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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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recess not once, not twice, but four times day. the schools are based on finland. they get an average of 75 minutes of recess. it cuts out half an hour of class tomb but experts say it reduces in-class detractions. >> she seems like she's advanced so much further this year than she did last year. >> it replaces an estimated one to two hours of distracted time in class. the trial will take place over three years. >> that's interesting. they need to work out their wiggliwig li lys. >> it gives them a chance to reset and be creative. it has social benefits. >> why did we stop having recess? >> most have it, just not four time as day. >> how about work? i think we need a reset. >> stay with us, "news4" continues now at 5:00 a.m.
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hi, everyone. i'm angie goff in for aaron. >> and i'm eun yang. we have complete team coverage to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. let's start with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning to you, angie and eun. 7 in gaithersburg, 9 in falls church, 18 in fredericksburg. the cold and the wind is going nowhere today. dangerously windchills. make efforts to protect people, pets, and pipes. they'll stay way below freezing and the cold is here for most if not all of the week. windy and cold. these are air temperatures here. keep in mind windchills will be down. today, tonight, and even
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tomorrow morning. windchills down near zero. the cold is here for quite some time. the next big thing we're watching comes friday night into saturday. a chance for our first ever -- not ever, accumulating snow. someone who's out dealing with the cold right now, that's david culver for the mlk jr. parade. hey, david. >> reporter: good morning to you. folks are going to be gathering here between 9:30 and 10:00 this morning. that parade will get off at 11:00 this morning. it is a cold start. folks are headed out. they're going to want to bundle up. folks thousands in the numbers, really, showed up to participate in the ml california parade and peace walk. it's an opportunity a lot of folks tell us to introduce their younger generations to the message about dr. martin luther king jr. they're going to be doing it this morning as well. i want to show you as we come back out to martin luther king
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avenue as well as milwaukee place. this is really going to be the starting point for this morning's parade and peace walk. you can see police are out here this morning. this is on an unrelated incident. it ooh's downed wire that they're blocking the street. we want to check in now with melissa mollet. i know they're going to have some rolling closures. what are they going to expect? >> absolutely. take a look here now. for the mlk peace walk, as they mentioned, rolling closures there. we're talking about the section between malcolm x and south capitol. it's going to start at 11:00 and last until 3:00. right now we have another problem just down the street. at sycamore street we have wires down and the lanes blocked. trying to get that out of the way, of course. today on the metro because of the holiday we're running 9:00
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to midnight. provide all people. get private insurance out of health insurance. >> i'm not sure whether we're talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or the plan you introduced nine times in the congress. >> i think secretary clinton know as what she says is very disingenuous. >> he voted to let guns go onto amtrak. he voted for what we call the charleston loophole. >> frustration and policy clashes. there was plenty of it amongst democrats in their last debate before the iowa caucuses. their differences over gun control came up early in last night's nbc youtube debate. clinton blasted sanders over whoo she said were his repeated gun safety members. >> i have a d-minus voting record from the nra. >> he voted to let guns zbo onto amtrak, guns go into national
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parks. he voted for immunity from gun makers and sellers which the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years. >> also a major split over how to approach wall street. senator sanders slammed clinton o for what he implies is a mutually beneficial relationship. >> you receive d over $600,000 n speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> it also shows that former maryland governor martin o'malley with half the speaking time of each of the other candidates. now, an nbc/wall street journal poll out yesterday gave clinton a big lead ahead of the debate. 59% said they would choose clinton. that's a 25-point lead. san gers got 34%. o'malley got 2%. keep in mind, they say the race between sanders and clinton is much closer. ahead, we're going to fact check
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some of the candidates' statements and fill you in on the noticeably quiet reaction from donald trump and other presidential hopefuls. stick around for insight from nbc's tracie potts. that's at 5:30. i'm meagan fitzgerald here at the live desk where we're following that developing story out of iraq. u.s. officials are still working to learn how three americans were kidnapped. it happened yesterday in baghdad. the u.s. state department is actively working to locate those civilians. a dubai-based news service reporting that the americans have been taken by militia that so far no one has claimed responsibility. the state department says the iraqi government is fully cooperating. eun? >> thank you, meagan. harsh words from the muslim association in virginia they're condemning the acts of isis. joseph farrokh was stopped aet
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the airport on friday. he was trying to go to syria to join isis. the friend that droesh him also faces chargeses. a neighbor was firing bullets. this happened in north stafford. detectives believe two groups were shooting at one another. no one was hurt. they have identified two people involve bud they're looking for two others. >> 5:07. a vote on a supreme court just in virginia is expected this week. it's causing controversy. state senator glen stuart vanlt will go against the republican and supports justice jane roush. he says she should stay on the ben. she was appointed by governor terry mcauliffe this past summer. they're trying to unseat her.
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>> we want to double up on socks, maybe put long johns on if you have to walk to work. this is a weather alert day. here's a look why. take a look alt your screen. chuck bell will let you know what you'll face on your way to the office. the peeping tom police hope you can help them nab. and a major setback for the spacex project. what went wrong. wow. and the video just coming in of and the video just coming in of the misha our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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help to find a peeping tom. there have been several incidents in the last few weeks. they've all happened if the area of gloucester and chiles place.
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in each instance he looked into a home and took off. if you have any information, call police. a look at the rocket from space. it's hard to watch. elon musk tweeted a piece didn't latch on the leg. it had just delivered an ocean-monitoring satellite into orbit. they're saying the fog may have been a main cause of that. although it's a setback, they have made progress. >> they did it one time. they have landed it safely. they keep try dog theing to do trials and get them right. all right. chuck t. bell and the weather.
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what's going on? >> shiver me timbers. 9 above. the windchill in arlington, 7 above. one below zero, the current temperature in martinsburg. the windchill will impact your plans in a big way today. may be a little harder to get your car started up. i'd recommend warming it up. kids, you may want to limit your outdoor exposure at the bus stop this morning. afternoon windchills will be about 10 degrees. temperatures will be taking a tumble. all right. so out the door you go for your commute. windy and cold. temperatures in the 20s. don't expect much of an improvement at all. when i see you in ten minutes, you'll have the first chance for accumulating snow. don't get your snowmen's names out yet. think about it. >> we talk about it a lot. right now at sycamore street in
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southeast, again, that section is shut shut down because we have some downed live wires. we have a traffic repair that popped up. overall, prince george's county, don't have any problems. 395 south at edsel, still have that disabled vehicle. we'll see you back in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. it's 5:14. happening today, using dr. king's legacy. >> aand we're monitoring wh "washington post" reporter
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i'm meagan fitzgerald with
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news from the live dusk. a suspect shot and killed someone and took off the police cruiser. a man and woman have been taken into custody. the name of that officer has not yet been released. >> reporter: i'm derrick ward at fedex field in landover. they talk about one of the ways of observing the martin luther king holiday is having a day on instead of day off. they're organizing to stop the violence. there's rally that's supposed to start here. the parking lots are going to open at 7:00 a.m. it's called the stop the violence march. it begins itself at 10:00 a.m. after the rally at fedex field in the parking lot. the org pfizers are expecting or hoping for 20,000 people to show up. they've had good attendance in the past year. the mayor is going to be leading off this. it's being sponsored by folks
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involved in the community here. the march is going to take place from here over to the jericho city of praise where there will be a forum starting at noon. they're expecting people to come out and observe this day as a day on, a day of service instead of just a day off. at fedex field, i'm derrick ward. back to you. >> thanks, derrick. developing this morning, one of five americans released from iran released back home. matthew trevithnick back in boston overnight. he was a separate release. he was detained for 40 days. as for four other americans, three are recovering in a u.s. hospital in germany right now. they were receiving medical and psychological evaluations and then they'll head back home. one of them, "washington post" reporter jason rezaian was held
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for more than 500 days. he talked to the paper saying, police let everybody know my "post" family is high on my list and said, quote, i'm a helluva lot better than i was 48 hours ago. a senior administration official told nbc news that the u.s. citizens who, quote, wished to depart iran have left. well, leaders at prince william county schools have tried to ease concerns of threats at three of their schools. they're taking part in a community town hall meeting at 7:00 tonight. violent threats were found on bathroom walls at woodbridge, gar-field, and forest park high schools. police say none of the threats were credible. crews are starting to bring down the old "washington post" building. 15 and l streets will be affect. the l street sidewalk and curb
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lane will be closed off for the next two and a half years. when construction is complete in 2018, it will be the new home of fannie mae. a french man has died after taking part in an experimental drug driel. five others are also in the hospital. he was left pain dead after taking part in a trial for painkillers. according to the hospital three other individuals have suffered irreversible brain damage. police have launched a manslaughter investigation into this case. the time right now, 5:21. we want to check in with chuck. he has more on the weekend forecast, which includes keeping an eye on a possible snowstorm. >> that's right. it's a little too early to put out a forecast. the snow over or under is 4. there's a long way to go between now and then. but that's what i'm thinking on
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a monday morn. that's friday night into saturday issues is a long time between now and then. in the meantime it's weather alert day because of the extreme cold we have. afternoon highs will stay in the mid to upper 20s. the real issue, daytime windchills will stay in the numbers to around 10. make efforts to protect pipes, people, and pets. make sure you leave drips going in the outdoor spigots and faucets. make sure they're draining. use our hotline if you see someone suffering in the cold. snow showers, those are all gone. i saw a couple of light snowflakes way early this morning. current windchills, wow, in the single numbers. 9, the current temperature in falls church. the kids will need everything they've got. the warmest hat, gloves, socks, coat. you name it.
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no improvement. this is at 5:00. only 12 in washington. by the time you get toward 9:30 tonight, windchills going back down near zero and by start-off time tomorrow morning, subzero windchills likely all over the dmv. so this is not a cold. it's going to be in and out. this is the kind of cold that sticks around. the forecast for today, temperatures holding in the 20s, but windchills holding between about 5 and 15 all day and going back to zero by 8:00 tonight and into tomorrow morning. i mentioned the fact it's going to be our first cold week in a long time. the coldest will be today and tomorrow but still plenty of cold air coming. by tomorrow morning we'll be mostly in the teens. tomorrow, another chilly day, only in the 20s. and as we head toward your weekend, yes, indeed, a chance for significant snow. friday night into saturday. we'll be keeping very close eye on that by sunday. temperatures back up close enough to 40 degrees to get melting in place.
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we'll boil it down in ten minutes. melissa, tell us what we need to know. >> we're still shun down at sycamore street. this is, of course, a big issue because of the downed wires and the parade we're expecting in a couple of hours. as far as the parade goes, here is what is supposed to happen. martin luther king jr. peace walker, rolling closures from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. again, blue and yellow single line tracking. that's because of an unscheduled track repair. as farr as the rest of metro, opening at 5:00, closing at midnight. parking is free because of a holiday. we're on schedule. vre is not running today. northbound and southbound, we don't have any issues. i'll see you in a few. i felt real desperate trying to get the girl out because i felt like she was my family too.
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a woman's rescue is bringing a important safety reminder to light. a heroic neighbor saved a woman trapped inside her burning home she was asleep when it started yesterday morning. the neighbor held off flames with garden hose until firefighters pulled her out. >> when they brought her out, we saw she was there and started moving and coughing and they took her right away to the hospital. well, the woman had second degree burns over 40% of her body and smoke inhalation. fire detectives say her smoke detector was not working. they went door to door and found five without working detextures and they installed new ones. three days of morning after a deadly terror attack. on saturday al qaeda stormed a luxury hotel and killed 28 people. an american mission worker died
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in that attack. they will step up security at the borders and in the capital. police in upstate new york are piecing together three deaths near a college. two men and a woman were found dead inside a home near suny janice yeo yesterday. that's not far from rochester. police found a knife at the scene and two are students. another was a former student. police have not rye leased any other details or what may have lead to their deaths. >> police are look for a woman linked to a shooting that killed one police officer and left his partner injured. you're looking at the video from salt lake city. they were walking away from a crash when the suspects exchanged fire. it's not clear what led up to the shooting. the officer is in stable condition. it's 5:26. right now another drop. the nikkei index is down about
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2%. it's another down day after stocks plunged last week and have been slow to start the year. however, we're not going to know how it affects american markets until tomorrow. wall street is closed for the holidays today. we're following several developments in 2016 this morning including the reaction that continues to pour in after last night's debate. what republicans are saying about their democratic rivals. we also learned overnight the gop's top contender is in our region today. where donald trump will campaign later. and we're seeing dangerous windchills on this weather alert day. here's a live look outside. how long will this weather stick around? "storm team 4" meteorologist
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get ready for two alert days. if you're just turning on your television this morning, take a look at the current windchills. really cold out there. it feels like it's in the single digits. talk about a close call. what one prince george's county man was doing that nearly killed his neighbor. and dumping trump. the ban th what they're taking up to ban him. good morning. i'm eun yang. >>nd i'm angie goff in for
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aaron. chuck bell is standing by with the weather. >> good morning, angie and eun. good morning, everybody. we're in weather alert because of the dangerous cold windchills. you'll need extra warmth and you're going the need to limit your time in the a great outdoors if you can. temperatures below freezing and we're watching very, very carefully for what could be our significant snow chance. that arrives friday night into saturday. long way to go between now and then. temperatures are going nowhere fast. there's your hourly planner. temperatures will stay only in the low to mid-20s today. again, that's only half the story. windchills will stay down mostly in the single digits. don't be fooled. 28 today. that doesn't sound too bad. even when we get to our daily highs, windchills down to 10 degrees. and it's monday. >> it is cold and it's monday. we shouldn't have to be dealing with this kind of thing. taking a look at the beltway, the beltway looks good, nice and green. with don't have any issues on the beltway.
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as we go to 66 and 95, i want to show you again we're okay there as well. taking a live look at southeast. we have weiers down. again, this is along the parade route for today. they were trying to get these fixed and out of the way for the parade we have rolling closers between malcolm x and south capital. 270 looking guard, northbound-southbound. don't have any problems. live look coming up. we have driven costs down in the lowest they have been in 50 years. now we have to get individual costs down. >> the fight over the future of health care. it picks up with tracie potts live on capitol hill. good morning. what are the big take away? >> bernie sanders. he had a lot of people following him.
5:33 am
if you want changes, bernie sanders is the person they're looking at. >> it's classic. lever lugsary versus prime a cyst. you do see that? >> right. how many times did we hear president obama pulled us out of recession, president obama saved health care for millions of americans. if you like the way president obama has been running things, then it was clear last night hillary clinton is probably the person you're looking at. but then you've got bernie sanders who wants to shake things up a bit. yeah, obamacare is good and i was on the committee that helped to write that but we're being ripped off and as a result, we need to make some changes. >> trying to differentiate himself for sure. let's talk a little bit about
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the reaction on social media. republican candidates noticeably quiet this morning, especially donald trump. >> that's interesting. no tweets from donald trump about this debate? that's unusual. ted cruz, if you look at the top candidates, ted cruz and marco rubio, he tweeted a bumper sticker that hillary clinton should be disqualified as candidate because of the fbi investigation into her e-mails. he said this over and over again. we heard it in the republicans' debate. there was an interesting tweet by ted cruz where he linked youtube videos of donald trump where he said over and over and over how much he likes hillary clinton. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. today the british parliament is deciding whether to ban gop front-runner donald trump. it surface last year after donald trump proposed banning
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all muslims from the u.s. cameron was against keeping him out. the republican front run ler speak at liberty university this morning. some students are planning a demonstration. they believe donald trump should not have been invited to speak on martin luther king jr. day base odden what they see as moral incompassabilikocompaspat trump and king. senator cruze has a bus tore in new hampshire. clinton has a campaign in iowa and bernie sanders will travel to alabama for an mlk day event. and i'm meagan fitzgerald here at the live desk. the u.s. senate will require new legislation requiring a screening process for syrians and iraqi refugees wanting in to the u.s. it passed back in notch but it's
5:36 am
expected to have a harder time making tliet e ining it to the . either way, president obama has vowed to veto the bill. back to you. >> thank you, meagan. there is a big pro-gun effort happening today in richmond. it's part of the annual gun lobby day. they're pushing for gun laws today. the gathering could bring protesters in the wake of recent mass shootings. a maryland family really thankful they were not hurt after this. a neighbor was cleaning his shotgun when it accidentally went off. you can see right there the pellets went right through the bedroom wall. there were even more homes in the bathroom. the homeowner was in her room combing her daughter's hair. she didn't want her identity on
5:37 am
tv. >> it was scary. you could see all the holes. >> the neighbor apologized and offered to pay for the damage. prince george's county police asked him to remove the gun from the home and he did. the helicopter carrying haley jar dis's brother crashed into another helicopter on thursday. a searchdy not uncover any of the helicopters or marines. 5:37. negotiations will start today that would bring two nfl teams to los angeles. owners are weighing the possibility of a joint stadium. they approved it from l.a. last week. back here at the live desk we're learned that investigators are still on scene of that shooting in falls church. now, police say just within the last couple of hours a man was
5:38 am
shot in the shoulder. he managed to make his way to a local business where he was able to call 911 for help, but investigators are still looking for that suspect. they're asking anyone with information about this case to contact police right away.
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in "news4 your health," governor larry hogan would be able to get ventilators. they're looking to secure more ventilators should an epidemic arrive. right now south florida is dealing with massive storm damage. take a look. two toernltds hit south of tampa over the weekend. it caused flooding, toppled trees, and downed power lines. caused a lot of damage to homes. two were killed and many in the hospital. roofs were blown off buildings. this caused millions in damages. >> now we're talking about some dangerous cold temperatures and windchills. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell on this weather alert day. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. it's indeed a very cold start. a moderate to high impact on your plans today.
5:42 am
weather alert mode for sure. we'll be sending out more frequent update on all of our social media platforms including our page and most importantly download the app. it's going to be a long cold week. layer up the kids and limit the amount of time outside. temperatures will stay below freezing all day and windchills will stay in the single numbers all day. the mention of weekend snow. that's in ten minutes. here's melissa with a look at traf snook as promised you can see we don't have any problems northbound or southbound. talking about travel times, 270 south, it's going to take you 11 minutes. outer loop, 270. 66 into town. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. >> thanks, melissa. virginia lawmakers take up a controversial measure. it all has to do with which
5:43 am
restroom your kids use at school. what they're trying to decide next. recess, four times day. the school district says less time in the classroom is actually helping students learn.
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good morning, evening. it's a cold day. windy and cold. extremely dry weather outside. you'll need your heaviest coat and moisturizer to stay safe today. how's the metro station? >> looking a lot better. blue and yellow lines no longer single tracking. remember mlk jr. avenue at sycamore where the parade is scheduled to start, we still have wires down. the road is still blocked. i'm david culver coming to
5:47 am
you live. this is the mlk peace walk and parade route. as chuck bell mentioned, freezing temperatures. i want to show you this map. this is how the route is going to go and how it might affect you if you're heading out and about in this area. it's going take you down mlk avenue and go to lucky elementary school. it will be closed until 3:00. any roads leading up to mlk avenue could be closed at that time. there will be rolling closures, according to police. thousands are expected with can tell you from years past. they're coming here and really hoping their generations, older generations can pass onto younger generation as what is the message of dr. martin luther king jr. the parade will start at 11:00 this morning and will include mayor muriel bowser. she'll be out here as well.
5:48 am
folks expected out here. that's the latest live from the southeast. i'm david culver, "news4." >> thanks, david. 5:44. this developing story out of the state of michigan in the city of flint. the reverend jesse jackson held a rally calling the water situation a disaster. they have found lead in it since they changed their supply in 2014. jackson blamed the governor. >> they knew what was going to happen and somebody made a big trade off and the people of flint have been betrayed. >> lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against snyder and the state. the town can receive as much as $5 million in federal aid to deal with this crisis. there was a shoot-out in the middle of a neighborhood in
5:49 am
stauf ford do stafford county. it happened on providence in northern stafford. there were 30 rounds of bullets. some ended up in cars and a townhouse. no one was hurt. police identified two involved but they're looking for two others. controversy over a state supreme judge position in virginia. senator glen sturtevant will support judge roush. he said she's highly qualified and should stay on the bench. she was temporarily appointed in summer. virginia republicans have tried to unseat her in favor of supreme court appeals judge rossie alston jr. 5:49 now. two men from woodbridge were arrested friday. joseph farrokh was stopped at an
5:50 am
airport in richmond. police say he was trying to go to syria to join isis. the friend who drove him is also facing charges. >> there is a massive effort go find a missing toddler in tennessee. >> can't give up. there's a 2-year-old out there and it's cold. we've tot get this baby home. >> 2-year-old noah chamberlain wandered away three days ago. he had been walking in the woods with his grandmother and 4-year-old sister. thousands of police and volunteers have been searching around the clock. they're hopeful they will find him. north korea is flooding south carolina with propaganda leaflets. they launched a million booklets by balloon in the country. the south has been blasted by progress began da from loud speakers toward the north border at the beginning of the month. that's when north koreans claimed they tested hydrogen
5:51 am
bombs. a baby born in hey has become the first u.s. child born with the zika virus. there's a spike in the number of newborns with micro sefly. that birth defect results in small heads and brains. the vie was was transmitted by mosquitos. there's now a travel advisory for pregnant women to avoid brazil and ten other countries. brazil is the epicenter of this recent outbreak with 4,000 cases in the past year. good morning, everybody. welcome to monday. welcome to a weather alert day. and welcome to what is going to be one of the most wintry weeks of the winter of all things. cold temperatures have dived in on a strong northwest wind. air temperatures during the afternoon will stay below freezing. most of all the windchills during the day will be not much above ten degrees. make efforts to protect people,
5:52 am
pipes, and pets. bring your pets inside and make sure all the outdoor spigots are cut off and drained. if you see someone out in the cold, call the hypothermia hotline and make sure someone can get some help. we saw showers blast through here. didn't nearly accumulate much but it wasn't up to much. you may wake up and see a little bit of remnant snow on the ground from the overnight flurries. no real serious accumulations, but the wind, that's going to be a problem all day today. current windchills are down in the single digits. there's not much in the way of improvement coming. only in the low and mid-20s even with plenty of sunshine and those winds will average 20 to 30 miles an hour through the day, tonight and tomorrow. so the future feels like here's 5:00 this afternoon. single numbers and teens. by 9:30 tonight, down close to zero. by wakeup time. subzero. windchills will be all over the region some of be ready for a
5:53 am
very cold start again tomorrow. here's your whole seven-day forecast. no accumulation there. but between friday night and saturday, that's our first best chance of accumulating snow. coming up at 6:01, i'll let you know the timing on that. i'll give you my first estimate of the over/under snow. that's in ten minutes. melissa mollet, a check let's check on traffic, please. >> that's where the route is for the peace walk and parade this morning. rolling closures will be happening between malcolm x and south capitol street between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. they're trying to get that out testify way. blue and yellow lines, no longer single-tracking achlt big look at the beltway. everybody behaving themselves. fourth and nicholson street northwest, we have a tree across
5:54 am
the roadway on a car so through that neighborhood you're not going to be able to get through. the cdc identified 16 topics they say should be part of the classes. they include the benefits of abstinence, the importance of using condoms consistently and correctly and help with consequences. right now few schools do it. this shows a jittery bride right before her wedding turning to her service dog for comfort. the wedding fundraiser captured this precious moment between the bride and her service dog bella. bella helps velly any time she gets anxious or is on the verge of having a pang attack. >> she was putting finishing touches on it. putting her necklace on. she was getting a little
5:55 am
anxious. her mom said how are you doing r you okay and she asked for a minute alone with bella. after that sweet moment she and bella headed down the aisle. the dog was actually the flower girl, bella and her owner have been together for three years. what a friendship. so sweet. now we want to take you to a consumer alert. exclusive nbc news investigation. there are new concerns that general motors' recall and repairs to the chevy cobalt may not have fixed the problem. they recalled cars in 2014 to repair a safety defect in its ignition switches. there there have been complaints from customers that even after having the cars fixed they have problems. that leads them to wonder if the ignition switch was really the issue. >> did the switch really fix the problem? are there other issues.
5:56 am
gm acknowledged that some of its customers have been reporting stalling problems in their repaired recalled cars. they told nbc news their engineers have inspected 50 other cars that found no connection between ignition repairs and stalling instances. >> ride sharing apps including uber and lyft seem to be cutting down on drunk driving deaths in virginia. he cited new data kriegt alcohol related deaths dropped down 22%. that's down 56% from 2014. he'lcontinue to collect day to see if there's a direct correlation. there's an effort to pass a bill. it would require every bathroom would be designed for one's gender. it would be based on their gender or anatomy. now, if this pass, violators
5:57 am
could be fined up to $50. the virginia aclu says the bill deprives transgender virginians of human and legal rights. it's 5:57. elementary students are getting plenty of play time in texas. they have recess not once, not between, but four time days. they're trying a new program baseded on on schools in finlan. they say the extra recess replaces an estimated one to two hours of distracted class time. the trial will take place over the next three years. >> a weather alert day right now as we deal with the coldest conditions that we've seen in our area in nearly a year. look at the flag right there flapping in the wind. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell has what you need to know to stay safe and when you'll see the worst of it where you live.
5:58 am
we're hearing from jason rezaian after he was freed from
5:59 am
good morning. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell.
6:00 am
weather alert. be careful. stay safe, ebb. it's dangerously cold. temperatures down. there's nothing in way of improvement for the next 24 to 48 hour am complete check of the forecast just ahead. you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> heat deed bait this morning. things becoming more contentious between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders as the iowa caucuses draw closer. and just in, dramatic new video as we catch our first glimpse of this. the crash landing by spacex rocket. what the founder of the company is blaming for the accident. get ready for some of the coldest days we receive all winter. d.c.'s human department services is putting out its coldest plan for tomorrow. we're in for dangerous single-didn't windchills 678 let's get right to chuck bell who's


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