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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now at 6:00 the feds say two men from our region plotted to join isis. we're live with just how close they came to carrying out their pl plans. breaking news, a major development in the nuclear deal with that country. and it's the moment many of you have been waiting for. beibei gets his close up. news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. that breaking news international sanctions against iran have been lifted and the iran nuclear deal is officially implemented tonight. this comes on the same day at five american citizens including a "washington post" reporter were released from iranian custody. this was part of a prisoner swap
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with iran. the timing of this is probably not a coincidence. >> reporter: as iran and world powers implement landmark nuclear deal in vienna here in tehran five prisoners have been released. the timing probably not coincident coincidental. the prosecutor's office put out a statement saying the four inmates were freed within the frame work of prisoner exchanges. without elaborating and they didn't mention the names of any of the prisoners released. and now the state department has confirmed that amongst the released prisoners is "washington post" correspondent jasch rezaian and saeed abedini. >> how much challenge has been
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going on and the two sides have been able to talk to one another throughout soldout diplomatic disputes before they spiraled out of control. nbc news, tehran. we want to take a closer look at how iran and the international community got to this point. in april of 2012, negotiations restarted. in november of 2013, iran and six world powers announced an in-term agreement that temporarily curved iran's nuclear program. on july 14th of 2015, iran and the world powers announced a long-term comprehensive nuclear agreement. and then today the u.n. said iran has met its nuclear deal obligations, paving the way for the listing of u.s. nuclear related sanctions. we're going to continue following this developing story for more information on this story and the prisoner swap, you can open our nbc washington app. well, storm team 4 is tracking the coldest air this season arriving over the long weeke. amelia joins us with the latest timing and why monday is
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considered a weather alert day. >> erica, first the timing. cold air starts to fill in tomorrow evening and monday and weather alert days because of how cold it will feel when you factor in the wind. dangerously cold temperatures, especially tuesday morning. as you're making plans for monday, you're off of work, the kids are off of school. you want to grab the coat, scarf, gloves and sunglasses. you won't need the umbrella. tracking dry conditions for martin luther king jr. day. look how it will feel throughout the day. a high temperature of 27 degrees. at breakfast a temperature around 22. but feeling about five to ten degrees. lunch only in the mid-20s and breezy to windy. by dinnertime the temperature around 23 and feeling about 0 to 10 degrees. now, tuesday morning even colder. i'll let you know what it will feel like at the bus stop and, of course, before we get to tuesday, a chance of some snow showers in the forecast tomorrow. the latest timing coming up in my full forecast.
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a man is accused of trying to hit two police officers with his car. this happened outside a townhome on burgess mill way last night. 50-year-old anthony howard was threatening to set the home on fire. he recently moved out but his family still lives there. when police told howard to get out of the car, he refused and accelerated towards them. officers shot at the car and howard stopped just inches from the officers. nobody was injured. howard faces attempted murder charges. developing right now, nearly two dozen people were killed and more than 120 others held hostage for hours by al qaeda-linked militants in a west african country friday. two female jihadis were among the attackers. the militants targeted a tourist hotel and a nearby restaurant. u.s. forces helped rescue people. the 126 hostages were freed this morning. developing right now, filmmaker and activist michael moore is in flint, michigan. he wants president obama to go
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there to help deal with the city's water crisis. president obama today declared a state of emergency in flint. this clears the way for fema, which will now coordinate emergency disaster relief for residen residents. the city switched its water supply in 2014 to save money and this led to toxic levels of lead in the drinking water. lead levels in children doubled or tripled since the switch. residents in northern virginia demanding gun store free zones near schools. find out who they hope will help them in the fight. see how people today honored the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. and beibei makes his much-anticipated zoo debut. why some people who came out to see the panda cub
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on monday we'll honor the life and legacy of civil rights icon dr. martin luther king jr. the university of maryland in college park held their annual celebration today and our own tracee wilkins emceed the event which included performances and speakers, as well. here in d.c. a day of service in honor of dr. king. volunteers joined the conservancy cleaning up our parks and streams. similar events were also held in montgomery county. anti-gun activists and supporters of gun rights both
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gathered for a rally in mcclain today. differing views on establishing gun free zones. located near franklin sherman elementary school. the residence they're proposals would let local governments establish those gun-free store zones. >> elementary school students can sit in their classrooms and see people walking in and out of the store with weapons. that is not appropriate. this is not about gun control. i would oppose a strip club next to an elementary school and oppose a liquor store next to an elementary school. >> i don't see how the gunship affects the safety of the children, whatsoever. people out here that carry guns and they have permits and so forth are law abiding, safe citizens. >> the proposed bills would give local officials to keep gun stores 1,000 feet away from schools. temperatures arant looking
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too bad for tomorrow but there could be snow chances. amelia is up next with your hour-by-hour forecast for sunday. a big day at the national zoo. beibei makes his public
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three questions for the us senate. congress just voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of an herbicide the world health organization says probably causes cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? tell your senator, high tech gimmicks like qr codes aren't the answer. we need clear on-package labeling.
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two men from woodbridge charged with terrorism offenses after one of them allegedly tried to go to syria to join isis.
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the two friends were arrested friday. darcy spencer is in woodbridge with reaction from the neighbors. darcy? >> erika, some very disturbing allegations that are outlined in the court documents we got a hold of this afternoon. first right here in the cul-de-sac behind me is where one of the suspects lives and neighbors were shocked when they found out about the raid and about the arrest that happened yesterday. let's show you a photo that was provided to me by a neighbor just a short time ago. giving you an idea of the police presence taking place right outside that townhouse here in woodbridge. now, the suspect, mohmousamin elhassan. joseph farrokh was trying to go to syria to wage jihad. at one point he wanted to kill and be martyred. he is a u.s. citizen born in
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pennsylvania. his friend was trying to facilitate a trip to syria and dropped him off at the richmond airport area yesterday so he could head to syria by way of jordan. but farrokh was arrested before he could leave. neighbors of elhassan say they never saw this coming. >> hard to believe something like this happened. this happened over here because, like i said, we're all good friends. everybody knows everybody in this neighborhood. we help out each other. it's hard to believe it's actually him doing this. >> reporter: now, there is a lot of information and details about how this arrest came about. and all the conversations that were recorded by the fbi. you could see them for yourself by going to the nbc washington app. erika, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you sore much. a live look at the panda cam to show you from the national zoo. looks like beibei has had a day. he is a bit tuckered out because he had a lot of visitors today. maybe you were one of them. lots of people, of course, you
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quo know, a lot of folks got up early and made the trek to the zoo hoping to get a glimpse of beibei. but the cub didn't really want to see a lot of folks. didn't really want to fuss about him. >> reporter: the crowd was into it big time. >> we're just excited to see. >> reporter: wbeibei, not so much. the city's most revered 5-month-old. >> we think it's somewhere in 80% to 90% of the day he's asleep. >> reporter: even a sleeping panda can draw a crowd. even pulling out of towners away from family obligations. >> i came here to see my brother, but he's not as cute as the panda. >> reporter: he has gone from a few ounces to 25 pounds. one place he hasn't gone yet is outside where the bigger pandas are. >> getting him outside will be a big boost in his activity because he'll have all this stuff to look at and figure out what is going on. >> reporter: until then hoping to catch him between naps. at the moment, they've all been waiting for, the one they lined
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up for. even though they see him behind glass they feel up close and personal. >> that baby is just adorable. a little ball of fluff and want to hug him and hold him. >> reporter: the research like the valuable learning about cub and mother relationships. and eventually, they'll call bei bei to do more than sleep. he represents a line of genetic diversity crucial among animals in captivity. >> he would be a sire at some point. >> reporter: one day he will make more little pandas. sleep well, little fellow, you'll need it. at the smithsonian national zoo. >> that story is one of our most popular stories on the nbc washington app. help is on the way for local hungry children. fairfax county's first stuff the bus effort of the winter got off to a really good start. the northern virginia bureau was there as people dropped off donations near herndon. another bus at the shopper's
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food warehouse in alexandria. you can find out where they will be next weekend by searching stuff the bus on the nbc washington app. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> our high temperature today was 53 degrees and it was the warmest day out of the long weekend. colder tomorrow. coldest on monday. now, tomorrow, some light snow just stopped by my desk before i went in the studio as we continue to get new information in. little or no accumulation is the trend. just be conversational if you even see any snow at all tomorrow. more on the timing in just a second. a weather alert monday into tuesday morning because of how cold it is going to feel. temperatures on their own pretty bad, but when you factor in breezy to windy conditions, it will feel down right frigid outside and, overall, the workweek is looking quite cool. temperatures for the most part
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running below normal, which is now 43 can degrees. tomorrow the weather having a low impact on your day. plenty of clouds and colder with some flurries possible but for the most part none of that impacting travel or any plans you have outdoors. with future weather, i want to show you the meager snow chances and also say we could see some rain mixing in with temperatures for the most part largely above freezing when we have this chance of precip moving through. 7:00 a.m. it's dry, it's cloudy looking good for that early morning bike ride and a little bit on the chilly side. by 11:00 a.m. notice some areas of snow and a bit of rain/snow mix down in southern maryland and the northern neck. if you're in these areas, the best chance of any rain or snow will be tomorrow. notice the chances, scattered light snow showers in parts of montgomery, fairfax, loudoun and even in the district at that point. by 3:00 that chance for any light snow leaves the area and limited sunshine around tomorrow. overall the clouds do look to win out. currently temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 46 degrees in washington and
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tomorrow morning we'll start off with the temperature around 33. by the mid-day hours. temperatures near 40. at that point the chance of some flurries and, again, especially south of washington. a high tomorrow around 40 degrees and hit that around 3:00 in the afternoon. tomorrow evening, this is when that cold air really starts to move into the area. 7:00 p.m., still not too bad with the temperature of 36. but if you have plans to go out on sunday night taking advantage of that extra day off, make sure you bundle up. or if you're heading to the peace walk and parade, the tenth annual in southeast, 9:00 a.m. it will be breezy. temperature of 23 degrees on monday and feeling 5 to 15 degrees there. plenty of sunshine around on monday and we keep the sun around on tuesday. a high, once again, of 27 degrees. but look at how it will feel at the bus stop on tuesday morning. about five below to five above and a temperature of 17. still breezy by tuesday afternoon. winds do start to relax late tuesday on into wednesday. 4 on wednesday and 41 on thursday and maybe some light snow, erika, friday night into
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the first half of saturday. >> i'm keeping my fingers crossed. thank you. coming up, a big test today for the terapins in college park and mark tergen's bunch aced
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> good evening, chris miles here from the csn studios. they say perception is reality. the perception for georgetown starting the season at 6-5 was at the hoyas are not an ncaa tournament team. the reality is with wins in five of their last six games. georgetown still needed to beat villanova this afternoon or xavier on tuesday. the change to perception of their season. the hoyas, the last big east team to beat villanova, that was almost a year ago, january 19th, 2015. wildcats showing why they're a top ten team early. cutting back door. archie dishing in the second half. the alley-oop to bridges. pushes the lead to ten. but georgetown rallies late. reggie camline knocking it down from the corner and pulls the
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h hoyas within three. archie, no. jesse govan traps the rebound. the rally slips away. the hoyas can't recover and fall 55-50. maryland governor larry hogan watching the teprs host the buckeyes. ohio state no answer for this guy. well, hey, get some style points to go along with his career high 25 points. but carter also can dish. diamond stone. 15 off the bench for the freshman. maryland up 18 at the half. second half. the game was written in stone. the fantastic freshman at it, again. sulman, the super senior. two of his 22 in transition. nine boards for him and everybody getting involved. jake lamen with the exclamation point. first time in four years winning
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100-65. howard "jay bird" daniels. sitting out with the bad elbow. boyd filling a void in the paint takes the feed from hill. second half hill doing it himself. howard up five. missing daniel hurt scored down the stretch. off the turnover. check out harvard. into wasman and cleaning up the mess. 17 points for the big man. outside shooting. 12 three-pointers for harvard. scores six from behind the arc. 69-61. a commonwealth clash. bcu/richmond. three of the last four meetings have needed overtime. final minute of the game justin tilmon tied it up at 84-84. last chance for richmond. jones, nope. the follow up. no good either. check out johnson. williams with four seconds left gets a decent look. but that doesn't go either.
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once again, these teams need overtime to figure it out. three seconds left and cox playing center field and showing off some skills. richmond coach moony not pleased. snubs the hand shake with will wade. bcu stays atop winning 94-89. a battle of the tech. virginia tech visiting georgia tech. second half yellow jackets in transition. gets an easy two of his career high 27 points. jackets up seven. hokies fight back. le day hits the turn around in traffic. hokies take their first lead of the game up two. hunt can't get a shot up and no foul called. hokies win snapping an 18-game road acc losing streak. 78-77 the final. when the cats signed mike
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richards to a one-year, $1 million deal it was easy to overlook. he will play his first game tonight when they steak the ice against the sabers. he'll be only the third cash player on the current roster that has won a stanley cup. while his time on the ice may not be an x-factor this season, his leadership could provide that extra spark the team has been searching for. >> a lot going on. you don't want to be messing up the drills or checking pucks at people's feet. so, it's just feeling better on the ice. feeling better and certain pickup speed a little bit better, too. so, you know, just progression of a shortened training camp maybe. but feel good. >> don't look now, but the wizards are streaking, too. a season high four wins in a row for them. last night washington took it to the pacers 67 points from the bench and just 22 minutes. second game back after missing
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16. the injury, according to csn jay michael beal will rest tonight to avoid reaggravating his injury. former baltimore colts and ravens head coach ted marchibroda has passed away. ozzie newsome said the founding father of the ravens. he was a tremendous competitor and tough man with a gentle soul. well, erika, back tayou. the orioles have signed davis to a seven-year, $161
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on this saturday night, americans freed. americans released in a prison swap as an historic nuclear deal takes effect. fighting words. donald trump with a blistering new attack on ted cruz while the democrats get set for tomorrow's crucial debate before the iowa caucuses. terror attack, the deadly siege of a hotel in west africa by al qaeda militants. toxic water. president obama declares a federal emergency for the city where tens of thousands were exposed to dangerous levels of lead. oh, bei


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