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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the weather alert for the cold. same deal tomorrow. it's all about the cold and look at the current windchills and here we are at 6:00 and the five degrees in the city and 2 below zero and we'll only go down from here and the winds gusting upward of 25 to 30 miles per hour and that wind will continue tonight and that's why we have a windchill advisory through tomorrow at noon and montgomery county and northern fauquier and everybody back to the west. windchill this evening overnight could be between 0 and 10 below zero in some eleva between 10 and 20 below and that's why we have the windchill advisory and the cold is the number one factor today and then it's about the possible big snow and this snow making its way up friday and saturday and developing off the coast. this could be a big snowstorm. we'll talk much more about that coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> all right, doug, and to stay ahead of all of this weather and the changes coming, be sure to
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download the nbc washington app if you haven't already and you can turn on push alerts for the latest updates and set weather to your home screen. we are now two weeks away from the iowa caucuses and the votes for the next presidential nominees, some would say thank goodness for that and tight races on both the republican and ' democratic sides. >> edward lawrence is following both races for us tonight. edward? >> reporter: it's heating up as we are exactly two weeks from the first iowa caucuses there and the democratic front-runners are taking jabs at one another to try and get that first win. >> and challenge themselves -- >> reporter: honoring martin luther king jr. in south carolina, all of the democratic candidates used his name to garner support. >> if he were here today and he saw that moms and dads who went to work could not find decent,
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affordable child care, he would say that child care is a right for all people. >> last night at their debate, senator bernie sanders was under attack by hillary clinton over his stance on issues like gun control. >> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. >> on the gop campaign trail, and probably everybody here would say anybody, but hillary. >> this new hampshire republican support senator ted cruz. and donald trump nervous. >> i understand, go down in the polls and it seems his response is to attack and get personal. >> reporter: trump never mentioned cruz at his campaign event today. kourth the e vajel cal vote. we are going to protect christianity and as you look at what's going on throughout the world, if you look at syria if you're christian, they're chopping off heads.
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you look at different places and it's under siege. >> reporter: in iowa, evangelical voters could sway the outcome of the caucuses now just two week away. >> donald trump told the students at libertet university to never give up if you want to succeed, which he says how he is running his campaign and reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence, now back to you, wendy. we are getting our first look at the reunions with the five american prisoners freed by iran. washington post reporter jason rezaian is on the left along with his wife and his mother and brother. rezaian was in prison for 18 months and retired marine amir hekmati was reunited with his brother and sister-in-law. matthew trevithick, those reunions came and extraordinary
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details about the crisis that kept the plane from going out for 24 hours. that story coming up at 6:15. we're looking at damage after shots that rang out here at home as people left a concert in falls church. three people, and this all unfolded along north washington, and that's where we find news 4's chris gordon. the gunman -- the state theater bills itself as washington's premiere music venue. >> it appeared to be somewhat of a brazen attack out here, a fight that spilled out into the streets from the state theater. ♪ ♪ they had just ended their go-go
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show called love, peace and unity 2 at the state theater. the fight broke out at 1:45 a.m. and falls church police responded. the fight spilled out into the street. police heard the shots fired, but didn't see the gunmen. three men were wounded and stray bullets went through windows at an office building across the street. he shows us how the bullet went through doors, walls and became lodged in a heavy wood bookcase. >> i was in the marines for eight years and normally you don't see 9 millimeter rounds into what this round did. it was a good 50 to 100 yards across the street. >> this is not what they expect in falls church. >> it's quite scary especially if you have young children and usually we think of falls church city as being extremely safe. so it's definitely upsetting. >> i've never heard of anything like this take place here in falls church city. it's a relatively quiet and safe area so very surprised.
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>> reporter: falls church police tonight are being looking for witnesses trying to get a better description of the gunmen in this triple shooting. right now all they have is this. he's about 5'8", slender build and last night it was wearing dark clothing and they say if you know anything about them, give a call to the falls church police department and don't approach the man because they still could be armed and that's the latest in falls church. back to you. >> in a matter of seconds, a family in prince george's county lost pretty much everything. a tree came crashing down into the home that left a gaping hole behind. tracee wilkins is with a look at where the family is planning to stay as the temperature temperatures get colder. tracee? >> reporter: it is amazingly cold and it was cold when it happened at 5:00 a.m. this morning and this family says they are very grateful that everyone made it out safely and now their intentions are to turn to finding some place warm to stay. >> i'm all cried out. i just -- my house is pretty
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much gone. >> it sounded like thunder. >> reporter: a huge tree came crashing through the kitchen of this home blocking the basement door where most of the family was sleeping. >> he had to go out the back door, come around through the front, awaken me because what you hear -- trees fall around here all of the time. >> the steps were covered with debris. the tree was mainly sitting on top of the step so i couldn't maneuver around to get to my father to make sure he got out of the house safe. >> i came out to the kitchen and all i could see was sky. >> the family said they're most grateful for the time that this all happened while everyone was still asleep. if everyone was sitting there they could have gone gone. >> thank god it went that way and thank good my family was in the basement on the other side of the basement. >> i'm grateful to have my family. a baby and mother and
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grandmother made it out safely. they can't go back home. >> that's horrific. who would have thought that. >> they're working to find out what's next for them during this week. >> we contacted red cross and everybody else -- plus, i have a big family. i need to go anywhere i'm always -- i have somewhere to go. >> reporter: and that family was here shortly after this happened to help the family transition and as he mentioned, they're also getting help from the red cross. the timing couldn't have been worse for something like this to happen. reporting floolive in clinton, tracee wilkins, news 4. >> president obama honored the legacy with a service event at the d.c. school and they went to lucky elementary in southwest with they packed backpacks with books. the things you could do that are good for you.
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that copy was re-released last year. about a hundred airport workers in the d.c. area are pushing to change what they say are low wages and poor benefitses. they marched in honor of martin luther king, jr. it started at the king memorial and walked toward 14th street and blocked traffic along the way. our mark segraves has our report. i make $8.50 an hour. >> reporter: when was the last time you had a raise. >> i've never had a raise. >> reporter: what kind of benefits do you have? health insurance? >> we have no benefits. >> reporter: chanting their demands for a $15 an hour wage, workers from reagan national airport took over 14th street near the washington monument. >> how hard is it? i mean, i'm just not living. i can pay one bill and take out $80 out of my check to get back and forth to work for two weeks and that's my check. >> among those who also say they can barely survive on what they make was david tucker who has
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been working as a sky cap at national for 53 years. >> the airport workers, to be treated fairly like everyone else and $15 an hour is not a whole lot. i mean, it's not that they're going to get rich off of $15, but they would be able to do some of the things that they're not able to do. >> reporter: many say they make less than $9 an hour and some make less than minimum wage because they can accept tips and they point out as airlines raise fees for bags their tips have been drying up. >> it's hard. you would have to live off it to fiend out how hard it is. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> the motorists may have been upset today and nobody was arrested and no incident in washington during the protest. important to note these employees don't work for the airlines or the airport. we did reach out to the companies who employ these workers, as of now they have not returned our calls or emails.
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at reagan national, mark segraves, news 4. there were similar demonstrations in nine other cities throughout the country and they include new york, philadelphia, chicago, miami, seattle and portland, oregon. most of the protests were peaceful, but in boston, six protesters were arrested at logan airport. police there say they wouldn't leave when they were told to do so. all of the protests involved contract workers. new terror concerns ahead of the super bowl. what the news 4 i-team has uncovered three weeks before that game. i'm julie carey in richmond, virginia, where gun lobbyists take on added intensity on both sides of the issue and coming up i'll tell you what the chairman notes to do to help gun owners. new fears with the zika virus that's now having an impact in the u.s. with the first confirmed case. a warni
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if you've been outside you already know it's not just cold out there. it is bitterly cold. tomorrow could be even worse because of the windchills. doug right you in is working on the forecast to let you know how to prepare before you head out to work and school tomorrow. that's all coming up in just a few minutes. we have more on the americans that were freed in
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that prisoner exchange with iran. three of them are getting re-acclimated to freedom tonight at the landstuhl medical center in germany and one decided to stay in iran at least for now. "washington post" reporter jason rezaian is among the americans reunited with their families. >> reporter: this was jason rezaian's first taste of freedom. "the washington post" reporter met by u.s. officials. he's now one of three at the u.s. medical facility in landstu landstuhl, germany. >> it's spectacular news. we're just so happy and can't wait to see him. >> reporter: in a flurry of activity, his editors arrived to meet him. >> what did he say? >> he told us i feel a whole lot better than i did 48 hours ago. which san understatement. >> he wants human contact and of thes to see other people. >> amir hekmati's sisterer was
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flying in for a reunion. >> we have been on pins and needles dying to see him and we haven't seen him in four and a half years. >> an emotional and momentous 48 hour hour. >> we are welcoming home sons, husbandings and brothers when have endured a nightmare. >> a nuclear deal, sanctions lifted, events viewed with suspicion by republicans. a mystery surrounds a fifth american prisoner who was freed, but chose not to leave iran. no one seems to know why. perhaps he just didn't want the attention. because we are told that the others had to wait for a day at the airport before they could leave, and it may be days that they're here before they can go home while they undergo psychological evaluation. back to you. more on why that plane was delayed for a day at the airport in tehran. nbc news has learned that iran did not necessarily feel that the deal to free journalist
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jason rezaian also included a deal to free his wife and mother. he refused to leave without them. after some frantic, last-minute negotiations, the family was allowed to leave together. security officials in iraq are trying to locate three american contractors who disappeared in baghdad over the weekend. there are conflicting accounts about the circumstances of all that and an iraqi government official says they were kidnapped from the home of their interpreter in southern baghdad, but a local police officer says the contractors were on a highway driving to the airport when they were forcibly taken from their car. nbc officials have not released the names of the americans and nor that they disclosed the jobs they were doing in iraq. the fbi and homeland security officials say there was concern about recent vandalism in california could be part of a complex part against super bowl 50. that revelation and others are
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included in a federal review of security at the big game. this quickly became the most-read story on once the i-team's scott macfarlane broke the story. >> the fbi and homeland security, remain concerned that terrorists sustained interest in youed kroed venues to say there's no specific credible threat for the game being played in santa clara, california, and super bowl 50 raises questions about a recent series of underground vandalism against fiber optic lines in the bay area of california and more than a dozen of them, unsolved attacks within a 50-mile radius of the stadium since 2014. the assessment raises concern someone is prodding, testing the system for a more, quote, complex plot. it also says the recent paris attack show the most vulnerable target could be fan sxeshgs
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vents outside the stadium where it is freer to move and you fooer checkpoints and there is a quote of a malicious actor could operate a drone in close proximity to the stadium and a risk to the fans and the aircraft designed to protect the game and stadium. >> the safety of people and you need to think about all things that could affect the stadium and no reason to believe this is a particularly high terrorism threat, but when planning for such a big event that so much attention could be placed on you, you want to consider all threats. >> the nfl in a statement to news 4 says we have confidence in our law enforcement and public safety partners and have an effective and comprehensive plan in place to make sure super bowl 50 is a safe and exciting event for our fans. the feds, by the way, would not answer questions about those deliberately severed fiber optic lines. wendy? scott and the news 4 i-team investigated threats against a previous super bowl. threats that involved the stadium and the halftime show
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starring beyonce. you can find it on the nbc washington app by clicking investigations. first case of the zika virus has been detected in the u.s. a baby born in oahu, hawaii, with brain damage was confirmed to have the zika virus and that confirmation from the centers for disease control. it is believed that the child's mother was infected while living in brazil last year. that virus is transmitted by mosquitos and has been linked to brain damage in newborns. last friday the cdc issued a travel warning for 14 countries in latin america and the caribbean where the zika virus is most prevalent. there's no vaccine right now for that virus. >> a new call to stop the violence. how locals and community leaders are using this holiday to try and inspire change amid a recent spike in crime. pedestrian safety top of mind as a potential snowstorm draws closer.
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i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you what police tell you y
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look at that weather now we have team coverage, doug and veronica tonight. some really, really cold air out there. >> just look at veronica's hat. we are monitoring a potential for a big snowstorm by the end of the week. that's right, a snowstorm, doug, what have you got to tell us?
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>> i think it's llama. i'm not sure. we are talking about a big storm and we are talking about the cold out there tonight and the potential for a big snowstorm later this week. take a look outside right now. it is just cold and 20 degrees under clear skies and winds out of the west at 17 miles per hour and those winds just really cutting through you right now. look at the wind gusts upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour, and 32 miles per hour and up toward the baltimore area and, guys, it just continues to get colder and we're talking about windchills below zero tomorrow morning and veronica johnson all bundled up. >> it is still breezy out here, of course and the wind gusts early this morning and we're upwards of 40, 45 miles per hour and yes, it is a llama, by the way. breezy right now. tomorrow we continue with gusts around 20 to 25 miles per hour and the kind of conditions you need to bundle up for and to stay warm. windchill conditions by early
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tomorrow morning will be sub-zero readings throughout the area. windchill advisory now everywhere along and west of i-95 and baltimore to leesburg and down toward la rhea and win chester and hagerstown just to name a few of the locations and this will last up until noon tomorrow and afternoon tomorrow, i think the windchill readings will be in the teens. so needless to say again, it will be very cold at the bus stop early tomorrow morning. 15, the temperature between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. and by afternoon, 25. so eventually, doug, that will start to ease by mid-week and it will be ramping up and planning for something else by the end of the week. >> we're talking about the potential for a big storm here and not only is this going to be the biggest storm potential that we've seen all season and really maybe over the last couple of years, too. we are talking about a really big, possible storm. nothing on the radar now, but take a look around our region and we saw clear skies for the most part and big storm off the coast of the canada area here
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and here's this train of moisture that's moving in and another storm right back to the west and come on down and bring moisture with it and as it does it will move into portions of california and bringing them one to two inches of rain. that's a lot of rain for california right on down toward the gulf coast and pick up moisture out of the gulf of mexico and make its way toward the east coast and you have moisture from the gulf and moisture from the atlantic and you have very cold air that's already in place and because of that we think a nor'easter is possible and there could be blizzard conditions and we're breaking out the "b" word because we do think we'll have a major storm because all of the models are in agreement. normally you have one or two saying this, but all of the models are now predicting a major winter stom and that is what we're watching and this is for the day on friday and into saturday. we are not giving you snow totals and we will not do so until most likely wednesday when we really have a good idea of exactly what the storm will be, but you want to start to plan now.
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temperatures across the area much colder tomorrow and not as cold as today because today was darn cold. >> 27 d.c., 28 in manassas and 28 in martinsburg and windchills will be in the teens all day. 34 on wednesday and 35 on tuesday and the best two days and we're only in the 30s, 31 on friday, and the snow starting around midday and we'll talk about this and i'll see you in the next hour coming up at 6:45, the next half hour, guys. >> stay ahead of any weather changes and be sure to download the nbc washington app. a rather alarming statistic when it comes to pedestrian death and we'll tell you why there's new concern ahead of that potential storm. gun control is the focus of fierce debate in virginia. tonight how a local lawmaker wants to make it easier and
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it was three months ago a college student from fairfax county was shot and killed near the old dominion university campus while visiting friends. >> tonight his mother is adding her voice to the gun control debate in virginia. she stepped forward at a lobbying event in richmond today and shared her story with bureau chief, julie carey. kim bowes clutched a portrait of her son while she
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stood pushing for tighter gun control. 20-year-old joseph bowes was a good student and aspiring journalist. those dreams cut short when he was shot to death halloween weekend. >> i never thought that i would be standing here in a million, katrillion years. >> kim bowes was comforted by another parent who knows the same kind of grief. bowes is convinced if measures like universal background checks were already in place she might not be here. >> i just want people to know that they've got to fight for this because they don't want to be the next one. >> but gun rights activist his a much different message for lawmakers. >> we will not stand for any more encroachment on our second amendment rights. >> reporter: gun owners are upset with two reesence changes. governor mcauliffe banned the open carry of guns in office builds.
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virginia would no longer recognize out of state conceal handgun permits. board chairman corey stewart said tomorrow he'll introduce a measure to make concealed handgun permits free, wiping out the $50 fee. >> the message must be clear that citizens should not have to pay to exercise the second amendment rights. >> reporter: there are a hundred gun bills that have been introduced this legislative session and even some of the strongest gun control supporters tell me they don't hold out much hope for passage of their measures. in richmond, virginia, i'm julie carey, news 4. leaders from prince george's county join the community for a stop the violence march today at fedex field. they called for an end to a recent spike in violent crimes in the county. organizers say they have seen too many young people killed. increasing assaults and violence against women. they want to come together to reverse that trend.
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>> this is unacceptable, but we believe the solutions are at our fingertips when we focus education, mental health treatment and talking about the unity that we have to have in families. >> the group is also calling on more prevention and intervention programs to stop violence before it begins. prince william county officials are addressing concerns about recent threats at three of its schools. school leaders are taking part in a community town hall meeting at 7:00 tonight at lutheran church in woodbridge. threatening messages were found at woodbridge, garfield and schools recently and police say none of those threats was credible. a close call for a family in prince george's county. a man was cleaning his shotgun when it accidentally went off. you can see the damage to his neighbor's town home in upper marlboro. pellets went through the bedroom wall and there were more holes in the bathroom and the neighbor was combing her daughter's hair ten minutes before the gun fired and nobody was hurt.
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tonight she's talks about the incident, but does not want to be identified. >> any accident could have cost anybody's life and that's pretty scary. you could see all of the holes and everything. >> reporter: the woman's neighbor apologized and offered to pay for the damage and he is not facing any charges. there is a disturbing trend in fairfax county. the number of deadly pedestrian accidents has nearly tripled in the last four years. transportation reporter adam tuss now looks at the possible causes for that and examines how winter weather could create more challenges. >> reporter: you know, a lot of roads in fairfax county simply look like this. they are huge roads that are hard to cross. that's why pedestrian safety has become such a top priority there in the county as the county changes and looking forward to this weeknd for a potential major snowstorm. police say it's something you have to do if the snow hits.
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if we do get a dose of snow don't contribute to the problem by pushing people into the street. lucy caldwell for fairfax county police has a message for residents. >> we urge people to shovel their sidewalks so people who have to walk or have to catch a bus or walk their children to school, that sort of thing, we urge them to shovel their sidewalk so they can use them and they'll be pedestrian friendly. >> reporter: aside from shoveling, just crossing the street has become an issue here according to fairfax county police, 11 fed pedestrian fatalities last year is up from a recent low from pedestrian fatalities in 2012. >> pedestrians say it is a problem with the drivers. there have been instances where the drivers are aren't paying attention. >> and drivers say drivers are worried about the pedestrians. >> they don't realize that you can't just go whenever you feel like it. >> reporter: could the development be playing a role? >> this does not look like what
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it did even three years ago. so the growth is really huge. police have noticed and are worried about people who may not be crossing in a cross walk. >> area leaders have been trying to educate the entire region about being street smart out here. in fairfax county, adam tuss, news 4. there could be progress with the purple line in the next couple of weeks. maryland transit officials are expected to maim the contractor who will design, build, operate and maintain that light rail line. the purple line will connect the bethesda and new carrollton metro stations and it's estimated to cost more than $2 billion and if all goes according to plan, construction could start late this year and the line could open in 2021. coming up tonight, a dramatic rescue involving a mother and her baby captured from a firefighter's helmet camera. we'll show you how it all unfolded. >> the wrecking ball is out as
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they tear down the old washington post building and more on how this could impact your commute. >> that's why we're in red and it's all because of the cold burst. we have windchills tomorrow between 5 below and zero. that's inside the beltway. by noon, between 5 and 10 degrees and an incredibly cold day tomorrow and much more on that and the snow possibling come up on fri
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a helmet camera captured a dramatic rescue as a firefighter climbed a ladder to a second-floor apartment that was filled with smoke as he rescued a mother who was trapped inside and passed her baby through the window first. he handed the infant off to other first responders before he rescued the mother. this happened early saturday morning in fresno, california, and the mother and the baby are doing fine. demolition work is officially under way now at the building that housed the washington post for more than
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half a century. crews have already started gutting the building. it's in the area of 15th and l streets downtown, d.c. we are told the l.-street sidewalk and the curb lane will be closed for the next two years. the fannie mae organization will take over the new building when construction wraps up and scheduled to be 2018. emotional moments on this martin luther king day. the pastor gunned down during the charleston massacre was honored in washington. they honored clementa pinkney. his widow accepted on her husband's behalf. >> he lived a life like the dr. martin luther king jr. he was about service, peace and taking action. >> reverend pinckney was one of
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nine people shot and killed during a bible study at the emanuel a & e church. the alleged gunman hoped to start a race war according to police. tonight we learn of the passing of another music icon. the guitarist with the eagles and the founder of that group, glen frey has died. the statement on the website said frey was battling multiple ailments and he and don henley formed the eagles in the early '70s. that band was supposed to be recognized at the kennedy center honors last month, but the appearance was postponed because of frey's health problems. glen frey was 67 years old. >> still ahead, snow, ice and extreme cold across much of the country. we'll take a look at some of the areas hit the hardest and see what it could mean for
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this weather has millions of people across the country on alert tonight up in syracuse, new york, snowplow drivers could not keep up as winter weather caused trouble for drivers up there. in iowa, a mother and her three children died in a fire after six fire trucks and two hydrants froze. firefighters had to haul in water from six miles away. others are dealing with freezing temperatures. >> as nbc's jay gray reports now, winter may have been slow in coming, but boy, is it bitter and brutal now. >> reporter: bitter temperatures. >> it is disgustingly cold. >> reporter: and brutal conditions stretch across much of the country right now. plows struggle to keep the pace
6:45 pm
as snow and ice turn the morning drive into a demolition desh ney syracuse with more than three dozen accidents there. it was a tough go in new england, as well. >> they said flurries. this is not flurries. >> reporter: near white-out conditions led to accidents and anxious moments behind the wheel in connecticut. >> makes the road slippery, oh, my god. it's a hot mess and your eyes get all watery. >> reporter: and even walking was tough in places like chicago. >> it is cold! but we live in the midwest, we're in chicago so it's inevitable that we'll have it at some point. >> reporter: sub-zero temperatures forcing commuters to bundle up. >> there's a lot of layering. undergarments under all your clothes and try to cut off all of the air so the air doesn't go in. >> reporter: while firefighters battle deadly flames and extreme conditions in iowa. >> we froze up six truck, six
6:46 pm
fire hydrants and drained a water tower. >> reporter: forecasters say conditions will get even worse by the end of the week. >> jay gray, nbc news. >> pay attention, folks because what doug is saying that we might have to deal with that kind of stuff. isn't that something? >> our area is preparing for that possible snowstorm later this week. we asked people to weigh in and what you think about all of that. here are the results of our flash survey. 58% of the people who responded said they are looking forward to the possibility of big snow on friday. >> and doug is being very specific and not mentioning any numbers right now because it's dynamic. >> it is, and we'll continue to change the storm system itself is still off the west coast. until it gets closer to the coast we still don't have a very good handle on it. what we know is we'll have a big storm, but if that storm is 30 miles inland, d.c. gets a whole lot less snow and if it's 30 miles out, and it is a fluid
6:47 pm
situation and that's why i urge you, get things in order, but don't worry too much just yet. you want to start thinking about what you're planning on doing for friday and saturday. the good news here for the most part is it is on friday into saturday and the one thing we know for sure, kids are out of school on saturday. so that's a good thing. take a look at the evening planner and maybe out of school friday, too. >> 20 degrees, the current temperature. the temperatures dropping, not quickly and the wind will stay up and we'll see the windchill and that will be the big problem down to 17 degrees by 11:00. skan already gaithersburg and 19 at camp springs and look at the windchills back to the west already in the single digits and already below zero and martinsburg and hagerstown and that's the concern tonight. so waking up tomorrow morning it will feel like it's below zero and make sure you bundle up and make sure the kids are bundled up at the bus stop. satellite and radar, we didn't see a lot. a few clouds and here's the
6:48 pm
storm and until it gets on the coast we are just now starting to get the sampling from the storm. tomorrow a much better idea of where the system will end up and it will move across the coast or across the nation and move through the gulf of mexico or pick up gulf moisture in the atlantic. the track and intensity is still off the coastline and is it inland and still off the coast? that's the uncertainty and we know there will be a storm and that's why things could still change, but the potential is there for a major storm and when i say major, we are talking about potential for an historic storm so that's something that we're watching, too, friday into the day on saturday. tomorrow's forecast just cold, breezy and cold and windchills in the teens, all day and actual high temperatures between 24 and 29 degrees. those numbers better, wednesday and thursday better. we are calling tomorrow a weather alert day. wednesday and thursday, temperatures at least above freezing and still quite cold and that means anything that falls on friday will stick
6:49 pm
almost immediately and because of that snow totals could pick up pretty quickly and 31 degrees by friday and by rush hour on friday evening and we could have a couple of inches of snow and friday's rush, saturday around 33 degrees and this again, the potential is there for not only a major storm, but we're talking about a possible blizzard occurring here with winds gusting 30 to 35 miles per hour and maybe more along the coast and it gets out of here on sunday, sunday and monday better, but this is by far the wintriest week we've had so far this season. that's the word, right, guys? wintriest? >> and we invite you to download our nbc washington app so you can get ready for whatever is coming and how -- we're not talking numbers now and you can also make weather your home screen and you can get alerts. we're just a few weeks away from voting and getting our first look at a new poll and it
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shows republican candidates and their campaigns are turning out some potential voters. here's a look at some of the highlights. they found 42% of registered voters and the gop primary rates have made them feel less favorable about the republican party overall and 19% have a more favorable view. it's a different story amongst the republicans where 33% say they view the party more favorably and only 23% say they viewed the gop less favorably. the numbers are pretty much flip-flopped among democrats who fear their campaign isn't causing voters to feel negatively about the party as a whole. jim? wendy? >> thanks, chris. >> we have sports coming up. a local football star changing direction. >> we'll explain why a big-time recruit is
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okay. we know the wizards are all banged up, but man, they just got crushed. >> they're getting healthier. our reporter junior and chris humphries. today was just a stinker. you can't explain how bad they were today. everything was set up for the wizards to make a push and get back to 500 and get back to the
6:54 pm
playoff competition. we have plenty of time left in the season and there is a five-game homestand is up to a rough start after they were embarrassed by another below average team. the wizards won five of the last six+cr gains played on martin luther king day. it was portland that has to start this game. first quarter, myron leonard. they're up 15 at the end of one. wizards did come back in the second quarter, down five to bradley biel and he scored in the second quarter to make this ball game and garrett temple. a lot of three balls in this game and the wizards are up one. and parts of a 23-1 run to start the third quarter and blew the game wide open and good ball movement from portland and they could not miss from downtown and
6:55 pm
that's d.j. mccollum and portland make 17 threes in this game. the blazers beat the wizards 108-98. high school basketball. this was a great game today. they were going head to head with jason tatum. these two with the top 15 players in the country. tatum headed to duke next year. coach k's loving that and the beautiful finger roll the other way. he had himself a game. 40 points against the stats. doing his thing. the 12th ranked player in the country. he's headed to the university of washington next year. this game came down to the wire. watch this finish here. that's kell up taylor and beautiful to tie the game and send it to overtime in o.t. and they're coming through once again. he had 20 points and his number
6:56 pm
eight takes down the number 14th team in the country and shamanad, 72-69. we'll stay with high school. top quarterback recruit dwayne haskins. he has switched his commitment from maryland to ohio state. maryland, a lot of coaching changes since his initial commitment he tweeted this this afternoon. it's been a dream of mine to play for ohio state since i was 8 years old. in my heart i'm a buckey buckeye, #buckeyenation. elsewhere, the capitals are back, and the goalie taking himself out of yesterday's game we checked in with the team and he's doing just fine. he traveled to columbus and he's most likely to play tomorrow against the blue jackets posting a 21 and 2 record over the last 24 games. >> in case you forgot just how
6:57 pm
awesome serena williams is. i want to throw numbers at you, she is 34 and 1 in majors since the 2014 u.s. open and that one defeat came in the final major last season as she was trying to complete the grand slam. will this be the year for the grand slam sweep? the opening round of the australian open. final game in the last set against camelia george. serena, she had it going coming back from that knee injury and she looked just fine. watch this match point here, right down the middle, and georgia can't return any of those, serena wins 6-4, 7-5 and went for two hours. meanwhile, the rio games can't come soon enough and katie ledecky last night was at it again and bringing the old world record in the 800 meter freestyle by .7 of a second and she also won the 200 and 400
6:58 pm
meter freestyle and how many times has katy ledecky broken her own record? >> she is incredible. >> i thought shaman
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, on the attack. hillary clinton scrambling to shore up support amid growing concern she could lose iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders after the most intense debate yet on our stage. and the republican race taking a nasty turn with ted cruz hitting donald trump today after being labelled, quote, a nasty guy. high stakes release. a behind the scenes last-minute drama that could have stopped the free american prisoners from reunited from families. tonight we're in germany and richard engel is inside of iran with reaction. a dangerous virus spreads. more cases of the virus that puts unborn baby at risks are discovered in the u.s. with no known cure. how could it be stopped? and oscar protest. the growing outrage that has some in hollywood telling the


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