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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 17, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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right now on "news4 today," get ready for a big chill. tom is tracking the cold front with some of the coolest temperatures we've seen all winter. and get this. what could be the first big snowstorm of the season. a "washington post" reporter and two other prisoners are on their way home. the controversy over the relief and the new iran nuclear deal. and let's get ready for a fight. the leading democratic
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candidates debate before the iowa caucuses. good morning. we head into the 10:00 hour. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. you're letting us know you're seeing snow. winchester, snowflakes coming in. not only are we tracking some snow today, but an arctic invasion. >> you want to break out the big boy hat, right, tom? >> that is right. you want your puffy coat ready. that's when that arctic invasion moves into much of the region. right now we're getting light snow. this is not the major snowstorm you referred to but we're going to get light snow and flurries in the next hour. right now showing the leading edge of that is leading into the shenandoah valley and areas south of washington. the southeast area in green is rain in the eastern virginia. north of there, though, it's cold enough for snow aloft
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anyway. it's one streak of gray from annapolis down to the beltway. a little bit of light snow as well as 95. ahead of that the temperatures are freezing so anything that's going to fall is going to be melting on roadways and most grassy areas. light accumulation in far southern maryland. we'll show you the new hour-by-hour timing on that. it's just coming in. i'll shoal you that in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. developing right now, three freed americans have left iran after spending time. among them is washington correspondent jason rezaian. we want to get more from derrick ward. >> reporter: of those -- right, exactly. of those folks who have been released, there are actually four but one may have decided to stay in iran. these are new developments
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coming in within the last hour. but we're hear outside the "washington post" because one of those people is a reporter for the post who was stationed in iran. he is indeed on his way home. jason rezaian had been held in tehran for about 545 days. he was charged with working to overthrow the government there. he, again, was released among five americans. one of them, a former marine, amir heck tani had been held for four years. there was a christian minister say media abedini who had been held for three years and nos trattou las cause ravi. we've been told he's not leaving. they all are released in exchange for clemency in exchange for seven iranians charged in the u.s.
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six had duo citizenship. now, i don't know what this will mean for the warming of relations with iran, but with the nuclear deal that has been announced shortly after that, it seems they have turned a corner in the relations between these two countries. we're live outside the "washington post," derrick ward, "news4." >> derrick, thank you. this morning we're working to learn how a fire started in northeast d.c. they rushed to seventh street to put out a house fire there. everyone got out in time. no one was hurt. police say none of the residents have been displaced. joseph farrokh was arrested friday at the errant in richmond hchl's charged with attempting to supply materiels to terrorists.
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mahmoud hassan is charged with driving him. the police department in arlington was evacuated last night. the call came in through an automated phone call. bomb sniffing dogs smelled something the lobby. everyone was evacuated. the scene was cleared around 9:00 last night. it's 10:05 a.m. the metro had to switch to a one line after a man stabbed himself. they never closed during the incident. anti-gun activists and gun rights supporters rallied in the claim yesterday. the issue, no gun stores near schools. supporters gathered outside a school near franklin elementary school. it would empower local governments to keep gun storrs
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away from schools. >> elementary schoolchildren can sit in their classrooms and seem people walking in and out of the stores with weapons. that's not appropriate. >> i don't see how it affects the safety of children. people out here who carry guns have permits and are law-abiding citizens. a worker is dead after a chemical plant explodes in texas. three people were hurt in this accident. officials say that workers were doing a routine function when the contractors' equipment exploded. there were about 1,000 gallons of an oil based cleaning solution inside of the tank. a martin luther king jr. tribute is taking place. it's a celebration of performances, spoken word and dance. many will participate in a day of service to honor dr. king's
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life. 10:06, turning our attention to 2016. new numbers just released in an nbc/wall street journal poll has hillary clinton 25 points ahead of bernie sanders. now tonight is the last time the two will bedee bait before the iowa caucus. foreign policy could be a big thing following yesterday's lease of "washington post" reporter jason rezaian. coming up, we'll talk with chuck todd about what these new poll numbers mean heading into the debate. on "meet the press," hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be on the show at 10:30 this morning. well, they were one of the most popular gifts and now there's fewer places you can actually ride them. the new spots that hover boards are being banned. >> all right. six women. montgomery county, and a lot of drama. how a new tv show is bringing the spotlight
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now to a developing story. birds from nine turkey farms have tested positive for bird flu. they're trying to determine how they were infected. >> the rael hoeal housewives or montgomery county will debut. this isn't the first time. the yormg nal show arid in 20106789 it didn't air for long. cancel after one season. >> looks like some drama. >> yeah. >> a little bit. well, a number of universities and college camp campuses across virginia are banning hover boards.
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they say a number of those boards have caught on fire. please. what a catch. that's insane. yep. it was one of the wildest finishes. the late night playoffs between the pack aernlsd cardinals and the kroers that played out. five months of waiting. now you can see him for yourself. bei bei. hey, bei bei. he makes his public
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well bernie sanders and hillary clinton square off tonight. >> to break it down, chuck todd of "meet the press." i want to start out with the new nbc/wall street journal poll that's out. it puts hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders. this is different from other polls. does this change anything about going into tonightsome. >> no. think lighter ning indicators. there were some things in the poll having to do with democratic voters who want change and others who want continuity. what's interesting and what's the overall theme of this matchup, dep carats who want continuity, they favor hillary
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clinton by more than a 2/1 margin. the others want change. ey favor bernie sanders by about a 2/1 margin. however, overall the country wants change, so it does add to these questions of electability. hillary making the claim she's the more electable. polls don't indicate that but is bernie sanders more in tune with the sort of anxiety of the country than hillary clinton. look. that's her challenge tonight,000 passionately make the case for continuity at time when a lot of voters want some upheaval. >> i think a lot of people would agree it's not gone as good as they hoped on the cam pape. you've got both of them on the show today. we're looking forward to that. let's talk about the gop side of things. trump and cruz, it's getting a little person. >> it i. if you're an established republican having nightmares, this is the best development possible because for about three
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or four months, truz and trump didn't touch each other and no one else did. if they tried, they sort of fell back. the two front-runners beating each other up, it's always the opportunity for a third, in this case not just third but a bunch of them vying to be the candidate. that's the positive outcome. we'll see here. trump is being vicious. cruz is fighting back hard. he has a core base of support and money. he's going to hit trump on ways jeb bush tried to six months ago and didn't work. eibel curious if they did. >> if you start criticizing someone about an elevator outage. >> it's personal. there's no love loss. >> then they'll be like i love trump. >> you hear them attack somebody know and suddenly when the race is over, oh, we're all hugs. >> i mean if i'm not wrong, correct me if i'm wrong, they offered to be each other's vice president, right? >> now trump says he's a nasty
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guy, nasty guy, why would you ever put your nasty guy as a running mate. >> we did it to you're ler. . we've got to unwere mihm too. . chuck is a packers fan. >> i am. >> he's very excited aaron rodgers throws the hail mary. >> second of the season, mind you. >> by the way, who's the guy that's catching this. this guy hasn't even -- >> janice. i don't know. he had more catches last night. >> it was not meant to be. carson palmer has great season. he finds larry fitzgerald right here. he's on the move. >> look at that. >> what time did this game end, 12:30? >> hopefully so late people are still watching nbc. they're watching us and never had a chance to channel surf. >> right here at the top, fitzgerald. >> all right. come on. we went to overtime and aaron rodgers never touched the football? should the playoff game end
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without both teams gets a chance to score? >> would you have preferred a kicker to kick it? >> no, no, no but the parkers never got a chance. >> before they made that change. >> here's what i really wanted. i actually wanted them go for two after the hail mary. >> listen. we're going to go later after "meet the press." >> the parkers report at 11:30, yes. >> just kidding. >> okay. back to the news. >> now let's go to traffic and weather together. >> thank you, chuck. a reminder you can see "meet the press" at 10:30. from politic over to the panda. >> he was a very sleepy 5-month-old but as with cute babies, the worldover, the sight made hearts melt. bei bei made his public appearance. >> as you'ren to see in kristen dahlgren's report, no disagreement on what it means to be absolutely adorable.
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>> reporter: after months of anticipation and waiting in line, it's safe that all the hoopla hasn't gone to bei bei's head. the 5-month-old couldn't care less if he was the day's biggest draw. sleeping right through his debut. >> he sleeps about 90% of the day. >> reporter: of course, that didn't stop the crowd from trying to catch a glimpse of his roly-poly affection. from the time he was born, bei bei was a star. from the first images of a hairless cub the size of a stick of butter, we've been mesmerized. like a proud parent, marking every milestone. his first steps, a healthy checkup. >> lungs sound good and clear. >> reporter: the first ladies of two countries came together to give bei bei his name. and in a way the 23-pound cub is carrying the weight of the world. the panda program, an important diplomatic tie between china and the u.s. bei bei will stay in washington for four years and be sent to
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china where less than 2,000 giant pandas remain in the wild. >> we're breeding pandas here, and then the next generation of pandas will hopefully start to go back into the wild. >> reporter: bay's mission may be conservation, but for the most, it's all about cuteness. how could you not forget this face. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> how cute. >> temperatures going down. >> they are. tom, what have you got for us? >> a great. i'm following the cute began. bad weather. ite going be subarctic-like temperatures as we get into later tonight and into tomorrow. right now we're getting light snow on "storm team 4" radar. all the areas you see in the gray is just flurries in the
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shenandoah valley and panhandle here. there's already a coating mainly on the grassy areas. this is the area in gray here where there's light snow falling coming into fairfax county and prince william and fauquier, shenandoah valley. that's what's coming in shortly. it's already covered the decks in king george. this photo posted by care oh line on my twitter page. post them. love seeing that. king george is right here east of fredericksburg and the timing on that flurry activity coming through here, this is as of around noontime. we'll see that in the metro area. that's where there's going to be a light accumulation of light snow here. it quickly moves off east of the b bay by 3:00, 4:00. snow showers into the mountains
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as we get into the evening. flurries. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, that's where there will be a dusting to an inch mainly in the grassy areas. temperatures even where it's snowing, we're above freezing. and mid and upper 30s, here. a good morning to get your exercise in before the games. today will be up near 40 degrees. by early afternoon, the flurries coming through. it will be fun to run through the flurries and get hiking in as well. dress like this young lady on dr. king day. as the frigid winds come on through. still cold.
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chance of firm accumulating major snow of the season possible on friday into saturday.
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10:25 on this sunday morning, here are the four things to know today. we're working to learn how a fire started in northeast d.c. just after the fire started firefighters rushed to the house to put out a house fear near gallaudet university. everyone got out in time. no one was hurt.
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right now a woodbridge man is charged with trying to join isis. police arrested him at the airport. the man who drove him is also facing federal charges. >> three americans have been released. in a just announced new sanctions against iran for violating prohibitions against missile tests. president obama will hold an airing. "saturday night live" has done it again. you knew they were going to do this. make fun of the presidential race and how could they not. we have the debates this past week. the republican kaemtss squared off in the mock fox business news debate. any time candidates' poll numbers fell below 3%, this happened. >> oh, this is exciting. we have confirmation that chris christie has just dipped below 3% in the national polls.
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>> a great. come on. come on. oh, come on. >> he got danced off. the skit also addressed the recent back-and-forth between donald trump and ted cruz and you know new york values definitely came up. >> absolutely. the "daily news" headline was there. tom, we've got conservationals. >> we'll be dancing in snow flurries, but no accumulate. don't worry about it. just wet roads.
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this sunday, the democratic showdo showdown. that object in hillary clinton's rear-view mirror is closer than she appears, she now knows she's in a dead heat in iowa and new hampshire. >> if he has a plan he should roll it out and explain it to people so you can make an informed decision. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders join me this morning. plus, the republican, donald trump opening an even bigger lead. while the trump/cruz bromance comes to an end. >> bank loans from goldman sachs, bank loans from citibank folks. >> this morning, two republicans hoping to benefit from the trump/cruz fight, senator marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush. and my sit down with amal clooney, the human


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