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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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weather alert. be careful. stay safe, ebb. it's dangerously cold. temperatures down. there's nothing in way of improvement for the next 24 to 48 hour am complete check of the forecast just ahead. you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> heat deed bait this morning. things becoming more contentious between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders as the iowa caucuses draw closer. and just in, dramatic new video as we catch our first glimpse of this. the crash landing by spacex rocket. what the founder of the company is blaming for the accident. get ready for some of the coldest days we receive all winter. d.c.'s human department services is putting out its coldest plan for tomorrow. we're in for dangerous single-didn't windchills 678 let's get right to chuck bell who's tracking our forecast.
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hey, chuck. >> good morning. current windchills across the region. 5 above. only one above winchester. now 1 below the windchill in hagerstown. in the next 24 hour, very little if anything in the way of improvement. windy and cold. you saw how low the windchills are now. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, temperature 15 with a windchill at or below zero. limit your outdoor activities. make sure you have your pets inside if you can. even if they're not necessarily all indoor pets and the next thing we're watching out for, cold in place now late in the week. what hooks now like an increasing chance for our first significant snowfall of the winter season. we'll keep you closely postened -- posted on that. here's melissa mollet with
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traffic. >> closed at w street in the northeast. there's reportedly a fire hee. we do have an apparatus shutting things down on brentwood right now. taking a look at another closure. mlk avenue at sycamore street southeast, again, this is a problem because this is where the parade is scheduled to happen from 11:00 to 3:00 this afternoon wchl very wires down behind ta police car. taking a look at metro, opening at 5:00, closing at midnight because of the holiday. parking is free. that's a bit of a relief for folks. no vre today. >> thank you, melissa. you heard chuck bell say it's going to be ar have cold day today. many of you plan to brave the cold temperature s s to attend march today. "news4's" derrick ward is live at fed iks field with more on today's march. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in a few hours folks are expected to meet.
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there's going to be a rally here as well followed by that march. joining me now is eugene grant, mayor of the city. tell me what you hope to accomplish by this march. this is just the beginning of something, isn't it? >> most definitely. this is a march to stop the violence. our theme, one voice, stop the violence. just last month a 6-year-old girl was murdered in landover, maryland. this foolishness has got to stop. prince george's county residents are coming together at fedex field to say stop the violence. >> reporter: you say it's a social issue as well as mental illness. >> obviously a sickness when you're killing a 6-month-old child. when you're beating on your spouse or road rage issues. we believe it's the beginning of a new day for folks in prince george's county.
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>> reporter: thank you. they're expecting at least a couple thousand field. we're live at fedex field. derrick ward, nusz 4. >> thanks, derrick. this morning workers will block traffic for better pay. they'll march. they plan to stop traffic on the cut bridge. they're asking for $15 an hour and the right for every worker to join the union. 6:04. prince george's county schools are responding to threats. they're taking part in a community town hall meeting at st. matthews lutheran church in woodbridge. police say none of the threats was credible. now, turning to decision 2016. donald trump is speak on campus.
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some will demonstrate. they believe he should not be allowed to speak on martin luther king jr. day based on what they see as moral incokoco incompatibility between trump and king. >> i think what she says is very disingenuous. >> if donald trump wants to start a registry in our country of people by faith, he can start with me. >> you received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> there were three on the starjs but two, hillary clinton and bernie sanders consider dominating the presidential debate at the iowa caucuses. their differences in gun control came up early in the debate. clinton blasted the vermont senator over what she said was
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repeated opposition to gun safety measures. he demanded instant background checks for gun buyers. >> i have a d-minus with the nra. >> he voted for what we call the charleston loophole and voted for what the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years. >> the two spar over the future of health care as well and former govnor martin o'malley, he barely qualified for the debate. data show he got about half the speaking time clinton and sanders did. now, an nbc news "wall street journal" poll gave clinton the head in the debate. check it out. 59% say they would choose clinton. keep in mind it shows that the race between sanders and clinton is much closer.
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6:07. three americans are waking up in germany free after a prisoner swap in iran. you're looking at pictures what when saeed abedini, amir hekmati, and jason rezaian left the plane. those three are receiving medical and psychological evaluationses, some years after being detained. rezaian was health for more than 500 days. he'll head back here once he heads home. he told everyone at the "post," please let everyone know i'll be back aerchld is high on my list. another american matthew trevithnick has already arrived in boston. it's not clear where the fifth american nostratollah khosravi is this morning. i'm watching a developing story in the middle east after
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american civilians are missing in iraq. i'm meagan fitzgerald. what the state department is saying about the situation. live desk next. live desk next. blift
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i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk where we're following americans missing at the embassy. late last night they said three were missing from baghdad, but now we're learning they're only saying some.
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a dubai-based news service reports they were kidnapped taken by militants. no one has taken responsibility at this point, but the state department says it's actively working to locate the civilians. eun? >> thank you, meagan. new video shows a major setback in relanding a rocket from space. a rocket exploded after landing. take a look. the rocket had just delivered an ocean-monitoring satellite into orbit. elon musk reporting that a piece from wouch the rocket's legs did not latch, leading to that blast. icing from lift-off may be to blame. good morning, everyone. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell. windchills l stay in the single digits, around 10. windchills will drop back down
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to below zero. right now it feels like 5 above in washington and 1 below in hagerstown, so the morning and afternoon commute, no problems but windy and cold. temperatures will stay below freezing all day long and there's a chance for significant snow. we'll talk more about that with the seven-day forecast in ten minutes. for now, 270 troubles with melissa mollet. trouble at 270 northbound. we had a car fire blocking the right side. also northbound b.r. parkway at 198, we had a crash on the right side as well. we're going to keep an eye on both of them for you. as far as travel time goes southbound from german town to the beltway, it's going to take you 11 minutes as it should. top of it going to take 9 minutes. taking a look in virginia, it's rolling just fine. 95 north quantico to the beltway is fine as well. remember to listen to our friends on wtop forthe latest problems when you hop into your
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car. an accident sent pellets flying through her home. now one woman is talking about the fear she's dealing with after that close call. first, a new warning about the use of antibiotics. the common illness doctors now say the drug is
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we're preparing you for the weather conditions. the wind you seeing blowing the flag on the building is a big reason why it feels like the single digits outside right now.
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it's the coldest morning we've had in nearly a year. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with how long the cold will be a factor and a look at the weekend at 6:21. >> i felt real desperate trying to get the girl out because i feel like she was my family too. >> a heroic rescue in temple hills and an important reminder for all of us. fast action and compassion led a man to help a woman in a burning home. she was sleeping in her basement. the neighbor held off the flames with a garden hose until the firefighters could pull the woman out. >> when they brought it oher ou she started moving and coughing and they took her right away to the hospital. >> she did suffer smoke inhalation and second-degree burns over 40% of her body. they say her smoke detector was not working. then the fire detectives went door to door and found five more
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homes without working smoke detectors and they installed new ones. falls church police say three people were shot before 2:00 at the intersection of north washington street and north park place. the shooting happened in a parking lot. that's according to police. at least one person has non-life-threatening injuries. we're told another drove himself to the hospital. fairfax county police are asking for your help to find a peeping tom. there have been several incidents in the last few weeks. i all happied ney they all happened between gloucester and giles streets. they say he's in his late teens, early 20s. he looks in people's homes and then taking off. the u.s. geological survey says a 3.0 magnitude earthquake
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hit loudoun area near harpers ferry yesterday. they say it occurred three miles under the earth's surface. no damage was reported. imagine needing help, calling 911, and then you get no answer. they called for help after a man collapsed. the 911 operator was too busy ordering a pizza. >> i thought there would be more than one person answering the phone. i can't believe there was just the one lady. >> pretty unreal. well, that pizza order went on for about eight more minutes. what is wrong with people. the 911 operator asks for topping options and prices. she said she acknowledge shed should have picked up the emergency call. she was given a letter of reprimand. >> unbelievable. 6:19. advice this morning. watch how many antibiotics you take. researchers say taking antibiotics for something as
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simple as a sore throat can build resistance to medicine. 60% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary or inappropriate totally $3 billion in excess costs. this data comes from the american college of physicians and centers for disease control and prevention. we're learning children who survive traumatic experiences before they're 5 may have a hard e time in school. scientists from rutgers university found children who struggled in math and reading and were often more aggressive toward other children. research says support from a consistent caregiver can help koub ter act negative experiences from experiences. take a look at what happened at this basketball game between oregon state beavers and the utah us. do you see that? a beeshers player appears to intentionally put his foot out to trip the ref. he receive and automatic rejection and lost the game in the end.
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the beavers coach said he would look into what happened. back here. nats fans will take a look to see whether they're going to be racing presidents this year. i want to be calvin. he looks like polly walnut. more than 50 people tried out. they had to run two races and perform a free-style dance. you've got to have skills. >> that is no easy job and the balance you have to have. >> i used to be chuck e. cheese. those things heat up. >> goodness gracious. i love this story. >> me too. >> a picture from an indiana target is going viral for all the right reasons. >> we've all had the run-in when you go to the store and there's a dreaded lock line who's in a rush. that happened to one woman but instead of getting angry she witnessed a cashier to take time to help an elderly woman.
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the elderly woman paid with change. she answered every question with yes, ma'am and took the time and helped her with change. when she was done the older woman thanked the customer and the cashier for her patience. the mom was with her child and realized this was a beautiful teaching moment and her child was watching and felt the kindness of the cashier. it was a great moment. it has been shared 21,000 times. >> something we can all learn when we're in a rush. let's check in with chuck bell. >> you're going have layer up this morning. your heavy coats and your scarves and your gloves and mittens and all that stuff. you may need moisturer. any skpoers of of skin, the air
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is extremely dry. chapped lips and hands in these conditions. very cold. windchill numbers all day today. did have a light coating of snow late last night between mind and 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. all that's gone. don't be surprised to see a little later of snowflakes out there. nothing on "storm team 4" radar at the moment. current windchills are down at 5 above in washington. 1 below in guy thursdaybug. 1 below winchester. as you plan out your day, temperatures in the teens and low 20s this morning and not much of a rise in temperatures tore. we'll stay in the teens. no break from the cold and even tonight, the wind normally lays down when the sun sets. that's not going to be the case in this particular pattern. chill's there about 10:00 above between 6:00 and 8:00 and close to zero between 8:00 and 10:00.
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here's the way future windchills are working then. by early this afternoon, windchills about 12 above. by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, getting close to zero. back down near zero by 11:00. early tomorrow morning once again. subzero windchills. tomorrow not much of an improvement at all. staying below freezing. your seven-day forecast is a cold one today and tomorrow. a little bit milder wednesday. a chance for flurries late wednesday night. that's not going to be a big deal. friday night into saturday, that will be our first chance of significant snow this winter. we're going to be watching this carefully. the track is going to be critically important with this. it may start as a rain/snow mix. that will make for forecasting the amounts a real wild-car car. we'll be watching out for that. melissa mollet. it's been tough this morning. >> it has. we'll talk about the first one. northbound b.w. parkway. the crash blocking the left side
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of the parkway.n't have any right now. mlk jr., still have those wires down. problem there. that's because that's where the parade is supposed to happen. back in 10 minutes. >> melissa, thank you. 6:25. parts of southwest florida cleaning up after two tornados hit south of tampa and did all this. the weekend storms brought flooding, toppled trees, downed lots of power lines. at least two people were killed and several others were in the hospital right now. we're learning more about an officer shot and killed in the line of duty. they say officer doug barney was a father of three. he dooit died yet. a man walking away from the
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scene opened fire hitting barney in the head. the gunfire also hit his partner three times. it's not clear what caused the shoot-out. this morning the recovering officer is in stable position. back at the live desk we're following new out of france. france president francois hollande laid out a number of proposals. his plan includes loosening work-friendly measures. he hopes that encourages companies to hire. he mentioned new training for 500,000 workers. hollande says it will not affect the 35-hour workweek. eun? >> thank you, meagan. new concerns about general motors cars that were already the focus of the major recall. the complaints from drivers that may trigger a new investigation. and still have this problem in the district that is blocking the route for the mlk day
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parade. wires down. full details coming up. these windchills may have you thinking you woke up in minnesota, not d.c. but they're very much the real deal out there. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bull belle has four things to know about the w
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right now we're preparing you for the dangerous conditions outside. strong winds are to blame for a significant windchill at this hour. no matter where you live, you're not seeing mump relief right now. most of you will step outside to windchills in the single digits. "news4's" david culver is tracking these planned mlk plans and how they're impacting them. >> first chuck bell with four things you need too know.
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>> good morning, angy and eun. off to a quiet start. here's what you need to know on a windchill monday. they'll send out push alerts. check out the app. get that downloaded. ite dpoung be a significant week as a chance for snow comes our way friday into saturday. first things first, dangerous temperatures. high temperatures staying below freezing. currently it's a windchill of nigh news 1. a very cold day outside and no relief in the cold coming any time soon. staying below freezing today and below freezing tomorrow as well. we'll give your what to wear and talking about the snow conditions. for now let's go out to david culver who's standing live with the most cold we receive in a long time. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, chuck. it is cold out here, no question. good idea to bundle up as you mentioned. we're out here ahead of the mlk peace walk and parade. that's going to kick off at 1 17k this morning.
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folks are going to gather between 9:00 and 10:30. i want to give you an idea of the route we're talking about. about a mile and a half to lucky elementary school. that's going to be causing some closures. melissa mollet will have more on that. first, this is chance for the older generations to give the younger generations to give them an idea what dr. king's message is. they hope this parade will do just that, an opportunity to share and spread his message. mayor muriel bowser among those out here. as i mentioned, it all starts at 11:00. melissa, as far a road closures are concerned, you have a better idea what's going to be happening there. >> as you said, david, we have a big section at mlk avenue that will be here partially shut down. again, for the peace walk and parade w're talking rolling road
6:33 am
closures between malcolm x and capitol south. they triering to get this fixed. wires down at sycamore street right where david is. 270 north at 80, a vehicle fire there and then taking a look here at northbound b.w. parkway, a crash blocking that left side. eun? >> thanks, melissa. 6:33. the first family will take part in service projects in d.c. for martin luther king day. we don't know where they'll be today but this is video from last year. president and mrs. obama assembled literacy kiss at the boys and girls club. there will be a wreath laying at mlk memorial. it ee located at 1964
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independence avenue. it's a direct reverence to the act, a role dr. king was implea mental in passing. trains will run every 12 minutes. it will close at its normal time, that is, at midnight. parking will free at all metro operated facilities. and we do have a complete list of the community service projects happening around our area today in hop of martin luther king day. check out the nbc washington app for that list. the search continues for 12 missing marines in hawaii. two helicopters each carries six marines went down off oahu's north shore late thursday. high surf and rough waters have made the search and rescue efforts very difficult. the brother of the reigning miss district of columbia is among the missing marines.
6:35 am
j jardisis missing. 30 bullets launched inside cars in stafford county. detectives from the sheriff's office believe two groups were shooting at one another. no one was hurt. police have identified two. no one was hurt, but they're looking for two others. >> a close call as a neighbor was cleaning his shotgun and the gun accidentally went off. it went right through the holes. there were more in the bathroom. the homeowner was combing her daughter's hair moments before the gunfire. she doesn't want her identity shown on tv. >> any accident could have cost anydy their life. that's pretty scary. >> the neighbor apologized and offered to pay for the damage. prince george's county police asked him to remove the gun from his home and he complied.
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new controversy in virginia. state senator glen sturtevant will go against fellow republicans in favor of judge jane roush. she was appointed be governor terry mcauliffe this past summer. republicans have been trying to unset her in favor of supreme court appeals judge rossie alston jr. using martin luther king jr. day to help their mission. how it could impact you. >> you're going to need to grab your warmest layers if you're stepping outside. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell is helping with the conditions if you're heading to school. also ahead, the popular horse drawn carriages in new york may not be going away after all. the new deal that could keep them on the streets. them on the streets. your time right
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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skra now to a consumer alert. there are new concerns that general motors' recall and repairs to the chevy cobalt may not have fixed the problem. they recalled 2.6 million cars in 2014 to repair a safety defect in the ignition switches. there have been complaints from kplers that even after having the cars fixed they counted having stalling problems. they addressed the complaints but haven't found a relationship between them. it looks like you'll still be able to take a carriage ride if you visit new york.
6:41 am
mayor de blasio threatened to stop them. horses will be housed in a new facility and the council will have to approve the new deal. as a horse would say, it's waaaaay cold outside. 1 below in hagerstown and winchester and only 5 above the current feels like factor in washington. what to wear today, your heaviest coat, warmest hat, thick socks, hand insulators. don't forget hand moiz icered on your hands. anything exposed may chap. 20s now and 20s later this afternoon. a check on the new traffic troubles on the inbound routes with melissa. >> traffic troubles right now. take a look at what's behind me. we have a 2 1/2-mile backup at b.w. parkway.
6:42 am
the crash blocking the left side. if you're headed that way this morn, you may have a bit of delay. as far as delays on m.a.r.c., we're 20 minutes behind right now. that's a d.c. departure. 270 southbound from sermontown the spur is okay. so is the top of the beltway. 66 and 95. breaking his silence after the end of his captivity in iran. what "washington post" reporter jason rezaian is saying as he recovers in germany. >> you received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> three were on stage but only two were the focus of a democratic debate. the moment that has people
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right now we're preparing you for bitter cold conditions as you wake up on the coldest day of the year. >> we want to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. we start with mert chuck bell. hey, chuck. >> good morning indeed. it's very cold and windy. here's how it's going stay. future windchills, at 11:00 a.m.,j'l3 it's going feel like
6:46 am
above. when they come home after school it will feel like 11 above and when you're coming home from work, it will feel like 6 above. the cold is going nowhere. it could lead to a significant snow chance. a crash blocking the left side. you can see a 2 1/2-mile delay. it is very slow this morning. >> thank you, melissa. despite the weather, we expect thousands of people to show up for a community march in prince george's county. it's called the "stop the violence" march. "news4's" derrick ward is live with the message they're hoping to spread today. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: indeed they plan to be here starting at 7:00. they'll open the parking lots in landover. there will be a rally around 10:00, 10:30, and then a march over to the jericho city.
6:47 am
it tells part of the story. there have been two homicides. compare it to the 79 before that, 54 before that. the trend is going the wrong way. behind each of the numbers is a life lost and perhaps even tear in the fabric of this community. that's what they hope to start healing. they hope this will be a start aimed at a holistic approach to ending violence, resolutions that people will deal with peacefully instead of violently. that all gets under way for their observance of the holiday. we're live here. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. 6:47. today they'll block traffic in honor of better pay. it will be toward independence avenue southwest. they plan to stop traffic on the kutz bridge around 12:30. they're asking for $15 an hour.
6:48 am
it's 6:47. and leaders at prince william county schools, they're trying to ease concerns. they're taking part in a community town hall meeting at st. matthews community church. that's in woodbridge. violence was found on woodbridge, garfield and forest park high schools. police say none of the threats were indeed credible. snoot the big developing story. the five americans freed from iran. you're looking at video from when three of them arrived from germany. they'll undergo medical and psychological evaluations at a u.s. military hospital there. one of those americans, "washington post" reporter jason rezaian, who was detained for more than 500 days, we're already hearing from him. he talked to the post saying, quote, i'm a helluva lot better than i was 48 hours ago. he also said, quote.
6:49 am
please let everybody know my "post" family is high on my list. a fourth freed american arrived in boston and a fifth was not on the flight. it's not clear where he is. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk where we're following reports of multi. americans missing in iraq right now. the state department and iraqi security forces say they're actively working to find the civilians right now. they report that the americans were kidnapped, taken by militias in baghdad. we're working to find out how many are missing. originally we heard three were missing. now we're hearing several. right now no one has taken responsibility. >> thank you, meagan. at 6:49, a controversial day for donald trump. some students plan to demonstrate.
6:50 am
they believe he should not have been invited to speak on martin luther king jr. day based on what they see as moral instability. school president jerry falwell says he does not think many students support that protest. provide people get health insurance. >> i'm not sure whether we're talking about the plan you introduced tonight or the plan you introduced nine times in congress. >> i think hillary clinton know as what she says is disingenu s disingenuous. hillary clinton and bernie sanders dominated the stage. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the reaction. good morning to you. what stood out in the debate? >> one of the things i saw was a
6:51 am
focus group of about 30 undecided democratic voters. these are people who are democrats. they're likely to vote in the primary. but they don't know. their feed pac was that he was stronger. not necessarily more in november. they were split on that but they thought that hillary clinton's attacks on sanders backfired. they shout she was more backes wards looking as opposed to sanders being more forward looking and they just suggested that sanders brought a lot more energy and they liked his message. >> interesting. let's talk about the republican reaction on social media. not a single tweet from donald trump. that's surprising. >> very unusual but we did hear from others, ted cruz, marco rubio. marco rubio has been talking about hillary clinton not being qualified because of the investigation going on and the
6:52 am
whole issue regarding her e-mails. he tweeted a bumper sticker saying clinton is not qualified to be president. then an interesting link. cruze shoes a video where donald trump says over and over how much he likes hillary clinton. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. good morning, everybody. what to expect on an alert day. windy and cold. windchills will be dangerously cold. it's extremely dry outside. layer up. yes, indeed. it's going to be that. have our nbc washington app downloaded the morping so you can stay ahead of our forecast as we send out push alerts throughout the course of the day. you'll want that app for sure by then. right now it's a cold one. temperatures in the teens to only around 20 degrees right now. these temperatures are 15 to 20
6:53 am
degrees colder than the same time yesterday and this arctic air is going to be settling in for the next couple of days. if you're going outside for your resolution rurngs consider taking the day off. or if you bought that extra war insulating clothing, you might be all right. winds and white caps. we'll have windchills in the single numbers. subzero windchills winchester and hagerstown. there's the forecast for windchills. only getting up to 1 11, 12 degrees by the afternoon. below zero by tomorrow morning so a very, very cold stretch of weather coming your way. only 28 today for dr. king holiday day. 15 tomorrow morning. but, again, subzero windchills. highs tomorrow in the 20s. highs, 35 on wednesday. there could be some flurries. i'm not worried about this. friday night into saturday what
6:54 am
may start as a rain/snow mix will end as all snow. it could be a moderate to high impact event. friday night into saturday. my early -- way too early over/under, at least four to six inch of snow in the possibility range. we'll keep you posted on that. here's melissa mollet with the latest on that. >> you can make a snowman. taking a look at issues we still have around town. remember we have those rolling closures around mlk avenue between malcolm x and capitol south. the northbound elapses are open. southbound lanes still blocked, trying to get that out of the way. northbound shut down at bw and parkway. 198. three-mile backup because of a crash there. still have that vehicle fire there in the way this morning. a great seneca highway, still have that crash.
6:55 am
270 at shady grove, no problems there. guys? new information coming into the live desk about the officer shot and killed in ohio. the suspect has been feed as her shall jones iii. he killed officer cornell. this all happened just after midnight in the town of danville outside of columbus. a woman called police saying her ex-boyfriend had weapons and wanted to kill an officer. when they searched the area they found officer con terretrel beh building. >> "news4's" david culver in southeast washington. they have to dress warm. you look cold out there. >> reporter: it is really cold and our fundraiser irene johnson was out here a little bit earlier with me. a couple of hours ago she put
6:56 am
her water on the hoot of the car. you can hear it. you're going to want to dress warmly. thousands are mar frping this morning. it starts at 11:00 this morning. it's a parade and peace walk. muriel bouse ler be out here accompanying those. back to you. >> the time right now 6:56. four things to no. in falls church police are investigating a shooting in a parking lot. they say three people were shot this morn near the interseg of washington street and parks place. hillary clinton and bernie sanders dominated the stage. their biggest split over health karks gun control, and wall street. airport workers will block traffic to demarchld panhandle better pay. they're asking for $15 an hour and the right for every worker
6:57 am
to join the union. jason rezaian is reportedly coming home. another american's location is unclear and a fifth is already back in boston. bitter cold windchills in the single numbers all day today and we're watching very carefully for friday/saturday. could bit the first big snow of the winter, could be. >> key word. get your cold weather clothing ready today. we'll see
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good morning. the gloves come off in the final democratic debate before the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton and bernie sanders spar over guns, banks and health care. >> to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate, i think is therong direction. >> you received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> while republicans donald trump and ted cruz trade new insults of their own. we have the campaigns covered. breaking overnight. the three americans released in a prisoner swap with iran arrived in germany for a reunion with their families. this morning the secret and controversial negotiations to win their freedom. >


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