes we'll talk about the weather for the weekend which is colder and a little snow on sunday. here's traffic time. 66, you can see a single left lane getting by on route 123. it's going to cause delays. we'll check the rest of the updates coming up in just a little bit. right now celebrations aet the stores that sold the winning powerball jackpot tickets. right now we don't know who the winners are just yet. we do have team coverage on who won. let's start with nbc's jennifer bjorklund who's live outside of anaheim right there. a lot of celebrations there, jennifer. >> reporter: they're partying here.
6:46 am
we're outside the chino hills 7-eleven. one of the three that will split the $1.6 billion. all i can compare it to is like after a sporting convenient when your team wins and they come out and start partying in the street. they even had a law enforcement reaction where the police came and surrounded the 7-eleven to make sure the crowd didn't get out of control. people were going nuts with the idea that someone in their community could potentially be a billionaire. this is before we knew there were two other tickets out there splitting the jackpot. but still all night long, the feeling hasn't changed p inside the 7-eleven, it's very festive. still smiles all around. everybody's really excited to think that a huge winner has come from this community. and the clerk who is believed to have sold the winning ticket because he's been work 1g 2-hour shifts and they've been selling so many who works the machine,
6:47 am
he thinks that he probably is the one and maybe he ought to get a little cut somewhere along the way. back to you. >> you do get a cut. how much is the owner of the 7-eleven going to get. >> reporter: well, they get 1% and it tops out at $1 million, so they'll get a million. but the store owner told me since he's a franchisee, he has to give half of it. corporate gets half of it. but the real payday because this is a jackpot-winning 7-eleven, everybody's going to come here. people come from all over the place. >> free money is free money. >> $500,000. jen for bjorklund in anaheim. thank you, jennifer. last night's powerball drawing was almost $1.6 billion rng we know that. three $1 million tickets were sold in maryland. derrick ward is live at the 7-eleven in bladensburg where
6:48 am
one lucky ticket was sold. hey, derrick. >> reporter: there are 5.9 million people in maryland. three are enjoying a windfall at this hour if, indeed, they know about it. one of those million-dollar tickets was sold here at this 7-eleven right here. the owner came in and was checking his tickets because he bought some as well. he will, as you said, get a percentage of the winnings there, but it would be nice to have a ticket. he did have something to be happy about. he won $4. how about that. again, he's going to enjoy a little bit more rev now. but there were two other tickets sold in the state of maryland. one was on walker mill road in prince george's in capitol heights and the third on ar ba that in fredericksburg at a wawa. those spots are bound to be hot for future sales. once they get that winning legacy, people tend to go there.
6:49 am
we've seen people in good crowds as this is indeed a lucky 7-eleven. we're live in bladensburg. back to you. >> thanks, derrick. head to you can check your powerball numbers. use the search term "powerball." happening today, a suspect is heading to court for an alexandria killing. man was found stabbed to death in the park. they believe it could be gang related. just yesterday they closed it. they also believe that could be tied to the ms-13 gang. sorry, these are not pictures of that story. sergeant matthew mall wasma
6:50 am
was voted. he said the current union leaders attacked the city too much and he wanted to establish a better relationship. mahl takes over the job april 1st. good morning, from the live desk, an attack in downtown jakarta, indonesia today, leaves seven people dead, including five gunmen. we've just learned five civilians and five police officers were also wounded in this attack. the four-hour gun and bomb attack happened at a starbucks. the timing of this comes after the military warned something big big was coming. back to you. thanks. a lot of reaction to the breaking news we told you about yesterday when iran detained ten american sailors and then let them go. the sailors are apparently apologizing. they broadcast them saying they
6:51 am
were sorry for accidentally going into iranian waters. u.s. central command says it appears to be authentic. it's pure propaganda. chris christie called the whole situation outrageous. another candidate marco rubio blamed president obama and the, quote, ridiculous nuclear deal with iran. there will be a ruling today that could change how you vote in decision 2016. a federal judge is considering donald trump challenged a virginia so-called loyalty oath. the rule requires voters in the march primary to sign a statement affirming they are republicans. a lawsuit filed on trump's behalf says it's unconstitutional. martin o'malley is looking for help from someone you may recognize. rushern baker will travel with the governor from maryland to south carolina. o'malley and the prince george's county executive worked together for years. baker will be in the spin room after the debate in charleston
6:52 am
on sunday. 6:51, our time right now. we turn to chuck bell to talk about the warm -- can we say warm-up? >> 15 degrees higher than yesterday, that's warming trend, absolutely. it doesn't make it balmy. it's still going to be in the 40s. at least it will be in the plus territory. the average high is 43 degrees. we should be several degrees above that today compared to the 32 yesterday. not only today in plus territory but also friday and saturday as well. however, you know it can't last forever. another shot of very cold arctic air starts blasting during the day on sunday. as the cold air rushes? like we had the other night. that could bring in snow showers. we'll be keeping close track on that. what we can expect, a lot less wind, a few more clouds but noticeably milder. out the door, temperatures are chilly, typical for january. 21 in gaithersburg and fredericksburg. 21 in virginia.
6:53 am
21 in manassas and 25 in stafford. as you can see on the live camera, not too much of a breeze blowing. fairly calm waters of the potomac. if you're traveling today up i-95 or i-81, watch out for snow showers. no problems around here. so here's the way your day's going to break down. 25 now, 25 in the next hour or two, above freezing by 9:00 a.m. this morning. most of your afternoon will be a great one. increasing amounts of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-40s. now, we will see a chance for some rain coming into the picture tomorrow. it comes after the sun goes down tomorrow. so a chilly day tonight. sunshine tomorrow gives way to clouds and rain chances. the rain could be heavy at times, late, late night into the predawn hours of saturday morning and check out your seven-day forecast. you'll have to put a chance for snow flurries on your sunday. we're tracking to see if we need to increase that snow amount. as of now, it looks very conservational ahead of next week's cold shot. here's traffic and kim
6:54 am
mccormick. >> we still have problems on eastbound 66. all the way up to the scene of the crash just after route 50. chopper 4 is hosherring over that right now. a single left lane is getting you through. so if this is your route of travel, you might want to leave now and avoid too many things. we still have woodburn closed at tobin. expect delays until noon and if you're on the top side of the beltway it's pretty much your standard traffic making your way from college park all the way in through to kensington. >> thanks, kim. developing this morning a suspect named in the case of an american found dead in italy. this morning investigators say dna led them to the man responsible frl ashleyolsen's murder. police say she was strangled and
6:55 am
had two fractures to her skull. damages from this fire is going to cost. take a look at chopper 4 shows firefighters pulling people from their balconies wchl know three firefighters were hurt, two residents also hurt, one of them seriously. one resident told us he is thankful for the fast emergency response. >> i'm a student. everything is there. i have an exam next week. everything's destroyed and i couldn't save anything. >> the man you saw there let people warm up in his car until they figured out what to do next. in all, 80 firefighters from prince george's and montgomery county were called out. they turned all off the gas and electricity to be safe. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. chipotle executives say they're confidence food safety will prevent outbreaks in the future.
6:56 am
their stock rising 5% on wednesday. although shares are down more than 30% since the first case of of e. coli was reported in october. they'll start marketing efforts next month to woo back customers with stepped up ads and direct outreach to their most loyal fans. your 4 things to know at 6:56. the race for the white house picks up tonight with a gop debate in charleston, south carolina. the top seven candidates will take the stage at 9:00. indonesian officials say isis may be behind the attack in the indonesian capital. an explosion and gunfight left seven people dead. d.c. council will hear more today on a proposed family leave act. three tickets will split that record powerball priechlz winning tickets were sold in florida, california, and tennessee. multiple million-dollar tickets were sold in our area. you can check
6:57 am
for the winning numbers. milder air is back in fashion for the next couple of days, but don't get used to it. h heavy rain by late friday night. kim? >> we're still having a problem, chuck, on eastbound 66 right at 123. you can see a single left lane is getting by. delays are stacking up toward the fairfax county. thanks that is the broadcast. we thank you for joining us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for breaking news and weather and
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good morning. we have winners. if you bought a powerball ticket in florida, tennessee or california, you could be one of them. the party is already getting started at the store that sold one of the tickets near los angeles. when with the actual winners of the largest jackpot in history come forward? terror at starbucks. suicide bombers in jakarta, indonesia, blow themselves up at the popular coffee chain. at least seven dead, including the attackers. isis claiming responsibility. carolina clash. the republicans get set for their debate


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