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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. local high school students expelled for making threats 30 school. >> and allegations they set up a muslim classmate to take the
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fa fall. wait until you see what's next. are there lawsuits coming over wal-mart canceling two new stores in the district? we start with a single arrest in five sex assaults or attempted sex assaults in the past two months. >> the suspect walked away from a halfway house the same day a woman was attacked. they're seeing a trend. >> jackie bensen is in the neighborhood with the story she's been following for months. >> reporter: doreen, this is the second time in months residents of this neighborhood have been victimized by crime sprees committed by people who were supposed to be in some sort of supervised custody. this 20-year-old and 21-year-old, officials confirm both men escaped from different forms of what's called alternative incarceration within
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two months of each other last fall. at a press conference this afternoon to announce one arrest, d.c. police chief kathy lanier said within hours of his escape from a halfway house, he began a crime spree. >> those crimes which in excl e excluded attacks on five women in which he raped -- attempted to sexually assault and rob those women in various different areas around the city. >> reporter: the chief says he was caught on surveillance video several times and will be charged with multiple robberies in neighborhoods that include bloomingdale and capitol hill. >> who's responsible for tra tracking him? >> reporter: advisory neighborhood commissioner denise is outraged. last october one of her constituents was beaten and r e raped in her hill east home. the man charged in that crime, 21-year-old antwan was said to have cut off his gps monitor
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before a crime spree that ended with the rape. >> how many other people have done the same thing? that's really frustrating. people are getting paid. these are tax dollars. >> these alternatives to being incarcerated includes group homes, halfway homes, community placement withçó gps trackinbi devi devices. it is those folks we are seeing increasingly involved with crime. >> reporter: court records shows melvin latny arrested in the most recent crime spree that began right where we're standing was sentenced to a halfway house for conviction of assaulting a police officer in 2014. jackie bensen, news4. >> chief lanier is crediting private surveillance cameras for helping catch the suspect in jackie's story and mayor bowser hoping more install them. they're encouraging business
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owners for installing cameras and will get rebates for buying and registering those systems and once they're registered they will have access to the video and can look it it when they commit crimes. >> a little bit of a rainy start. we have a little bit of everything coming our way. >> we do. most was dry until 5:00 or 6:00 and the rain moved in. it's been stead rain and some light and was heavy. coming through the i-95 corridor, montgomery and howard county, 95 through fairfax county, prince william, stafford county, everybody seeing the rain but starting to see a break. the system moving in. the haven't east of gaithersburg and d.c. area where we continue to watch that rain. the wider view shows the storm moving back out to sea. it continues move.
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ing out to sea and will be wider tomorrow. look what comes next. the coldest of the season. brutal. new at 11:00, two local high school students have been expelled from school months from graduation. they're accused of making a threat against their school from a muslim classmate's e-mail address. from washington public charter school in northwest. >> reporter: i talked to parents off-camera about what happened out here. they told me this is very concerning. they applaud the head of the school for taking swift action against the students. two seniors at washington latin public charter school are expelled for allegedly thre threatening violence. two days ago they opened a laptop during class and found out the previous user reportedly muslim didn't sign out of his e-mail account. the duo allegedly used his account and send an e-mail to 600 students and former students
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stating friday there will be a big boom. tonight, we talked to the head of the school and said administrators were able to figure out which laptop was used and who sent it. >> the safety and security of our students and teachers must be my highest priority. so i would obviously take something like that very seriously and we did. >> reporter: the school did not release the names of the students. the head of the school says this is a teachable moment. northwest d.c., shomari stone, news4. also new tonight, some parents are upset a student was able to get a loaded gun into a school. it happened yesterday at hyattsville. they received a tip and security officers found and confiscated it. they took the student into custody and facing discipline action. no one got hurt but the school sent a letter home to parents to
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tell them what happened. we're also following news in west africa where al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the siege at an upscale hotel. we just learned 3 hostages including a government minister have now been freed. a lot of werners stay at the men sid hotel and set off a car bomb and rushed inside to take the hosta hostages. no word how many may have been killed but as many as 20 people may have been killed. >> another big drop on wall street today, has the stock market off to its worst two week start to a year ever. the dow jones dropped nearly 400 points today. the dow, inside and s&p are now all down more than 10% from their recent peaks. that means the market is officially in what's known as a correction. today's drop was due largely to the plunging price of oil but market watchers say the u.s. economy as a whole is sound. virginia's former governor
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insists he is innocent of corruption charges and looking to the u.s. supreme court for redemption. today, the court agreed to hear bob mcdonnell's appeal and explained what the justices have to decide. >> his lawyers say the kind of thing robert mcdonnell and to some extent his wife did for this man, williams, basic opportunity service, to meet with him and talk about it, the normal discourse of political conversation, they say. to criminalize that would be a vast overreach. mcdonnell never actually put his thumb on the scale of any government decision and johnny williams never ended up getting anything out of the state of virginia and they they can't bring corruption. the justice department argued they should uphold the conviction. that's not how it works as long as there is an agreement an elected official will do something for somebody in exchange for money and favors,
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that constituents a corrupt agreement and doesn't matter what the elected official actually does or the person that provides all the goodies actually gets what he pants. >> -- what he wants. >> pete says the court will take it up the end of april and decision by june. a brand new fbi facility, new central records complex will be built on a 60 acre plot of land east of winchester, v. virginia, in the works for more than a decade and will bring jobs to virginia and they hope it will strengthen the commonwealth's case to bring the new fbi headquarters to the area. the agency is considering three locations for its move, springfield in virginia and two locations in maryland, greenbelt and landover. tonight, virginia's attorney general is considering all options after walmart announces it will cancel two stores to the
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district. they are furious over the broken promise. ward 7 southeast and capital gateway northeast and the store would have anchored stores in those neighborhoods generating more jobs in retail. former mayor vincent gray was part of bringing them to the district. >> i believe the mayor and media should get on a plane and go to bentonville, arkansas and say to those people, this is an absolute outrage. you need to understand how devastating this is and turn around this decision. >> wal-mart announced it's cl e closing 269 stores worldwide including 154 here in the united states. the retailer is keeping its existing stores in d.c. open. >> some voters are already heading to the polls in virginia to cast ballots in the race for the white house. early voting started today for the presidential primary. most will cast ballots march 1st
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when virginia and 13 other st e states hold primaries on what is known as super tuesday. senator ted cruz is apologizing for slamming new york values in last night's presidential debate. his mea culpa may not be exactly what people in new york are looking for. saying donald trump represented new york values and he doubled down saying new yorkers are pro abortion and pro gay marriage and focus on money. trump fired back evoking memor memories of 9/11. trump and other new york leaders demanded an apology. here's how cruz responded tonight. >> donald trump, hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill de blasio have all demanded an apology. i'm happy to apologize. i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. >> hillary clinton tweeted her support for new yorkers today saying just this once, donald
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trump is right. democrats will get their turn wednesday night. you can watch the debate. polls show bernie sanders sur surging in iowa and new hampshire and he and hillary traded attacks this week and a lot of people expect a show down. moderated by lester holt and andrea mitchell. a local restaurant opening up about their memories of the brother and son they lost in afghanistan and how coming to work keeps them going. vice president joe biden's fight to cure cancer is a personal one. how he's planning to use his final year in office to win it. >> as panda cub bei bei prepares to make his long awaited debut tomorrow at the national zoo, a look back at the frenzy
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with a total value of seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a developing story in hawaii. still no sign of survivors after two marine helicopters crashed after a training mission, search debri 2 1/2 miles off the coast of a wahoo. officials believe they may have collided but aren't sure what caused the accident. a local airman was one of six service members killed last month in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. his mother is still grieving but says her restaurant in dupont circle it'scle is a welcome dis from the pain. he was a respected and disciplined man. he won the purple heart and
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combat action medal. his mother wants people to remember him as someone with a great sense of humor. >> one of the things he loved was to be in his suit. he would say, mom, i would put my leg up on the desk like that and everybody would see these bright color polka dot socks. >> reporter: sergeant taub's mother said she talked to him via skype just a few days before he was killed. >> vice president joe biden says the world's cancer research is on the cusp of phenomenal breakthroughs. biden launched his moon shot initiative to cure cancer during a visit to abramson's cancer center today, part of what the president announced in the state of the union speech. they are ready to break down barriers holding back progress on fighting cancer. he said the u.s. is on the verge of making a contribution that exceeds anything the country has done for humanity. >> my goal is that we find
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absolute cures but for some cancers we get to the point we manage them and they become chronic diseases. the vice president's son, form derrelle wear attorney general joe biden died last year from brain cancer. this is going to be a big weekend at the national zoo as bei bei makes his public debut. here's what it looked like two years ago when his sister bao bao went on public display. more than 5,000 people showed up for her debut. if you're planning to go this weekend, remember doug's forecast, dress warmly and be ready to stand in a long line. gate s open at 8:00 in the morning and panda house at 9:00. he's five months old and already up to 25 pounds. >> he could not be any cuter. we can't see enough pictures of bei bei. >> what date did you say it was? >> tomorrow. >> okay. tomorrow's fine. if it was monday -- >> the question is, do we get
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our panda hats ready or umbre a umbrellas or both? >> the panda hat tomorrow is just an accessory. you won't need it tomorrow but put it on for fun. you will need it monday and tuesday, when the cold air comes in. this is real cold air. let's look and see what's going on across our region. you see the rain coming in. we've seen it just about all day. some heavy right through the district, right along the i-95 corridor, baltimore towards fredericksburg, lining up right about perfect with ikc-95, but move though east here. let's zoom in towards springfield, mt. vernon area, living towards waldorf, seeing light rain and clinton and upper marlboro on 301 making its way to you. behind that, about it. a third of an inch in most locations, .8 towards leonardtown, close to an inch.
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faulk keir county and frederick county. a third of an inch in most locations towards d.c. we saw snow in the mountains. >> shoe reportnowshoe reported . tomorrow is not the day to worry about. 43 degrees rain falling out of the east. a chilly rain, not a cold rain but chilly rain. 11:00, tomorrow morning, no problems. we see sunshine tomorrow morning. not expecting any rain tomorrow. i think tomorrow will be a pretty nice day. 5:00, on the clear side with sunshine. clouds, too, but sun. sunday morning 8:00 a.m. notice the clouds across the region. if you're a snow lover, you're looking at this going, here comes the snow, maybe fredericksburg, d.c. here comes the snow, where did it go? that's it, all we get, a round of flurries. if you're not a snow lover and
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don't like the cold either, that's what the storm system brings in. 51, d.c., 52 at fredericksburg. 38 on sunday with the flurry chance. 25 on martin luther king day. 25. monday, just plain cold. winds gust to 30 miles an hour. wind chill, 5 and 10. that's cold. calling monday and tuesday weather alert day. 27 degrees tuesday. look at tuesday. sending the kids out to school. temperatures, 17 early in the morning. the wind chill between 5 below and 5 above. very cold air moving in. between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon only mid-20s and stays cold most of next week. it will be the coldest air we've seen and it will stick with us. tom will be in, in the morning with the latest. >> i'm forecasting busy grocery
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stores tomorrow. >> true. >> to get provisions for the cold. >> we know caps have been good all year, but wizards coming on now. john wall looking to lead to a fourth straight win in indian. >> first, here's jimmy fallon. >> thank you, doreen and chris and everyone in washington, d.c. ray romano is my guest tonight
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things have been looking up for our wizards.
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they're getting healthy and getting wins. >> that's right. chris is in the csn studios for us. this is the john wall we have needed all year. >> yes. the wall star is playing exception exceptionally. good evening chris and doreen. four years in the white house are hard to come by. four wins on the basketball court not as elusive but wizards look to change that tonight riding a three game winning streak into indiana. randy wittman's guys on a mission. the guy we just talked about, john wall, gets the steal and up to the big brazilian, nene. missed all summer but didn't miss this. for the injured porter, rising to the occasion. court was in session. ramon session, two of his 10 points, one of four wizards in double figures. the second unit scored 67
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points. wall's star stole the show. 28 points for wall. he also fished out eight assi assists. this extra pass could have been a shot. goes to bradley beal, still recovering from his injury, looks very healthy. he scored 22 points knocking down four three-pointers. wizards out paced the pearce, - one goes out another one steps up. everybody is stepping up with the opportunities we're having and playing basketball and making no excuses. we know how tough a team we are when everybody is out there. >> george washington also doing their midwest team. the colonials leading, tyler cavanaugh doing something about it. 18 points, 13-3 run. pierre doing it all in the
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second half. great passes. alley-oop. scoring a team high 26 points, down the stretch, flyers separate charles cook, gets the contact, flyers win 77-70, just the fourth loss on the season for g.w. the caps are good, they've won 11 straight games at the virnced center, in first place at the nhl with a five point cushion. more than that, this team is historically good. the first to win 43 games in the first part of the season and they could set the all time mark for regular season wins at 63. don't tell them. all they care about is getting better. >> the great thing i like about this group, they have a lot of pride in getting better. what we're doing right now is not for now, it's for later. i think that's a really good focus by us. >> our goal isn't to win the regular season, our goal is to win a stanley cup.
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in order to do that, we need to use all of these games to grow our game enough we give ourselves the best chance come playoffs. >> caps and wizards in action tomorrow. caps at 7:00, wizards at 7:30. you can catch them both on csn. doreen and chris, hope you guys are rooting for the teams tomorrow. it will be a busy saturday. >> we are. i'll be at t
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japan's government just approved the first software that will enable cars to change lanes automatically. that's right. tesla's model s can use the functionegally on public roads. the driver hits the car signal and the car does the rest and
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ray romano, lucy hale, musical guest,ra


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